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LADY F1IJ5S SUIT FOU $100,000.
"Wifo of Former Governor Asks Court
to elvo Largo Verdict.
A dispatch from Columbia says:
Alleging that the deceased during
his life! imo promisod to pay her and
remenibor her in his will for her un
remitting care, which he failed to do,
.Mrs. lilllie S. Blonso, of this city,wifo
of former Clovernor Colo 'L. Bloaso,
has Hied a suit for $ 100,000 against
tho estate ol' thc lalo Ken jam in I,.
Abney, at one timo division counsel
for 11H> Southern railway, and one
of the leaders of the South Carolina
har, who died at the Blouse home on
Nov. ll. 1921.
The complaint, which was Hied re
cently, on John K. Abney, an attor
ney of New York city, as administra
tor of the estate of hts brother, re
cites that B. I.. Abney started to re
side with ibo former Governor and
Mrs. Bloaso at tho Governor's Man
sion in April. 1911, during the Bleaso
administration, and had lived willi
the family continuously until Iiis
"That," continuos tho complaint,
"during tho same lifetime the plain
tiff, at the request ot the same Ben
jamin Ii. Abney, deceased, rendered
and furnished to bim constant, ardu
ous and exacting attention, care, la
bor and service.
"That a considerable part of said
time Hie said deceased was sick, ner
vous and irritable, demanding and
requiring tactful and constant caro,
attention, service and nursing, and
plaintiff rendered to said decedent
(at mitch personal sacrifice lo her
self, uso and expenditure of bodily
health, strength and vigor), the at
tentions and care necessary to meet
Iiis needs and demands, and to make
his home life comfortable, to relievo,
as far as possible, bis nervous, irrita
ble nature and condition.
"That the dccodoill promised and
agreed, constantly renewing and re
pealing said promises and agreement
from time to time to pay and compen
sate plaintiff for such services, and
especially to make ample provision
at his death, by will, to compensate
her for such services, the legal and
moral obligation of which be con
stantly recognized and highly valued
and appreciated.
"That said decedent failed and
neglected lo carry out his contract
and to compensate the plaintiff for
such services.
"That said services, labors and
attentions so furnished by plaintiff
to said Benjamin L. Ahnoy were of
tho value of and reasonably worth
the sum of $ I 011,000."
Although no Inventory of the Ab
ney estate has ever been made public',
il is estimated lu HiKMicial and legal
circles hore lo be worth approxi
mately $710,000. Other than a few
small bequests tho whole estato roes
to the deceased's brother, John IL
Abney, and bis sister, Mrs. Lula Hun
ter, of Atlanta, (?a.
Piles Cui-cd In 6 to 14 Days
DrufcUsts refund money If PAZO OINTMENT falls
to cure ltchlntt, Blind, Dtcctilnd or Protruding Pilca.
Instantly relieves Itching Piles, and you cnn get
?estjul sleep after the lir^t noollcatinn Price wc
Criminal, itecogtilzcd, Shoots.
Ottumwa, Nov. 23.- \ou're Tom
my O'Connor." challenged Oliver
Dtmmitt, local automobile repair
man, glancing from a picture of the
notorious crimina] hanging on the
wall io a >i ranger who had been
hanging around Ibo shoji most of
yesterday. 'Hut if you were rd bo
the last man to peach on you, oven
if lhere is $5,000 in it."
Looking around he gazed in the
barre! ot' a revolver, which was
backed by the command, ' Stick 'om
"Now I know thal you art; Tommy
O'Connor." Dimmitl said.
"Ves, I am," tho stranger replied,
firing point bhink. The bullet struck
Dimmltt's shoulder, penetrated the
lung and came out ni the back. Ile
is in a local hospital not expected to
The stranger disappeared.
35c"Danderine"Saves Your
Hair-Ends Dandruff!
Delightful Tonic
Murry! it s your duty! Kach day
you see a lillie more hair falling out
and you are making no effort to
avoid baldness, what a pity. Fall
ing hair means your bair is weak,
Sick possibly dandruff is strangling
it. or tho ba.r fool pores in Hie scalp
are liol firm and light, thus wasting
the hair-growing oils,
Dandorinc almost instantly stops
falling hair of men or women and
cleans every part uh? 0f dandruff
away, then the hair takes on now
lifo, vigor and strength to grow
Strong, thick and long.
