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till Fiiktis Siitiiil.
;l r. ROLET, Editor id Proprietor, f
PICKEN8, g. C., SEPT 28t 1875.
Terms of NbMrlpllMk
One Year ... ( > |l W
Six Months 4 . lb
Aiverttellf B?tM.
Advertisements inserted at the rate of $1 00
ter iqu?r?, of (9) nine lines, on Lisa, for the
ret insertion, and 60 oonte for cach subsequent
Contracts made for THBia, six or TWHLVft
Months, on favorable terms.
Advertisements net having the number of
insertions marked en then, will be publiskad
UrtTil forbid and charged accordingly.
These terms are bo simple any child may
understand them. Nine lines is a square?
one inch. In every instance we charge by
(Se space occupicd, as eight or ten lines can
be made to ocoupy four or five squares, as the
ndrcrliscr rimy wish, and is charged by Iho
t?T Advertisers will please state tho number
of squares (hey wish their advertisements
o make.
9ST" Business men who' advertise t\> be
benefitted, will bear in mini* thai the
8KNT1NKL has a large and increasing circulation-,
Arttf id tatfen by the very class of
persons whose Irado they desire.
Adverfciahwr Amenta.
Tho following nre tho only author
tzed1 ngonto %o roccivo advorliseraonts
for this pmpor:
Goo. P. Kowoll k Co., 41 Pnik Row
Kcw York.
Walker, Evans & Cogswell, reproucnted
by JLIobwoU T. Logan, Cliarlostr.n
S n
Wo will accopt cnshin-advnnco orders
from other ngoncios, at reasonable
Wo can give no advertisement pref
crenco in position.
It is stated that Gen. Joseph E,
Johnson baa accepted the position of
commander in chief of the Egyptian
array. Ho gets $100,000 to preparo
an outfit, and $25,000 a year.
mi 4 ' n. -
jl iiu press turougnout mo oiaio nss
con<lomnod tlio assassination of Mr.
Joseph Crows in strong torms. llow*.
ever obnoxious a man may bo to any
community, or howovor great bis
crimes, no excuso or justification can
be made for his assassination.
Akrbstkd.?A bruthor and a nophow
ot Dr. tfholl, bavo been arrestod and
knigod in tho Laurens county jail,
charged with nnr.Msory to tho
assassination ol Joseph Crows. The
prisoners claim that thoy can provo
thtfr mnoconco.
Akdbbson Ooumty Fair?The
Anderson County Fair will be held
on tlio 27th, 28th and 29th of October
This is one of the most successful
county lairs in the 8tatc, and we
wish it continued prosperity.
A llopublican of this city has just
returned from a visit to Pennsylvania,
where ho had opportunities to soe and
learn muoh of what is going on po-?
litically. Ho says tho dotage is fast
approaching which will overwhelm
Radicalism in that State. It is doom*
ed in the approaching elections.?Columbia
The Dsnsesfstie Es*?n(i*o Committee
of Ohio have rocoivcd inform*
ation from various parts of the State,
within tho last few days, showing that
an organueoa movomont is Doing mado
by tho Republican loaders to import
nogrooB from tho noigliboring States
of Indiana, Kentucky and Wost Virginia,
to vote for Ilayos.
Grkknviixk Fair.?Wo bavo rocoivod
tbo Rules, Regulation and
ftchodulo of tho Promiums of tbo Third
Grand Annual Pair of tbo Grconvillo
Agricultural and Mechanical Asso*
? 4,7 '
Octobor 20th, 1875. Tho premium
lint is a largo and good ono, and we
trust Pickons will be woll ropros
It is propoflcd to havo a re-union
oi tho fnmOllR Htnnnivnll Rrinmla nt
Richmond, Va., (luring tho State Fair
in Octobor. This command won
made up principally from men of tho
Valley and Southwest Virginia, and
Gen. Terry, its last commander, hna
writton a lettor cordially endorsing
tho projcctod rc-union.
