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The History ol Suicide.
One of the Best of the Mcdico-Lcgal
Society's Papers.
At tho last mooting of tho Medicolegal
Socioty Mr. I?. S. Guernsey's
paper on "Tho Ponal Laws .Relating
to Suicido in Anciont and Modern
Times'' was road by Dr. Miller. After
defining tho diftoronoo botwoon tho
two classes ol suicidoa rccognizod b}'
|Ua In %wr 4 !./? 1. > ? 1 *- * ' '
>rv inuj i/iiu uuitiur iuok up 11)0 I)18v
tory of Buicido and tlio law bearing
upon it in di floret ages and difforeut
The Mosaic law contains no penally
for felo dc se. The first suicides mentioned
in tlio Old Testament, woro
tlioso of Saul and his armor boaror.?
Samson's doalh cun hardly bo on 1 led
a suicido. Josophus says tliat in Jn~
doa tho body of tho mnn who had
takon his own life was not buriod till
aftor sunsof. In soino parts oi India
suicido was onco considcrod meritorious,
but the soli'immolation of widows
on tho funeral pyros of their husbands
is no longor permitted. In China
suicido is by no moans uncommon,
and no disgraco attaches tothoviotim
oi 1118 own violenco, or to his family.
In Japan suicides aro frequent and
tho taking of ono's life is olten looked
upon as moritorious. When an ofllcial
has failod in tho performance of his
duty he has tlio privilege of perform
nng barUkari, or disembowelling himsolf,
to savo him tho disgraco of dying
by tho hand of tho executioner. If
lio avails himsolf of tho privilege his
property is saved from forfoituro and
bis iamily from dishonor, in somo i
countries tho act of suicide is looked |
UV)On flS heroic, and frnnnnnllr I
eons of tho Bcif murdoror aro ro warded
for tho courago of tlieir fathor with
important appointments and promo*
lions. Tho Stoics, tho disciples of
Zono, taught that suicido under certain
circumstances was right; that as
man had nothing to fear nftor death,
ho was at liberty to take his own lifo
wnonovcrit bccamo irksomo to liim.
Pyth agora ns hold that no man had
tho right to lcavo his post without an
order from his oommandcr, but othor
philosophors reasoned that as man's
lifo was his own ho could dinposc ot it
as ho pleased.
Egosius was said to bo so oloquont
in praise of death that hundreds who
hoard him mado away with thorn-,
uolvos, and suicide bocamo opidemic.
Ptolomy, alarmod at thopproad of tho
infatuation, ordorcd Egosius uwfty
from Alexandria, and tho people at
vuvv viumo tU I/IIOII" HOI1H0S.
At ono tiaio it) Franoo poison was
iurnishod to all who could givo satisfactory
proof that it was better for
thorn to dio than to live. A cobblcr
who had detormined to kill himsolf
thought ho would do it with oelat; so
having proparad his poison, ho began
a lottor which was to bo road affor
ix,i11. ? ?- i- - , < i .
uuiuu UIIU iu oo UMKCU 01 tlirOllgllout
(ho provinco. Ho started olTwith
r quotation, and continued. "Thu<s
Bays Moloire," but fearing that ho had
?rrod in attributing tlio remark to
Molioro, ho took down hia favorite
author and bogan to road. After an
hour's plonsant communi >n with tho
groat writor ho put tlio poison away
and wont to work at liis last.
Tho MilcBian virgins onco became
afflictcd with tho inBano notion that
thoy should commit suicide, and many
of them oboyod tho impulse. A law
was pa8sod ordaining that the body ol
tho euicido should bo draggod naked
through tho streots. Somo of tho
Roman jurists Baid that suicido was a
folony unless pormittod by tho Knipo?
rAP "
. uuo a-jinpcror U10 BOItJicrS
woro set to ditching and making
fl?werB. Mortified at what thoy looked
upon as an ignominy, many of thorn
committed suicido. Undor another a
seldier attempting suicitlo was treated
as a deserter. J)omilian deoreed that
tho suicido of an accused person
flhouln ontail upon him tho di.-ihonor
that would havo attached to him hml
bin crimo boen proved.
