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Mtraage Results of a Weil.
Persons l'oiNened?The
On Thursday night last a marring*'
occurrou in unitou which roamuxi in
the prostration of over flfly of our
bestpooplo from the cflfects of scmo
kinds of poison which hud by sotno
overnight or mistuko, gotten into n
lot of oustards which was served on1
to tho guests. On Thursday night
the marriage occurred, as por notico
in anothor column, ol Mr. W. J. Braxelton,
of Knoxvillo ard Miss Lillio
Anderson, ot Dalton, tho coremonoy
being perlormod by Kov. A. W. Gas^
ton at tho Profibytorinn Church. After
mo cororaonoy aauppor was given in
honor of tho occasion by Mr. and
Mrs. John Graves, tho mother and
Rtcpfather of tho brido, to which an
unusually large numbor of guests were
iiivitod. It sooms from all tl^. iformation
wo could gloan, thnt tWg ta^
bios woro set, at both of which custard
was served. That which was sewed
at tho first toblo was flavored 'with
ono ingredient, and that at thosocond
tablo with another, and all that partook
of tho custard at tho sccqnd
tab!? commoncod to got sick on 8a
turday, about fifty hours after it had
boon takon into tho stomach.
On Sunday moro than fifty men,
vromon and children, were down, all
of thorn sufforing with all tho symptoms
of poisoning, denoted by vomit
ing and purging, and in many canes
with an intonso burning in the region
of tho stomach. Tho city physicians,
woro busy tho ontiro day Sunday and
yesterday, but in conscquenco ol being
unablo to diagnoso the canes suf*
ficiontly cloar to dotermino what
poiaon bad boon takon, thoy woro
unablo to troat tho casos other than
in * gonoral way. Many of tho patiflntR
wnrn rlolinimio ??'! ?1
thorn wore almost destituto of any
action of tho palso. Tho brido and
bridogrootn who ioft for a tour to
Knoxvilto, and tho family that gavo
tho suppor, havo not been hoard from
sinco tho night in question, and fears
aro entertained that thoy havo boon
stricken down somowhero in Tonnes*
seo. At tho timo wo go to press,
nono of iho uulicted persons, who
consist of tho best people jn tho city,
huTO sufficiently recovered to bo out,
nd novoral casosaro in a critical condition
with littlo hopes of recovery.
When it is romomborod that tho'
pooplo at whoso houso tho supper 00currcd,
aro among the best and most
rospectod people in tho city, it will
appear evident that some mistako has
occurred somewhere, or perhaps some
chemical action has been engendered
that is at this time unknown. The
nnltf oaa ?-*-? r? * ^ 4 l%" 4 4 1
vi?ij ui?i * (??*> ovvinn lU UU llllllf lilt'
custard in question wub flavored with
tho oxtract of poach loavos, but as this
viow of tho caso does not seem plausible,
somo otlior source must ho looked
to for the solution of tho distress^
ing affair. Tho opinions of tho city
physicians vary in rogard to tho exciting
cause, but whatever it may bo,
it is duo to humanity that it be cleared
up by a scientific investigation, and
that it bo not allowed to remain veiled
in ir.ystoiy. Tho baro fact of so much
time elapsing between tho supper and
tho timo that the patients commented
to suffer is a subject of much speculaon.
Ntio blamo, up to tho present
writing, if? nttachod to any one, and
ns all parties concerned, are down,
uvuu iu unu uuuit, who now 11oh in a
very critical condition, the whole affair
flcomB to bo regarded hy the puhlic
as well as hy tho physicians as
hoyond explanation, other than that
soino chomical affinity had taken phier
hetwoon certain ingredients which
produced an element which is dos?
tructivo to human life. When it is
romemherod that similar accidents
have occurred on account of eating
creams, it in duo to tlio world that a
scientific investigation niton Id develop
tho causos and actions which ongen*
dor under such circumstances a dan-,
gorous chomieal ingredient, in order
that like occurrences may bo guarded
against in future. If tho peach leaves
under certain circumstances liboratod
prussic acid, tho circumstances which
Jed to its formation should he known,
tlio antidote published, and (ho way
pointod out to guard agninst its re*
occurrence; no matter what afUnitioB
prodnecd tlio chemical compound that
producod tlio violent sickncss upon
ovory 0110 who tasted tlio infcctod
custard, tlio facts relative to it .should
bo mado known to the world, by a
strict, searching and scientific investigation,
which would forever debar
another similar occurrence.
