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Don't Take Calomel! "Dodsor
Doesn't Gripe, Salivate 01
Lose a Day's Worri
Ugh! Cnlomol makes you sick. It's
horrible! Take a dose of tho danger
ous drug to-night and to-morrow you
may lose a day's work.
Calomel is mercury or quicksilver,
which caus?is necrosis of tho bonos.
Calomel, whoa it comos in contact
with .sour bile, crashes into it, break
ing il up. This is when you foci that
awful nausea and cramping. If you
aro sluggish and "all knocked out,"
if your livor is torpid and bowels con
stipated, or you havo hoadaclio, dizzi
ness, coated tongue, if breath ls bad
One .Million Cases Tuberculosis in tito
United states-10,000 in S. C.
Tlie South Carolina Tuberculosis
Association is a voluntary organiza
tion supported by thc sale of Christ
mas Seals, Bonds and a few member
Its chief function is educational
and preventive. Hs innis are to se
cure adequate legislation for tho con
trol of tuberculosis and the promo- i
lion of public health, to hold educa
tional exhibits, lectures, etc , to pro
mote the modern hon Hb crusado in
tho schools, to establish dispensaries
and have consultants for export diag
nosis, to secure adequate sanatorium
equipment, to have proper follow-up
care, public health nurses, open air
schools, examination and inspection
of school children.
There aro ono million cases of tu
berculosis in tho United Stales, and
.sixteen thousand in South Carolina.
Loss than 1 ii,800 cases are in tho
homes in which there aro twenty
thousand children.
If funds aro available for proper
treatment, sixty per cent of the cases j
in South Carolina could bo cured.
Thoro wore 1.S35 don tbs from tu
berculosis in South Carolina last
year. Every seven th ooo th ls from
tuberculosis. There is ono death
from tuberculosis ' every three end
ono-half minutes. Tho loss, economic
and potential, l? Sie?'er.,ono a year ..
Sfj,Q0tl for bft?b denlli a sear. Il
cost? aol cbunty in thc State mote
than luxes. '
drove's Tasteless chill Tonic restores
Energy und Vitality by Purifying and
Enriching tho Blood. When you feel its
strengthening, invigorating effect, see how
It brings color to the cheeks and how
it improves the appetite, you will then
appreciate its true tonic value.
^Grove's Tasteless chill Tonic Is simply
Iron and Quinine suspended In syrup. So
pleasant even children like it. The blood
needs QUININE to Purify it and IKON to
Enrich it, Destroys Malarial germs and
Grip germs by its Strengthening, Invigor
ating Effect. 60c.
Stores Liquor in Jail; Caught.
Greenwood, Dec. (?.-Choosing the
county Jail as the storage place for
her supply of liquor brought Kate j
*Lowis, negro trusty', sorting two ?
months for violation of. tho prohibi
tion law again Into the toils of Ute
jaw to-day when Jailer T. NV. Mc
Millan swore out ii warrant, against
the woman, charging her with stor
ing liquor. A gallon of liquor, al
leged to havo belonged lo tho wo
man, was found hy the Jailor, con
cealed in a slop Jar In tho woman's
Ka to 'Lewis had boen a trusty, and
on tho ploa of sickness had behn al
lowed to go homo occasionally. A
fow days ago sho smuggled into her
coll a slop Jar, which revealed two
quarts and ono half gallon contain
ers, filled with corn liquor when tho
Jailor romoved the cover to-day. City
police o??lcors had hoon activo In
t making searches In the neighborhood
of tho woman's house, and Jailor Mc
Millan believes sho brought tho
liquor to the Jail for safo keeping.
-."r. H Al
Storage and Insure
Liberal Cash Advanc
Interest Rate, 6 Per C
New Business.
i's LiverTone" Acts Betterand
r Make You Sick-Don't
;-Read Guarantee
or stomach sour, just try a spoonful
of harmless Dodson's Liver Tono to
More's my guaranteo: Go to any
drug store and got a hottlo of Dod
son's Livor Tono for a few cents.