Among tho early Christians thero
was an ardont longing for martyrdom,
and under tho influenco of TortnllU
nn'u ont/in/. kcT* 1- - L' 1 r ' *
j ...K) x no uioon oi ino mar
tyrs is llio sood of tho church," numl)<
ore of thom foil victims to thoir religious
fanaticism. A Bishop's Council
in tho fifth ccntury docrocd that
suicide was tho ofToct of diabolical ins
fluonce. Afterward tho church treat*
od it as a sin and tho body of tho solf
murdoror was buried without tho sacred
ritos. In tho timo of Lonia ty
of Prnnco tho body of tho suicide was
subjected to tho groflflost. indignities.
It was taken from tho houso through
an oponingmado for tho purpose was
horribly mutilated, * and buried nt
n 11 i "
iigni.. j.>o mass w?8 auowou ior mo
soul ol tho doad but tho charitable
disposed -\voro kindly permitted to
pray for its roposo if thoy felt so inclined.
Mahomet expressly forbids suicide
in tho Koran, and tho crinio is oxtremoly
raro among Mnhouimodan?.
Tho Koman Catholics, the Greeks,
and Protestant Episcopal Churches
promon loading ot tuo burial eorvico
ovor tho body ot tlio suicido, oxccpt
in the easo of ono who diod while insnno.
The Htatuto law of England
prohibit it in all eases. At tho tinio
of tho Information in England, tho
Kuieide's nronertv wan nnnfiHr.itml in
compensate llio Stuto foi the Ions of a
subject, his body was buried at tlio
cross roads, and a stake was driven
through it to mark llio detestation ol
the law, and to deter others from tho
crime. This very ancient rule fell
into general, if notontiro disuso many
years ago, tut it was not repealed
until tho forth year of George lV.'s
reign, and even then, to manifest tho
i. - i? - * ? *
Iiuiiur ui uiuiitW Jill Llio aci or suicide,
it was ortlorcd that tho body, which
might be placcd in a churchyard, or
other consecrated ground, should bo
buried at nigla and without tho por->
formcnco of religious ritos.
Tho Indians of South America, when
oppressed beyond endurance by their
Spanish conquerors, made away with
themselves in groat numbers. They
wcro choekod only by being told that
if they did not desist from tho prac*.
Lice, the'r masters would commit suieidc
too, and follow them into tho
next world, where their toils and torments
should bo iiiciuuSud tenfold.?
This throat had tho desired cffect.
Thoro is littlo suicide among tho North
American Indians. It iB only tho
squaws who killed themsolves. They j
hi ways uo mis by hanging to a tree,
and invariably Bclocttho smallest troo
that will answor tho purposo, believing
that in tho next world they will
bo obliged to drag tho treo about with
them forovor.
Tho following item irom an nil
known eourco is run in. not becaust
it's complimentary to tho professes
sion, but beciiueo it's just tho pallid
truth: "Two editors arc now living
with bullets in their heads. In a
largo number of instances if you want
to reach an editor's brain?, shoot him
when his back is to you, and thuot
A young lady in North Carolina
requested to bo released from her
marriage engagement, on the ground
that when 6lie contracted it she believed
her lover "a duck," but has
sineo found liim to bo a "got S'3."
Sir. Joseph E. Jirowti, son of oxGovernor
Brow, of Gonrgia. Ii;?h been
in town this week. Mr. JJrown lias
been on horso back through tho moiuitains
for his health. Ilocontly, in his
ascont ol' tho mountains in North Carolina,
ho traveled through tho enow
for a day, and found it two inchos
deep on tho top of tho highest peak in
that region.?Kcowoo Couiior.
* . ? ?
Tho epizootic or horso diBeaso
has appeared in Charleston and Co
lumbiaina mild form. Tho follows
ing is given as a simple and offectual
remedy for the diseaso: Tako brown
or black mustard, grind it, and givoa
toaspoonful scattered over tho horso's
bran mash or chopped food. Ciivo
this much to each feed. It serves to
cut tho pholgm, and gives quick roliof.
