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A Singular Story.
The strango incidents relatod in
Ibe following ekotch aro voucbod for
as strictly true by a gontloman who
arrived at Now York on tbo BtoamBhip
Kottordam, of tho Rotterdam
w 1 A a i: ?1. l A!
huh xvuiwurp uuu, u auurt iiiiju ugu.
The voeeol loft Rotterdam August
7tb, and among tho passougors iu tho
cabin woro a man apparently thirty-,
five years of ago, nnmod James N.
"Van Sellor, and a young lady, apparently
fifteen yoars younger, named
Maria Router. From tbo timo of
Reaving port tho two mentioned ats
tracted much attention, tho man for
his gracoful boaring and handsome
looks, and tho young lady for her
beauty, of such a typo that tho getK
tlemon, in talking about lior, stylod
her tho "Mandona."
Tho ship had not skimmed ovor
tho dark blue waters moro than two
days., when tho conduct of tho two
excitod tho curiosity of tho passengers
to a still greater degree. Tboy
8fit separato at tho tablo, and nover
while at moals ovincod by look or
word that thoy woro over acquainted.
But in tho morning, oven beforo tho
sun had reared itB cro6t out of tho
bosom of tho ocoan, and long aftor
ho had sunk beneath tho waves, tho
object of so much curiosity could be
SCCIi engaged in conversation in such |
a ftlannaf oc lnfl: nr? rlm-iltf eif tlion* I
being man and wifo, or lovers shortly*
to be married.
But why tho nocessity of acting 80
strangely toward each other whon
in company? Tho fomalo occupants
df-the cabin wero on uottles, and de?
terminod to aolvo IIio ljiyslory. Jlu**
mors prejudicial to the fame of "the
tf&dona" wero whisporod irotn oar
to ear, and thoy soon ronobed tho oars
of tlio young man.
He was indignant, but spared the
lady the recital, and, in order to save
them from futuro annoyance, he toiu
tlio writor's informant that ho was
engaged to bo married, and that his
intended bride thought there would
bo something bo romantic about a
m&i'riago in mid ocean that ho accoded
to hor wish. Their acting as
liiey did iu the cabin was so that
when tho tiuio arrived for tlioir mar->
riage, they all, ns bis intended said,
michteniov a general surprise.
-The sixth day out from the port
wga set down as tho time for tho aus^
picious event, and the ladios in tho
cabin vvero wild with excitement.?
Ob the evening preceding tho mar
ri?ge, as tho sun was dipping its
lower odgo in tho western horizon,
the pae8onger8 on deck woro startled
bj a loud shriek from tho aftor part
of tho hurricane dock, rushed to the
spot from whonco tho sound proceeded,
and saw JM iss lieu tor strotched
orflhoifloor, while at a short distance
her loror loaned against tlio gun*
wale, bis faco ashy pale, while upon
ita every lineament was depicted an
agony that a man can feci but once
in his lifetime.
What di re discovery le'l to such a
sublimation of Borrow? What upas
tree, with ita malignant breath, had
noisoncd the atmosnhero of lovo that
tbey but a few brief moments before
bftd breathed. Tlicrostood tlio groom
of to morrow, speechless and motion
loss, and tlio head ot hia intended not
in his arms, lay where it had lallen?
upon tho deck.
Tbo passengers, on seeing the sad
and strange sight, were amazed, and
wondorod that her lover whoso agony
was so apparent, did not approach
tho prostrato form. But tho reason
would ho mfulo apparent soon on
ough, and their hearts would bleed
ioT a grief that had no hope, for a
blank deepair that can never this
Biuu ui utunuiy uo irradiated Willi I
ono gloam of sunshine.
Tho young lady was at onco res j
moved to her cabin, ami waa attend !
ed by tho fillip surgeon, but it was !
lonp; beforo alio was restored to consciousness.
