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Mi nil ~WKL' it
m nc&jg s^hbl
;a. r, lMP^4rMriw
PICKKNS, 8. C., 8&M* &
Term* of ftubMcri?sUou.
One Yenr $1 GO
*wttiW.iir "'M"
Advertisements inserted at the rate of ?1 00
tier ?nuai>>. of nlhe linen, oh Ltins. fot (he
first insertion, nod 60 cents for each tmbaequcnt
Contracts mride for TiiRfcr,'six or twbt.vk
monMiB, on favorable terirfv.
Advertisements not haviug the number of
insertions' uiurkcd on tliefifl, 1?]11 bo published
until forbid and charged ncworditiftly. |
Those luiTub aro so simple any cUild may
understand tflem, Nino lines <s nNiqtaarc-?
i,no inrtli Tn ava**\j? inatanaa w? a1?o\??-a k.?
?? "J
(be ?paou occupied, as eight or len hues can
be made to occupy tour or Hvo <jquaros, as the
advertiser way wiSli, ami ia charged by Iho
Advortisers will j.le^jo stale tho number
of squares they wish their advertisements
to make.
flfcjy Business men who advertise to be
Knr>o?it(?rl n.ill I- ~:?.l ?!.-? il. ~
bKNUNEI. has a largo and increasing circulation,
and in taken by I lie very class of
^ergons whose trade they desire.
Advertisinc Airenta.
a ?o ?
Tlio following avo the only author
izcd agents to rocoivo adverusomonts
for this paper:
Goo. P. Howell & Co., 41 Pat k Row
JL 1 V TV 1 V/ I I\ .
VYallcoi-, Evans & Cogswell, repieBen
tod by Koawell T. Logan, Charlesten,
S. C.
We will accept cnshin-advanco or
dere from other ngcnoicn, nt rooeonabio
Wo can givo no advortisomont prof
Vonco in position,
ni? f\ - . . / -
inc .uomocrais swept toe btate ot
California on tho 2<1 inst. Tho vote
for Governor stands: Darwin,
Democrat, 43,000 ; Phelps, lio publican,
25,000 ; Baldwell, Independent,
15,000. Tho Doinocrats havo an
overwhelming majority in the Legislature.
The Democratic tidal wave
foils on, and will sweep the whole
country in '76.
Constitutional Conventions.?^i'he
Alabama constitutional convention
convened 111 Montgomery on the Gth
inst., General L. P. Walker, first
secrotary of war of tlie Confederate
ouiiua, wits CnGScii l^rcsiucnt by nc
clamation, Republicans and Democrats
all voting for him.
Th e Constitutional convention of
N oj th Carolina convened in Raleigh
the same day. The pa rtiea ' being
nearly equally divided, the vote for
President was llunsora, Democrat,
59 ; Dotkery, Republican, 58. The
Djinoci a s have a majority, and will
i!o.il>tlas effect an organization, and
iomi u now cunbtitution for North
A dispatcjKlrOm Clinton, Miss.,
datcdJyi^T'lij says that in a fight
?ftfHlat place between the whites and
negroes, about forty negroes were
killed and many wounded. The negroes
ecattored in every direction,
and tho whites held tho town. The
negro leaders are said to be in Jackson.
Tho Governor called upon
General Georgo, Chairman of the
Democratic Executive Committee^ to
assist in restoring order. Quiet has
been restored. Wo deplore these
bloody conil:cts between the races,
but the negro lenders are determined
to bring them abjut, in the vain
hope of keeping tbe Republican fablie
from falling to pieces. Such
conflicts can only terminal in one
way?ttie utter defeat of the negroes,
and we hope they will learn
wisdom before it is too late for them.
T?ik Shell Murder. ? Albert
Parks ond Abraham Dial, who were
some tiino ago committed to jail in
Laurens county, for the killing oi
.Dr. Shell, were brought beforo Judge
Mackey, in Columbia, on Saturday
fast, under a Wfit of habeas corpus
and after the submission of affidavits
and argument of counsel, were ro
leased without day and allowed to
go "scot free." It will bo remembered
that Parka is tho individual
who fled immediately after tho kil->
Hug of Dr. Shell, and was captured
in Washington City last spring, by
Capt. Alloy, ot Spartanburg, and
brought baek to Greenville, where
be made affidavit before Trial Justico
McBco that he, with others wore
hired by Joe Crows to commit tho
murder, and that Adam Crews, son
of Joe, lead tho band. This iellow
now makes oath that through ins
timidation and the promise of reward
< .1.. '. * '* --'^T '" 1_
lured tools ot Joe Urows, was swili
oient tor ihw |ihVpos?, and Uncle Joo
is still allowed to go unwhipped ot
justice. This is jtiBt a*ye ,oxpeafed
when the disclosure was made. Old
is too smart a villifin to be ertsily
caught. But murder will out, and
bis turn, at 'the end of the rOj)C,;
nia^ ij&t bo a3far in tho futuro a? ho
probably imagines.