J)r. U. W. CJibbs, ft prominent pit}"'
siemn of Columbia, died on the 23d
An Irishman defined nothing to bo
"ft footless stocking without legs." A
description by anothor Kmerftldor is
uui/vur. ' vviiat is nothing?" ho was
asked. "Shut yonroycs, an' you'l sco
it," bays Pat.
An obscurc diaeaso has killed J,000
hogs in tho vicinity of Columbus
Ohio, within a month.
j no namo of a JJorgcn county centenarian,
rccontly deceased, was Lottus
Steel. Ho was no politician
Tho wator is so low in 3omo of tho
Western rivors that tho catfish have
to stand on their heads to broatho.
Tho difTeronce botweon persover
onoc nnd obst. ,y is that 0110 ofton
com or from a strong will, and tho
other from ft strong won't.
IFniV A fI\\ A n T7 VTT\*^T*rtr??.? A ~ I
? v.i ? viiiyivrionr.iv> nil U"
witnotm. to t'<o process thus describes ,
a toad taking off his clothos. About
tho middle of July I found n toad on
a hill of molonB, and, not wanting him
lo move, hoed around him. Ho appeared
Bluggish and not inclined to ,
niovo. l'roscntly I o;bBcrvod him
.! - * - * - - '
i'lvooiiig iuh oido ws ogaiQBt Ins aid ok,
rubbing downward. Ho appeared so
singular that I wntehod to soo what
ho was up to. After a fow smart '
rubs, his skin began to burst open
straight along his back. Now, said
I, old fellow, you havo dono it; but be
appeared to bo unconcerned,and kept
on rubbing until ho had worked down
his skin into folds on his sides and
hips; then, grneping ono hind leg with
his hands, ho hauled off ono log of
Ii'ih pants the samo as any body
would, then stripped tho other leg in
tho same way. IIo then took his
east o(V entitle forward, between bin
forologs into his month, and swallowed
itjthen, by raising and lowering
his head, swallowing as his head came
down, ho stripped oil' tho skin undernoath
until it catuo to tho forelegs.
mid then grasping ono of theso with
the opposite hand, by considerable
pulling, stripped off thoskin. Changing
hands, lie str ppod tho other, and
by a slight motion ot tho hoad, ho
drow it from tho throat and swallow*
cd tho whole. Tho operation seemed
to bo an ngrooublo ono, and occupiod
but a sboi t time.
Tho boat paper now issued is tho
greenbacks singned by troasurer Now.
It is not on our oxelmngo list, bowever.
?W b i tob a 11 T i mes.
Politoncss ie tho mothor of pcaco.
She keeps familiarity and impudonco
from being knockod to death, and
often saves horsolf a broken hoad.
Babies aro not named Henry Ward
as much as they used to be, but llioy
aro still famous for paroyximns oftruo
inwardness.? Cineimmti Timns
Touching conclusion of an obituary
notice in an Indiana nowspapor: "lie
was an older in Alio Methodist church
and tho leader of the brass band m
the villago."
An old edition of Morse's googra
phy Bays: "Albany lias lour hundred
dwelling housos and twenty four hundrcd
inhabitants, all standing with
their gahlo onds to tho Btrcot."
I Tho editor of tho liowinanvillo
Statesman had a man fined ton dollars
tor mrowing an ink boulo at him.
Yet this editor has bcon slinging ink
at everybody else for yearn?only he
didn't sling ii oottled up.
Child?"Does the Lord take the
papers?" Mother?"No, my child;
why do you ask?" Child?''Oh, J
thought llo didn't, it takes our minister
so long to tell IIiin about tilings!"
XT II 1 ">
?jow imvon ivogiaior.
Mmo. Paton, nii)oty four years old,
still dancos in a French circus company,
which loads to tho belief that
hor method is Patontcd.
rim couhty mem
Senator?It E Bowcn.
Keprexcntaiiue?D F Bradley.
Clerk of Court?S 1) Keith.
Ju<!je. of Probate?I II Phiipot.
Sheriff?J Kiley Ferguson.
Coroner?Warren J$oyetl.
School Commissioner?R A Bo won.