Ilor intended husband
uraa finollw inrlnnoH ftnlai- !?? ml
in, bnt his presence brought on a '
paroxysm of woeping which threatened
tho young lady's life, and ho at
one? withdrew. A fow days after
the strange events related had ocenrred,
Mr. Van Seller, with mnch
hesitancy related to the writer's in 1
formant circumstances which fully
explained the cause of tho procodiug
\V hen ft boy of ten, ho ran ft way
from his paronts, who wore residing
in tho city of Amsterdam, and found (
employment as a cabin boy ou a
ship bound for Java; For five years
ho sailed to diOeront parte of tho
world, and had accumulated a con
siderable sum of monoy. lie oon-?
eluded, finally, to visit his parents;
but on arriving at AmBtordam ho
hoard that his father was doad, and
tlmt his mother had again married
and removed to a different part of
tho country. On hearing this, ho
docidod at onco to ship again, aud
6inco then has sailed all ovor the
world. Ton years ago ho engaged in
business in a Western town and be\
ciuno rich. Two months ago ho visi
ited Europe, and in tho city of Rotterdam
mot with Miss Router, who
had boon engaged as ft governess. A
mutual feeling of respect onded in
lovo, and his proposal of marriage
was accepted. She said her parents
wero dead, and sho had no ono to
consult in relation to any stops bIic
took in life. lie desired tho marriago
to tako place bcforo leaving, but,
providentially, the romantic girl
wished i t to bo at sea, which dolay,
as griovous as tho results wore, saved
them from a fato much worse than
death. On tho evening previous to
their intended marriage Mies Kcutor
?jjuko of her mother ng having once
lived in Amsterdam, and that 6ho
had boon married twice. This fell
i.:? ?i.? i..w>n ii.?
U|)UIi UIB \J < 11 Ho 1MU IWJUIl V/l JUVU llli;
uamo of his father, tho circumstances
of her half brother running away to
sea when ho was ton years of ago, his
reported death by drowning on tho
coast of France, and tho strange coincidence
of liis and her lost broths
or's name boing tho same. Not no
ticing tho mtonso agony clcj>ictcci on
his face, bho drow forth a loekot, and
thoir mother's portrait was displayed
before thoin. With a voico sound*
ing as if from tho grave, ho grasped
her by the arm and said: uAIy God,
you aro my sistor, my own mother's
daughtor!" She gavo ono wild in
credulous look into his face, and
tben fell, fainting upon the deck.
Tiio voyago was a long one, occupying
ninetoon days, and before its
termination tho young lady was able
to go on deck. She was, howover,
but a Bfldow of hoi* forrnor self, and
her restless, vacant look showed that
her mind did not ]>as3 that fearful
ordeal unseat hod.
Together they concluded it was
better to placo the ocean between
thorn, and in a few days tho unfor
tunato ladv will return to her native
Holland. 1 lor brother has mado lior
a liberal allowance, which will al
waya kcoj) her in easy circnmfltanco3,
and however bitterly thoy tnay ro~
<j;ret their unlucky fate, thoy cannot
but be thankful that their brief ac
qnaiutanco ended ad it did.
AT i?:11~ ii.? -Ai ?! ?1.1 ?
lifill 1VUUAVIIIU, tliU UII1U1 II1/^ 11 t j 11
young girl, wbo was unexpectedly intorviowcd
l>y tho family as sho was
about eloping with tho object of bor
virgin afToctions, knoclcod tbo old man
down, laid out two brothers with a
eistorn polo, kicked tbo hired man in
tho stomach, and got away with bor
lovor, and mado tbo rilllo. Wo wish
that heaven bad sont lis such a woman
~ il.?i
A good deacon making an official
visit to a dying neighbor, who was a
vory churlish and universally unpopu*
lar man, put tho usual question: "Aro
you willing to go, my feind?" "Oh,
vi'U " fcnwl flirt uiflf mnn "T f\ir> "
"Well," said tho simplo minded deacon,
"I am glad you are, lor all tho
neighbors aro willing."
