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The Pickens sentinel. (Pickens, S.C.) 1871-1903, December 02, 1875, Image 4

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! I i ...gTn.i.... ? .Mginr. ^
In a small, poorly furnished room,
in a littln rotfrnrn Kifnufpd on tlio
outskirts of tho flourishing town of
G , a young girl eat sowing for
daily bread. She was very young?
ftdt twenty? and alio was literally
tjdouo >n,iho world. Father, mother,
brothers and sisters and had all precoded
her in tho universal pathway
to heaven, and if sho had relatives
moro distant sho know nothing of
thai? existence. Sho had been born
fh tiffi iionnn v nnrtnrod_ r>nvp.
fully educated, and when sbo was not
quite uinotccn had loot, with her
father, evorv dollar of property she
1^'ad over hoped to claim by inherit
Tho day was chilly, one of October's
clear, cold ihiV9 that hint ofi
* * r
opining winter, and tho busy iicecllo j
woman was wrapped in a 6oft white'!
B^awl, that Boltcnod tho effect of tho
Wavy black dross eho wore. fthe!
was palo from recont illness, hut
there fitted over her worn facc now,
and a smile that whispered of sonic
hopeful or happy thought in her
he; (ft.
"While eho sewed a carriage dro\o
up-to the door, und si young lady,
handsomely dressed in tho richest
mourning, stepped 'ightl) ucrota tin:
ifarrow garden path, nod iing to the
i?W H?o 4k)B8c, and up to lier room.
'lowing?' she said. 'Naughty girll
Whon will you got well it you aro so
gotting well.'
'Pi o*e it by oatinsr b< mo of thoec
grapes, and I will toll you a secret.' i
"'The visitor had tbown aside bor
hit and 'clonk, and was opening ft
basket of choico fruit and flowers,
she spoko. When sho camo t<; sit
beside her friend, it wns curious to
mark tho general resemblance thoy
boro to cacb other, knowing there
wna no tie oi blood between them.?
I$eh had brown hair, large brown j
eyes, soft, clear complexion, and
fitrlirn- nf iniu!i 11 m Imi.rivf i
r> t ? ' wv.. MV*8I,V
find sizo. Each had a low, sweet
dice, and tho ovidcnco of gentle
bl*od and perfect brooding. Ladies,
both of tbom, although ono sewed fo.
a living and one held an inheritance
of nearly a half million of inonov in
her own right, as soon CiS c! ic married
or camo of ago.
As tho bick girl ate (he grape?,
sbo said, in a low, earnest tone:
'Estellc, you should not have paid
Mrs. Mai tin for my board, yesterday.
I havo money eominir to uio for inv
4You can pay rno again, thou. Yi?ur
worthy* landlady seemed ao very
mufeh exorciscd in lior.ni.inU that it
was really a christian duty to oasc
. But 1 owe you eo much?modi,
clno, delicacies, caro. IIow many
nighte did you sit hy mo when i
woe so sickr
'Novor mind. You would do the
Rttmo for mo. Do you nut lovo mo
as much to day as you did when we
shared liio tyrannies and ndvanla;.;t.
of Madame C 'h school together?
I wioh yon would put a^i-h some .1 1
your indcponde.iec, and allow m.: i >
reaily ?>olp you.1
'Not in money, Knlt-ik).'
4^8 you will. J).if, J.'aUio, >--11
will rnftUe my Iron..-. ~u lor mr, '.HI
you nol?'
'So that i:j your ^eeroU" ,
'That ia my ucrot. i. kn w.\
it, yet, but I urn soon to bo mun ici.
I nin bo lonely, Iluitio. Everybody
lb at bolonga to me la dead, except ;
ing Annt Fannio, and I tun *? i j h
!?... t ? i. i. .. . 1 i .. < -
mtn. i mii.jv nvii'.m y i'i\ ? f ill1: l <1
myaelf, cxco.pfin^ Hurry ,V:un -o.'* i
'Harry MunrocP fiattiu, said,
turning whlto to hor li;>s.