Take's spoonful, and If il doesn't
straighten you right up and make
you feel fino and vigorous, 1 want you
to go hack to the store and get your
money. Dodson's Liver Tone is de
stroying tho sale of calomol because
it is a roal-livor medicine-entirely
vegetable; therefore lt cannot sali
vato or make you sick.
Hopes Held Out for Ultimate Recov
ery ol' Mr. Wilson.
Washington, Dec. S. - Woodrow
Wilson is so much better that he now
takes almost daily walks through the
streets about his residence, with no
other aid than that of a cano.
Those who have been surprised to
encounter the well known ligure say
that he really strides and does not
merely shulllc along., When ho left
the White Ilouso lie could not place
one foot ahead of" the other and had
to bo supported at every stop.
Ile has cons'.antly ridden in an au
tomobile for months, making trips
sometimes as long as forty milos. His
faco is ruddy and the lines that told
of lils suffering havo gone,
j Taken in connection with a speech
! ho made on Armistice Day from his
doorstep, with all bis old fire and
splendid choice of words, which re
vealed his volco strong as over, it is
evident that tho hermit period of tho
cx-Prosldcnt is about over. He still
denies himsolf to all but a few fa
vored visitors, and except for an oc
casional lettor, declines to bo drawn
into tho stream of public affairs.
But that he will continue to keep
out of it Is most unlikely. A realiza
tion that a mind so clear and so ac
tivo must force him Into tho arena
somehow is what makes the word
that Woodrow Wilson is walking out
Ibo bigge?! piece or news In Wash
ington to-dav.
I ' .???,.,''_~U~
.1?! i o IM ls-1 ?nri*i$ i ' ? ' Vet it ions Dismissed
Opium bis, Dee. ?. Chief .lustloO
!Gary, of tao .Supremo Court, lu-day
dismissed Ibo petitions of P. M. .T6f
? fords and Ira Harrison, undor son
1 tonco of death for tho murder of J.
, C. Arnotte, for a writ of error, ap
pealing from 'he State Courts to thc
; United States Supremo Court. This
?disposes of tho appeals in so far as
thc Stale Courts aro concerned. The
' next step probably will bo an appeal
j direct to one of the Justices of the
' United States Supreme Court for an
ov??" bringing tho cases before that
Jeffords ls under sentence to die
Dec. L'iilh. Harrison has not been re
! sentenced since the Supreme Court
confirmed his conviction.
Plies Cured In 6 to 14 Days >
Druftitlsts refund money if PAZO OINTMENT falls
to cure Itching, Blind, ftlcedintf or Protruding Piles,
hi mtly rollover Ilching Piles, nnd you cnn get
?? I'ulslccnuftcr thu that nuolictulon Price COc
Mr. Turnor to Speak at Westminster.
Roland Turnor, general agricultu
ral agent of tho Southorn Railway
Company, will speak In Westminster
Thursday, Dec. l l th, at 2.30 p. m.,
and ari Invitation ls givon to all the
farmers of Oconeo county to hear
him at that timo. Every citizen inter
ested In agricultural products and
the marketing of samo should by all
moans hoar bim. Whoo you hear him
you will ho convinced that ho knows
his business and Is on his Joh.
Mr. Turner's appearance at West
minster will bo undor tho auspices of
tho Westminster Community Longue,
which organization is looking out for
opportunities to glvo such special ad
vantages as this to tho people of our
El G ES -
ince, 30c. per month,
es OA Stored Cotton,
ent Per Annum on all
IAT, President.
IIIS Is n story of Inst 1
Christ mus day; nnd I will j
tell you right nway that lt
ended happily. But lt be- j
gins sadly. It was Christ- ;
mus day up nt tho North :
puk-, and as usual on tho j
day beforo Christmas, St. Nicholas
bud been hurried and rather grumpy.
Only this time, Mother Nicholas
thought to herself that bo was Just
a blt grumpier than she bad ever
known him. And nt suppertime she i
found that she was right.
