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Farm *nd Orange
Ril on Fall Plowed Land.?The
only objection to fall plowing is tha'
occasion ly heavy rains pack the soil I
whereby much of the benefit of alternate
freezing and thawing is lost.
This can be remedied by drilling in
one bushel of rye per acre late in the
fall. Rye is much bettor than wheat
lor this purpose, as it is less expensive,
and, owing to smaller grains,
one bushel of rye is equal in Beeding
io a bushel and a half of wheat. Besides,
ryo grows stronger tban wheat,
is less liablo to winter, and its matted
i mnl?AA a /xm Aa
gIVITIU UittAVO U LMJVIU* piuivuviuil IU
the soil from washing or packing by
rains or snows, Farmers have noticed
that where winter killed wheat
is plowed and sown with spring grain
thq crop is nearly always excellent.
This shows the (advantage of fall
plowing combinod with some pro*
tcctiou to the surface. But it doos
not pay to have a crop oi whoat thus
destroyed, whilo it will pay to plow
and sow some cheaper grain that
will answer the same purpose. There
is probably a good deal of loss of
ammonia from naked fields in whiter
and early spring which a growing
crop could save. The young rye
plowed under in April would form an
excellent and well distributed coating
ot manure orer the fiold?much more
valuable than its probable cost. On
land designed for corn or potatoes,
the rye could bo left to grow till the
middle of May, or be pastured by
cows, or ewes with young lambs. It
is better that tho ground should be
left as rough as possiblo after tho fall
sowing. Spring feed for cows is oft*
en scarce, and two or three acres of
young rye, intended for pasture on
land designed for summer crops, will
be clear gain at a very trifling ex
What the Grangers IIavk Donb.
?The Now York Times, in speaking
ofewhat tho grangers of tho Western
States have done, soys: Thoy have
broken tho power and combination
of tho pork packcrs. They Btarted
out the past fall as thoy did tho fall
before, to buy pork at about three
dollars, expecting again to get double
the price when they eold, aa they did
last year?but the grangers wore too
sharp lor them this time. Thoy eaid
rather than sell at these low prices,
we will pack our own pork. So all
over the West, tho grangers combined,
determined to pack unless they
could got what their pork was hons
estly worth. Pork came in slow, not
? - J J '
jpgi vuuugu iiicuk mo ueiuanas 01
packers. Grangers wont to putting
op their own pork. The packers became
alarmed, and though they had
better make smaller profits, and so
commenced offering higher prices.
The grangers wero firm, resolute, and
insisted ou fair prices, and the packers
wero compollod to pay them. The
farmers trinmnlmrl nwni* k:
~ ?"? WMU'nations
to wrong them. Millions
morn of dollara hava beori navod to
thorn (ban otherwise would bave beon
Tbcy nocded tbo money and have
got it. Tboy wcro entitled to it and
got only wbat was tbeir doe. Tbo
farmers can combine on a larger and
gniuucr scale than any other class
wben it becomes necessary.
Cornkkko Him at Last.?A Georgia
miller, in ft rocent conversation
with ono of our grain buyers, incidentally
remarked that dealers in his
section wouldn't need any of our corn
this yoar. I
"Well, we have raised it for yon,v!
replied the Fayetteville merchant,;
(lnrwl ? 1 -
pUv* j v/14 m t) uuuiivi IU IftKQ It*
"No, wo aro independent now?
Georgia will have enough corn of
her own," retorted the rnillor.
"Well, we'll feed it to tho hogs and
sell yon tho meat."
"Wo aro eafo there too," continued
the miller, "our people will furnish
their own pork."
Nothing daunted, our Fayetteville
friend discharged his Parthian shaft:
"Well, we'll make our corn into
* |
whisky, and you can't got around (
buying that."
Georgia admitted that he had him
there.?Fayettevillo Express.