4 roally boliovo lio loves mo for i
mvA(?lf ftlono-' Knli>M<? cn'i 1 < I f r> io I I
not poor, and ho in aogoodl' 1
'And you love hi:n too?' IJattii 1
'No; yot 1 n him, a .<1 1. *
... T. 1
Will CDlllO. J/'MOU I . 'V/ .,n i I if.- '
'I work tor him. Tliat bundle on
tho bod, for which I urn to rcccivo
six dollars, ia work for Mr. Muiim-.
4Doc8 ho pay you wcl!?'
'Tbo ufltial prico. Eit< I o, will you
dd mo one <;rcut. favor?'
Certainly I will.'
Tnlto that bu.ullr, i}\ work home j
for tno, and woar uiy bonnot and I
ni,n...i m ,1 ~ m. -
ouuni, JLX\JV|# J VUI VUll UWWUi '
tollo, do thia tor mo!'
Estello looked in eurprieo at Iho
eager whito face raised to here.
kI will call John,' sho eaid.
'No, no. Your coachman will not
do. Leavo your carriago here, and
tako the bundle. Woar my hon
'You want me,' eaid Estolle elowly>
Ifr\ rvr* fn KT,. atA-n VAn 1
in your dress, with your work, to
personato you?'
'Yc8, ycsl'
lYou liavo sonio good reason?'
'Indeed, indeed I liavo.' j
VI will go then. It is nearly dunk, 1
but T. liavo not far to go.'
It would bo bard to 6ay which ol
tho .young girls was tn >st agitatod, as
| EstcUe dressed herself in tho shabby
shawl and bound, and started with
the bundle of work. When the door
was closed after her, Ilatlio tt icw
horself on 1 jot knees by her bedaido,
praying, with streaming eyes.
uic, Iluivonly Father, to boar
it. Save her, and troop my ho;.it
from breaking!'
And as sho prayed, E-jtollo hun-icd
along ti?o streets, full of anxious pain
and vain speculations.
Entering the otoro in tbu dim twi-light,
tilic found no lamps burning,
and was directed 1>\' f.ho clerk to tin:
back ol the store. lioro, busily cn~
^'ttged in tying up goods a tall, handsome
man ot about thirty looked up
as ohe approached.
'Mhw Frank with sonic work,' the
clerk said, an J went baok to hi j.lue.
at the front of the store.
The handsome owner oi the ia. ti<
L 1 1 * 1 . A. I 1 1 1 1 *
I CPfilllll&iir't'lK CiropjJOU 1113 OUtHUC*,
| and leaned over iho counter.
J attic,' l.o oaid,in ft low, lu\\.
voice, 'where have you been loi
| 'I have been iii,JKstello said, otuad
Uying her voice by a groat ill'ori.
'ill! Why have you n<?t bent inv
word. You know that I have not
III! M ..
) i/iii i?uu(i)09i Alii jji v iiinjii j.;
you cannot ^uc68 how anxious 1 Inn *.
! 'lluvo you boon anxious?'
'Can yon doubt iti" ho said iv|nou<;hfully.
'Vou mo weak si ill; your haiul
tromblcs on tho conn-tor. I will nee
you home.'
Hatcllo bowed hor head in mute
jfiKHonl. and in a low rnomontrt the^
wcro in the laat darkening slicota togathor.
In o the car thai could flcarecly believe
its own hearing, Ilnvry Munro<
poured a love ?tory of anxiot}' arid
Iroublo, till Ir2.iL* lie spoko.
uui.,' sno paici, *i ncaru j'ou wore
to marry the lieiroM. l'^lollo Murray.'
An on'h in a low whisper ?mistered
her, bofore the tonder voice
'Who could havo told you Much an
absurd talo? She i.i a friend, and her
Custom in quito an object to me, ho
lluit I an) forced to pay hoi* some attention.
That is nil.'
'You ?lo not love her thon?'
'1 Iovo no one but yon, llatlio.?
Surely you should know that,.'
'Tlii.s u my homo,' sho a ns wo red,
opening tho JitLle garden ftato, 'Will
ton coma mi?'
Together th.y cntcrod tho little
(Virion ;md fi'ivinrr uii? would s inn.!
I > "J O *
when bIio removed lior bonnet. listoU
lo left Harry Munroo and wont to
Uullio'a room.
