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Tie PiAw^iliiiil.
D. F. BEAI^C Editor and Prosrittor.
or Subscription.
Ono $1 60
Six jpnths 76
jr ^avertiBfiiK ltaten.
^/Advertisements inserted at the ratoof $1 00
Vper of (9) nine lines,.on less, for the
/ first insertion, and 60 cents for each subsequent
/ Contracts uiade for thrrk, six or twelvk
months, on favorable terms.
Advertisements not having the number of
itwwrUons marked on them, will bo published
_i.il -t ? *
?mn luium <%uu unurgeu nccoruingiy.
i"h?8e terms aro so simple any child may
understand them. Nino liues is a square?
one inch. In every instance wo charge by
the epace occupied, as eight or ten lines can
be made to occupy four or fivo squares, as tho
advertiser may wish, and is charged by the
Advertisers will plcnse state tho number
of squares they wish thoir advertisements
o make.
WW Business men who advertise to bo
benefitted, wTU bear in mtnd that the
WENTLNKL has a large and increasing circulation,
and is taken by the very class of
persons whose trade thry desire.
Thursday, Nov. 4, 187*5.
Public Meeting.
An informal mooting of citizens was
hold in tho Court IIouso on last Monday,
for tho purposo of bearing a re*
port of tho County Commissioners,
and to considor tho propriety of instructing
thorn to potition the Gouoral
Assembly for authority to lew a tax
V */
sufficient to pay off all tho past indobt*
edncss of tho County in ono instiillmont.
It will bo scon from tho roport of
tho Commissioners Buhmittocl to tho
mooting, that tho past indebtodnoss of
tho County amounts to 80,778.43, and
it will require a tax of Gi mills to pny
it off. ThiB is an honest, logitimato
debt against tbo County, and must bo
providod for; but wbetber it is wiso
and proper to undcrtako to pay it aii
at ono timo, or divido it into difforonl
installments, is a question tbat wo
think very proporly bolongs to tbo
tAXwpoyers of tho County, and commend
thrt r.nnran of llm f!nmmlDo!nnnra I
in refering it to thorn. Tho mooting
on Monday last, boing an informal
ono, vory proporly doforod tho consideration
of this important mattor
until a gonoral mooting of tho taxpayors
of tho County oould bo hold,
uud designated Saturday tho 18th
instant for that purposo. It is a question
of vital intorost to nvorv tav.
payer in the County, and ono that
Hhould engage thoir oarneat nnd
prompt attention. Wo liavo conversed
with somo of the largest tax payors
in tho County on this subjoet, and
they are nearly unanimously in favor
of lovying a sufllciont tax to wipo tho
debt out at onco. Somo any thov aro
billing, and had rathor pay it^alV'at
ono time, but fear that jtV fright bo
oppressive to tbopaefor class of taxpayers
wbo^prtTjTht fail to raiso tho
mono^fcTmoot tho domand mado on
Thoso Mho favor paying tho
wholo indebtedness at ono time, say
that it is duo Iho creditors of tho
County, that thoy should have thoir
monoy without waiting any longor,
and in tho ovent that tho suits on tho
Air Lino Railroad bonds, now ponding
in tho United States Court, should
go against tho County, and judgmonts
ho nlil.ninAil urn will
w vv,r.. VV.J at v ( III l/v III (I IVU(;liUl
condition to moot thorn, and make
provisions for their payment. Should
tho County gain tho suit, tlion wo
would havo a cloan balanco shoot, and
bo nono tho worse off. This is an
important question to tho tax-payers
of tho County. It directly concorns
them, and they should consider tho
question fairly and dispassionately,
and take such stops as will most likely
rosult to their interest colloctively.
"Wo would urge upon cvory tax-payer
in tho County tho importanco of a
prompt and general attondancoof tho
mooting on Saturday, tho 13th inst.
The Governor's Address.
W? nnkltol. !- !-!- '
ii v j...i/uoii uiouw ihm i; ill 188110
an fiddrcflfl of Governor Chamberlain
in rofcronco lo tho Contonnial cclobrut
ion, on tho 4th of July, 1876. Tho
board appointed, in tho main, is an
nolo ana reiiublo ono, and our citizons
should aid them in ovory possible way
to ninko tho representation of tho
State n coinploto success.
^ ? - ?
Wo havo unintentionally omitted
noticing tho enlargement of our ablo
and Bpicy cotomporary, th<j Anderson
Jntolligenocr. It is now amongst tho
largest county papers ;i tho State,
thirty six columns, nrid is printed on
a Campbell power press.