Dandeville is delightful--not sticky
or greasy, (io to any drug store now
and get a bottle, rsc lt. Have
healthy, heavy, beautiful bair and
lots of it.-adv.
Deut h Also Calls Cinder Ooforth and
Miss sallie Reeder.
(TUgaloo Tribuno, Nov. 21.)
Thomas 15. Kilburn died at bis
homo nour South Union church on
I Saturday night after a long illness,
i wliicli ho had borne with resignation.
Mr, Kilburn had beon in,bud health
for moro than .two years, and had
! boon confined to bis room and bed
i for throe months. Ho had paralysis.
1 Mr. Kilburn was a son of the late
G. ty*. Kilburn of Walhalla, and was
about 7."> years old. Ho ls survived
by his widow, whose malden name
was Miss Missouri Marett, sho hoing
: a daughter of S. H. Marett and a sis
ter of Mrs. M. E. Messer and T. D.
Marett, of Westminster. Ile leaves
, tb roo brothers, A. S. Kilburn, of
Westminster, Walter Kilburn, of Ma
! con, Ga., and Kew J. Kilburn, of At- :
j lauta. The widow and brothers have
! tho sympathy of a large circle of
I friends.
Tho deceased was a mombor nf the
j Westminster Baptist church, ile was i
a kind-hearted gentleman and many
j sorrow ut lils passing,
j His body was buried in tho South i
I Union cemetery Sunday, tho funeral I
I being conducted hy Hov. J. Earle
; Freeman, Hie pastor. i
Limier (?oforth.
The nows of the death of Limier
. Gotorth, which occurred at his home
; two miles below Westminster Sun
day, was received with sadness by
all his friends and acquaintances.
, Mr. Goforth had been a sufferer from
cancer of the stomach for two years
or moro aiid lie realized for some
time that he could not got well.
Mr. (?oforth wes an humbie, hon
est citizen, and he was well liked by
everybody. Ho was a fine farmer and
had worked a great deal tho past two
or three years when Iiis physical suf
fering was great.
Mr. Goforlh was a son of tho late
.lohn J. (?oforth and came to this sec
tion with his family in tho nineties.
Ho married Miss Etta Jennings, n
daughter of tho lato Harrison .Jen
nings, about '2't years ago. He loaves
his widow and two daughters, Mrs.
Thoo. Martin and Miss Eva Goforth.
They have the sympathy of the com
munity in their hour of grief.
Mr. Goforth was perhaps IS or f>0
years old. Ho had hern a devoted
mombor of the First Baptist church
of Westminster for several years.
His body was buried in the ceme
tery of the First Westminster Bap
tist church on Monday nftornoon it
i ? o'clock, the funeral hoing conduct
ed by Rev. R. F. Jones, the pastor,
in the presence of many friends and
relatives of tho deceased.
Miss Sal lin Heeder.
At ',\ o'clock Sunday afternoon Miss
Sallie Reeder, maiden lady, who had
; made her home for many years with
I her sister, Mrs. Clarissa Dickson, j
! tiled in tho Dickson home after a pro
' longed illness.
j Miss Reeder was reared in tho
South Union section of tho county.
. Her parents died many years ago.
Slio loaves ono brother, John L. Ree
i dor, and ono sister. Mrs. Dickson, and
several nieces and nephews, to mourn
ber departure. To those sincere con
dolence is extended.
Miss Reeder was a consistent mem
ber of Hie Westminster Baptist
church and lived an exemplary Chris-!
tian life. She has entered the eter
nal .rest after an niblett on numbering
several years. She was 7 1 years of
age. Tlie funeral services were con- j
ducted from the home of Mrs. Dick-I
son Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock
liv her pastor, Dr. 1. E. D. Andrews,
and assisted liv Rov. J. s. Edwards.
Miss Heeder's father was Frank
Reeder, known to tho older citizens.
