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(Ks ta bl Is! icd 1840.)
Entered at (bo Post?nico at Wal
halla, S. C., ns Mall Matter of ibo
Second Class, under Act of Congress,
Mareil ?d, ltt7t>.
published Every Wednesday Morning
Olio Vear.$1.00
Six .Months.55
Whroo Months. ... .30
Adertivsing Pates Reasonable.
Ry Steele, Sholor, Hughs & Sbclor.
Communications of a personal
charactor charged for as advertise
ments. Obitunry natices, cards of
thanks and tributes of respect, eithor
hy Individuals, lodges or churches or
Boclotlcs, charged for as for adver
tisements. Cash must accompany the
manuscript, and all such notices will
be marked "Adv." lu conformity with
postal requirements.
WEDNESBAY, NOV. 15, 1922.
At tho recent. County Fair at West
minster lhere was an exhibit that
could not fail to impress tho visitors
with the wonderful possibilities of
our section-the very cream of thc
Piedmont. There wore exhibits there
thal rivaled anything we have seen
nt tho Slate Fair when one lays
?side tho consideration of extent
and considers tho prescribed terri
tory-one county-as compared to
tho assembling of exhibits from over
the entire State. Whoa we take into
consideration this latter phase of
tho situation. Oconee held a fair at
"Westminster that far outclassed the
State Fair. And why not? Do not
the very best things grow and are
?Ot tho very best things made, and
do not the very best people live in
our own section? Certainly there ls
no better section-no bettor people.
Wo have never thought enough of
ourselves and our county to make
tho effort io force comparison with
our neighbors. The fair at Westmin
ster was a revelation, and we must
keep tho ball rolling now that lt has
Reen star;ed in motion. Oconee must
have tho best county fair in South
Carolina. She can and she will.
Tile exhibit of the Marett Seed
Farm was a wonder-not extensive,
just unostentatiously convincing of
what can bo done by means of seed
selection, weeding out tho inferior
and building up-"breeding" if you
please only from thc purest and
best in agricultural products. There
were bags of oats, rye, wheat, corn,
colton seed, corn on tho ears and on
tho stalks that showed one what
pure seed and Intensivo and care
ful, thoughtful farming can be made
to produce. This seed farm ls of but
ci few years In age. but it is many
years in advance of anything in tho
way of agricultural achievement in
this part of the Stato, barring the
experiment station at Clemson. We
wish that every farmer in Oconee
cou 1.1 have seen this exhibit, wit
nessed tho almost marvelous results
of seed selection, plant breeding, and
liavo heard Jamel, L. Carberry talk
cn those important subjects, lt would
have been worth any man's time and
Another exhibit that impressed us
very much was that of Charles L.
Parker, who manufactures tho West
minster mattresses. Mr. Parker is
t?o? originator of a feature in mat
tress making that is really wondorful
in its results. The ordinary mattress
is "stuHod" with almost any kind ->:
material that will nu the container.
No! so With tho "Westminster" mat
tress, Mr. Parker conceived tho iden
of making cones" of always first
class ctotton, iheso cones being made
by a process of his Invention that
places tho cotton in tho cones willi
all the fibre running ono way. This
t vos a springiness that one would
not think possible with cotton. Take
a bunch ul cotton, if you desire to
observe results, and wad it up in tho
ordinary manner of "stuning" a mat
tress, li i t.iko a similar bunch of
col . .? that the fibre is as nearly
RtrnlgM as you can get it, and wind
P lui onion] shape. You will at
once : . that the "wad" of cotton ls
.inst Iinji nu 1 nothing more- a wad.
