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. VFEB. g ?022?
New Series No. 940. - Volume LXXL - No. K.
a w. & J. E
j&jz? It Pays to B
Better, Stronger Citizenry Now
Emerging Out of Work in
United Slates.
The American Red. Cross as an
evangelist of better health has looked
its problem square In the face. How
. ./ lt?, accepted the-<?Wr^tfcnlcd to lt* in,
!I tho -hntlonS W^n?W
, brought out during the World War^"
dnd conscientiously applied its activi
ties .to correction forms a vivid chap
. ter in the forthcoming nnnunl report.
Historically and practically, nursing Is
a basic work for tho Red Cross. In Hs
public health nursing service, in in*
structloh in home hygiene and care of
the sick, nutrition classes, first aid
and life saving courses and health con
dors, the American Red Cross ls ap
plying effectually tho lessons learned
.during tlte 'war nrtd making for a
healthier, stronger and better nour
ished citizenry.
The task of the' Red Cross Public
Health nurse In the 1,240 nursing serv
ices now operating throughout the
country Instructing their communities
in health -essentials and disease pre
/ fvention is demonstrating the possibili
ties of human betterment and the great
benefits of enlightenment.
During tho lust year 313 new public
health nursing services wore establish
ed by Red Cross Chapters, and several
hundred services so convincingly prov
ed their effectiveness that they were
taken over by, public authorities. In
order to promote this work $30,000 was
allotted to provide women to prepare
themselves for public nursing. Tho
y home visits made by tho 1,240 nurses
x aggregated nearly 1,500,000, visits to
schools, numbered 140,000, and in six
months 1,250,000 school children were
Inspected by these nurses and where
defects were found advised examina
tion by physicians. In rural commu
nfllcs this service has made- n very
marked advance and has won thou
sands of converts to approved'methods
of disease prevention.
/ In home hygiene and care of th? sick
instruction, which fits tho student In
methods of proper care where Illness Is
not so serious as to require profes
sional service, the Red Cross conduct
ed 8,884 Classes during the Jast year,
enrolled 2,350 instructors, 03,448 stu
dents and issued 42,050 certificates.
On June 80, 1022, nutrition service
' embraced 1,100 classes, with a totnl of
27,523 children and 2,580 enrolled dieti
tians. Seventy-eight food selection
classes graduated 783 who received
. Red Cross c?rtlflcates. In general
health activities Red Cross Chapters
maintained 877 henlth centers, serving
ns many communities, provided 38,751
health lectures for Inrge audiences ev
erywhere, while clinics numbered over
, 10.0U0. \
Costly Pir? nt State Karin.
Columbia, Oct. 30. - Tinco barns
on the State ponltentjiary farm at
DoSfius'suro, in Sumter county, were
burned Saturday, with tho destruc
tion of a largo part of tho yonr's
corn orop and 174 halos pf cotton.
No'stock was burnod. Tho loss was
woll covorod with insurance.
oes Shoes
E STOCK OF JtoaeisteJ
% Bauknight,
LA..S. C.
ny for Ca9h. JZ?JZ?
WIR Occur Tills Year from Nov. ll til
to Nov. 30th-Your Help Nc.'tlcd.
To tho Members of Friends of tho
Red Cross: ' ' ,
It is Impossible for mo to moot all
of you personally, ns I should UKO
to do, 'but I am enabled to say a
word directly to you through tho
courtesy and co-operation of The
Keoweo Courier.
. The annual Red Cross Roll-Call
will bo held tills year from Nov. ll
to Nov. 30th/ Will you not write or
speak an encouraging word to Dr. W.
will holp with the Roll-Call In your
neighborhood, or that you will renew
y o ivfymo in b e r S h 1 p.
Your Red Cross Chapter ls, or it
should be, ono of tho forces for tho
progressive betterment of your coun
ty, but your chapter and tho national
organization aro depondent upon tho
public support. Locally and nation
ally, Red Cross officers will appreci
ate your activo co-operation and
pledge you thoir best efforts to koop
the ^organization faithful to its ob
ligation to disabled soldiers am/ in
its many other services to the coun
try. Sincerely yours,4
Harry L. Hopkins,
Manager Southern Div. A. R. C.