Tho romarks made by ua last wook
in roforonco to tho importance of or
ganizing an Immigration Society in
this County, wo aro glad to eay, has
mot tho hoarty approval of tho citizens
gcnorally. Wo would euggost
nnvt Boliwlnt* ??U n A - l !
<% piujior vimo vo tUKO
the preliminary steps to ft porman*.
ont organization of tho Society. Wo
trust our pooplo will tako this mutator
in hand and look well to their boat
into rest.
? ?
TltA Qa..AI.? A
xiic guuvusru vumvaiorThis
old and roliablo friend oi tho
farmer pursuos tho ovon tonor of its
way, striving oarncstly and bonostly
to assist him during those hard and
trying times. It advocates progress
only when it pays. Thoro is nothing
-r .1 r - *
oi mo mncy or sonsauonal about it.
Solid, practical, suggostive, it is just
what roal working farmers neod. Tho
very largo number of inquiries pro.,
sonted by them each month, to bo
answered bjT tho editor or his correspondents,
showing plainly their confidcnco
in it. If you never havo Boon
a copy, call at this oflfico and examine
ono, or send stamp to \V. L, Jonos.
Athons, Ga., and got a epocimon.
1'rico 82.10, postago paid. Clubs at
roduccd rates. Every Grango ought
to not un a larffo club.
O A O *
Judge Mackey has instructed tho
foreman of tho Grand Jury of Lan?
castor County to "notify the koopcrs of
country storos in tho County of Lancaster,
that if any person shall buy or
rocoivo at his storo any cotton at
night, whether from tho lawful ownor
or otherwise, such person chall he indictod
for a nuisanco, and on convicr,i?
ii 1 > ?- - x
nuii omul uu ciuutuuui-'u tu lurra 111
tho Penitentiary."
Wo would liko to know under what
law tho learned Judgo expects to cons
vict thom for receiving cotton aftor
night from tho 1:-vvfui owner.
Prftrtftfti/Mia Hon.
Fathor, (to 4 yoar old son,) my eon
you haven't wn?hcd your faco.
Son:?Yes, sir I huvo.
Fathor:?Well, it don't look much
iiko it.
Son:?I washed, hut it rubbod out.
Tho Board of County Commissionni?fl
woi'n ill DnontAn ^^ ^
v.w vi v ovooiuu x ituounjr iiUU
Wednesday of this week, auditing
claims and finishing up their work
for tl?e past liscal year. Their exponditares
have exceeded the three
?y*? |]o fn v n Kn 11 f f lirnn ,1, .11
.... ..w VMA wuvit* trtii wv :: :x ri'ji eu uuimi ?.
If tliorc had been three terms of court
during the year, instead of one, the
dificit would liavo been near tw^thoueand
dollars. The ordinary and
necessary expensesjiMlie County can
hardly bo delved on a three mills
tax^witlT only ono court a year. We
have advocated only one term ol
court ft year for thia Count}', on ti.e
grounds of economy, and are glad to
know tho tax payers are unanimously
with us.
The Legislature meets on Tuesday
the 23d, Inst.
Dead?Wo regret to learn that
Porry Elford Mullinix, a young man,
raisod in this County, died recently
at Newport, Arkansas.
^... ...u- i 1?
j.i u?y L i^ua, WI1U WJIB KilUUKUU in tllO
head with an ?x in Greenvillo somo
timo ago, by a man by tlio namo of
Sullivan, ib dead.
Chatlio Kobh' whoroaboiitH in at
last thought to bo ascortaiuod. A
man by tlio namo of NoIbo Booth has
confosfiod, through a corrcspondcnco
...lil. ? M .. 11-1 il -i :-*-J
nun ?? iui. jjimur, UIUb HHB1SICU 111 inO
abduction, that a Gipnoy by tho namo
of Sam Hurbort, now in England, has
tho boy, and Ilakor has gono in soarch
of him.
The Barnwell County Tax Union
mot on saloday in November, Bays tbo
Coulum' ia Register. At this meeting
delegates to tho Stato Union, to
moot during tho samo month, are to
bo elected. Wo should liko to seo this
body rovivod. Aro othor countion
moving in tho mattor? Tho Tax
Union can do much if it will tako hold
11.:~? :~ ~ " '
i/i bijingo 111 uiiruuai/. j)Ut UfllCPS It
does that, it Imd bettor not moot at
. ??
