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(Continued from ?Third Page.)
Scarf?-Mattie ?obb/lat, Vargaret
Davis 2d. i v
Canned Products.
/ Collection - Margaret Davis 1st,
Reedi,e Mae Cleveland 2d.
T o m a t o o s-Evelyn Brown Tst,
Cloora Colo 2d.
Soup Mixture-JEUeeno Prichard
1st, Ella Mae Hopkins 2d.
Beans-Evelyn Brown 1st, Rubye
;Kelly 2d,
Peaches-Elizabeth Allen 1st, Eve
lyn Brown 2d. >
Berries-Evelyn Brown 1st, Lena
Mooro 2d. ,
Pickles--Evelyn Brown 1st, Mat-:
tlo Allon 2d. /
Jolly - Nlena Fay Williams 1st,
Mary Brown 2d.
Prcucrvos-Cleora Cole 1st, Ruby
King 2d.
Cooking. v
Baking Powder Biscuit-Mary
Brandt 1st, Audrey Addis 2d.
Soda Biscuit - Mary Brandt 1st,
.Margaret, Brandt 2d.
Cookies - Margaret Brandt 1st,
Audrey Addis 2d.
Towels-Margaret Davis 1st, Mary
Foster 2d.
Tea Napkins-Louise Prichard 1st,
Eileen Prichard 2d.
Handkerchiefs - Margaret Davis
1st, Ruby Kelly 2d.
Homo Department.
Canned Beans-Mrs. A. N. Prich
ard 1st, Mrs. Laurens Sheldon 2d,
Mrs. J. R. Brown 3d.
Soup Mixture-Mrs. A. N; Prich
ard 1st, Mrs. Leo Hunter 2d, Mrs. H.
W. Arve 3d.
Canned Ponchos - Mrs. Laurons
Sheldon 1st, Mrs. L. B. Marett 2d,
Mrs. Gilmer Hubbard 3d.
Canned^ Pears - Mrs. Lou Eaton
1st, Mrs. J. E. Phillips 2d, Mrs. L. B.
Mnrott 3d.
Canned Apples-Miss Bola Hub
bard 1st, Mrs. T. W. Holley 2d, Mrs.
Laurens Sheldon 3d.
Canned Tomatoes - Mrs. B. D.
Broazealo -1st, Miss Cora Htfbbard
2d, Mrs. A. N. Prichard 3d.
Canned Blackberries - Mrs. Lau
rens Sheldon 1st, Mrs. J. II. Brown
2d, Mrs. W. R. Jones.
Pencil Pickle-Mrs. Ida Jenkins
1st, Mrs. G. C. Hubbard 2d, Mrs. J.
R. Brown 3d.
Chow-Chow-Mrs. E. B. Keese 1st,
Mrs, J. E. Phillips 2d, Mrs. T. C. Pe
den 3d.
Popper Relish-Mrs. Leo Hunt 1st,
(Afr?. Jamete Hu|i 2d, Mrs. J. H.
Brown 3d.
Fig Preserves - Mrs. Lou Eaton
1st, Miss Myrtle Dickson 2d, Mrs. B.
M. England 3d.
Pear Prosorves-Mrs. W. F. Ertz
berger 1st, Miss Cora Hubbard 2d,
Mrs. L. B. Marett 3d.
Pear Pickle*-Mrs. E. B. Keese 1st,
Mrs. T. C. Poden 2d and 3d.
Cucumber Pickle-Mrs, D.D. Dick
son 1st, Mrs. B. D. Breazeale 2d, Mrs.
E. C. Sanders 3d.
Tomato Catsup-Mrs. Oscar Land
1st, 2d and 3d.
Applo Vinegar-Mrs. J. F. Allon
Canned Cherries-Mrs. T. W. Hol
ley 1st.
Butter-Mrs. J. F. White 1st, Mrs.
L. B. Marett 2d, Mrs. D. P. Tate 3d..
Hroad-Mrs. J. H. Brown 1st, Miss
Amanda Reeder 2d, Mrs. J. H. Allen
Jolly-Mrs. J. H. Barnett 1st, Mrs.
3 5c "Danderine" Saves Your
Hair-Ends Dandruff!