Treasurer?W A Lesley.
Auditor?Alonzo M Folger.
Count>/ Commissioners?John T (josselt,
Chairman?llobcrl Craig, G M Lynch. Clork
County Commissioners, C L Hollingsworth.
Trial Justices?Ensley : O II C Smith??ST?
morn//: .1 lSUIayton?Central: J as A Lid
dell?Pickens C II: C L llollingsworth?
DueutviUe : J H Sutherland.
We have just replenished our slock of merchandise
for the fall and winter trade.
Ladies' and gentlemen's hats and dress
goods generally have rcccived special attention.
ei Tk
uui oiiou jjupartmont
Is very full, amounting to nearly one thousand
Our Uviicral Stock
Comprises neavly everything you aro likely
to need and will l>e sold very low.
1-1 a 1 f P
Of best Liverpool Sail on hand and^for Balo
two dollars per sack, wliicli ia
Than before (ho war. All arc rcupcctfnlly invited
to cull and wee them,
Hostor & Hester.
a n A.i no * nt M
Pickens County.
Stephen D. Koilli, as Administrator lie bonis
non of Matthew Keith, deceased, petitioner.
Margaret Edetis a ad James Burdino, ns
Administrators of Aloxandor Edens, deceased1
unto tlioir sureties James E. Ilagood unci A.
J' Anderson ; James M. Edens, as adininiss
trator do bonis non of Alexander Edens, deceased,
and his sureties Margaret Edens,
Hamcul Edens and Allon Edens.
Petition for Account, Relief, &o.
It appearing to tny satisfaction that tlio
defendant, James M. Edens, reside out of
and beyond the limits of this Stato.
On motion of \V. 0. Keith and A. Wythe,
attorneys for the petitioner, it is ordered
that the said James M. Edons do appear at
tny oflico in l'ickens Courthouse, on the 19th
day of November, A. D. 1875, to show cause,
if any ho can, why the prayer of tlio petitioner,
now on file in my otlice, should not bo
granted, and upon his failure to do so, his
consent thereto will bo entered of record.
Given under my hand and seal, of oflico this
9th day of Jeptember, A. D. 1875.
notf lOw Judge of Probate.
County of Pioken?.
In Probate Court.
Stephen 1). Keith as Administrator do bonis
non of Allen Koitli, deceased, petitioner.
Margaret Edens and James Burdine, Administrators
of Alexander Edens. dn
ceased, nml others, defendants.
Petition for Account, Pielief, &c.
It appearing to my satisfaction that Janic?
M. Kdens, one of the defendants in the
above case, resides out of and beyond the
limits of this State.
On motion of A. Blytho and \V. C Keith,
Keith, attorneys for petitioner, it is ordered
that the said James M. Kdens do appear
at my office at Pickens Courthouse, on Saturday,
the l'.Uh day of November, A. D. 187>r),
to show cause, if any lie can, why the prayer
of the petitioner, now on file in my office, I
should not be granted, and upon his failuro
1.1? ?.tii
..... ?u, ?ig uvuDiiiiK mil mi cuiercu iipoll record.
Given under my hand and scalof ofliccIhisOth
day of September, A. D. 1875.
no3 lOw Judge of Probate.
Colonislx, Immigrant* and
Travelers Westward.
For map circulars, condensed time tables
and general information in regard (o transportation
facilities to all points in Tennessee,
Arkansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Colorado,
'p > *' ? .. .
......ouo, itiiin, luwii, i>cw .Mexico, uiiin ami
California, apply to or address Ai.ltKUT 1$.
Wiiksn, General Emigrant Agent, Ulfice No.
12 II. 1. Kimball House, Atlanta, <>n7
No one shou'.d go West without firs! getting
in communicution with (lie General
Emigrant Agent, and become infoTmcd as to
superior advantages, cheap and quick transportation
of families, household goods, stock,
and firming implements generally.
All information cheerfully given.
no3 Gin G. P. & T. A.
Livery and Sals Stalks.