"You novor saw my hands as dirty
as that," said a mothor reproachfully
yesterday to her littlo oight yoar old
fjirl, "(Jauso 1 novor boo you whon
you was ft littles gn l" wan tho prompt
The Washington papors announco
Lhat Mr. Win. llonry Troscofc, of South
Carolina, has boon admittod to practico
hivv in tho District of Columbia. 1
A Kontncky oditor tollrf another
II.11 l.!_ I .1 - 1 1
i/iiui/ ii iiim iioiiu wuiw an ruu jim nib
noflo Ito would romind ono of ft bow
logged carrot surmounted by a cockado.
From (ho. Young Folk'a Rural.
eay that farming is a hard
working poor paying, but an hQjiGBt
way of gotting a living. 1 bis is not
so. Farming, if carriod on right, on?%
tails hard work, yot thoro is monoy
to bo mado, a3 many a man who has
mado himsolf rich by farming will
tostify. So, boys, don't givo up yot
but stay on tho old farm; got a good
knowlodgoof farming bofore you go
out into tbo world to mako a living.
If you wish to farm you cannot know
too much about itj stay thoro and try
your oxporionco boforo you loavo.
Many a boy thinks ho knows moro
than ho loally doos, and trios tho
world on his own account; but many
got tirod of this and go back to tho
placo whoro thoy first started, and
agroo to work on tha old farm.
If a boy wishes to mako rconoy, lot
him tako caro of what ho has, and
savo all ho can got. This is a fault
with somo farmors?they do not tako
enro of what thoy havobutloavo thoir
forming tools out through storm and
vain. Every farmer should havo a
houso or shod ior his plows, harrows,
wagons, hoes, oto., and aftor ho raisos
his crops ho should not lot tho pigs
destroy them. Tho poot gfvos us a
littlo hint about such things, when ho
Oil. fnvinnr S? 1 rir>Vc1 On fnrtnr<r Slunk!
Your pigs arc buried 'neath a etack;
Your sheep have gorged themselves with corn
Your cows Imvc got (ho hollow horn!
Run, farmer Slack! Run for your life!
Run, save your children and jui?r "rrifc;
Run, run to save your house on fire;
The flames arc mounting ever higher!
Oh, farmer Slack, you pay too dear!
Wliv flnn'i. vmi koon vnnr nliimiiov nlnnr?
Orcon wooil will make more soot than dry;
Then cut ^our wood and "lay it by."
Why, farmer Slaolc, whore is your plow?
Kcolod up beside the foncc, I trow!
Your rako and reaper both aro out,
Whv farmer, what are von about?
Now, farmer Hlaok, don't blaiuo Iho times;
You can't expect to make the dimes;
Your energies have all been bent,
You givo the weather ten per ccnt!
Gknkual TUICKS, ::TC.
A Proabvtorinn minister. wliilo
marrying a couplo of his rustic parishonors,
leit oxcoodingly disconcerted
on his asking tho bridegroom if he
woro willing to talco tho woman for
his woddod wifo.by his scratching his
head and saying: "Ay, I'm wullin',
but I'd rallior have havo hoi' sister."
Why is tlio loiter Q tho handiost
lottc in tho alphabot? Booauso whon
itu in uso you always Gad it boforo U.
Toxna will hold tho final clcction
of tho current year on Tuesday, J)ck
combor 7th. Ttio Democrats carried
tho Stato by -17,031 majority for
Governor in 1873.
> i
Wo can do more good by being
good than any other way.
? ??? -
Bnghain Young, tho groat Mormon
ohiof, has boon ordorod to prison for
ROtilnintil. in nof. nnviiirr iilimrmir
i-- ? j ;v '"o v,v *
FicKENS comjimm
Senator?II E ISowcn.
Jlfj'reaenlativc?I) I' Bradley.
Clerk of Court?S L> Keith.
Judge of Probate?I 11 Pliilpot,
ShirijT-?.J Kiloy Ferguson.
Coromr?Warren Boyotl.
School Commissioner?11 A 15owon.
Treasurer?W A Lesley.
Auditor?Alonzo M Folgor.
Count)/ Commissioners?J oh n T Gossctt,
Chairman?Robert Craig, (i M r?yncli. Clerk
County Commissioners, C L IlollinttHWorth.