Delightful Tonic
Quick! Don't wait! Evory bald
hood stnrtod with just a few falling
hnir and a little dandruff-but soon
th<> h lr appeared thin, scraggly, and
I ( > dreaded bald spot, lt seems
.? . . . t hair fall out or tol?ralo
doslructlvo dandruff when you cnn
quickly correct all such hair trouble
with a bottlo of delightful Danderine.
Millions of mon and women know
tho magic of Danderine; how It cor
rects olly, dandruffy, Itching scalps
and helps tho ! air grow long, thick,
strong and luxuriant. Danderlno ls
not sticky or groarsy. lt la the largest
Rolling hair correctivo and tonic In
tho world bocnuso ll ls not a humbug.
Got n bottlo at any drug store. .
For Constipated Bow
Sour Stomach
Tho nicest cathartic-laxative In tho
world to physic your liver and bow
els when you have Dizzy Headache,
Colds, Biliousness, Indigestion, or
Upset, Acid Stomach is oandy-llke
"Cascarets." Ono or two to-night
W. I. Hutchison 2d, Mrs.-H. J. Reed
er 3d.
Candy-Mrs. E. Gilllson^lst, Mrs.
J. S. Carter 2d, Mrs. Hoyt Thtfmas
3d. ' I
Boot Pickles-Mrs. R. C. Stout I?t,
Mrs. A. J. Sanders 2d, Mrs. Oscar
'Land 3d. .
Pickled Onions-Mrs. T>aul T.Mar
Ott l8t.
Canned Piment?es - Mrs. L. B.
Marett 1st. Mrs. B. D. Breazeale 2d.
Pound Cake-Mrs. James Phinney
1st, Mrs. J. R. Orr 2d.
. Lady Baltimore Cake--Mrs. Jas.
Phinney 1st. ! \
Plain Cake-Mrs. T. D. Marett 1st,
Mrs. Ida Jenkins 2d.
Dollio Varden Cake--Mrs. Julia D.
Shanklin 1st.
Cocoanut Cake-(Bonnie Boggs 1st
Syrup-Mrs. Laurens Sheldon 1st,
Mrs. C, H. Dyar 2d, Mrs. A. J. Brock
Grope Juice-Mrs. B. D. Broazoalo
1st, Mrs. W. E. Meares 2d.
Canned Grapes for Pies-Mrs. W.
F. Crenshaw 1st.
Canned Strawberries-Mrs. Oscar
Land 1st.
Strawberry Janw-Mrs. T. W. Hol
ley 1st..
Spiced Grapes-Mr,s. W. E. Mears
Sowing and Handiwork. .
Best Bed Linen in Embroidery
! Mrs. O. K. Breazoale 1st. Mrs. J. P.
Carroll 2d, Mrs. I. W. Henry 3d.
Rest Beti Linen in Crochet-Miss
Leoa McKie 1st, Mrs. Maude Clove
, lad 2d.
Rest Knitted Bedspread-Mrs. T.
j D. Martin 1st, Mrs. H. L. Jones 2d,
Mrs. W. S. Hunter 3d.
Best Crochet. Bedspread-Mrs. C.
L. parker 1st, Mrs. H. M. Cole 2d,
Mrs. W. T. Tannery 3d.
Best Tufted Bedspread-Mrs. J. H.
Barnett 1st, Mrs. Roso Smith 2d,
Mrs. J. H. Barnett 3d.
Best Two-Piece Undorsuit In Em
broidery-Miss Stella Fincannon 1st.
Best Two-Piece Undersuit in Tat
ting-Miss Lucy Woolbright 1st.
Rest Set Tea Napkins in Crochet
Mrs. W. W. Ma6on,lst.
Best Set Tea Napkins in Embroid
ery-Mrs. I. S. Pitts 1st, Mrs. Sou la
Keoso 2d.
Rest Hand Knitted Sweater-Mrs.
L. Blumenthal 1st, Mrs. A. B. Stew
art 2d, Mrs. J. M. Hull 3d.
Best infant's Haud-Mado Oap
Mrs. Lucy Woolbright 1st, Mrs. Mark
Dickson 2d, Mrs. W. H. Hughs 3d.
Rest Infant's Hand-Mado Dress
Mrs. C. C. Whitmiro 1st, Mrs. Lucy
Woolbright 2d,- Mrs. J. K .Anderson
Rest Infant's Hand-Mado Sacque
Mrs. W. N. Hubbard 1st, Mrs. JV, N.
Crenshaw ?cl .
Rest Luncheon Sot in Crochet
Miss Nota Bruce 1st.