Parties desiring to hire convcynncc to
I'iokcus Court House, Table ltock nnd other
points, can bo nccornmodatcd at my Stables,
at all hours of tllO dnv nnd nirrlil I'm1
- V - "
chasers can also be supplied with Good Stock
at rcasonublepticcs.
Jdfsgf" Regular Mail Line to Pickens Courthouse
daily. (Sundays excepted.)
Kasley Statiou, S. 0., Aug, 3, 1876,
no 19-1 y
])r. 11. .1. <MilliIan?l
HAVING returned and permanently located
at l'ickcnsvillo, respectfully oft'jrs
liib Professional services to the citizens of that
vicinity and surrounding country. Charges
May 9 41
Practices in Courts of Piebonn j
ounty, and in United Statea Courts
fits a\i> i;rilkrsi
positively cnred. Tho worst cases, of longest
standing, i>y using Dj\ Hebbarrt's Cure
A hottlo sent free to nil addressing J. 8. Dm.
ni.KK, Druggist, 811 6th Ave., N. Y. 1
Law Noll*?.
The undersigned. liavincr vi>Hnm#?l (! />
w O ,,,v I" |
ticc of law, will attend IhcCourU on tlic Hlli
Judicial Circuit. Business loft with Wnt. K;
Ilngood, ftl Pickens C. II., will he promptly
attended to, J, W. 1MKHISON.
Nov. 14, 1874,
If /?* ^Improved CUCUMIlEll
^jbj \y. JL9 ?I I'Uftll' is the ac?
\&, jy knowledgeKtani>aki> of
rV I ho market, by popular
verdict, ilic best pump for tho cash
money. Attention is invited to
Hi Hlatcliicy's Improved Bracket, tho
t il KM I'roP Check Valve, which* can ho
' ' yK>{ withdrawn without disturbing tho
W.p:-. Jt joints, and tho copper chamber
which never cracks, scales or rusts, and will
last a life time. For sale by Doalcrs and the
trade generally. In order to be suro that
voil Oft.
.....vilMi; o >| 111 j ' , ..." bill Villi HUM 800
that it haw my trade mark aB above. If you
do not know where to buy; descriptive circular.",
together with tho name and addrcsH of
the agent nearest yon, will be promptly furnifdied
by nddrcftfung with Btamp.
11 AN. <4. ItT.ATC'lIV.lQY,
Ulan iiiaciun'r,
Dealers stive Five,Ten and Fifteen
dollars per thousand on Cigars, and
get Tobacco at lowest figures, by ordering
Indian Girl Cigar Store,
N. B. Send for Samples.
Dec 24 18 tf.
Manufacturers of Cotton Gins, Cotton Gin
Feeders, Condensers nnd Cotton Gin Matevials
ot' every description. Our Gins have
been in use thirty years, and have an established
reputation for simplicity, light running,
durability, and for quality and quantity
of lint produced. Our Feeder is easily
attached to tho Gin. nnd onsilv niim-nf ml l.v
any hand of ordinary intelligence. They tire
'he simplest and cheapest Feeder in the market
and feed with more regularity than is pos*
sible l>y hand, increasing the outturn and
giving u cleaner and hotter sample. At all
Fairs where exhibited and by Planters having
them in use, they have been accoi'dcd 'he
highest enconiums. Our Condensers are well
made, durable and simple in construction,
anil do what is required of them rapidly and
well. No additional power is required to
drive the Feeder or Condenser, and no Gin
House is complete without them. \\c are
prepared to warrant, to any reasonable extent,
perfect satisfaction to evcrv purchaser.
Circulars, prices ami full information furnished,
Address as above, or apply to
Julius C Smith. Groonville S. c
GrccnviBe & Columbia R, R
OV ami n.f:r I'll 11) AY, AUGUST 28th,
this Iload will bo run us follows, daily, Sundays
, r?~i t .?i "
m:n V u U| II III mil lit ft II)
" Alston u ni
'< Newberry 10.81 m
' Cokcsbury 2.00 p m
" Helton 't.50 p m
Arrive at Greenville C.;iO p ni
Leave Greenville at 0.30 a ni
" Helton 8^50 a a.