' 0
Third Aiiiiit'orKui'v of ilift .
Pit'kciw County fiiblc
Pursuant to provioiiB appointment,
the tl?lrd anniversary ot t|jo
Pickcns County I31tflo Society, was
celebrated at the Methodist Episcopal
Church at this place, on Sunday
I ... O i K 1 OT2
morning, ou[)i.. u, io|u.
The annual sermon was delivered
by ltev. Edwin A. Bolles, District
Supe?% ten debt of the American
Biblrfj Society for South Carolina.
" After the sermon, the Society was
callcd to order, and Prof. J. 11.
Carlisle, President, took the chair.
After prayer, the Rev. Mr. Bolles
addiessed the meeting in his usual
pleasant and impressive stylo.
A collection was then taken, and
officers elected tor the ensuing year,
Prof. J. II. Carlisle, President;
Rev. W. B. Singloton, First Vice
President; G. W, Singloton, Second
Vice President; Alonzo M. Folgcr,
Corresponding Secretary; W;n. A.
Lesley, Treasurer and Depositary.
On motion ot Col. J. E. Ilagood,
thoChair appointed a committco of
tlireo to draft resolutions on the
death of our worthy brother and
efficient Treasurer and Depositary,
Capt. J. M. McFall ; committee consisting
of Messrs. D. F. Brauiuy,
Alorzo M. Folger, and W.T. Moares.
In a short timo the connnittee oflered
the following preamble and resolutions,
which wcro unanimously
adopted by tho Society standing :
WhiVukas, Iihhs'pluasod?Aruugl?ty
r?^'l ! A A??p mlilol <VMI?
esteemed and worthy ^brotlnjr ami
officer, tho Treasurer.1 and^Doposi^,
tary of iho Pickens 13 iblQrtSjJcj?tyi.
Oapt. J. M. Mo Fall. ft ; :? '
Resolved, That in his death tho
Master has lost a (aitL?ul?wt>liro r i11
his viney^{'d^**ttyQ' church a bright
RjjjlTt and a linn support, and tho
Socioty an able and efficient ofliccr.
Keso.vod, That tho zoal and intertiof
n^AniiaalA-l Kit lu-<kf li/?o \f I?\? 11
v?v iiiiiu i ivo< v<-< uj vi viiiui r ail
in distributing the Holy JJible,
"GocI'b last beat gift to man," among
all Ilis croatures?the rich as well
as?to the poor, ia worthy tho emulation
of iia, his surviving brother
otticore and members ol the Pickona
iiiblo Society.
Resolved further, That these resoi
iutions bo spread upon tho minutes
of this Society, and a copy be Bent
In llib fllllill' onrl nlan o imnu 111 Ili/1
J , ~..v. ... IV .? ~"l'J ?" ?"?
Pickons Suntinkl for publication.
Tho following committees wotc
elected for tlio ensuing year :
Executivo Conimitteo?Prof. J.
II. Carlisle, Chairman ; Dr. F. A.
Miles, VV. M. Ilagood, John L.
Thornley, Col. ?J. E. lla^ood, W. 1?.
Allgood, I'. McD. Aloxandor, 0. L.
ilolliogsworth, VV. A. Lesloy, D. F.
Bradley and Alonzo M. Folder.
Township Counmittcc.?Robt. C.
Gillarii, Pickonovillc ; S. A. Gary,
.{Salubrity ; Rov . B. S. Gaines,
Garvin y L. N. .Robins, Eaaley ;
ltev. Thomas Louper, Daeusvillo ;
Van S. Joiicttj l'umpkiutown.
Tlio tollowing preamble and resolutions
were ottered by Col. Ilagood,
and adopted :
WtiKKKAs, Tho Itev. lid win A.