At t-lio Umo of thitj writing no
deaths have occurred, although inanyjj
aro very low, and nono can foresee
what will bo the ultimate result.
Sinco writing the above, wo learn
that Mr. and Mrs. Graven huvo boon
hoard from. They woro both taken
sick 'u Tonn08300, but woro oxpontod
to arrivo in tho city last night for
treatment.?Dallon (tia.) Enterprise,
A Negro In Torment,
Our friend, Capt. Tom Evans, its
responsible for ihia story of lladical
reformation and prompt relapse: It
was in Robeson county, N. C., tho
other day, the piney woods were on
iiro and, a 1.0,510 wns asleep in an ox
cart, driving homo fioni the mill. A
pine trio lay acrot-s I he road, bizzinji
and Inn ning, and the cart ran against
this ti ee, and over it went, and caught
the negro i.nder it. JIo woko up>
and thought lie was in h? i, and as
tho turpentine streamed from the tree
in a blr.ze of iiio and the balls ot
hot j.iteh ciacklcd and popped, he
lot got all about the oxen and cait
and hc<>an cul 1 iiifr on ovorvbnrlv In
0 -- o J J * ?
deliver him, shouting at tlio top oj
his voice for his coon dog, "Ilerc
Pomp! here ! here 1" and then for
"maree John, oh, m"-aM~s-e J-o-h nl"
and when all help failed him, he addressed
himself Pquurely-to the devil;
"Please don't Mister debbnl, jest dis
time ; my ole marse, lie's white folk
yon know, ho bay, Jako, you'so a nig.
ger, I 6a, I'se aa good as white folks,
an' dar ain't hut one nigger an' dat
was you, Mister debbnl, but O ain't
1 soiry 1 siiid it, we'se all collorod
folks togedder, you know, now Mister
debbul, oh Lordy, I'm gitten hot,
liaileJujar ! i can't stand dat!" and
as a piece of hot pitch took him on
the shin he sprang to his feet and hie
head struck the bottom of tho cart
and set it right tide up ; and there ho
beheld the 6teer, a lew feet oil", switch
ing his tail and ficding on the swamp
gra s. lie just spat off his hands*
and tore down a young tree and skin
nod all the leavi-Holf. talking all tli^
time: "Ole uncle Pete's young eon
Jacob thought lie was dai! Sho' null
dar I is but bress de angels, heres
dat durn little hull, an' it I don't
put a chunk of iiro under his tail and
give him hell from light here homo
my name ain't .lake, an' my ha'r
don't kii.K like a wild bunch of
giapes?Kaleigh (N. C.) Sentinel.
A clergyman lately called upon a
jeweler in liiddcford, jMe., and Ini'id
ou nun ?LS, sayin<r tiuvt 12 years ago
the merchant in making change gave
iiim a $20 lall instead of a two, and
that li is conscience had troubled him
over since, lie dosen't appear to
have said anything about interest,
either simple or coni,ound. lint a
btill more remarkable c iao of c ?naeience
has occured at Newport, R I ,
where a man from I be country, who
bus supplied a grocer with e^ga lur
several yvara, c mleased that bo bad
cheated him out ol $5 by giving abort
measure. In order to make ovory>?
thing b< pi tiro the grocer contested tb it
l.t l.oa ?.? ... - 1-1 A I
iiv> ikio |;uiv.i 1UU Illilll 11 U.IU
bill. So it seemed to bo pretty ovon
nil around.
The ladies of Abbeville have a
talking club, (ieetip and scandal is
forbidden, tho c<n 1 y eubjtcts "of con-*
vei'sation ulloued being those bearl
ing "it domestic economy, religion
and la-ihiwii*
If people believe money is scarce,
just let them stand around lor a while
and hoar a pair oi prize fighters discussing
thu'r relative ahilites.?Now
York Dispatch.
. .