-a uoii i> buu tviiuo wiuer niways ,
wantn to frocro with the slippery aide up
for," blubbored no urchin who had
jiiBt verified tho fact,
A Plea for Flirts. I
In a certain sen Be all attractive fe> j
males are flirts. Remembering that (
IlirtatioD is playing at being in love,
[ shall assert, without fear of contra* ,
diction, that every woman whose at- *
tractions will permit her to choose <
her husband, and who is not compol- {
led to snap at the first chance, like a i
hungry dog at; a bono, begins to play <
at this game irom ber earliest year*. <
In what other way, pray, is a young \
female to acquire any knowledge ot 1
the men who are seeking to engage
hor affections! She understands per- 1
fectly well that marriage is the end
and aim of tominine existence, that
eighty two per cent, of her sisters
become wives and mothers, and that
of the eighteen per cent, who remain
single almost all are uuhappy at their
lot. Ilence, even beforo a girl bogins
to attract the attention ot gen*
tlemcn, hot* dreams ot tho future
have all turned iu this diroctiou. She
has thought for years.of tho delight
of having a bean, long beforo that
bean comes. When he does arrive,
if she is a sensible young person, sho
11 ...... 1 ?i.: ?r
nui uiiuunv ui IU icuiu ouuiviuiii^ ui
his disposition, temper and charactor.
And how can she do this save
by flirtation? Sho may have been
favorably impressed at first, but as,
under tho influence of the game, the
man shows himself as he really is, as
his minute grain appears under the
varnish of manner and society politeness,
she may just cause to think loss
kindly of hitn. But he, having a
measurolees self esteem, makes love
more and moro fcruidly, until within
I.: 'A I.i
uiui i*uu ^uuju uuwuri^ih
earnest. He proposes and is rejected,
and goes round everywhere
swearing that that girl is tho most
consumate flirt that ever existed.?
But does ho spoak the truth! Is she '
not right to be careful to look before
sho leaps? Good people, do not judge
her too harshly becauso sho is hard
to please.
Misondkrstood.?A man was chopping
wood beforo h:o door with his
children playing about him. A
stranger came along and bid him a
good morning. The roan ropliod
somewhat gruffly.
"Fine children yon hare sir."
"All grown ?"
'Of course."
"That's a nice little girl."
"That's Elizer."
"That's what, sir i"
"That's Elizor."
Tho stranger couldn't stand that,
and immediately pitched into pator
fatnilins, wliilo the children ran
screaming into the house. The noise
brought out tho old woman, who sueceeded
in explaining matters nfter
tho belligerents had becomo prettj
well tuckered out.
The inlimaoy begotten ovor a wino
bottlo has no heart. I novor know a
rrnrwl fnnltnrr In nnmn frnm it. nr nn?
vv vw,"v ..xx? ?) w M,V |
honost friendship rondo by it. It only
enticos raon and ruins them.?Thack-.
Why doos tho lottor R hold an onviable
position? Because it is novor
found in sin, but always in temperanco,
\irtue and morality. It is tho
beginning of religion and tho ond of
"RowivaliatH, indeed!" said Mrs.
Partington, "I ain't got no pationtfl
with ?uch folkw. I mado my doar P.
promiso faithful that if I proceeded
him to my gravo he novor would take
Frame thy mind to mirth and mer'
rimont, which bar a thousand harms
and longthon life.
What is tbo difToronco between the
North and South Pole? All the difforonco
in tho world.
Tho Abbeville Pross and Hannor is
against guano, well pumps, lightning
rodb and lifo insurance.
When is a hen not joking? Whon
sho's in er-nest. Whon is sho all at
*oa? When she's in the hatchway.