Rest Nightgown with Crochet Yoko
-Miss Lillie Harrison 1st, Mrs. H.
M. Colo 2d, Miss Lila Simmons 3d.
Rest Sofa Pillow Cover-Miss An
nie Hall 1st, Miss Katie Abbott 2d,
Miss Mary Jones 3d.
Host Hand-Mado Library Scarf
Mrs. Winnie Cobb 1st, Mrs. L. II. V.
Hobson 2d, Mrs. J .H. Hudson 3d.
Rest Centerpiece in Crochet-Mrs.
W. H. Crawford 1st, Miss Rozzlo Cox
2d, Mrs. H. M. Cole 3d.
Best Centerpiece In Embroidery
Mrs. L. Blumenthal 1st, Mrs. Cren
shaw 2d, Mrs. W. W. Mason 3d
Rest, Article Mado hy Lady Over
05 Years Old-Mrs. Julia McDonald
1st. '
Rest Tray Covers-Mrs. W.W. Ma
son 1st, Mrs. Allon Mitchell 2d, Mrs.
A. Andorson 3d.
Rest Dresser Scarf-Mr3. Gilmer
Hubbard 1st, Mrs. John Elrod 2d,
Mrs. H. M. Colo.
Rest Pillow Cases in Embroidery
-Miss" St?lln Fincannon 1st. Mrs.
Cage Dickson 2d, Mvs. W E. Mears
Best Pillow Cases tn Croohot-Mrs
J. H* Hudson 1st and 2d Mr?:. Orr 3d
Rest Embroidered Towel--Miss
Katie Abbott 1st, K. E. Davis ?cl,
Mrs. Cage Dickson 3d. ,
BOstOrOohet Towel-Mrs. R
Franklin 1st, Mrs. James Phiunev
2d, Mrs. L. IL V. Hobs.m 3(1.
Rest Hnnd-Mndo Embroidered
Handkerchief-Mrs. R. Franklin 1st
and 2d.
Rest Handwoven Hug-Miss Emma
Millor 1st and 2d, Mrs. J. F, Alloy
Rest Kag Rug-Mrs. Andorson 1st
Rest Cross-SlReh Embroidery
Mrs. I. W. Henry 1st.
els, Sick Headache,
, Bilious Liver *
will empty your bowel's completely by
morning, and you will feel splendid.
"They work while you sleep." Cas
carete never stir you. up or gripe like
salts, pills, calomel or oil, and they
cost only ten cents a box. Children
love Cascareis, too.
Embroidered and Tatted Two.
Pi?ce Sot-Miss Janie-Alexandor 1st.
Hand-Painted China-Mrs. Geo.E.
Smith 1st, Miss Addle Tatham 2d.
Host Knitted Wool Searf----Mrs. tl.
J. Reeder 1st.
Host Crochet Wool Scarf-Mrs. Ad
die Mears 1st.
Handwoven Scarfs-Dozio Black
well (colored) 1st.
Knitted Dress Scarft-Miss Nettie
Cox 1st.
Woolen Blanket-Mrs. Julia Bear
don 1st.
Handwoven Coverlets-Mrs. Eliza
Ramey 1st, Mrs. M. E. Blackwell 2(1,
Mrs. John Sanders 3d.
Quilts - Silk-Mrs. O. Neal 1st,
Mrs. J. N. Wihtaker 2d, Mrs. Thomas
bumpkin 3d.
Laid-Work Quilt?-Mrs. Lou Ea
ton 1st, Mrs A. Zimmerman 2f!, Mrs.
E. J. Hare 3d. >
C'roehct Spread with Fringe-E. S.
Singleton 1st.
Kimonas-Miss E. Eugenia Davis
Foot Quilt-Miss Vinte Ramey 1st.
Rattenburg Work-Mrs. A.B.Stew
art 1st.
Stippled Brass-Mrs. S. N. Hughs
Knitted Gloves-Mrs. Judith Shut
tleworth 1st.
Knitted] Sox-Mrs. W. M. Hunter
1st, Mrs. J. A. Cook 2d.
Punch Pillows-Mrs. J. R. Black
1st, Mrs. J. L. Dickson 2d, Mrs. A. L.
Spencer 3d.
Hand-Made Flowers-Mrs. Fannie
Brennecke 1st.