Changa Local .Voies.
Chouga, Oct. 30. - Special:. Tho
health of this section is good at pros
Our farmers aro very busy sowing
grain. It soems that aU have come
to tho conclusion that bronc! must bo
mado at homo.
There was quito a crowd boro on
Sunday to'nttond tho singing and to
liston to somo soul-inspiring music
led by Messrs. Morton, Phillips and
Dowls and others. All seomod to
enjoy themselves'to tho fullest.
Our fall and winter term of school,
opened boro this morning with very
bright prospects. Honry Elrod and
Miss Maud Spencer nro faithful
workers in tho school room, and wo
aro oxpoct' g this term to b' ono of
tho best t..at wo have had. Educa
tion sooms to bo Ibo first thought in
the minds of our pooplo now.
Clyde Chamhors and wife, of
Oreonvillo, were visitors hore" Sun-,
day. /
.lames A. Rlack, of EastmlnstoY,
was a rocont vlsi lor to his son, Robt.'
Rlack, and spent tho day boro al tho
singing. Wo were indood glad td
moot him again. Ile. once lived in
our midst.
Our populntlon seems to bo In
creasing. Wo aro glad to report that
twin boys wore recently born to Mr.
?ind Mrs. J. A. Smith. This ls tho
second sot of twins in this family. J.
B, Cox also has two sots of twins in
his family. .
Numbers of our p?oplo aro talk
ing of attending tho fair at Westmin
ster. This fnir ought to ho encour
aged by evory ono. Our county
ought to come to tho front. Wo can,
and must produce tho best of every
thing, and wo must chango .our way
of farming and dostroy all Insects.
Wo hoar somo of our farmers say
that tbpy expect to burn nil of tho
woodland this limo nnd brook up all
"bug roots." Wo havo got to "do
ola r6 war" if we expect to win. ?
Organizo B.Y.V.U. nt Ebenezer*
Tho young pooplv of Llborty Bap
tist church will bo prosont to organ
izo a B.Y.P.U. at Eboriozer on noxt
Sunday, Nov. 5th, nt 7.30 p. m. A
cordial Invitation is extended to all
to attond.
Murlof B. Spring, notod European
dancer, recently lnsurod hor logs for
a million dollars.
I'-to Undo SanmolV Treasure-Chest.
Troubio Grow Out of Mill Salo,
Columbia, Oct. 23.-The Courte
nay Manufacturing Company to-day
paid tho Federal government $123,
5 05.53 in Income and excess profits
taxes and penalties to cover the liens
taken out against its property early
In tho month by tho internal revenue
department, it was stated to-day at
tho office of the Collector of Internal
Only Ono Phase of Caso Settled.
('Greenville News.)
? After lingering In the courts for
3evoral months and going through
various phases of litigation, thc suits
Involving tho purchase of tho' Cour
tenay Manufacturing Company by \V.
Li. Gassaway and stockholders of the-.
Isaqueena Mills, were settled yester
day, and a consent order, marking
LliQ closo of tho legal proceedings,
was signed hy Judge Thos. S. Soaso
and filed with Harry A. Dargan, tho
clerk of court..
While the terms of the settlement
wore not included in the order,which
ivas merely a formal document to
mark tho end of tho litigation, it
was learned hy tho Greenville News
last night from various persons con
nected with tho proceedings that
Campbell Courtonay had surrender
ed notos aggregating $600,000, given
foy Mr. Gassaway and the Isaqueena
stockholders as part of tho purchase
price of the Courtenay mill, and that
tho Gassaway Interests had paid tho
?mm of $150,000 Iii cash, and be
came -clear'owners of the property,
agreeing at the same time to meet
toxos accrued since the purchase of
the mill in 1918. Under this settle
ment, ityis understood, the mill be
comes Jflie property of M. L, Gassa
way a,rfd the present Isaqueena stock
holders at a price of-about $1,35.0,
QO0, Instead pf $1,800,000, which
was the 1918 salo figure.