Petor Iteid has asked tho English
mint fo cast him two conts, ono of
which Hhall have two heads and tho
othor two tails. Jlc wants them for
toBsing. Tho pious peoplo about i
Peter's homo ought to call a meeting '
^nd toss him. i
__ ?
A ' ? ? r*
a ingimui caiasiropno Das ooiauen
i largo party of pilgrims to tho Ma?
mlingnm shrino on tho Tinnovolly
Vontior in India. Thoy woro cam pod j
n the dry bod of a torrontat tho baso |
)t the sluino on Sunday evening.? '
thousands of men, women and chil- ,
lren wore talking, or eating or dancng
in the sandy bed; hundrods of
jheop and fowls, brought up to bo sav
srificed, stood in mournful groups,
aaoh awaiting its turn. At 5 o'clock
there was a hoavy shower of rain, but
>t.. J- 1 --1- ?? ?
tuu luiHtivuua niiirruu iiuij tun iuiiiuiuh
lator tho hiihorto dry bod was lull,
and the froshot rushod down hoadlong,
carrying thoso who, notwithstanding
all thoir frantic o(Torts to gain tho
bank, could not force thoir way
through tho crowd. Tho wator did
not gradually riso, olso tho pcoplo
would havo escaped; but a wall of
wator carno down unexpectedly, and
roudorod any attempt of tho roar
ranks to gain tho shoro problomatical.
In half an hour tho wator had fallon
considerably, and ono hour aftor tho
catastronho thorn wnn no wnlnf in
tho bod, only tho surfaco was wot and
slippory. Many doad bodios in torceptod
by roots and bushes wore
Kiokod up. Somo woro found jammed
etween stones; and only a vorv fow
of tho ill-starrod lot savod Ihomsolvos
by catching a friondly bough. It is
said that ovor 200 men, women and
childron must havo porishod.
Senator?R E Bowcn.
Rrpreuntalwe?D F Bradley.
Clerk of Court?S I) Keith. \
Judge of l'robate?I H Philpot.
Sheriff?J Riloy Ferguson.
Coroner?Warren Boyed. \
School Commissioner?R A Bowon. \ j
Treasurer?A Lesley. v
Auditor?AI0117.0 M Folgor.
County Commissioner*?John T Gossctt,
Chairman?Robert Crnig, 0 M Lynch. Clork
County Commissioners, C L Ilollingsworth.
Trial Justices?Easley : 0 It C Smith?Salubrity
: J B Clayton?Central : Jas A Lid
doll?Pickens C 11: C L Ilollingsworth?
Dacusvillt: J B Sutherland.
Pickens County.
Stephen D. Kcitli, nH Administrator de bonis
non of Matthew Kciih, deceased, petitioner,
Margaret Edens and James Burdine, as
Administrators of Atoxander Edens, deceased
iunto their sureties James F, Ilagnod nrt/i A I
I J* Anderson; James M. Edens, as ac'tninis.
trator do bonis non of Alexander Edcns, deceased,
and his sureties Margaret Edcns,
Sameul Edons and Allen Edens.
Petition for Account, Relief, &c.
i It appearing to my satisfaction that the
defendant, James M. Edens, reside out of
and beyond the limits of this Slate.
On motion of W. 0. Koith and A. Illythe,
attorneys for the petitioner, it is ordered
that the said James M. Edcns do appear nt
my oflicc in l'ickensCourthouse, on the 19th
day of November, A. 1). 1875, to show cause,
if any he can, why the prayer of the petitioner,
now on file in my office, should not bo
granted. and unon iii* ffiilnr? in <i? i.i?
conscnt thereto will be entered of rcoord.
Given under my hand and seal, ofofticu this
9tl? day of Jepteuiber, A. D. 1875.
no3 lOw Judge of Probate.
County ok Pickknj.
In Probate Court.
Stephen I). Keith as Administrator de boms
non of Allen Keith, deocascd, petitioner.
Margaret fcUens and James Ilurdine, Administrators
of Alexander Edens, deceased,
and others, defendants.
Petition for Account, Relief, &c.
It appearing to my satisfaction tliat Jamef
M. Edens, one of the defendants in the
above case, resides out of and beyond the
limits of this Stale.
