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Tko following excellent sermon
was tho ono preached by Gipsy Smith
at Union recently near tho closo' of
tho serios of meotlngs conducted in
that city. Wo take tho matter from
tho columns of tho Union Times: *
Sowing and Heaping.
.Mr. Smith took his text last even
ing from Galatians 0:7: "Ho not do
reived; God is not mocked, for what
soever a man soweth that shall he
also reap"
lt is timo that every man shall pre
paro to faco facts, and whether lt ho
pleasant knowledge or not, he ought
to bo prepared to know this one fact
-that God sees und knows him
through and through--tito worst and
tho host about him-and there is
nothing hid from Ute 'Eather and tho
4 Judge of tho Earth,
Bo not deluded. Ho not live In a
fool's paradise. As to your charac
ter, private and public life, motivos,
desires; as to what you have boen,
and W|hnt you aro to-day, and as to
what you propose to be, do not bo
deceived. God is not mocked. God
ls no fool. Tho text in itself is start
ling, for the very thought of mock
ery ought to make us shudder.
When we rou ll KO that God is In fl
it i to, eternal, unchangeable; that Ito
is omnipresent, which means that Hu
is everywhere; and omniscient,which
moans that Ho is possessed of all
knowledge--when we ron I izo these
facts a man is a fool to mock God.
If we realize the menning of the
word, our faces would whiten and we
would tremble. Tho word "mocked"
means ' lo sneer at." lt is as If ono
would say, "I regard tho teachings
of God as of no value. I consider that
His warnings are entirely unneces
sary, and that His repeated declara
tions regarding Mio danger for the
imp?nitent aro of no moro worth
than tho telling of a fabio." I wish
1 could lead you all forward In
thought to that groat day when time
shall be no moro, which is described
in the 20th chapter of Revelation,
the Tlth and 12th verses: "And I
saw a groat white throne, and Him
that sat on it, from whoso faco tho
earth and thc heaven dod away; and
thore was found no placo for them.
. And I saw tho doad, small and great,
stand before God; and tho book was
opened, which ls the book of lifo;
and tho dead were judged out of
thoso things which were written in
tbo book" accord I Ttf? to their wor'*n "
7 ii.) i frurd no en? cduld l?o -<< thou g li iv
ie ?a t.-. td "0 i adi ?forent to Hhn, and
no veu> tonl.l >M a wicked as to mode
God ls no fool. You may fool one
another - neighbor, members of
your family, master, employees-but
you cannot fool God. Lincoln once
said, 'You eau fool all tho people
some et* tim time; you can fool some
of tho people nil of tho time: but you
cannot fool all the people all of ibo
limo." Hut you cannot decoive Hod
for n moment. God refuses to ho
bribed; God's oyo cannot bo closed;
J lo knows. It may not bo pleasant to
think and know and to awaken io
the fact that God knows mo at mv
worst, but it is true. "Bo not de
ceived: God is not mocked."
The text in its setting in tho New
Testament, warns us against tho
squandering of our time und? talcrt
horo. lt gives us tho picture of tho
sowor scattering the seed broadcast
and sowing from his own resources.
Wo do thc same thing In tho same
.way. Bod has given us a mind, and
with that mind we think of Impuro
things instead of tho puro. Ho has
glvon us a heart, and In that heart
we cherish that which is wrong in
stead of encouraging lovo. Ile has
given us a will, and with that will
wo choose the sinful rather than the
way which leads along the paths of
righteousness, ile has given us a
body, and we yield that body to the
sowing of passion instead of placing
it upon the altar of living sncrlllco
for J lim. Wo are all tho Hmo sowing,
and it ls well for us to re m em bor
thal Hod is saying His word, "What
soever a man soweth that shall ho
also reap," and tho word "that" is
as big as the word "whatsoever"
and a little bigger, if you have im
agination, for harvests are generally
moro abundant than tho seed.
