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For Constipated Bo\
, Tho nicest cathartic - laxative to
physic your bowels when you have
lleudadle Biliousness
Colds Indigestion
Dizziness Sour Stomach
is candy-like Cascarets. One or two
Marketing Won in Courts of North
Carolina, Texas, Oklahoma.
Columbia, Oct. 23.-Sweeping vic
tories for co-operative marketing
were won In the courts of North Car
olina, Texas and Oklahoma during
the past week, according to .state
ments issued yesterday by tho South
Carolina Cotton Growers' Co-opera
tive Association. In Texas and Ok
lahoma tho colton contracts, which
aro practically Identical with the
contract signed by members of the
South Carolina Association, were up
hold hy the courts and permanent in
junctions granted restraining mem
bers of those associations from dis
posing of their cotton except through
tho association. Temporary Injunc
tions had been secured against slx\
members in Texas and against sev
eral in Oklahoma some timo back.
In North Carolina a desperate ef
fort was made by onemlos of the Tri
state Tobacco Association to have
dissolved on injunction which had
been Issued, against two members of
the association. Several of the ablest
lawyers in tho State were employed
in tho effort to have tho contract de
clared unconstitutional, but tho court
in its decision made the injunction
permanent, declaring the contract to
be sound.
Very great Interest was taken by
South Carolinians In the North Car
olina hearing. Tho attempt to have
tho Injunction dissolved was made
before Judgo Frank Daniels. II. G.
Cromer, Jr., of Wilson, chief counsel
for those attacking tho legality of
contract, argued that the association
ls aimed to create (a monopoly, and
that lt is a combination in restraint
of trade.
During tho course of the speech of
ono of the attorneys for the associa
tion, the court room, which was Ulled
with farmers Interested in the out
come of the trial, bioko forth in ap
Tho Tobacco Association has now
Instituted suit against., tho partios
who sold their tobacco outside of tho
association for Uv? cents a pound
liquid ?Hod damages. .
The Haleigh News and Observer
Ford parts, like aime
worth while, are couni
parts are manufacture
highest possible rate
grades of steel used ai
tiie same high quali
treated alloy steels
formulas for the mar
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ac doing you will get frc
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lowest possible cost-tho i
Ask for ParU
When your Ford car, or
attention, call on us. For i
erly equipped, employ con
use Genuine Ford and
repair work:
Piedmont IV
Authorised l><
Rhone No. JI L
Yels-1 Bilious Liver
tonight will empty your/ bowels com
pletely by morning and you will feel
splendid. "They work while you
sloep." Cascareis heyer stir you up
or grlpo^ like salts, pills, calomel or
oil, and tboy cost only ten cents a
box. Children love Cascarets, too.'
in expressing gratification ^editorially
at the ou too mo of the case in North
Carolina, said: "If co-operative mar
keting succeeds, the day of glutting
the market and depressing the price
has gone. If lt falls, what then? In
tha,t case tho farmers must revert to
the old position where they get what
ever is offered them. They will have
no voice In that. One your they will
get twenty cents a pound for their
colton nnd the next year six cents,
and usually they will be the vletims
of wild fluctuations."
No Worms in a Healthy Child
, All children troubled with Worms havo* an un
healthy color, which indicates poor blood, and as a
rule, there ls more or 1 ess stomach disturbance.
larly for two or three weeks-will enrich thc blood,
hu provo tho digestion, and act as a general Strength
ening Tonic to the whole system. Naturo will then
throw off or dispel tho worms, and thoChlfd willbo
la perfect health. Pleasant to take. 60c per bu t tia
Japan is ono of the important
sources of the world's supply of coal.
Rainfall and 'Temperature.
Below is a record of meteorological
observations taken by H. W. Brandt,
co-operative observer of the Weather
Bureau of the U. S. Department of
Agriculture, during tho week ending
October 22, 1922, at 7 p. in, (Tho
instrumental readings are from gov
ernment standard Instruments ex
posed in the manner recommended
by the chief of the Weather Bureau):
Character of
1 7-Cloudy.
'18-Clear ..
10-Clear ..
20- Clear ..
21- Clear ..
2 2--Clear ..
3 0''
,03 !
I! 7
7 2
7 ll.
0 0
Total rainfall ... I .33
?~1 JHir
it ion
>st everything else
terfeited. Imitation
d to SELL at the
of profit and the
re consequently not
ty, specially heat
specified in Ford
lufacture of GEN
i Motor Company. By
?rn 35 io 100 percent
ind you will pay the
same everywhere.
i Price List
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npetent mechanics, and
Fordson parts in all
lotor Co.,
oalers for
Phono No. il.
