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Tb Fitkti; Sintiul!
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D. L BR5DLET, Editol and Proprfe
PICKENS, S. C., OCT 7, 1875.
Tetuift of SubKvi'ipUoii.
Utt* Year .... . . . ?1 GU
81* Months . ?G
Adver<iNiii|l; Knits.
Advertisements insetted at Clio rate of $1 0()
p9t eqUniV, of (ft) rtine lifteH, on t.f.hs, for the
first insertion', and 60 cents tor oacli subsequent
CJOMtrac'.s made for tiihkk, six or twklvk
months, on favorable terms.
Advertisements not having the number of
insertions marked on them, will be published
tlftfil forbid and clinrped accordingly.
These terms are v-> .?imydo any child may
underntaud tItem. Nine lines i? a sc|<ian;?
niic men, in every instance w? cuatge y
ihe space occupied, as eight or it n lines cn-i
be made to occupy four or live (Hjuares, us the
advertiser may wisli, and is charged by the
tlSf" Advertisers will please slate (lie nuinbei*
of sfjuares they wish their advertisements
9 nmke.
Business men who advertise to l>e
benefitted, will boar in mind that the
HKNTltfEL has a large and increasing circulation,
and is taken by the very class of
persons Whose hade they desire.
Advertising Agents.
tllO following arc tlio only author
tied agents to roccivo advertisements
for this papor :
Goo. 1\ Kowcll & Co., 11 Patk lvow
"Mr.,., V
C > JL V/i IV.
Walker, Evans & Cogswell, represented
by Koswcll T. Logan, Charlesten,
S. C.
Wo will acccpt cash-in-aclvanco orders
from other agencies, at reasonable
Wo can give no advertisement prof
cronco in position,
II J ..
We publish elsewhere in this issue
an article from the Koowec Courier,
giving at length ihc views of its
editors on the important question of
re-organizing tho Democratic party
of this State. It will he seen that
Phe Cornier is unqualifiedly opposed
to any organization of the Demo
eratic paity, as such. Wo do not
doubt the good intentions of our
cotempory, but fail to too tlie good
likely to result from the courso it
suggests. Tlio present favorable
ebango iu our condition from that of
1868, is attiibutable to other causes
than the disorganization of the
Democratic party, as maintained by
the Courier. The failure of the
Radical party to give the negro
"forty acrcs and a mule," as promised
him, and the deception practiccd
npon Liin for the purpose of eccuring
his vote to place faithless and
dishonest men in oflicc, has caused
the scales to fall from his eyes, and
be isnatuially leaning to the men
*ho raised him and now furnish
linn Willi the necessaries ot life, for
couusel and advice, and will, if the
Democrateonly remain true to themselves,
vole with and assist tlieni
>11 displacing those who havo 80
treacherously betrayed the trust
they have confided to them. Tho
change in Northern sentiment u1ji>
lins had much to do with the present
malleability of the negro. The
Courier eaye: "In 1808 a straight
Democratic ticket was run for Governor
and Stato officers, resulting in
our ovtrwbeming defeat, and result
itig further, in engendering between
the whites and blacks a hpirit of
uivibiun, il not of hale, wbicn ba>
not entirely healed."
it is a well known f;icl that ii. tin
election fur. delegates to tiie conbtilutional
convention in lbGS, a m ajority
ot tho whites, the 6ohlier9 es
pecially, stood aloof from the polls
and absolutely refused to lake pail
in an election which they (lien c.<n
eidered humiliating and degrading
When the constituliun was submit
ted to the j?eojtlo fur ratification, i
is ti ne that under t!jo advico of ox
Governor Perry, an effort was mad*
to defeat tho constitution, and i
Democratic ticket was put in lh<
field, with tho lion. W. J). J'orter
l>f (ihftrh'Rtnu fur (jnvm nni* vil..
declined the candidacy en the
grounds that if the constitution wa?
adopted his opponent would be elect
ed, and it was useless for him to run,
Thus the Democratic ticket was virtually
withdrawn, which caused
many Detnociata to remain from the
polls, and there has not been a
Democratic nomination proper, since.