Then if this text is to inak? any
impression on your mind, you must
remember that you will reap If you
sow. Sow an act, reap a habit; sow
a habit, reap a character; sow a char
acter, and reap a destiny. God pity
J'OU if, in the faco of nil Mis warn
ings, you sow In the wrong way.
Evory man must boar tho responsi
bility of his own sin.
Second. You will reap what you
sow. You cannot expect figs from
thistles, and you cannot expect a
barley crop from ryo. You look for
tho same kind of crop that you scat
ter. You tell your bp^s to bo studi
ous and Industrious and honest bo
causo lt will pay thom in after lifo.
If that is truo in tho natural world,
then surely it is in tho spiritual
world. Wo sing sometimes. "What
shall tho harvost be?" So you want
to know? Do you want to know
what the reward will be when the
Judgment comes? Then look at what
you are and what you aro doing.
Pause and think, "What am I ?" Set
tlo what you are.1 "What am I do
ing? For what; am I living? How do
I stand in relation to this book-this
rovoaled Book of God? What am I
doing with God and the precious lifo
Ho has given mo?" You have to sot
tlo that question. You aro not liv
ing to yourself, but affecting all those
you touch-scattering tho seed that
Is going to bo God-honoring or a
j harvest of tangled thickets and poi
soning weeds that you shall have to
i gather with bleeding hands and torn
: feet because of your own flounder
ing folly. And lt will bo no uso to
look over tho Held when it is too
late and say, "My God, 1 never meant
al] this." But that is your work and
you will havo to gather it. You will
have to reap what you have sown.
What shall the harvest be?
First, an impaired will. Slavery
of any sort is bad enough, but to be
In tbe bondage of your own will, and
to be held captive hy your own pas
sions and weaknesses, this is Inde
scribably sad. This makes tho strong
weak, the good evil, tho rich poor,
and the poor it crushes down to com
pleto despair.
Second, it casts a shadow upon
others. Hore aro live acts lu a sin
tragedy which should bo kept tn
mind :
First. Picture a young man. leav
ing home, his mother's arms abolit
his neck, her kisses upon his cheek.
His father, with a strained look on
his countenance, takes him by tho
hand, saying, "Come, son, it ls tinto
to go." And tiley are traveling to
the depot, and he is going away for
tho first time to make his way in the
Second picture: Ile has been un
usually successful. Barriers have dis
appeared beforo him. and success has
como to him almost in tho first of
his life in tho groat eily. And his
parents tell the story with shining
Third picture: We hear the sound
of marriago bells, because he stands
by tho side of a young girl whom ho
has asked to share his fortunes. They
are at the altar of tho church, and in
tho sound of sweet music they are
made husband and wife.
Fourth picture: A home of wretch
edness and despair, for in an un
guarded moment ho yielded to temp
tation. Tho demon of his nature was
arousod. Ho forgets his old-parents,
?his loy ul wife and little baby!
I'M tb: Thr?? ..ravi'.'- Die grave of
a man-who sow ?d the wind and reap
ed tho whirlwind; tito grave of a
j havo been in the first flush of happi
ness; the grave of a little baby who
died for lack of nourishment.
Tho first crop you reap from sin
is an impaired will; the second", mis
ery for others; thc third, wretched
ness for ono's self, which is inde
scribably awful. And all sin will
bring this.
Xever was a truer word spoken
than this: "Whatsoever a niau sow?
eth that shall he also reap." But
there is a way of escape, and only
ono. and it stretches out from Just
where you aro this evening. If you
attempt to tim vol along tho road of
your own choosing you will lind it
most difficult. If you say, I am de
termined to reform-If you have de
cided that from now on you will lead
a better life, two things will confront
First, what about tho old life?
Second, who is going to help you
lead a new life?
If you will repent-that is, bo sor
ry for sin, so sorry that you will
leavo it alone-if you will accept
Christ and obey Him and confess
Ulm, God will tako tho penalty of
tho broken law, and Ho will turn
asido the teaching of tills text so
- .
