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Tli Pickens Sentinel.
^ ' ,
0. F. BRIDLE?. Editor and Frocrielor,
.. ' JL!^, Terms
of SubNcrli^ion.
One Year $1 50
8ix Mouths 75
AdvcrtiMlng Kates.
Advertisements inserted at the rate of $1 00
per square, of (0) nine lines, or lksh, for the
first insertion, and 50 cents for each uubscnii^ni.
Contracts miule for three, six or twklvk
months, on favorable terms.
Advertisements not having the number of
insertions marked on them, will be published
until forbid and ohargcd accordingly.
These terms arc so simple any child may
understand them. Nine lines 5s a square?
one inch. In ovcry instance we charge by
the space occupied, as eight or ten lines can
be mado to ocoupy four or five squares, as the
advertiser may wish, and is charged by the
Advertisers will please state the number
of sauarcs thev wish their advertisements
o make.
Business men who advertise to be
benefitted, will bear in mind that the
8ENT1NKL has a large and increasing circulation,
and is taken by tho very class of
persons whose trade they desire.
Thursday, October 2H, 1875,
Immigration Society.
Wo think it would redound to tho
interest of Pickens County to organiro
an immigration Society, with intelligent,
oncrgotic men at tho head
of it. Greenville and other countios
liavo Buch an organisation, by which
means they aro onablod to socuro all
tlin nmirrrnnts rnmincr i 111 n 1 Iuk Rpf.t.iiiii
e o
of country. Pickons should not bo
behind hor sister counties in this rcs->
pect. Sho should hnvo hor society
with her best and most intelligent
citizens at its bond, who would place
thomeclvos in communication with
ngencics in Now York and othor
cities, as woll as the emigants thornsolvoh,
and lay beforo thom tho many
advantagos of our County as an in
ducoiuont for thorn to como and sot>
tlo among ua. Tlio agricultural and
min.irnl rosourcos of tho County; tho
manufacturing advantagos; the church
and Bchool facilities; tho manners and
customs of tho pooplo; tho salubrity
of tho climato; tho purity of tho water;
ihefortilitv of f.hn soil; firm mniinliiin
ecenory and a gonornl description of tlio
County should bo published in plain
and simpio langungo in pamphlet
iorm, and placod in tno hands of tho
oraigrant. Ho would then know
aomothing of tho country ho wasaskod
to go to, and wouid feci that ho had
an introduction to tho pcoplo beforo
he went amongst them. If wo do
not t.nlfft nn infnrnftt. in <lii? mntlnv
and inhko an effort to socuro some ol
thoimmigants now pouring into tho
South, and especially tho 1'iodtnont
belt of country, they will all pass us
by and scttlo amongst thoso who
liavo laid their claims before them.
Tho society could put itacit in direct
communication with Mr. Tilman J?.
Guinea, who has established an agency
in Now York city, and obtain from
him and other agents, tho number
and kind of immigrants desiring homes
in this section, their trade or calling;
and those of our citizcns want'ng
them could mako their ordors direct
through tho Society without any un
neccssary trouble. Thoso having lands
to bell or Iqaho could make il known
by this incanH directly to tho immigrant?tho
prico, number of acres
and quality of land, and cfToct a salo
or loaso without tho least troublo or
difticultv. There, aro mnnw nndunn.
tftgcs to the County llial would ariso
through such u Society; hor waste
places would soon bo built up and tlio
fiolds that arc now grown up in broom
sage and pines, would soon bo teaming
with the irohlfln <rrnin or flnnr-v
n n J
cotton. It would iiifuso now life in
our nativo citizens, and bo nn impetus
to improvement and real prosperty.
Tbon lot uh organizo an Immigration 1
Society, and go to work in real earn^ '
ost to build up and onrieb our County. '
Will tboso wbo favor immigration, lot '
us bear from them on this subject'/'
Those in Arrears I
To Tub 8entinei< on account of t
subscription, will plouso remember b
that wo need money, ami unless tlicy
settle up by tho 1st of January next, t
wo will bo forced to crnso tlicir names t
from our list. "A word to the wise lj
is sufficient." v
Failures of largo houses and banking
institutions throughout the conn- |
try, aro announcod nearly every day. <.