Mr. Lano, Democrat, has boon clocted
to Congress from Oregon by a ma
jority of 1,200 votos. The Republicans
lmvo enrrio I tho Territory of
Tt snowed nt Dos Moinos, Iosvn, on
tho 30th ult.
* upixc meeting.
Novkmbku 1st, 1875.
An informal meeting of thooitizonB
of Piekons County waB hold in tho
Court Ilouno tins day, for tho purposo
of taking into consideration tho
oxpodicncy of lovying a tax sufliciont
to pay off tho past indobtodnoss of
mo uouniy. n motion, Ueoso lioivon
was oalled to tho Chair, and G. \V.
j Field requcstod to adt as Soorotary.
' Col. C. L. Ilollingsworth read tho
following report of tho County Commissioners,
County Commissionkh'h Office.
Piekons C. II., Nov. 1st. 1875.
7b the Taxpayers of Pickens County:
As your servants, wo bjsg Ictivo
most rospoctlully to report, that in
tho porformanco of our duty as County
Commissioners, wo hatfo registered,
carefully examined and approved tho
pnst indebtedness of,tho County to bo
as follows, viz:
Pnst indobtedneaa of 1873, $3,302.22
Past indobtodncsH of 1874, 4,137.00
Past indoptednoss of 1873
and 1874,on witness pny
certificates, . . . 401,05
Claims more than 3 mills
of 1875, . . . 293.59
Balanco duo on Poor Houso
farm to Nov. 1st, 1875, 1,584.55
Total indobtodnoss, $9,778.43
Tho assessment for 1875 is ?1,475,050
c?: i - t -1mi i
oix uiiu ono-nnii mniH will givo
89,987.80; 8209.43 moro than is sufficient
to pay tho past indebtedness of
tho County.
In order to pay this debt of 89,77843,
it is necessary, that the' Legislature
should pass an act providing for
a special lovy, to meet tho fiamo. And
in ordor to have this spocial act pass
cu, it ispresumable that tho Ijegisla
turo would net upon tho recommendation
ot your County Commissioners,
togothor with tho co-operation of
your Senator and Representative.
Wo dosiro to sorvo yon acceptably;
and according to your will and in-,
Wo thorcforo would respectfully
ask that you indicalo to us in hoiuo
tangible form what you would have
us to do in tho nr??iniso<*
_ ? I ??
.Respectfully submitted,
John T. Gosbbtt,
KoffltRT CuAIG,
CJidkon M. Lynch,
County Commissioners.
C. L. hoixinosworth, c.n.c.c.
On motion, tho report was ruuoived
ns information.
On motion, Saturday, tho_13th trint.
was nppointod /or aitnnss mooting of
JjlT tax-payors of the County, to take
into consideration tho report of tho
County Commissioners, and indicate
to them what action wo dssiro them
to take in tho premises.
On motion, tho Pickens Sentieei.
was requested to publish tho proceedings
of this mooting.
n.> ?
Saturday tlio 13th instant, at 12
o'clock M.
REESE BOWEN, Chairman,
W. G. Field, Sccr'y.
Tiik Aik Link Muddijc.?Mr. T. S.
Gamer lias recently iilod in Fulton
Superior Con it a disclaimer to any
right, title or interest in the Air Line
Railroad property, which will result
in substituting Mr. John II. Fisher,
the Jteceiver appointed by the Dis
irict Court of thu United States, in
place of Col. L. P. Grant, who at
present holds the place l>y virtue or
an appointment by the Superior
Court of Fulton county Ga. This
only effects so much of tho property
as lies in Georgia, as all the rest is
alroady in the possession of the Federal
Courts.?Gainesville Eagle.
Tho new volton factory in Green
11 ~ 1 I...! ..L i - - 1
vino luuKD urignu mm oniuaiit, with
itsimrnonso tin roof that has just been
put on, mid tower adds much to its
appoaranco. An addition is being
put up in tlio roar.
A Stato excliango is responsible /or
the story that a person residing near
Midway, in Barnwell county, a few
rl n na nr*A l>- ' 11 />/! /.w-1. >.? fl. ma/v ' ^ ?1
udjo niiiiu uif^uiv iiiicu ULMIItiU
snakes, tlio largest being fivo foot
tlirco inches in length and tho smallost
moasuring nino inches.
It is said that tho now stylo of
pantaloons to bo worn this fall wil bo
largo enough to j>in bock?men's
nnntfihmns. of nonrno. tliia mnono 1
Make no mistnko on ii quiot, meek
looking man. Ho may ho cormindcring
how hftrd ft blow it will tftko to
knock you down.