The rcmilt of an Indiana newspaper
contest is thus announced: "A
big I ndianapolit) daily Bat on tho Dublin
Uovi6.fr. You on?5l>t to have hoard
the squeal/'
Jlelmhohl has boon ro oasod frem
the insane asj-lurn, it has boon proved
I hat he did not, as wan charged, ntteinpt
to pay an advertising aerount.
Danbury News.
Four wild pigeons and HOvonty-fivo
men with guns passed Nortli, 8nlur?
dav n(liirnrwin? Tinnlnn't/
y J "WWW.
( rant and hi9 party of oflloifil burn
mcrs aro d?ia>l ftoating in tho Colorado
mountainH, Oli, fur a good, big, vig~
oriiH Sioux or Kickapoo raid!
Ono of our town boys, whilo walking
out with liis now boots on for tho
first timo, was ndurossod in tho following
manner: '
Good morn ing Hob! "Now boots.''
How uro you ? **Givo four dollar*.''
Whero uro you going? "I got Ihoin'
at brother Willie's."
An Aberdeen girl supposes that
tho reason she has never kindled a
tlamo in any man's heart, id because i
she is not a good match.
If you wish to enj >y constitutional
liberty, don't wear a pull -back dress.
Never neglect your daily private,
prayer; and romombor that God
j hears your prayore.
A St. Louis dog poos about tho
strcote gathering cigar fitnnips, which
it eanio3 Imuiio to his muster. Jt
was H DOOl" fifliftil1 vvln\ flU'tin/l ?5.!o
? ..w*. ...to
specimen of oi<jur city.
? 4^ ;?
Tlie W heeler-House at Columbia,
is closed.
LEO A1J ar o r I i1KS.
Olivia ur iSUUl'll UAHOJL1NA.
, Pickens County.
Stephen D. Kcitli, ns Administrator <lc bonis
non ol Mattlicw Keith, deceased, petitioner,
Margaret Edens auil Jaines Ilurdinc, ns
Administrators of Alexander Edens, deceased*
unto their sureties James E. llagood an*/ A.
J- Anderson ; James M. Edens, as administrator
do bonis non of Alexander Edens, doceased,
and his sureties Margaret Edens,
Sauieul Edens and Allen Ed?ns.
Petition for Account, Relief, &c.
It aimcarinir In mv snliuf.ioi!/*??
? , o ?J uu.l mu
defendant, James M. Kdens, reside out of
unci beyond the limits of this State.
On motion of W. G. Keith and A. lllylhe.
attorneys for the petitioner, it is ordered
that the said James M. Kdens do appear at
my oflice in Pickens Court house, on I he l'Jlh
day of November, A. D. 1875, to show cause,
if any lie can, why the prayer of the petitioner,
new on file in my otiioe, should not be
granted, and upon his failure to do so, his
consent thereto will be entered of record.
Given under my hand and seal, of oilicc this
(til. ,liiu.il A I\ 1 err.
. ... v,,.^ v. ?>V|/>\,<MUVI , <1. JL/. lO'U,
1'ioKicNa COUNTY.
Coin t of CoinmoM l'luas.
15iiylirt W. Miinscll. Thomas Pluli'lu.i' Mi.?.
I sell, Camilla Hendricks and luisband. James
| I', llendrick;-, Malinda A. Thigpcu uud hua?
j bund, Caleb Thigpcn, plaintills,
James liaswetl, Hubert Itowcu. William A.
I Clyde, Henry C. Ui-iTlmmas W. lirooks,
j (Icorge N llrown, .lames II. Glar.cner, l'asclial
l>. Cureton, Nancy A. Green, William
ill. lSranilelt, Allen J. MauUlin. llobcr'. I'U
j liolt llolcombc, Washington K. liolcombc,
William II. Ilulcoinbc, Thomas W. Russell,
j Orlando C. Folger, The Atlanta and itichmonil
| Air Lino Railway Company, defendants.
Copy Summons for Relief.
; To the I lei re at Law of Tinsa Kmma Johnson,
wile of Johnson, now deceased?
> ?? ....
...i.Mv i > >> iiumuL-r.-) iimuiown, uclcmlaiits
in this iiclioi).