The liabilities aro generally more i
than twico tho amount of assets. t
The Gr edn viUe Fa^r. JtA
Tho fuir <flthffGr3ivillo AgcMltu3*aI
and IMoclianinl Assoeiijflon, <
which camojicjff last l|j&clc, wag.:'from
all accqunlB, ii co?npl{|io succdgp Governor
Chamberlain nddro8sod*lho vis*
itoru on Thursday, the first day, and i
scorns to havo mado a favorable im*?
presaion on his hearers. Tho citizons
generally oxtondod him a cordial wel
bomo, which wo hope-will Iy6<lr it?l
good fruits. Ilia addr??a is very
highly oulogizod and commoodod by
tho News.
An esteemed correspondent liae
Bent U8 an interesting communication
011 tho Faii-j which will appear
next week.
? ? Blue
Ridge R R.
Tlio citizens cf Wall)alia aro endeavoring
to resurrect, tlio 131uo liidgo
Railroad and havo it completed. A
mooting was held in Walhalla a short
timo sinco, and It was resolved to call
a mass moetincr of tho oitizons of tl?o
County and friends of tlio ontorpriso
to put the ball in motion.* Wo hope
tbo effort may bo crowned with sueC088.
Oconee Fair
Tlio Oconeo Agricultural and Mechanical
Fair commonccs at Walhalia
on tho 1st of noxt month. Thin will
bo tho first fair ovor hold in that
County, and wo hopo it may bo a suocosb.
PickoriB should huvo 0110 noxt
For tho Farmers?Remedies NeededTho
following from tho report of
the Goorgia Commissioner of Agriculturo
is in ovory particular as applicable
lo our Slate as it is to Georgia,
and wo trust our fanning friends will
road it carefully and hoed the suggestions
made :
What aro tho romodios for tho vas
rious blights upon our industries?
Tho diflicullios teach their own
lr>.RRniiH nnd nnr*irr>ftf (linii* n\w?i vnmow
, ? ?tab ? w v"v" w " #V,I,V
1. Experience and thoso facts loncli
that, raising cotton to buy supplios to
raiso cotton, at present pricos. loads
directly to bankruptcy and ruin.
2. That thoso who raiso their own
supplies, mako cotton at a profit and
aro prosperous. Indeed, correspond
onts gonorally report that thoSo who
raiso tlioir own supplies cannot lose
monoy, if thoy attond to tlicir busii
3. That homo manuro must bo husbanded,
conccntratod and judiciously
4. That tho farmers must demand i
such legislation as will romovo tho
presont prohibition upon shoep husbandry.
To sum up tho wholo in a fow words
tho fanners, to bo prosperous must?
1. Cease to buy fertilizers, oxcopt to
supplement home manures, carefully
husbanded under shelter.
3. Thoy must roduco their planting
down to a cash basif.
A -t~- i ?- -
i. jl ii\?j 111 uoo uuiiliillU OlIUIl tl IUA
upon dogs and such protection from
their ravages as will onablo thorn to
raiso wool and mutton, and thon utilize
almost without labor, thoir at prosent
waste or useless lands
The prico at which llio growing crop
of cotton will sell will not pay the cost
of production to thoso who havo purchased
their supplios.
Farmors aro tlioroforo urgod to
commcnco at onco to provido against
the loaks, which aro sapping thoir
nanoial lifo blood, hy sowing largoly
of grain, and cspocially of tho rust
proof oat, early in tho fall, by careful*
iy husbanding all tho manures on tho
farm, under shelter, for uho in com>?
posting for tlio next season's crops,
and by Inking proper steps towards
increasing thoir facilities for raising
stock, and c.tpocinlly sliocp.
