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Sco legal noticoa in to-day's paper.
Cotton Picking lias act in in good
[) oarnest. Greenbacks will eoon bogin
to flow?then remomber tbo printer.
Acciuknt.?Mrs. J. U. Maxcy, wo
regrot to loarn, waa 8eiioii6ly hurt
by a lull on yesterday. Sbo ia now
confined to bcr hod.
Tho Trial Justice's court and a
./ fow caeeB before tho United States
Commissioner, has made our town
quite lively for tho last fow days.
Drummers are becoming us thick
in tlicso parts as pig track around a
barn door?our section is quito prominent
if their presence is any 6ign.
Those desiring to go West this
{ * f.,11 1- ?- -- -Ji
- jmii, oiiuuiu "fj'iy 10 ol' UUUIC8S
Albort 13. Wrcnn, general emigrant
agent, oflico No. 2 II. I. Kimball
llouee, Atlanta, Ga. Sec advertiso
The equinoctial gales liavo s<?t in.
On last Friday night a north enster
sot in and continued until Monday
'I morning, causing lircs and thick
clothing to bo brought into requK
Several colored "brothers" have
been up before Trial Justico Llols
lingsworth lor disturbing religious
assemblages. Sonio oi them have
had to bIicII out or go up for thirty
On Friday evening, the 24th inst.,
tliore is to bo an elegant ball given
at Tablo Rock Hotel. Those tond ol
"tripling the light fantastic7' can
have ample ojbortnuity on this occasion.
SSeo notice in this issue.
In to~dfty?8 paper will bo found
the advertisement of E. II. Griffin,
dealer in dry goods, groceries, boots,
blioes, hardware, ete. 11 o has jusi
received a largo lot of tlio above
named goods, which ho proposes to
eell at reasonable prices.
VVc hoar ?hat certain changes in
tiiu OWiiOibiii j> of tho Kahloy hotel
has taken place, and that CM. W. E.
llolcombp is to tako hold of it as
proprietor. AI any man knows how
to run a fjdtel eatUfactorially, and in
lirst cltrea style, it ia W. E. lioK
x, ;
No Mait..?Ity'feunaequcnce of a
.... v?i? iivin uiiui ? kjiiiinjii, uii LIH:
Air Lin? ltoitroad, on Sunday night
Inst, wo have been deprivod of our
daily mail sinco. Saturday last was
tlio last mail wo rccoivcd, and in con.
ecquenco wo aro unablo to givo tbo
latest news.
Somk kou Ilioir.?Mr. Jeromiah
' Looker lias loft in our oflico throe
Rtalks of corn, grown on his plantain
tion, which measured sixteen foot to
to tbo toB6e!, and ten ieet from the
ground to tbo our. Tlio ears arc
largo and woll developod. "How is
this lor high."
In conversation with Mr. Perry
Loopor a fow days ago, Ito infonnod
ns that ho ginned, up to tho 10th
inat., at his gin near Eas'oy, in tliin
,| county, three baloa of now cotton.
lie ginned and furnished the bagging
and tics gratia of tho bale Bold
last week by Mr. Durham. This
shows enterprise on the part of Mr.
p ?
Confbkbnob.? Wo are requested
1... -r A . %.
oy jji\ uaroy, presiding older, to
state that tho Greenville UJisti iet
Conforonco of tho Methodist Episcopal
Church, South, will conveno at
Sandy Springe, in Anderson county,
on Thursday, 10th inat., at 9 o'clock
a. ni. All miniatora will ho passed
over tho railroads at 0110, lirat claaa
faro, for round trip.
? ? ablet ITioii Soool?Wo call
attention of paronla, guardians and
othora having tho education oi
youths in char</o. to tlm iuli'nrtiiui>.
- n i * " "" *" "
mcnt of this school. Tho principal,
Mr. Morrison, is a graduate of Wot
ford Collogo, and boars lottors highly
commendatory from tho faculty ot
that Institution. Wo aro glad that a
*t school of high grado has boon oponod
at this placo, and trust that Mr.
Morrison will lo libeially patron*
i' i*:
? < ' I
Fired Into.?Wo learn that tho
Express train going West on tho
Air Lino Railroad was fired into by
a man with a doublo barreled shot
gun, near Central Station, one night
last week, but whether any damago
was done or not, wo have not learned.