W?S?- -
Oconoo, and Otlier Adjoining Coun
ties Aro invited to Paiileipato. N
Tuesday, Nov. 7th-Tractor and
Mnehintry Day.
9.00 a. m.-Gatos open for sec
ond annual exhibition.
9.30-Inspection of exhibits. .
11.00 a. m. to 12 ni.-Band con
cert. ? ~
1.1.00-Midway opens.
I. 00 p. ttl,-Band concert.
2.00 to 3.15 p. m.-Free circus
and vaudeville acts, Including the
Dellamead troup, Earl sisters, Joe
Kiljoy & Co., musical number and
butterfly act, tho Ferris wheel girls.
3.30 to 4.30 p. ht.-1923 model
Chevrolet touring car awarded to tho
holder of winning number. (Ask Ibo
Anderson merchants for tickets.)
4.30 to 5.00-Band concert.
C.16 to 6.46-Band concert.
7.00 to 8.15 - Free circus and
vaudeville acts, including the Delia
mead troup, Earl sisters, Joe Kiljoy
& Co., musical number and butterfly
act, the Ferris'wheel giris.
8.30 - Free admission to mid
way; automobile show; merchants'
and manufacturers' tents.
"Wednesday, Nov. 8-?Merchants'
and Manufacturers' Day.
9. a. m.-'Gatos open.
10.00-Band conceit.
II. 00-Midway opens.
1.00 p. m.-Band concert.
2.30-Showing of horses in ring
3.30 to 6.00 - Freo circus anc
vaudeville acts, including tho Della
mead troup, Earl sisters, Joo Kiljoj
& Co., musical number and butterilj
act, the Ferris wheol girls,
5.00 io 5.30-Band concert.
G.30-Band concert.
7.00-Freo circus and vaudevilb
acts, including tho Dellamead troup
Earl sisters, Joo Kiljoy & Co., mus!
cal number and butterfly act, tin
Ferris wheel girls.
8.30-Free adm'-sion to midway
automobile show, merchants^ am
manufacturers' tents.
Thursday, Nov. 0-Farmers* Day.
9.00 a. ttl.-Gates open.
9.30-Bond concert.
10.00- Midway opens.
11.00-Band concert. ,
I. 00 p. m.-"Parado of prize win
ning cattle. * 1
2.00-Showing of mules in ring.
3.00-Band concert.
3.15-Free circus and vaudoviil
acts, including tho Dellamead trout
Earl sisters, Jie Kiljoy & Co., mus?
cal number and butterfly act, th
Ferris wheel girls.
5.00-Band concert.
G.30-Band concert.
7.00 to 8.15 - Free circus an
vaudeville acts, including tho Dellr
mead troup, Earl slaters, Joe Ki
Joy & Co., musical number and bu
terfly act, Ibo Ferris wheel ?iris.
8.30--Free admission to midwa;
automohilo show, merchants' an
manufacturers' tents.
Friday, Nov. lo-Educational Daj
9.00 a. m.?-Gates open.
9.30-Band concert.
10.00-Midway opens.
10.30-Assembly of school chi
dren of Anderson county and cit
ladies representing Abbevillo, Amie
son, Elbert, Mart, Oconeo and Plc
ens counties on Fountain Square ai
the Plaza.
II. 00 - Parado starts. (Line
march: Public square, North Ma
and Greenville streets into fa
grounds.) Every school child ni
teacher admitted to the fair free
charge. Parade position in followii
order: (1) band, (2) winner beau
contest-Miss Abhoville, Miss Ande
son, Miss Elbert, Miss Hart, Ml
Oconee, Miss Pickens; (3) Ame
can Legion, (4) children of conn
schools, (5) children of citv schoo
(6) Ford car that is to be g?ven aw
on Saturday at 3.30 p. m.
11.45 -. American Legion ox<
I. 00 p. m.-Band concert.
2.00--Showing of horses in rin
fancy riding and driving by ladlt
Shetland pony show.
3.00-Free circus and vnudevi
acts, including tho Dellamead trot
Earl sisters, Joe Kiljoy & Co., mu
cal number and buttorffy act, t
Ferris wheel girls.
4.00-Football: Anderson Hi
Laurens Hi.
5.00-Band concort.
6.30-Band concort.
7.00-Free circus and vaudevi
acts, including tho Dollamead tro
Earl sisters, Joo Kiljoy & Co., nu
cal number and butterfly act, I
Ferris wheel girls.