Under tho proscnt system six and a
half million of dollars, which should
goto swoll the annual profits of (icor
E?ia farmers, find their vray into tho
pockets of others mjHily beyond tho
imits of our .Stato, in conscquonco of
lie suicidal polioy at presont pursued,
>f buying what should bo raisod at
tome. Will not our farmers make
lioir farms self sustaining?raise their
upplies and pocket theso profits?
J)iecaid the old habit of boasting o*
lie number of acres of land planted
lie number of plows run, or tho nums
or of bales of cotton made, nnd look
veil to tiro number of dollars of clear
juugo Koed (Itcitlod an interesting I
joint rocontly in Charleston. Tho J
locision in, that salary or wages can- i
jot bo taken lor dob*. Tho case goes I
o Uic Supromo court. I
Pr* ij/L FeWle Depounoo I ,
Tho nlBon of Judgo Cooko in thoij
cnso ftgfl 1st Mjy^pPnin08 !L. Wliitoftti
tho rooont of, court fo0nMs i
Obunty moot* with J^o hearty^,dinnp-1
pfWl our most^intolligont^foir-ji
minded and nnnrnindit-nr! nilirnna 11.1
was so unprecedented in thaadministra
tion of justico even in tins Stoto, bo
put of proportion to tho tnjcosaitioH ol'
(h1b cAso Arid h6 Unequal t<j oilip^Qtltenoee
passed in stmiUtrcnsos that we
hnvo doomed it proper thus to advert
to it.
Major Whito was indictod for as?.
sault and battery with intont to kill
upon Austin Davis, a colored boy in
his omploy. Upon this indictipont
ho was put upon trial, and aftor long
deliberation by tho jury a vordict of
guilty of assault was rondored against
him. Tho jury ehargod with tho triul
of the easo argued upon this vordict
only as a kind of compromise, nnd
with tho expectation that Maj. NV hi to
would reeoivo that consideration from
tho court usual in all such eases: that
his punisiunont- would bo in propor
tion to tho oflenco committed, and in
uccordanco with established prccodont.
Tho sontonco of tho court was
that Major Whito pay tho costs in tho
prosecution of tho case, and that ho
bo confined in tho Count}' jail for
thirty days. In passing this sontcnco,
Judgo Cooko mado it convenient to
bring tho color question to thosurfaco
and onucavorcd to impress upon tho
prisoner tho o\en poiso with which
ho aimed to hold tho scalos of ju6tico
IIo claimed that ho could do nothing
less, and wlion appealed to by Cel.
Colli run, counsol for prisoner, to put,
in tho alternative, (fino or imprisonment),
averred that bo wna doing
what bo conceived to bo lor tbo boat
interosts of tbo country.
Austin Davis, tbo complainant in
tbis action, was tried and convicted
upon two charges, 0110 for assault and
uauory wiui iniont 10 kiii ana uio
otlior for nRsault and battery. For
tlio first offonco ho waa scntonced to
tho county jail for sixty, and for tlio
Hccond for 30 day8. Tlio ovidonco in
a!! threo of tlio cano? was pretty much
tho samo, but how difforonl tho finding
of the jury! Davis was convicted
upon two charges?tho first partaking
somewhat of tho natoro of murdor,
t 1 k A 1111 miw>li mAi*A ?wrm>ni'uf .wl
than tho simple assault of Maj. While;
yet for all this mountain load of guilt
ho was sont to the county jail for only
ninoty days, while Major White is
compollod to pay tho costs of Irs
prcsocution and go to jail lor thirty
In cases identically similar, Davis
onlv suffers imnrisonmont for thirtv
* I J
duyfl. Wliito pays tlio costs and also
undergoes tiio imprisonment. Davis
Iosob nothing, bin timo not boing
worth more than ten dollas a month.
Wlnto lias a largo businoss and at this
soneon, especially, thero is no telling
how much tho consequential losses
may bo. Davis commenced tho difficulty.
White protected his place
and family and himself from injury
unu maim, nnu assorted wmi spirit
tho divino right of solf-dofcnso which
socicty still ullows to every man. An
indignity is imposed upon him.
