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,V ' ,, .f.v !''''-.'.;' ";' ' J.J, . . ?"'i'K.'i
. VFEB. g ?022?
New Series No. 940. - Volume LXXL - No. K.
Gone West
Our MR. C W. BAUKr
kets of thc Middle West and
Mare Mules and some Hors
last of the week.
C. W. & J. E
It Pays to B
Carno to Close Last Friday Afternoon
After Dispatching Much Business.
The Court of General Sessions for
Oconoo came to a closo Friday after
noon last after many cases docketed
had been disposed of in ono way or
another. Judge H. C. Tillman made
a most fnvorabl? Impression on tho
entire court, officials and Interested
parties, dispatching business with a
great deal of ability, yot slighting no
detail of the important work.
Tn recording tho proceedings of
tho early stages of tho court's work
an error crept into our roport of true
bills rendered by the grand jury. In
tho case of the Stato vs. Jesse Kil
patrick, Boyce Gantt and Charlie Pal
mor, who were charged with viola
tion of tho prohibition laws, tho jury
returned its finding as "True bill as
to Boyce Gantt, no bill ns to Kilpat
rick and Palmor." Our report car
ried tho finding of tho grand jury
under tho general head of "True
Bills," wo having failed to note the
"No Bill" return ns to Kilpatrick
and Palmor. Wo aro in receipt of tho
following noto from Chas B Palmer
In reference to the correction, which
wo are glad to make bethena to him
and to Jesse Kilpatrick:
Dies P?f't Deal In LlqiiOt'.
' Westminster, S. C., Nov. 9, l!i2'J.
-Editor Keowee Courlor: I noticed
in this week's, issue of your paper
that you had connected my name
with some of tho whiskey enses be
ing tried at this term of Court. You
will please correct this next week, as
I don't deal in whiskey in any way
whatever. Respectfully,
"Charles B. Palmor."
' Remainder of Proceedings.
Taking up tho proceedings of the
Court Where we left off last weok,
following is tho record:
Walter Jackson and Millard Sloan
plended guilty to violation of the pro
hibition law. Each sontencod to 12
months imprisonment at hard labor
on county works or in penitentiary.
Son'.onces suspended during good be
havior after sorvico of 30 days at
hard labor.
Boyeo Gantt ploaded guilty to vio
lation of prohibition laws. Sentenced
to 12 months imprisonment at hard
labor. Sentenco to bo suspendod dur
ing good bohavlor after service of
ono month.
John Mooro pleaded guilty to tho
samo charge. Sentenced to servo 12
months at such labor as ho may be
ablo to perform, on county works or
In ponltcntinry. Sontonco to bo sus
pended during good bohavlor after
sorvico of six months. (Second of
fense, boneo severity of sentenco.)
Case of W. B. Sanford, disposing
of property under lion, nol prossod
by Solicitor.
Court ordered dismissal of appeal
In case of Kay Smith and Arthur Gar
nor, convicted at last term of Court.
Defendants ordorod forthwith to bo
gin sorvico of sontonco.
Tho grand jury roturned tho tal
lowing bills:
Shack Strickland-Violation of the
prohibition laws. No bill.
Sam Duncan-VIolntlon of prohi
bition law. True bill.
Hamp Brit, Addio Butt and John
Pitt's-Violation of prohibition laws.
Truo bill.
Tom Cobb. Joas? Cobb and Jim
Cobb-Vi 'tlon prohibition '
Truo bill.
J. G. Mitchell. Homer Childress
and John Moss-Violation prohibi
tion law. True hill.
W. D. H ah voy-Issuing worthless
chock. True billi
Oscar Roach and Lizzie fiummer
oll-Adultery and fornication. Truo
Stato vs C. L. Abercrombie-As
sault and battory with intont lo kill.
Not guilty.