" Cokcsbury 10.13 a n>
" Newberry 1.30 p n
" Alston ;i.|0 p
Arrive at Colunbi.i 6 00 p m j
?ujy"Conncct at Albion with Trains on tlu j
Spartanburg and ,l:nion liuilroad ; connccl at
Columbia with Niglu Trains on the South Car
olina Hailrond up and down ; also with 'i'rains
going North and South on the Cimrioilc, Co
luinbia and Auj M i :n?<l the Wilmington, Coluuibia
and Augusta Railroads.
A1515KV1 bl.r, HKANCIT.
Train leave Abbeville at 9.15 a in., conncct
ing with Down Train from Greenville. Lea\(
Cokesbury at 2.15 p in., connecting with Uj
Train from Columbia. Accommodation Tralr,
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Leayi
Cokesbury at 11.15 a in., or on tlio arrival c
j the Down Train from tlrcenvillo. Leaves At
ncviuc a: i o'imock j> m.: conuecling with I i
Train from Columbia.
ANDLltSON l'.UANi'll AND BL'Jii Tll'd
Leave Walhalla at 6.^'j <. r,
" Perry vi Mo (>.23 u n.
Pendleton 7.10 a in
" Anderson 8.10 a ra
Arrive at Helton at 0.00 a
Connecting with down train from Greenville
Leave Iiclton at 8.60 p m
* Anderson 4.60 p m
" Pendloton 6.60 p in
I'orryvnie 0.35 p m
Arrtvo at Wnliiallanl 7.15 p m
Accommodation Trains bet worn Helton and
Anderson on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays,
Leave Helton at '.1.50 a hi., or on arrival
of Down Train from Greenville. Leave
Anderson at 2.00 p m., connecting with Up
Train from Columbia.
General Superintendent.
JADIjZ NOUTON, General Ticket Agent.
Sept. 10 0 If
Atlanta & Richmond Air Line Railway.
Leave \tlanta 6.00 p m
Leave Seneca City 11.51 p ni
Leave Central 12,42 a m
Leave I'.asley 1.12 a ni
lipavn flppfiivllln o in - ?
//oftvo .S'arlanburg f,.06
/Jrrivo at Charlotto 8.00 a fii
Leave Chariot lo (1,00 % ,n
Leave Spartnn'iurg 10.50 ? m
Leave (Iroonvil)e 12.33 p ni
I.oftve Kftslcy gttk l'l5pm
Leave ontral 2.00 pm
Loavo Sonccn City 2 4ft n
Arrive nt Atlanta 0 18 pm
Leave Atlanta 7 08 ft m
Lcavo Seneca City 0.-1R n m
I'oavc cmrai . (5.07 m
Leavo Easloy 7.16 am
Leave Grcenvil'.o 8-21 a m
Leave Spartanburg 11.00am
Arrive at liarlolte fi.00 p m
Leave liarlolte 3.18 p m
Leavo Hparlaiihurg 8.30 p m
Leave Oreeuvillc 10 48 n irr
Uavo Eonloy 11.42 Em
Leavooal 12,f,lkm
Leave Sonera Cily l.filam
Arrive at Atlanta 1.48 Dm
H Y. 8AOE Kng. & Supt. ,
Encourage Home Enterprise and Hone People,
. TH '
Geo. S. Hacker,
The only Carolinian engangcd In tlio man
ufacture of Doors, tfasli, lilinds, Moulding
and Turned Work in Charleston, S. C.
l-nccs as lo-w as any other house, and all
work first-class. no 29?ly,
rnHE Exercises of the First Term of thfs
X. School will commcncc January 18th and
end June 4th; the Second Term, July 6th *
and end November 19th. Students entering
within two weeks after the commencement of
the Terms, will be charged for the whole
term ; thoso entering after this time. fVnn*
time of entering, iloncc, it is very import*
ant that students enter nt the commencement
oj tho Term that they may be properly find
justly classified.
Course of StudyI'll
1st Term?Spelling, Webstcrs ; Reading, 8ar-?
geiH S aSCI'ICB.
2tl Term?.Spelling and Rending continued ;
Primary Geography, Cornell's ; Mentftl A*
nthmclic, Uavies; ! in Writing.