One of tho^eamo scoundrels, perhaps,
that 6hot at Capt Nash.
R. E. Holoombk & Son.?These
gentlemen cotne to the front this
week with an advertisement, and
inform the public whore to go to
get bargains. Enterprising, ener~
getic and thorough business men,
thjy will not allow any to outstrip
iUjui in low prices or first-class
goods. Call on them, and we guar*,
antec thev will RnfiRfv von tlmt
? J. J
mean what tliey say.
Died.? It becomes our painful
duty to annonnco tlio death ot J. N.
Arnold, Esq., which sad event occurred
at his residence, near Central
Station, in this county, on Tuesday
the 14th inst. Mr. Arnold was a
prominent and loading citizen of that
section, having for many yoara previous
and since the war filled the ofn?
l rn i r
new ui luii^isuaiu miu irini .jusr.ee,
with credit to himself and satisfaction
to the community. IIo leaves a wile,
children and many frionds a?d relatives
to mourn his death.
By request of tho Pleasant Ilill
Baptist Church, flio Rev. Jacob
Chapman gavo an appointment and
preached at theabovo named Church
August 21)1 h, and by tho assistance
of elders J. King,supply, and D. 11.
Konncmoro. ? Ilnvs nn.l ? Riin.
, J
inons, lie carried on nn oight days'
meeting. The meeting was attended
by a largo and attentive congre-?
gation, and great interest was manifested.
Thoro woro sixteen added to
tho church by experience and two
by letter. IlBcemsthat the world is
alive to religion. Baptist.
W. A. Lksi.ky & 8on.? 15y reference
to our advertising columns, it
will be distinctly and plainly seen,
that these gentlemen have iust ro
coivocl ofVerj lor salo, tit low
figures, ti largo and varied assortiiiout
of dry goods, boots, shoes and
hats, saddles and bridles, groccrio*,
hardware, cte., and in fact, everything
usually kept in a first class
country store. They are also agents
for the 11 Wilson Celebrated Sewing
Machine," a machine that carried
oil' the premium at the World's
Fair at Vienna, Austria, over all
com pernors. uon'tiaii to givotlioso
gentlemen & call whon yo n come to
An Imj'ostkk.-?A friend at Efteloy
Station has enclosed to us, two lettors
Ironi a Mrs. Elizabeth Smith,
dated at Younffavillo Postoffieo. Tala.
poooa county, Ala., and directed to
tho Postmaster at that place, making
inquiries about one T. TJ. Smith,
who 6ho Bays, is her husband, and
who deserted her last win tor without
Smith lay around Kasley for somo
time, representing himself as a
widower, having recently lost a wife
in Alabama, and endeavored to
marry again, llo nlso claims to bo
ft Mason, find frequently appeals to
members of the fraternity for pecuniary
* assistance. IIo is about
livo foot nine inches it) height, wears
a long rod beard, which ho occasionally
dyos black ; cloaos his eyes
when talking to any one, ftttd looks
olY in another direction when ho
opens thorn. Since the rcccp lion of
Mrs. Elizaboth Smith's lottors by
tlio Postmaster, lio has loft tor parts
unknown. Ho is doubtless a baso
impostor, and wo trust our ox*
changes will hand him around.
Shot At.?Wo aro informed that
Capt. Nash, who is conncctod with
iVll lilliu J. Villi1 V?V* ill* VUllllUl IClit 11UII )
was nhot at by j?artioa in ambush, ono
day laat wcok, about tour miles from
tho Station, while riding in tho
country. Tho ball passed in front of
him, through tho euddlo and lodged
in tho blanket. When lired at, Gapt.
Nafih diow hit) pistol and iirod twice
At tho man an ho ran oil', anil at tlio
Btiino tiino was shot at twice by two
o I her men concealed ou tho opposite
eiilo ol tho r oad, who ran as soon as
liring. Wo hope these cowardly
[ v illiane will bo caught and snminai ily
dealt with. Thoro arc a fow villian
iou8 scoundrels, who floated in with |
thx) liuiltoad and squatted around 1
Central Station, bent on mischief,
and tho good citizens ot
that vicinity jshould organize themselves,
dotect and biing them beforo
the courts to bo dealt with, or clean
them out by Judgo Lyneb's authority.