I3olle8, DiBtrict Superintendent of
tho American Biblo Socicty for
South Unfolitin, has been tho moat/s
of organizing tho Pickens County
Bible Society, and by bis untiring
efforts, has given his ]>rofienco and
aid in establishing tho Society for
tho dibttOtninuUtfU ot tho Bible
throughout this country.
.Resolved, That tho Pickens County
Bible Society tender their kiiico'o
11 ihi)Ua to llev. Edwin A. Holies,
District Superintendent of the
v -V...
< - ' -4- 4
Society fer Sunili
iunl^B ilijN^soiuiimtiuii <j|p^B!h)o
*" KfRlvofl, TIiju this Society ox-?
tend an iuvitation to all the differAnt.
itlftnrtiVii<1 of?Ann /sf* !???? ^A?
v?w MvuvuiuiuklVIIO VI V/II4 IQViailO V \J
meet with ns at our next auuiverm,2;'t
'.'J . ;
Tli.0 Society n.ljourned ?ilh the
doxulogy and benediction by tho
TteV. Mr. Bullca.
Ou Monday evening last otbe
Executive Committee? of Pickens
Cjtinty Bible Society mot at I\ckcn6
Court IIoubo. Prtf.J. II. Carlisle
was 'chosen Chairman for tho en->
siting year. Tho meeting was
opened with prayer by Rev. Edwin
A. Bolles. On motion of Col.
Iiagood Rev. G. W. Singleton was
appointed Colporteur for the Society,
nod was requested to take up
cclloctijns wherever lie may go
throughout the county, in aid of the
On motion of Capt. Thornley, it
Resolved, That tho Secretary publish
an invitation in the Pickens
Skniinui., ono month previous
to our next anniversary, inviting nil
the various dcnomimvions to moot
with this Society.
On motion, Rev. G. YV. Singleton
was elected Sccond Vice President
ot ( tis Society.
On motion, tho committeo ad~
Ai.oxzo M. Folokr,
i # '
Corrcspondding Secretary I'ickcns
County Bible Society.
Pickens C. II., S. C., Sept. G, 1875.
Mu. Kditok :?In your last issue
?!.?. i ? -.1 ~ ?:?!
purporting to bo between a Mr.
and a Mr. It. during and after a rocent
Trial Juatico's Court. Now,
a conversation did take i>lace, but
your informant tailed to give an accurato
report of tbe facts as they
actually occurred. Therefore, I will
give you tbo conversation as occurred
betwvic.i the parties mentioned:
Mr. C.?"(Janie here Air. It."
Mr. It.?"What do you want. Mr.
C ?"
Air. (J.?uY.n brought into your
pleadings before the jury the swings
of witnesses whieh had- hot been
proven. You-lultl what you knew
aboiU-t-lio case."
Mr. II.? ''I did not, air."
After. a brief interval of timo.
during which tJey had separated,
tho conversation renewed as follows :
Mr. It?,lOome liere Mr. C."
Mr. t!.?"What- do >ou want 3"
Mr. It.?"Hero is $5 I will givo
you lor your extra maneuvering in
this enee. Jon Kerb.
Derailed this life, August 22,
1875, John Gilstrap, aged 73 years.
IIo was bom Sept. 13, 1802, and
raised in South Carolina. At the
nc;o ot 17 lie professed religion, aud
juined the Methodist K. l\ Church
i ft I. , f .. i.:, 1. I ? > - -
Kji/iim, ui vt|jiv*ll ilU I I 11 Oilsistcnt
member until bis death.
Shortly after his conversion lie wa6
appointed class 'leader, and tilled
that station as becometh an humble
christian. In the year 1850 he was
licensed to exhort, and held that position
up to the time of hia death,
It was his greatest happinees at all
times to Le engaged in llio service of
Iiis Master, and the Lh'J Messed It in
He removed to Georgia in 1S58,
but often visited his native State,
n...i i i 1: - ---
seasons willi liis christian brethren,
to whom ho wae warmly attached,
llid houee was over the homo of tho
itinerant, and the weary traveler
always found a .hearty welcome at
his iirenido. In every relation of
lite he was a good man, a kind iu 8band,
and a tender lather, bene?olent,
and'evor reaJy to contribute to
the advancement ol the gospel. He
was kind to Ihe poor ; a faithful,
active, exemplary christian, striving
to do his whole duly ; a man ol
warm feeling#, honorable piinciplce,
and gentlemanly deportment, lie
was ,esteemed and beloved by all I
iwwQiier I'1? Durn|g ^ Jbt I
||^Wcl td liia beJj^Sr sevljfal rtlys at
% time? buPfor tfrt> IhsV six months
had enjoyed tolerable good health.