Ilowovor much tho Judgo has dono
in in m uiiiti/ur hj oicvaio nimncu
among tho illiterate and vulgar, ho
has not gainod tho esteem of many
worth}' citizonsof all colors, who have
always sustained him in tho dischargo
of tho diflicult duties of his position
?Abbeville Medium.
The Now York world points to tho
Appointment of Zacb. Chandler in the
plnco of Delano as an illustration of
what construction a bad administrn*
tion puts upon a voto(that of Ohio)
which can he twisted into an approval
of it. Jt is refreshing to witness
how nicoly it is reforming itsolf from
within, as evidenced by the appointmont
of a man whom tho Republicans
of Michigan declared to bo unworthy
to represent tho Stato in tho Sonato.
It look* an if t*on. Grant has some
dc?iro to roturn to tho forco bill, in
appointing to such a position a person
whu uouuirou mat mo union would
bo good for nothing without a little
Tho Grconvillo Daily News* fails
to reach u? about ovcry othor day.
What's the matto?- t cighbor?
? am mm
It is aaici tho Hon. Thomas J. Jtobortson,
United Statos Sonator from
Lhifl Stato, will co-oporato with tho
Democrats of tho iScnato in domandng
oarnost and vigorous reform. Iio~
jortson iH said to bo unpopular with
ho ring masters of tho State. i
Tho aaptoutfSing djBnioifol oledifbn
in (jfn., jproflpsos to bo amniwin<?8
nro said tohavo Men ariotimed
on Iko cityjBi thotilnal In* >
ar^mont^anwAtayw Est4f wh<w a
candidalo for ro-elootion, is mooting
with strong opposition from sornp of
tho substantial oitizons of tho city, on
Lbo urpupds that ho has failed to do
IpaDa^ iq tlfo pfemigfte,/ an<J frhey
have nominated Mnj. Alton in oppoai?
lion to him. "A . Pic
kens Prices Curr e i*tCOIiUECTKI)
A 55n5 . . . . >.
iyoiion per pounu, paciccti, jzjo
Cotton per pound, accd, 4c
Bacon per pound, 18o
Lard per pound, 20o
/'ork por pound, JOc
Corn per bushel, 65o
\Thoat per bushel, $1.60
Flour per barrel, * [email protected]
Apples, Dried, per bushel, 1.00
Apples, Green, per bushel, 1 00
Peas per bushel, 80c
Butter per pound, 15(^20o
Beef por pound, - 6?6c
Beeswax, per pound, 26o
Tallow, per pound, 10c
Chickens, per head, 16c
Hides, Pried per ponud, 15c
Hides, Green, per pound, Go
Heirs. tier Dozen. lOn
i'inders, per bushel, $1.60
Chestnuts, per bushel, 2.00
Feathers, per pound, 60c
Wool, per pound, 40c
fl?B EiSBAL.
MARRIED, on tho 7th instant, by Rev.
Tuob. Loofkb, at the residence of Mr. IIknry
J. Lewis, Mr. JEHU CIIASTA1X to Miss
MARY STEWART?all of Pickens.
PICKENS 0. II., S. C.,
I proposo to sell thoni chenpor than
any ono.
I enn suit, anv ono in all linns of
- -- - / ' ' "*
D 11 Y-G OODS!
J list roturncd from markot. Don't
(nil lo call and Bee. No troublo to
show Goodn.
Thanks for past patronago, and
liopon continuance of tho sanio.
llcspo ctfully,
Oct 28 9
Tlie Mate of Noutli Carolina
Piokrns County.
lly I. 11. Phi!pot, Jntlyt of Probalt.
Wiikiikah, W.T. Field, hath mario nuit
to mc to grant him Letters of AdminP..I.U
a uir.-i. - e It
inimiiuu, wn iiivj nOKIIO IIUU fillVUIS U1 t/UIIU
M. Field, deceased?
The kindred and creditors of the said John
M. Field, are thereforo oiled lo bo And appear
before me, in the Court of Probate, to be
iiolden at Pickens C. H., on Monday, tho 18th
day of November next, at 11 o'clock, a. m.,
lo shew cause, if any they have, why the said
administration should not be granted.