The cono-shapod cotton will, how
over, present an entirely different
n pecl, with a soft spring to it that
is in ver lest roy Od by uso. No mat
tor hov/ hard tho usage given ono of
HT .e mo-flUed" mattresses, ?o
noon as the pressure is removed from
it tho natural resistanco of the calton
fibre brings it back to Rs full spring
and you have a full, springy mntirosa
again, just as though it had never
been used. Tho casing for these mai
trcssoJ Is P.lled with those "cotton
cones," laid in such manner that ono
would never suspect that tho case
was filled in any other manner than
having been filled in tho ordinary
way. Mr. Parker makes and sells
annually about $1,000 worth of thc
"Westminster" mat'.ressos under his
prcsont plans and with a limited
equipment.* (Re is now- planning to
add to his plant so that his produc
tion will bo doublo or treble that of
tho present during 1923. Tho "West
minster" mattress ls, wo believe, far
?superior in tho servico lt will givo
to any we have over soon in the way
of cotton mattresses. ' lt seems to
combine to a marked degree the bet
ter qualities of tho felt mattress and
others of supposed best types of con
struction. Mr. Parker never whole
sales his mattresses, lie sells them
direct to tho users. Asked as to the
reason for this, Mr. Parker stated
that if he wholesaled thom the price
would be prohibitive, necessitating
tho adding of freight charges, hand
ling and tho wholesaler's and retail
or's profits. By selling direct to tho
user he is enabled to sell his mat
tresses at practically tho same price
as the ordinary product is handed
ever to the purchaser. He, however,
sells his product at a "delivered"
price, placing them in tho homos of
tho purchasers with no extra charge.
Mr. Parker had several very useful
articles besides mattresses in his -x
hiblt at tho fair. One of tho things
he prides himself on is an invention
of his which makes possible the com
plete changing of bedding without
disturbing tho occupant. This inven
tion is used by many hospitals now,
and has proven of wonderful benefit
where patients who aro critically ill
are being cared for. My. Parker is a
very interesting talker and never
tiros of explaining and demonstrat
ing the evident merits of his product.
There wore other oxhibits that de
serve minuto description, but at this
time cannot be touched upon. The
community booths of several com
munities were most excellent, show
ing the resul s of thrift and a little
effort to display thom. These and
other things too numerous to touch
upon at length were creditable alike
to tho fair and to the county.
! Only six weeks' time was at the
disposal of the fair management and
exhibitors after decision was made
by Westminster to hold the County
Fair, and the exhibition of agricul
tural products, beautiful and well
kept farm animals, chickens and tur
keys wei^t *.o show that Oconeo 's
ready at any time lo put on display
exhibits that will rival those of the
older and rupposedly better sections
of our State and our nation. Thc
flowers, fruits and canned goods f
ali kinds and tho fancy work, gave
evidence that our women aro alive
to progress and keeping step with the
advancements that aro bringing our
section to the pinnacle of progressive
Great is ?conee! Great was Oco
neo's-County Fair in 1 922! Greater
it will bo In 19 28-for Westminster
has said so, and she is determined
that Oconeo's Greater County Fair
In 1923 shall be held at Westminster.
Wo a^reo with her that It ought
to bo held there-and that it will be.
Candidato Defeated, Suicides.
Yakima, Wash., Xov. 9.- Leo Tit
tle, recently defeated for tho Repub
lican nomination for United States
Senator, ended his lifo in his hotel
room this forenoon by taking poison,
according to Coroner W. M. Brown.
Tittle, a former county treasurer, had
boon despondent si nco his failuro to
win tho nomination.
Lift Off wiih Fingers
Doesn't burt a bit! Drop a little
"FrOosono" on an nchlng corn. In
.illly thal corn .ito,... hurting, then
shortly you lift lt right off with
fingers. Truly!
Your druggist sells a tiny bottle ol
"Frcc/.ono" for a few couts, sufficient
'o remove every hard corn, soft corn
>i fin rn between the foes, and Un
I cal l?es, vir om soreness or irrltn
to... ?-Uli .
Mercnant Now
Eats Anvthing on
tr O
' By tho help ot Tanlac I hnvo
overcome a case of nervous Indiges
tion I had suffered from for ton or
twelve years," is tho emphatic state
ment of Norman W. Brown, well
known wall paper and paint dealer,
of 213 North Cedar St. Charlotte, N.
"My stomach was always out of
fix, and everything disagreed with
me. I was troubled with heartburn
and dizziness, and at times there was
a pressure of gas around my heart
that almost cut off my breath.
"Since taking Tanlac my digestion
is fine. My appetite is a wonder and
I eat just anything I want. In fact,
my stomach acts and foots just like
a new one, and my nerves are just
as steady as a die. To put it all in a
few words, I am Just tho same as <t
new man. It's a pleasure for mo to
tell my friends about Tanlac."
Tanlac is sold by all good drug
People Combino and Take Coal.