Executive AddressExecutive
Columbia, S. C., Oct. 25, 1875.
To tlio pooplo ot South Carolina.
On the 4th day of July noxt, tho first
contury of our national lifo will bo
compiotcd, and llio ovont will bo
marked by a contonnial colobration
and exhibition in tbo city of Philadelphia.
It ia now cloar that tho occa*
sion will bo obaorvod in a manner
commoneurato with its significance to
this nation and to tho world. If
among tho many communities com*
prising our nation thoro aro any
which have stronger roasons than
othors for patriotic intorest in that
occasion, they aro tho original "ThirItnnn"
Rintno ,..l.!r.K il- -I
?wV.? mvi?fcvo M uiVII JVIIIUU III tllU UU?
duration of indopondonco. South
Carolina was not bohind tho foromost
in tho groat ovonts of 177G. Ilor
right and duty to join in our nation's
contonnial colubration cannot bo di>putod,
Up to tho present timo, almost
nothing has bocn dono in this Stato
towards discharging tho duties which
this ovent imposes. Tho causes of
it!- J.I 1 * ? *
inio uuiay iiuou noi oo CII8CU880U.
No causes aro sufficient longer to
oxcuso South Carolina from this duty.
Tho Central Centonnial Commission
at Philadelphia havo invited tho
several Stales to appoint such boards
or committees as they may judge no^
cossary for tho promotion ot llio object
of Lho contonnial colobration in
tneir rospcctivo Slntcs. In compliance
with this invitation, I havo this
day appointed tho following citizens
of this Stato as a Stulo Board of Centennial
Commissioners, to hnvo in
chargo tho perfecting of such arrangemonts
as they may adopt for promoting
and Kocuritiglho propor repreeonn
1: ? 1
i.iMun ui uuiiiii v/iuuiiiiu{ nur rubuurc?
os, history and industries, at the colcbration
on July 4th, 187G:
Col. W. L. Trcnholm, of Charleston;
Capt. Jacob Small, of Charloslon; lion
John 11. Cochran, of Anderson; Col.
D. Wyatt Aiken, of Abbevillo; (JoI.
Thos. Taylor, of Columbia; Hon. lieuben
Tomlinson, of Charleston; Col. C.
W. Dudley, of Bonnottsville; Prof. F.
iS. Holmes, of Charleston; Hon. i). Ji.
iJimcnri, 01 spartan utirg.
This board will liavo full power to
malco such organization of tho Stato
as thoy may doom most efl'uctivo. 1
roBpcctfully suggest that a tnobting of
tho board bo held at tho oarliost practicablo
day, with a-Y+ow to arrango
for such loxJtvl, county and city organizations
as niav bo ndvisjildo.: iinf! to
I J ? ? /
this end I have requested Prof. F. 8.
Holmes, of Charloaton to communicate
with tho other members of tho corns
mission, and to fix a timo and place
for such mooting. Time prosaoa, and
tho field should at onco bo survoyod
and tho plana porfoctod, in order that
the General Aasombly may be memorializod
lor such nid as may bo ncoJ
I most carnoslly involto tho cordial
co-operation of all tho pooplo of I ho
Stato in tho groat work of scouring
for South Carolina an honorablo rcprosontation
on tho occasion which
will commomorato tho complotion of
tho first ccntury of our national life.
MUVl/l II Ul,
CiKKKNVIM.U, S. C.} Oct. 20, 1875.
Dear Sentinel: You will pardon ino
for not making a minuto reportof the
prococdings of tlio rcccnt Fair at IIiih
placo. During tho Fair 1 could not
givo that attention tlmt I desired, 1
other duties claiming my attention,and 1
of course, you liavo seen very full
roporta through our dailios. .
I am fond of tho Greenvillo Fair for
many reasons. It bring# beforo tho
whole people a show of most of the ,
productions and business of this see-,
tion, and thereby encourages to greatj
or strides in industry, in tho arts and
| sciences. Tho attendanco oach day j
was largo, and every body seemed '
pleased. I tako it therefore, that tho
Fair has been aauccoas?financially
it certainly haw boon, and you know
"money malcea tho mare go." Every
thing wont well but tho racoa, and it
aeemed hard to get a Htart, thcro
being only a fow "scrub" trials. Moat ]
of tho money lost wuh on "tho vliocl of
fortune"?they, mostly misfortiinos.