Mono a nt & Davis.?
These gentlemen fling their banner
to tho breeze ibis week, and with ft
triumphant shout, defy competition.
When the citizens ot I'ickens visit ,
Greonville, the T should not tail to
cull on these gcntlomon, for they nre
atYable, clever and accommodating,
and will perform, to the letter, all
they promise. Messrs. McMalmn
and Morgan are from this county,
and so well and favorably known to
our people that they need no recommendation
from us. They arc
yonng, energetic and thorough-going
business men, and will make it to
the interest ot our citizens to call on
them when in tho city.
Died, ot scarlet lever, August 29,
1875, in Pickens county S.C., Addie
Prince, aged 17 years, 3 months and
12 days. Tlio dcconsod was n cons
sistent and devoted member of the
I>aptist church. having attached hers
self to tha' denomination, at Griflin
church, in 1*75. Though her sufferings
woro great, she bore them with
pationco and cliristian resignation,
and often conversed freely about
deatli, always expressing horself
ready and willing to go when it
whs the Master's pleasure to call her.
On Wednesday before lier death she
said to her mother: "We all have to
appear before the judgement bar ol
God," and when asked if she felt
ready, when called, to appear tho re,
answered: tkIdo! I do !" She ro^
quested her relatives and friends not
to grieve for her, for, said sho 4iit is
! ir n nlin ' '
vrmjr II V^UiUIJ^U Mllll II1U I roil 1 UC'llUI
to liio,'' and requested her next eldest
sister to tuko good c:iro ot her little
Bister and brother* She thanked her
mother tor raising her properly and
teaching her to read the scriptures ;
offered up a fervent and earnest
prayer in behalf of sinners and lor
tho prosperity of the churches; 6he
also prayed for her enemies'. Being
fully resigned to death, she fell
nslccp sweetly in tho arms of Jesus,
and lier sainted spirit was wafted to
the realms ot heavenly hliss.
"One more loved one's sweetly sleeping,
One dear sister's passed bofore,
Sadly now still watch we're keeping,
Where we'll greet her nevermore.
"Yca, we know she's gone forever,
With (lie blest redeemed to dwell;
Bui how sad it is to sever
Hearts that ever loved bo well.
"No fond hopes to chcor the morrow,
N" glad thoughts to givo relief;
Kvery heart is sad with sorrow,
Each dear form is bowed with grief."
100 Bushels of'Corn for sale, fit
E. II. Griffin's.
50 Gallons Kerosene Oil for sale,
at K. II. Grifliin's.
A Now lyit of Prints just ro>
ceived and for Bale, at
E. li. Griffin's.
A Splendid Lot o! Slioea just received
and for sale, at
K. II. Griffin's.
? ^ ?
li ... i . .. . i . eg
Thomas W, Russell,
Uoiu'y Mario Clothing, ranging
from S5T? to $15 ft Huit,
Good Supply of Yarns, Shirtings,
Fall Prints, otc. 81 25 a bunoli for
Yarn, and otlior things in proportion,
(Jood Lot ot GrocorioB on hand
and to arrivo. If you want anything,
or want to soo anything,
/" nil UTIUCfT r.
vum vyi jlv \j u'ULVIJ I i.
li you want Ktiwan Diswolvod Bono
for Wheat,
Call on RU3SKLL.
If you want to find polito nnd gcntlomnnly
elerkn, cull on Mr. Robinson
nnd John,
; Knsloy Station, S. O., Sopt.6, 1875.
Do You Want Health?
Why Will Yk Dik T?Death, or what is
worse, is the inevitable result of continued
suspension of tho menstrunl flow. It is a condition
which sh6uld not be trilled with. Immediate
relief is the only safeguard against
constitutional ruin. Iu all cnues of suppression,
suspension or other hreeulrrifv of tiio
"courses," Dr. J. Bradfield's Female Kegulator
is the only sure remedy. It acts tj}'giving
(one to tho nervous centres, improving the
blood and determining directly to the organs
of menstruation. It is a legitimate prescription,
and the most intelligent Doctors use it.
Prepared by J II Bradfield, druggist, Atlanta,
Ga , $1.50 per botttle, and sold by respectable
druggists everywhere.
