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(Established *?*jM_
Entered at tho PostoMlcO at W?N
balla, S. C., as Mall Matter of tlio
Second Class, under Act of Congress,
March Sd, 1H7D.
Published Every Wednesday Morning
Ono Year.$1.00
Six Mon (Iis. .55
Three Months. ... .30
Adcrtlyslng Hates Reasonable.,
Hy Steck, Sbolor, Hughs & Sbclor.
Communications of a personal
character charged for as advertise
ments. Obituary natlces, cards of
thanks and tributes of respect, either
by Individuals, lodges or churches or
societies, charged for as for adver
tisements. Cash must accompany tho
manuscript, and all such notlcos will
be marked "Adv." in conformity with
postal requlromonts.
WEDNESDAY, NOV. 20, 1022.
Governor-elect Thomas c. McLeod
highly endorses the work hohl? dono
liv the South Carolina Tuberculosis
Association to eliminate tuberculosis
from S?Utb Carolina. In a recent let
ter received by this organization
from tho Governor-elect lie says:
"J take pleastiro In expressing my
very deep interest in tho work of thc
South Carolina Tuberculosis Asso
ciation. There are few who have not
suffered (lie. loss of friend or relative
as victims of the groat white plague.
Tho methods of prevention as advo
cated by tho i association will be a
blessing not only to this generation,
but to generations to come. Tho re
lief now offered tho sufferers and the
hope of lifo and usefulness extended
to them through tho aid of this as
sociation should commend it -to the
mind and heart of every citizen."
The annual sale of Christmas Seals
will bogia Dec. 1. and continue until
Christmas. Every seal bought is one
step nearer tho goal and sharpens tho
weapon used in the light against this
dread disease.
Muy Christmas Seals as soon as
they are pul on salo. Cse them gen
erously on all your mail matter to
call ti e attention of all to tho great
work thal ls being done lo eliminate
tuberculosis (*consumption).
Don't make tho mistake that some,
liav<! ma o in tho past and use these
Koala instead of postage stamps. A
letter strm ped only w.'tb tho Christ
mas? Soil stamp will got no further
than the postolliie at which it is
Uso lin- seals only for what they
uro Intended--a reminder to every
body to whom yon may write or mail
a package thai the nood is groat for
funds to flghl ibo great white pingue,
th: i yon an* doing your part, and
thai you want others to do the same.
This is a beautiful custom, al lin:
beginning of ihe gi eat holiday monta
to carry on a work of mercy anil
char: y for which the greater part
ol' die funds become available by
tho sale of Christmas Seals.
Governor Wilson G. Harvey and
the courts do not always anree. but
the Governor recognizes that his of
fice is not above the courts, and he
acquiesces gracefully when ho ls not.
agreed with. The latest instance of
this is in the (?rover ('rooks case,
from Oconoe. We quote tho dispatch
containing tho Information relativo
to this case:
"Ruling that Hie sentence of a pa
roled convict continues to run con
currently with the parole, the Su
preme ?'oort of South Carolina to
day handed down a decision to ihe
offert thal ihe Governor of the state
canne hove a convict reinenrcorated
for ;. v nlulion ol' Ibo conditions of
IN pa ole a flor t he expiral ?on of i ho
original lorin for which thu defend
ant v s soiilcncod.
r iling wa: handed down in
i In !. i corpus prece Klings of
Grover ('rooks, of OconCo county.who
tt e loured for assault ll :t h intent
lo k I, ?ind was paroled some months
go hy former Govi rnor Cooper, only
to be arrested and imprisoned in thc
y ale pen :'.et! t ia ry recently upon or
der- of Governor Harvey, who do
clare;! Ci oks had violated the tenus
upon iv h ch ho was released, and or
deret' ihe parole revoked.
Crooks sot u)) t lie content ion ihnt
entonce would have expired ir,
April nd Hil I he was not hound by
Ihe purob onditlons after thal time,
and ! e upromo Court upheld him
'n bb position,
"Tl'O Crooks C.lse is Ibo second to
bo ' iid< .?Mills! the (?overnor in
H ow, weeks. A short time
..'lr nil Judge Prince handed
dov 'i II i' ilar opinion when GoVOr
nor ll rv. . ordered Reed Shaw, of
"Ol bo . county, also parole,1 on a
?vu1 'for charge, recommitted
' ;' tonliary for violations i>f
Tho Governor ordered an
i half of tho State of South
ul it. lias liol reached the
r,o'.irl yet.
