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D. F. BRABLEYi Editor'and Frosrietor.
Terms of Subscription.
0no Year $ 1 fiO
Months 75
Advertising ltatcs.
Advertisements inserted at the rate of $1 00
M-'Vq^are, of- (9) nino lines, or lkss, for the
ftrct insertion, and 60 cents for each subse?a?at
PraiHMla made for ntn, si* or twiltk
months, on favorable terms.
Advertisements not hating tho number of
iMortlons marked on them, will bo published
mutil forbid and ohargod accordingly.
Theso torma aro so simple any child may
understand them, Nino lines is a square?
one inch. In every instance wo charge by
tho space oooupicd, as eight or ten lines can
bo made to occupy four or fivo squares, as the
advortiser may wish, and is charged by the
8?** Advertisers will please stale the number
of squares they wish their advertisements
o mako.
US?*" Business men who advertise to bo
benefitted, will bear in mind that the J
SENTINEL has a largo and increasing cir- I
Oulation, and is taken by the very class of }
persons whose trade they desiro.
Thursday, Nov, 25, 1875,
JKgr Thoso in aiToare to tho Sentinel
will ploaeo romombcr that wo
nood tho monoy, and thoy must comc
forward and Bcttlo or wo will ho
obligod to oraso thoir namos from our
Mr. J. II. Carlislo, will havo
chargo of tho editorial departmont ol
the Sentinel during our abaonce this
Now is tho fcimo to bow wheat, if
enough has not already boon soon.
Earlier would havo boon hotter, but
sow now. It is bettor now than not
at all. Let overy farmor in Pickens
County fool it to bo a moral obligation
dovolving upon him to sow ovory bushel
of wheat ho can. Wo havo tried eoU
ton alono almost to nauscation and
tho County gcta poorer arid poorer;
and it will continuo to got worso, litis
Iobb our agricultural policy bo changed
By tho proaont systom of producing
cotton to tho oxclusion of tho ceroids,
wo aro only building up and making
richor at our own individual oxponso
thoeo who hold tho mono)'?tho mer
4 ? T ?4 C !? il..
tJiatAULO. 1JU0 UYUIJ' Kil IllUi 111 l/liu
County try (and wo know, if ho try
ho will succood) to raako enough of
whoat for his own individual consumption.
Do not dopond upon tho
Northwofit to supply your flour nnd
meat. Thoro is no necessity lor it?
nono whatovor. Produce corn, wheat,
and other grains, and consequently
moat sufticiont to moot all your wants
in that direction. Then, wo woulj
Bay, aftor you havo dono this, make
all tlio cotton posaiblo. ILuabanu your
lands?mako thom richer with homomade
fertilizers; work loss ncroago,
thoroby curtailing tho oxponso ot prodnotion,
and a groator yiold you may
then roasonablv oxnoct. An incrensml
prosperity will thon bogin to dawn
upon tho farming in torost of Piokons
County, and not only upon tho fnrm>
ing intorost of tho County, but upon
all material intorost of tho snmo. Wo
think. this in tho truo philosophy of
farming in thin County, at loant.
?40? .
Wo were pained to learn that F
LI. Griffin, Esq., wliilo attending i.i
something about his cotton gin, lato
Oil the evening of tlm rmt
- - o -- >
his left coat alcove caught and his
left hand jerked into the <jin, and so
eevorely mangled and torn, that Dr.
Earle thinks it will have to boampu-.
tated. Wo hoj)C, however, that am*
putation can he avoidul. These gins
are iormiuaoie machines, ftn<l we
cannot bo too mucli on our gaurd
against them.