Since other notes to tho amount,
of $3 00,000 had become due during
Hie /timo tho matter rested in tho
courts, notes to the amount of $600,
OOO had matured,'lt was stated. With
the agreement, those notes were sur
rendered tp tho Isaqueena interests
nnd taxes amounting to apprpxlmate
.h/ifi$o,0QO will bevpatd bytfhe'iirei?
int owners; *A -.*-* 1 "v "
The action taken ? yesterday only
affects the civil side of the issue and
ls not in any way connected with th?
criminal proceedings instituted by'
tho Federal government, which al
leges evasion of Federal taxes by
Campbell Courtenay and others.
Preparing to Take Action Against Its
. Members who Violate Contracts.
Columbia, Oct. 30.-'Every mem
ber of tho South Carolina Cotton
Uro wore1 Co-operativo Association
who sells cotton outsido of tho as
sociation will bo procooded against
in the courts of the State and forced
to pay- liquidated damages of flvo
cents a pound for every pound sold
outside of tho association. Tho offi
cials of tho association fool that
there is no alternativo for thom in
this matter and they aro dotormined
to invoko .ovory provision of tho law
passed by the General Assembly pro
tecting the association from viola
tions of thc contract against every
member who does violnto it.
Several members of the associa
tion have boen reported for violat
ing the contract-probably about six
In all. Rigid investigations, nro be-*
lng conducted in encfi case, and if
tho .association finds that tho con
tract lins boen violated, and if the
contract has boen roally violated,
legal procoodlngs will foRow.
? Mom hers of tho nssoclatlon are al
most unanimous in demanding that
all violators of tho contract be pro
cooded against. They declaro that to
permit any ono guilty of broaching
tho contract to escape would be to
break tho backbone of tho organiza
tion and would croato a spirit of dis
satisfaction among members. t
"Wo proposo to prococd without
fear or favor against overy man who
dooB, not fully live up lo tho con
tract/* says a statement by tho as
sociation. "Thus far there have
boon only about six alleged viola
tions of tho contract. Wo aro investi
gating onch ono of theso cnrofully,
nnd will procood In oach oaso as tho
result of our investigation Justifies.
Tho mombors of tho association may
rost assured that no guilty party will
" Ford Car Humed nt Pendleton.
Pondloton, Oct. 30.-A match to
i cigarette, an Instant combustion of
?asollne, and a Ford In.flames at the
[Ruo Ridgo Filling Station Saturday
light caused great excitement and
iioarly resulted In a fatal burning.
It was the car of Leo Owen, driven
by Edward'Owen, a boy .about 15,
ind had noon filled with gasoline to
jverflowing when the,driver struck
tho match. Mon'standing by quickly
pushed the car oui of the station in
to the open street, whore it burned
Wost Union Church Officers to Meet.
The stewards and parsonago trus
tees aro earnestly requested t? meet
an Saturday, Nov. 4th, at tho par
sonago in Wost Union, at 12 o'clock.
D. A. Joffcoat, P. C.
Overshadows AH Other Local Matters
oh So ii eon's Social Cnlondm\
Set&ca^^Oct. aO. - Spocial: The
Qrey^of Oconee U.D.C. Chapter will
moetiPriday afternoon al 4 o'clock
at tlt? home of Misses Stella and
Olivia^ Barron. Tho program is to he
as fOJJows: Response to roll-call;,
,curre?t> events; paper, "?Local Ili?
tory.'^Mlss Lalla Rallonger; reading,
artlcVf/ hy local author, Mrs. Jr. C.
Ayejrt; music selection.
The: D.?.R. and U.D.C chapters,
the Once-a-Week Club, tho Literary
and Q?v.ic Club, tho Paton t-Toachers'
Association, the church socio.!los and
otheftf?rganizations of tho town are
espeowlly invited to moot at the high
schoplhauditorium on Tuesday after
noon^'Nov. 7th, in observance of
"Candor Control Week." Air instruc
tive mypgram will be given, v Thc pu br
Lie intgenpral is inyiled, but tho or
ganizations are not only invited, but
are ifffe'ed to attend.
