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Upper Conference Will Meet Next ut
Newberry-Presiding Elders.
Tho. eighth annual sosslon of, tho
Upper South Carolina Methodist)
Episcopal Conference closed last
week at OaffffffffneffffffffffK shrdsese
week at Gaffney. The reading of ap
pointments for tho proachors of tho
six districts of the Conference was
the last event of the session.
Only one change was made in tho
appointments of the proBldlng elders,
fllov. A. N. Brimson, having been as
signed to the Greenville District,
succeeding Rev. J. M.' Steadman,who
was sent to tho Central church at
"Newberry. 1
Ordination Services. '
Tho following named traveling
preachers were ordained deacons: W.
G. Smith, J. T. Frazer, B. H. Tuck,
R. C. Griffith and J. W. Corley.
Tho following traveling preachers
were ordained as elders: iP. L. Bauk
night, J. F. Farr, D. A. Jeffcoat, J.
M. Mason, J. E. Merohant, L. W. ShO
ley. R. W. Wilkes, J. D.Grlffln and A*.
P. Smith.
Appointments by Districts.
Following are the appointments
of the conference, by districts, the
presiding elders being the same as
borotoforo with tho ono exception as
noted above:
Anderson District.
A. E. Holler, presiding elder.
Bothol, J. B. Chick: Orrvillo, J. P.
Byars; St. John's, L. P: McGee; Tox
away, J. W. Cooloy; Antreville. G .
F. Clarkson; Central, M. T. Whar
ton; Glenison College''J-. D. Holler;
Honoa Path, J.E.Mnhaffoy ; Lowndcs
villo and Calhoun. W. S. Goodwin;
.Pelzer, A. E. Drlggers; Pendleton, J.
A. Bledsoe; Piedmont, A. P; Smith;
IPrincoton, R. Ii, Rountree; Seneca,
H. B. Hardy; Starr, J. L. Jett; Town
villo, G. W. Burks, supply; Walhalla,
A. /W. Barr; Walhalla Circuit, N. G.
Rallonger; Ware Shoals, A.M.Smith;
Westminster. J. S. Edwards; Wil
llamston and Belton, J. S. Honly.
Cokesbury District.
E. ri. Jones, presiding oidor.
Abbovili?, O. E. Poole; Abbeville
Circuit. J. B. K.lgore; Butler, H. H.
Merritt, supply; Cokesbury, Li. D.
Humor, supply; Greenwood Mills, W.
H. Murray; Greenwood, Main street,
F. E. Dibble; Groen wood Circuit. J.
H. Manly; Kinards, L. W. Shealy;
McCormick, J. W. Brown; McKon
dree, R. M. Tuckor; Newberry, Cen
tral. J. M. Steadman; Mollohon and
* Oakland, J. T. Lawrence; O'Ncull
Street, W. F. Gault; Nowborry Cir
cuit, W. G. Smith; Ninety-Six. J. D.
. Griffin; Phoenix, D. D. Jones; Plum
Branch, Paul. Klnnett, supply; Po
maria, R. Ii. Doggett; Prosperity, R.
E. Sharpe; Saluda. J. L. Singleton;
Waterloo, G. G. Harley; W h Uni Ire,
J. F. 'Lupo; president of Lander Col
lege, John O. Willson, .Main Street
Quarterly conference professor Lan
der College. R. O. Lawton. Main St.
quarterly conference; assistant Suu
dny school editor, L. F, Beaty, Main,
Street quarterly conference.
Columbia District.
J. R. T. Major, presiding elder.
Aiken and Williston, G.ll. Hodges;
Aiken Circuit, F. L. Frazier, supply;
Bntesburg, T. W. Milliner lyr.; Brook
land, R. C. Grlfllth; Edgewood, W. S.
Pottus; Epworth, (to be supplied);
Grace, Columbia, 10. T.Hodges; Green
Street, W. R. Bouknight; Main St.,
W. B. Garrett; Shandon, E. R. Ma
son; Washington Street, M. L. Car
lisio; Waverly, A. M. Doggott; Wh?
ley Street, W. H. Lewis; Edgelleld,
G. M. W. Taylor; Fairfield. A. Q.
Rico; Gilbert, J. M. Meotze; Granlte
ville, M. K. Meadors; Inno, M. A.