The Quinine That Doos Not Affect the Hoad
Because ol its tonic nwl laxative effect, LAXA
TIV ii UKOMO QU IN INR is bettet than ordinary
Quinine n:i<l does not cause nervousnea not
ringi HR in head. Remember thc lull name And
look lor Hie signature o? li. W. GKOVii. 30c.
.I* ?l? -I* *l* -I* 4" ?I* -I* .> .> ?>
.{? CONTROL, .{.
*I* *!" "I* *I* *!* v v *?* *!* *I* *I* *!* *I* *.*
Recommendations for Doll weevil
control, a (lop'.od unanimously nt tho
conf?rence of agricultural scientists
?and scientific farmers, held In Co
: lumbia Xov. IT. on call of Governor
i Wilson G. Harvey, aro ns follows:
Destroy tho weevil's winter quar
ters by plowing under cotton and
corn stalks and by cleaning up ter
races, ditch banks and other trash
on tho fa rm.
Prepare land early and thorough
ly. Plant the bes', seed of approved
varieties. Among the best varieties
I an- Lightning Express, Cleveland Big
Boll, Delta Type and (on wilt-infOSt
Od land ! Dixie Triumph,
I Uso fertilizer suliieiout, such as;
? would make a bale of eotton per aero '
; in an nvorago soason without Ibo
pro! once of t ho weovil. This will
r> nu indlvi lual ?arm--. Make side
applications of soda early, before the
i lir - t blooms a ppear.
Plant as soon as ground is warm.
All colton in a given community j
should be planted about the same j
limo I from the first to thc middle of'
April. )
Practice frequent shallow cultiva
tion lo keep up fruiting. Practice
thick spacing.
Practice early square picking If
(llOap labor is available. Tills niUSl
bo done vory thoroughly every five
days, if possible, in ordoi lo bc ef
fect ive.
Definite recommendations on poi
soning aro deferred for futuro con
sideration by this conference until
after the proposed conference at
. Washington bas boen hold lo dotor
: mino upon tho general policy to
recommended for Iy23.
Develop a fertile soil as tho host
asset to farming under boll weevil
Newberry County School Buys Truck
(Newberry Herald and NeWS.)
Th? trustees of the St. John's
school have made arrangements to
transport the children of that school
lo Romarin, '"'his is the first school
lu Newberry linty to purchase a
truck for this purpose,
Prof. Stengel l olls of Evperliu nts nt
University of Toronto.
a ro
.1 sci
A dispatch from Philudolpi
cent ly says:
After years' of Investigue
rosoarch, In which, timo modi'
enco was at a standstill to il:
a successful treatmont for di
physiologists at the ' Univers.; v of
Toronto have prepared u soin a. that
is pronounced au "absolute cure for
tho disease."
A small quantity ot the serum was
sent to the University of 'Penasyiva
nla a week ago for physician, there
to uso experimentally on dial)' > pa
tients. To-day. after soveiir'. njec
tl?ns had hoon given to th.
(lents selected for tho purpo
Alfred Stongel, professor of ji
lli the medical school of the
sily, pronounced the Experiments an
u.iqualiliod success.
"I regard tho scrum as ow
htg diseovories of tho ugo lu i
selene.:." Dr. .Stengel sahl. '
as wo havo been able to disco-,
results havo boen entirely s .
tory. After using it we haye
ii great improvement in th'? ?
to whom lt was adniini.i ed
Dr. Stengel was asked lt he I
od tho serum ns still In tho
mental s'tago.
"No; 1 think it is a: , .baoln
for diabetes," ho replied, '
must not imagine, though, th
a cure-all for everything. F
, Dr
. ivor
-, its
treatment of diabetes, a .MMII
has always hauled physicians,
groat step forward. Undoubt
that way lies the future tveuti
tho dlseaso.
'.The University ot Toronto
a small quantity for expon
purposes. We Will make a roi
physicians there of our oh^e.
of the effect of tho serum on (1
and say that we regard it ii
nen Hy satisfactory."
il is
is a
ly in
it of
it us
et to
A. T. Jamison, ii (Ivo*
Hail Narrow Ii capo.