On motion of A. Blythe and W. C Keith,
Keith, attorneys for petitioner, it is ordered
that the said James M. Edens do appear
nt my office at Pickens Courthouso, on Sat nr.
day, the l'Jth day of November, A. 1). 1876,
iu nnuw cnuMc, u nny lie oan, wliy tlic prayer
of the petitioner, now on filo in my oliicc,
should not be granted, and irpon It is failure
to do so, It in consent will be entered upon record.
Oi*en under my hand and seal of oflicc this9th
day of September, A. D. 1876.
no8 lOw Judge of Probate.
Livtrj and Sale Mts.
Parties desiring to hire conveyance to
Pickens Court House, Tabic Ilock and other
points, can be Accommodated at my Stables,
at ail hours of the day and night. Purchasers
can aUohc supplied with flood Stock
at reasonablepriccs.
Regular Mail Line 1a
house daily. (Sundays cxceptcd.)
Kaslcy Hiaiion, fi. 0., Aug, 8, 1875.
FITS A1V1& KPif vpuv
.? ??? * mm m m m m A
positively cured. Tlie worst cases, of long!8i
Blinding, hy uauir Dr. Hebbard's Cnre\
bottle sent free to all addressing J. S. Did.
jj.kk, Druggist, 811 5th Ave., N. V.
<?. o. " -T Jl Jk "V. > X A VI
The Hotel at (bis Popular Summer Resort c
s now open for the reception of visitors. The
able will bo supplied with tho best the country
affords. Tho rooms are well furnished j
knd scrupulously clean. -No pains will bo {
>pared to render the stay of visitors pleasant
unci agreeable.
Rate* of Board, - |
Per Day . , , . . $ 2.00
Per IFoek . 12.00
P??r MnniK ^ nnfl
V. 8. JONES, I
no60 Proprietor.
Important to tfec Grangers
audi Planter* of Upper
Nouth Carolina.
no aro now prepareu 10 rurnisn any
amount of these Stocks, and if upon trial
entire satisfactiou is net given, we will rc*
fund every dollar paid us.
All orders received prior to tho 1st of September
will be promptly filled at that time.
Price $3.00.
CELY & r?RO?
no46 2m Greenville, S. C.
Greenvilo & Columbia R R
ON and a.tcr FRIDAY, AUGUST 28th,
1871, (lio PAJSENUElt TRAINS on
this Road will be run as follows, daily, Sundays
litavo Columbia at 7.20 a m
Alston 9.05 a m
?' Newberry 10.81 a ni
?' Cokcsbury 2.05 p in
?* Helton 3.60 p in
Arrive at Greenville 6.30 p m
Leave Greenville at 6.80 a m
?? Dclton 8.30 a m
" Cokcsbury 10.18 a . tr
" Newberry 1.30 p it
? Alston 3.10 p m
Arrive at Columbia 5 00 p m
jjgy-Connect at Alston with Trains on the
Spartanburg and Union llailroad ; connect at
Columbia with Night Trains on the South Car
olina Railroad up and down ; also with Traine
going North and South on the Charlotte, Co
lumbia and Augusta and the Wilmington, Co<
luinbia and Augusta Railroads.
Train leave Abbeville at 9.15 a m., connocf
ing with Down Train from Grceiivillc. Lca\Cekesbury
at 2.1f> p m., connecting with L'j
Train from Columbia. Accommodation Train,
Mondays, Vv'eunesdays and riiuiiys. Lcnyi
Cokesbury at 11.16 a m., or on the arrival c
I ho Down Train from Greenville. Leaves Ah
beville at 1 o'clock p. n>., connecting with (' I
Train from Columbia.
Leave Walhalla at <>. J > i
" Perryville G.ito c. ii
" Pendleton 7.10 n m
" Anderson 8.10 a ni
Arrive at llelton at 9.00 a
Connecting yviili down train from Greenville
i.cnvo lseiton nr. 3.50 p in
11 Anderson -1 ..r?0 p ni
" Pendleton 5.50 p m
" Perryvillo 6.35 n m
ArftTO at Wnlhallnat 7.15 p ni
Accommodation Trains between Helton nnd
Anderson on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturn
days, Leave Helton at 9.50 a m., or on arriv
al Of Down Train from flrflnnvilln. I.nnve
Anderson at 2.00 p m., connecting with Up
Train from Columbia.