Clockloy; Johnston, W. M. Owings;
Langley, W. T Frazier; Leesville
Fred Harris, (R. D. Roof, supernum
erary); Leesville Circuit, W. P. Mea-'
dors; Lexington Circuit, H. A. Whit
ton; North Augusta1, T. C. O'Doll;
Richland, A. A. Merritt, supply;
Ridgo Spring, F.C. Beach; Ridgeway,
J. W. Hoyle; Swansea, 'L. A. Cartor;
Wagener, D. E. Jeffcoat; editor of
Southern Christian Advocate, R. E.
Statehouse, Shandon quarterly con
ference; agent Superannuate Homo
Fund, E. iP. Taylor, Batosburg quar
terly conference, ?y
Greenville District.
A. N. Brimson, presiding elder.
Broad Stroet, Clinton, L. E. Wil
liams; Sloan Street, D. F. Hudson,
supply); First Church, Easfey. J. P.
Patton; (Henwood and Ensloy Mills,
. G. I. Ford; Easley Circiyt, Foster
Speen*; Fountain Inn, W. H. Polk;
Gray Court, C. W. Watson; Bethel,
Greenville, B. M. Harvey; Bloachery,
J.H. Boll, supply; Brandon and Poin
sott, J. H. Walker,; Buncombe St..
CC. Herbert; Choleo Street and Mill,
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J. W. McElrath, supply; DuViean, C.
L. Harris; Hampton Avenue, H. O.
Chanluers; Judson, G. T. Hughes;
Monaghan and Woodside, S.B.White;
Poe, A. E. Smith; St. Paul; li. 8.
Truosdale; Greenville Circuit, M. M.
Brooks; Greer, Memorial Church, O.
M, Abney; Concord and Appalachee,
Estey Kelly; Victor and Ebonezer, J.
P. Farr; Laurens, First Church, P. F.
Kilgo; Laurens Circuit, W. E. Tay
lor; Liberty, E. W. Mason; Norris,
J. W. Pryor, supply; Plckons, Grateo,
W. B. Justus; Plckens Circuit, D/A.
Jeffcoat; Slmpsonvlllo, J. P. Simp- ,
son; Travelers Rest. C. R. White,
supply; conference evangelist, C. M.
Morris. Memorial Church quarterly
cohforence; student Oxford Univer
sity, England, E. F.. Moseley, First
Churoh quarterly conforence; stu
dent Wofford College, C. M. W?lling,
Bothel quarterly conference,
'llock Hill District.
G. C. Leonard, presiding elder.
Blacksburg, F. G i Whitlock; Black
stock, T. L. Bryson, supply; Chester,
Baldwin Mill, S. J. McConnell, sup
ply; Bethel, Henry Stokes; Chester
Circuit, R. C. Boulware; Clover, S.
H. Booth; East Lancaster, W. L. Mul
liken; 'Fort Lawn, R. W. Wilkes;
I Fort Mill, R. iL. Keaton; Great Falls,
J. E. Brown; Hickory Grove, J. W.
Lewis, (M. 'G. Latham, supernumer
ary); Lancaster, J. L. Daniol; Lan
caster Circuit. P.V. Robertson; North
Rock Hill, W. F. Johnson; Rlchburg,
J. T. Mlllor; Rock Hill, Bothol, H. E.
G rifun, supply; iPark. B. B. Black,
supply; St. John's. J. W. Spoako;
Wost Main Street, C. P. Carter; Rock
Hill Circuit, L. W. Johnson; Van
Wyck, W. C. Kolloy; Winnshoro, J.
G. Huggin, (D. C. GTogory, juplor
preachor, supply); York, H. L. Holy
yoyd; conforence secretary of ?duca
tion, J. C. Roper. Bethel quarterly
conference; conference secretary, .J
W. Spake.
Spartanburg District.
- W. A. Fairey, prosldlng elder.