Pkuhonai,.? Mftj. S. P. Dondy, the
efllciont and accomplished Probate ,
Judge of Oconeo, was in our town
4lm A l.?? .1- - 1 1 * '
mu uuiur uuy, lOOKing ftlCOl" law L?U8" '
incsa. Coino over and seo us often <
Major, for we liavo a "lieaj)" of law ,
business in Pickens. I
Tho Nows and Connor makes a t
calculation to ascortain what elTect llio
lato consuH will Imvo upon tho ropros
eontation of tho various conn tios in tho |
Gonotal Assomhly. According to it,
Charloaton, JJoaufort, Colleton and
Goorgolown will loso ono roprosonta- f
tivo each. Anderson, Jiarnwoll,
Pickonfi and Richland will gain ono
each. Ah tilings now utand politicals I
ly tho gain for tho Democrats will ho <
two. (
The Fence LawTho
Ahbovillo Press and Banner
thinks tho fonco law of tho utmost im
|>vi uun;u vo mo on tiro CjWtO. TIlO
quoBtion rosolvos itsolt simply into
ono of oconomy. In the lowor and
middlo portions of tho Stato whoro
timber is scarco, it is obvious that a
law compelling tho enclosure of stock
would bo a groat benefit, ospooially to
tho poor man. The riob man will
generally tako care of himself, and is
ablo to do so. Without a fonoo law
all the virgin forest and oven that
which is not virgin, will soon have
boon cut down. It will soon bocomo
a necessity within our Stato; (or our
timbered lands aro fast disappearing
: ,iAM 1 r cii _ 11 - i
111 uiuui iu kuuji iij> ioncos. .T)iinn wo
wait till nocohsity drives us to the
fotico law? Would not common prudcnco
dictuto that tho sooner the
stock bo oncloscd tho bettor. In
Pickens thoro does not'at present cxlcf
i hn mi irm nnr?nftoihr fm? oiw?U o Invr
as in oilier portions of llio Sin to, yot
wo think alio, too, would bo ovontually
groatly l??ncfitted in many ways.
We aro awaro that a groat deal can
bound is said, in opposition. Every
important question tonding to tho
amelioration of mankind has over met
with bitter opposition. Morso's telegraphic
schomo had its violont opposers;
Fulton had his, and Columbus
his. Nevertheless right prevailed
finally. On this subject of a fence
law, if all tho arguments for and
against bo carefully and dinpfiRBionately
weighed in tho balances of ovory
clour and unprojudicod mind, tho dos
cision will bo favorablo to a foncc
law. Tho Ban nor says:
"Tho poor man who is unablo to
buy timbor to mako rails to protcct
his crop is absolutoly at tho morcy of
his neighbors' oattlo. Tho rich farm
era who liavo largo landod ostatos can
gonorally protoet tlioir crop, but tho
poor man with a small track finds it
impoegiblo to build loncos. As tho
law now stands it discriminates as
gainst tho poor. Thousands of a ores
of land in Abbovillo county now lie
idlo and non productivo for tho want
of timber to truard tho cron luminal
c? I" 'O
tho depreciation of stock. Tho poor
of tins county should demand that
thoir rich neighbors bo responsible for
tho crops which their stock destroy.
Nothing paralyzes tho onergj* and
spirits of tho farmer more th^n to'
havo his ciops destroyed by droves ofj
hungry cultlc. Many froodmon of
this oountyv who hnvc rcntod lands
and plowed and hood in tho sunshine
and rain havo soon their crops destroyed
for wnnt of feneos."
Death of Vice-Prcsidcnt WilsonWashington,
Nov. 22.
At 1 o'clock this morning a special
session of the Cabinet was called. All
tho members wore in attondanco except
Secretary Itoboson, who is absent
in Now York. Aftor a full conferenco
,1, a. i ? i
UUIIIlg ? II 11 HIVJ IUTO U1 WIU gl'Uill/
statosman was deplored. Socrotary
Fish was dologatod, on behalf of the
Cabinet, to proceed to tho capilol and
moot, with a call session of such 9011ators
of tho Unitod States as may ho
in Washington. IIo left {Jtho White
IIoubo at 10J o'clock to attend tho
Tho news of tho (loath of tho Vice
President, cast a gloom over tho
wholocommunity. Ilis death affords
ed tho absorbing thorn for discussion
in all tho Hxcculivo departments-. In
rcspoct to his memory, orders wcro at
onoo isbuod to drapo all the public
buildings in mourning and display at
ha'f must, the American flag, nil tho
hotels and tho District Government
buildings, also united in this tribute.