Tatted Pinuo Covors-Miss Sallie
Perkins 1st, Mrs. S. C. Moon 2d.
Tatted Centerpiece - Miss Betty
Norris 1st, Mrs. James Phlnney 2d,
Mrs. Annio Bell Jones 3d.
Dahlias-Best Collection-Mrs. L.
W. Vomer 1st, 2d and 3d.
Host Singlo Specimen, Any Variety
Daliltn-Mrs. J. M. Boarden 1st, Mrs.
L. W. Vomer 2d.
Chrysanthemums-Best Collection
-?Paul Mabry 1st, T. W. Holloy 2d,
Miss Betty Norris 3d.
Host Singlo Specimen-Miss Betty
Norris 1st.
Chrysanthemums-B est Re d
Miss Betty Norris 1st, Mrs. T.W. Hol
ley 2d.
Chrysanthemums-Best Lavender
.-Mrs. J. M. Boarden 1st and 2d.
Chrysanthemums - Best Pink -
Mrs. J. M. Bearden 1st.
Chrysanthemums- Best White
Mrs. J. M. Boarden 1st, 2d and 3d.. .
Ferns-Best Big Boston-M?3S
Eunice Carroll lat.
Best Sword Fern-Mrs. M. S. Car
roll 1st, Mrs. Sudie Marett 2d.
Best Ostrich Fern - Mrs. Sudie
Marett 1st, Mrs. Garnet Martin 2d,
Mrs\ Grover Hubbard 3d.
Best Asparagus Fern-Mrs. M. S.
Carroll 1st. V
Best Fluffy Ruffles Fern-Mrs. G.
O. Simpson 1st.
liest Maiden Hair Fern-Mrs. B-.
D. Broazealc 1st and 2d.
What Every Expectant
Mother Should Know
Mrs. Laura Hendrix, Oracomont,
Okla., Bays: "I want to express my
appreciation of "Mother's Friend."
I am the mothor of six children, ex
pecting another ono soon. I have
uaed "Mother's Friend" with every
one of my babies; I think it is the
grandest help that has over been
discovered for the expectant moth
er. I can't do without it. I recom
mend it to nil expectant mothers.
I can't say too much for lt."
"Mother's Friend"jWas originated
by nn eminent physician. It has
saved thousands of expectant moth*
ers from useless suffering. It ls
externally applied; aids tho mus*
clos and tisfuos to rolax easily and
readjust thomsolvos to tho changos
during expectancy end up to the,
moment baby arrives.
"Mother's Friend" ls safo and.
beneficial, and contains no nar*
cottee or harmful drugs. Avoid
moro groasos and ueoloss substl*
Uso "Mother'? Friend" ns our mothers
nrtd grandmothers did. Don't walt, start
today, and meanwhlla wrlto to Bradfield
Regulator Co., HAM, Atlanta, (in., for a
freo Illustrated book containing Informa
tion every expectant mother should have.
".Mother's Friend" ls sold by all drug atore?
-?very where.
Best Crested Fern-Mrs. E. P. Cal
lahan! -Vs t.
Begonias--Mrs. W. A. Alexander
1st, Mrs. W. M. Lemmons 2d, Mrs.'
Floyd holcombe Sd.
pahns-Mra. J. W. McGee 1st and
2dt Mrs. Wade Dickson 3d.
Lantnnnn-Mrs. John Hull 1st.
Geraniums-Mrs. W. M. Lemmons
Best White Roses-.Mrs. iL. B.
Marett 1st. . ,.' ,..
Best Collection of Roses-Mrs. "Pat
Isbell 1st, Mrs. L. B. Marett 2d, Mrs.
C G. Bacon 3d.
Norfolk Island Juice--Mrs. Wm.
Hull 1st. ?
Note.-This list of nritclos shows
tho decision of ths Judges at tlie fair,
and if it ls not absolutely ebrrect tho
on?s in charge of tho work will be
glad to make the necessary correc
Community Booths.
The community booths wore all at
tractive and pretty, and.deservo spe
cial mention. South Union won drat
pince, with Return second and Oak
way third.
C. F. Adams, of Seneca, had a very
attractive booth and the Seneca flow
ors wero grouped in this booth.
The following list is of Seneca
flowers only, and wore Judged in with
Mr. Adams' booth:
Caladium-Mrs. Pat Isbell 1st'.
Asparagus Forn-'Mrs. J. S. Dal
ton 1st.