Oscar Roach and Llzollo Summer*
$ .
for Mules!
sIIGHT is in the Mule Mar
will ship a lot of Blocky
es* Will be here about the
LA, S. C.
uy tor Cash.
ell-Adultery and fornication. De
fendants pleaded guilty and wore
sentenced ns follows: Oscar Roach to
be confined for a tenn of six months
on public works of Oconee on in poni
Itontiary ot bard labor, or pay a fine
of $150. Suspended during good be
havior upon payment of $75. Lizzie
Summered sontonced to six months
in penitentiary Or pay Ano of $100.
Sentence susponded during good be
havior on payment of $50. (Parties
wore married since prosecution be
gan. Deputy Clerk D. A. Smith per
forming tho ceremony.)
.Too. Johnson-Assault and battery
with lnton,t to kill and driving a mo
tor vehiolo against another party and
failing to stop and render service.
Nol prossed by Solicitor.
Grand Jury retuned tho following
Will Tuck-Resisting an officer
and assault and battery with Intent
to kill. No bill.
W. R. -Kooley-Assault and bat
tery with intent to kill. No bill.
Cliff Alexander-Violation of pro
hibition law. No bill.
B, O. Bell and Perry Hester-Vio
lation prohibition law. True bill.
Clyde Keaton and Ira Richardson
--Larceny and receiving stolen
goods. True bill.
Marvin Todd-Violation prohibi
tion law. True bill.
Woody Perry-Assault with intent
to ravish. True bill.
CI. L. Starncs ?nd Prank Stn mos
Violation of prohibition low. True
Walter James-Assault and bat
tery with intent to kill. True bill.
.loo Johnson-Assault and battery
with intent to kill, driving against
property of another and failing to
stop and render sorvico. True bill.
John Pitts, J. C. Staggers and An
thony Burch-Violation prohibition
laws. True bill.
.G. M. Carson, violation of prohi
bition law, pleaded guilty and was
sentenced to servo four mon Lbs at
hard labor ih penitentiary or on pub
lic works of Oconee. Susponded dur
ing good bobavior on payment of $5 0.
K. A .Bell and Perry Hester pload
guilty to violation of prohibition law
and each was sentenced to six months
at hard labor on public works of Oco
nee .or in ponltontiary. Sentence to
bo suspended during good bobavior
af tor sorvico of 30 days.
Arthur Lee-Violation prohibition
law. Nol prossed by Solicitor.
Morrill McDonald-Selling mort
gaged property. Caso contlnuod by
Tho grand Jury roturnod tho fol
lowing Dills :
Forman Bray-Housebreaking and
larceny. True bill.
Sn m Kay-Disposing of property
under lien. True bill.
Henry McDonald and W. D. Dur
ham--Violation of prohibition law.
No bill.
John Collins-Violation of prohi
bition law. No bill.
W. D. Roach-Violation of prohi
bition law. No bill.
S. O. Whitman-Violation of pro
hibition law. Contlnuod on motion
of dofondant. 1
.Fred H. Rico - Obtaining goods
Under false protonso. Nol prossed by
Solicitor. Defondant was In Jail and
Sheriff of Greonwood county was on
hand with papors for him, and he
was takon to Greenwood county on
n similar charge. 1
Marvin Todd-Violation prohibi
tion law. Ploaded guilty. Sentenced
to sorvo two months nt hard labor on
public works of Oconoo or In peni
tentiary. Susponded during good be
havior on payment of fino of $50.
Testimony In the caso showed that
dofondant had only ono quart of
whlskoy in his possession, for his
own uso.