He attended the Holbriok camp
meeting only a few days before hit)
de^tb, where ho^enjoyed a tnllcnp.
lie wrta in the act of starting to the
Bliiloli cainp meeting, when the Lo d
buw fit to call him. This last illnets
was very painfu', but only lasted a
few days. Ho was unable to converso
but vfery little, but said lio
bud no fear of death, ae lio 60 olton
oxprcssed himself for the last tow
years, that lie wan willing ar.d juBt
waiting tho will ot tho Lord, lie
was anxious to depart and bo with
Christ. Our loss is groat, but who
shall estimate his gain ? ilo leaves
an aged companion and four children
to mourn his death, but thank
God tor tho hope of Ileaven.
A Gkief IStkickkn Onk.
Town Lots for Sale.
I will sell at Liberty Station, on the Air
Line Railroad, in l'ickenj county, 8. 0., on
THURSDAY, ~3d day of September instant,
a number of valuablo and desirable building
lots, to contain from one-fourth of an acrc to
four acres each. Tho village will be situated
on a beautiful plateau of land, iu one of
the healthiest sections of the State, and surrounded
by bold springs of excellent w.itcr,
and in the midst of one of the most prosperous
farming sections in the State.
Terms?One Third cash, one third in three
months, balance in six months, with interest
from date, purchasers to%havo the privilege
of anticipating any part or all the payments.
Titles to be executed but not delivered until
the whole of the purchase money is paid.
Purchasers to *iav extra for rninor? M?
agents, Mr. Addison Hoggs, Samuel Stewart
ami S. M. Hnlcombe, residing at or near tlie
placc,.will take pleasure in showing tlie lots
to any one, wishing,to purchase. A plat of
the towii and lota will be exhibited on day of
Sept. P, 1^75. ' * 2 ot
Clreeenvillo News copy 2t?once on 16th
and once on 21st. Anderson Intelligencer
copy once and send bill to this office.
V^UAfiu?i LMU mu,
I nill sell to !hc highest bidder, ftl Piemen*
C II, on saleday in October next, the real
estaje <>f Jane I<. Arnold, deceased, to-wit :
One,tract of land lying on (leorge'a Greek,
a few miles northeast ef Eiy??cy Station, containing
three hundred Acres, fifty of which
is first-class bottom land; one hun 'red original
find fine forest, tiie li?lance cleared and
lii a gooil state of cultivation. Ou the
premises is a large and comforts jle dwelling,
with all necessary out-buildings.
Terms?One-third cnoh, balance in one and
two years, with interest at ten per cent, per
annum, with approved securities and mort
.1- i
im iiijm i.iiiisl'3 ii uceiueu necessary.
A. S. 11RIGGS,
Agent for Legatees.
Aug. 2o, 1ST.".
fifty" Abbevlllo Press and Banner ami
Greenville Weekly News copy 2t and send
bill to A. S. Briggs, Greenville Court House,
S, C. no51i 7t
Executors' Sale.
Will be sold at Pickens Court llouso, on
laleday next, the following property, to wit :
1 HAY MULE, Lot ef WHEAT and lot of
PA RXI I Vfl TftAI a
Terms made known on day of sale.
Kxecutors o! i. a. Rogers' Kniiiic.
Livery ana Salt Stalks.
Parlies deu'ring lo hire conveyance (>tc
Pickcns Court House, Table Kock. and ; otbci
I points, cau be accommodated at my Stables,
at all hours of the day and night. Purchasers
can also be supplied rrirfi Go?d Slock
at rcasonnblcpriccs.
t&~ Regular Mail Line to Pickens Court
house daily. (Sundays excepted.)
Kasley Station, S. 0., Aug. 3, 1875.
Tlie Hotel nt I his Popular Summer llesor
is now open for tlie reception of visitors. Tin
table will be supplied with tlie best (lie conn
try ulTurds. The rooms arc well furnishet
1 and scrupulously clcun. No pains will b<
spared to render the stay of visitors plcnsun
Hud agreeable.