. . Snpreine Conrl dlrcct
oks he released from ibo
ll ordered fhn! he be
he custody of Ibo ' >
.'. il |i iv lng neon
? - he pol i tioner was nuder
hreijklng the peace when
aryey issued his Intended
rooks* parole."
Harvey does not rall at
'or disagreeing with him
' ng a decision in accord
his disagreement, but bo
does make a few very >er'tlrieht re
marks lu his acquiescence. For in
"Tho highest Judicial .authority,
tho Supremo Court of tho State, has
Spoken, Tho status of the parole sys
tom has hoon deflneu. Tho Interpre
tation of tho la\v as thus decreed ls
tho law, and is to ho obeyed and re
spited hy all. lt ls well that tho is
sue has hoon dollnitoly determined.
lt is surprising that a matter affect
ing tlie liborty of people and the au
thority of the Executive lias boon,so
long left unsettled, lt means that tho
parole system, as understood for all
these years, will practically bo aban
doned. Tho system of paroles, as pre
viously understood, soemod to bo a
wise ono if properly exercised and
rightfully onforcod. The word parole
will hardly be used hy, Executives in
futuro acts of clemency. Thoce al
ready parolod will bo HIP only bene
ficiaries of tho decision. My commo
tion with tho matter waa wholly im
personal. 1, of course, was morely
acting for tho public, and as hereto
fore legally understood, lt ls to bo
regretted that another weapon for
law enforcement I3 found defective,
hut lt may servo to stir tho public to
action. Tho decision of the court will
tend to emphasize tho general opin
ion that the proc?dure incident to
our criminal laws'is sadly in need of
revision. Tho peoplo will unques
tionably demand that less loopholes
be furnished law violators by means
of technicalities and delays, and that
law Guiforceniout he not retarded, de
layed and nullified by means of legal
red tape or court machinery or am
biguity of terms."
And Governor Harvey is right, lt
may ho-doubtless ls-that tho de
cision of the Supremo Court in the
Crooks case represents just what tho
makers of the law intonded. If that
he so, however, lt would have boen
in finitely better had there never been
made any parole provision. The ex
ercise of the parolo by a Governor ls
nothing less than an act of extracting
the teeth from a law violated-un
der the decision of the court. Too
many loopholes and technical modos
lof escape from punishment have been
thrown Into and about the various
criminal laws. Wo may he suro of
one thing, however, and that is that
there will be no moro paroles during
Mr. Harvey's all too short adminis
tration. Xor do we believe that Gov
ernor-elect McLeod will exercise the
prerogative of issuing a parole under
existing conditions. No Governor who
really has at heart the good of the
State and the well-being of society in
tho State would exorcise this power
until there is a change in tho law in
respect to the granting of paroles.
It is (or was) a good thing under
the old acceptance of the meaning of
tho system; it it now a deadjetter
and its exercise, In tho lighfof the
court decision, would be a damning
spot on good government.
A 1.1.1 lil) I) F UTS TO SCHOOLS.
The proposition bas been made
by Dr. .John H. Finley, editor of the
New York Times, that tho debts of
tho Allies be given to tho public
schools'of this country. Dr. Finley
seems to have moro faith In those
Allied debts than most Americans.
lt ls nt least refreshing to know that
there is yet hope in some quarters as
to these debts being paid, and it mav
be that-some time-they will be
dlscha rged.
In tho meantime, however, the
public schools need cash. Let us not
depend on a lot of very doubtful
debts to bequeath to so Important an
enterprise as our public schools.
We notice by the Anderson papers
that Judge W. P. Greene was right
royally entertained by tho citizens of
Anderson dutdng the session of tho
General Sessions Court last week, lt
,was eminently fitting that ho should
bo entertained. Did he not give some
entertainment to tho citizens, of An
derson county who wore brought be
fore him for trial? "We'll say he did
-and "turn about is fair play."
To-morrow (Thursday) will be
tho great day of Thanksgiving. It
should truly be a day set apart to
thought and contemplation of our
I many blessings, for we have been
greatly blessed as a people, as indi
viduals, as State and county.
Lei us ,on this day consider not
only our groa', blessings, but tho
hundreds Of minor blessings that go
lo Hie making of our every-day lives
. good health, which we too often
take as a matter of tact; our happy
homes, which are too often not ap
preciated; the fad thai wo live in a
Christian land, untramellod and un
afraid; that, no matter what may be
fall, wo have Christ and the promises
of God Ihsl are always ours, and that
satisfy where all human agencies I
, fail.
