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VQL- Y- PICI^^7s7^^IIIJ^DAY7DECEMBER^========WtT=7r
Death of tho Vice-Presidentx
Washington, Nov. 22.
Tlio Vice President died very suddenly
at 7:30 this morning. JIo res ted
woll last night; awoke at 7 A. M.
and exprosscd himsolf as feeling better;
sat up in bed to tako bis inedin
cine lay down on liie lolt eide and oxpirod
in ft fow moments without a
struggle. Senator Furry ia President "
of tho Senate pro tempore. The
Cabfnot is in extra session. Fish
will represent the Cabinet at the
meeting of Sanators and Jiulgos of
uio oupromo vjourc at noon to arrange
for tho funeral; after which the
President will issue appropriate orders.
Tho Supremo Court adjourned till
to morrow. No opinions to day,
Th6 flag* hero and northward are
nil at half mast.
ExKCUTtVE Mansion-.
Wasaington, Nov. 22.
It is with profound Borrow that
tfi? President has to announce to tho
pooplo of tho United States,the deatli
of tho Vico President, Henry Wilson,
wjio died in the capital of tho nation
this morning. Tho eminent station
ct tho deceased, his high character,
i.j-fi ii.. . i' i
> U UUI 1(1 LUC bUIYltJi; ui 111tS
Stato and of the Union, his devotion
to tho cauao ot (rccdom, and tho a~
bility which ho brought to the discharge
of every duty, stand conspicuous
and are indelibly impressed on
the hearts and the affections of the
American people. In testimony of
rcbpect for this Distinguished citizen
uiid faith!nl public 6ervaut, tho vn^
rioua departments of tho government
will bo closed on the day of the funeral,
and the Executive Mansion and
all the Executive JDej> ;rtinente, in
Washington will ho draped with
badges of mourning tor thirty d?y?
Tlifi Sflfiinlarv of \V:u' arid i.f ilw>
Navy will iesuo orders that npptopriato
military and naval honorti bo ron
* dered to tho memory of one whoso
ViHuos and services will long ho
borne in recollection by a grateful
(Signod) TJ. S. Grant.
Nearly all the com ts in tlie country
adjourned in reelect to Mr. Wil
Tbo Supreme Court of tlie United
fitntoa will tranniir.t no Ini.^innsR tliis
^ --Yfeek,
Delegations liavo been appc
inted from various places to como
to Washington to attond tho funer&l
covemonies. The First Brigade of
tlie Maryland National Guard .ave
tendered tlioir services to tho Presis
dent us guard and cscort. '1 he V!c?
President passed a 'iniet day yesterday
until lie heard oi Senator Ferry V
death, about eight o'clock which de^
prc6sod him very much Jieforo retiring
to bed, ho alluded to it several
times, lie retired at half past nine,
Blopt sound and peaceful. At 8 this
morning his rest was diaturhod by
pain in liis chest: Ho was reliovod
by rubbing his cbeet with an anodyne
\yhicb bad been prescribed and he
ajjain slept. lie awoke piooieoly at
7 o'clock. IIo Raid ho had slept
/k *
soundly and was much refreshed.
lio sat up in bed and took a glass
ot bittor wator which bad boon proscribed.
Sbortly-aftor, lie arose and
walked about tho room, ilis attend
ant noticed a change in Mr. Wilson
about ft quarter poet i. 110 was then
jyiug in bed; drawing short and hurried
broaths, moving about unoimily
and his limbs twitching con vukiivoly.
Physicians were called, but it was
tjotfcod that his breathing grow short
ov and weaker with each,breath, and
as an attondant moved around tho
bod to support hij head, l;o gavo
on? long gasp and expired. Four
times last night, bofuro 12 o,clock, ho
'2L called tor water, and drank a glass
ful each timo. Night boforo last ho
compluincd oi hia old trouble with
pain at tho baco of tho brain, and re*
marked that ho inudt havo more dc*
terminod treatment, but said nothing
4 ft'Oout it to tho doctor. La*t night,
between G and 8 o'clock, ho said: "If
tho doctor wero hero, 1 would havo
a blister applied to the back of my
neck." From 8 to 9,30 his attendant*
manipulated him, pinching him
thoroughly. Ho nover liked to bo
rubbed. Thoro is no ovitlonco. in
fact, tlint Air. Wilson sufforcd 8evoro*
ly; his face vveui'B its nsuul pleasant
expression. A postmortem exnmU
nation was made by tho doctors, who
came to tho conclusion that ho died
from apoplexy. Tho ro6ult of tho
examination of the external appear*
unces showed nothing unusual. Tho
brains weighed forty nine ounces.