Tho most interesting thing I
saw, was
which took plneo on Friday. Every
U?,l.. ..I.~ 1 -
uuuj ouwnuu, UI' willllOU lO 8i10w Lll0 j
pretty littlo oreaturos. Myself and ,
an old-chap-friondiof-mino, agreed to '
I pick cacli n baby?(foinalo,) and hoc '
which, if oithor, would got tho p?'0?
iniiim.* Tho show was had before a
committoo of most intolligont matrons,
and if ovor a committeo madoajust
and faithful award it was thov. My
bahy, littlo Minnio Shubrick Ilayno,
daughtor of Mrs. Mittio and Mr. Paul
B. Ilayno, and giand daughter of our
Br. Irvin of this city, rocoivod tho
beautiful "baby carriage." Littlo
Minnio is a swcot cbild(_ajxtUfi?ds not
only ft Iftrgcr placo in tho honrts of
paronts to ontiro and comploto fullness,
but in that of all who ?co hor.
May she livo long to delight tho f
world in which sho may mo;o, us
sho did at tho Fair. And God
being with them, may hop noblo
young parents roar hop in tho
ways ol truth and lovo, and lead hor
in tho paths of rightoousnoss, that
they may novcr ccaso glorying. In
tho ovening it was nico to sco bttlo
Mim.in ,.,.11,..! I .1-- t?
iuiivu luuim iiiu ring uy nor
lather, followed by tlio father of the
' boy" who got tho other "baby ear*
riago," Willie Lark, who is only five
months old, and woighs 271 pounds.
t _1 _ - ?
i uo not, Know his parents names.
Tliey aro young, howovor, and L hopo
they may ever bo blessed in their fino
boy, and thus assist in roaring the
stiong arm of our noblo old South
Carolina, and that little Willio may
graco what over calling ho may as"
sumo, as well a.* ho did his handsomo
carriage. Willie's mother need not
now bo broko down with his groat
weight, but can whirl him about
I 11
wnuii Jinu wncvo 8iio pleases. Mr.
Lnrlc did not look at all awkward
rolling his boy. I liko to sco men
handy and ready lor any omcrgoncy,
liko Lark?ready to soar aloft and
admire the heaven^' orbs and the (Jod
who made them, or to dart down and
destroy tho birds and bugs of sin. As
I do not want to bo prolix, 1 will say
ll,r>? :? K.v I ' -
viuib iu huurn uu iur mu 10 mrin*
er particularize, than to 8113*, that tho
ladies wcic the fairest of tho Fair.
Hut what is tlio matter with Pickens?
Have yon nothing up there
worth showing? No babiois? no ladios
?no stock? .No handy work? I did
not sco any of your people, except
your Senator, lion. It. K. Bowen, and
a few others. (Jomo, you aro our
neighbors, and should tako moro inIni'Aul.
tit no.
w. vuw mi no ?iK'j uui lii UHj DDL in
yourselves. Both our habies wore
from the country. You should havo
had ut least a hundred babies ou ex^
hibilion. Well, I declare, you must
do belter next time.
Edward F. Stokes spoko last night
in Clyde's llall to a very good audtenco,
who frequently applauded him
during a vory interesting speech 011
"tho political situation," It was a very
chaste and sensible speech, and I wish
I had Limo to Bay more of it, as I took
notes to do 8o, but cannot now. IIo
has not Bpokon lor two years 'till to
(ieo. K. I'ilford, Ksq. diod, at his
rosidonoe in this city, this morning,
shortly after midnight. A good man
has gone. The citrons, and parties
larly his family, and the ehihlmn nf
his own Sunday School, and all eliils
dron will mourn tlio Ions of this faithful
servant. Your friond,
Jim Yerker.
Mr.JMltnr: ? l'lcnso stat^ that a
Baptist church will ho constituted, at
tho J. C. I'arrott school house, noar
Woodall Moutain, on Suturday boforo
tho socond Sabbath in Decoinbor noxt.
Tho following churchos, with thoir
Eldorships especially, nro rcspoctfully
rcquosU-d to attend, viz: Six Mile,
Praihors Creek; Secona, Mountain
(f I'OVfi. TTnll V Snvirw* A ntiftnli ?? ~.l
_7 j ^mviwii auu
Shady Grovo. Elders, W. JJ. and G.
W. Singleton aro specially invited
Easley Cotton Market,
? November 2, 1875
No. bales weighed for the week, ending Oct*
?0th, 20'2.
Prices?good grades, 11 J? 12c.
No. bales shipped for the month of Oct. G26t
tllos. w. iius8ei.l.