A dispatch from Scranton, Penna.,
says :
Headed by policemen, firemen and
councilmen, school directors, and
Burges P. B. Dempsey, several thou
sand citizens of Oliphant, five miles
north of bore, recently marched on
tho Uclawaro and Hudson Railroad
and confiscated four cars of coal to
supply churches a<fd schooVjs that
have been without fuel for weeks.
The Federal government and State
Fuel Commission had been accused
by tho Oliphant people of ignoring
their pleas, and hence they Cook mat
ters into their own hands and seized
the coal.
Your Child's Bowels Need
'"California Fig Syrup'
Hurry, mother! A teaspoonful of
"California Fig Syrup" now will
thoroughly clean the littlo bowels,
and in a few hours you have a well
and playful child again. Even a cross,
foverish, constipated child loves Its
"fruity" taste, and mothers can rest
easy because lt never fails to work
all the sour bile and poisons right
out of the stomach and bowels with
out griping or upsetting the child.
Tell your druggist you want only
the genuino "California Fig Syrup,"
which has directions for babies and
children of all ages printed on bot
tle. Mother, you must say "Califor
nia." Refuse any imitation.- -adv.
Activo, 'f?i Pushing 75 Million Cam
paign-October, $1 1:5,000.
Tho Haptist churches of Green
ville county which co-operate in tho
Greenville Baptist Association raised
during tho month of October more
than $113.000 in cash on their old
pledges to tho 75 million campaign
and expect by Dec. 1st to have sent
to i he trensuror of the denomination
their full quoin to that time, which
will he $180,000. The ci t reties of
this association subscribed to tho 75
million campaign about three-fourths
of a million dollars. Thia splendid
work In tho Greenville Association
will bc duplicated in various associa
tions throughout tho State during
tho month of .November, nnd especi
ally during Victory Week, beginning
Nov. 2ti tb.
Tho work of the Baptist denomina
tion In South Carolina will be greatly
sot forward by-111080 splendid results,
and not only in South Carolina will
tho effect be realized, but through
out (he Sou Ml . nd in (ho mission
fields of t!ie denomination in many
foreign lands.
An ugly cut ?
is antiseptic and
List ot Claims against Ocone.0
County, audited and approved by tho
County Board at its meeting held on
Nov." 3d, 1922:
J. C. Shockley..'$ 154.16
W. H. Simmons. 12 .50
W. R. Hunt ......... 12; 50
J. B. S. Dendy. 50.00
W. J. Schroder . 25.00
L. C. Spertros. 150 . 00
R. H. Alexander. 55. ib"
Ralph M. Pike . 55.65
Miss Elhol L. Counts. ... 90.91
V. F. Martin. 10. CS
W. M. Alexander. 175.00
Gus Sullivan . 75.00
W.L.Littleton........ 100.00
O. A. Hunnicutt ....... 100.00
W. A. Lawless . 100.00
J. Perry Garner ....... 50.00
M. T. Hughs . 25.00
W. M. Dillard . 25.00
A. P. Grant. 25.00
L. C. Graham . ... .v^. 10.42
Dr. H. F. Thode . 20.83
Henry Jones . 30.00
W. R. Cobb.L ., 62.50
Total for Salaries'_% 1421.58
Chain Gang.
J^. H. Alloy.$ 405.75
Sullivan Hdw. Co........ 103.20,
J.. C. Shockley. 33 . 60
Bill Dorsey .... . 4 .00
C. Ki Brown . .. 62'. 00
Pearce, Woods & Co_ 18.36
J. T. Dean. 62 . 00
Will Orr . 12.00
Dr. B. F. Sloan. 8.00
Soneca Grocery Co. 350.00
John Lynch. 21. 00
Matt. Cobb.f. 62 . 00
W. C. Kelley. 100.00
Blue Ridgo Garage. . .s . . 2 0.10
A. L. Rowland ........ 4.25
C. W. Pitchford. 5.25
Mason Simpson. 75.00
P. J. Durham . . . .'. 62 . 00
S. C. Fields. 62.00
.Geo. Wilson . 57.75
John Shockley. 20.00
Smith's Market . ' 9.10
J. M. Harrison . 4.76
J. IL Alley. , 353.00
M. D .Smith Tent and
Awning Co. 2S.6S
Dr. H. F. Thode. 17.25
Norman Whitten. 17.07
Total for Chain Gang. .$ 1978.12
E. A. Dryman .$ 50 . 00
J. W. Duckett. 55.00
A. W. Ball. 75.00
J. M. Abbott. 30.00
Russell Grader Mfg. Co.. 305.00
J. H. Hudson. 13.00
J. R. Kelley. 65.70
Brock Oil Co. . . 19 1 . 2S
Johnston Constr. Co.... 30.50
Total for Roads .