> OOll,
Greenwood, Nov. '2t. -. pb aging
over a fifteen-foot embankm< into
li pool, where her head was BUv lerg
od, Airs. A.T. Jamison, >vifo o. r. A.
T. Jamison, superintendent ? (lon
nie Maxwell Orphanage, m rowly
escaped death shortly aftpr 3 1 dock
this afternoon, when s!io lost control
of a coupe she was driving. ?A negro
who was digging sand in Ha: ii abor
creek, near tho orphanage, ri
Mrs. Jamison. She was ' yiritn
not even hoing cut by the si.
glass of the car. Two litt i
Billy and Emmie Lee Morgan
were with Mrs. Jamison, wo
unhurt, except for a Blight, c
tered by Em ni ie Leo.
Mrs. Jamison could not,
how she lost control of her c
had started to Landor Col)'
take the little girls for theil music
lessons when, in somr nm Count
able way, the car swerved fv ni tho
roadway and plunged into Da rook.
Had it not been for tho timol) rri
val of tho negro, Mrs. J
have drowned.
One of the littlo girl
a bunch of Howers w
arranging for her teai
Jamison must havo gk
allowing the car lo swervi Noin the
road. Dr. W. P. Turner, ?vivo hap
pened to pass a few i p ni On t. after
tho accident, examined
of tho wrecked oar an
thom all uninjured. '
dren make their homo
Mrs. Jamison,
l or ed
> plain
SQ to
nisqn 'v 'tild
said 'di ' had
ilo.)i alic was
hoi and Vi rs.
iced at 11 inn,
M . \i>i'nts
pronom oed
t wo eh??
ith Dr. and
Thinks Old Bule wu Better.
We are in receipt of
loder from n subscrll
resident of Oconco, but
ens county:
"Crete. S. C.. No
.Editor Koo we?; Cou ri? r
"I noticed an a rt iel?
issue on tho shortage .
Ocon?o, and that rontl
have to stop. You pay
hands In Oconee. Pi
pays $1 a day for han?
our roads, and they t.
allie condition. Hand
willing to work for reato
They need tho roads as
"The road from Sha
toward Salem is in bad
from Shallow Ford tr
roll's has noUhcen toi
years. So Picketts fell
Pickens side, can't bril
to Walhalla. Wo aro
Oconco getting in bad
money hasn't been gpon
of Oconco. The roads a
this section of Oconee
the bad. lt seems to mt
t?>o much for road work
clono. Ton yoars ago tl
in good simpe on this
county, and we hoard
that I ht money \v..s ox!
.. I belli vc. anyway, i
well !.. go back to Hi
working tho roads. K?
led intu? used '.o worh
fio years old. Wo usei
hour- straight if it too
pu t ou r roads in good s
hotter roads Iben than
"You can print this
If you think it is not v
Mea Hon, Jusl throw it
a fon.1er
w of 1'ick
.'. [022?
your last
money In
o rh would
.undi for
Cou nty
o work on
in roason
d nilli be
ble wages,
.ll as .Mher
?ord out
Itlon, and
.'. Cuiit
! in tour
-, on the
.>ir trade
. j lo vee
ia ne. The
:. this side
ridges In
,-oing lo
in i you i>ay
; lion boon
nae's wore
rj bf ibo
o m plc int
Hil bo
i plan
iblo hod
..II IS to
work ton
jon? to
. abd and
,y <>r pub
lie wa.ite
', Hoad.
No Worms In a Hcn.'ibv Child
All children troubled with W
healthy ?.olor, width i ad icu tea |
rule, there is mor.- . 11 < :ss Ste II
Inrly for two or dir? o weeks wi
Improve t lio <lii!< st?, ,n, nml net m
entail Tonic to tho wholo systoir
throw oiT'ir i!i' -I ilio worms,t
IQ perfect h. nit h. Pleasant io t.
\?'v er sick - I ar f>
(American Logion
Si perkins' pump's full
From tho placo w
dwell ;
Ho. thou li si Isn't sick
Yoi lie is far from v
A lo w rr>ar signal fr
displays tho word "si
light when either tho c
pedal is opera tod and
when both aro used.
li ave a. un
I. .md as a
(Ultu! liane*.
i . ejiu
, t .M blood,
ul:" * rcngth
Ia .?.ll then
..Child? lllbo
Do perl ittlo.
a milo
ho does
in g roon
\\ or brake
,[)" in red
Man Who Did Shouting Suhl Thought
Trainmen Had Hobbed His Storo.