/ Sam Duncan - Violation prohibi
tion law. Pleaded guilty. Sentoncod
to sorvo four months at hard labor
on public works of Oconeo or in pen
itentiary. Sentonco suspondod dur
lng good behavior after service of SO
days. 1
Eugene Dooley-Violation prohib?- i
Hon law. Pleaded guilty. Sentencod i
to serve twelve months In penlten- ? i
Mary or on public works of Oconeo ; <
at such labor as ho may be able to
perform. (Defendant clalmod that .!
ho was afraid of tho Ku Klux Klan "J
In the town of Seneca and Jumped
his bond, was captured In Atlanta, .<
Qa., and brought back, but again :
escaped and was again caught in At
lanta.) i
W. P. Butler and Alfred Taylor- ;
Violation prohibition law Neither
defendant answered when called, and
lifter tho third call their trial lu abr
B?nce was ordered. Verdict of guilty ?
and sealod sentence loft.
Iii the caso of W. lt. Nooley, which
tho grand Jury was asked to recon
sider, that body returned with a rec
ommendation that '.ho indictment bo
remanded to tho Mngistrate. Neeley
was charged with assault with intent 1
to ravish.
Grand Jury Makes Presontmont.
State of South Carolina,
County of Oconeo.
Wo desiro to make our final pre
sontmont lo tho November (.erm of
Court of General Sessions, as follows:
To lils Honor H. C. Tillman, Presid
ing Judge:
As graiid Jury for Oconee County.
S. C., we bog to submit ns our Anal
presentment for tho year 1922, tho
(1) . That v/e havo passed upon all
bills that havo been handed out to us
at this term by the Solicitor.
(2) . Wo have examined, by com
mittees, Mio chain gang, poor farm,
jail and all other public buildings,
and And same in good condition. Wo
find that tho poor farm has twenty
inmates-eighteen whites and two
colored. All of these inmates seem
to bo well cared for and aro In good
(3) . Wo recommend that tho
members of our General Assembly
pass an act requiring the several offi
ces of our county to bo audited each
year by a public certified account
ant. Our commlttoo had the several
offices audited, and reports of same
are flied in the ofllco of tho Clerk of
? (4). We recommend that tho sev
eral officers that seize automobiles in:
the violation 'oYTn'e' prohibition laws
that they discontinue the practice of
using said cars before they aro le
gally sold.
(5) . We have investigated tho ed
ucational interests of the county, and
thc work done by our County Super
intendent of Education. D.C. Spoares,
and we wish to commond him for his
Interest and untiring work for school
improvement. Wo And that thero ore
quite a number of teachers in the
cornily who aro holding pay warrants
and that there are insufficient funds
on hand to meet said payment, and
wo desiro to recommend that our
delegation make sufficient appropria
tion in their next supply bill to take
care of all outstanding school war
(6) . We recommend the following
Improvements to bo made in our
county.jail: Wo recommend that tho
cells which aro now on tho ground
floor bo moved up-stairs, and that a
padded cell bo placed in the insano
room, as we find there Is no place for
tho Sheriff to keep an insano patient
that ho might not do Injury to him*
(7) . Wo recommend that' in the
future tho stownrd of the poor farm
shall koop a hook of accounts. In
which he shall ilemizo all expenses
of said farm and all money mado by
said farm, whethor same be turned
in as cash or turned ovor to the Su
pervisor for county cbnin gang pur
poses. . >
We desire to thank His Honor and
tho Court, ofllcials for courtesies ex
tended to us during tho performance
of our duties, nnd now ask that we
bo excused from further attendance
upon tho Court nt this term.
Respectfully submitted,
P. h, Green, Foreman.
Nov. 8th, 1922.
Hold-Over Grand Jurors.
Tho following grund jurors wore
drawn ns hold-overs: H. W. Brandt,
J. S. Smith, C. R. Taylor, J, A.White,
I. M. Griffith and J. L. Brown.
Court. Resumes Routine
Tho caso of Hie Stato vs. Henry
Parkor chargod wltn nssauP. and bat
tory with intent to kill, was contin
ued by the Solicitor.
John Pitts, J. C. Staggors and An
?bony Burch'--Violation cf prohibi
tion laws. Continued by Solicitor.
Furmnn Bray-Housebreaking and
larcony. Continuod by Solicitor.