J. C. Shockley, Sup'vr. . ,
M. V. Burton.
Bank of West. Union, asa,
H. F. Thode.
R. M. Richardson .
Sullivan Hdw. Co.
Total for Bridges 1604.08
Public Buildings.
Standard Oil Co.$ ll .00
James C. Seaborn . 6.00
Walhalla Electric Plant.. 19.25
Total for Pub. Bldgs..$ 36.25
Aid to Old Soldiers and Outside
R. H. Alexander, Treas.. $ 300.00
Court Expenses.
R. H. Aloxandor, Treas..% 458.70
W. K. Boleman .$ 550.00
W. M. Alexander, Sheriff. $ 35.00
B. B. Rochester .$ 17.81
Dieting Prisoners.
W. M. Alexander .$ 234.75
W. .M. Alexander . 183.75
Total Dieting Pr i.s.... $ 118.5 0
(.'rand Total.$7.080. IO
J. H. S. DION DY, Supervisor.
To Stop a Cough Quick
cough medicino which stops the cough by
healing tho inflamed and irritated tissues.
SALVE for Chest Colds, Head Colds and
Croup is enclosed with every bottle of
should be rubbed on the chest and throat
of children suffering from a Cold or Croup.
Tho healing effect of Hayes' Healing Honey in
side tlie throat combined with tho healing effect of
Groves O-Pcn-Troto Salvo through tho pores of
tho skin soon stott a cough.
Doth remedies nro packed in one carton and tho
cost of the combined treatment is 35c.
Just nsk your d?uggi&l for HAYES
Beaufort Has No Poor.
Beaufort. Nov. 9.-Owing to the
fact Dial there aro no poor people in
Beaufort county, tho poor h ou so in
this rounty has boen sold at public
auction, For several year?. Ibero has
. Ix .> an inmate of tho house, ; nC
so it was tinnily decided that it was
advisable to soil tho placo.
The nurchft?ors, it war. staled yes
terday, intend erecting a costly resi
dence on th?4 pi on? rly, with thc pos
sibility of or tn Kl'sh in g a dairy tarni
.. its s; el .... .-rounds. ?
Here's Ypur Chance
Progressive Farmer,]
$1.00 year,
The Keowee Courier
$1.00 year.
Either paper well worth Combination
Price of Both. Orderly on rs now.
For 12 Months
"Built Me Up"
"T USED Cardul for years
* and it did me more good
than any medicine 1 ever
used," writes Mrs. M. C
Ragsdale, of Fort Towson,
Okla. "I used to suffer with
womanly trouble that weak
ened me until I was a mere
shadow, nervous, and could
not sleep. I did not feel like
I could live.
"It seemed that nothing
helped me till I heard of
Cardui and began to use it It
strengthened me and, as 'twas
recommended to do, it regu
lated and built me up till I
was like another woman."
If you are weak, run-down
and feel that you need a tonic,
take Cardui, the woman's
tonic, the tonic about which
you have always heard, the
tonic that helps weak women
regain their strength.
Cardui acts on the womanly
system and helps relieve pain
and discomfort due to female
Try Cardui, today, for your
The Woman's Tonic
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned will make application to
V. F. Martin, Judge ot Probate, tor
Oconeo County, in the State of South
Carolina, nt his office at Walhalla
Court House, on Wednesday, tho
29th day of November, 1922, at ll
o'clock in the forenoon, or as soon
thereof toras said application caa bo
hoard, for leave to make Final Set
tlement of the Estate of Mrs. Mary
A. Poole, Deceased, and obtain Final
Discharge as Administratrix of said
Administratrix of tho Estate of Mrs.
Mary A. Poole, Deceased.