Buffalo, R. Q. Webb; ' Cumpobollo,
J. H. Montgomery; Carlisle T. F.
Gibson; Chesno, N. M. Phillips; Clif
ton, J. E. Strickland; Cowpens, J. M.
Mason; Cross Anchor, F.C. Owen;
Duncan Circuit, P. R. Kilgo; Enoreo.
B. M. Robertson; Gaffney, ?Buford
Street, A. L. Gunter; Limestone St.,
W. M. Hnrden; Gaffney Circuit, J. F.
Gollghtly; Glendale, R. E. Morrison,
supply; Inman, W. Y. Cooley; Jones
ville, S. Ti Blackman; Kokon, W. A.
Duckworth; Pacolet Circuit, O. A.
Jeffcoat; Pacolet Mills, P. C. Bouk
! night; Spnrtnnburg, Bothel, R. F.
[Morris; Central, B. R. Turnipscod;
Drayton nnd Beaumont, J. W. Shell;
Duncan, J. C. Diggs; El Bethel, J. E.
Merchant; Saxon. M. B. Patrick;
Whitney and Bethel. B. II. Tucker;
Tucapau, ll. W. Sanders; Union,
Bothel. R. F. Cogburn; Grace, J. W.
Kilgo; Green Street. J. B. Connelly;
Unity and Snrdis. J. A. Chandler;
Woodruff. D. W. Keller; president of
Textile Industrial Institute,; D. E.
Lamak, Saxon quarterly conference*
principal Textile Industrial Institute,
ll, B. Hurgess, Saxon, quarterly cou
ll f brenco; conference Sunday school
secretary, L. D. Gillespie, Central
quarterly conferonco; professor Wof
ford College, A. M. Traywlck. Central
quarterly conforonce; president of
Southern Homo Institute. S. T.
Creech, Central quarterly con f or
elie j.
''ransf erred-W. J. Snyder to tho
Soi th Carolina Conferonco.
1 toco ived by Transfer-D. D. Jones
from tho South Carolina Conference;
Received by Transfer-D. D. Jones
J, W .Hoyle from tho North Carolina
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Miss Stribling Struck hy Car.
A dispatch from Greonvillo says:
Miss Mary Stribling, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Stribling, of 105
Neal street, was painfully, though
not seriously, injured early last night
when struck by an automobile while
walking with nn escort on tho Bun
combe streot road near the city. ?
Tho driver of tho car did not stop
immediately after ho had lilt tho
young lady, but whon overtaken by>
an aulomobllo which gave pursuit"
niter seeing the accident, halted and
returned to tho scene of tho mishap,
it was stated. Tho name of tho driver
could not bo learned last night, al
though it is understood that he has
boen tdontifled and will bo callod to
answor charges.
(Miss Stribling is a daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. M. Stokes Stribling,who
formerly lived nt Sonccn, and who
niovod to Greonvillo sovornl years
ago. Her many friends in Oconeo
will regrot to learn of her accidont.)
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American Missionary Kidnapped.
Peking, Nov. 15. - Einer Borgu
Breon, of Minneapolis, Minn., Amorl
enn missionary of tho Luthoran
church, and his son havo boon kid
nnppod by the /army of bandits in
Honan Province, according to a ro
port from Hankow. Altogether oight
forolguors, including throe Ameri
cans, now nro held captivo.
Hov. Borgu-Breen wns living-with
his family at 'Loshnn, lu tho south
eastern pari of Honan,
Tho fo. ? consuls nt Hankow re
port apprehension thruoghout Honan
over tho Increasing activities of tho
Amorican loga Hon figures show
that there aro 3 4 0 Amorlcans, most
ly missionaries, scattered through 30
I towns in Honan Province.
The Chinese foreign ofllco has pro
' m I sod to exterminate tho bandits.
Little Gastonia
Woman Gains
25 Pounds
"When I bogan taking Tanbie,"
says Mrs. Shirley lt. Fronoborger, of
115 East Third St., Gastonia, ty C.,
"1 was almost a nervous wroQk. My
condition had bocomo such that 1 was
almost desperate. I was troubled
with gas on my stomach and had sick
headacho so bad I'often had to t,ako
to my bod. I was so run down that j
even tho caro of my three little chll- j
dren was almost beyond my strength.