Springaroe Fern (Largo)-C. F.
Adams 1st, Mrs. J. S. Dalton 2d.
Springareo Fern (Small) - Mrs.
iPat Isbell 1st. ,
Roso Geraniums-Mrs. Pat Isboll
1st and 2d.
Begonia-Mrs. Pat Isbell 1st, Mrs.
J. S. Dalton 2d.
White Chrysanthemums-Mrs. C.
G. Bacon 1st. Mrs. Pat Isbell 2d.
Yellow Cbrysan thom urns-Mrs. C.
G. Bacon 1st.
Mixed Chrysanthemums-CF. Ad
ams 1st.
'Fancy Jardinieres-C. F. Adams
There Can Be No Doubt About th?
Results In Walhalla.
Results tell the tale.
All doubt is removed.
The testimony of a Walhalla citi
Can easily be investigated.
What botter proof can be had
B. Oelkers, W. Main St., Walhalla,
says: "My kidneys were out of or
der aud my back pained awfully. I
had other symptoms of kidney com
plaint, too. I was advised to take
Donn's Kidney Pills and I did. They
soon completely cured mo."
Mr. Oelkers said: "I think just as
highly of Doan's Kidnoy Pills now as
when I endorsed them before. I am
glad to recommend them at any
time for they surely did me a great
deal of good."
Price 60cr at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy-get
Doan's Kidney Pills-the samo that
Mr. Oelkers bad. Foster-Milburn Co.,
Mfrs., Buffalo, N. Y.
Tho Confederate Lino Grows Thin,
A dispatch from Washington says:
Of Confederate soldiers only 75,
006 remain, according to statistics
compiled by Col. Francis M. Burrows,
of Washington, serving on tho staff
of (lon. Julian S. Carr.
Texas leads in tho number of sur
vivors, with 14,969 on tho pension
rolls and 256 in homos. Georgia and
Arkansas stand next with 9,000 on
tho rolls and 125 and 120, respect
ively, in tho homes.
8tlll "6n Outsider.
Long-I dinod at my fiancee's homfl
Short-I suppose they regard yon
ns ono of tho fnmlly by now, don'l
. they?
"Not exactly. They hnven't reached
the point where they shriek nt me i|
I mnke a spot on tho tablecloth."-*
London Answers.
Som? People Aro Born Luoky.
North-Did you enjoy the bouquets
Wost--Very much. I wnsn't hungry
nnywny and a telegram cnlled m<
awny just as the speeches started,
A Bit Skeptical.
"Who is the Important looking
"He styles himself advnnce gunrd of
prosperity. Ile ls here to address tho
business men of our*town."
"Tho hotel proprietor doesn't seem
to believe he's the advnnce gunrd of
prosperity. Ho has Just refused to
cash the st mn ger's check."-Birming
ham ifd-HorakL
Figaros show July and August to
bo tho heaviest suicide months.
No fewer than thirty difforont
chenilcrv'? havo boon discovered in
sea v. ti
Fin 11 thousand porsons lost their
lives la lir?ii in tho Unltod States last
Gen '.OJ igst, root ls roported to
have o' dorl to Gen. Loo's'plan for
attacking Oemotory Ridge.
Bride, lu Persia are married by
tho pru whllo tho bridegroom th
notpif' 't- /
of Combustion means ? one-third to onc-hn
int; ami baking mutti not lound In . thor
to tpend with your guests. Don't h x dnu
at once and let us tell you all about this wo
I3&juerager ns
I Every Thursday
" 52 Times a Year
For Boys, for Girls, for
Parents, for the Young
in Heart of all Ages.
Packed full of entertaining and Inform
lng. Hundreds of Short Stories! Serial
Then tho Boya' Pages, the Giris' Pages, tl
Pages. The Current Events, Editorials, fr
Mtseellany. Altogether the best invea
"Good Reading."
Check your choice and send this coupon wi
1. The Youth's Companion
2. All the Remaining Week
3. The Companion Home C
1. The Youth's Companion
2. McCall's Magazine, 12 ft
7P{r To any Combin
? Jl/t_anfi also get i
Aro Licensed ny Lawyers.