?Florence, Nov. 23.-Claiming that
he thought the men had attempted
to rob his storo, a merchant named
Poole shot and. probably mortally
wounded Harry G. Ritner, Atlantic
Coast Lino engineer, while he was
sitting in tho cab of his locomotive
at the station at Elrod, N. C., and
came noar wounding Charles Brock,
brakeman, several buckshot passing
through the latter's clothing. Tho
Bhooting became known hero this af
Mr. Rither was carried to a hos
pital in Fayetteville soon after ho
was wounded, and lt ls reported
hore that thoro is little hope held
out for his recovery, tho shot having
taken effect near Iiis heart. As Brock
was returning to the locomotive af
ter switching a car Into a sido track
in front of Poole's store last night,
ho hoard several shots near by. Move
wore fired as he sprang into tho cab.
One of these struck Enginoer Ritner,
who foll to the boor In front of tho
firebox of his locomotive. When the
train employ?es carried Mr. Ritner
tQ) tho depot Poolo appoared with n
shotgun in bis hand and stated that
ho had lired the shots, declaring that
Bomeono had been trying to break
into his storo, and that he thought lt
was tho engineer and brakeman.
Robbers broke Into tho depot nt
Mars Bluff last night, blow open the
iron safo and cleaned out Its con
tents, taking $5,000 in mortgages,
$500 lu Liberty bonds and about $50
In cash. The money was tho cash
receipts for tho day of tho Atlantic
Coast Lino's agency, but tho mort
gages and bonds belonged to the
agent. No trace of tho robbers could
be found by officers who investigated
the looting to-day. A pilo of ashes
was found near the depot, and it is
bolleved that tho robbers burned the
mortgages there, not being able ?o
uso thom.
Million Dollar Fire-Eighteen Build
ings at Front Royal Burn.
Front Royal, Va., Nov. 22.-Dyna
mite stopped the spread of thc lire
which threatened tho destruction of
this town yesterday, after IS build
ings bad been destroyed at an esti
mated loss of $2 25,000. For several
hours the fire fighting forces of Front
Royal, Winchester and Strasburg
fought a losing battle with the rap
idly spreading flames, being handi
capped by low water pressure and a
high wind.
Finally tho flames were checked
when a residence in the path of the
Aro was demolished by dynamite and
about the same time the wind died
down. This enabled the firemen to
make their feeble water supply effec
tive, and at nightfall the men were
still pouring water on tho embers.
Tho fire, starting In tho basemen*,
o? tho Front Royal Milling Company,
quickly enveloped tho mill and, aided
by the high wind, spread rapidly to
adjoining buildings. Soon both sides
of the principal street were in roar
ing flames, and it looked as if tho
town was doomed to destruction.
Appeals were sent out for help and
firemen from Winchester and Stras
burg responded. Aided by the new
arrivals, practically every man in the
village, and many women,?bent their
efforts toward saving their town and
to-night they were still at work to
prevent another outbreak. .
Panic-stricken women and chil
dren fled to the outlying country, car
rying with them what personal be
longings they could take. To-night
they returned to ibo homes that were
saved from tho flames. ?
The origin of the fire ha's not been
established definitely, but employees
of tho mill expressed the belief that
it was due to an explosion.
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic restores
Energy and Vitality by Purifying and
Enriching the blood. When you feel its
strengthening, invigorating effect, sec how
it brings color to thc cheeks and how
it improves the appetite, you will then
appreciate its true tonic value.
Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic is simply
Iron and Quinine suspended in syrup. So
pleasant even children like it. Tho blood
needs QUININE to Purify it and IRON to
Enrich it. Destroys Malarial goons and
Grip germs by its Strengthening, In/igor,
oting Effect. 60c.
The Names Got Mixed.