Tho special session of tho Senate
a .,..m 1.-1 -u
viuuvu in mbij uuur un exeiung
caucua, selected, by a majority vote
oi one, Thos. W. Ferry, of Michigan,
as against Iloury B. Anthony, of
Rhode Island, tho competitor for tho
place. Tlicro 1)as been no change in
tho Senate since. All the new mem
bora participated in tho caucus delib
eration which brought about tho nom
inatioti. There is no doubt that if
tho Semite at its next meeting does
not rovereo its seleciion of lust April,
Mr. Ferry will be tho presiding oil!? ,
cor. The .Revised Statues contains
the following: (lIn cu6e of the removal,
death, resignation or inability of j
both the Prosidunt and Vif.fi Pros!-.
dont ot tho United Siates> tho Pre6->
idont of tlio ISonnto, or, it thoro bo
iiouo, then tho Speaker of tho llouso
of ltopresontativoc', for tho time being
shall act as President. until tho disability
is removed or a now Presidont
Tlio Witness of to-day comments
upon the unseemly haste attending
tho autopsy of Vico Projidetn, Wilson
Lt says tho announcement has struck
ilio public very unfavorably For
hours alter tlio death his body was
in liio hands of the Washington Surs
gooiiH, and liis brain turned into the
r.ealc to ascertain its weight, and his
body cut up in the interest oiBcieuee.
11 i > brother and executor wore not
near; lor the doctors had just assured
them that the patient was doing well
On whom, then, rost the shame and
responsibility of this ofi'onsivo actTlio
nation ought to bo told.
Tho idiotic idotv ?>f involving the
country in a war with Spain "in order
to capturo tho Southern vote" is
thus commented on by tho Savannah
News: It is not impossible that as a
third term card Grant may ondeavor
to involve tlio country in a war with
Spain under pretense of putting an
oiwl to tho Cuban rebellion. But if
hi) di>e? so with the expectation of
('.iinlunnf thn Ronvlinrn vntn hn will
i n *"" * " "w " """
find himself ruefully mistaken. Tho
j,co|>lo of the South want no unuecess
eary war witli any foreign powor?
certainly not with Spain for tho annexation
of another negro carpet hag
?>iate to tho Union. In a war with
Spain our Southern coast cities would
he exposed to tlio attacks of Spanish
men of war, our conuuorco would bo
interrupted, our labor diverted from
tho production of crops, and wo
would liavo tbo satisfaction of paying
our share of tbo coat of making a ne?
<jjr?? carpot bag State out of Cuba and
bringing that onco rich a?id prosporous
island to tho forlorn condition
of South Carolina and Louisiana.
Such a program mo ie not calculated
to captivate the Southern people, or
Bccure the vote of tho South for Grant
\ v n fill t'A tr>i*r?i
Tho kinil of inon who havo held
responsible positions under tho prcsont
Administration may bo judged
in general by the thirteen reetifiorn,
seven gangors and storekeepers and
the domitv collector at St. Louis, who
hiivo withdrawn tlioir ploas of not
guilty and acknowledged tliocrookod
corn. They have boon bad men, but
aa tlicy arc no longer undor tho bano\
fill iniiuonco of tlio Administration,
they may yet reform. Their con toss
Hion oi gum wnh proimoiy mo nrftt
honest net that thoy havo performed
sineo thoy placed themselves under
obligations to an axaetiug and un?
coudionablo powor.
State Pre?8 AssociationPursuant
to tho publishod call o( tho
Prosidont of tho South Carolina Stuto
Profca Association, tho Exocutivo
(pom mil too assembled in tho parlor of
tho Columbia Hotel, at 10 o'clock a.
xtr * - ? - -
iji., on wounosaay, tho 24th instant.