A ^brilliant nuptial of tho early
fall, ?witering tho interest of a 'wide
clrcle'ijof relatives and friends in the
Carolinas nnd Georgia, was tho mar
riage' of Miss Louise Dendy, ?eklest
daughter bf Mr. and Mrs. S. K. Den
dy/ to^Roy. E. L. Harbor, pastor of
tho SB?sl Presbyterian church of
C.irrOUiun, Ga., Avlrich was solemn
ized ??fjti the Seneca Presbyterian
churcff>on Wednesday evening, the
25t?i^K -9 o'clock, in tho presence of
a lar?|?.assombly of friends of the
familj^s. The church was a dream
of betyjity in its artistic decorations
Quantities of yellow and white chrys
anthaniiims, grouped with, massive
fernsj||tlie organ loft railing being
outlined with lighted candles, ami
with^?rystal candelabra holding
numbera of candles towering ahovb
all othbrs, made a brilliant scene. As
.the audience anticipated the entrance
of tjijafirldal party Mrs. Julian Den
dy 8at&';'I Love You" and "At Dawn
ing," ^followed by Mendelssohn's
'"Sprirfe Song," with Marshall C.
Deud?Kbrothor of the bride, nt the
org?u^3?p the strains of 'Lohengrin's
We?d?ig; March tho bridal party en
ter?b?(jffit(tho following order, the cou
plos?lpWrut'ing, entering- opposite
alsl?r?MiS8 Dorothy Shaw, ot Sum
ter, |?a?n^ C. Mandeville, Carroll-,
t (j&wWit''*'!f i H "i T"''' " *1 of Wal
ville; MISS Mary lillies, Seneca, and
Gs W. Wise, Trentbn, S. C.; Miss Nan
Copeland Clinton, and- Hugh Macau
lay,' Seneca; Miss Florence Collins,
Montgomery, Ala., and 's. Wilkes
Dendy, brother of tho bride. Rev. I.
E. Wallace, entering from the side
door, took his place in tho center of
the seml-circlo which had been form
ed. Tho little flower girl, Frances
Hopkins, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
J. Eustace Hopkins, scattered rose
petals in tho pathway of the bride,
and wore an accord?on plaited yel
low ffock. Next came the ring bear
er, Miss Frances Wallace, lovely
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Wal
lace, of Pendleton, who was dressed
In a dainty white organdie, an?! car
ried the ring In a largo white chrys
anthemum. Mrs. Hugh .Macaulay,
dame of honor and sister of the bride,
was the next lo entor. Then came tho
maid of honor, Miss Sara Davis. The
bride, leaning on tho arm of her
groom, with his bro thor,' Walter I.
Barber, of Groonville, entered from
a side door, meeting tho bride at tho
?n/ltai?, where the impressive tjilipi
marriage ceremony was performed
by tho bride's pastor, Rev. I. E. Wal
lace. Mendelssohn's Wedding March
was us?d as a recessional.
Tho bride was a picture of girlish
beauty in her wedding gown of whito
satin and lace, with court train and
ince inserts, which hung from her
Shoulders. Tho mist tulle voil was
gracefully arranged with a bandeau
of orango blossoms. She carried a
shower bouquet of brido's roses and
valley lilies.
Tho maids of honor wo rb hand
some gowns of yellow satin with laco
cverdi ipories and carried arm bou
quets of white' chrysanthemums.
Tho matron of honor was gowned
in yellow.satin of darkor shade, and
carried yellow chrysanthemums.
The maid Of honor wore a hand
some creation of whito satin with
overdraporles of white cropo eli i ff on,
carrying yellow chrysanthemums.
The groom and his attendants
wero in full ovoning dress.
A reception was given nt the homo
of the bride -immediately nf tor the
ceremony: Mrs. E. C. Doylo nnd ^rs,
J. E. Hopkins greeted tho guests nt
tho door. Tho spacious Dondy homo
was beautiful in tho decorations of
yellow and whito autumn flowers.