Lift Off with Fingers
Doesn't hurt a blt! Drop a little
"Froozono" on nn aching corn, in
stantly that corn stops hurting, thon
shortly you lift it right off with
fingers. Truly!
Your druggist soils a tiny bottle of
"Froozone" for a few cents, sufficient
to romovo ovory hard corn, soft corn
or corn between the toes, and tho
calluses, without soroness or Irrita
that i ts,, crushing blow docs not fall
upon you.
In New York city i * v?r?l y en ia ago
therb was a ?young ?naityied -oolety
girl, who, bocoming iaCativ.Mv.i with
her chauffeur, rj?n u w$y. .'.'ter u
while her, husband scoured n ivorco,
and sho married he> for n i ihauf
feur, and then aft-r n while sho
found out what un awful n i ; ' e sho
had made. Sile found tba' :h'j was
tied to a follow who, wau nr.' uducat
ed, who couldn't undent; nd the
things she was into vested nt, and
they had nothing in . 'jhmUn rtyo a
commin passion, lier eoe i d circle
w'as closod against her, and ?ho real
ized that all sho had life Wai 'tlfled
because of her assoc : ioa.i with this
follow.. Sho deckled lo lake hoi own
life, and left a lette u? #0i former
husband, which was i . COR?M : "You
and 1 were hoodie. - and ynical
through living In thi- reckless city
of New York. Wo may laug ' it the
old thipgs like law and i ol?j ; ai whoa
they say, 'Thou sha! noT. * .may'
think that was writ en for dd fo
gies. Also we may -neer t' 'Tho
wages of sin is deaM>.' bm, ?red,
tliore comes to all ol us, ij?m time,
the knowledgo that law ano religion
Eire right. What they say shall
not do, we cannot do wtthjoitI ?ffer
ing. I have learned that ';: ages
of sin is death'-it ls wot it 's
hell on earth'." 1
If you reap a harvest m what
of the hereafter?
Five minutes after I die,
Faces will sigh over inj S?R tee,
Dear ones will clasp ino b >vlng
Shadows of darkness .viii the
Fivo minutes after I r
But tho faces that so : ?v Vi fall to
The voices that mu...ur Jw i ll not
reach me
But where-oh, when will . spir
it he
Five minutos after I die?
Now I can stille convie 'rua ?ed,
Now I can silence tho voice o1 oard,
Tben-tho fulfilment ot lits . rd-,
Oh, woo ls me if my spul i? w? ?
Five minutes after I die.
Ono may escape the o xe iv lon of
the broken law only i:> one . y, A
quick acceptance of Jostle Oh will
turn aside tho crushing blow that
it may fall on the sh on blot >f the
Son of God. I ask and pl" that
you stop playing the '"ooh 'on't
commit mornl and SpMlitoJ suicido,
! can , ray for you, bu yon alone can
si Ive i . awful f ol m. ..'x'on can
Square your shouldoi como dove
; ie s Isle to rion foss ! kim chrk;t aa
your'Lord and as your ; av four. Re
ligion is not to weep i yo iv a.-.nd
kerchief, it is not tears . . An-, emo
tion, but it is the will .vhic.ii decides
whether you will acct pi love
offer of Jesus Christ.
To Stop a Coug Quick
cough medicine which sto ? tin cough by
healing ?.he inflamed and ?irita ted tissues.
A box of GROVE'S 0 I I i-f KATE
SALVE tor Chest Colds, Head Colds and
Croup is enclosed with eve). bottle of
HAYES* HEALING HONE .' tho ?alvo
should be rubbed on the chest ind throat
of children suffering from {.'.?> i or Croup.
Thc healing effect of Hayes' li Uonoy in
side tho thront combined with tl n hrnlmg effect of
Grovo'a O-Pcu-Trato Snfrc thro Uli '" IWO* of
thc skin soon 6tops a couMh.
Both remedies arc pocked Ino mut the
cost of tho combined treatment it IS
Just ask your druggist for HAYES
Asks Them to Entertain and Work
for Salo of Christmas Seals.