'You liuvo niivod mo,' !<l?o paid nb
i'npt.ly, aa h!io Hi row llio bonnet,
with iu lon/jc crapO veil. 'JSow l.o)!
inn about your.'-olf.'
r if not. ft vory !'n(" lory/
'.My jioor, palo darling!' ii^tollo
'sriccl, aw Ihm' friond broke down, w/b-s
. . .. i . < i
jnrK[ i/ibturiy, \ vu iwvu cum:
'0!?, E-itolIc, ho hue been no kind
siiieo father died; they were ongnged
in bo mo bufiinews ftpoouhition together,
uid he wan alvvaj'H trying to hold
father l>?cl< from tho unfortunate inSMMtmontfj
that ruined him. After ho
11u(i iinrry g.ivo mo woric, atri \vhh
/cry I; H, vory?Oh, RjHoIIc, I bei<
v? .1 ho I'u iiily in l.i dovo ivml lion# r,
lull pre".rtni hurdonH wero nil light to
>>:?r, thinking of tho hajij?y faturo fis
u.-i wife.'
' ? ill K a r\/ur ah i>. ,t\V
? in- IIU IIVIVWI v 101 v>>i jrum
'Mo. After-wo sold tho old house
I c.imo hero unknown to him. Mrs.
Mnrtin is our old wosherwomun, and :
ilic gftvo mo a room,?but, it wan a 1
silly priilo, .i lollo?1 ?1 i< 1 not, wan'
iiiu ('>001110 to ilii? po u placo, afior f
ivuvn 111^ IUU OU i^ll^ uo UU U1U III UUi
?ld homo.'
'Will you soo him now?'
'Ih ho horo?'
'Yob; but you aro not fit lo moot
him. I will go down,'
Harry Munroo bad ntudiod all tho
objocta in the littlo parlor by tho light
of a dim korosono lump, and wan
wondering what could detain llattio
bo long, whon there ontorod at the
parlor door a compoaod little lady,
who spoko in a tono clear, cool and
sharp aa ieilefl, saying^
'Mr. Munroo, whon 1 inform you
.that I Initio Frank is a dear friend,
and old Bchoolmalo, that bid horsclf
from mo in her poverty, and was
found ai.nun only a fow wooks civo,
when slic was ill; when L tell you
that, L curried homo her work this
evening, unci was your companion in
your walk here, you will noarccly bo
surprise*! that 1 return your ring,
and inform you that your visits will
in (uttiro bo nnwelcomo both to rue
and to her. Good ovoning.'
lie was alouo again before) ho had
time to ul tor a word, ami Kstello ro
turncding to her (riond, found her in
u fainting fit. Another long illness
followed, liut lUcllo kept faithful
until her nursing \\h:i rewarded by
tho convalescence <;f her patient.
When ll.ati.io was able to sit up
again, E .telle -aid to her;
'I want your forgivom^s, llattic
for taking r.i:v. i; ranlablt-. liborfiiss
* o
xvith j >nr private ufiYm vvbilo you
wcro I!!.'
'You have it. What. have you been
'I w.i:i looking inio fhc little black
trunk in t!io corner, iov :.<> .uo articles
ol clothing, uixl lifted the tray.'
?Tliore iii nothing thcro but poor
lather's private papers.
4 \Y* I I I # )? I 1 5?M! - < ll it 1 ? !%#%? f 1' /\f I ? *\ Ti / I
" ? " *
ing ovi-;- to in} gu.. tdinti, ul.o i? si
lawyer. I was quite convinced from
what 3'ou ioi<. mo that there was
some foul play regarding your father's
properly. Aly suspicions were cor(eel;
aud a;n?;ug!ho papers woro such
itrong proofs of Harry Munroo's vil*
lainy, thsit lit- was glad lu compromise
una lofU'o i:>o i>iuco. ho, nty dour,
ivlion you arc nblo to ntU'rd to youi
own a flairs, you will find fifty ihous*find
(!olli\i\s in iho (mod Will iJnnU,
subject to 3 our c-i
I 'Filly tliou :nul dollars!
i '(J11di>tiI t111y you nro enlitlod to
Inoro, but my jjimi tJ. i-i s! <> ;ic:?i it {
hdviHublo to avoid lb < , < i- ; : su! 1
trouble ut a lawsuit, a.id -Mr. Mun- i
l'oo \va:i only ^bi I to ir.cct !::n halt
'Ho bus jjono, you bay.' .