General Superintendent.
JAftEZ NORTON, General Ticket Agenl.
Sept 19 9 If
Atlanta & Richmond Air Line Railway
uuiau .1UM II KA I'll KC H T1CAI if.
Leave * tlaula 6.00 p m
Leave Seneca City 11.51 p m
Leave Central 12.42 a in
Leave Easlcy 1.12 a nj
Leave (Jreenviiie 2.12 a m
7/eave Sartanburg 5.08 a m
/Irrivc at Charlotte 8.00 a m
Leave Charlotte 6.00 a m
l.eavc Hpartnnburg 10.60 a 111
Leave Urecnvillo 12.33 p m
Leave Kasley 1.15 p m
Leave entral 2.00 p ni
L<javo Seneca City 2.48 pm
Arrive at Atlanta 0.18 p in
Leave Atlanta 7.03 a m
Leave Scneca tity 0.4ft p m
Leave entral ft.07 a ni
uvi.to J.iiaic^ I. IO a m
Leave Grocnville 8 21 a in
Leave Spartanburg 11.00 a m
irrivo at liarlotto 0.00 p m
Leave harlotte 3.1tf p m
Leave Spartanburg 8.30 p m
Leave Greenville 10.-18 p in
I.onvn KoaIau 11 ? ?
-"V ...I- I- III
Lo uvc cat 12,51 u in
Leave Scncca City 1.51am
Arrive at Atlauta 1.48 p m
B V. 8AQB Eng. & Supt.
mmLt C. H? S, C,
Practices in Courts of Pickons
county, an<l in United States Courts
Calcined Magnesia.
Is free from unpleasan tp.sto, or roughness to
the touco or palate, In one third the doso cf
commod maguessia it reljeves Hick headache
Sour stomach, costivness, and other disease**
of tlio stomach and bowels, The worlds fair
Xlp.rinl find Four Kirnl nrmlnm SIluAr m Aslnlo
, o
awarded it an the best in the market. For
gale by druggiBls and country utorckcejior
and by T, J, IIusbnnd, Jr, Philadelphia, l'i^
Ul lUiVl Intemperance
Speedily cured l>y I>K. IIKOK'H only known ari<l '
mre Remedy. NO CIIAtKH; lor treatment 1
until cured, ''all on or addrcM) ,
Sr? J. 0. BECK, 112 John SU, Cincinnati, 0.
Wo have just replenished our stoolt of Diorihandiso
for tho fall and winter trade.
Ladles' and gentlemon's hats And dress
goods general!/ havo received special atteu- _
;ion. *
Our Shoe Department
rs *err ftill, amounting to nearly one thousand
Our General Stock
Comprises nearly everything you are likely
to aced and will bo sold very low.
Half Car Load.
Of best Liverpool Salt on lmnd andfor sale
two dollars per sack, which is
Than bcforo the war. All arc respoolfulljr invited
to call and see tlicrn.
Hester & Hester. '
Central, S. C.. Oct. 28. 1874.
ColoniNtH, Knii|(raii(? and
? ruvuicrN u eNiwara. '
For map circulars, condensed time tables
and general information in regard to trans* portation
facilities to all points ift Tettneswe,
Arkansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Colorado,
Kansas, Texas, Iowa, New Mexico, Utah and
California, apply to or address Aliikrt B.
Wuknn, General Emigrant /lgentr Office No. |
2 II. I. Kimball House, Atlanta, Qa.
No one shou'.d go West without first get- ,
ting in communication with the Qenoral ,
Emigrant Agent, and become informed as to
superior advantages, chcan and nnink trnnn- !
portntion of families, household goods, stock,
and farming implements generally.
All information cheerfully given.