Bldck cream> and cako woro servod
from tables by Misses Suo Gignll
Hat and Ludle Jordon. They woro as
8lstod by Misses May Griffin, Nina
limper and Margaret Garlnnd. The
guests were shown rrom the dining
room to tho gift room by Mrs. R. D.
Nolll and Miss Nell Wyatt, whore
Mrs. L. W. Vernor and Mrs. W.
Lunney recelvod thom. Tho nrray of
numerous nnd costly gifts attested
tho popularity of tho bride and
Mrs. Barber Is a Winthrop grad?
alo of the class of '21, and had had
ono year of succossful teaching in
tho city schools of Durham, N. C.
By her sweet and gent?o manners,
sho has endeared herself to a largo
circle of friends.
Mr. Barber ls a young minlstor of
tho Gospel - with a flattering'outlook
for tho future.
Mr. and Mrs. Barbor loft amid a
shower of rice and much merriment
1 Will Sell
Fresh Mil
"Oldsmobile ??
Community Pair Brought Mnny Vis
itors to Town-?Personal Notes.
TownvlUe, Oct. 30.--Special: The
Community Fair' hdld here* Friday
brought many visitors to our town.
-The people of tho town are justly
proud of their flrst attempt at a fair.
Tho display of- fancy work as ono
entered showed the patience of tho
young ladles, for there were many
difficult, patterns. .On to the right
was a* display'.of canped', fruitsj^njl
vegetables, Oakes, butter and' candy.
On tho second door of tho building
was found the thrift department, an
tiques, old quilts and hand-woven
bod spreads, which represented the
work of tho past generation.
The Agricultural display was ro
markablo, showing tho newer varie
ties of all vegetables, corn and oats,
vetch and such things. Th?ro were
also chickens, ducks, turkeys and
hogs-oven poodlodogs-on exhi
Our people are proud that thoy at
tempted a fair, and the credit must
nooda go to Mr. Sh ealey, superin
tendent of tho schoophere, for ho wns
tho instigator, and his teachers co
operated with the ladies of tho com
munity club, thus making this a ban
ner day for our town.
? Miss Su8io Shirley was a guest
this week-end of relatives hore.
Tho school at Pine Grove oponed
Monday morning. This school is-'un
dor tho management of Dewey Brock,
of West Union, who ls assisted by
Misses Burley, of ?,Walhalla, and
Thomason, of-this State. '
Tho good people of Seneca came
to tho Presbyterian church boro re
contly to organize a Christian En
deavor society. A splendid program
was caiH'ied out by tho visitors and
an offort was-ma"do to organizo a so
cloty for tho young people hore.
Lucius-Xompton has moved back
to Townvlllo and ls now occupying
the houso form orly occupied by the
lalo Mrs. Walter* Dickson.
Mrs. Clara Dickson loft Saturday
lo outer school nt Anderson High
School. Sho will stay in tho homo of
Rev. A. E. Holler.
W. J. McGarrlty Succeeds Williams.
Columbia, Oct. 28.-W. J. Mc
Garrity, of Aiken, has beon appoint
od by Governor Harvey as secretary
of tho State Board of Public Wei
faro to succeod Rev. G. Croft WU
Hams, who recent!? resigned to bo
come an adjunct professor ht tho
University of South Carolina and al
so roctor of St. John's Episcopal
church. Announcement of Mr. Mc
Garrlty's appointment was made this
aflornoon. Ho has becfT principal of
tho Alkbn Instituto. Ho will assume
his now duties at an early dato.
Compulsory Attendance -'Ebenezer.
School will open at Ebonezot
School District, No. 69, on Nov. 6th.
Compulsory attendance will bo re
quired in accordance to law. AU pa
trons aro urged to attond tho open
lng of tho school.
H. A. Wood, for Trustees.
of the adding party for a wedding
trip before going lo Carrollton, tho
homo of Mr. Barber. The brldo's go
ing away suit was of blue durotyno
with moleskin trimmings, with hat,
shoes and gloves to correspond.
Those who attended the wdddng
from a distance, besides tb OH o In tho
woddlng party,? wore: Mr. and Mrs.