Mr. JefTeroon Davis vraa taken 1
quiete sick after he arrived in Kan- *
sas City on Monday, on account of 1
tiia iirmatinl offnrta mliilfl ? I
mm IV MUUWtfVI VP VMVI ?o fT llliu III
delicate health. lie received fiftoen 1
invitations to speak at different .
places shortly alter he got to Kansas
C;ity, but wan obliged to decline 1
them all.
ft seems to ns tbat thq "Conservatives"
and otliir "reformers" haV? (
ing. had encli poor successin South
I -1- A. ...A rv _
Ysaroiuia, buhi? oir?igui>uiw jl/omo?
cratic leaders had better 9omo to tbe
front and try, in title auspicious time
ot Democratic triumph efcewhere,
the virtue of a diflerent coarse from
that pursued by men who have so
signally failed in State craft. We
know not whether it is too late, or
whether, as General Preston thinks,
the people have been too thoroughly
demoralised ; but it seems to us that
some good old Simon-pure Demo
cratic newspapers and leaders in the
Palmetto State would do more good
in six months than anything elao.
One thing is certain : expediency,
trimming and attempts at political
amalgamation- hwve boon most bus
miliuting failures. Any further experiments
on that line will only drng
the white people into a deeper abyee.
Augusta CviiBtitutionnlittt.
Vvnn 1 Ati/I
jJAnv tj | ni?u nun innv lllU tUI" I %J\k
Tutors have learned that tho success
of Democracy does not moan their
re enslavement or even an abridges
ment of their political rights, thoy
will Boon swell tho Democratic
ranks nnd make a Democratic vie
tory in this Slate, under tho leader
ship of a straight-out Democrat, as
easily as it is in Georgia. We are
willing to try it at any rate.
Gbkknvillk Conspiracy. ? We
publish, ou the outside of our paper,
tbis week, the statement of bberifi'
Boutborn, ot Greenville county, and
the corroborating affidavit of Charles
Means, denying the charge made in
tho Union-Herald, that tho implica
tion ot Joseph Crews with tho mur*
der of Dr. Shell, was a conspiracy.
Fink Smith, >vho was also contined
in tho same coll with Albort Parks
and Wright Sullivan, at tho timo they
made their confession, also makes affidavit
corroborating the statement
of Mr. Southern, but we did not have
room to publish it. Sheriff Southern
is explicit and clear in all tho state*
n?ents ho makes, which is sufficient,
without the atlidavits of tho other
parties, to prove (what was well
known before) that tho charge made
in tho Union-Herald, was a myth.
No lair minded or sensible man,
who is acquainted with the gentle**
men whom Albert Parks and Wright
Hullivan attempted to implicate in,
what the Union*Herald attempted
to designate, the "Greonvillo conspiracy,"
would for a moment entertain
anj doubts as to tho falsity i>i iho
statement ; but as the chargo was
made, it was perhaps well enough
to meet it on the threshold, and bhow
to the public what means are resort*
ed to, to shield parties Irum a just
punishment that should he meted out
to them bjr tiie laws ot tlio country.
OROANIZK.?The fJharlflKfnn N?w?
and Courior, and tho Keowoo Courior,
ndvi?o against tho rofcorganiza*
lion of tiio Democratic party in this
Slat?. Why not at onco adviHO tho
DomocraU to go ovor to tho Radical
camp in a body, without odging
around it in this way ? If tho Domocrata
desiro to redeem tho State, they
can only do it through organisation.
If they doHiro to seo Radical rulo continued,
they only havo to pursuo tho
coutbc suggested by theso jouroals to
insure it. Lot us porfoct a thorough
Dcmocratio organization, put a
straight ticket in tho field, ally ourselvos
with the groat national Democratic
party, and march with it to
victory in 1876. But if tho 'possum
policy is to bo continuod, let us ceaso
abusing Radicalism and pronching
DcmocrAtifi tlontrinn.
Maimk Election.?The election in
Maino does riot givo the Radical
party any consolation. This State
has always been concede J to that
party, but the results of the last
election tuakos it extremely doubt
ful if they aro to hold it any longer.
It gave Grant over thirty thousand
majority; two years ago it gave tho
itepublican candidate over eleven
thousand majority, and now thoy
only carry it by a little ovor four
thousand majority. In this ratio,
the Democrats will carry the next
election by several thousand majority.
Tho great tidal wavo is still
rolling on, and is destined to soon
swallow up ItadiculiBin in tliesc
United Stfttie.