Ile came Into the kitchen, closing i
his workshop door with n bang, and
sat down with all the little Nicholases
to bis porridge.
"Well, I've said lt beforo," he
growled, "but this time I mean it. The
children down there in the world will
get nothing from my pack this night.
It's timo they were taught a lesson."
All the little Nicholases gasped, but
Mother Nicholas only asked calmly:
"Why, what is tho matter now, fa
ther? After you've been working for
them tho whole your, you wouldn't
go and disappoint the poor dears
would you?"
"Yes, I would," declared St. Nleh- t
obis, swallowing his porridge In great j
gulps, and pretending that ho was not i
n saint at all. "Half of them go around
saying that there Isn't any St. Nicho
las, poking fun at me, aira laughing
In their sleeves. And the other half
think it makes no difference whether
they are good children or not, I'll fill
their stockings Just tho same. It's a ?
thankless Job, I tell you. And I'm j
too old a mon for lt. Sol"
"Come," said Mother Nicholas, sooth
ingly, "here is n plate of griddle cakes.
When you have eaten you will seo
things differently."
"No, when I have eaten I shall go
to bed. That's where an old fellow
like me belongs, nn old fellow who
children don't bellove In.'.'
Mother saw that he was determined,
and that thero was nothing to do for
lt, since griddle cakes wouldn't help.
So she put her finger to her Hps to
motion the children silent, and went
on quietly about her work. And when
St. Nicholas hud finished his supper,
bb did roll away to hedi only telling
tho little Nicholases to !>o sure uo hang
their stockings, for they luid boen good
children nil the year and still bb)loved
In bim.
Tho minuto the door closed behind
him the little Nicholases burst Into
excited chatter. "Oh, what a pity I
Those poor children 1 Surely there >
must bo sonni good ones ! Oh dear,
what fun will Christmas bo to us If
nil the children in the world down
thero are unhappy !"
.'What indeed I" Mother Nicholas
shook her head and looked often nt
"Yes, I Would," Declared St. Nicholas.
the closed door, behind which St. Nich
olas could already be heard snoring.
"And tho reindeer!" cried tho old
est boy, "what will they do without
their yearly exercise? It seems ns
though father might.have gone, If only
for their sakes."
Mother Nicholas thought so, too.
And nt that minute they heard the
reindeer's little hoofs beating on tho
hard snow crust at tho door. Wise lit
tle beasts l St. Nicholas had nover
delayed tho Ohrlstnuis-Eve Journey so
long before, and so boro they were
to save him the troublo of going for
thom. The Nicholas children felt that'
they never could face the poor llttlo
reindeer's disappointment.
But what was Mother Nicholas do
ing so busily over thero by the cup
board? Tho children looked In amaze
ment. It was seldom that mother
loft the snowhouse ot any time of day.
And here she was, aftor dark, and
Christmas Evo, too, putting on ber
hood and cape, and pulling on her
gauntlets 1
"Are you going to drive the rein
deer back to the stables?" asked tho
oldest boy. "Oh, please, let me. Fa
ther always lots mo, you know."
Mother shook her head. "I'll not bo
driving thom back to the stables un? I
ttl this night's work ls done," she said,
[i'll you're awake when wo get back,
you m ny do lt as always."
How the children stared I "Was little
old mother going all alone on that j
long, wild drive over towns and for? i
csts abd oceans and up and down 1
'chimneys, and goodness knows where, [
without UH kin g st. Nicholas If she 1
mightT v
Yes, that was Just what she was
going to do I "For, when a good j
thing needs doing," she said brightly, I
"no permission Is needed."
"Keep the lire going, bo sure that I
the baby bus the fur rug well up I
around his chm, and give youi father j
a good breakfast when he wakes," she
culled over her shoulder and was away j
out of the door almost before they !
had realized that she was going. They i
heard the scampering of tho reindoor j
hoofs, faster the dimmer they got, and
then Just tho stillness of the North
That was last Christmas Eve. And
If you ask any child who lay awake i
to seo St. Nicholas, and pooped out
with ono oyo, nil the time pretending
to be fast asleep, lie will toll you that
it wasn't St. Nicholas he saw at all.