Trial Justice*?Entity: 0 II C Smith?Suluhrili/
: .1 15 Clayton?Central: Jas A I<id
dell?1'icktns C II: C L IIollingB worth?
DacusviUe : J B Sutherland.
Wo have just replenished our stock of merchandise
for tho fall and winter trade.
Ladies' and gentlemen's hats and dress
goods generally have received speoial atten
Our Shoo Dopartmont
Is very full, amounting to nearly one thouHancl
<Pnr drncral Ntoch
Comprises nearly everything you are likely
In naarl fltlil will uaI.1 ?*???*#
"Half" Car'Load.
Of best Liverpool Halt on hand and^for 'ealo
two dollars per sack, which is
Plifin before llio wftr. All nro respectfully invited
to cull find hoo them.
Heater & Hester,
Onlrnl, 3. C., Oct. 28, 1874.
Pickhjns County.
Stephen D. Keith, r.s Administrator ?c bonis
non of Mattliow Koith, decoasod, potitionor,
Mar^arot Edons and JamoB Burdino, as
AuiuiiiiHiTBiorH oi /viexunuer x<uenB, ueooascu*
unto thoir sureties Jamos E. Ilagood and A.
J* Anderson ; James M. Edons, an administrator
do bonis non of Aloxamlor Edons, deceased,
and his sureties Margaret Edens,
ftaineul Edons and Allen Edens.
Petition for Account, Relief, &o.
It appearing to my satisfaction tlmt tho
dofendant, James M. Edens, rosido out of
hqu ooyonu mo umiiB 01 iiiia otato.
On motion of W. 0. Koith and A. Blythe,
attornoys for the potitioncr, it is ordorod
that tho said James M. Edens do appear nt
my office in Pickens Courthouse, on the 19tli
day of Novomber, A. D. 1876, to show oause,
if any he can, why tho prayer of the petitioner,
now ou file in my offico, should not bo
granted, and upon his failuro to do so, his
consont thereto will be entered of record.
Given under my hand and seal, ofoffioe this
9th day of Joplcuiber, A. D. 1875.
i. u. niiLroT,
no3 lOw Judge of Probate.
County of Pick ens.
In Probate Court.
Stephon D. Keith as Administrator do bonis
non of Allen Keith, deceased, potitionor.
Margaret Edons and James Burdine, Administrators
of Alexander Kdens, deceased,
and others, defendants.
Petition for Account, Relief, &c.
It appearing to my satisfaction that Janice
M. Edens, ouo of the defendants in the
above case, resides out of and beyond the
limits of this Utate.
On motion of A. IUytho and W. C. Keith,
Keith, attorneys for petitioner, it is ordered
that the said James M. Edens do appear
at my oflicc at Pickens Courthouse, on Saturday,
tho 19th day of November, A. D. 1875,
to show name, if any lie can, why the prayer
of the petitioner, now on file in my oflieo,
should not be granted, and irpoti his failure
to do ho, his oonscnt will be euterod upon record.
Given under my liaml and seal of office thisOtli
day of September, A. D. 1876.
no3 lOw Judge of l'robate.
CcIoniNts, Immigrants and
Travelers WcNtward.
For inap circulars, condensed linio tables
and general information in regard to trans.
jmji iiniuii iuuiiiiica? iu an j>oinia in JL.cniiesscc,
Arkansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Colorado,
Kansas, Texan, Iowa, New Mexico, Utah and
California, apply to or address Alukrt B.
Wrknn, General Emigrant Agent, Otlice No.
2 11. I. Kimball House, Atlanta, Ga.
No one should go West without first getting
in communication with the General
Emigrant Agent, and become informed as to
superior advantages, cheap and quick transportation
of fnmilios. household goods, stock,
and farming implements generally.
All information cliecrfully given.
no8 Om G. 1'. it T. A.
livsry and Sale Stalk.
Parties desiring to hiro conveyance lo
Pickens Court llouso, Tublo Rock and other
points, can be accommodated at my Stables,
at nil hours of the d:iy and night. 1'urchascrs
can also bo supplied with Good Stock
at rcasonnbicpriuus.