You arc hereby summoned and required to
answer llie complaint in this action, which
has been tiled in the ofliee of tlioClerk of the
Court ol' Common l'lefts for said county, and
to serve n copy of your answer on the subscribers
at their oftiec, in the city of Orconi
ville, S. C., within twenty days after the
service of this summons on you, exclusive
of the day of service.
If you fail to answer tlrs complaint within
' the time aforesaid, the plaintiffs will apply to
(the Court for the relief demanded in the
i complaint.
Dated <Scpt, 10,
| WlllTNKlt & SYMMI-JS,
nott (?w I'laintills' Attorneys.
County <f 1'ickkn?.
!u Probato Court.
; .Stephen I>. Keith as Administrator <lc honis
itoit of Allen Keith, decen.scd, ]>cti(ioiici*.
' Margaret iMens and .James lliirdine, A linini*lruiur.-<
of Ale\':in<fer IMiiis, docoascd,
and others, < 1 oIe 11 <hi11Ik.
Petition for Account, llelief, &c.
It appearing to my satisfaction (hat Jaincf
M. Kdelis, one of the defendants in the
uhove case, resides out of and beyond the
limits of this State.
On motion of A. Islytiio and \V. 0 Keith,
Keith, attorneys for petitioner, it is ordered
that tlltS Said .lllinrrt M .t
... jiMVH.i uu M|ipi':ir
at my oflicc at l'ickcns CourtI10U8O, on Halurilay,
tlic UHh <lny of November, A. i). 187">,
to sliow cau.so, it'any lie can, wliy the prayer
of tbe petitioner, now on file in my ollico,
should not bo granted, ami upon liis failure
to?Io ho, It is consent will be entered upon record.
Given under my liandnnd seal of olTicc (liisOth
I day of .September, A. L>. 187<?.
I noJt lOw Judge of l'robntc.
importaiit to Uk> 4 n rangers
ami Planters of li|?|?rr
South Carolina.
Wc arc mow prepared (o furnish any
amount, of (Iioho Stocks, and if upon trial
entire Hutislacliou in net given, wo will refund
every dollar pnid us. %
All orders received prior to the 1st of September
will be promptly tilled at thai time.
Price $!J.0U.
ckly & imo?
nolO 2m Greenville, 8. C.
Attniiotf - Hitils!'
j J\ H i "Jj ? *
i ? * - 4 C?
'Flic Ocoiu'? licutlicr, Root,
Shoe a ml IVIaiifiK'tiiriii^
( ompaiiy, Wallialla, N. C.
AVill (akc Hides anil Skins at liberal
prices, in exchange for
II A lt\I SS aii?l UPPHH
'' LUAlIIlOlt,
I*4<[Uul to any Northern tanning. Also, for
their celebrated homemade
ul moderate priccs.
Hides forwarded to us by Air Line Hailroad,
direct to Seneca City.
]Jy lilue Kid go Railroad, direct to Wulhalla.
0. WANS*Kit,
no38 3m ' 0. FILSINGEll.
Green vile & Columbia R R
ON' nml n.i r FRIDAY, .4UGU8T 'JKth.
1874, Iliu I'A^SliNGKU TRAINS 011
this lloail will l)o run as follows, daily, Sundays
iA-uvc Columbivnt 7.20 a in
" Alston tt.05 a in
" Newberry 10.I>1 a ni
'* Cokesbury 2.05 p m
' Helton 3.50 p in
Arrive al Greenville 6.30 i? in
Leave Greenville al C.30 a in
" lielton 8.30 a ni
?? Cokesbury 10.13 a n
? Newberry 1.30 p n
" Alston JlilO p n
Arrive at Columbia 0 00 j? u
onnect at Alston with Trains on tin
Spartanburg nml Union Railroad; connect at
Columbia willi NightTrains on the South Car
oitna Kaiiroad up and down ; also Willi Train:
filing Norlli and South on tlie Charlotte, Co
luinbia ami Augusta and the Wilminglou; (Jo
liiiubia and Augusta Railroads.
Train leave Abbeville at '.1.16 a in., conned
ing willi Down Train It jiii Greenville. Leai
Cukesbury at 2.15 p tu., connecting with (, ,
Train from Columbia. Aecommuilaliou Trail
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Leflj?