It was Just' a tiny, sprightly old lady j
j With frosty white curls and a red hood, j
who filled naughty Willie's stocking ?
Just as full as good Marguerite's, and
I St. Nicholas Welcomed Her Back Af
' left many more bon-bons In both than
I was usual. That peeping child will
nlso tell you that before she went
back up the chimney, she gave baby
I a kiss on his pink cheek, a thing st.
' Nichols? (who ls ns afraid of babies
us t pUrgtur, is, af.:1 for th? s?>mo rea?
son) bits neyer beim known to do.
And mother, will you helles e mo,
In spite of having stopped to kb? all
tho babies, e.-.is bach ni th< North
pole a ' whole hour earlier than St.
Nicholas had ever been able to mako
it, oven In bis younger days. Uer
* work was well (lone, tool But in
spite of the early hour, she found the
children and her husband walting for
her. St. Nicholas welcomed her bnck
more affectionately than the children.
"I woke in tho middle of the night,"
he said, "out of such a horrid dream
j all about crying children and sad
I mothers. Bless you, good wife, for
; not letting that dream come truol"
? "Ob, don't mention lt," said Mother
! Nicholas. "It was no trouble at all.
Indeed, It did me good. I think, fa
ther, slnco you aro getting so old, I
: will take over Uris job myself from
now on." /
I St. Nicholas looked thoughtful at
' that. Ho paced up and down the
I floor. Then he enme and stood In
1 front of Mother Nicholas, straighten?
i lng up and looking almost as young
. as in bis early days.
"No, motlier," he said firmly. "A
woman's place ls In the home. I'll at
tend to the business hereafter, Ithank
And mother, who, after all, only
wanted everybody to be happy, made
him some griddle cakes for his break
But that was last year, the year
you got a stocking full, even though ?
you hadn't been so very good. This
year you had better watch out, for
it is old St. Nicholas himself you have
to deal with.
Church robberies are common In
Middle Europe to assuage tho craze
for collecting religious art.
Automobllo fuel and various oils
for tho paint trade aro now being
produced from Now Zoaland's znurl
gum deposits.
Unloss you seo tho naroo "Bayor"
on packago or on tablets, you aro not
gottlng tho genuine Bayer product
! proscribed by physician* ovor twenty
, two yoars and proved safo by mil
! lions for colds, hondacho, toothache,
neuralgia, lumbago, rheumatism,
Sm HtS
Making th
First Start
Wc all feel sometimes
wc have is toe small to start
conception? Make thc start
the balance will be easy?
Large estates have been i
?g Start Savings A
Our officers and directoi
fuljbusiness men. They arc
with your financial troubles.
We solicit you deposits
Prompt services to all b
Bank o??W
Phone 3
Wcst Uni
my friends and the public to !
the Stock of Groceries fo
Bruce, in West End, Senec
tinue to carry a full linc of
connection with this will al
- Real Dinner:
from H A. fl
When in Seneca give us
but that's not all-buy you
we've got just what you n?
West End, U I C?\| I
Sencca,S.C. IV. J. Olli
ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty
ty A?TUM?N. ty
ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty. ty
(By J. Fred Fowler.)
in the luxuriant days of fall,
When tho cotton fields are white,
We Halen to the insects' call,
Through frosty mists, on moon
light nights.
Tho corn in shocks does shine;
Haystacks in cantonment style
look grand.
Autumn season is the superb ti me j
As pumpkins appear thick In farm
The golden leaves glisten by day,
Brooks wind their way to ocean
Making us think the race may
Yet in glorious honors ho won.
Viewing, we think of old ago
That comes uninvited to all;
But according to the Holy Page
Wo should obey commands if small
To Stop a Cough Quick
cough medicino which stops the cough by
healing the Inflamed and irritated tissues.