Ifcif Ucgular Mail Line to Pickens Courthoubc
daily. (Sundays oxoeptcd.)
Easloy Station, S. 0., Aug. 8, 1876,
Eft. JT. ?iJl Uiiml
H AVING returned rind permanently located
i\t Piokensvillc, respectfully ofl'jrs
liia Professional services to tho citizens* of (lint
| vicinity uml surrounding country. Charges
May 0 41
ttnyiLLE C, H? s, c,
Practices in Courts of Pickens
ounty, and in United States Courts
positively cured, The worst caHen, of long? ?(
standing, by using Dr. Hobbard's CureA
bottle sent free to nil addressing J. 8. X>jij.
bleb, Druggist, 814 f>t)i Avo., N. V.
Law Notice..
* The undersigned, ImviriK resumed the nrnc
tice of law, will attend the Courts on the 8th
Judicial Circuit. Business left with Win. K;
Hagood, nt Pickens C. II., will bo promptly
attended to. J, W. IMURI80N.
Nov. 14, 1874.
f 1 ^Improved OUCUMHKR
Jj 1? ftHS 81 WOOD l'UMP is thoac&&
\k, aj knowledge StAN'RAIII) of
the market, by popular
avrmhct, Uio t>ost, pump lor (lie cash
money. Attention iH invited to
Illatchley's Improved lirackot, (he
Drop Cheek Valve, which can bo
withdrawn without disturbing (he
joints, and (ho copper chamber
which never cracks, scales or rusls, and will
last a lifo time. For salo by Dealers and (ho
trade generally. In order to be sure that
you get Blatchlcy's Pump, bo careful and see
that it has my trado mark as above. If you
do not know where to buy; descriptive circulars,
together with (bo rmmo and address of
the agent dt you, will bo promptly furnished
by at. . ^ssing with stamp.
( has. a, IIVjATC/'IIIJKY,
?.r>?9m 'OLomiiicnOrcc 81., Pitiln?lcl;>}iia
: I a
Dealors savo Five, Ten and Fifteen 1
dollars por thousand on Cigars, and
got Tobacco at lowost figures, by or
Horing iroua
Indian Girl Cigar Storo,
N. B. Sond for Samples.
Doc 21 18 tf.
-- ^ mrmr
j* m'j *;Uii xi.9
Manufacturers of Cotton Oins, Cotton Oin
Feeders, Condensers and Cotton Oin Materials
of oVory description. Our Oins liavc
beeu in uso thirty years, and liavc an established
reputation for simplicity, light running,
durability, and for quality and qunn?
lityo*"lint produced. Our Feeder is easily
attached to the Oin, and easily operated by
any hand of ordinary intelligence. They arc
I tin uin.nln.it (11.(1 ..tinnnn.it Vnn.lnf in t I. n i?ni
ket a?ul food with more regularity than is possible
by hand, increasing tho outturn and
giving ft cleaner and better sample. At all
Fairs whore exhibited and by Planters having
thciu in use, the}' have boen accorded the
highest enconiums. Our Condensers arc well
made, durable and siraplo in construction,
and do what is required of them rapidly and
well. No ad ditional power is required to
drive the Feeder or Condenser, and no Gin
iiuiihu i? uimiijuuiu wiiuoul mcui. nu tiro
prepared lo warrant, to any reasonable extent,
perfect satisfaction to every purchaser.
Circulars, prices and full information furnished.
Address as above, or apply to
Julius C Smith, Greenville S. C
Greenvilo & Columbia R R
/ \ > aim uiiur riuu.u, .iiuubt isoul,
w 1371, tho l'AJSENOEll TUA1NS on
this lload will be run us follows, daiiy, Hundnys
cxcoplod :
?a-iivo Columbia at 7.20 a ru
" Alston 'J. 05 a m
" Nowborry . 10.31 a ni
' Cokosbury '2.05:p m
" licltou 3.60 p in
Arrivo at Greenville 6.30 p ni
Leave Orccnvillo at 0.30 a ni
" Del ton 8.30 a in
" Cokcsbury 10.13 a iu
" Newberry 1 .<'50 p n<
" Alston 3.10 p in
Arrivo nt Columbia 5 00 p in
JBc.y"('onncct i\t Alston with Trains on the
Spartanburg and Union Railroad ; connect at
Columbia with NightTrains on the South Cur
olina Railroad up and down ; also with Train;going
North and .South on the Charlotte, Columbia
and Augrtata aud tho Wilmington. Co-i
lumbia and Augusta Railroads.