? ? * ?
nuiv.t vi iionra,
' a
Per iMy $ 2.(M
Per M;ck 12.01
Per Month 40.01
V. 8. JONES,
no60 Proprietor,
positively cured. The worst 'Mines, of long
est standing, >>y using Dr Jlebbard's Clirf
A bottle sent free to nil nddreshing J. 8. JL>jd
blkk, Pruggiaf, 814 oth Ave., N. V.
riifcKiay *?>
tw m Li
PickknWSounty. I
J. D. Gasaway, Administrator, against C.
Gnsaway and others, Defendants.
Complaint for payment of debts. and partif
rt i * r tr tii.ti a t.. Ji ' _ . k* irv
uy oruer 01 i, 11. rnupoi, .juugo oi rro- |
bate, ! will Bell at PW&enir Uotfrt Howie, on
sale day in October ihuli, the roil estate of
Thomas* 11. Gasaway, ueceased, to-wit:
Unf tract of land, lyiifig and being in the
State of Koutb Carolina* county of 1'ickenB,
adjoininglands oft. J. Robertson, C. N.
Reid aud others, on Twelve Mile river, containing
two liuudred notes wore or less; sold
for payment of debts anil partition.
Terms cash.
Sheriff lMckcns County.
Sheriff's office, ; 1
Pickens Court House, S<^pt. 7, 1875. J 2-4t
I'ickens County.
Winuy Howard, Flaintiff, against Elizabeth
lliggins, Emeliue Riggius ct al.
Complaint in partition.
By order of I. II. Phllpot, Judge of Probate,
I will sell at Piokeus Court House, ou
sale day in October next, the real estate of
/ion Biggins, deceased, to-wit.
One tract of l&ad, lying and being in tho
State and county aforesaid, adjoining lands
of Jordan llice, I?*niel Alexander nnd others,
contaiuiug one huhdred and foity four acres
more or less ; sold lor partition.
Terms?On a credit of twelve months,
except so much as may be necessary to pay
the costs of these proceedings, with interest
from date. Purchaser to give bond and mortgage
of premises to secure purchaso money.
Also, to pay extra for titles aud mortgage.
Sheriff Pickens County.
Sheriff's ofltcc, )
Pickens Court House, Sept. 7, 1875. J 2 4t
Pickens County.
Jacob Lewis Plaintiff, against David James
and utlurs, Defendants.
Complaint in partition.
lly ordcr'of I. II. Philpot, Judge of Probate,
1 will sell at, Pickens Court Hourie, on
sale day in October next, the real estate of
\Y. U. Durham, deceased, to wit:
One tract of land lying and being in tho
Siato of South Carolina and county of
Pickens, on waters or ftliie Creek, adjoining
lands of Frank Durham, iicrry Durham and
others. containing sixty four acres moro or
Josh ; sold for payment of debts und partitit
Terms?On a credit of twelve mouths, with
interest frotu dnfc, except so much as may
l>? nccessary to pay costs ot these proceed*
ings Purchaser to give bond and mortgage
ot premises to secure purchase money. Also,
pay cxtiu for titles and mortgage.
Sheriff Pickene County.
Sheriff's office, ^
I'ickens Court llouso, Sept. 7, 1875. j 2 -It
Piokkns County.
nullum ix. waiKer, rinntin, against Ketjcccft
L. Corfcan ct al. Defendants.
Complaint in partition.
lly order of 1. II. Philpot, Judge of Probate,
1 will Hell ill lMckens Court House, jon
sale dtiy in October next, the real cstato of
James Walker, deceased, to-writ :
One iittci of land, lying und being in the
State of Houth Carolina and county of Pick,
en;, on waters of ?asla(oe, waters of Keoweo
river, adjoining lands of Alpha Barton and
others, containing one hundred aud sixty
acres more or lean ; sold for partition and
payment of debts.
Terms?On a oredit of twelvo months, with
iutcreat from date, except so much as may bo
necessary to pay the cost of theso proceed*
ings. Purchaser to give bond aud mortgage
of nromifittrttn mirplifixn rr.nnftu Alar*
- x 4'
to pay extra for titles and mortgage.
Sheriff Pickens County.