Hut th<> nRROI'tidll < >t tin- (iilirioi* tl .it
the com bo ot tlio Democrats was the
cause ot "engeiwloiihg between the
whites and blacks a hj>irit of <1 ivj
ion, it not ot hate, which has not
sponsible for iho oad ieoling bet we<)u i
:lie t\vo races! No, Mr. CY'uicr,
liiu'wiil Tiot do, nud we uro buix
prised nt tho (Tetlaialion. it you will 1
only recall (ho tcn'eliifipfB of the cdi'rjictbugger
from 1808 to 1878, you J
htivo ti i3 true and only.efuiue of this
byjj It NViiS the only way by
whjcU they could prevent the jrnuivo
' r. . . r*
whites from exerc'smg an lnituence
over the .uegro, ami in a measure
control his vote. Tlie attempt to
saddle tl.o responsibility on the
Democrats is ineffectual, and will
not avail, that is, if its object
is to make a bngbear out of
this depieoiatcd capital of the lladicai
; arty, and prevent Iho Detno-j
' eia'.s Hum r^ani,::! y. In !ST?, the,
"mixed" ticket vus i ot nominated!
by Deim cratb alone, for there were'
colored liei'ublicai.b in iho convm1
tion, and oi.e <1 tliem (Byrd) wasj
proposed tur Lieutenant (Jovei nor. I
This ticket wsi8 cluubilees a betlei
one lhi 11 ilio regular Republicans
had in the iiokl, but the manner in
wliieii it was brought out was such
an anomaly in politics that it (iid 1
not command the contidcnce and
united support of the Democrats.
It was n political hermaphrodito., and
neither party had much usy for it.
In 1872, the whites had no confidence
in tho Tomlinson movement,
and many regarded the icgnlar
ticket the best ot the two. The
Democrats were Lid by the Tom-,
linson convention that it' they dared
put a ticket ot' their own in the
lie'd they would go back to the regular
tickut, elect it, and confiscate
their property by luxation ; and that j
they did not propose to have any-1
thing to> do with the Deinicrnts.
They did not even ask their co-opers
ation, hut rather attempted to browheat
the in into their suppoi t. This,
of course, many \ cry properly re1fused
to do, and soino even voted
for Moses, saying as an excuse for
their action, that it was better to
have a native Kadical Governor than
a carpet-bagger. The defeat of Green
lms doubtless piovod an advantage
to the ?tate. In this contest too,
manv Democrats refused to dan^li!
J ? - - I
any longer at the tail ot a party, and
rather than do If, eui?|jurtoil the
regular Republican ticket. We be
lievo a straight Democratic ticket'
Would have come nearer succeeding. J
It the Republicans who profess to be
sick and disgus'ed with their pai t v,
and desire a change, will not support
an iioiKBi ai d cupubiu Demo
cmt, they arc not honest in their
projections ? thoii professions of i os
Jurin arc only fc'ipoi fioial, and have
no reality in iliem. It' it in true,
as a political axiom, that organization
will aiwa\6 bo mot by counter organizati
n, why not organize the
I Democratic party ami invite the coil
operation <>t honest Republicans in
i bettering our condition ; for oven the
colored member.-) of Unit party begin
lo understand that the success of the
Democratic party does not mean reactionary
legislation nor an abridges
ment of Iheir political lights.
Would there not be more wisdom
in organizing lifty or sixty thousand
in'elii'ient white men and lilacinir
| l J i r>
j them ii^ the hands of asuiliiul gonej
till, a-m. tiicie would be in letting
j them remain scattered will,out n nil
! ! \ ing point, and to ;?el iidmdunlly
L j ;u) their ideas 01 personal preference
migiit prompt mem 5 would mere
, not be more probability of gaining
. accessions cnotmh from the opposite
t side to carry tlic clcetion by organiscati(-ii}
than there ifi without it ? Ia
j thoi o not moro reason ami justice in
i asking ten or fifteen thousand iluj
publicans to co-operate with the
s Democrats than there is in asking
j liliy thousand Democrats to cooperj
ate with that small number of Uov
, j publicans and especially where the
i Republicans are tu reap .ill the
, benefit**, wiili a very email |?rob>
, ability c?f bcneiilting the JState. Wo
liavc no more coniidencc in the bulling
ivopublicans than wo have in
the regular*, lor I boy aro gonorally
the worst element <>t that party, and
only bolt beottiiso tlie regular lvepub
Means have thrown them overboard.