8.30-Freo admission lo midw
merchants' and manufacturers' to
and automobile show.
Saturday, Nov, ll-Ford Day.
i 9.00 a. m.-Gatos open,
j 9.30-Band concert.
10.00-Assembly of Ford curs
McDufllo street, beginning nt Fra
lin and facing south.
II. 00-Ford parade starts. (Ho
of parade: West on Franklin atv
from South Mc Du ill O to South Ma
north on Main to Greenvlllo stn
sud thence to fair grounds.) Ky
driver of n Ford ear or tractor i
tieipatingv in parado will bo gi
free admission to the fair ground?
11.30--Awarding of prizes to F
Day contestants in front of gr
12.30 p.m.-Marriage of Ford c
pie in trout of grand aland.
2.00-Band concert. ,
3.00-Freo circus, and vaude\
ncli?, including tho Dollamead tn
1 1 F dors, .loo Kiljoy & Co., m
cal number and buttorfly act,
Ferris wheel girls.
.00-Band concort.
. # 6.30-Band concort.
7.00-Free circus and vaudc
acts, including tho Dellamead tn
Earl sisters, Joo Kiljoy & Co., m
cal number and butterfly act,
Forrls wheel girls.
. S.'io-Free admission to mbH
merchants' and manufacturers' t
and automobile show.
Modorn Styles Provo Fatal.
Manila, P. 1., Oct. 25.-Wing
a Chinoso girl 17 years old, com
led suicido by drowning to-day,
cording to police, when hor mo
spankod her for bobbing her
and cutting her skirts to tho he
in vogue among tho "flappers'
I America.
Will Moan Clon 11 Swoop of Oil lei al H
Dimer Him.
Greenville, Oct. 26. -r- Joseph W.
Tolbert, Republican national com
mitteeman for South Carolina, yes
terday afternoon at 3.30 o'clock took
the oath Of otllco as United States
marshal for tho Western District of
South Carolina and immediately took
charge of tho olllco. He was recontly
appointed to tho oillco by President
Hnrdlng during a recess of Congress
and will hold oillco at least until the
next session of tho United States Son
C. J. Lyon, Jr., who was a deputy
under his father, tendered his resig
nation yesterday immediately after
Mr. Tolbert had taken tho oath of
office. Young Lyon has for some time
held the position of deputy marshal
under his father.
The appointment by the President
was read yesterday afternoon In tho
Federal Court room, and thou tho
oath of offico was taken. After Mr.
Tolbert had taken the oath, Judge
Watkins mado a brief talk Introduc
ing Mr. Tolbert Into th$ "family of
the Federal Court of the Fourth Dis
trict of South Carolina." Judgo Wat
kins stated family spirit, good will
and harmony hod always featured
the court, and that now that ho was
a member of that family tho court
expects his hearty co-operation. He
paid a tributo to former Marshal Ly
on In slating that during his term of
office tho co-operation from that de
partment with the court had been
porfect in every detail.
In his talk to Mr. Tolbert, Judge
Watkins emphasized the fact that
tho business of thc court here was
annually Increasing, and now, moro
than ever, was co-operation with tho
marshal's ofllco necessary. Tho Dis
trict Judgo added: "Wo have labored
In the past to Increase tho dignity of
this court, and lt bab Peen, and is
our aim to make it a court whore
every man may find refuge and Jus
"Well, I'm hore," said Mr. Tol
bert yesterday, "and I Intend to do
all In my power to make the West
ern District a good marshal. Eventu
ally aR the old force will go. Ono
has already said that he intended re
sighing, and I bollovo two more ex
pect to leave shortly. There are now
?four in tho office force, and two are
doing field work. I have not decided
definitely just who I will appoint to
fill the. vacancies made by those who
are leaving now."
Lift Off with Fingers
Doesn't hurt a oit! Drop a little
"Freezono" on an aching corn, In
stantly that corn stops hurting, then
shortly you lift it right off with
fingers. Truly!
.Your druggist sells a tiny bottle of
"Freezone" for a few cents, sufficient
to remove every hard corn, soft corn
or corn between the toes, and the
calluses, without soreness or irrita
Half Hrothors Meet in Jail.
Little Rock, Ark., Oct. 25.-John
Spencer, of Popo county, and Harry
Spencer, of Conway county, Ark.,
half brothors, nlet for the first Hmo
in forty years whon they were both
placed iii the samo coll in tho county
jail hore. Roth were under arrest on
liquor charges.