Cokesbury at 11.15 a ni., or on ilie arrival t
the I>o\vn Train from Greenville. Leaves / !
beville al 1 o'clock p. in., connecting with (
Train from Columbia.
Leave Walhalla at (?, > ,
" I'erryvillo ).
" l'endlctoii 7.1< a in
" Anderson 8.10-a in
Arrive ftt Helton nt 0.00 ft
Connecting willi down train from GreenvilU
Leave Hull on fit a.r?0 j> ni
" Anderson 4.50 p m
" Pendleton O./iO p m
" Perryvillc 0.85 p in
Arrivo at Wallialln at 7.15 p ni
Accommodation Trains between Helton um!
Anderson on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays,
Leave Helton lit 0.50 .int., or on urriv
ni of Down Train from Greenville. Lenvi
Anderson at 2.00 p in., connecting with Uj
Train from Columbia.
General Superintendent.
JAT1KZ NORTON, General Ticket Agent.
Sejit 10 0 If
Atlanta & Richmond Air Line Railway.
I.cavo Atlanta <>.00 ]i u
Leave Seneca (Jily 11.61 ji h
I.cavc Central 12.42 a ii
Leave Ktislcy 1.1 ii a ii
Leave Greenville 2.12 n ii
/,eave Aurinnnurg r>.(? ? a in
A i rive nt Charlotte B.Oli a 111
Leave Charlotte G.Oo a rn
Leave Spartanburg lO./jOain
Leave (Ireenvillo ]'J.p m
Leave Kaaley 1.1") p in
Leave cut ral 2.00 |> ni
Leave Seneca City . 1H |> m
Arrive at Atlanta U.18 p in
ooi.n'o north?accommodation trainLeave
Atlanta 7.03 n ni
Leave Seneca CSty O.lfi |> in
Leave cut ral (1.07 a m
Leave l'asley 7.15 a m
Leave flrccnvillc H-'21 a ni
A.tiiYc Ojiiinnuniirg 1 1.00 U III
\rrive at liarlotlo 0.00 p m
I.cavo liarlulte 8.13 p m
Leave Spartanburg 8.8Q p in
Leave Greenville 10.48 p in
Leave Ertnley 11.42 p ni
Lc avc oal 12,51 a ni
Leave Scneca City 1.61 a in
Arrive at Atlanta 1.48 p ni
11 Y. SAGE Eiir. fi Snpt.
GiUEilVIUE C, H? 5, C.
Practices in Courts of Pickone
county, and in United States Courts
II III IntpmuppnTiPo
A Wl? AvJL aiiujjii^jui iiiiou
H|?wilily cured i.v 1>|{. itKOK'H only known nu<1
hiiro Hviiicily. no CIMIIUi: for trialnaul
until cured. Cull on or u<ldrc??
Dr. J. C. BECK. 112 John St., Cincinnati, 0.
" "notice . 1
Wo lmvo just replenished our Block of mcrolioadiso
for Iho full niul winter Undo.
Ladies' and flcnllemon's hals and dress
goods generally have received special alien- ,
linn. '
Our Shoo Department
Is very full, amounting to nearly one thousand
il oil ars.
Our General Ntoelc
Comprises nearly everything you arp likely
to need and will be sold very low.
Half Car Load.
Of hesl Liverpool Salt on hand and fov sale
two dollars per sack, which is
ntlTJ A T)T>
Than before tlic >vnr. All arc respec'.fully invited
lo call ami see them.
Hester & Hester.
Central, S. C.. Oct. 28, 187-1.
Coloiiisis, lOmi grants and
Travelers Wcslward.
For map circulars, condensed time tallies
and general information in regard to transportation
facilities to all points in Tennessee,
Arkansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Colorado,
Kansas, Texas, Iowa, New Mexico, Utah and
California, apply to or address Ai.hkkt 1$.
Wkknn, General Emigrant Agenr, Ollicc No.
12 11. I. Kimball House, Atlanta, Ga.
No one shou'.d go West without first getting
in communication with Iho General
Emigrant Agent, and become informed as to
superior advantages, cheap and quick transportation
of families, household goods, stock,
and farming implements generally.
All information cheerfully given.
nr>3 Oni G. 1*. & T. A.
Law Nolioc.