Ruben Rrooks-Assault and bat
tery with intent to kill and carrying
concealed weapons. Continued by So
Tho Solicitor nol prossod tho fol
lowing casos: Stn(o vs. Harmon l,oo
violation of prohibition laws, and thc
State vs. Claude Pruitt and Younf
Pruitt, charged with housebreaking
and larceny.
Will Tuck-Violation prohlbitlot
laws. Called three tlir.es and failing
to nnawer, his caso was ordorod trice
In his nbsor.ee. Jury roturned a vor
diet of guilty and a sealod sontenc?
was loft.
Sam Thrasher - Adultery. No
Paul Thrashor-Violation of pro
hlbltlon laws. Guilty. Sontenced t(
six months imprisonment, at hart
labor, In penitentiary or on publk
works of Oconoo. Son tonco to bo sus
ponded during good behavior aftoi
sorving three months.
Thrasher pleaded guilty of
and receiving stolen goods
s sentenced to servo 30 days
labor on public works of Oco
iu penitentiary, or to pay lino
..Fine paid. ',<
tichardson pleaded guilty of
and receiving stolen goods
jceived a sentence of 30 days
Jtentiary or on public works
??e at hard labor, or to pay a
?$25. Fine paid.
-Jdy Perry pleaded guilty to tho
seconds count lu an Indictment for
issauj} kw 1th intent to ravish, fleing
ibout ?U years of age, this colored
joy Vi is sentenced to the State Re
.'ormafery for Colored Youths until
io sh?fil have attained thc ago of 21
Nie? Rochester pleaded guilty lo
I'iolatffiiv of tho prohibition laws and
^ecelVWl a sentonce of Imprisonment
tor toft months at hard labor on the
[mb I legwork s of Oooneo or in poni
:entlai?r. Sentonce suspendod during
jood .1 ehavlor on serving 30 days.
Wit fi Herring pleaded guilty of
dolatl if) of prohibition laws and ro
jelvedj Sentence for a term of two
month fat hard labor on the public
works] pl Oconee or in penitentiary,
?uspoi Jed during good behavior on
pay nia it pf a fine of $75.
WR ^Herring-Violation of prohi
bition^ flaws. Pleaded guilty. Sen
tenced! to servo two months at hard
laborea county works or in peniten
tiary, :\ ^entonce suspended during
good I khavioi' on payment of $75.
rhe ewdenco showed that defendant
had inj his possession only a small
quantify of liquor, for his own use.)
WaKer . James-Assault and bat
tery 'Imtb. intent to kill. Defendant
pleaded guilty of assault and battery
of a ^jgh.'and aggravated nature. Mc
was Sentenced to serve three months
at hard labor on public works cf
Oconeffior in penitentiary, or to pay
a flnejft $50.
C.vq^Maxey-Assault and battery
with intent to kill. Jury found vor
dict OK?'Guilty of assault and battery
of a jwgh. and aggravated nature,"
and recommended him to the mercy
of tie; Court. Sentenced to serve
thre< months at hard labor on pub
lic YOjpKs. of Oconeo or in peniten
tiary; flt pay a fine of $150. Notic?
of appeal to Supreme Court noted.
LrvIraMf&oe and M. L, Cramer
fendants pleaded, guilty. Each sen
tenced to serve six months on publh
works of Oconeo or in penitentiary
at hard labor. Suspended during
good behavior after the service of 3?
clays In Oconeo county Jail.
W. B. Sanford-Disposing of prop
erty under lien. Bench warrant wai
Issued to enforce sentence.
County Road Wi
Gang to b<
Tho above, announcement wil
County. Vet such it must bo unless
running expenses. A most complet*
mont for rond work luis been asso
month for riumtttfe. expenses. Dut. t
and this splendid organization mu;
tho money can bo provided in some
up to our Legislative Delegation
aro going to do about it. Tho matte
DIATE ACTION. Tho work sboiih
some agreement hoing reached for
/ None of tho sixteen prisoners
worked by tho county, and they Ino
tiary. Tho prisoners now on tho gai
to jail tho last of tills week. If tin
feed them and got no return. Tho I
to the poor farm, and bo advertbc<
chines wlU have to bo parked on tl
idle until next spring or later.