Tho father of tho two men mar
ried twice, and John, tho older son,
was living with other relatives at the
time his father was killed forty years
ago. His slop-mother and her child,
Harry, left the community within a
few wocks, and tho boys losfnll trace
of each other.
A racking
nerves Wacke?
chases it away.
State Constable Suspended.
A recent dispatch from Columbia
says: Governor Harvey has announc
ed that ho has suspondod State Con
stable H. L. Johnson, of York, for
improper conduct, and also stated
thal ho would probably suspend Mag
istrate Rob Leo, of York county, as
a result of charges filed .against him.
Johnson and Lee aro charged, in
complaints filed with the Governor?
of having beon occupants of an au
tomobile in an unfit condition when
! lt ran into another machino on a pub
lic highway.
Plies Cured lu 6 to 14 Days
Dru??lflts refund money If PAZO OINTMENT foils
to cure Itching, Mind, ntcedln? or Protruding Piles.
Instantly relieves Itching Piles, and you can fit
-fHtful eleen ofter tho first noollcatlon Price Mc.
. rn*- - .
To Help in Cu bun Hanking System.
Washington, Get. 26.-W. P. G.
Harding, former governor of tho Fed*
tr.il rosotvo board, will leave next
week for Cuba to survey tho finan
cial situation with a viow to assist
ing in the installation of a banking
sytdeni so\?owhnt similar to tho Fed
eral reservo of tho United States.
A milli
have tu
One I
-a firm i
15 for 10c
infant was Tucked Neatly In Drum
/mer's Traveling Case.
Anderson, Oct. 25. - Tucked se
curely away in a drummer's travel
ing case, a two-months-old baby girl,
possessing a glorous pair of brown
eyes and a shock of roven bair which
causes a mother's heart to surge with
pride and ineffable Joy and content
ment, last niglit as tho village curfew
tolled ,tho midnight hour, adorned
tho front porch of J.E .Marlin, a
prominent farmer residing nt High
Point, some six miles below Bolton.
Tho hurried swish of* a woman's dress
and tho ry th min purring of a motor
and tho proverbial stork which had
assumed the form of a woman woar
ing a No. 2 size shoe, disappeared in
tho direction of Belton, up tho sub
urban high way, deserted al such an
hour in tito night.
In addition to the infant tho drum
mer's caso contained many protty
clothes and a gallon bottle of milk,
obviously a suggestion ns to the
lastes of tho youngster.
Mr. and Mrs. Martin \vero roused
by tho noise of the automobile in
timo to seo tho car disappear in tho
darkness. Mrs. Martin was not in
tho least perturbed by the unexpect
ed visit of the youngster, neither ls
she at a loss as to a course of action.
On tho contrary, she appears greatly
delighted and /contends that from
now on it will bo her very own.
Mr. Martin, who Is a prominent
farmer of Anderson county, was for
merly cblof of pollco of Bolton. He
says that lie would not "take a farm
and house for tho little girl."
To Stop a Cough Quick
cough medicine which stops the cough by
healing the inflamed and irritated tissues.
SALVE for Chest Colds, Head Colds and
Croup is enclosed with every bottle of
should be rubbed on the chest and throat
of children suffering from a Cold or Croup.
Thc hcalln.it effect of Hayes' Healing Honey In
side tho throat combined with the healing effect of
Grove's O-Pen-Trnto Salve through the pores of
thc skin soon stops a cough.
Doth remedies ore packed In one carton ?od the
cost of tho combined trcotmoot Is 33o.
Just ask your druggist for HAYES'
South Carolina Soldier Stabbed.
Atlanta, Ga., Oct. 26.-F.G.Quinn,
a soldier stationed at Fort McPher
son, and who gave his home address
M Buffalo, S. C., is in a serious con
dition at a local hospital here lo-day
after hoing stabbed last night. Po
lioo and army olllcials are searching
for J. 0. Brown, another soldier,who
Quinn has stated stabbed him during
a light "over a girl."
Stato of South Carolina,
County of Oconoo.
William T. Edwards and Julius C.
Edwards, as Executors of tho Last
Will and Testament of Lafayette
Asbury Edwards, Plaintiffs,
John A. Edwards ot al., Defendants.
PURSUANT to Decree of tho Court
of Probate, in tho abovo ontitled no
tion, 1 will offer for salo, to tho high
est bidder, In frowt of tho Court
j HoilSO door, fit Walhalla, S. C., on
I MONDAY, tho Gth day of NOVEM
IVOU, j 02 2, between* the legal hours
lof sale, tho following described roal
, estate, to wit:
(1.) All tboso two coKtnln lots of
I land, sit?ate, lying and hoing in tho
! Town of Seneca, County of Oconoo,
Stato of South Carolina, and known
in tho plan of said town ns Lots Nos.