Columbia, Nov. 9.-The State Su
promo Court to-day was supplied
(with the names of ll men who re
cently passed the Stato bar examina
tion and are oligiblo for admission
as llcensod attorneys. They aro:
P. B. Thames, Florence; Alexan
der Dick, Darlington ; John Patrick
Sullivnn, Anderson; Fred ti, Aull,
Allendale;, John D. Long, Union;
T. J. Wiliiamston, Dyson; Herbert
F. McGirt, Camden; Robort M. Figg,
Jr., Charleston; John K. IIood, Jr.,
Andorson; John C. Watkins, Ander
son, and A. C. Platt, Sparlanburg.
Renew your health
by purifying your
system with 1
The purified and refined
calomel tablets that are free
from nausea and danger.
No salts necessary, as
Calotabs act like calomel
and salts combined. De
mand the genuine in 10c
and 35c packages, bearing
above trade-mark.
Dial will Resumo ? ?ht on Tolbert.
Washington, Nov. 8.-Sonator N.
B. Dial, of South Carolina, doclared
to-day that ho would resumo his fight
against the confirmation of Joseph
W. Tolbort, Republican, appointed by
tho President to bo marshal of tho
Wostern District of South Carollnn.
Tho fight has hoon wagod beforo a
sub-committee of tho Judiciary Com
Plenty of Time
for Guests
* No woman want! to work ir? thc kitchen
all thc time.
Cole's Sanitary
Down Draft Range,
jvtthits perfect fire holding, cooking ?nc!
hakiiiR result ? mean? that the housewife
can crust this ranRC to do her work
properly. Not necessary to watch tho
.tove every minute of the time.
Holds Fire Q-Oer Night
r^o LEX
If savina, of thc fuel billi means positive cook
mukes of tannes, and means plenty of time
tuc to an interior runr?e Come In to ?cc us
uJcrful fuel, food and labor ?aver.
?rdware Co.
\k9 s*
Ins read?
ia Family
tmcat In
r Five Cents a Week
th your romittnnco to the PUBLISHERS OF
-52 Issues for 19231 ALL FOR
ly Issues of 1922 >$?> ga
alendar for 1923 J vZ-ou
CTuS?S11) $2.50}fTf0R
ish?on Numbers 1.00 \ $3*00
ation abc
One Year
e.The Courier
mllteo of 'he Sonato. After tho ad
journment of Congress tho President
gavo Tolbert a recess appointment,
and ho has ontorod upon his duties.
Senator Dial, af tor stating that ho
would .renew tho light, expressed sui'-i
prise Ibat tho President, with the
evidence before tho Mib-committoo,
had given tho rr u appointment
and confidence that tolbert would
never be confirmed.
Dryer Than Volstead, Ho Says.
Now York, Nov. S.-^Representa
tivo Andrew J, Volstead, Republican
chairman of tho Houso Judiciary
Committco and author of tho cele
brated ,/puohibition enforcement law
that boars his name, was beaton in
tho Seventh Minnesota District by
Rov. O. J. Kvale, running as an inde
pendent, and who proclaimed him
solf as "dryer" than Mr. Volstead.
Volstead was the^flrst of tho im
portant chalrmon of tho House com
mittees to bo beaton In tho Demo
cratic tVdyal wave. Ropresentaftlvo
Graham, Republican, of Pennsylva
nia, ls lu line to succeed to tho chair
manship of tho judiciary committee.
Joo Sparks Cots High Olllce.
Indianapolis, Ind., Nov. 8. - .Too
Sparks, of Columbia, S. C., was to
day appointed chairman of 'ho Amer
ican Legion National Rehabilitation
committee, It was announced by tho
logion national headquarters. Mr.
Sparks was appointed by Commander
Owsley, and succeeds Col. A. A.
Spraguo, of Chicago.
Mr. Sparks served as a private
during the World War with tho Third
and Seventh Ploneeis. Ho hns boon
llnson man of tho Fifth Dis!rici of
tho Veterans' Bureau at Atlanta, Ga.,
for tho past year.
. --. ..
fha Quinine That Does Kot Affect the Head
Because of Ita tonic mid laxative effect, LAXA
TIVE IiROMO QU1NIN? is bettet'.linn onliunry
aultilne nnd does not cause norvousi"-s nor
IIRIIIST In head. Remember the lull ?mue an*
look (or the signature of v.. W. CKOVK. VIC
-. ?
Southern States are doing nn im
monso amount of school building.
In ono year the green bug In Toxaa
and Oklahoma ate up tho oqu'v 1ont
of 1,000,000,000 loaves of u>v

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