Tlio President, J. A. Iloyct, o( tho
Andorson Jntolligoncor; Yico Prosit
donts. F. W. Dawson, of tho jNows
and Courior, S. W. Maurico, of tho
ICingstroo Star, T. Stobo Farrow, of
tho Spartanburg Herald, and It. It.
IT I.Ml r A . . ...
i jnjm[)illll, <H UIO ilUDOVlllO AlC(l 1111)1;
Troasuror, T. F. Gronokcr, of tho
Nowborry JLorald; and JO. Ii. Murray,
Corresponding Secretary, wcro prefix
cut, and tho Corresponding Socrolary
was roquostod to act as Socrotary pro
Alter npproprinto rotnarks from tho
President, tlio commiltoo procoodod
to tho business beforo it. ApplicalioiiD
for membership woro rocoivod
and nctod upon fiu'ornbly from Messrs.
P. F. Bradley, of tho l'ickcns Sen>
tinol, S. 9. Orittondon, of tho Croon
vino j'jMtorpnso and Mountaineer, ii.
Moans Davis, of tho Winnsboro Nows,
llonry Sparniolc, of tho Ailccn Tribune,
and Row J. I. Bonner, of tho
Associato Jleformod Prosbytorian.?
Tho Treasurer's report, showing
about $135 on hand, was received. ?
Tho consideration of a press excursion
to tho Philadelphia and Fort Moultrio
contonnials wan taken up and discus*
sod at length, alter which tho following
resolution was adopted:
Rcsclvcd, That a committoo of throe
bo appointed to ascortain and report
at tho regular meeting ol the association
in j\Iay what arrangements can
ho made, and at what cost for the
transportation of tho membors of tho
association 10 Philadelphia by rail
iroui oparian&urg in May, and from
Charleston by mil or son in July, together
with tho cost of quarters in
Undor tnis rosolution, Messrs. Pawson,
Farfow and lloyt w oro appointed
upon this coramittoo. 'J ho President
was authorized to appoint tho
iiouriorino next, annual inaoting at
Itepartanburg, on tho 10th ot May,
1870; and also to fix tho timofortho
delivery of tho annual oration by l'\
jiW. Dawson. Esq., of tho Nows and
j Courier. Tho coramittoo then ad-?
| journed.
"Stylish i?ut Shnhiule.?A plucky
Iowa gill thus tolls hor oxporionco in
gotting on in this .world: I am tho
jonly daughtor of a farmor of modcrs
ato moans; havo taught school five
yoars. I began whon sixtoon years
of ago. This prosont snmmor I walkod
ono and thrco fourth miles night
and morning and taught my summer
school. Harvest camo on, and wo
woyo in want of a hired hand. Plonty
Could bo had at $2.50 por day, but
that seemed like loss without, profit,
so I donned my driving gloves and
broad brimcd hat and drove tho rea
por to cut oighty acres of grain besides
I took a music lesson onco in ovory
week. All of my voting lady friends
said: "Oil, you will ruin your hands
and complexion," but for aught I seo
they aro as white as tho day I closed
school. Since reaping is done I'vo
done all tho cooking for tho harvest
folks. I. carry a gold watch and chain
and support amethyst jewelry and
movo in tho best Hocioty; am oonuidorod
rather stylish, but am of that dispoei
lion that I can adapt rnysolf to
circumstances. I am well awaro that
a dolicato drees and crimpod hair bc?
cotno mc in a ballroom, that a modoftt
dross and noat fitting giovon aro duHignod
for church, and hint, but not
, loast, that a calico dro?B is proforablo
for kitohon work.
* Tho Boaufort Tribune nays: 820,
UUU is a vory desirable mini nml our
dologation had boltor boar in mind
I that this ?um has boon sot aside for
tho purposo of reinstating Qoorgc
llolmos in tbo ofTlco of County Tronsuror.
A8 long as grand jurios can bo
bought choap. thoro will bo no trouble
in dofying investigation of oflloial
conduct. Hut if 620,000 is to bo distributed
in Columbia this wintni*
one oflicc, lot Honufort County come
to tlio front and soouro lior shaio.'
Sho has always dono so heretofore.
Broken Marriage VowsIt
is soldom, sayn tho Goshon cors
respondent of tho Now York Herald,
that this plaeo is oxerciaod as it is at
presont over a scandal in high life.?