W. L. I) AN LEY,
nort Cm G. P. & T. A.
Law Notice.
The undersigned, having resumed the prao
licc of law, will attend tlie Courts on tiio 8th
Judicial Circuit. Business left with Wm. K
llagood, at Pickens C. II., will bo promptly
attended to. J. W. IMRR1SON.
Nov. 14, 1874.
kf) ( ? ?^ Y\lmproTed CUCUMBER
JU I" K B)>V001) l'UMI'ia thonclUf
knowledge Standard of
Aw' the market, by popular
verdict, ilie best pump for the cash
money. Allcntion is invited to
lihitohlcy's Improved Ilrackct, the
Drop Check Valve, which can be
withdrawn without disturbing the
joints, and tho copper chamber
which never cracks, scales or rusts, and will
last a 1 ifo timo. For sale by Dealers and the
trade generally. In order to be sure that
you get IMatchloy's Pump, be careful and see
that it has my trade mark as above. If yon
do not know where to buy; descriptive circu
lars, together villi the namo and address of
I lie agent nenrest you, will be promptly furnished
by addressing with stamp.
25?flm iOLonimentjrcc St., Philadelphia
mnm ~~ nnmniim" m
i\m, u\umi, mu
Dealers finve Five,Ten and Fifteen
dollars per thousand on Cigars, and
get Tobacco at lowest figures, by ordering
Indian Girl Cigar Storo,
JN. 1>. bend lor Samples.
Doc^i 18 tf.
NEW L0ND03I, 0W.,
Manufacturers of Cotton Gins, Cotton Gin
Feeders, Condensers and Cotton Gin Materials
of every description. Our Gins lmvc
been in use thirty ve.. ?n,l l.*
lished reputation for simplicity, liglit run*
ning, durability, and for quality and quantity
of lint produced. Our Feeder is oa^yly
attached to the din, and easily operated by
any hand of ordinary intelligence. They are
lite simplest and cheapest Feoder in tho market
and feed with inoro regularity than is possible
l>y hand, increasing tho outturn and
giving a cleaner and better sample. At all
Fairs wlioro exhibited and by Planters having
llicin in use, they have been aocordod the
highest encouiunis. Our Condensers are well
made, durable and simple in construction,
and do what is required of them rapidly and
well. No additional power is required to
drive the Feoder or Condenser, and no Clin
Mouse in cotupleto without- tbcin. Wo are
prepared to warrant, to any reasonable extent,
pcrfcct satisfaction to every purchaser.
Circulars, prices and full information furnished,
Address as nbove, or apply to
Julius C Smith. Greenville 8- C
Manufacturers and Jobbers of
Clifti lotto, N. O. 1 lm
_ i ?
Dr. K. J. C;illiland
H AVING returned and permanently loca.
ted at l'ickoiiHvillo, respectfully ofl'jra
llis 1'rofcSRioHftl SPrvinoa In II.? '
, ? .?v viuiciiniii mm
ricinity und surrounding country. Charges
MnyO 41
* .
?Li?11 LOJllL1111' HlMfr
ncowage Bone GnUrpriid ui Some Paopli
Geo. S. Hacker,
The only Cnrolininn engnnged in the man
ufacture of Doors, Sash, Blinds, Moulding
*nd Turned Work in Charleston, 8. C'
Prices as low as any other house, and ar
Work ftrst-eln?s. no 29*ly
TUt, Extretaes of tho First Term of this g
School Will commence January 18th and
end June 4th; the Bocond Term, July 6th
and end November 10th. Students entering
within two weeks after the commencement of
the Terms, Will fie charged for the whol*
term ; those entering after this time, from tha
time of entering. ilenco, it is very import*
ant that stndents enter At the commencement
oj the Term that they may b* pr?perly ??1 -r
justly classified.
Course of StttdyrRIMARY
DEPA?fM??l. ?
1st Term?Spelling, Yfefcsfers Reading, 8ar?
gent's Series.