'Yes, lie bus ?yno. Lio probably
jiTicnnou to i(nin}>o?so$si<jn ol yom
father'. ]>;.] i:if> !h:uii^b hi. prelendrd
Iovo b">r y*?" but d dented :?i? own aim
by bis ov f Cigi.viia;.i to become leas*
IcTof toy lYioiuy. I-> you fool flail s
flod, HaLtioV'
1 Ulllji u inccttioiiCd tO thiol? hOY/
poorly I can over thank you and your
! 'And yon will como and mako mo a
rtonoj, long visit, until you have a Itoino
your own'/'
You know l.liat 1 wifl. Oh
to, Ebtollo, what nu o^cnpo wo had!'
Expcricneo Touch c-3'
i'lic. (-i!' ,?i.!gadv co ol nn old man
vim has tilled )i. -oil 1 >r (orty yetiru
inU.i IV 11 . T >T
It? iuav; ill/Ill l :. V 1VA(?S .IHiff J UlUUTi I
;f everv i : num \v< uM 1">ilo\v it, hard
*i? >?*3 would ho Uo, ) at a dislanro:
1 t
1 Uir. an old man, upwards of tlm c
ft<v>ro yeors, dm io^ t\Vo pcorfti of
which I havo-bton a iiilcr of the noil.
I cannot Ba} liiat i am rich nowv but
1. hvvr fcrrn rich, and, Tmd have all i
nc d, do no: owe o;><? c!c*liai, Lave
ii. v cliil'lrcn n ^<>oci < i.li.c^ion,
ami, wlion ? s11Jt i v.\*ay, wilT feave
ilu '.n ( .no;1 'Ii to kocj> tlio woll away
O'om tiro ii >o;'. :\j ? < X]iOri<MlCO lias
lang'it tm-.: tlir.f ?
J. O 10 s r.s of \vo!j pre JiVofl
ami manure]) ai.fi woll ^Jtiyjito'l,
ni Tidnftod in ru thnn Lwn m.i-* ulilcl.
recoivos OiilyMie fliirtvo^itn uuit of ma.
nuro niid labor used on one.
i>. Oi.o cowj hofso, nnilOj or
h- '/C' 11 I'd, i H'Ji'O i?r >fHablo limn ;
two ko'(>t ot) the ; mouit of i >oil noc- I
(:flr^firy to keep ono well. -?* i
3. Ono aero of clover "or grnna i?!
worth lii' iO thun tw<? fiiv a r>/ p.iMan I
where no pfute oj cl ?v? r is uiised.
4. N<> farmer v.Tio buys or.I , corn,
whoftt, t >dder ami ay, mm a nilo for
en yeara, can keep the sheriff from
ho door in (lie end.
5. The fanner who never roads |
i:<i ie<;Hiir:il juvj>?i8, nm) ancora at |
book farming and improvements, al-1 |
Ways has a loaky roof, poor Block,
bro^ou down fonces, and complains
of "bad seasons.,'
0. Tho farmer who is abovo his
buaiucsa and entrusts it to another to (
manage, soon liaa no busiuosa to at- j
tond to. (
? <S> ?
William 13. Astor, best known
from bis counoction with tho Astor
f Libnry, ono of the wealthiest citizens
of Now York, died this morning, aged
84.yoars. Lie had bcon in ill health
for a long time.
Senator?11 E Bo wen.
liijirescHtulive?1> 1'" Bradley.
Clerk of Court?S I> Koilh.
Judge of Probate?I JI lMulpol.
Shtrijjf?.1 Uilfcy Ferguson*
Coroner?Warrcri Boycd.
School Coiuinianionc~?It A Bowon.
Treasurer?W A Losloy.
Auditor?Alonzo M Folgcr.
C'ou/iti/ Commissioners?John 'J' Goaseft,
vMiniriuau?llobcrt Craig, G M Lynch. Clerk
County CoiamiBsioncrH, C L IlolUngsworth.