Tho prominent, figuro in tho affair is
no loss a porson than Mr. K. II. Han*
doll, Pie.sidontof tho Erio Railroad
Com pay beforo Gould and Fiek, and
reported to bo ono of tho wealthiest
eitizons of thin placo, For a Ionjj
tiino vagno minors have been freely
alul industriously circulatcd compromining
tho chaructor of tho nccusod
cx-Prcsidcnt, but until lately noth?
ing has been publicly known us to ihc
real truth of tho matter. It is fillcgod,
howovor, that during tho past few
months indisputable ovidonoo has
been obtained of Iho iinpudonco of tho
accused, and tho result is that Mrs.
Jiordcli has Iclt her husband, taking
hor children with her,and connncnccd
legal procoedings against him (or alU
mony and divorce.
About a half scoro yoara nrto Mr.
Bordoll, who was then a widowor,
bcuamo onamorod and Llio Buitor of a
handsomo daughtor of a well known
and highly estoomed citizon of New
York. Tho result of tho courtship
wan that a matrimonial knot was
tied. Soon aflor their marriago Mr.
and Mrs. Bordell removed to this
place, whoro ho purchased ono of tho
finest and costliest residences in this
pari of llio country, valued, it is mud,
at $150,000. Mr?. Bordoll, being a
very sociablo lady, of ploasing and
amiable manners, not only experienced
no difficulty in making acquaintances
and friends in the best soeiety
hero, bui becamo a great favorito and
was much admired.
J5ro long it began to bfl^rumorod
about that her husband was uni'aithful
to his marriage vows, and that
bin time was being occupied by an*
other woman. For atimo tho rumois
wero floating about with every wind,
hut. ns l.iinn nnasrwl nn a lull tnolr nlfioo
and ooinparatively nothing was hoard
in relation to tho matter. Tho sympathy
of tho pooplo was with tho injured
wife, and hopes woro ontortainod
that tho roports wonld provo
falso. lint no such good iortuno
awaited hor. On tho contrary, ihuru
A?KA.. ?..^Aun KA^I. * 4
Isitlliu UUIU1 I UlllUli) U1 LI1U IJiVl Oil liuui*
mont of tho wrongod wile, and with
thorn now and moro damaging roports
of tho infidelity of hor huHband.?
Again it was hopod that all would
turn out right. But as boforo, truth
was potent and poworiul, and tho
scandaloua roports woro vorifiod by
tbo unconcoalod actions of tho acousod
Somo limo ago, probably four or
fivo months, tbo local papers gave tho
first publicity to tbo account of a dis
gracolul ficeno on an IOrio Railway
train. It scorns that tho ox?.Proshlont
1a the lortunnte possessor ol a pass to
rido freo over tho road. With this,
it is alleged, ho attempted to pass a
notorious Patcrson woman an his
wifo. Boing acquainted with tho
eharactor of tho woman tho conductor
refused to do so, and aftoward rc?
ported tho mailer to tho company s
hoadquartoi'8. It was mado tho subject
of notions discussion by tho Dirootoi'3,
fnd the question whether or
no his puss would be taken up was
debated. They, however, toolc no
action, and finally permittep tho mat
tor to drop.
From this timo until k fow days
ago tho frionds of Lho ox-Prosidont's
wifo, nssistod by a doteotivo, kept
track of bur husband's whoroaboutw
and doings, when thoy woro rowardod
i :u_. KIm Tf^ 1^.1
vy uy mm. jau imu
visited Now York, aceompaniod by
tlio samo woman, and driving to tlio
St. Donis llotol, rogiHtoring as man
and wifo, giving WostolioBtor county
fifi thoir placo of rosidonco. Soon al?
tor they worn shown to thoir room
tho dotcctivo, accompanied by Alra.
Bordoll's father and brother, arrived
at tho hotol. Tho proprietor was informed
of tho naturocf thoir bnsinoes.
and told llio truth as to who tho
"Wcstch cater county" couplo woro.?
Tho dotoctivo and his companions,
after thus gaining i'ncontrovortiblo
ovidonco ot tho criminality of tho
twain, loft, and woro followed by
^ i
thorn, thoy having boon inoontinontly
hustlod out by tho proprietor.
