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The Pickens sentinel. [volume] (Pickens, S.C.) 1871-1903, March 06, 1873, SUPPLEMENT, Image 1

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_ p.__r^ ^ o^~MAIl(JlI C, 1873 "
A -i- ? * ~
ci iLe .Legislature.
Tho'loWowinjj "Acl* ot ficnornl interest,
|?:i-?Ko?i by tlio present (jeuernl
Atit*einhly have been approved, and
iiro 1 aw k in lorcc, viz :
All A el to C'iif.ir<-i> ? l">
_ - - W v * v III VJ III, U I
the pull tax.
An Act to incorporate the State
Auxiliary Joint JMoek company.
An Act to authorize County (Courts
of certain comities to levy and collect
mi additional i.-ix for certain purposes.
An Act to reIVr 11> the qualified voters
ol Barnwell llie location ol 11?e
county seat.""
An Act to provide f?>r the purchai
' - . i
. .-v. o wi .! ini^-ji i mi iff> iniMie Jur l lie lit hi
| JlliyillOlll ?>f l:.XCS, &c.
An Ad to revise smd junend jm Act
:iiii] to rcdnci* nil Ails jKTtainiii'f lu
tin* homestead into 0110 Ai-i
Aii Ail lo aiuiid iion 0, chapter
02, ol ilie General Sinlutup.
An Act to require llie State and
comity ollicors eluctcd by' the iieonle
j to qualify wiliiiu lliii ty days jif'lcr roi
j cciviupj officii.I notification licreuf.
An Act to extend llic t'ui.o Jur olli>
- - ? iWMft. -
| M *'
.An Act to repeal Sot: I ions 5, G sind 7
oi plt:r 83; of lint Oi oiiora! Si;il utes.
An Acl to nniond Section 17, Chap
U r 14, (?!' the (Jcuor.iI Statutes.
Joint Itosoltuion to provide nn ?) MI'Oliriill
ion I'ti- ll>? <in..i -
t .v> .....11 | 1.11 llll'll L oil
J= mis purchased by llic Stale in Darlington
c.o tuny.
An Act to incorporate the South
<iarolina Agricultural and -.Mechanical
Society. ** '
An Act to amend Section 2, Chap- i
tcr 25, ot tlio General Suitutes.
Aii Act to amend Section 12. Chap- ,
tcr ll)3, oi'the General Statutes.
An Act to fix l!ie tiinu. of holding (
the April term (A the Si.pretne Court.
An Act-to empower the Supreme t
VvOin i 10 name issues unrt (Inert tlie i
ha me to bo tried in the Circuit Court, i
and to order referees in certain cases.
An Acl concerning school hinds.
* ,'An Act In I'lM-lllsltr* flir. ' ' (
" ' r """v v?i v nti \ ll'U Ul
process issuing from the Supreme eonrt i
An Acl, to antend chapter 120 ol llie '
CJeners:! Statute^ ?>l the State. ^
An Act to amend an Aet lu incor?
poralo ccrtaiu fire engine companies. *
An Act to amend an Act cnlilled 1
"An Act to ^rant, roncw nhd amend
itic charter of certain towns and villa{..CH."
A n Actio amend .Sections 08 90
and 100 <jJlt!UUcr 17.-of?ili??
Sliitu lop.
An Aft In pv.nihil any person or
poisons wlio hliii I Hi;ll or emivi'v :inv
lenl .jiruju-rly. &v. on wliieh :i lk-n of
smv Uiiul iniiy exist, without jjivin^
noi ice <?l' sjifh lien t<"> llic purehstSeivt.
All A <-l l<> I'/'#! II !ri? <'
. _ . , .J.,.. ? v*MII Ml
sinners to give homJ before entering
on iheir duties.
An Art t?> amend the An chartering
r<-i lain towns :i:i<J villages,
.I.iiiit lexilntion an!horizing and requiring
the .State Treasurer to |r.?y and
cancel the notes and certificates issued
in payment for furnishini; the hull of
tln? lloii-c ol' IJepreseatalives, &c.
Joint resolni i?>n tornlily tlie amendment
to tho Oonstii mion relating to
tin* increase ol tlie Stale dolit.
.An Act lor I lie. bettor protection <^f
religion* worship.
An Aet io inal<o Appropriation for
llll! ll!I I'lllKl.l ? < ^..1.. < . I.
,..v v ... i.n j ui iiic inuincere, '
iVc. -- --- - -- i
An'A''l nntIioriscin? the Attorney '
Cioncr:il to cominotwe procccilin^s n* j
!r:iin<l the Commissioners ui lliu ^.ink- (
in<* Funil.
An Am In nnionfl tho net to provide
fur t lie election < > I the ol'ieer* nl' iiw>
incorporated cities and towns in the ;
Stale. ' i
Mrs. (5en. John Jj. Floyd lias pre- 1
^onled to Mai ilia College,"Abingdon,''
\ a., t lie folh wins'" inioi-.-si inn t
? v * *o * v " 1 v'?l
viz: The handsome gilded and figured :
I tin a tea t-?; j > and saucer used by Gen *
\\ ashinglun ; :i hirjje photograph liko- '
iess of her "brother, iren. Joan S. Pros- 1
on. the distinguished orator of South 1
Carolina; a transparent eryslal taken c
rom the mountain of Tazewell couns
y. Yn. beautifully out and engraved f
n Paris; n small statue of Gen. %. c
J'aylor, and Indian relies. Besides c
.hese, Mrs. Floyd presented to the En- j
erpean Literal1}' Soeiety 10i> valuable
joolcs.' t
Ksepin^ Old Sliosp.
SliccpAhlioiiUI ncycr Ik1 ki-|?t until
lliey !? t-e lheir teeth; n very little tl>
nervation and more practice will enable
nnj*"poivon to toll their ago by the
front teeth, and (or the benefit of
those not posted in this art we will
jive a description of the different
Binges of their growth and decline, so
il.nl till 10:13' learn,'-jib we once hoard
nfivpcison who went to buy n floclc
of sheep, and pronounced them nil too
,.1.1 f 1?1 r- .
w.u II will iuu I i I < I OI IIII V111 ?T UO Icctll
in their upper I rout j?\v. Perhaps ho
lias loinned before lliis thai I hey nevurhad.
A lull prown sheep has liiirtv-two
leetli?eijjht incisor* in the lower
r . *
ironijaw, and mx niolai'6 on each side
in the upper and lower jaw. Tlio
lamb at birth has two incisors passing
through the gums. . ^Vhcn about u
month old, it has ciirht comparatively
short, narrow ones. At about a year
uld, sometimes a ]itulv mere, tho ecus
Iral or ';latnb teeth'7 are shed and re
placed by 1 wo broad, teeth. Tito lamb
Leeth con lid no to be plied annually
ind replaced by broad teetli, until tbo
sbeep lias eight incisors of sccotid
growth, when it is full tnoulbcd, which
s :\l the ??! i'<><>r yearn.
At six years old the incisors gcncrilly
begin to diminish in breadth and
use nicir ianlikc shape. At sevo'n
Lliey become long and narrow, stand
ibout perpendicular with respoct to
;aeh other, have lost their round, cnting
edge, and so continue to diminish
mlil at about the a^o of ten years
hoy become loose and begin to drop
A Sneer.?A knerr is the weapon* <
>t ibe weak. .Like oliier evii weup>?8.
it is :?1 \v1\3-B cur.ninglj" read}' to *
>ur hands, and there is moro poison
n tlio handle than in the point. But
io\v many nohlc hearts have withered
villi il? vcnoinotiF stab and *l'ottered
vith its Bubtlo malignity.

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