Dr. L. A. Riser, campaign manager
for the Christmas Bond and Christ
mas Seal sale of Gie South Carolina
Tuberculosis Association, has writ
ten letters to thc vartouss schools of
the State asking thom to put on some
form of entertainment or stunt to
raise funds with which to buy Christ
mas Bonds and Christmas Hoals.
Tho Hickory Hill school, in Leo
county, has responded with a* chock
for $5.00 with which to pinchase a
Christmas Bond. This bond will be
the first ono to bo delivered when
tho Chrsltmas Bond and Christmas
Seal salo formally opens on Dec. 1st.
Replies have already como from a
number of tho schools promising to
raiso funds in some way in ordor to
buy at least ono Christmas Bond.
Among theso roplies aro somo fron)
the negro schools throughout the
State, who havo generously prom
Isod tholr hearty co-operation In put
ting over tho Christmas Bond and
Christmas Soal salo in ordor that tho
fight against thc dread disease, tu
berculosis, may bo carried to a Anish.
Influenza Serious in York.
York, S. C., Nov. 29.-Benjamin
Blalock, his wifo, Mrs. Ada Blalock,
and oldest daughter, Miss Esther
Blalock, havo dlod here sinco Friday
of influenza and ' pneumonia. Four
other members of * tho family are
sick wjith tho malady. Scores of
cases aro roportod In tho town,
The Canadian government has a
good wild bord of buffalo protoctod
in Alberta.
Period of Good Will ?nd Kindly
Thought for Others, Mott Im
portant dn Calendar.
HAT if, as a Scrooge-like
cynic inthnntca, the Christ
mas , spirit comos to us
but once a year, not oveb
he will attempt to assert
that we are not the hotter for lt. Think
what it would mean, if that period of
good will and kindly thought for
others were dropped from our calen
dar. No blessed Interruption to our
too generally self-centered lives; no
yearly oasis of brotherly sentiment to
purge us, however temporarily, of self
ishness and cause us, if only for a
few days to think of making others
Pre-eminently tho. children's festi
val, ns of? right it should be since It
! commemorates the nativity of tho
Christ Child, lt transforms us all,
i whatever our years, into children of
I larger growth. We experience anew
! tho glad expectancy of childhood, tho
I thrill that far surpasses any reallza
I tion, and find our greatest pleasure lu
! the slinplo childish emotions of love
i and Joy.
? And this Is the noblest Christmas*
i gift, tho gift of the true Christmas
j spirit that captures and takes pos
( session of each one of us, "Except yo
i be converted and become ns little cbll
i dron ye shall not enter Into the king
? dom of beaven."-Pittsburgh Dis?
i patch.
; *-sssgg?K^sf?t
.Gally Plumed Bird Formerly One of
tho Principal Delicacies at Yule
tide Feaets.
DICKEN pie, beefsteak pie,
and pumpkin pie, not for
getting apple pie and cheese,
the great American Institu
tion-all of those have n
familiar ring to our ears, but who
of us has ever tasted the famous
English dainty of dainties, peacock
pie? Yet at one timo, this was a
favorite Christmas dish which was
brought In with a great deal of cere
mony by the lady, most distinguished
I in all the company for beauty and high
position. Many times this dish was
garnished with the hoad and tall of
the peacock In such a way as to ap
pear that the bird was alive. Knights
made vows over it to break spear In
j defense of beauty and distress. It was
this ceremony which gove rise to tho
I once popular oath "by cock and plo."
Probably the use of the peacock
! pie as a Christmas dish arose from
i the old belief that the flesh of the pea
i cock ls Incorruptible which of course
i would make It a symbol of immortal
ity and new lifo.
To the people of today the peacock
is a sj i ?I ?ol of \ nntt v.
; ??>-C?C??>-.
! Season Supposed to Control the Des
tiny of Cblldron Born at
Gladsome Time.
_ i
N OLD superstition says
that it is lucky to be born
on Christmas Day.