A "PmoiiT."? State ^Treasurer
Cardoso and Comptroller General*
Dunn, are tSlowing paper pelloto at
each other. Dunn is the receiver
of the Solomon bank, by which the
State lost over two hundred (thousand
dollars, and Cardozo asks por<?
mission as State Treasurer and an
individual creditors of the bank,, to
make a personal examination of its
assets and tbe causes of its suspension.
This Dunn refused, and a
war of words is tbe results. "Tliere
is something rotten iii Denmark,"
and if this eoutrovers; is likely to
bo any benefit to the State, wo hope
it will be continued. But this a
thing we hardly expect; yet we say
"lay on McDuft'," etc.
California's New Governor.?
The Newly elected Governor of California,
Mr. Win. Irwin, has boon
editor of a country paper in that
State, the Yreka Union, since 18t>6.
While he is a country editor, and
perhaps because of that fact, he U
suid to be a wan ol conso and pa*
triotisin, as well as of sound priuci
pics. I no JNow Xork bun suggests
that, ns the editor ol tbo country
paper, his ambition to attain tho
otlice of Govornor maj bo justified,
but it be bad beou tbo conductor ot
a leading metropolitan journal ot
power and influence, it would bo a
sacrifice tor him to assume an ad*
ministrativo ofljeo. it is better to
rulo in tho domain ot ideas, rather
than to bear sway in appointments
to office, in pardons, and in vetoes.
Wo spent a few days in Pickens
last week. With the exception of a
few farms about old Pickens, tho
country along tlio road is gonorally
barren and unsettled, so that wo had
no opportunity of judging of tho
cro}>e. We heird, however, that corn
and cotton in Pickens wero verv
good. I'eoplo wero gathering fodder
and the line weather of the post ton
days assures a large crop of good
fodder. Tho town has improved
very little during tho lattyoar. Tho
trade ot tho town, we were told, hud
not been greatly affected by tho rail,
road stations, a few s ores being able
to do a good business. Tho place
has a flourishing reboot under charge
of ProfcBiior Carlisle, who soems to
givo getioral satisfaction. It it a real
temperance town, there being nu bar
rooius licensed there for several
years. Tho bomb uourlsh like a green
bay tree, and the people are umnot
lestcd by tho drunken yells of midnight
Iruinpe. In the good work of
education and temperance, Pickens
dcaorvcB praise.? Keowec Courier.
Tho inicsi new? (rum in nine will
doubtless sadden our Democratic
frionds who may reflect with bitter* I
Hess that they did not realty achieve
what the/ might havo and bo very
nearly achieved. When they succeeded
in reducing the Republican
majority from 11,400 to 4,300, it is
plain that but a little more effort
was needed to convert that narrow
minority into sufficient majority.
However, there is this satisfaction in
tho rotrospect?it is demonstrated
that tho State can oasily bo car ried
next year in tho n&ro important
contest, when its influence on nation
al ntlairs will bo even groator and
more beneficial than it is now. The
Congressional election is bo close as
yet to be in doubt. It would be
eminently fit that Mr. Mndigan,
whoso canidature has so largely
limped the party in the State, should
bo rewarded by an election. A significant
fact which wo common d to
our Republican friends is the steady
Democratic gain in every partof tho
State, not alono in tho cities. Tho
spirit of reform and revolt has reach**
ed the country districts, and that
means the death blow of Radicalism.
?Now York World.
Cauomna Cohvkntion.?
Tho Democrats in tho North Carolina
Constitutional Convontion now havo
a majority which will enablo thorn to
Iramo a now constitution for tlio State.
Tho Domocrats of Orango county
buvo e loo tod Aiftj. I'ttttcrnon to fill tbo
vacancy occasioned by tbo doath of
Ex'Govcrnor (.irtibam, by GOO ranjority.
Harmony and good fooling scemn
to prevail botween tbo two partiou in
the Convention,
Mtii L I } i a }
iCertain slanderous reports
about two having been circulated
lli rough the country, I deem U ne
cessary to say to tlio public, that 1
hold in my possession a certificate
from good nitt&nne of Buncombe and
Henderson counties, North Carolina,
in referenco to my character,, which
refutee every charge mado against
me by my would be slanderers. Thit?
certificate can be seen % auy one
calling upon ii o. Th?certificate referred
to has the county seal of Hen
_i ?* r* I
ucr?on county, norm <oarouna, upon
it. D. T. Cox.