"What six bottles of Tanlac has
done for me is too wonderful for
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five pounds, and am feeling flue. If
it is over necessary for me to take
medicine again I will certainly take
moro Tanlac."
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Former Oconee Boy in California.
We are in receipt of tho following
letter, which comes to us from a for
mer Oconee boy who wishes The Cou
rier to follow him:
Quincy, Cal., Nov. 10, 1922.
Editor Keov/eo Courier:
(Perhaps you will' bo surprised to
hoar from a former Oconee boy out
here in California, but I am writing
to got "Tho Paper."
1 feel sort of lost out hero without
the homo paper lo keep me posted on
things and everybody "back home."
I nm with the U. S. forest service,
and like my work flue, and am also
groatly pleased with California. Am
enclosing stamps for six months' sub-]
Bcription. Please start the paper out
this way at once With best wishes
for Tho Courier force and my friends
back lu Oconee, I am,
Yours truly,
John <i\ Lee.
Box 192, Quincy, Cal.
p. s.-My father is I. 'F. Loo, of j
Poplar Springs. Probably this infor
mation will help you to know who 1
A throbbing
nervous headache?'
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A Logical Bequest.
It happened in a Montana court.
"Your honor," said tho foreman of
tho jury, "wo understand that this,
lady is suing this gent for $20,000
for a stolen kiss."
"Your understanding is correct,"
said tho judge, "lt is tho duty of |
tho Jury to decido wnether it was
worth that sum."
"That's just tho point that, occur
red to us, your honor," continued
tho foreman. "Could tho jury have
? sample?"
Difference in seasons is not duo to
tho relatively Small chango in the
distance between the sun and tho j
earth, but to tho variation in tho
slopo of tho earth as lt travels Its]
The packag
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In Puerto Pinta Impetus to* Christian
ity und Co mi i UK O A Uko.
For tho first time since Christo
pher Columbus landed on the Island
of Santo Domingo a road has boon
opened from Santo Domingo city on
tho Bouth to 'Puerto Plata,? on tho
northern sido of the island, thus con
necting the two principal seaports of
the republic and oponing to cultiva
tion some of the richest agricultural
lands in the island. Incidentally tho
new highway cuts off from ten to
twelve days bf the long and tortuous
Journey from Santo Domingo city to
Now York.
American marines, ip the times
when they were not busy maintain
ing order In tho disturbed republic,
have built this highway, which holds
out rloh prom Iso for the future de
velopment of the island. About IBO
miles long, it puts Puerto Plata on
the north and Santo Domingo city
on the south in close touch with tho
coastwise shipping on both tho At
lantic and the Caribbean. Frolght
and passenger traille from Santo Do
mingo city, on the Caribbean, which
heretofore had 'o be carried around
tho south, east and northern ends of
the Island to Puerto Plata before
going north-*-a journey of from ten
to twelve days-may now, in a few
hours, proceed over tho new road to i
Puerto 'Plata for shipment.
When Columbus landed on tho site
of Santo Domingo city in 1000 he
founded tho Church of San Nikolo,
which is still in existence. Now tho
missionaries of tho Episcopal church
in the Dominican Republic, in com
memoration of the completion of tho
new highway, are establishing an
other church nt Puerto Plata. 'Land
has been secured, and In a few moro
months the now edidce will be dedi
cated by way of comploting tho link
between tho two sections of the Re
Under Rt.Rev. Charles B. Colmoro,.
D. D., Episcopal Missionary Bishop
of Porto Rico and tho Dominican Re
public, Archdeacon William Wyllie
and wife have been tho loaders in
tho movement to establish the new
church, and Mrs. Wyllio enjoys thc
distinction of beiiiK tho first woman
to take the journey over the new
highway from Santo Domingo city to
Puerto Plata. Mrs. Wyllie, who has
Just passed through New York on
her way back to Dominica, having
made tho Journey from tho Island to
Portland, Oregon, and back to attend
tho Episcopal General Convention, is
one of tho busiest individuals in the
little West Indian Republic. In ad
dition to her missionary duties she
manages the United States Covern
mont Hospital in Dominica, and, in
a manner of speaking, has presided
as master of ceremonies at the hirth
of all the many children who havo
been born in Dominica since the. be
ginning of the American occupation.