Boon to Suffering Females.
LaClrange, Ga? March 'J9, 1870.
Bradfield & (Jo., Atlanta, (.la.? Dear Sii<j ?
I take pleasuro in stating Hint I have used for
the last twenty years tho medicine you are
pulling up, known as Dr. liradtield's Female
Regulator, and consider it the best cotnbinas
tion ever getten together for the diseases for
which it is recouixnended. I have been familiar
with the preparation both as a practitioner
of niedicinc and in domestic practice,
and can honestly say that I consider it a
boou to suffering females, and can but hope
that every lady in our laud, who may be suffering
in nuy way peculiar to their ses, may
be able to procure n bottle, and their sufferings
may not only bo relieved, but they may
be restored to health and strength.
.. .??j niuuvOb ll'gUIU9|
I nm very respectfully,
no.',0 lm W. 15. FKRELL, M. 1).
Hardware, Etc.,
PICKENS 0. If., S. C.
NEW GOODS coming in every
<1 ay. Wo gnaranteo satisfaction.
Don't fail to call whon in town, and
be convinced that you can get
Goods Cheap.
A T T O 11 NK Y ? A T I, A \V
NtKKBI ?. ?
WILL aiTO their attention to the 1'raoiic
and to tho Collection of Penxioui
Bounty Land find all other Claims.
\Yalhftlla, 8. C, Pickens, 8, C.
July 27th 1871. 1 tf
County of Pickens.
In Probata Court.
William N. Walker, plaint iff, ngninat Rebccca
L. Corbin, Mary A. Stauaill et. al.
It appearing to my natiafaction that A. J.
Walker, M. A.Stanaill, Siason Walker, Maxwell
Walker, and aprao other per^pn or persona,
reaido from and beyond the limits of
this State,
On motion of C. L. Ifollingswerth Pro. Pet,
it is ordered Hint they appear personally or
by attorney, at my office in Pickens Courthouse,
on Tuesday, the 31st day of Angust,
1875, to show cause if any they can,
why the prayer of the petitioner, now on filo
in my office, should not be grauted, or their
oonsent will be entered of record.
Oiven under my hand and seal, this 'Jlst
July, 187.*).
no-17 Cw Judge of Probate.
ills t armors rnena.
If you liavo anything to Bell, bring
it on !
If you want to buy anything, I
will sel 1 it to 3'ou !
If you don't 6ce what you want,
aek f'.T i! !
l TO T 1 * L
ik l im>u iiut wiiui j'uu wuiit im
liaml, I will send and get it fur
you !
W. T. McFall.
to (fcOA por day ! Agents wauled.
*pc* All classes of working people,
of oil hoi- hox, young or old, make more
iiioiiry iu< mint lur un m nujir mjniiu hhi^
incuts, or nil (lie (imp, than nt anything else.
Particulars free. Address 0. HTINSON & 00.
Portland, Maine.
111T^| K ? 1 mmix~
Practiccs in tlie Circuit ourt and Court of
Probate for Pickens ounty.
May ltt 42 Om
Important, to tlio (JrniiircrH
and Planter* or Upper
Mouth Cnroll nil
> Wo are now prepared to furnish any
nmount of theso Slocks, and if upon iriitl
entiro hh(intact iou in not given, we will re(
fund every dollar paid us.
t All orders received prior to the 1st of September
will be promptly filled at that time
Vrice $3.00.
no40 2m Greenville, S. C.
PICKF.N8 Cot'N'fV*.
Court of Common Plea6. .
Baylis W. Mansoll, Thomas Flclcher Mansoli,
Camilla Hendricks an<t husband, J amos
B. Hendricks, Malinda A. Thigpea and liusband,
Caleb Thigpen, plaintiffs,
James Baswell, Robert Boweu, William A.
Clyde, llenry C. Briggi, Thomas W. Brooks,
Ueoigc N. Brown, Juuius K Gluzeuer. l'us
chal I). Cureton, Nancy A. Green, William
B. Branilett, Allen J. MuulJin, Hubert Elliott
Holcontbe, Washington E. iiulcombo,
William II. Holcombe, Thomas W. Kussell,
Orlando C. Folger, The Atlanta ami Richmond
Air Line Railway t'ompriny, defendants.
Copy Summons for Relief.