2d Term?Spelling and Beading continued ?
Primary Geography, Cornell's? Mental A?
rithmetic, Davies; Exercises fa Writings
1st Term?Geography continued: Introduce
tory English Grammar. Bulliena ; Reading ?
continued; Elements of Written Arithmetic,
Dayics; Exercincs in Writing.
2d Term?Intermediate Geography completed;
Analytical English Grammar, Bullions ; Elements
of Written ?- *
U,?.??u? cvnpieiict }
Primary U. 8. History, Quackenbos; Ex?
crciscs in Writing.
1st Tsrm?English Grammar completed Phy??
8iial Geography, Warren's. Common Seh??)
Arithmetic, Davies ; Analysis of Worda?
Towns. ^
2d Term?Analysis of English Language,
Greene's; Arithmetic continued ; Smalle?
Composition, Quaokenbos; lligber V. 8
History, Stephens'.
1st Term I.atin Grammar Bullions; Latin Rta-*
der, Bullions; Elementary Algebra, Davit /
History of England, Markhain's.
2d Term?Six books of Ctesar, Bullions; An-.
nlysis of I.atin Sentence. Arnold'" 1
Latin Book ; Greek Grnroionr, Bullions;
Greek Header, Bullions'; Elementary Algebn.,
coiupletcd; Nalurall'bilosophy, Quack
1st Term?Six books of Virgil, Anthan
Greek Header, completed; Plain Geometry
Looinis; Higher Composition and Khatarl*
| Qimckenbos; Kendrick' Greek Ollendoitf; ,4
I 2d Term?Sallust's Cataline & Jngurlha, A?I
tlion's; Xenophon's Anabasis, Anthon'a;
Higher Algebra, commenced; Robinson'*
New University; Solid and Spherical (i??
omelry, completed; Chemistry, Youmant
1st Term?Cicero's Seleol Orations, Anthaa'o
Xenophon's Memorabilia of Socrates; An*
(lion's; Trigonometry and 8urv*ying, Lao
mis; Itomnn History, Arnold's; Latin Prat*
Coninn*ili'in A rn/vl.l'
I 2d Term?Ambon's; Six hooks Henier't
llind, Anthon's: Greek Prose Oe?p?oitUi>
j Arnold's; nlgcbra completed, AalroMOMj,
j Brocklcsby's f
Tho above courao will prepare can
didatcB for admission into tho Sepno?
moke Class of any of our Sootbern
Col logos. Studonts, who do not stand
a satisfactory examination upon th
sovoral studios of oach class, will nc
| bo nllowod the privilogo to advance t#
I, ? ...
I tuu no*t mgner, out bo rotained in
jsuoh class, til) all tho studies of it be
satisfactorily completed.
Tuition or Primary Department'
per term. \
Junior Class, ? - $10.00
Intermediate) Class, - ? 12.50
[Senior " - . 15.00
j Preparatory Department, 20.00
No deduction will bo mado for lost
limo except from prolonged sickncss.
Monthly reports of punetulity, doportmont.
and ranUni inn* in ?
. vnuu Bin*
dy, will i?o furninhod puronta.
J. II. CARLISLE, Principal*
Doc.17. 17 tf 4
1 %
1 have on hand and iutend lr? ?
stantly a general
of Family Groceries, which will ba sold cheap
FOR CASH, such as Bacon. Flour, Molassea
OofTee, Sugar, and ia fact every article usu?,
ally kepi in my line.
I also ropair watches, clocks and jewelry.
Ordered: A lot of first rale jewelry, which
will be disposed of on the best of terms.
Photographs taken in th? mA.? --??-*
?V.ir n]){ir?Tta
modern style.
Eaeley Btalien.
Arpl 23 8ft ly
IPiBKMS t. ?'
TVflM' g>vo their attention to the Praotioc
VV find to tho Collection of Pension^
Itounty Land and all other Claims.
Walhalla, 8. C, Pickens, 8, C.
July 27th 1871. I it:

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