1st Term?Geogrnphy continued: Introduce
tory Knglish Grammar. Bullions ; Rending
continued; Elements of Written Arithmetic,
Davies; Excvcisca in Writing.
2d Term?Intermediate Geography completed;
Analytical English Grammar, Bullions ; El- ^
emcnts of Written Arithmetic completed ;
Primary U. R. History, Qunckcnbos; Ex?
erciscs.in Writiug.
1ol "
i i.i?iingimii grammar completed Phyo>
siT.il Geography, Warren's, Common School
Arithmetic, Da vies ; Analysis of Words;
2d Term?Analysis of English Language,
Greene's; Arithmetic continued ; Smaller ^
Composition, Quackcnbos; Higher U. S
lliatory, .Stephens'.
ist Term Latin (Jiuinmav Huli'iOnS; Lr.iin r>v?der.
HulHons; Elementary Algebra, Davie ,
History of England, Markham's.
iid Term?.Six Hooks of n-?- ?
vmwiiI) I'UIIKMIP) Analysis
of Latin Senlcncc, Arnold's scccnd
j Latin llook ; Greek Grammar, IWiiiJospj
j Greek Header, lJuUiona'; Klemcnlnry Alg?liva,
completed; NuUuallMuloyopliy, Quack
1,1 Term?Six books of Virgil, Antlion s
(ire! k Uendcr, complc''-'': 1'luln llcnioetry
Lo"ini-:; Hij'lier Composition and Ulietorie
QiiackonLos; Kemlrick' Greek Ollendorff;
2.1 Term?Sallust's ('ulalinc ic Jugnrllin, Antlion's;
Xenoplion's Anabasis, Anilion's; f
lllirkitr *
,0_ vuuiiticnceu; ltobtnson's ~
Nov University; Solid and Spherical
oinctry, completed; Chemistry, Vi/umana
IhI Tcvm--Cicero's Selcct Orations, Anlhon's
Xenoplion's Memorabilia of A'ocrates; An-?
tlion's; Trigonometry and Surveying, Loo
mis; lioman History, Arnold's; Latin Prose
Composition, A mold's.
'2d Term?Anllion's; Six books of Homer's
lliafh Ambon's: Greek Prose Composition
Arnold's; algebra completed, Astronomy,
Tho above courso will prepare can
didatos lor admission into tho 8orno?
mouk Oii.vkk of any ol our Southern
Colleges. Studonts, who do not stand
a satisfactory examination upon th
several studies ol each class, will nc
ho allowed tho privilege to advanco to
the next higher, but bo retained in
such class, till all tho studies of it bu
satisfactorily r.nmr.lo?/"?
*/ 1"WVV>M'
Tuition op Primary Department
Junior Class, - - 310.00
Intermediate Class, - 12.50 |
Sonior " ? . 15.00
Preparatory Department, 20.00
No deduction will bo it)ado for lost
time exeent. from ?' *
j/.uiuuguu HICUnOSB.
Monthly reports at punetulity, doportment,
and rocitntions 5n etion ntu- w
dy, will bo furnished purontH.
J. JI. CALlLISLi'j, Principal*
Doc.17. 17 If *
T linvc on hand and intend lo keep cou*
ttlnnily a general
of Family Orocerics, which will be sold cheap
FOR CASH, such na Bacon. Flour, Molasses
Oofloo, Hu^ar, and in fuel ov?r?
~.~.j uillUlU U8ll?,
ally kept in my Hno.
I also repair watches, clocks anil jewelry.
Ordered : A lot of first rate jewelry, vrhioh "*
will be disposed of on Ihc best of terms.
Photographs taken in tho inout npproved
modern style.
T 1> fit ? "
IV. viUAAr.NEll,
Easlcy Station, f
Arpl 23 35 ly
S?. ?<
WILL rivc tlicir nttenllnn lr? ik?
. """ '? t1ho Collodion of 1'ennion*.
llotinly Lftnd n?<l nil other Claims *
Walhftllft, H. 0, IMckon, H n
July 27th 1871. j ?K0nu' S'?;

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