I We aif; truly blessed; let us not
fail to be truly thankful. And one
of the host ways of showing our
I thankfulness is to minister to tho
, wanta of some or.o less fortunate!
than ourselves. Wo often hear the
remark made that there are so few j
! lo minister to. Those of us who can- j
i not find neighbors and acquaintances I
j who ?nay need our thanksgiving as
sistance can always turn to the sev
I eral orphanages and contribute to ?
j the needs pf tho fatherless ones, lt 1
I is a splendid way lo make an offering
! lo Ibo Lord in recognition of the
j many blessings we have received al
I I l is hands.
I.ci thc day be fittingly commem
orated by contributing to the helpless
ones and by devoutly assembling at
some place of public worship,
Married at Salem,
Salem. Nov. iii. - Special : Miss
Mary Kelley nnd/Chavlio Crompton
'v ' i- . i ho residence
l*. I*. Gri cn, v. Ko i mud th >
ceremony, on Nov. 2Gih. The brid
ls a daughter* pf Mr. and Mrs. A. .13.
, Kelley and ?he groom is a sou of Mr.
and Mrs. .1. |>. Crompton. Doth are
of this community. The best wishes
? of many friends goes out to them for
>a long lifo of happiness and pros
i purity I
WAiCftixq yi^^M JjM^f t'
Athletics' dli^T^^mi>or^(i>;|riiiv? S
in CoRcgo^ l|c. Says.
Grcony rile, N?v. f ^."-?. AtltJ^tcs*.;
and particularly football, ls becom
ing onllrely too important iii present
day collegiate lifo,*'d?faai;ed\ Dry W.
M. Higgs, president Clemson -Col
lege, in.an address her.e ,tq-day before
the Booster Bureau .of?tho $Wen
vlllo Chamber of Commerce al. its
monthly luncheon.
"People think too much ot the. .cal
ibro of a football team put out by a
school and too little of its curricu
lum,' or the degree of training for
citizenship it gives young meu 'Of tho
country," said Dr. Higgs, who added
thnt "thoughful educators qt'.'tho
country aro ?beginning to view "Syltli
alarm and ?pprohousion tho exient
to which football has supplanted oth
er school features in the mind of tho
public." / 1 .
Ho named the alumni, the press
and tho pooplo as tho groups contrib1
uting to the condition.
Box Supper at Retreat* >.
There will bo a box supper at the
Retreat school house (No. 1) on Dec.
8th. Also the salo of a quilt top,
which was gotten up by the' mem
bers of tho R. S. I. A. Everybody ls
cordially invited to attend and take
part in tho pleasures of tho evening.
(Miss) Alma Martin,
President R. S. I. Association.
Federal Election Money Ready.
All Federal election managers can
get their money by calling on or by
sending ti stumped onvolope to S. F.
Reeder, Wost minster, S. C.
- -:- i
Purebred Pig or Calf or Other),
Animal Is Suggested.
- I
Recent Questionnaire Study of Irrt*
proved Stock Showed That Homo
Influence Is an Important
Factor Governing Breeding.
(Prepared by tho United States Department
of AK fl ou I turo.)
In selecting birthday and Christmas
gifts for children in rural communities,
why not give a purebred pig, calf, O?
other anlmnl? This ls the suggestion ol
the United Stntes Department of Agri
culture, which, with the various states,
ls conducting the "Better Sires-Bettes
Stock" campaign. A recent question*
nuire study of the utility value of pure
bred live stock showed, among otbor ,
results, that home influence is nu im<
portnnt factor governing the breeding
A Club Girl and Her Prize Pig.
of superior domestic animals. In fact,
lt ranks In importance next to sales,
fairs and shows, taken collectively.
When parents show their interest In
good stock the children are moro like
ly to do so.
One breeder told of receiving soma
purebred live stock ns a wedding gift
from his father-in-law. Thnt beginning
was an important Influence, which re
sulted In nn entire herd of well-bred,
profitable animals, a practical Influ?
once In tho couple's prosperity and
Gifts of good live stock, the depart?
ment points out, tire not only accept
able in themselves but with proper
handling multiply and give pleasure,
satisfaction, and financial benefits for
an Indefinito period.
Only Tubers of High Quality Should
Be Put Itiio Cellar or Pit
Prevent Freezing.
If best results aro expected by stor>
lng potatoes, only potntoos of good
quality should be stored. Potatoes will
not Improve In stornge but aro mora
liable to go down In quality. Mnny
stornge troubles aro the result of poor
field conditions. Potatoes should ba
left In the field a few hours niter dig
ging to permit them to dry. Immature
potatoes will have to be handled and
watched' carefully.