Pickons Pricos Current.
oonnucTKii wkkki.y iiy w. t. h>all.
Cotton per pound, packed, 12c
Cotton per pound, seed, 4o
Uacon per pound, 18o
Lard per pound, i!Oo
fork per pound, 10c
Corn per bushel. Cfio
Wheat per bushel, ?l.r>0
h'lour per barrel, [email protected]
Apples, Dried, per bushel, 1.00
Apples, Green, per bushol, 1 00
I'eas per bushel, " 80c
Ibitter per pound, [email protected]
Ueef per pound, f>(W)Gc
[leeswnx, por pound, 2oc
Tallow, per pound, lOo
Chiokons, per head, lf>e
Hides, Dried per ponud, 160
limes, urcen, porpound, (jc
Kgg*, per Do/on, l0o
finders, per bushel, $1.60
Sliest nuts, per bushel, . 2^00
Peat hers, per pound, /jo0
Wool, per pound, ,jq0
A ~
Member ?f our firm lias just returned from
New York whero he purchased the largest stock
of Qcneral Merchandise ever brought to this
Market. A
Live Elephant
Loose on the streets would not create tho
citemcnt and wonder, that our prices do.
Best prints nt only ten ecnte, and other
goods nt proportionate price*. Polite elirkl
always in attendance, and ready to plee*
our goods
On Exhibition.
Satisfaction guaranteed or no sales. Large
Stock of Groceries, Coffee, Sugar. Molasses,
{Mmnon nto
~ At
Bottom Figures. Hats and Caps, Boot* and
Shoes of evety grndo and prices. Io fa?t,
anything needed by tho farmer can bo had at
Hudgins & Bolt's.
Remember tlmt this stand is in theMaaoaio
Hull Building, fronting tho Hotel, just below
ll.n Tl.ir.^1
Easley Station.
Ensloy Station, Octobcr 0, 1876. 6lf
fall i vra n
r A CT CP A rrrnw 0 A
JL ojiajiivfli 19* V?
call tho attention of my friends and the public
generally, to the large and well selected
Stock of Goods
I have now in store. My Block consists of
J) R y. FA NO Y k 7) ft K.W a MIT) ST
All bought in person for this ninrkct, f?t prices
Hint can not bo cut under.
Tito Iftlr,na will nnisofi ? *
a..v uiiu>vo 11111 mm mjr and
FANCV GOODS, especially suited to their
wants, nnd Gentlemen in need of CLOTHINO
of tlio luteal styles will save money by inspecting
my stock.
liy strict nttcntion to business, and with
fairness to all, I liope to continue to r???iv*
the fuTors of tho past.
Persons who nro duo the firm of FORD A.
MAUI,I)1N on account, will please settle n*me
1st of November, n? the business of the olil
firm must be closed.
Oct M 7 If
ALL persons indebted to the Estate of the
late J. M. McFALL, dccense.l, eithsr by
Note or Account, will please come forward at
once nnd settle same, in order that the business
may go on successfully.
W. T. McFALL, Adm'r.
Oct 28, 1876 9 If
PERSONS Indebted to the nnbacriber mnsl
coino find make .S'cltleinctU. My Hook#
must be closed. I inuBt Iinte money to pny
my debts.
Oct 28, 1875 9 8
In tho Probate Court.
Mary A O'Dell, Administratrix, and J Perry
Eooper, Administrator. Plaintifl'a.
Margaret M Loopcr, James A O'Dell, Fr?<N
rick (I O'Dell, Nonoy L O'Dell, Juliua F
v/ uen, ijawrenco 1'. O'Dell, A M Neal,
Elias E Mauldin, Andrew G Wjatt And
Abncr Mullinax, Defendants.
IJy virtue of an order in (he above entitled
cane, all persons holding claims against the
estate of Calvin O'Dell, deceased, are hereby
notified that they arc required to prove then
with the dafe and rank of eaoh, before me on
orbeforothe first day of December, 1876, ?r
de forever thereafter debarred from all benefit
or advantago under the decreo to be ren.
,1 I !
uu.vu jivrviii*
noO Ot Probat* Judge.
Oclober 7, 1075.
lloleombc A Clill?l9
"YXJILLl'BAOTICKln Circuit. P h??.
VY Trail Justice Courts of this Btatt. All
business entrusted to them will receive prompt
8ept19 8ly
| JmclicoH in the Circuit ourt and Court
i roome ior rickriiy ounly.
Mny IB -12 fm

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