11 Was ^no of litem ever known to
bolt when they had a j.laee
i on the regular ticket ? Never ! And
???mmm li I Ml?O??I?
tliojylalways tftiio good <Jaro when
tlioy i)ult to pfato a Buflieient uuinbor
of Republicans on their ticket to
j^ivo them a large majority if elected,
They always look well to the main
chance, and are sure to hoop the
Democrats in the minority, and at
tho next election, ate ready to cume
in Ub j-e^ulufs-if I lie chaucea,. arq In
tlioji; favor. '111ia has bbon tho case
in Charleston, and else\\hero where
they have ever succeeded. The Ue>publican
party in thi? Sta c, as such,
i8 as thoroughly organized to-day as
it was in i?oo. more aro a conam
portion ot them who aro honestly
tired of their pnrtv, and would gladly
come over to the Democrats it we
would give them the chance; but
this we will not do ; lor we tell Ihem
by our course, to 8'ay where they
are, tbr we had rather vote with and
fur Republicans, than to have them
vote with and lor us. This is the
simple meaning of non-organization.
'Vc will not organize ami givo tlieui
an opportunity to join us, hut ask
them to "boll" and let us join them.
As for our part, wo are tired ol
this course, and do not care to pursue
it any longer, but it the lutes are
against us, so be it. 'Ihc election in
this county is not a lair illustration,
tor the non^oiganization policy in
Oconto Hi 1872, sent a Republican
io the Legislature, and can e within
a lew votes ol electing a colored
gentleman County Commissioner,
and prevented united action on the
part ol' the Democrats in 187-1. The
action ot the Republicans in that as
well as this county, proves that
there organization remains intact,
and there i6 no way ol meeting it
only by counter orgau'zfttion. The
overwhelming vole give AlcGownu,
was due to the ill temperate speech
made by I logo at this place. Ilia
attempt to solidify the negro voto by
reheaibing l<n klux outrages in this
and other ftia'es, drove the white
Republicans and their influence from
him \ and we would ?'isk the Courier
it' Me(io?an was not regularly 110111
inated by a Democratic convention
1 ?
uiiu ii bo, now can u inane any cnnpariayii
between tlio vote for comfly
ollfciald and McGowau's on t!i<
grounds of Democratic nomination
Hutli McGowan and the county tickei
svoic regularly nominated by Djiiioj
cralic conventions, and Mc(ivwan'<!
increased vole over that of the count)1
ticket cat: nut be attributed in anj
bense oi l be word to nou-oi ganization
It i.s due wholly, to (lie lact abov<
stated, to lii.-s personal p >pulariiy ant
ability over tbiit oi" his ?_? ??? !??.*??t
The non>organizati ?n policy aent i
Republican to tbe Semite, from AnI
? I . 1 t V
i ucrsun county, wrene uic i^cmocraii
have a de idod majority. it has ha<
j ;i like eHVct. in other counties and wil
j result, il followed up. in tK'iiilin j
them from uvoiy county in the St;vto
' Vla-m :ii o iiioro iu'stjlncs-4 of il fail.in
j on tiio pin t ol >[' the 1).'im jcrats f>>
tile want of organization than thcr
I is ui'success in the absenco of it. J
it is ncccoeary in New York am
Massachusetts. to place Republican
on the Democratic ticket, to carr
j the election, wo presume the Dome
' crate ul South Carolina will he n
II ess wise, or prudent, than thei
j hrelhren in those states. Organizatio
! does not nocct-F.arially mean the ox
i elusion of honest .Republicans froti
i . .
I its ticket or ranks, it it is nueei
eary lo put them on tlio ticket du i'
though we prefer to take uiii
Mr. Janies M. Alexander, brotlic
of Mrs. Judge l'fiilpot of this placc
who residue in Charleston, was she
and killed, on Saturday morning th
2nd inst., by a colored hoy by th
! iiiinio of St. John Lance. The bo
' was in the employ of Mr. A. an
' was ordered to do Bomothi'ng abon
'the livery stable, when the boy hi
came angry and walked oil' acr?>?
' . i ? . . I 1 ! i >
uiubuooi lu HIS ilOUatf jjiocurcu <1 l>lf
tol and returned and allot Mr. Alyx
ander. 11o was committed to ja
Cor I rial.
Treasurer Oardo/o lias official I
ciiIKmI llie attention ol Attorney (ion
: oral, Melton, to the report ol the n
I cciver of Soloinon'd bank, in wliic
lie say# there arc sufficient evidenc
of fraud to warrant civil and crimi
mil proceedings.