Triil flutters- E'titey : O II C ft mi 111?Salubrity
; J 11 Ctiivton?Central i Juh A Lul
(lull?/Vr/r<jM C 1I: C L 1 lollij?rswortii ?
iio.cn.- villi : I ii Sutherland.
* - ,rtry- ?.??. ??t? . .v -*vn-:.v*ri(r?T<?
Wo havcjufll replenished our clock of mcrch.tndibu
for tUc lull and winter tnvle.
Ladies' and pcntlemen's lints find dress
^rnerally have "received ^jxioial attenlion.
Our Shoe Department
I- vo-y full, amounting to nearly one tlioudollars.
<i-tsr dcaseral SiwBs
t'.irmripfa ne *riv cvyythin;r jpou ?ro Jikcly
t im! ^ifrlvo i Vet v Sow.
Hail Car Load.
Of bast I'ivorpool Sail ?n hum! niul^fo? suit
two 'loUarn j?or nuok, vhich ia
Than liefore tii.- (\ir. All nre rcfj?oo; tally in*
Viicl to c.kl' :\inl (hem.
Xioatcr & Hosier.
Central, S. C\. Oot. 28, 1S71.
V. *>1 J't A 555 * .*1? c?SS?!
T h- cc v !1 e vh W es t w a rd.
For nv\] circulars, condensed time (allies
uud ctMirral informalioii in regard to trua."l
in . ; iiits Inoi:i: ii'fl in ;ill nr>inis in TVnnp?tn>i?
ArU-i'iiu . Mi -ouri. Minnesota, Colorado,
Kansas, Tcx:ih, (own, New Mcxico, Utah
(' tiif irnii., r.jiply lo or address Ai.iikkt 11.
Witr.NN, General Immigrant Agent, (Jtiiec No.
; " !I 1 ltiin'>!\ll 11 iiiio, Atlanta, Ga.
1 Ni one hhou'.il g.rWcHt without ftrwl goli!i
eotnvttiiiienlioii with the Ueneral
I'l-Ul, aii?l OUUUIU U IIIIOrilllMJ ft'J to
; i-vi !i-r .v'v.iuJr.gt'H, cheap and <{tiick triuisI
At ion of families, household good*, stock,
ami forming implement* penorally.
All informal ion cheerfully given.
11 oo Cm 0. ]'. & T. A.
;Lky wi Sab Mss.
Purtici desiring to hire conveyance to
~ ri^.._?iri T-Li. 11 -? -i?
? u ncun VUUII iiuu.U', 1UU1U lAUl'K UI1U UlflUr
joints, QiVQ bo ncoomrapilfvtcii ftt my Stablofl,
it all hours of tho tiny nrul night. Puri
ChaHCrH ran hIho he Riipjuicu villi Guol Stocl:
at roasontihlopricos.
JE-jX" llcguUn* Mail Lino U> Pickens Oom tfc-MV
s 'I'll: ^ 5? 1111.! :v f>*ronlril \
> . 1 y Htntion, K. 0., Aug, 1K70.
no 10-1 y
T;'???, . 'PI. ,TT. ^HSiSlUBd
(?' AVIMi lc uvin I r.nd jtcrraixneJifly loc.ih
1 'I : t l'lyk lldvillf, refpCCl fully oft'il'H
hi' Pi ?ft . ioiml worvicca to tlio rilixcus <>f licit
1 vii . h i . urr^uii'ling country. Clmrgoo
Ahiy U 4 1
AM'o^srarsr AT iaw,
mmiiii c, h? n.
!?r: ' s in Courts of I'iclcciiB
ounty, ami in Knifed Stutc:* Convtn
a:^b> jki'ileiwy
X < ".?i vr!y curoil. The worst cnapn. of Ionc
unlink Dr. Hobbnrd's CurcA
'( It! flcrd fro fo nil swMre: <inp; J. rt. I>ir?.
iii.kt:, Dr?ij<glbt, 814 r>lli A*o., N. Y.
l:!rj IT I; II i:V, iBtSSinSMSfffl
* J Ah rf ; H J rbVi.iS ' 'uu-i'uluJiuu
'111 / 'i i. ! : ; . ' < Mil;- hiown ntvl
v i % i-< for inntOQcikj
rut., u. ...i i.i r ii . .i /<i
Lt, J. C. B?C&, 112 John &U, Cincinnati, C._
t\ T TO I! NIJ Y 3 AT I, A
MftKipa ?. ?