The death of Vice President Wilson
again raises tho queston, "Who will
ho President of tho Senate?" There
can ho at tho present tinio but one
conclusion as to H.h solution. Tho
special session of tho Soiuito called in
April las!, after an exciting canons,
selected by !i majority votu of ono,
Thomas W. Ferry of Michigain, againsfc
Honry .B. Anthony, of lihodo
Island, tlio competitor for tho place,
riioro lia.H boon no chango in tho SonUors,
since nil tbc now mombers participated
in tho cancns doliboration
which brought about tho nomination.
There is no donbt that if tho Sonato, ,
xt. its next moetinir. docs not hv sub
icquont action, rovorso its soloetion of
usl April, that Mr. Kerry will bo tho
presiding officer. Thoro is a gonornl
>pinion, however, that tho Senato will
select a now President pro tcm.
Judgo Itocl hnw ro-.sontoncod CJibb'B,
Llio man wIioho aontonco Lieut. (lov.,
[jloavoH, coinmiitoil (luring tho ubscnco
A (lov. Chftinhorlnin lrom tho State.
The ExminationOf
tho students of thoPickons High
School took plaoo on Friday, 19th
instant, whioh closcd tho scholastic
yor.r of 1875. Tho publio attondanco
on tho occasion was small, owing,
do'.ib],lo88 to tho inolomonoy of the
wnnl Kap on/i nnf 4 a a ?????\4 '.M?A*iAn4
on tho part of patrons or tho publio
gonorally. Tho profloioncy of tho
eovaral olasaes wae fully oqual, if not
qaperior to that of formar occasions?
ovinoing a thoroughness in pr?par*?
tion on the part of tho student and a
GfirafnlnnnR in "drniincr" on t.hat. nf
tho Prinoipnl,
The scholars, aB shown in this oxami
nation, although, it was nocossa~
rily short, did thonisolvos groat crodit.
And wo must say in this connoction
to ovory body, who dosiros thoir sons
and daughtors well cducatcd, that wo
Know oi 110 senooi in our oountry,
either as a preparatory school, or one
in which students oan acquire a good
sound bnsinoBH education, that offers
greator advantages than this.
Tho Principal is a toachor of long
and varied oxporionco in his profession,
and, if toaehors, liko those in
other professions, are to bo "known
by their fruits, bo unquestionably
will have to bo favorably judged; for
this Bchool now sends forth two young
mon to collego, who nro prepared to
cntor tho junior class.
Wo could but romark tho high
character of tho school. To boo young
men and girls in their toons translating
English sontonoos with porfoct
oasointo Latin or Groek on tho black
board corroctly, is a toaturo raroly
soon in our preparatory schools. A
class of girls and boys, oxaminod in
Ciosar, aequitod thomsolvos handsomely.
Owing to tho lato hour of comtti
i i it / ii n if I K n a vn ni i ti 11 4 I An n nil 4 l>n
largo numbor ot aeloct and original
speeches, and compositions, tlioro was
not suQloiont tiino allowod to oxamino
more than a third of tho elasscu of tho
school. Tho examination, theroforo
closed at 12 o'clock, and uftor a rooosa
till 2 o'clock tho audionco roassom
bled to listen to the declamations.?
Most of the boys, in our judgment, in
this exerciao, as well as in the examination,
acquitted themselves handsomely.
Whoro all did bo well, it is
porhans, invidious to make anv dis
tinotion, yet wo will vcnturo to mention
one, Mr. Clark Wolborn. "on
things in genoral," whoso delivery
was so in keeping with tho tone and
character ot his subject that he excited
the extromo risibilities of all present.
In fact, all sooinod delighted
with his effort.
.Next foliowod the original compositions.
Tho first read was that cf
Miss .Lucy llagood, this, from ono so
young, is highly croditablo indood.?
That ol Alias Laura Ellis, on "JL\ationce;"
Miss Botty Hester, on "Imagination;"
Alias Vesta Mauldin, on
"ConHCioncc;'' Miss Addio Ilollings.
worth, on "ILopo," and Miss Josophino
R nnrrra An
vii a i lununii UU1U (111
beautifully and ologantly writtton,
ombodying nn amount of thought and
mi ologanco of exprossion rarely soon
in girls in their loons. If ono of theso
compositions wcro inoro boautiful
than an otlior, it must bo given, with
somo nosiiauon nowor to jp'rionuship.