65 and 56, oneil fronting 1,09 foot on
North First Stroot, and bounded on
tho east by Lot No. 51 and on the
wost hy P'no Streot, ar 1 lmlng tho
samo lots convoyed to L. A. Edwards
on men
med to
verdict for
by E. C. Doyle by dood bearing dato
the 24th day of October, 1908, and
recorded in Clerk's omeo, Oconeo
County, S. C., on tho 29th day of
June, 1909, in Book KK, pago 10.
(2.) Also, all that certain piece,
parcel or lot cf land situate, lying
and hoing In tho Town of Seneca,
County of Oconeo, State of South Car
olina, and being all that part of Lot
No. 54 In said town, described ns fol
lows: Beginning at the corner wboro
Lots Nos. 5 4 and 55 adjoin on south
sido of "North First Street, and run
ning oast 100 foot along tho north
lino of Lot No. 54; tbonco south 209
feet to back lino of Lot No. 54;
thenco west 100 foot to tho corner of
Lot No. 55; thence north along tho
line of Lot No. 55 to tho beginning *
comer, and* being tho samo lot ot
land conveyed to L. A. Edwards by
Mrs. R. H. Alexander by dood boar
ing dato tho 4th day of .Turto, 1908,
and rocorded In Clprk's Oillco, Oconeo
County, S. C., on tho 29th day of
March, 1909, In Book JJ, pago 270.
(8.) Also, all that piece, parcel or
lot of land situate, lying and being
In tho Town of Seneca, County of
Oconee, State of South Carolina, ad
joining Lots Nos. 55 and 56, and ho
ing a strip on south sido of said lot,
and adjoining tho Southern Railroad
right-of-way, and being tho same lot
convoyed to L. A. Edwards by E. C.
Doyle by deed bearing date tho 10th
day of June, 1909, recorded in
Clerk's Office, Oconeo County, S. C.,
on the 29(|\ day of Juno, 1909, in
Book KK, page ll.
The four several \otb aforesaid ad
join each other, and together consti
tute tho Edwardo residence lot on
which the dwelling house ls situate.
(4.) Also, all thoco two cor tain
pieces, parcels or lots of land situ
ate, lying and being in the Town of
Seneca, County of Oconee, State of
South Carolina, and known as Lots
Nos. 07 8 and G79, and fronting north
20 and % feet each on rjght-of-way
of Sou thorn Railroad and running
back 100 feet to alloy, as shown by
plat o? survey mado by J. W. Har
per, Surveyor, and being the samo
lots conveyed to L. A. Edwards by
A. W. Thompson and others by deed
boering dato the 3d day of May, '
19 09, and rocorded in Clerk's Oillco, .
Oconee County, S. C., on tho 21th
day of May, 19 09, In Book GO, pago
(5.) Also, all that certain piece,
percol or lot of lend situ?te, lying
and being in the Town of Seneca,
County of Oconeo, Stato of South
Carolina, on tho corner of Pine Street
and South Third Street, containing
one-eighth of on aero, moro or less,
and hoing the samo lot convened to
Ii. A. Edwards by G. G. Scott by deed
bearing dato the 30th day of Novem
ber, 1915, and recorded In Clerk's
Oillce, Oconeo County, S. C., on the
7th day of Docembor, 1915, in Book
VV, pago 97.
(G.) Also, all that certain pleco,
percol or dot of land situate, lying
and being In tho County of Oconoo,
State of South . Carolina, nour the
western corporate limit of tho Town
of Seneca, adjoining lots of Miss Suo
L. Glgnilllat on tho oast, A. C. Bruce
on tho south, Mrs. R. p. Cochran on
tho wost, and Southern Railroad .
right-of-way on tho north, containing
two acres, moro or loss, and being
tho semo lot convoyed to L. A. Ed
werds by G. \V. Gignilllat by doed
beering dato tho 9th day ot Soplom
bor, 1915, and recorded in Clork's
Oillco, Oconeo County, S. C., on tho
19th day of October, J915, in Book
yV, pago 33.
Also, tho following doacribed
personalty,, to-wlt: Ton abures of
tho capital stock of Connoross Light/
and Powor Company, of tho per vollief
of Ono Hundred Dollars por share,
as shown by Certificate No. 20.
TERMS-CASH. Purchaser to pey
extra for stamps. , v
Judge of Probato, Oconeo Co., fc C.
October 12, 1922. 42-44

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