Train leave Ahbcvillo at 0.15 a in., connect
iiur with Down Train from Urcenvillo. Lca\i
Coko.ibury at 2.16 p m., connecting with Uj
Train from Columbia. Accommodation Train,
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Leay<
! "ukcobury a: !!.!6tim., or on tho arrival o'
I tin". Ilnwn Tr-iin t'rnln llrrtftlli/iltft T.nftii?u AK.
licville lit 1 o'clock p. >n., councotiug with Ul
Train from Columbia.
Leave Walhalla at f>.4j ? t;
" Perryvillo 6.2o a
" Pendleton 7.10 a in
" Anderson 8.10 a m
Arrive nt Helton at 9.00 a
ouiiiioouug wnii clown ivmn irorn urceiiviltc
UP. |
Leave Helton at 8.60 p m
" Anderson 4.59 p m
" Pendleton r 5.60 p m
" Perryvillo 0.86 p m
Arrive at Wallialla at 7.15 p in
Accommodation Trains between Helton and
Anderson on Tuesdaya, Thursdays and Hatur^
days, Leavo Helton at 9.50 a in., or on arrival
of Down Train from Groouville. Leave
Anderson at 2.00 p in., coiincoting with Up
Train from Columbia.
General .Superintendent.
JAIUiZ NORTON, General Ticket Agent.
Kept 1U U If
Atlanta & Richmond Air Lino Railway.
Lcavo Atlanta 6.00 p ni
Leavo Sonoca City 11.61 pm
Lcavo Conlral 12.42 a m
Lcavo Kanloy 1.12am
Lcavo Greenville 2.12 a m
7/oavo Sartanhurg 6.06 a m
/Irrivo at Charlotte 8.00 a m
Loavo Charlotte 0.00 a m
Leave Hpartanburg 10.50 a in
Leave Oreenvillo 12.33 p m
Leave Easley 1.15 pin
Loavo entral 2.00 pm
Leave Seneca Cily 2.4H p m
Arrivo at Atlanta 9.18 p ni
I-oavo Allan!a 7.08 a m
Leave Heneea Cily 0.48 n m
iiuiivd cuirin D.U/ A III
Leave Easley 7.16 a in
Leave Orconvillo 8-21 a m
Leave Spartanburg 1 1.00 a m
Arrive at harlot (n (5.00 p m
Leave harlotte 8.13 pm
Leave Spartanburg 8.80 n m
Lcavo (Irconvillo 10.48pm
Leave fiasley 11.12pm
Lo five eal 12,61am
Lcavo Bctieoa Oily 1.51am
Arrive al Atlanta 1.48 pm
H V. MAOB Kng & Hupf. 1
M Ml I K 1
incourago hobo snterpriEo ana aomo roopit,
Geo. S. Hacker,
The only Carolinian engaaged in tho man
ufnoluro of Doors, Snsli, Blinds, Moulding
and Turned Work in Charleston, 8. C.
l'ricos as low as any other house, and all
work first-class. no 29- iy
rpME Exercises of tho First Term of this
1 School will commence January 18th and
oiid Juno 41li; the Second Torni, July 6th
and ond November 10th. Students entering
within two weeks after the commencement of
the Terms, will be charged for tho whole
term; tlioso entering after this time, from the
timo of entering, iloncc, it is vory import*
ant that students enter at tho cominonoenieni ?,
oj the Term that they may bo properly and
jusuy ciasBitieU.
Course of StudyPRIMARY
1st Term?Spelling, WebHtcrs ; Reading, 8?r?
gent's Series.