!Noxt followod tho original Bpccchofl.
Although thcro wcro five of
thoso, yet only throo wcro delivered.
James J?. Jlngood, Jr., on "lntompo?
ranco;" Mr. M.N. Mitchell, on "Char*
actor;" and Julius E. Boggs, on "Gov~
oniinonl." Thoso specchog woro all
well roceivod and docs groat credit to
fiHoli. Tho 0110 on Oovni'iimnnl. wi?u
indood a fine production and of groat
merit, both in rospool to the illustrations
and oomploto analyhis of tho
Xkw Yokk, Nov. 20.?ChnrlcB Ii.
vyrvioituu i/UAtor A, JiOOCl, IWO (10IU?
oi'H in hard woods, occupying rooms
in tho saino building, 52 Contro strcot,
liavo absconded, leaving dobts behind
aggregating from $75,000 to $100,000.
Philadelphia, Nov. 22.?Moody
and Snnkoy'fl rovival mooting commcncod
in tlio old Ponnyhlvania
freight dopot, to day. Tliore wcro
ahont 10,000 or PZ,000 portions pros*onU
Dkthoit, Mich., Nov. 20.?Tho
large paw mill of lloynold & Etnlaw,
ut urnim iieavon, was burned' last
ovoning. I.osh about 850,000.
Chicago, Nov. 20.?VVhilo tlio driver
of the United "f'iXproHfi Company
was delivering a package, llio wagon
was driven olV and robbed of 840.000
worth of goody. .No nrroste. j
Tlio Abbovillo Medium 6ays: Soiuo
policy should bo adopted by tho Conservative
pooplo of South Carolina to |
icdoom the State from Iiadical rule
and plnco her upon a secure fonndation.
With this one einglo exception
tho Southorn Statoe havo renowed
their allegianco to tho Democratic
party, renounced Radicalism and aro
nnw mnrpliinn r>ri ti\ a ni-anH
* V II 'MM! O Vii W l? HUU Ml I M
glorious destiny. Iu this State we
are still subject to tho treachery and
stratagem ot cruel political combinV
tions, and although tho power of tho
rings is weakened wo are still under
il ! .. 1. _ \ ?\ 1 1 _ . A. -
tueir oniuiui hiiu corrupt muuence*
It is boliovod that party organization
among tho Conservatives will effectn
ally savo tho Stato from a longor con
tinnrtneo of Radical rule and some
decided action should at onco bo tak
on towards this end. It might bo
wen to can a convention to tncot in
Columbia during the approaching
session of tho legislature to frame a
platform and adopt such moasurcs as
will call out tho full strength of tho
Conservative voto in 1876. Organization
is tho word. With it we may
'accomplish something, without it wo
can do nothing and will lose tho
Stale forever.
Cincinnati, Nov. 20.?Tho factory
of Harshman, McKcnzio & Co., at
Union City Indiana, was burned yostorday.
Loss $20,000.
Laconia, N. II., Nov. 20.?Tho
Avory building, which was firod a
yoar and a half ago last Sunday, was
burned to tho ground to day.
Philadelphia, Nov. 20.?Tho
wooden bridgo over tho Schuylkill
River, at Markot strcot, was burned.
Tho firo originated from n defoctivo
gas pipo.
lew Sta! lew Mil
milE undersigned would respectfully inX
form tlie citizens of Easley Station and
surrounding country, Hint lie lias just returned
from market, with a lot of
Consisting of LADIES' DRESS GOODS,
Jonns, Shirting, Flannels, Shawls, &c., &c.
Also, a fine lot of Boots, Shoos, Hals, Caps,
ami everything ustmly found in a l'ry-goods
A fine selection of choice family Groce?ios,
Candies, Cigars, Chewing and Smoking Tobacco.
Also, a lot of No. 1 Family Medicines.