\ y I \A, pi vo I heir Attention to Die Prnotioc
' 7 >xn<I i<j tho < ollootion of Pensions,
Hounty I. uul nnd nil other ClftimH.
.J. .1. MMiTO.N, ?. IV II.AUUUU,
W illialla. ?. 0, IMckons, 8, C.
Tuly i!7?h 1871. I tf
M FSM1 All*
bhiiih} IIIIV
Dealers Bavo Fivo, Ten and Fifteen ;
dollars per thousand on Cigars, and
rvnf M'nKonnn of Inwnot turni<nu Ktr r\??.
doring irom
Indian Girl Cigar Storo,
N. B. Send lor Sample?.
Doc 24 18 tf.
7* v XM?* ' j
Manufacturers oi' Cotton Gins, Colfon (Jin
Feeders, Condeusors and Ootton Gin Materials
of every description. Our Gins have
lieen in use thirty years, nntl liavo au established
reputation for simplicity, light, ruuning,
durability, and for quality and quan*.
tity of lini produced. Our Feeder is easily
uttached lo the (4in, and easily operated l>y
. .... k..n.l ..r ....... I'l
t ho bimpleat and cheapcitl Feeder in the market
and food with inoro regularity Minn is possible
by hand, increasing Lho outturn and
giving f. oloancr and better sample. At all
Fairs whero exhibited and by Planters having
them in use, they have been accorded the
liiglicj-t cnconiums. Our (Jomfensors arc well
made, durublo and simple in coustruction,
find do what is required of thorn rapidly ami
well. No additional power is required to
drivo tho Feeder or Condenser, and no flin
House .is complete without them. We arc
prepared to warrant, to any reasonable extent,
perfect rails-faction to every purchaser.
Circulars, price-; and full information furitLhi'l.
Addrens a -- above, or apply to
jiuius \j- K>miiuj ureonviiio a. v
. "smmm?/ u?-.viwwtT?j OJTwwimgggin.tM.-j.BigggaggM wj?>*wm
Gyocnvi&c & Columbia R R
0\ nml a,! irp Fit IDA V, /IUOUST 28th,
1874, tbu I'/.JtiiiNUEU TKAIN8 on
una noaa win do run us loiluws, daily, Sun*
",r""v1 UP.
uoiivc ColumbJA fit 7.20 a m
" A l.st?> 11 V 05 a in
" Newberry I0.31 a in
('oUcnbnry 2.05 p rn
" Helton 3.50 ji m
Arrivo III Greenville ji iu
Leave Groonvillc at fi.!)0 a in
" Jtcltou 3.:10 a in
11 n. i.~- i i?? ? ?
vur. v?U!i i J 1 U. I t> ft ir j
" Newberry 1.30 p 11, I
" Alston 3.10 p m
Arrive at Columbia 5 00 p in
j[.;-v/"l'onj?uc< nt. A'.:-fon with Trains on the
Spartanburg and Union Railroad : conncct nt
Columbia with Night Trains on the South Car
olina Railroad up and down ; alio with Trains,
going North and South mi lho ('hr.r'ollo, Columbia
and Augusta and the Wilmington Co
Train leave Abbeville at U.lGuin., oonnccf
ing with Oi.vn Train from Greenville. Leavi
Coko ibnry at 2.1*> p m., connecting with Ijj
Train from Columbia. Accommodation Trail".,
Monday*, Wednesdays and l'iidays. Lon^r
('i^kesbiiry nl 1! If; a in., or on the arrival o.
tlie'l><?wu Train from Greenville. Leave? Ab<
beville at 1 o'nlook p. m., oonnecting with
Train from Columbia.
Leave WftlhftlTJl at 6.(3 j ? &
?? Pcrryvillo 0.2,5 u n.