'J lie undersigned, having resumed (lie prac
ticc of law, will attend the Courts on the 8th
Judicial Circuit. ISusincss left with Win. E
llagood, at l'ickens C. 11., will ho promptly
on... .i^.i ? * <"
iv, ?> , H. ll^llUWSUlN.
Nov. 11, 1871.
r%r /^\ 1>>latc1li'i:y'?
L?[ i *Vlmproved CUCUMBEU
Jraj I? r& g) tVUOl) ru.Ml'isJhcao-.
\V jy knowledge Standaud of
i he market, by popular
VCIH',0,i 1'1C best pump fur the cash
money. Attention is invited to
Blatchley's Improved Bracket, the
1'J Kct Ib'op Check Valve, which can be
withdrawn without disturbing the
joints, and the copper chamber
which never cracks, scales or rusts, aiul will
last a life time. For salo by Dealers and I lie
trade ift'iu-rallv. In cn-tlor in lir> sum ilmi
3*011 get I?lntclilcy*s l'unip, be cnrefill and ace
that it has 111y Initio murk as above. If you
do no! know where to buy; descriptive circulars,
together willi the inline nml address of
the ngont hearesi you, will be promptly furnished
hy nil dreading with alamp.
IM a 11 it iircis
2j?'.)ia ^01<oninu;ii0rce St., Philadelphia
Dealers save Five, Ton and Fifteen
1 .1.11 ? i i " > 1
uuiiiti n |>UI i IKMISIIIHI OM V^lt?ill 8, JUKI
got Tobacco at low cat figures, by ordering
i Indian Girl Cigar ISloro,
N. 15. Send lor Sampled.
Due 21 18 tf.
x i;w liOW f>o^, ? ow?
Mawifaoliircrs *11 ('ollnii (iins, Cotlon (iiti
i Fcfilui's, <.'onilciiscrs ninl Culloii Gin Mivtoi
rial < !' < vuiy description. Our C!ins have
Im'pii in i???' thirty years, ami have nn cstabli-hcil
reputation tor simplicity, light, run*
i niug, <lural?ility, and for quality ami quan- |
iiiu .-.r i;i i > "
... ..... j..iKinti'ii. wui- reeuer 18 easily
attached to l 1m- (!iu, and easily operated by
i' any hand of ordinary intelligence. 'J'hey are
i i lie simplest and cheapest Feeder in the market
and feed with more regularity than ispos?
i sihle by hand, increasing tho outturn ami
i giving a cleaner and better sample. At all
Fairs where exhibited and by Planters havi
ing them in use, they have been accorded the
highest cnconiuniH. Our Condensers are well
l made, durable and simple in construction,
i and do what is required of them rapidly and
i well. No additional power is acquired to
i drive the Feeder or Condenser, and no Gin
i llouso is complete without them. We are
i prepared to warrant, to any reasonable exi
tent, perfect satisfaction to every purchaser.
i,iruiiinrp, prices rum lull information furnifllicil,
Address ns above, or apply lo
Julius C' Smith. Greenville S_0.
Manufacturers and Jobbers of
(./luu'lollo, N. ('. I I in
lh'. It. J. UillilAlltl
nAVlNO returned mid permanently located
fit 1'ickcnsvillo, roupeoifully oil ;r?
his Professional services to tho citi/onH of tlint
vioiuily iii>1 suiTouiidiiig country. CUargeu
Muy' ? ?1
- ?
T <
- - 4
Courage Home Enterprise and Hoae People,
Geo. S. Hacker, >
The only Cnrolininn engnnged in flic mnn
afiiclurc of Doors, Snali, Iilinds, Moulding.
ii ml Turned Work in Charleston, S. C .
l'riccs as low ns any other house, nnd all *
work fust class. no 2lMy
milK Exorcises of (lie First Term of tliis
JL School will commence January 18th ontl
end June 4th ; the Second Term, July 5th
and end November 10th. Students entering
within two weel^ after the commencement of
the Terms, will be charged for the whole
term ; those entering after this time, from tho
time of entering, llence, it is rerjr import*
ant that students enter at the commencement m
,m iiiu iuriu mai mcy may l>c properly and
justly classified.