Hardware, Cutlery, Glass and Crockery-ware.
All cheap for m?h or barter.
Highest prices puid for all kinds of Country
Eaaley Station, A. & U. A. L. 11. It.
Nov 25, 1875 13 8m
TKa I.m? > ^ TT t ?
a. iiv uii'tci ni^iiuu JiifcYi; U|JUUUU u ilUliriU III
Kasley, near their Livery Stable, for the purpose
of conducting a fancy and Iffcavy
Under the Firm, name and stylo of RICH BY
&WYATT. They guarantee bottom prices,
as they intend Helling strictly for cash. Oive
them a call.
II, /\. lVltyllJ',1 ,
A. 0. WYATT.
Easlcy, Ncv 22, 1875 13 If
The ol'Noiilh Carolina
I'ickicn8 County.
Jh/ J. //. J 'hi!pot, Judge of Prolate,
Wiikhkah, W. 0. Field) hath made suit
lo ine lo grant him I,oilers of Administralion
on Ihc Kulnto and Effects of Alcy Baker,
Tho kindred and creditors of (he said Alcy
linker, nrc therefore citcil (o be and appear
before me, in tho Court of Probate, lobe
hohlen at Piokenr C. H.,on Thursday, tho ('th
uuy of IJcoei i'dcv next, at 11 o'clock, ft. di.,
(o shew cnuso, if any flioy have, why the said
Administration should not be grunted.
(liven under my hand and ceal this, (lie
25th day of Novoiubcr A. D., 1876.
1. 11. I'MLPOT, j:p.1'.c.
Not 25, 1876 13 2
- v". r
j^asiey uotton Market,
Novkmiikk 23, 1876.
No. bales weighed for the weok, ending
Nov. 22d, 1 r>().
Middling Cotton 11 $.
Titos. W. Rttasrm..
Nkw Your, Nov. 22.?Cotton?From 12
7-1(5 to 18J. Uol<l lMg.
Gjikknviu,k, Nov. 22,?Cotton?From 12
to 12J ccnle.
A VA 1 VA tr P AVPXT A ..AKMn ^1.1.
1 i ifaliil, u juitin viu|
A No. 1 Maro with foal.
Terms maile easy to purchaiwrB,
AIho, 100 t>u?liclfl of COKN ftt tho crib,.on
12 Mouths crclit.
Nov 11, 1875 11 0
' " ' V
New PRirpc!
arrive ^ largo and woll eolcctcd
stork of
For which wo offer for d.tlo not only
cheap, but oxtroaiely low down for
Wo respectfully invito our friends
and tho publio in gonoral to call and
oxamino our stock whon they como to
town, beforo purchasing olsowhcro*
XT ^,, 1 Q 1 Q7S 1 O
Aiu* iu, Jiuiy ? u
Administrator's Sale.
13 Y order of I. II. Philpot, Judge of ProJ
Imte, 1 will Bell (lie PERSONAL PROPERTY
of Dr. J. M. Field, deceased, nt his
lute residence on Wolf Creek, in Pickens
County, to the highest bidder, on THURS
DAY, (lie 2d Dccomber, 1875, at 11 o'clock,
A. M.
Tho Property consists of Household and
Kitchen Furniture.
Horses nnd Mules;
Eight or ten Cows;
Fifteen Fat Hogs;
One lolofMtook Hogs;
Three Wagons nnd one Carl;
Eight hundred or 10C0 bushels of Corn;
18 or 20 fine Guns and I'istols;
With a largo quantity of aniunition;
Ono Tolescojie, 1 Spy Glass;
Two or 3 Opera or Field Glasses;
Ono complete sot of Dental Instruments*
Ali'llinal mill Klirerinnl Inilrnnmnli
A Urnt rate Medical and Miscellaneous
Library, consisting of 800 or 1000 volumes
of the best standard works, well bound, and
as good as now.
In fact some of almost everything found,
suitable for a Farmer, Sportsman, Physician
or Dentist.
T12 It MS?All sums under $10 cash?all
nhovo 12 months time, with note, at ten per
centintocost, with two approved securities.
l'urohasers can havo ilio privilege ol' paying
cash if Ihey choose.