Sept. 21, 1875. It
?* ?
More Trouble In T?xw.
New Orleans, Sept. 21.
A dispatch from Galveston reports
a terrible catastrophe at Indiauolu,
Texas. The town has been almost
completely submerged, and ovor 150
lives lost. The destruction of property
lias been immenso. No detail**
of the disaster have yet reached
Tho following telegram wna received
at New York on the 21st inst.
by prominent merchants doing busi>
uces with Texas:
Houston, Sept. 20.
The groateat distress prevails
among the poor people, at East End,
Galveston, several bundled people
have been rendered utterly destitute
by the storm, and they need help
immediately. A committee of relief
has been organized to help tho suffering,
with the Mayor ot Galveston
at the head. Contributions aro now'
being received?can yon liolp thein.
Groat praiso ia ltiirly duo to t'?o
pooplo of Georgia, and especially to
Judgo Ilorschol V. Johnson, Attorney
Gonoral Hammond, and tho Hon. A.
T. Akormnn, for tho fairness with
which tho trial of nogro conspirators
has boon conductoJ. It shows that
in that State, ovon at a time ot great
public oxcitcmcnt, jtsstseo can bo fully
and fairly motod out, though tho priaonor
in dock be a negro charged
with conspiring for tho death of wliitn
citizens. Tho acquital of Corday Harris
in tho absonco of conclusive testimony
Against him, and tho dischargo
of many of tho otlior prisonors, will
givo goneral satisfaction to ovorybody
ozcept tho politicians vrho havo no
faith in tho native Southern whito
man.?New York Tribune.
The Baltimore Gazette iwys : 14A
child beginning to read becomes dc?
iigmcu niiu a newspaper, OOCailBO no
reada of nanu-b and things which
aio familiar, and ho will progress
accordingly. A nowspapor in ono
year it worth a quart or'a schooling
to a child. Evory faiiior miisi
consider that information is connected
with advancement. The mother
ot a family being ono of its heads,
and having a more immcdiato
chargo of children should herself be
itlRirnRiml A inillfl /vnnmv!..-? 1- -
... ? !...v? wvu|/iv:u uu*
comes fortified Hgainfct the ills of lite,
and its bikced for emergencies.
Children amused by reading or
study arp oftentimes more consider**
?to or more easily governed."
JNo Trkasurkk.?Upwards ot a
month ago I*. G. Fludd, last incuml>o
it, was notified by the County
Commissioners ol Darlington to prepare
a new bond, the other being no
longer a good and sufticicnt ono. On
Monday, Cth inet., Mr. Fludd offered
the board a now bond, with the name
of Hardy Solomon as the principal
signer?being tor near or quite the
amount required us surety ton Treasurer's
bond. The board very properly,
and under a due regard to their
duty and responsibility, rejected this
"straw bond." Tho Governor bus
muco declared tho oflico vacant.?
lyni Uii?VUii ouillliurnur.
A now station lias boon established
on the Air Lino lload at Liborty, in
l'ickens County. Somo arc calculating
on tho Court Houso going to that
noint at Homo futuro day. ilardly.?
Koowoo Courior.
Go away from homo to hear tho
nows, is often a truo saying. This is
cortainly news to uh.
Ciraa4 Hall at Table Mountain.
There will be n Grand Hall at Table Moun.
lain Hotel, on FRIDAY EVENING, 24th
Admittance?Oentleman and lady, $2 00.
Supper and brenkfaKt furnished.
V. 8. ION KS,
Proprietor. 1
Pickens County.
J. D. Gasaway, Administrator, against 6.
Gasaway and others, Defendant*.
Complaint for payment of debt* ft*d partition.
By order of I. II. Philpot, Judgo of Probate,
I will sell at Pickens Court House, on
tale day in Cetobee next*, the real estate of
XhonutH Ik Gasaway, deceased, to-wit v
One tract of land, lying and being ia the
State of Honth Carolina, eounty of Pickeis,
-J2-5-! 1 .1.. ?T I *1 M
im.juiKing ihiiui vi * r*- juuucimvh, v. at.
licit! ana others, on Twelve Mile river, conturning
two hundred acres more or less; sold
for payment of debts and partition.