Given under my hand and real this, (he
28th day of Ootober A 1>., 1875.
I. If. PIIILPOT, j:p.i\c.
Oct 28. 1875 ? 2
PKR80N8 Indebted to the iubscriber must
come and mnko Settlement. My Books
must be'closed. I must have money to pny
my debtH.
Oct 'JH, 1875 U 3 (
t< r
\ i o
Wo have in slore, and are now receiving our
large and elegant s(6ck of
consisting of all tlic latest styles and aWTes
We have also paid Special Attention lo our
iscpnnmcni, which wo Dougiii aircci irom 1110
Manufactories ! Consequently can save our
customers the profit of T1IE MIDDLEMAN.
t&T Examine our stock and be convinced. I
Greenville, 8. C., Oct. 11, 1875 7 41
call the attention of my friends find tho public
generally, to the large and well solcclcd
npl/ r\ f n r\ ra r\ c? I
Vw/lVUU v^X
I have now in slorc. My slock consists of
All bought in person for this market, fit prices
that on 11 not be cut utuler.
Tho Ladies will find my DKESS and
FANCY GOODS, especially suited to their
wants, and Qenlletnen in need of CLOTHING
of tho latest styles will save money by inspecting
my stock.
l!y strict attention to business, and with
fairness to all, I hopo to continno to roceivc
tho favors of tho past.
Persons who aro duo tlio firm of FORI) &
MAULDIN on account, will please settle same
1st of November, na the Ihihiiypkm nf ?l>? ?%!<!
firm must ho closed.
Oct 11 7 If
AI.L persons indebted lo I lie Mstate of (he
. laic J. M. Mcl'AMi, deceased, either hy
Note or Account, will please come forward at
once and nettle same, in order that the husi
ncss mny go on successfully.
W. T. Mt l^LL, Adm'r.
Oct 28, 1876 !? if
BY order of I. II l'Jiilpot, Judge of Probate,
for Pickens Couniy, 1 will sell to the
highest bidder, nt Pickens C. II., 8. C., on
snledny in November next, the following
properly, belonging to the Kstuto of J. M.
McFull, deceased, to wit:
One Cow and Calf;
One Heifer;
One One-Horse Wagon find Harness.
TERMS?On a credit of six months, with
note and approved security, and interest at
iho rate of ton per cent.
W. T. Mo FALL, Adni'r.
Oot 14 7 3
is hereby crivcii. thai ?Iia Pnnni-i.
nership heretofore existing between 0.
11. (5. 8MITII & CO., n* Cigar Manufacturers,
is this day dissolved, by mutual consent. The
business will be continued by Mr. 11. PECHN
K K.
0. II. 0. 8MITII & CO.
Oct 21, 1875 8 8
Application win be made ?o i. 11.
l'liilpot, Judge of l'rohatc, for I'iokens
County, on Saturday, (ho 20th day of
November next, for leave to make a Final
Settlement of the Kntntc of Abraham liurdino,
deceased, and be discharged as Administrator
of said Kstate.
J. T. ANTHONY. Aclm'r.
Oct 21, 1876 8 4
lOarle, WcIIh A Taylor,
Attorneys and Counsellors at Law
Having established an office at Pickens C.
I!., 8. ()., will attend promptly to all bttsineHs
left with O. W. Taylor who may bo always
found fit llio.ir nflinn fit PJnlrana if a
Ono of the nenior partners wlil always bo
present at the Courts to assist with the business.
W. K. KARLK, \
O. 0. WELL8, f 0. W. TAYLOR,
Greenville, S. C. Pickens, s. C'.
% <
*i E W> Al) VEUTLSP41 K# TS.
~m?*r?*? n ?
1 | ja i
M?'?ber of our firm lins just returned from
Ntffr (York where lie purchased (he largeHt stcek
of (Jfenoral Merchandise erer brought to thit
Market. A
Live Elephant
Loose on the streets would pot create the excitement
and wonder, (hat cur prices do.