SALVE for Chest Colds, Head Colds and
Croup is enclosed with every bottle of
should be rubbed on the chest and throat
of children suffering from a Cold or Croup.
The healing" effect of Haya' Heal ?mi Honoy in
aldcytlio throat combined with (lie healmg effect ot
Grove's O-Pea-Trato Salve through tho pores of
thc skia soon stops a cough. '
Doth remedies aro packed in one carton and the
COSt Of tho combined treatment ls 35c,
Just ask your druggist for HAYES*
Mechanically Assisted.
(Now Bedford Standard.)
Von Jay-"I supposo Henry Ford
is what you would call a solf-mado
Van Puff-"No; ho is what I'd
call a machine-made man."
m you buy Aspirin
neuritis, and for pain in gonoral. Ac
cept only "Bnyor" packago, which
contains proper directions. Handy
boxes of twolvo tabletsv cost few|
cents. Druggists nlso soil bottles of
24 and 100. Aspirin is tho trade
mark of Bayer Manufacturo ot Mono
acoticacldcslor of Salloylicacld.
that thc amount of money
to save. This is the wrong
with what you have and
>uilt from saving small sums.
ccount To-Day *ie
.s arc experienced, success
i always willing to help you
on Savings or Checking
usiness entrusted to us.
est Union,
on, S. C.
-Phone 3
know that I have purchased
rmerly owned by C. A.
a, S. C., where I will con
Fresh Groceries, and in
so serve
s, 40 Cents -
ll, to 3 P. M.
a call, get your dinner/
r Flour, Lard and Meat;
cd to Eat.
Seneca, S.C.
Ail porsona having olalms against
Oconee County, WHO HAVE NOT
Clerk of the Hoard, will pleaso pre
sent them during the month of DE
CF M HER, duly itemized and voriflod
under oath. If you havo already sont
in your claim, however, ploase do not
do so again, ns it is unnocossary and
also confusing.
.1. 13. S. DENDY, Clork.
Doc. G, 1922. -19-52
Notico ls hereby given that the un
dersigned will inake application to
V. F. Martin, Judge of Probate, tor
Oconee County, in tho State of South
Carolina, nt his office at Walhalla
Court House, on SATURDAY, the
30th day of Decomhor, 1922, at ll
o'clock In tho forenoon, or as soon
thereafter as said application cnn ho
hoard, for leavo to mn ko Final Sot
tloment of tho lOstato of GEORGE M-?
McICEE, Deceased, and obtain Final
Discharge as Surviving Executor of
tho said Estate.
Surviving Executor of the Estate of
George M. McKee, Deceased.
Dec. 6, 1922. 49-52
, All persons indebted to the Estate
of B. J. MOODY, Docoasod, aro
hereby notified to make payment
to tho undersigned,' and all porsona
having claims against said Estate
will pr?sent the same, duly attested,
within the timo prescribed by law,
or be barred.
Mrs. R. E. MOODY,
and J. M. MOODY,
Executors of tho Estate of B. J.
Moody, Docoasod,
Salom, S. C.
Nov. 22, 1922. 47-50
Notice is hereby given that tho un
dersigned will make application to
V. F. Martin, Judgo of Probate for
Oconoo County, in tho State of South
Carolina, at bis office at Walhalla
Court Houso, on Thursday, tho 21st
day of December, 1922, at ll o'clock
In tho forenoon, or ns soon there
after as said application can be
beard, for leave to make final settle
ment of tho Estato of MRS. SARAH
A. SINGLETON, Docoasod, and ob
tain Final Discharge as Executors of
said Estate.
Executors of the Estate of Mrs. Sarah
' A. Singleton, Doceasod.
Nov. 22, 1022. . 47-50
Tho maximum capacity of tho Con
gressional library at Washington ls
somo four million volumes.
May 29, 1022, was tho l8Cth an
niversary bf tho birth ot Patrick
1 Henry, ... _.'
? ; T'

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