She was the only nurse on the island
when tho influenza epidemic broke
out there, and has endeared herself
to the er.tiro population, native and
foreign alike, by her ministrations. .
Arohdencon Wyllio, her husband,
is similarly busily employed. Ile ls
one of thoso who havo carried prac
tical experience wit If lifo Into tho
missionary service. At ono time "in.
his career ho was an eiiRlnoer On a
Scotch tramp ship in West Indian
waters. He Is credited with know
ing moro about the Dominican const
than any other man south of tho
Florida Straits, and on frequent oc
casions, when he is coasting about
on missionary trips, ho is called from
his bunk during the late and early
Annual Convention of that Dononii- A
nation to Meet Boc. 5 at Rock Hill.
On* Dec. 5th tho Baptist boats of
South Carolina will bo largely rep
resented in the annual convention of c
that denomination at Kock Hill. Tho f
meetings will be held in . tho First t
Baptist church of that city. Tho con- j
volition will bo attondod by many (
distinguished leaders from various A
boards and educational institutions r
in the South, as well ns by represen- j
tatlvos of tho churchos and denomi
national loadors aud secretaries'hero r
in tile State. The attendance will in j
all probability be around five hun- (
drod. The intorests of education, of x
State, homo and foreign missions and t
of the benevolences of the 'Baptist {
denomination as expressed In the j
Baptist Hospital, the Connie Maxwell j
Orphanage and the Board of Agod j
Ministers' Relief, will be presented
to this convention, and plans for y
their continuation and enlargement ^
will bo discussed. ' ]
J. J. Lawton, of Hartsvllle, is pres- t
ident of tho convention and will pre :
side at the coming convention. Rev. t
W. C. Allen, of Dillon, is the record- \
lng secretary; Dr. C. E. Burts, of 3
Columbia, is tho general secretary- j
treasurer; Dr. W. T. Derleux ls soc- \
rotary of missions; Dr. C. A. Jones,
secretary bf education, and Rov. T.
J. Watts, secretary of Sunday schools.
The convention will likely bo ono
of the most interesting over hold,
owing to the great progress which
has been made in all of .tho .institu
tions and agencies fostered by it. The
white Baptists of South Carolina now
number nearly 200,000, and their
growth during tho past fow yoars
lias been very rapid.
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Largo Gift to Lenoir College.
A dispatch from Hickory, N. C.,
The announcement that Daniel E.
Rhyno, m Un u facturer and philan
thropist, of Llnc?lnton, N. C., had
given $300.000 lo Lenoir .'College
, here was followed recently by Presi
dent John C. Peery, of the Institu
tion, saying that tho Luthoran church
will attempt to ralso S fi 00,000 addi
tional endowments. This will glyn
tho collogo, which ls a Lutheran in
stitution, a permanent fund of $900,
? President Peery said that tho
church also would seek to raise $250,
000 for a building fund for Lenoir
Collogo, which, on completion, would
give the college plant a total valuo of
watches to take the holm and guide
tho ship through dangerous reefs and
into port.
>Vns Boru in Westminster Forty-Two
Yours Ago.
(Tugaloo Tribune.)
Walter MoLin Zimmerman, con
luotor of tho Southern railway, died
kjt his homo in Atlanta, Gu.> on Fri-,
lay last at about 3 o'clock In tho af
.ernoon. The sad news of tho death
>f this most promising young man
vas recolvod here in telegrams to
datives and mossnges to railway om
)loyeos Friday afternoon.
It was loamed that Mr] Zimmer
nan was taken sick with doublo
)noumonia at Greenville about ten
lays ago while on his run. Ile wu?
.ashed to Atlanta, and before ho ar
.lved there became delirious and had
o be taken homo in an ambulance,
ils condition was BO serious that ho
gassed away after suffering only a
ew days. (
Mr. Zimmerman's boyhood days
vere spent in WestmlUBtor, and ho
Vas known and liked by everybody,
io was born Jan. 7th, 1880, and was
he eldest son of the late Henry B.