French peasants believe
that In addition to hoing
lucky Christmas Dny babies have tho
gift of prophecy; while in Silesia
there is a belief that a boy born on
i Christmas .Day will become either a
lawyer or a thief.
Among Vosges peasants, children
born on Christmas Eve aro supposed
to be endowed with what ls vulgarly
termed "a good gift of the gab,*' while
those born on Christmas Day are sup
posed to have less tongue and bettor
reasoning powers. A daughter born on
Christmas Day will grow up to be
wise, witty, and virtuous.
A curious^bequest for the benefit of
Christmas Day bald s was left by n
man who died in 10lo. By the terms
of his will each child born In tho
testator's native town on December
25th receives five pounds ns a birth
day gift.
To Cure a Cold io One Day
stop? tho Cough and Headache and works ort the
Cold. E. W. GROVE'S signature on each box. 30a
Newberry In V. S. Senate-He Will
Enter Senate With No Strings.
Lansing, .Mich., Nov. 20.-M?yor
James Couzins, of Detroit, * lo-day
was appointed by Governor A, J.
Groosbock as United States Senator
from Michigan to fill tho unexpired
torm of formor Senator Truman H.
Newberry, who resigned recently.
Mayor Couzins has accepted tho
appointment, according to announce
ment made by tho Governor.
The notification of his appoint
ment has boen forwarded to Mr.
Couzins in New York city, whore lie
wont to spend Thanksgiving with bia
daughter, a college student. .
The Governor announced that Mr.
Couzins, who has gained nntlon-wlde
proniinonco through his municipal
railway venture In Detroit, would
tako his seat In tho Sen;.lo as soon as
his Detroit affairs could ho arrangod.
Announcement of tho appointment
followed a week's survoy of tho moro
than half a hundred candidates.
"Mr. Couzins hecomos Senator with
not a string attached," tho Governor
said. "Ho made no promlsos, and 1
exacted none. Ho will have my full
and hearty co-operation."
information Concerning Two Com
rades of Orr's Regiment.
Editor Keowco Courier:
In case you publish tho letter oi
Capt. .lames ll. Doyle, written to
me from his Texas homo,, (Cran
bury), will you please alio wine a
small space to greatly thunk him for
information that two of my old Con
federate comrades are still living in
tho great Lone Star State of Texas
members of our old Company F, of
Orr's Regiment, namely, Levi Kelly
and Charlie .Mason,whom 1 had given
up as dead, not having heard from or
of either of them for moro than Hf ty
yours. I 'gladly placo thom wttth
thoso of us yet Hying, namely, W. 1?.
Mauldin, Waynesboro, .Miss.; Josiah
Perkins, pallon, Ga.; Hamilton Cros
by, Boiling Springs, Spartanburg
county, South Carolina; Levi' Kelly
and Charlie Mason, Texas, and the
writer (S. K. Dendy, Sr., Seneca, S.
C.) There aro only six of us to-day,
so far as/I know, who can answer to
our roll-call, out of 135 men who
wero "sworn into tho service of tho
Confed?ralo States of America on
July 20th, 18G1, at Sandy Springs,
Anderson District, Sputh Carolina
only six living members of Com
pany F.
I would greatly thank Capt. Doylo
)f he. will (oi cnn) (jive mo the nost
ofiico address of Coinrade^Kolly a ml
Comrade Mason. And through bini
i sw aid extend to them (ind himself
a cordial invitation to joni us at our
51st annual reunion (of Orr's Regi
ment), which, by kind invitation ex
tended to this historic body by the
mayor and U. D. C's of Soncca, will
bo hold hero in August, 1923. Capt.,
Doyle is a forceful writer, very blunt
in his words and expressions. Ho is
a graduato of "Bounty Land Col
lege," having finished there in 1857
or 1858. *
To my old comrades, yet spared
to live: We all well remember that
wo lived on sugar cane stalks, green
1 apples and good parchod corn whilo
wo wero led hy that greatest of all
soldiers, Stonewall Jackson.
But let tho good old crop adorn
Tho Ii ills our fathers trod;
Still lot us for his golden corn
Sond up our thanks to God.