Yl ^ _
nr"1 ***-?- ?,*
Population dt Pickens County^.?
Through tlio courtesy of Mr. O. T.
Jones, Census Taker for this county,
we bavo obtained the following fig?
urcs, showing the population ol this
county by townships:
Whites , . , 1,719
Colored . . . 7Ulj
Total . . 2,510
Whites . . . 1,585
Colored . , . 528
Total , . . 2,06:1
Go win,
W hi tea . . . 1,272
Colored . . . 595
Total . . . 1,807
\\ liiles . . . !)S2
Colored . . . 11!)
Total . . . 1,101
Pickens Courthouse.
Whites . . . 91G
Colored , . . 610
Total . . . 1,426
Whites . . . 1,007
Colored . . . 231
Total . . . 1,238
Pumpkin town.
Whites . . . 483
Colored . . . 181
loin I . . . lilil
Whites . . . 022
Colored . . . 1(3
Total . . . 9J-38
Total, whites . . 0,180
Total, colored . , 2,071
Grand total . - 11,807
Population in 1$70,10,2(30 incr'o 1,538
Tlio following is tho voting population
of each race in the county, by
townships :
Whites . . . .'308
( Juloi'c.d . i 4-tt
, Total . . .511
Whites . . . 322
Colored . . . loi
Total . . . 423
Whites . . . 288
, (Jul red . . .104
Tolul . . . 3?>2
' Whites . . . 19C
> Oolorud . . .27
t Total . . .217
Pickens Courthouse.
, Whites . . . 19S
I Colored . . . <j;:
Total . . . 28;
Whites . .
Colored . . .3*
1 Total . . . 3?;
^ Puin|iKintown.
: Whites . . Oi
Uolorod . . .3
r Total . . . 13!
(> K.itttatoc.
^ Whites . . .10'
tl Colored
Total . . . 10
Total whito votoH in tho Co. 1,81
Total eoloood votes in tho Co. 51
1 Grand total . . 2,80
i, Total population in county by town
a l'ickonsvillo.
... Whites . . 1,710
* Colored . . 701 2,51
' Salubrity.
\V IIItCB . .
Colored . . 528 2,00
,r Whites . . 1,272
. Colored . . 505 1,80
\ lOasley,
>fc WliilOH . . 082
0 Colored . . 110 1,10
0 I'lekens Courthouse.
)' Whites . . 010
d Colored . . 510 1,42
H Daeusvillo.
, Whites . . 1,007
' I <2:51 l?2fi
18 ' , ? ->?
J VVIiitcH . . 18;J
* Colored . . 181 0<i
'' Kawtatoo.
Whites . . 022
Colored . , 10 93
}' (irund total . 11,807 11,80
Dikd,?At tho residence of he
h ton, Capt. ?J. J. Garvin, on tho 1'Jt
(.? September, 1875, Mfa. Anna Garvi
is in the 84th year ot her age. Anotli
of link of a good family hat? fallen oui
nrirgf , tin
1'ho Augliptn Cm>niclc & Spnt^ner
is of tho opinion that tho inconditfcry
lottors picked nbout in Georgia; about j
wmcn luoro na? noon so mucn oxcito-. <
mont roconlly, is tho work of thoughtless
or malignant whito persons. It
says: "Tho insurrection business is
j becoming n nuisance, which should bo
i summarily abated by tho preen when!
over and whorover it inakoa its ap|
ponrnnec." *
Member of our Iirni lins jtist returned from
New York where lie purchased (he lmgcst stock
of Genorul Merchandise ever brought (o this
Market. A
Live Elephant
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citement And wonder, that our prices do.
ilest, prints at only ten cents, and other ,
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our goods
Satisfaction guaranteed or no sales. Large
Stock of Groceries, Coffee, Sugar, Molasses,
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Rot torn Figures, llats and Caps, Boots and
Sliocs of every grade and pricos. In fact,
anything needed b} the farmer ciia be had at
Hudsins & Bolt's.
Remember that this stand is in the Masonic
Hall Building, fronting the 1'otel, just below
(lie Depot of
Easley Station.
Kusley Station, Oclobcr 0, 1S7">. felf
1 873 - 1875.
called lo tlie largest <m?I decidedly
lie UHKAl'KST Stock of Goods tlifit liris
ever lieen exhibited in West Greenville ; conflirting
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hats, hardware, crockery,
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Water, which is Free and Ori.s to Ai.l.