Tho matter having boon placod in ,
tho hands cf Morsvh. Fullorton, Knox
?fc Crosby, that thin haa commcncod
mo suit, lor iilimony ami divorco above
spokon of on tho ground of adultery.
About a week ago tho nccossary pa- (
pot'H wero served on tho dofondant,
and Mrs. Hordell took her departuro
from her huaband'a rosidctico, taking
her two children with her. They
mivu utKcn up iuoiv resKlcneo on the
opposito sido of the slrcot, at tho
houso of nfriend. Now thai this matter
has como to light and will bo taken
into tho Court, it is stated that
other suits aro to bo pushod against
tho accused for alleged illegal business
transactions, which involves many
thousands of dollars.
Tho woman with whom tho dofend
I..IU <17 Iibvunu ui 1 i IIII llcVl llll/liuuuy
was boforo tho Court of this county
about a year ago, figuring as tho
plaintiff in a suit brought for defamation
of charaotor. She bad boen
ojccti'd out of a bull room as an impropor
and unfit poison to associato
with rcspoctahlo Indies. Tlio defendant,
unoxpoctodly to and unfortunately
for hor, attomptod to provo tho
olmrgo proforrod, and introduced witnosfios
wlio gavo evidence ho damaging
to hor character that tho jury
gavo a verdict of no causo of action.
Tho Histc ry of Postage Stamps.
Tho introduction of tho postal 83'storn,
as it. at prosont exists in all
countries on tho globo has boon crc?
ditod to England, when, in 18-10,
covors and envolopos woro devised
to carry the singlo rato, This plan
was adopted through tho oxortionn of |
Sir Row land Ilill, who hao boon aptly
tormod tho"iathor of postago stamps.''
It now appears, however, that.thoro
is another aspirant for tho introduction
of tho stamp system. In Italy,
ao far back as 1818, lottor shoots woro
proparod, duly stampod in tho left
lower corner, while lottors woro delivered
by specially appointod carriers
on tho pnj'mant of tho monoy which
tho stamp roprosontod. Tho oarlv
stamp rcproscntoci a courior on horsuback,
and was of throo values. It
was discontinuod in 1830. Whotbor
Italy or Groat Britain first introduced
pontago stamps, othor countrioa afterward
began to avail thomflolvoB of
this method for the pro-payment of
lottors, although they did not movo
vory promptly in mo mattor.
Croat Britain onjoyod the monopoly
of stamps for throo yoare, and,
though tho first stamp woro issued in
18-10, sho has mado fowor ohangoB in
lior stamps than any other country,
and sufforod no ohungo at all in tho
main dasiirn. thr* rini'i .rnit. nf < >nnni?
0~"j V....W w. ^
Victoria. In othor countrios, noLuulj
in our own, tho Sandwich Inlands,
and tho Argontino Jtopublio, tho honor
of portraituro on tho stamps is usually
distributed among various high public
ofiicors; but in Groat Britain tho
Quoon alono figures on hor stamps,
and not ovon tlio changes that thirty
fivo years liavo made in her lace are
shown on tho national and colonial
postago stamps.
Tho iii-xt country to follow tho ox arnplo
of England was Brazil. In
1813 a Borioa of tliroo stamps was i"?
p.uod, consisting simply of largo numerals
denoting tho value, and all
printed in black. Then camo tho
cantons in Switzerland, and Finland,
with onvolopos which to day aro very
MVwl (.AA^ A I 1 >
muv, dim ouuii uiiah liiuiii, i >;iv;ti m,
Belgium, Franco, llanovor, Now
South Wales, Tuscany, Austria, British
Guiana, Prussia, Saxony, SchloHwig,
JIoloHtoin, Spain, Donmark,
Italy, Oldonburg, Trinidad, Wurtomburg,
and tho Unitod Statos. Other
n.A ?4:1
uuu ii ti it:n iwiiuwuu i'? tuu iiaui, uiiui,
at, tho prosont moment, thoro i?
eenreoly any portion of tho globo, inhabitod
by civilizod pooplc, wliich ban
not poBtftgo stamps.? St. Nicholas for
. xr t; i- nr i 1 i . .
i no new ioris ? oiu uoproeaiCK
any troublo with Spain now on the
Cuhian question, and indultfos tho
hopo that our conlcnuial year will bo
ono ol' pcacc.