Sinco?-"iy, S. K. Dendy, Sr.
Seneca, S. C., Nov. 29, 1922.
Mr. Doyle's Letter.
.Qrnnbury, Toxas.'Nov. 18, 1922.
Dear Uncle:
It has rained hero for throe dnys
and nights, tito period Jonah ls said
to have boon in tho whale's bolly.
During thoso throo days I havo read
a groat deal. 1 dug down in tho ori
ental archives and dug up Billio's
letter to you, published in The Cou
rier, naming nearly all tho "smar4
sot" that wont to "Bpunty Land Col
logo" in 1858. y observed that ho
left out tho Sloan boys, who boarded
at Stoelo's; tho Whartons, of Char
"California Fig, Syrup" i;
Child's Best Laxative
Hvon a sick child loves tho "fruity"
tasto of "California Fig Syrup." Il
tho little stoihach is upset, tongue
"coated or If your child Js cross, fever
ish, full o? cold, or has colic, a' tea
spooniul will novor fhn to opon thc
bowols. In a-few boura you can sec
for yourself how thoroughly lt work*
all Ibo constipation poison, soiir bile
and waste from tho teodor littlo bow
It ts a pleasure to go to your
cake-box when you have
Laked with ROYAL Baking
Powder because it is in the
nature of a pure Cream of
Tartar Baking Powder to
keep baked foods fresh.
This meanys a real economy
and if just one of a hundred
reasons why careful house
keepers Insist upon Royal
Baking Powder? Some others
It Contains No Alum
Leaves No Bitter Taste
leston, the younger of whom was
named Marlon, and Sarah Caldwell.
In thoso halcyon days wo called her
Sara Calwell.
I noticed lu Tho Courior long ago
you named five members of Company
F. Orr's Regiment. You left out Levi
Kelly and Charllo Mason, whom 7
mot and recognized instantly at tho
Houston reunion two years ago.
Charlie showed ago a liltlo more than
Levi. t
I send to you bv parcel post to-day
a book entitled "History of Hood
County," by Thps. T. Ewell, if you
did not read it while hero, you may
find lt of somo interest, especially of
a long, wot day when you have noth
ing" else to entertain you.
Wo aro all well and getting on
about tho same old way. Ilortonse
ls boro and we look for Hillie and
Gary Thanksgiving.
Tho Ewell history covers the pe
riod when Grnnbury was a frontier
town, and tho people-most of thom
carried six-shooters. I ofton wonder
I to this day why I was so kindly
i treated hy the rough, six-shooter ele
Kind reg? rds to all.
Your nophew,
J. H. Doyle.
Walhalla, S. C.
Wants Direct Sales of Stores.
Washington, NoV. 29. - iDlrect
salo to Southern cotton farmers of
35,000 tons of surplus nitrato of soda
held by tho War Department vas
urgecLyesterday hy Senator Smith, of
South Carolina, upon Secrotary Wal
lace, of the Department of Agricul
! turo, and Secretary Weeks, of tho
?Var Department. Tho soda would
ho usod In tho planters' fighr^agalnst
tho coll?n boll weevil, and tho two
\ cabinot officers said thoy "would givo
Senator Smith's proposal immediate
Senator Smith proposed that tho
War Department n'trnto be sold at.
cost In tho samo manner in which
Cbiloan nitrates wero distributed by
> tho government a few yours ago.
Birch, beech and maplo woods aro
very similar in appearance and about,
tho samo weight, and are easily mis
taken for one another.
1 els and gives you n woll, playful child
> again. / .
Millions of mothors koop "Callfor
! nia" Fig Syrup" handy. Thoy know
? a teaspoonful to-day saves a sick
? chlld^ to-morrow. Ask your druggist
, for gonulno "California Fig Syrup,"
j which has directions for ''allies nnd
children of all ages printed i) bottle.
1 Mothorl You must say "California"
i or you may got an Imitation fig syr
. up.-adv.

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