(Tho estate at that time being un
der $2,000, Notice to Debtors and
Creditors was posted on tho Court
House door.) s
Nov. 1, 1922. 4-1-47
* * * * * * * * * * * -I* *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Notice Is hereby given that the un
dersigned will make application to
V. F. Martin, Judge of Probate, for
Oconeo County, in the State of South
Carolina, at his office at Walhalla
Court House, on Wednesday, tho
29th day of November, 19 22, at 11
o'clock in tho forenoon, or as soon
thereafter ns said application can
bo heard, for leave to make Final
Settlement of tho Estate of Dora
Wicb?ns, Deceased, and obtain Final
Discharge as Executors of tho sahl
Esta to. w. D. COWELL,,
and L. H. KELLEY,
Executors of tho Estate of Dorn
Wiebens, Deccaot 1.
Nov. 1, 1 9 22. 44-47
R . T . J A Y N. E S ,
Walhalla, - S. C.
State and Federal Courts.
Ofllco Phono 20; Residence 40.
*h *I* .!* "?* "l* *?" *p *I* .!* .!* *I* ty *l* *2*
ty J. R. EARLE, ty
ty Attorney-nt-Lnw, ty
ty WALHALLA, 8. C. ty
ty State t& Federal Court Pracitce>-?{.
ty FARM IX) A NS. ty
ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty
* ty
ty E. Iv. II ERN DON, ty
ty Attorney-nt-Lnw, ty
ty Phono No. Ol, Wnlhnlla, S. C.ty
ty ty
ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty
ty J. P. Carey, J. W. Sliplor,
4* Pickens, S. C. W. C. ll uglis, ty
ty Attorney* niid Counsellors, ty
ty WA Ii! I ALLA, S. C. ty
ty State ?i Federal Court Prac!tee. ty
ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty
and Metal Shingles.
li APT HU C?OOJl>,
Walhalla. S. C.
isollee Is hereby glvon that tho un
dcrslgned will make application t<
V. F. Martin, Judge of Probato fo j
Oconeo County, In the State of Sont. I
Carolina, at his ofllco at Walhall?
Court IIouso, on TUESDAY, tho 6th i
day of DECEMBER, 1922, at 1 1 ?
o'clock in tho foronoon, or ns soon
thereafter as said application can be
hoard, for leave to moko final settle
ment of the Estate of JOB DAN SIM**
MONS, Decoased, and obtain Final
Dlschnrgo as Executor of said Estnto.
Executor of tho Estate of Jordan
Simmons, Deceasod.
Nov. 8, 1 922. 45-58
Tho Supervisor a i I bb. Board 'of
Advisors will elect a Steward of tho
D'oor Farm for tlie fiscal year of 19 2.'!
..i their ofllco nt Walhalla, S. C., on
PR I DAY, December 1st. 1922. Board
will elect'tho lowest responsible bid
der, reserving the right to reject nny
and all bids. Applicants for the posi
tion mud state the names and ages
of the ?v, unbern'?l their families, and
the ; ry for which tho applicant
will U-'<i tho job. The County will
? Steward a reasonable sal
'mself, and will pay for, or
. Mow off of tito farm, sufficient quan
tity of wood for his family, self and
the paupers. All bids should bo care
fully sealed.
[ .Supervisor.
J. B. S. DENDY, Clerk.
Nov. s. I ii ii 2", 4R.4S
allow .
arv ror
Habitual Constipation Cured
in ?4 to 21 Days
?LAX-FOS WITH PEPSIN" is a specially
proparod SyrupTonic.-Lnxativc for Habitual
Constipation. It relieves promptly* but
should bo taken regularly for 14 to 21 days
to induco regular action. It Stimulates and
Regulates. Very Pleasant to Tnke. 00c
ocr bottle.
With tho exception of France. To Cure a Cold in Ono Day
evory important country shows an ! Toko! AXATIVE PROMO'QUININE (TnMCt(,.> u
. . , i ?,,0.I?M nm Cpuitb and Hcadaoha nnd w, ! iff-ho
minimi Incroaso in population. tepid, E.W, GROVE'S elunoturoon cr. *. " ,v?
Thc .cw freedom on.!..,.ed hy Turk
ish women has caused Increased ox
ports of lipsticks from tho United

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