10d I tor Keowoo ('ourler:
Through a mistake my name was
connected with Ira Richardson in
tho recent session of court at Wal
halla. The '.nie bill was returned
ngninsl Loo Keaton instead of Clyde
Keaton. ! will appreciate il If you
will publish this correction.
Very truly, Clyde Kc iou.
Newry. S. C., Nov. 12, I '.. 2 -.
Rev. David Mills Killed in New York.
Xew York, Nov. 23. Rev. David
(!. Mills, president of tho Presbyte
rian Synod of America and pastor of
a church in Astoria, died al a Long
Island city hospital last night froni\
injuries sustained when be was hit
by il taxicab. Mo was (I2i years old.
Kev. Mills was born nt Macon, Ci.,
and gradliatod af. Princeton UniVor
sil) in ISSI, and four years later re
ceived a degroo from tho University
Theological Seminary. lu IhOS
Princeton University conferred upon
him a degree of doctor of divinity.
His first pastorate was ot Benning
ton, X. J, since I !) 1 I ho had been nt
Astoria, Long Island. Besides a son,
David (J., Jr., ho is survive' by bis
widow and ono daughter.
Literal Obedience.
(Boston Transcript.)
Doctor: Tho room soems to be
cold, Mrs. Hooligan. Have you kept
tho thermometer at 70, as 1 told
Mrs. Hooligan: Rhuro an' I have,
doctor. Thom's Ibo thing In a tooin
bler af wurrum watber at fills' blessed
Do You
.-that Royal Baking
Powder is made from
Cream of Tartar?
-that Cream of Tartar ia de
rived from grapes-rich, ripe,
healthful grapes grown in
the famous vineyards of
southern France?
That is why Royal is so whole -
some and healthful, why it
gives the food such a fine,
even texture and such a de
licious, appetizing flavor.
It Contains No Alum
Leaves No Bitter Taste
Ry Jury After Trial on Charge of
Killing Another Olllccr. .
Anderson, Nov. 21.-"Not guilty"
was the verdict returned to-night hy
the jury in the caso of tho State vs.
S. S. Hale, charged with tho murder
of Rion Cox, of Williamston. The
jury reached its verdict nt 1 o'clock
after four and a half hours' d?lib?r
ait lon. Tho trial was begun yesterday
Halo, who was chief or police of
Williamston, killed Cox in d* pi. Jl j
duel at Williams'on on Saturday af- ?
ternoon, May 15th, last. Halo was;
also seriously wounded at the time, j
and for a week lingered between life I
and death in a Greenville hospital. j
Tho duel, according to tho test!-'
mony offered at the trial, was tho cul- I
minalton of a quarrel of long stand
ing between tho two mon. Cox was
night policeman at Williamston and j
Hale, according to witnesses, on the.
day of tho killing, had reported him
to Mayor C. L. Guyton as being
drunk. Tho two met and tho shoot
ing followed. Cox died shortly after
ho was carried to the hospital.
Halo entered a plea of solf-de
GHI filmet!
Tho Expression of Many a Kidney
Sufferer In Walhalla.
A stubborn backache is causo to
suspect kidney trouble, When tho
kidneys are Inflamed and swollen,
stooping brings a sharp twinge in
the small of tho back, that almost
takes the breath away. Donas Kid
ney Pills revive sluggish kidneys'
relievo aching backs. Ask your
neighbor! Here's Walhalla proof:
Mrs. C. H. White, Broad St., says:
"I had backache and other symptoms
j of kidney trouble. I had sharp
; pains shoot through my kidneys ano
I was in pretty bad shape. I was
feeling quito miserable when I wa?
told to try Dean's Kidney Bills and
used them. Donn's entirely cured
mo. I advise anyone suffering from
kidney complaint to give Donn's a
Price GOc, at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a ki 'ney romedy-get
Dean's Kidney Pills-the same that
Mrs. White had. Foster-Mi) bu ra Co..
Mfrs.. Buffalo, N, V.
Old Hickory Selects Greenville.
I Greenville, Nov. 21. - Ileadquar
! tors of the Old Hickory Velorans' As- j
sociation. composed of veterans of
i the Thirtieth Division, will bo moved
i to Greenville nt once from Knox
ville, Tenn., R was announced to-day
, by Major t?. Heyward Mahon, presi
dent of the association. Herman B.