Ci'ii^V iv i-iSS,
QreenVillo S. c'-, Ootobor 1, ix7f>. Moiltf
^ Cour.ty Commissioner's OHioo, )
l'ickeiis Court House, ri. 0. j"
Tin? Annual nic^li 11^ of the Hoard of
County Commissioners of l'ickons county,
' will be he'il on TUESDAY, ilie second duy of
November, 187">
b All ]io?*h<?11?- who lidvu any manner <>f claims
whatever again >( lit a >:ouiity mudu previous to
tlie lii'ht ot Nexemher, 180-1, mul have not
(j registered the siiimo in obedienco to tho l'rot.
sentment of the Grand Jury ami tho Order
" of the Court thereon; and nil persons holding
- bills, ncoounts or demands of any kind Against
8 tho county, which have not been before prer
scnted to the County Commissioners at special
_ meetings held since the first of November,
1871, are required to dedosit the same with
? the Clerk of the Hoard on or before tho first
(J day of November next, on pain of being
foreve)' tiiererfler oarrcd.
l?y Order of the Hoard
not; li (J. H. C. C. I\ C.
in ino i ruimic *Joiirr.
,7 Mnry A O I>ell, Administratrix, ami J Ferry
Kooper, administrator, Plaintiffs.
vs ..
Margaret M Lo6por, James A O'Doll, Frcd'
rick (i O'Deii, Nancy L O'Dell, Julius i'
O'Dcll, Lawrence. 1*. O'Doll, A M Neal,
Elian E Manldin, Andrew 0 Wyatt ami
Abncr Mullinax, Defendants.
lJy virtue of au order in tiic above entitled
case, all portions holding claims against the
estate of Calvin O'Doll, deceased, are hereby
notified that they are required to prove them
^ with the ilale and rank of cach, boforo mo on
or before tho first day of December, 1M7 ">, or
de forever llierenfter debarred from all benefit
or advantage under the decree to bf ren11
deved herein.
J II. 1'lIlLPOT,
noO 'it Probate Judge,
g October 7, r.?7">
7 Estate Notice.
Application will be made to 1 II Philpot,
!1' I.wl.ta i.f <111 M.iti.lft.r ll.~ Win ..
J< ""J
|l November, 18<i>, lor louve to make a linal
settlement of Ibc cstafos of Robert and Marn
tba IloUlngtfWorlb, ami to bo dismissed there?
from hh guardian.!
t uoO 4t Guardian,
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I 11/ - ? "?
>T 'i'nul Justice Court? of tins. SUUc. All
' business entrusted to tiicin wi'.lreceivo prompt
I attention. v *
! SoptlO H !y ^
1 practices in the Circuit ourt nud Court o
Probate for Picken? ounty.
May lti 42 Oat
(l'K to CljOn pcr c,#y ! A ?nts wanted.
*P^) tD/wU All cliusscs of working p?o* 4
! ?;i ~ - ?
I*iv, < > iTiuiur OWA, vuuilg U1 Ota, llltlKO nioi o
money ni work for us in tli?i?r spare wo*
mcnls, or all I lie time, tlian ai anything else
Particular* free. Address U. HTINHMN &(?<)
l'ortland, Maiiio.
' t s
A handsome illustrated nowspapcr, containing
information for everybody. Tells
j how and where to eccuro ? iiomk ohokj>.
.. VVIII.I.IW iiiu iir.n 11umkstkai) ann fj?.
?KR Lawh, with other interesting mailer
found itnly in this paper.
It will cost you ft Postal Card. new"
number for April just out. Addrctta
I.nnd Commi8?loner U. I*. 11. fl *
Omaha, Nkh.
juarle, Wells & Taylor,| j
Attorneys and Counsellor* at Law
Having established an oflico at l'ickens ('.
II., ,S. will atlend iiroinjtlly lo all biudncHB
left with G. W. Taylor who may bo always
found at their ollico at l'ickens C. II., 8. C.
Onooftlic senior paritiers will always b?
present at tlio Courts to a?siat with tho business.
W. 15. KAHLK, \
(1. U. WELLS, / 0. W. TAYLOa,. ?
. UrccuvilU, <S. C. I'ickcuff, 8. C. '*

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