Such a procedure would bo tb?
Supervisor is helpless unless some
scrapping of this splendid outfit w
thousand dollars-PROBABLY M
MONTHS. Tho former would bo a
it, while tho latter would mean mai
aro so badly needed,
Tho road work that lins been
county. It needs only to bo seen U
any fair nnd impartial observer n
valuo received in good roads for oi
visor. To bo convinced that dim Slu
and ls doing it, ono need only take
ho has worked within tho last two
two hundred and fifty miles of publ
without work for fivo years. .Thosi
sable, and many of them aro ron ll
those roads inflicts a heavy tax upo
hieles and overwork of stock-an
no choice but to uso thom. It is ill
ho co ni polled to wah indefinitely fo
bridges to bo mado fit for travel.
Wo know that taxes aro high i
bo poor economy io stop tho road v
convicts. Wo cannot believe that tin
bo done. Resides, it ls a wbrk of i
Hence tho call is hereby mad.
Hves to confer AT ONCE with tho
to effecting some satisfactory nrrai
omcrgoncy. Tho failure to do thi
Tubes an<
Wc have in stocjj: a li
of United States Tube
prices on these Casings
that have been made in
you money on your Tit
you buy.
; Walhall
"Oldsmobile ?
M. M. Haulbrooks-Violation of
prohibition laws. Caso marked ended.
Jo BB Strlbling-Violation of prohi
bition law. Hench warrant issued to
enforce sentence.
W. D. Hanvey-Issuing worthless
checks. Continued by Solicitor.
Tom Sam Wilson, alias William
Wilson-Disposing of property under
lien. Nol proBsed for want of prose
J. S. Ellis and It. D. Dailey-Viola-,
Hon of prohibition laws. Appeal from
. Mayor's Court. Appeal declared to
' have been abandoned, and sentence
Mayor's Court to be executed. 7
Eugone Dooley-Violation prohi
bition laws. Appeal from Mayor of
Seneca, Appeal-declared abandonod
and withdrawn. Sentonco of Mayor's
Court ailinn ed.
W. ?. and Joseph Hembree-Vio
lation of prohibition laws. Caso nol
pressed as to Jos. Hembree. W. D.
Hombreo pleaded guilty. Latter de
?rk to Stop-Chain
z Abolished.
I bo a shock to ibo citizens ofOcOttCO
tho money bo provided nt once for
> nnd efficient organization mid equip
mbled. It requires' about $2,000 per
tho appropriation hus been exhausted,
it 'ho immediately abolished unless
i way. This puts tho matter squarely
to say-and say quickly-what they
r is pressing ami DEMANDS IMME
1 not bo allowed to stop for want of
taking caro of tho deficiency.
from tho last term of Court could ho
ro bron ordered sent to tho poulton
IJ; will also have to ho sent there or
uy go to jail, tho county will have to
wenty-*>no mules will have to bo sont
1 ami sold. The camp outfit and tun
ic Court Mouse square, there to stand
? height of folly; und yet tho County
thing bo done, and that at once. Tho
ill entail an inevitable loss of several
clear loss, with nothing to show for
ly miles more of good ronds, which
and is being done is a credit to thc
> ho judged-and tho judgment of
mst bo that our tax-payers are getting
vuvy dollar spent by tho County Supor
K'kloy knows how to build good roads,
a hurried drive over tho roads which
years. And jot thero remain about
ic roads that have been practically
5 roads hnvo hceoino well-nigh impas.
y dangerous. Tho enforced uso of
n tito user in tho wear and tear of ve
il yet thou wi lids of our citizens have
itfair to them that they should longer
r the bad und dangerous roads and
ind tho money bard to get; hut it will
rork and lose tho labor of tho county
3 voters and tax-payers want this to
necessity, and thero is no choleo hut
o upon our Senator mid Koprosontn
County Advisory Hoard with a view
igement for tiding over tho present
s must ho regarded ns a public cnlam
.ir-ge assortment of sises
is and Casings. The
are the most attractive
years. We can save
'cs if you will us before
la, 5. C.