'itmfnorman and Laura McLin Zim
i)orman. His father died Oct, 10th
;hi8 year, and tho death of this
roung man, coming one month later,
nakos the bereavement doubly sad
o his family and the brothers and
dstor. His mother died Oct. 10th.
Mr. Zlmmorman had been an em
ployoo of thd Southern for more than
21 years. His first,, work was as a
flagman, and ho was promoted lo tho
position of conductor after five or
i\x years of service. Ho was hold in
liigh ostoem by tho Order ot Railway
Conductors and all railroad officials
ind employoes with whom ho carno
Lu contact.
Tho deceased liad been a mombor
af tho Methodist chureh sliico his
I-Ith year, havlhg united with tho
church at Westminster under tho
ministry of Rov. Geo. R. Schaffer.
About 18 years ago Mr. Zlmmor
man was married to Miss Essio
Boyles, of Atlanta. Sho and six chil
:lron survive His brothers and sis
ters are: H. "R. and F. L. Zimmer
man, of Atlanta, and Mrs. O. M.
3tockton and Miss J/uello Zimmer
man, of Little Rock, Ark. I
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to ton* and strengthen
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elimination, Improvo appetite,
stop siok headache?, relieve bil
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mildly, yet thoroughly.
Tomorrow A?night
Cot a ^^^^7. your
25o. BOX Drualat
Walhalla. S. O.
Occident Near Andorson-^-Mr. Rob
orts nnd Mrs. Ballard Hurt.
Andei'Bon, Nov. 15.-Two auto
mobile accidents liavo happened near
Anderson this week.
James T. Roberts, a noted fox
liuntor of this county, was seriously ..
Injured in a head-on collision with
3am Skelton, proprietor of the Star t,
Grocery Company. Mr. Roberts was
thrown through the windshield, bis
head striking the ground and caus
ing concussion of tho brain. He is
not oxpocted to live, and has been In
a semi-conscious condition ever since
tho accident. Both automobiles were
badly wrecked. Mr. Skelton received
only brulsos. Tho sisters of Mr. Rob
erts, Mrs. Angling, of Charlotte, and
Miss Loila Roberts, of Atlanta, wero
called to him. Mr. Roberts is known
from boro to Florida as being a great
fox hunter, and ho offorod some years
ago a prize to anyone in tho United
States who could heat his record of
kills. To demonstrate the number of
fpxos ho had killed ho had a largo
coat made of tho skins, which jio
proudly wore. Ho also has tho larg
est pack of fox hounds in tho State,
ofton buying a whole quarter of boef
to feed to thom. Ho lins boon In the
real estate businoss and owns much
valuablo proporty.
Mrs. Ballard Painfully Hurt.
Tuesday night as Mr. and Mrs.Wal
ter H. Ballard were driving towards
tills city, on tho Portman road, an
approaching car did not dim tho
lights, which blinded Mr. Ballard.
In pulling out of tho way of tho car,
his car slid over a 30-foot embank
ment and Mrs. Ballard, was sorlously
hurt. Mr. Ballard is well known
throughout, tho Stato and was a for
mer mombor of tho Logislnturo. Mrs.
Ballard is not considered to bo in a
serious condition. Their homo is in
To Stop a Co ii g li Quick
cough medicino which stops tho cough by.
healing the inflamed and irritated tissues.
SALVE for Chest Colds, Head Colds and
Croup is enclosed Mth every bottle of
should bo rubbed on the chest and throat
of children suffering from a Cold or Croup.
Tho healing effect of RayeB* Bealing Ilonoy In
eldo tho throat combined with the healing effect of
Grove's O-Pen-Trajo Salvo through tho pores of
tho ?kin soon stops a cough.
Doth remedies aro pocked in one carton and the
cost of tho combined treatment ls 35c.
Just ask your druggist for HAYES'
Mrs. Anderson Not Guilty.
Beckley, W. Va., Nov. 16.-Mrs.
Alice Anderson to-night was found
not glulty of tho murder of her hus
band, John M. Anderson, former
Judge of the criminal court of 'Ral
eigh county.

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