Terms cash.
Sheriff Pickens County,
Sheriff's office, 1
Pickens Court House, Sept. 7, 1875. /2-4t
Pickens County.
Winiiy Howard, Flttintiflf, against Elizabeth
Iliggins, Emcline Iliggins ct ul.
Complaint in partition.
Iiy order of I. If. Philpol, Judge of I'robate,
f will sell nt l'ickens U?urt House, on
sale day in October next, the real estate of
Zion ltiggins, deceased, to-wit.
One tract of land, lying and being in tho
State and county aforesaid, adjoining lands
of Jordan llice, Daniel Alexander and others,
containing one hundred and forty four acres
more or lfcss; sold for partition.
Terms?On a credit of twelve months,
except so much as may bo necessary to pay
the costs of these proceedings, with interest
from date, 1'urchaser to givo bond and mortgage
of premises to secure purchase money.
Also, to pay extra for titles and mortgage.
Sheriff l'ickcns County.
Sheriff'n office, >
l'ickcns Court House, 8cpt. 7, 1876. J 2 -It
Pickens County.
Jacob Lewis Plaintiff, against David James
ami othirs, Defendants.
complaint in partition.
By order of I. II. l'hiipot, Judge of Probate,
I will Hell at Pickens Court Houue, on
sale dny in October next, the real estate of
W. O. Durham, tleccaaed, to wit:
Ono tract of land lying and being in the
Btate of SotUk l>av?lina and county of
Pickens, on waters of Mile Creok, adjoining
lands of Frank Durham, Kerry Dnrlwtm and
others, containing sixty four acres more or
le?s; sold for payment of debts and parti>
Terms?On a credit of twelve months, with
interest from date, except so much as may
bo neoessary to pay costs ot these proceedings
Purchaser to give bond and mortgage
oi premises to secure purchase money. AU)o>
pay cxtia for lilies ami mortgage.
Hheritt l'iokens County.
Sheriff's office, \
I'icketia Court House, Sept. 7, 1870. ) 2 4t
Pickens County.
William N. Walker, Plaintiff, againet Hcbccca
L. Corlan ct al. Defendants.
Complaint in partition.
JJv or.icr G* 1. H THi!trs nf ProI.J
uillll VI .. ... .
bale, 1 will sell at I'ickcns Court House, on
sale day in October next, the real estate of
James Walker, deceased, lo-wit:
One tract of land, lying and being in the
Mute or South Carolina und county of Pickens',
on waters of Kastatoe, waters of Kcowee
river, adjoining lands of Alpha llurton and
others, containing 0110 hundred and sixty
acres more or lew ; sold for partition and
payment of debts.
Terms?On a credit of twelve months, with
interest from date, except ho much as may be
necessary to pay the cost of theso proceedings.
Purchaser to give bond and mortgage
of premises to secure purchnsc money. Also,
to pay extra for titles and mortgngo.
Sheriff Pickens County.
Sheriff's office, >
Pickens Court House. Sept. 7. 1875. i 2 4l
Ellen Garrett, Petitioner, ngainut Emma
Newton et al., Respondent.
Petition in partition.
I5y order of 1, II. Pliilpot, Judge of Probate,
I will sell on sale (iny in October next,
at Pickens Court llouso, the real estate of
Ellender (Jrittin, deceased, to-wit :
Two lots of land, lying nml being in (ho
(own of Pickcns, Slate of Houth Carolina
and county of 1'ickcnH vii :
Lot No. 1, known in Die general plat of
the town, an lot No 47, containing one-half
acre, more or less, adjoining lot No. 82 on
the nerth. fronting Carvin street on iho west,
Cedar Hook street on tlie south, and lot No.
4'J on the east.
Lot No 2, known in the general plat of the
town a* lot No. 4i>, fronting Cedar Hock
Utffkfki. ATI lliA orvi*? l? .11 ~ I - *
?,v D?uiu, mill llUJUIIling 1018 Mo.
47, 60 and .10, containing one-hall acre, more
or less ; Bold for partition.