Vest prints at only ten cents, arid other
goods at proportionate prices. Polite clerks
always in attendance, and ready to place <
our goods
vjn E,xni union.
Satisfaction guaranteed or Ho Bales. Large
Stock of Groceries, Coffee, Sugar, Molasses,
Clieesft, etc.,
IJottom Figures. Hats and Caps, Boots and
Shoes of every grade and prices. In faot,
anything needed by the farmer can bo had ai
Hudgins & Bolt's.
Remember (lint (his stand is in thoMasonta
una vuiiuin^, uvinurg niu J'UIUI, JUHI UCIOW
tho Depot of
Easley Station.
Easlcy Station, Octobcr C, 1875. 6lf
1875. ------ 1879.
Your attention is most resfectfully
called lo (ho largcBt and decidedly
the CHEAPEST Stock of Goods th?t b??
cTcr been exhibited in West Greenville ; eon?
GROCERIES, etc., e(?.
Our pricca lire so low that no house thU
side of New York can under-sell us.
We sell Goods strictly for CASH, whieb
onnbten tin to make the nboro declaration.
Wc keep constantly on hand a large lot of
DOORS, SASH and BLINDS, at priceo thai
defv mmnnlitinn
Wc also keep on hand a large lot of the#*
celebrated GUANOE PLOW ST0CK8, to
which we invite your attention.
Wc linvc also connected to our Store, u .
a Large WAGON YA1U), with a well of Go?<i
Water, which is Free and Oi'itn to All.
Greenville H. C., October 1, 1876. aoftlf
Notice i
Courty Commission?: 'h Office, ^
Pickens Court House, 8. C. )
The annual meeting of the Hoard of
County Commissioners of Picktns county,
will be held on TUESDAY, the second day of
November, 187<*?.
All persons who have any niunncr of claim*
whatever against the county mnde previous t?
the fu-si of Noxemher, 1 HO I, and have nol
registered the same in obedience to iho Presentment
of the Grand Jury and the Ord?r
of (lie Court (hereon ; mid nil persons holding
bills, accounts or demands of any kind against
I Iio comity, ivhicli have not been before presented
(o the County Commissioners at speoial
meetings held since tho tirst of November,
1874, are required to dedosit the same wltk
the Clerk of tbo Hoard on or before the first
dny of November next, on pain of being
forever thererfler barred.
lly Order of tho Board.
noO It C. ?. C. C. r. C.
In t ho Probntc Court.
Mary A O'Dcll, Adminislrftlrix, nnd J Ferry
Hooper, nilministrnlor, l'lnmlifi'j.
Margaret >1 Looper, James A O'Dell, Fred?
rick O O'Dell, Nancy L O'Dell, Juliu* T
O'Dell, J,nwrcuce P. O'Dell, A M Meal,
Elias E Mauldin, Andrew O Wyatt and
Abncr Mullinax, Defendants.
By virtue of nn orJer in the above entitled
cn.se. all persons holding claims against the
estate of Calvin O'Dell, deceased, are hereby
notified that they are required to prove then*
with the dale and rnnk nf ? ?! ? ?
or before the fir8t day of December, 1876, #r
do forever thoreaftor debarred from nil bene*
At or advantage under the docice to be rtn>
dered herein.
noO Gt l'robale Judge.
Octobcr 7, 1075. ? ,
Estate Notice.
Application will be made to I II Phllpot,
.Indfrn nf t'rntifilo " > it.- ?'L J
B ?' vr.tv.ojr, IHO Ota U?J 01
November, 1H76, for leave to mak? a final
settlement of llio estates of Robert and Martha
llollingHworth, and to be dismissed thertfrom
as guardian.
noGIt Guardian,
Holcombe Child,
WILL PRACTICE in Circuit, Probate, ??4
Trail Justice Courts of (his Stale. All
busineflH entruBted to tbem willrcoelre prenpt
Sopt 10 81j
Practices in the Circuit ourt and Court o
Probate for Pickens ounty.
May 10 Vi tj?

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