To the lleira at Law of Tinsa Emma Johnsou,
wife of Johnson, now deceased?
names and numbers unknown, defendants
in this action.
Von are hereby summoned and required to
answer the com plain t in this action, which
lias l>ccn filed in the ollice of I lie Clerk of tin*
Court of Common J'loas for said county, aud
to serve a copy of your answer ou the subscribers
at their ollice, in the city of Ureenville,
S. C., within twenty days after the
service of this summons on you, exclusive
of the day of service.
If you fail to answer th;s complaint within
the time aforesaid, the plaintills will apply to
the Court for the relief demanded in thu
Dated tfept, 10, 1S7">.
no3 Ow l'laintiil's Attorneys.
State of soi*rn caromna.
Cor NT Y (>r I'lCKF.NS.
In lYobnte Court.
Stephen D. Keith as Administrator do bouil
uon 01 Allen Keith, deceased, petitioner.
Margaret F.deus and Jnmes Hut-dine, Administrators
of Alexander Kdeus, deceased,
and others, defendants.
l'etitiou for Account, Relief, &c.
It appearing to my satisfaction that James
M. Edens, one of the defendants in the
above case, resides out of and beyond the
limits of tliis Stale.
On motion of A. lilytbc and \V. C. Keith,
Keith, attorneys for petitioner, it is ordered
that the said Jauies M. F.deus do appear
at my office at I'iekens Courthouse, on Saturday,
the l'Jth day of November, A. D. 187-r?,
i?nwn IUU3C, ii uii; nc vuii, wii) mi* jiritJTUr
of the petitioner, now uii tile in my office,
should not be grauted, and upon his failure
to do so, bin consent will be entered upon re*
(liven under my hand and seal of oflice this 9th
day of September, A. 1>. 187f>.
no3 lOw Judge of l'robate.
Iri fho Probate Com?.
Stephen 1>. Keith, as Administrator de bonis
non of Matthew Keith, deceased, petitioner,
Margaret Kdeus J:i:::es !?*!r*it!:e, ns
Aumiuistrators oi Alexander r.umis, ucccaseu*
uuto their yuretics James K. Kagood aiw/ A
J- Audersou ; James M Kdens, iih udiniiiih~
trator 'It: bonis non of Alexander Kdeiu, deceased,
and his sureties Margaret Kdens,
Samoul Kdens and Allen 1-M?ns.
Petition for Account, Relief, &e.
It appearing to my satisfaction that the
dutfuuiiiit, Jaiues M. Edens, reside out of
and beyond the limits of thiu State.
On motion of \V. 0. Keith and A. lMythe.
attorneys for the petitioner, it is ordered
that the said James M. Kdens do appear at
my ollioe in 1'iekens Court house, ou the 19th
day of November, A. I). 187o, to show valise.
ii any ne can, wuy me prayer 01 ine petit 1oner,
now on file in my otlioe, should not bo
granted, and upou his failure (o do so, his
consent thereto will be entered of record.
Given under my hand and ?oal, ofofben thif
9th day of Jepteiuber, A. li. 187t3.
no3 10i Probate Judge.
Kutler & McBee.
Sept 28 10 If
l'racticca in (Joints of I'ickons
county, and in United States Courts
Calcined Magnesia.
in free from tiitplcH.><an taste, or voughnoss to
the toiire or |>'tinip, In one tliirtl the doso of
oommod innancssia it relieves Sick hea<lacho
Sour stomach, costivness, niul other disease*
of tho stomach and howelH, Tl^o worlds fair
Mcdnl ami hour l'irst prinium Silver medal*
awarded it as (ho best in the market. For
salo by druggist* and country storekeeper,
and by T, Husband, Jr, Philadelphia, Pa*
Absolute divorces obtained
from Courts of different States for desertion,
&o. No publicity required. No
charge until divorce granted, Address,
M. HOUSE, Attorney,
40 C>ni 104 Broadway, N. V.
nr. K. J. C4illilau4
H.\VINO returned nwl |>einmuently Ioortc<l
nt I'iokeimillc, respectfully oll'?r?
h;? *ifo?(?ion?l serviefB to tho oitiacnB of that
vie . y nr><l surrounding country. Charge*.
ren?" "table.
May 0 41
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