The Old SchoolhousesSchool
and ftrchitodturo is far front
Dorfoct- ftK riYJlnv on n?l..?!.?. I '
t , ? j .... u.nuuuj vv>y iuiu
^irl know i'rom oxporionco, having
Irtkon Bovero colds from windows opened
to Bceure ventilation. Hut
tho schoolrooms of to day arc a paradise
comparod with thoso ot tho lant
century. A veteran gives his roccols
lections of boyhood at school:
Tho first winter I attended 1 romombor
that tho walla were almost
black with smoko and dirt. Tho top
of tho room was thickly covcrod with
balls ol paper which had been chewod
uj) and thrown nr/Minsf '<
a ------ iu. JL 1IU1 U
was a largo, open lireplaco. Tho wood
used was green, drawn to the door
nled length, and sometimes in wholo
troon, to be cut np by I ho largo boys.
The room was vory cold in tho morn*
ing, and scholars were allowed to
loavo their Heats and form a somicir**
olo around tho fire. Tho strngglo for
deairnblo noKilions nfir>n nnlln/l ????? .?
- 1 v,%v" v,,,,vv* MV" 14
on tho offenders p.evero disciplino
with a lar^o stick, which was appliodt
with moro "vigor than nowadays.
Largo quantities of wood wcro burn*
cd during tho forenoon, and during
tho aftornoon tho largo accumulation
of burning coals would throw out in*
tenso boat.
13oing honored with a front soat,
with no (leek before rue, I havo a vU
vid rcccollcction of tho torturo 1 ondurod
wbilo compelled to faco this
fiory furnaco, while in tho morning I
had sufYorod almost as much from thor
cold, boing too small and weak to got
a glanco at tho firo through tho douso
crowd that oncirelcd it. After road
ing my little lesson which occupied but
a few minutes, and taking a glanco at
tho six pictures in Wcbstors spoiling
book, I had nothing to do but turn
and twist and tako a general survey
of tilings. I had ono amusement
which was very precious to mo. It.
consisted in rolling wet paper into a
I 11 .1 A * *?
uuii ana tossing 11 up uio vory Steep
aielo, and watching it roll down again.
This was not one of tlio requirements
of the school, and I was of t on Buddonly
arrested while zealously onga*
god in it by a warm and painful sen..
sat ion about my oars and tho roots of
my hair.
| Philadelphia, Nov. 24.? A inovoment
ia on foot to assemble a largo
number of soldiers of both armies in
tho lato war, at tho same time, during
tho Centonnial. It is proposed to
have tho JN or thorn and Southern armies
rcproscntod by their leading
Gonorals, and thousands of tho rank
and filo from overy Stato. The pur*
pose of tliis is to show to tho world*
by a grand, improseivo domonstra*
tion, that men v. ho wero in anna
against each other a low years ago
arc now united in celebrating llio
one hundredth birihd \y of their coun?
Iry, and inspired by a spirit of patriotism.
The fuelling^ is one of com-*
*. 1 * ?
nion miuor.Hiiiy.
?-?? 6 . ..
Spain.? Don Carlos wants to spring
a fight between Spain ami tho Unitod
States, in order that !io inny l>o allowed
to join Alfonso, lor tlio honor of
Spain, and that his claims to tho
throne mav bo hold in abovaneo. Tho
V */ "
Don is in the last cxlrimily.
Whon wo hour that (Jrunt favors ft
war with Spain, wo may ooncludo
thut Grant is also in iho last oxtrom*
Princeton, Nov. 2*1.?Forty stus
dents have expelled for belonging to
a secret society :<?\ii)st tlio order ot'
the faculty. Two thirds of tho ex.
l.?l ~ I tl.. ! - -I
jivjiiuu uuiuii^uu iu mu tuuuor ClllHS.
The annual mcoting ot the South
Carolina Conference, M. E. Church
of Sonthj will begin in Orangeburg
on Wcdi oaday 15th of December,
Hiflhop K conor, ot Now Orleans, will
nVAfiido AVnn I lu\ A rnwl
j'l uuiviv v ujv; iiiui vjuviuj 1*11 va
moro than two liuixlrod dulogatos aro
cxjicctc?l to bo prcftont.
JumcB Gordon lionuctt, of the Now
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