Course of Study- m
1st Tern>?Spelling, Webstcrs 5 Rending, Bar*
gent's Series.
2d Term?Spelling and Reading continued }
Primary Geography, Cornell's ; Mental A ?
rillinictic, Davies; Exercises in Writing,
1st Term?Geogrnpliy qontmued: Introduce -y
1 tory English Grammar, Itulliuns ; Reading
continued; Eloments of Written Arithmetic, .
I Davies; Exercises in Writing. '
2d Term?Inter mediate Geography completed;
Analytical English Grammar, ltullions; Elements
of Written Arithmetic tompleted ;
I Primary U. S. History, Quackcnbos; Exercises
in Writing.
I IstTirm?English Grammar completed Phyo-?
si ;.\l Geography, Warren's, Gommon 8cho?J
I Arithmetic, Davies ; Analysis of Words?
r, -
av7n.?n. \
2d Term?Annlysis of English Language,
Grecue's; Arithmetic continued ; Smaller
Composition, Quackenbos; Higher U. H
History, Stephens'.
j UN ion ci.,t.?s.
1st Term Latin Grammar Bullions; Latin Reader,
bullion?; Elementary Algebra, Davie ,
History of England, Markhain's.
'id Term?Six llooks of Crcsai, Bullions; Analysis
of Latin Sentence, Arnold's Rec?n<t.
Latin Hook ; Greek Grammar, Bullions;
Greek Header, Bullions'; lilementary AI jf e - ^
, bra, completed; Nulurall'hilosophy, QMMk
cubos, 0
i 1st Term?Sis books of Virgil, Aiiiiion 9
Grci k Header, completed; l'lain Geometry
Loomis; Higher Composition and Khetnrio f
\{uiickviiuof; Kemlrick' (Ireek Ollendorff;
I 2d Term?Sallust's Catniine & Jugiirlhii, An*
I lion's; Xenoplion's Anabasis, Ambon'*;
Higher Algebra, commenced; Robinson'*
New University; Solid and Spherical Ofoinctry,
completed; Chemistry, Youinan s
1st Term?Cicoro's Select Orations, Antlion's
Xenoplion's McinorafcUia of Socrates; Ani
(lion's; Trigonometry ami Surveying, Loo
mis; Roman History, Arnold's; Latin Prose
Com posit ion, Arnold's.
2d Term?Ant lion's; Six books of Homer'n H
Hind, Ambon's: Creek Prose Composition
Arnold's; algebra completed, Astronomy, JP
The above courso will preparo enn
didatos for admission into tho Soimio-*
more ('i.\ss of any of our Southern
Collides. Ntudonta, who do not stand
a satisfactory examination upon th
jHovoral studies of caeh class, will nc
bo allowed tho privilouu to advaueo to
I tho noxt higher, but bo retained in
such class, till all tlio studies of it bo
satisfactorily completed.
Tuition of Primary Department i
i'kr term.
Junior Class, - 810.00
Intermediate Class, - 12.50
Senior " - 1 r
I Preparatory Department, U0.00
j No deduction will ho mado for lost
timo except from prolonged sieknowH.
Monthly reports of punclulity, doportinont,
and recitations in caoit &tudy,
will bo furnished parents.
J. II. CAliLISiiK, Principal*
D0CJ7. 17 tl N
I have on hand and intend to koop cons
Htnnlly a general
ANMOI'tlllCllt ^
of Family Groceries, which will i.? ?
-- oyiu Vllt'np
FOll CASH, such as Bacon. Flour, Molasscu
Uoffee, Hugar, and in fact every nrliclo usu?,
ally kept in my line.
I also repair watches, clocks anil jewelry.
Or<lcrc(l: A lot of fust rate jewelry, which
will ho disposed of on the best of terms.
Photographs taken in tho most, approved
modern style.
Euslcy Station.
Arpl 28 35 ly
A T T O 11 N IS Y S A T L A W,
> \i till* give their ntlentioo to Ihe I'rnctice
V T ami to the Collodion of Penpionu,
Bounty Land find nil olhor Claims. ^
J. NORTON, J. K. HAOOOD, * / ..
Wulhalla, H. (5, lMokcna, 8, C. 4
July '27tli 1871. 1 tf* v W t,

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