Potatoes may ho stored in open bins
In a cool cellar or hurled In the ground.
If stored In a cellar, they should not
be plied more than n foot deep. When
stored in layers deeper than this or in
sncks, there ls more danger of loss
from decay,
Potatoes may ho burled In tho
ground over winter. A shallow bola
abolit fl lo 12 Inches deep should be
dug and lined with about two luchos of
Straw. Tiie potatoes should be placed
In the bole and covered with straw
nnd four or live indies of soil. Ven
tilation should be provided In thc sama
manner as for storing other root
crops. As tho weather gets colder,
place another layer of straw on tipa
mound nnd add sufflclent soil to pre?
vont the tubers from freozlna.
Vkiuittain fflert
R. A* McLees,
Watches - Diamonds - Jewelry I
SA Mi.
NOTICE is hereby given that, hy
virtue of Order of the Probate Court
tor Oconeo County, South Carolina,
made by His Honor V. F. MARTIN,
lated 21st day of Novomber, 1922,
we will sell, at Public Auction, to thc
highest bidder, FOR CASH, on. tho
8th day of December, 1922, begin
ning at ll o'clock in the forenoon,
and until sold, nt the lato residonco
of M. H. McJunkin, near?South Un
ion, Oconeo County, South Carolina,
Ihe following described personal pro
perty belonging to the Estate of said ?
M. H. McJunkin, Deceased, to-wit: ?
Two Mules, ono Horse, two Two
Hor80 Wagons, one Buggy, a lot of
Farming Implements, a lot of Corn,
i lot of Hay, a lot of Fodder, a lot
of Cotton aad Cotton Seed, ono 1911
Ford Model Automobile Touring Car,
a lot of Household Articles and othor
articles too numerous to mention.
\s Administrators of tho Estate of
M. II. Mc Junkin, Decoasctl.
Nov. 22, 19?2.
. is?ll?i hereby given that the un
lo rsi gu oi will make application to
Sf F. Martin, Judge or Probate foi
?conee county, in the Stateof South
karolina, ;:t uis ofllco at walhalla
Houri House, on TUESDAY, tho 5th
day of DECEMBER, 19 22, at ll
>'clock In tho forenoon, or as soon
thereafter as said application can be
heard, for leave to make final settle
ment of tho Estate of JORDAN SIM
MONS, Deceased, and obtain Final
Discharge as Executor of said Estate.
Executor of the Estate of Jordan
Simmons, Dec'easod.
Nov. 8, 1922. 45-58
Pianos .-.
?. i I --mm i i
High Grade Pianos
$60Q.OO. The
Been oi
WESTRO??A ... .
ORGANS that wei
ORGANS that wei
ORGANS that we
Will trade for L
any School Claii
Sale to
my friends and the public to know that I have purchased"
the Slock of Groceries forVnerly owned by C. A.
Bruce, in West End, Seneca, S. C., where I will con
tinue to carry a full line of Fresh Groceries, and in
connection with this will also serve
- Real Dinners, 40 Cents -
I from tl A, M. to 3 P. M.
When in Seneca give us a call, get your dinner
btit' th?t'? hot all-^-buy your Flour, Lard and Meat?
we've got jusLwhat you need to Eat.
Seneca, S.C.
k\ J. SNELGROVE. Seneca, S.C.
I am in position to offer you Extremely Low Prices
on all Wagons I now, have on hand. If you expect lo
need a Wagon it will pay you to see me now.
J8f??$deJ?f Newspaper Fei??is
L>CTL>. ;'.<.? agjfjjgi OOHD'OO eira ei o
Blaisdell Pencil Co., = Phila. U. S. A.
You can bo Supplied with tbeso Fino Pencils nt The Courier Ofllce.
mas Offerings.
Organs .-. Phonographs
[est Reduction Ever Made
? Ranging in Price from $255.OO tip to
?se Pianos are all New and Have Not
rv Our Floor Over Sixty Days.
honograph9 as Follows :
was.$175.00-Now .$05.00
was. CIO.00-Now . . . ?.18.00
was. 05.00-Now .28.50
was . 18.00-Now . 12.50
was . 175.00-Now.05.00
was . 150.00-Now.04.00
Organs as Follows:
io. 185.00-Now. ...... ... 50.00
re. 125.00-Now.40.00
SAM) OKGANS.'$22.00 and lip.
iberty Bonds, War Saving Stamps or
ms as p?yment on any instrument.
BepMay, December 1st. -?=
r M. Abbott,

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