" Pomtlelon 7.10 n ni
" ,\?'tcr?V.n H.10 u m
Arrive r\f Hull on (it 11.00 n
Connecting with down train fr?.?n> Greenville
Leave Hellon 'it 3.50 p m
" Ajiderton 4.1)0 p m
t 1',. 11 r. r.n ..
" V' ; vr 0.8G |> nt
Arrlvo -it v, tSaf 7.K> p m
Acic.>inr:?i> I u . >n Ti i Id w<^n 15<-llo? rmd
All llM'S ii S?u i J, u . i\ .. nil Rflllirduj
> Iif . ?c T 'io;. > ."?jit , "V on nrrivil
<j; L/owu Ti uii Iroin (iurnvillc. I.cave
Au !. i . nl '/.<1 i i> in., ( noctiiu; villi Uj'
Tidin JYoui vJoiiiirt'iiii.
>\i U DOiJAME \I>.
' i?i..' ' nt i intentiont.
JAitEZ ) 1: . <. <! ,'m.nil'i'lOui.t Ayjoiil.
. j>t j 1 u if
Atlanta & Y -Awnond Air Line Railway<
Leiv'o MlrwiU (i.00 p m
IiOavc ijonocivOily ll.fil pin
liCu'vb ('enfi.'il 12.42 a in
I.onvc Knsliy 1.12 a m
I."five Orccnvlllo 2.12 a m
/,eave iNftrlimhiirfj ft.Ofl a 111
/Jrrlvo at CliftrloUo 8.0G a in
Leave Chariot fo 0.00 a m
Leave Spartanburg 10.60 a ni
Leave Greenville 12.83 p m
Leave liasley 1.15 p n
Loavo out ml 2.00 p m
Leave Honocft Oily 2.48 i> m
Arrive at AJanln 0.18 n m
Atlnnla 7.0$am
!<cavo fJencea City G.'lfl p rn
[.cftvc antral (i.07 a rn
Loavo Knsloy 7.1f> a m
(<i>avc Greenville 8*21 a tn
Loave Spatlanlmrp; ] 1.00 a ni
Arrive ft'' hurlollo ii.00 p m
Loavo harlollo 8.13 n t>i
r,??Avo fipnrlAnl.urg 8.80 p rn
Lcnvo OroenviliB 10. IK p m
Lcnvo Knslcy 11.42 pin
he a vo fiftl 12,51 um
T.oftvo Honooft Oily l .r.lnrn
Arrive ill Allunln 1.4ft pm
n V A0F. Knp & iSuj-i,
I " fT - I.V.1 T.lTTT?-", i"i T(iTir~ir '1
Snccmrage Some Enterprise and Homo People.
Geo. S. Hacker,
' The only Carolinian engaged in tho man
ufiicturc of Doors, fash, Blinds, Moulding
and Turned Work in Charleston, 8. C. j
Prices as low as any other house, and all
\v?ork first-class. no 2iMy
milK Exercises of (lie First Term of this
J. School will commence January 18lli anil
end June 'l(h; (he Second Term, July 6th
and end November l'Jlh. Students entering
within two weeks after the commencement of
the Terms, will be charged for the whole
term ; those entering after thin time, from tho
tinio of entering, llenco, it is very import*
ant that students enter at the commencement ?
oj the Term that they may bo properly and
justly classified.
Course of StudyPit
1st Term?Spelling, Wcbstcrs ; Rending, 8wr?
gout's Curios.
2il Term?Spelling nnd Rending continued }
Primary Ueogrnpliy, Cornell's; Meutal A*
ritlimetic, Pnvies Ivxerciscs in Writing.
1st Term?Geography continued : Introduce >
t.s,... I'., -i: !
|-,iibi. x-111111:11111. i.iuuona; Heading
continued; Elements of Written Arithmetic, i
pnvics; Exeroiucs in Writing. t %
2d Term?Intermediate Geography completed; '
Analytical Hnglitih Grammar, bullions ; Elements
of Written Arithmetic completed ;
Primary U. 8. History, Qunckcnbos; Ex-*
erciaea in Writing.
lpt Term ? English Grammar eomrdetod Plivo
i J "
si'Ml Ocogrnphy, Warren's, Ooinmon School
Arithmetic, iJuvies ; Analysis of Words;
2d Tcnn?Analysis of English Language,
Greene's: Arithmetic continued ; SiH?ll?r
Composition, ljuackonbos ; Higher U. 8
History, Stephens'.
jirston class.