McMnnnaway, assistant secretary of
tho Greenville Chamber of Com
. moree, has been named secretary of
I tho association.
Sending Potatoes to Europe.
A dispatch fi om Florence says:
Samples of South Carolina grown
sweet potatoes will bc shipped to sev
; oral Europoan countries shortly in
; an effort to create a foreign demand
for tho product, according to a state
ment to-day by T. B. Young, presi
dent of the State'Potato Growers As
sociation. Mr. Young announced that
efforts wore la ing made to establish
permanent connections abroad for
handling potatoes.
"California Fig Syrup" is
Child's Best Laxative
Hurry, mother! Even a cross, sick
child loves the "fruity" tasto of "Cal
ifornia Fig Syrup," and lt never falls
to open tho bowels. A teaspoonful to
day may prevent a sick child to
morrow. If constipated, bilious, fe
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Anti Demi Number 84, With Lives of
Mnny Others in Doubt.
Birmingham, Ala.. Nov. 23. -. *
Eighty-four lives were lost omi GO
persons wero injured as a result of
an accident and explosion yesterday
in Dolomite No, 3 coal mino of tho >
Woodward Iron Co., according to a
statement issued at noon lo-day by
Frank ll. Crookard, president of tho
company. Of the injured 35 were
reanoved to their homes and 25 wore
in hospitals. Work of Identification
at that hour had not bOoti completed,
hut it was believed that there wore
3S white dead and 2 0 white injured.
Removing tho Dead.
Work of removing tho dead from
Dolomite mino .No. ;i of Hie Under
wood Iron Co., in which 175 mon
wore trapped by an explosion yester
day, was renewed with vigor by res
cue crows aided by undertakers' as
sistants to-day after daylight. Tho
company officials estimated '.hat tho
list of dead might be increased over
,84. Checking of. injured indicated
that the list of (?0 was approximately
correct. Of tho known dead 35 wore
white men, whilo approximately 80
per cent aro negroes, according to
Company olllcials.
At least 5 0 mon who aro listed in
the casualties wero either killed or
injured when a train of trip cars run
ning wild from tho tipplo crashod
into the mino yard in the main entry.
This accident caused tho snapping
of an electric cable, which in turn
sot off tho dust, which resulted in tho
explosion. Tho concussion rocked tho
earth for miles around and occurred
so nearly slmultaneouosly with tho
occident which produced it that tho
victims wero not aware what was
As tho first streaks of dawn swept
the eastern sky, weary watchers near
tho pit appeared to gain new hope
that missing loved ones might bo
found, dospito the* announcement
that "all tho live persons have boon
removed." White and black huddled
in tho biting cold about tho pit. Many
children refused to bo comforted and
tots of tender years stood through
tho long niglit watching with sad but
eager eyes every crew that emerged.
.loy occasionally rewarded women '
and childi- n by workers turning up
from out ol' .he night following their
escape from two other exits. These
other exits were miles from the main
entrance, and Ibis caused families to
bo sopa rn tod from those rescued for
several hours in some instances.
Habitual Constipation Cured
in 14 to 21 Days
.LAX-FOS WITH PEPSIN" is a spccially
propared Syrup Tonic-I.axntivc for Habitual
j Constipation. It relievos promptly but
: should bo taken regularly for 14 to 21 days
: to induce regular action. It Stimulates and
\ Regulates. Very Pleasant to Take. OOo
per bottle.
Westminster Auto Wrecks Itself.
(Tugaloo Tribuno, Nov. 21.)
I An automobile rarely over runs
away of its own free will and accord
and smashes itself up. This is what
John null's Studebaker did last Fri
day afternoon, however. Tho car was
driven to tho Westminster Baptist
1 church, and after tho occupants had
i alighted and gone into t li o church
! the car, which was left near the top
Of tho hill, plunged down Hie street
to tho foot of tho r'so in the street,
turning to one side and Striking a
light polo. Tho fenders, top, steer
ing wheel and tho lights were dam
aged by striking tho polo,
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