Sheriffs office, 1
Pickens dourt Jfouse, Sopt. 7, 1876. j 2 4t
v>l i f v
, ' b j :PiCKKN8 CoUNTy.
Kllen Oarrctt, Petitioner, against Emma
Newton et^,. Respondent.
Petition in partition.
Ry order of I. II. PfcHjM, Judge of Probate,
I will sell on aato (lay in October nest,
at l'ickcuK Court House, the real estate ol
Kllemler Griffin, deceased, to-wlt :
Two lolu of land, lying and being in the
town of Pickens, Btato of 8outh Caroliun
and county of 1'ickens vis :
Lot No. 1, known in tiio goncjal plat ol
the town, as lot No 17, containing one-hall
acre, more or less, adjoining lot No. 8!) on
tlio north, fronting Carvin street on the went,
1 Cedar Hock ctrect on the south, and lot No.
40 on tlio east.
, Lot No 2, known in (lie general plat of the
B town as lot No. 49, fronting Cedar Rock
street on tho bouiIi, and adjoimng lots No.
I 17, M and KO, containing one-half acre, more
B or loss ; sold for partition.
( Terms?On a credit of twelvo months, with
interest from date, except bo much as may b?
necessary (o pay costs of Ihcso Drtceedinors.
Purchaser to giro bond, with two good sureties,
mi'l a morlgpgo ojt the premises to ne?
cure tlie purohnso money.
. Sheriff lMokena County.
Sheriff's office, \
Pickenn Court Houko, Hept. 7, 1876. ('1 4t
Manufacturers and Jobbers of
. Cbflrlolto, Is". C. 11m
/ '
8UBS(^I BE" 1
,"w jiyy ,t
1 _ .M _ * ! ?
FOR4 TlfB *
mv, .?. ,:v i 4m* ^
- .... * - '/ 5 *'
i jfts vfSftni ?MI
B?v a "5 :~*rm2E?S?
'iriK' '
, 1? . <Lt t V*'"? i ' < i I* f > ?
Hendricks & Williams,
Eaoley Station,
llnvo on hand and for salo at low
pricos lor cash, a f
General Amortment
Of Goods to euit tho times, consisting
in part of J
IJOOi S," 1
I Alec a Full Lino of ^
l'.nrle, Welln A Tnylor, '
Attorneys and Counsellor* at Law
Hnvtng PKtftbllshed an office at Pickeni'C.
II., S. 0., will attend promptly to all buaincBfi
left with O. w. Taylor who may bo always
found at their office at Pickens 0. II., S. C.
Ono of the senior partners will always bo
present at the Courts to assist with the bualnesM.
W. K. KAKLE, \
0. O. WELLS. / G. W. TAYLOR,
, Greenville, S. C. Pickens, 8. 0.
The threat Southern
m goods house,
276 King Street. Charleston. S G,
TLc Cheapest -
ntJGSi ETCThis
Side of Hew I'ork.
For prleee, ?eo Local* ^
Call and see them.
i. i
Gee. ?. Ml & Co,
conduct ftu Agoncy for the reception of advertisements
for American Newspapers?tho
mo8t complete establishment of lh? kind in
the world. Six thousand Newspapers kept
regularly on file, open to inspection by customers.
Every Advertisement is taken at
the home price of the paper, without nhy ad?
ditional charge or commission. An advertis>
er, in dealing with tho Angency, io saved
trouble and correspondence, making one contract
instead of of a dozen, a hundred oi1 a
thousand. A Book of eighty pages, containing
lists of best papers, largest circulation*
religious, agricultural, class, political, daily
and country papers, and all publications.which
art specially valuable to advertisers, with
AMA inf/\rmuiSnn aKntif f\pl/?no S J annf f
OVIMV I"'""! ? ?V?HUB
to any address on application, l'crlons at.
. a distahc* wishing to make contracts for advertising
in any town, city, county, 8(ate of
f Territory of the United States or uj Dominion
of Canada, send a concise statement of
i what they want, together with a copy of the
, Advertisement they desire inserted, and
will rcocivo information by return mall which
r will enablo them to decide whether to increaso
or reduce the order. For such information
there is no charge. Orders aro taken for ?
single paper as woll as for a list; f?r a singlo
dollar &ts readily as for n larger sum. Offices
(Times Building),
Atortisir's Gazette <
? 1
Office No 41 Park "Row. New York.
Editors and JjiHi'her*.

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