2d Term?Spelling and Rending continued ;
Primary Geography, Cornell's ; Mental A*
rilhwclic, Davios; Exercises in Writing.
let Term?Geography continued: Introduce ^
tory English Grammar, Bullions : ReailSn?r
' o
continued; Elements of Writton Arithmetic,
Davies; Exercises in Writing.
2d Term?Intermediate Geography completed;
Analytical English Grammar, Bullions ; Elements
of Written Arithmetic completed ;
Primary U. S. History, Quackcnboe; Kx?
erciscs in Writing.
1st Torm?English Grammar completed Phyo*
si'ml Geography, Warren's, Common School
Arithmetic, Davies ; Analysis of Wordi:
2d Term?Analysis of English Language,
Greene's; Arithmetic continued ; Smaller
Composition, Quackcnbos; Iliglior U. 8
History, Stephens'.
1 oi Tr.--o t ?i:.. r> ? -
. u ^iiiiimmr minions; La!5s Etsder,
Bullions; Elementary Algebra, D&vl* ,
History of England, Markhnm's.
2d Term?Six Books of Ciosai, Bullions; An*
alyuis of Latin Sentence, Arnold's secand
Latin Bouk ; Greek Grammar, Bullion*;
(Jreek Header, Bullions'; Elementary Algebra,
completed; NaturaU'hilosophy, Quack ^
let Term?Six books of Virirll. Aw?v?? ?
- D-., tiallllVli O
Grt-fk Header, completed; I'lain Geometry
Loomis; Higher Composition find Rhetoric
Quackonbos; Kondriok' Greek Ollendorff;
I'2d Term?Sallust's Cataline & Jugurtlm, Anthon's;
Xenophon's Anabasis, Anthon'e;
Higher Algebra, commcnoed; Hobinson'a
Now University; Solid und Spherical Ge?
ometry, completed; Chemistry, Youmans
1st Term?Cicero's Select Orations, Anthon'ft
Xenophon's Memorabilia of Socrates; An-*
limit's: Trittonomntn*w ft"''H*???*
__ - uui TUVlIlg, Ij??0
j mis; Komnn History, Arnold's; Latin Pros*
Composition, Arnold's.
|'2d Term?Antlion's; Six books of llomor'a
Iliad, Anlhon's: Creek l'roso Composition
Arnold's; algebra completed, Aatrouomy, g
Tho abovo cour.se will propnro can
didatoslor admission into tho Sopno*
moke Ci.asb of any of our Southern
(Jollo^cs. Students, who do not stand
a 6fiiiBi;;ctory examination upon th
Hovoral studios ot each class, will nc
bo allowed tbo privilogo to advanco ta
tho noxt bigbor, but bo rotainod in
such class, till all tlio studios of it be
satisfactorily completed.
Tuition of Phimauy Department] .
per term.
Junior Class, - - $10.00
Intermodiato Class, . % 12.50
Senior " - . lfi.Oft
rropnnUory Dopartmont, 20.00
No deduction will bo mado for lost
time oxcopt from prolongod sicknosB.
Monthly ropovts of punctulity, do-*
portmont, and recitations in oacn study,
will bo fnrnisbod parents.
J. 11. CAlvLlsLlO, Principal.
Doc.17. 17 . tf N
fi\? nruDTrr
V_ji i vv>/V^< JLwi\I?LOi
1 have on hand and intend to keep con?
Bluntly a goncrftl
of Family Clroccrica, whioh will l>o sold cheap
I FOR CA8II, huoIi aa IJauon, Flour, Molasses
OofTco, Sugar, and in faot every arlielo usu?,
ally kept in my lino.
I also repair watchoH, clocks and jewelry.
Ordored: A lot of first rato jewolry, which
will bo disposed of on the best of terras.
Photographs taken in the most approved
modern style.
Easlov StAtJnn
Arpl TA 35 ly
MB^nr?nnifr * -
WILL givo Uioir ntiontlon to Cbc l'rftr/jirn
nn<l to tlio Collection of Pensiotuy
Mount v Land ftml all other ClaimB.
Walhiilla, H. C, I'ickeus, B, C. ,
July 27th 1871. 1 if r

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