W. T. FIKLI), Adm'r.
8?Jf" The Orecnvlllo Weekly News, copy
once, and send bill to -ddminisirator.
Nov 18, 1875 12 2
A ~~
Member of our firm has just returned from
New York where he purchased the largest stock
of General Merchandise ever bronght to this
Market. A
I* J M ^ ^ ^ J
JL^ICpl lctll I
T.oosc on (ho streets would not create tho ex
citenient and wonder, that our prices do.
1 Jest prints nt only ten corns, and other
goods at proportionate juices, l'olito clerks
always in attendance, and ready to pluco
our goods
On Exhibition.
Satisfaction guaranteed or no sales. Large
Stock of Groceries, Coffee, Sugar, Molasses,
Cheese, etc.,
A f
1 V. L
Bottom Figures. JI a I s and Caps, Tlools nnd
Shoes of every grade and prices. In fact,
anything needed by tho farmer onn bo had at
Hudgins & Bolt's.
Remombor that this stand is in the Masonic
11 nil liuilding, fronting the Hotel, just below
(lie Depot of
iiasley Station.
Knaley Station, October fi, 1876. filf
Pickens Prices Current.
Cotton per pound, paoked,
Cotton per pound, seed, * 4C
llacon per pound, 16<jc
Lard per pound, 2()o
/'ork per pound, ]Oc
Corn per bushel, 65o
Wheat per bushol, $1.50
Flour per barrel, $8(?il0
Apples, Dried, per bushel, 1.00
A i.r.lna fSrAITl. ni'f blislll'l. I f\f\
Peas per bushel, 850
liuttor por pound, 16020r 1
Ho.ef per pound, [
Beeswax, per pound, 20o
Tallow, per pound, 100
Chickens, per head, 15c
Hides, Pried por ponud, if)0
Hides, Green, per pound, Go
L^mmn ?\ak l\/vian i n i
l'v* 1ZJ0
Tenders, per bushel, $1.00
Chestnuts, per bushel, 2.00
Feathers, per pound, /iOo
Wool, per pouud, 40o
?, ? > /
PICKENS C. II.j 8. 0.,
I propoeo to Boll tuora chonpor tuna
tiny ono.
I can suit any ono in nil lines of
I) R Y-Gr O O D S *
Just returned from m^rkot. Don't
fail to call and bcc. No troublo to ^
show Goods.
Thanks for past patronngo, and
hoj)o a continuance of tho sanao.
txvT All partios having accounts on
my JiooliH will obligo mo by calling
and having ihom balanced.
licapect fully, ^
Oct 2S 9
I cull iho attention of mv'frinnila ?iui it.. -..v.
, J - -v..v? ?UU 1'IIUV
I lie generally, (o tho large and well aclcclctl
Stock of Goods '
I have now in storo. My stock consists of
DJiY, FANCY cc Dli/T.93 CI0GDS%
K '
All bought in person for this market, at prices
thrt can not bo cut under.
Tho Iiadio? will f.n.l
- ?IJ i'i\noi5 ntm
FANCY GOODS, cspccially suited to iliolr
wants, and Gentlemen in neod of CLOTHING) ??*
of the latest styles will save money by in.
spooling my stock.
JSy strict attention to businoss, and with
fairness to all, I hopo to continuo to receivo
the favors of the past.
M. W. FOllD. *
Persona who arc duo tho firm of FORD &
MAUI.DIN on account, will jdenso settle sum?
1st of November, ns the busiuess of tho old
firm must be closed.
M. \V. FORD.
Oct_14 7 tf j
Not i TP 1
NOTICE is hereby given, that wo tho undersigned
Deacons of tho Oolonoy I!uptist
Church of Christ, in tho County of PioVoils
and State of South Carolina, have this
day applied to 8. P. Keith, Esq., Clork of the
/i ? "
isouri., tor a v;nurtor, incorporating tho above
mentioned Cluirch.
Nov 11, 1875 11 30day?
Practices in the <^ircuiI ourl and Court o
l'robate for Pickcns ounty.
May 10 '12 0m /

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