Terms?On a credit of twelve months, with
(liferent from date, except ho much as may he
necessary to pay cost* of these proceedings.
Purchaser to give bond, with two good sureties,
and a mortgage el the premises to sc*
cure the purchase money.
Also to pay extra for titles and mortage.
J. Ill LEY EEU0U80N,
Sheriff Pickens County.
Sherifi's ofiioe, 1
Pickens Court House, Hepl. 7, 1876. / '2 It
m. - ?? ? - ?
m. m ivitilKil A'Jt" li A. IV? I
CEiENVILLE C, B? 5. C, j
Practices in Courts of I'ickons
county, and in United States Courtb 1
. . ' I
i FOE THS ?} it
n *
? ' i<i
: no mi
Hendricks & WiHiamir < *
Kanley Station,
IFfivn nn liovul nn<! (aw >m)a a# * j
MM* V VM ?J?fllU tflVM WB IH1V ?H> IVlf
prices tor cash, ? ^
Of Goods to suit tho times, consisting
in part of
dxy c,oomt
K anon S,
flHOA 9
r? 4 no
W1 X C7|
Also o Full JLin* of
Earlc, W?lln 4k T?|U?r"
Attorneys And C??as#i!#M |t U|r
Having esUMfthed afe ??* ?t FieHN^f
II., H. C., will attend pronpii; t* >11 Vmliiwy
left with G. W. Taylor Wft'9 Mt) Ve
founil at their office at Piektas C. H.. $. 0.
Om? o( I We Mtior partner* ?U) |lt?M kfe ^
pi?ent at ?H* CmuIi t? ?Mi(i vltk tko
W. E. EARLS, >
G. ?. WKLLS, f O. W. 7*710%
, Grcenrille, S. ?. C.
it m sob,
mm, nsatCT I Bn
275 King Street Chavleetos, 9The
This Hide ?f New Y?v|?
For prices, m? Local*
CaU nnd soo ihom
Geo. P. M&Ct. .
conduct an Agcncjr for tho rte*pti?a
tincments for American N*w?rA?*|j-?>!?
mom complete establishment or if.* }itf hi
the world. Six thousand Naw?r*??ef JfM
regularly on file, open to Inspection by ?y
tomers. Krerj Advertisement'?
the homo price of the paper, without a^y
ditional chnige or commissfan. An
er, indenting with the Anganey, ift
trouble nnd correspondence, making 999
tract instead of of n dosen, a hundred a
thousand. A Book of eightj pages, catlap- *
ing lists of best papers, largest eirattwUfi "
religious, agricultural, class, poHtioa), titiijf
and country papers, and nDptthlieatiaof wfctfn
are specially valuable to advertiae?{,
some inrorination anout prices, la sent
to a*ty atltlress on application, l'tntfim
a distune" wishing to make contracts fef ftd?
vertising in any town, city, county, Htftl+tf *
Territory of the United State* or any Doiqlaion
of Canada, send a concise statement ft
what they want, together wiih a ?opy tftfc*
Advertisement they dasiv* iwerud, *ad
wilt rcccivc information by return mail wkiffc
will enable them to decide whethsr U littiH*
or reduce the order. For suck informatiap ^
there is no charge. Orders ?r? take* f#r *
single paper as well ns for ? list: fsr a alftfU
dollar ns readily as for ft larger aunt. OftfM
(Times Huilding),
County of Piokin*.
In l'robato Court. M
William N. Walker, plaintiff, agaiost Ifbfttft
L. CorbiD, Mar/ A. <9Un?lM 4U
II nnnenrinir lo m v * "
Walker, M. A.Btanslll, Bisson Walter, $f*?
well Walker, and lome other person v'jifr*
Bond) reside from and beyond th# llfttt* of
this Stair,
On motion of C. L. Hollingswerth Pro. Pft ,
it i? ordered that they appear personally or
by attorney, at ray office in PiefcfM G?9fU
house. on Tuesday, the 81st day of
gust, 1876, to show cause if an*
why Ihcjirayer of the petitioner, now ? ||e
in my office, should not be grunted, ?r (km
consent will be entered of record.
Giren under my hand and *), thia 2\$i
July, 1876.
1. II. rillLPOT,
nol7.Cw Judge ?f Frobtt*

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