W. I. Barbor, Mr. and Mrs. W. K.
Livingston, of Greenville; M^fl. Copo
land, Clinton; Mr. and Mrs. Lewis
Wallnco, Pendleton; Mrs. Tv D. M?
[ Daniel, Norcross, Qa. ^ p
or Ren t>
ch Cows.
?d Pigs.
a, S. C.
eta the Pacex"
Bounty Land School to Open Next
Monday-Personal Items.
Bounty Laud,. Oct. 30.-Special::
dr. and Mrs. E. R. Shnnfclin have rof
urned from' Rockingham, N. C.,v
vhere they have been visiting slnco
hoir marriage, being guests of M xv
md Mrs. F. L. Plckott.
Mr. and Mrs. F?r man Rums, ot.
fountain Inn,, spout tho*,-: week-end ^
unong relativos,?in tl?s v^lV?Ry.V^;
.apldly as lt Itjul been boped, and
or tho last few days her symptoms
jaye ' boen unfavorable,' although
lomewhat Improved, according 'to
nto reports! Wo hope sho will soon
JO convalescent.
" J. B. Shnnklln and family wore?
n tho communUy Sunday. '
Wo aro 'requested to. report that
ho Bounty Lund school will opon
lext Monday morning. All patrons^
?f tho school will boar In mind this
act* rfnd bo present with their eliII
Iren. Tho school will bo under tho
illlcient mnnngomont of Misses Lalla
Rallonger and Carrie McMahan..
Mrs. j. C. Sanders wont, lo Liberty
ast Wednosdny on tho sad mission
if attending tho funeral of her cous
n, Miss Annie May Davis.
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Harrison and
amlly, of Seneca, and Mr. and Mt's.
'Motelier Wilosn, of . Ibo Clearmont]
ection, wore recent guests of Mr.
ind Mrs. J. M. Adams.
Ben Wilson was In Plekons on
msiness last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Bon Ellison nnd Wal
er Wooden, of Greenville, and Mr.
md Mrs. Charlie Mnrett, of Fair
May, wore guests Sunday of Mr. nnd
drs. M. E. Mnrett.
Stokes Wyloy, of Georgotown, who
ins quito.recently undergono nu op
.rntion for appendicitis, is with his
mronls, Mr. and Mrs. T .li. Wyloy,
lurng his period of convalescence.
Mrs.. Sue M. Hunslngor, who has
?eon with relatives at Long Crook,
nd her daughter, Miss Poarlo Mull
inger, woro weok-ond guests of Mr.
nd Mrs. Paul Olllison. ^
Mr. and Mrs. Mack Hunnioutt, of
ho Poplar section, woro in this com
munty recently.
Mr. .and Mrs. Quefton King, of
toturn, wore guests of tho lattor's
wents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Sandors,
ho first of tho week.
S. K. Dendy, Sr., was with rola
ivos in Rtchla'nd a fow days ago.
accident Fatal to Spartanhurg Man.
Spnrtanburg, Oct. 28. - Rufus
'hompson, 20 yenrs of ago, an em
ployee of Inman Mills and a resident
f that community, whs instantly
Hied early to-night on the Appa
rition highway, two miles Vost of
lils city, when ho wns struck by a
ar in which J. O. Odom and J. V.
ishmoro, of Campobollo, wero rld
\g. Both Odom and Ashmore aro
i the custody of officers at tho coun
v Jail charged with manslaughter.
Thompson had gotten Out of his
ar and was stooping behind it ad
ii8ting the roar light, when the oth
r car crashed into him. Tho car ro
oundod, it is said, and its occupants
rove on, oye-wltnosses say, without
topping to inquire as to tho damage
ono. They' wero arrested boro on
our later, and the pollco say they
ero under tho Influence of whiskey.
hompson, who was kil'od. is sur
Ivod by a widow and three childron.
/1th him in the car whoiPtho fatal
ecldont occurred wore soveral com
anions. His death will bo invosti
nted by tho coroner.
In nine years tho world produc
ion Of cotton has decreased about 31
ejr cont, ?

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