>ets the Pace."
fondant sentenced to serve eight .
months at hard labor ou tho public
I works of Oconeo or in penitentiary.
I Suspended during good behavior on
I payment of $50.
J. O. Mitchell, Hobler Childers and
[John Moss-Violation of prohlbitio
laws. John Moss failed to appoar.
Called three times and case ordered'
heard in his absence, to bo tried with-.
Mitchell and Childers, who wore In
Court. Jury returned a verdict of
"Guilty on third count of indict-,.,
mont." (The third count was that of
j transporting.) Motion for a now trials
was made -and 1 heard' ?mi?oSiat6lyVv"
the motion being overruled. Soaled
sentence was left as to John Moss
I Mitchell and Childers eacli roceived
sentence of six mouths at hard labor
on public works of Oconeo or in peni
tentiary Sontenco suspended during
good behavior after service of two*
months by oach. Childers and Mitch
ell gave notlco of intention to appeal
to Supreme Court, and were rolonsed
on bonds of $300 each ponding ap
G. L. and Frank Starnos-Viola- '
lion of prohibition laws. Defendants
falling to appear, they were triod in
thoir absence. Tho verdict of tho
Jury was "Guilty" as to both defend
ants. Sealed sentences loft.
Mart Hester-'Violation of prohi
bition laws. This case was tried on
Monday. Tho d?fendant hoing now
in Court, wns sentenced as follows:
Imprisonment for a lorin of four
mouths at hard labor on tho public
works of Oconeo or In penitentiary.
Sontenco suspended during good, be
havior after sorvlco of two months.
Defendant appcale'd to the Supremo
\ The Solicitor nol prossed the fol
lowing cases: Wohb Phillips, dispos
ing of property under Hon (two of
' these cases.)
I Tho following cases wore ?ontin
Hamp Butt, Addlo Butt and John
Pitts-Violation prohibition <nws.
Tom Cobb, Jesso Cobb and Jim
Cobb-Violation of prohibit iou laws.
J. G. Mitchell-Violation prohibi
tion laws.
Sam Kay-Disposing of propor'y
under lion.
Mack Kolloy - Obtaining goods
under false pretense.
J. M. Haulbrooks - Disposing of
proporty under lien.
J. Olin Simpson-Assault and bat
tery with intent to kill and carrying
concealed weapons.
S. O. Whitman-Drunk and disor
derly and driving auto when undor
tho iniluenco of whiskey. (Appoal
from Magistrate.)
.Loo, Johnson and Dillard Haul
brooks-Malicious trespass. (Appeal
from Magistrate)
Chub Wall and J. W. Phillips, A
rulo to show cause Issued.)
A Pleasant Surprise.
On tho 20th of Octobor Mr. and
Mrs. Daniel D. Aloxander, of Little
River, wero pleasantly surprised
whon thoir children begat to gather
at tho old homo with well-illlod bas
kots. Tho occasion was the golden
wedding of tho aged couplo. Their
nine children aro all living. Other
relatives and friends wore presont,,
and al) report a good time with "the
old folks at homo."
After a good dinnor had been serv
ed, tho evening was spent in conver
sation, muslo and singing.
Compulsory Law, West Union.
Tho patrons of Wost Union Schoo?
District' aro hereby .notified that tho
compulsory school attendance 1"W
will go into offect in this district on
Doc. 1st, 1922, Trustees.
In 1900 an averago of $2.83 pe^
capita was spont on schools in tho
United States.

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