1st Term Latin Grammar millions; Latin Hea|
dor, bullions; Elementary Algebra, Davit ,
History of England. Mnvkhmn'n
ISdTerm?<Six Books of Cummt, Bullions; An1
nlyMS of l,nttn Ser.loniu', Arnold's noo?ud
| Lnliu llook ; Greek Grammar, Bullion*;
Groek Header, Bullions': Elementary Alg?? ^
lira, completed; NiiturnU'lnloisopliy, Quaok
1 ft Term?Six lioi.ks of Virgil, Anthon*
Grot k Header, completed; I'liiin Geometry
Loom!*; Higher Composition and Hhotorlo f
Qunckenbos: KendriuU' <!
2d Term?SsillvihI*s Catalinc & Jugurtbn, Antbon'a;
Xcnopbon'a Anabasis, Anthon't;
Higher Algebra, commenced; Robinson'#
New Univcisity; Solid am! Spherical Qe??
oinctrv, completed; Chemistry, Youinan a .
I si Term?Cicero's Select Orations, Antbon's *
Xcnophon's Memorabilia of .S'ocratcs; An?
tbon'fi; Trigonometry and Surveying, Loo
mis; liomun History, Arnold's; Latin 1'roav
('omrwix*' i'**1 ArtiftM'u
2*1 Terra?Antlion's; .Six books of llomor'o
Ilind, AnthoVs; Greek Proso Gompcsition
Arnold's; filgtbio ooujplcteu, AaliOuviuy^ f
Tho fibovo cotu'so will prcparo can
didatea for admission into tho Homo*
more ci.ask of any of our Southern
CV.'.U j.;c Hl;;:lc:;t:-., v. In; do not .stand
I a Hftli.sf'riotory examination upon tli
sovoral Htudios ol each t lass, 'vi!i r.c
I ho nllov/od flio m-if ? ? *
- .HI VilliUO I? *
Lin* noxt higher, hut. retained in
bucjIi clnm, till all Iho i tudieB of it be
sutisliK turily coinj>h toil.
Tuition of J'himahy Depaktmen?] k
11 fT? r<* gflf
i ii IV ? i'.iv, I . ^
Junior Cluf;s, - . 810.00
Intormcdiato Class, - 12.50
Senior " - . 15.00
Preparatory Department, 20.00
No deduction will bo inado for lost ?
t ime except from prolonged sickness.
I Monthly reports <>f punctulity, do;
portiuent, and recitations in eaeu atudy,
will bo furnished parentB.
J. II. CAIililStiE, Principal.
Dee. 17. IV ir
_ : j vk *
l| r fin* V\T" pr 'VC(1 CUCUMIiEH
Jw I? J^ Blwt)01) PUMPia (h0BC*
itf v> knowledge Standard of
A5J tJio market, by popular
p : JI-Q vcrilioi, t ho bent. pump for tho cftali
money. Attention i.t invited to
nintoliley'? Improved Ilrrvcket, tho
l.?(. $' ?.} Dron Clionk VaIvo t?l?S/.k ?>? ? -
withdrawn without disturbing tho
? J* ^joints, and tlio copper chamber
which never cracks, scalcs or rusta, and will
last a life tinio. For salo by Dealers and the ,
trade generally. In order to be suro that
you get liiatohfey'o l'ump, bo careful and seo
that il han rny trade Mark as abovo. If you
do not know where to t?uyj descriptive circulars,
together with the odnio and address of
II.r. <w.o..t ~ ' *
.... muuiu?i< .you, win no promptly furnifihctl
l>y n<MroB*ing with ulnnip.
i?l a ii it luff iii'er,
25?0m 501iommonGroe 81., Fhlladolphi* ?
n .. ? _
I The undersigned, having- resumed the prao
(ice of law, will attend the Courts on the 8th
Judicial Circuit. Business left with Wm. K?
Ilngood, at Pickens C. 11., will be promptly
attended to .1. W. ILilUUSON.
No?. 1 I, lo',*.

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