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WL'U.""; - "V"11' '^?
How Jones Got Barrclld Up
Mr. Jones sot on an empty barrel
standing in trout of a store on, Miolii- ,f
gan Avonuo and remarked thai ?
was cheaper to loso $2 wortb of time t
waiting for tho car than to foot it t
nine blocks. Mr. Jones is long and c
loan, and weighs 1G0 pounds. The <
barrel ongbt to hold up two jiiBt' fifce I
liiin, but as ho wriggled around to I
secure an easy position, tho head full i
in. M i*. .Tnhnn full in nffpv tlin lipnfl
It wasn't tho best tiling ho could do,
but notirao was loft him to plan and
) ondor. Tho first thing he know
alter tho crash, was linding his feot
and ankles over one side, and liis
shoulders and head wedged against
tho opposite. His head was bent
forward until his nock was neatly
broken, liis legs seemed to liavo boon
driven up and lie was right where
the boys wanted him. IIo yelled
out in smothered tones, and an uged
lady who keeps an intelligence office
uear tho scene of tho accident Jookod
down from her window, and called
"Bub, we don,t want any such
footing around_,horo"'
"Bub bo blowed! Leiuino out?~?
Ilelpl help!" hoarsely Teplicd Mr.
"Oh? young man, yon aro on yQur
way to the gallows!1' said the Jady,
and she drew back from the window
and sighed.
Few peoplo walk the streets at
liGoii. and Mr. .Tr>ii?? vnlloH nut mnm.
- - > J ?? "'""J
times before tbo grocer came out.?
IIo saw tlio feet sticking up, and bo
gave biin a rap witb a potato smash
er and exclaimed:
"You boys deservo killing!1'
"I'm dying in bero?help me out!"
roared Joucs.
"I'll die you, you old vagrant!" re
]>lied tbo grace, soeing tbat tbe feo^
hnlnntrfifj fn si mnn ?txl l><- ........ ?i.~
o? ? j m-w ^avu tuv;
barrel a kick.
your or five hoys camo round the
comer and when tliey discovered
what was up< one of thorn recognized
Mr. Jones' voice. Looking into the
barrel, lie a6ked:
"la that you Mr. Jonee?"'
"Are you doing well down thoro,
ilr. JoneB?" ,
uOh, Heavens?lomino unl" cried]
n ?
iiiy jjribonur. 1
"Aren't you ensy in your rtiind,
Mr. Jone6?" inquired another )>oy.
4*I tell you I am dying!" shouted
Mr. Junes as ho tried to struggle and
get Around. "
4\L beliovo you ilro a liar," replied
the grocer, aw he gave the barrel a
When ho was jQonviileed that the
man in the bat>i*el was not a'vacrrnnt
6r a beggar, lid sot about helping liiin
out. lie tried to help him up, but
Jones yelled for mercy, and the buys
put in their talk and decided that the
barrel should be lipped over. This
was done, and while tho grocer went
after tho hatchet to knock tho hoOpa
oil*, tho buys rolled Air. Jones up
and down tho walk "to cool off." ?
uJ)o you feel belter now, Mr. Jones,"
iiHjuirou one.
"Ilavoyou cramps in tho stomach,
Mr. Jone?" askccl a second.
"Do you really and truly want to
got out of that placo car, Mr. Jones?"
a6kcd a third.
And Jones growled and took on
,,rri i.:~> ' " -
?IIV> 1IIUU lU illlU iiU inu uoys
rolled him along lio was heard mak
ing a solemn vo.v tliat ho would kill
everybody in Detroit if he over got
out of that barrel. The grocer finally
came with his hatchet, and as he
knocked at the hoops he said it was
a pity to go and dastroy a nico barrel
like that in oidcr to save one human
life. 1
'II .
jno saves litmlly fell in and fell 1
out and Jones gavo a yell and a 1
ret ain hie up.
"Ah! lie's tho man to phiy circus 1
trickf!" exclaimed ono of tho hoys.
"You hotf heV> hoBa performer!" '
yelled another.
4 Mr. doners clawed aron^d and tried ; '
to jjjet them, and as he limped away i1
i.? ..,,<,.1 i...i.. ' '
I..V, C.^.U "?'"J "? '?IU IMlVlllgUJIU'J l.ll ?
tico looked out ol tlio window and
j "II that man doesn't g> round rob
'oing clotnea lines, then I'm no judge
of human nature."
Why do honcat duck* dip thoir
hoiid.s unc.or water? To liquidalo
their litllo bill.**.
'Thb Maid of AthensIt
is the privilege of poets to coner
their own famo upon their loves,
md they havo boasted of this in
liany a weell known vcrBO. Tbo Eliz
ibo^han p^ety'wofb especially fond*
offering immorality ot fame in ex-*
Ihangofor affection. Spencer wooed
lis wife in ibis manner, and warned
bo lady that her only chance of boing
reuignafbergd oxisted in his praise,
lis sonnets litid his "Epithalamium"
ire not yo( forgot toil, and posterity
paKea goou ins prouiise. iho highpst
cogapUmqpt paid to Sponcer was
that of of Sir Phillip Sydney, who
declared that when tho "Faerio
(Queen" appeared "Oblivion laid him
down on Laura's hearso." Petrarch
was then famous in England, and his
devotion to Laura alone causes her
name to be remembered. Mary will
b'e roniem'boVed till Bums is forgotiten,
and tho loveliness of Julia is s'ill
mrpRorvod in the amber verse of ITer
[I f
;rick'. But no woman, perhaps, owed
greater la^nc in her own lifetimo to
hor poetical eulogist than tho Maid of
iAthons owed to Lord Byron.
| Tho death of Mrs. Black, which re.
cohtly occurred at the ago of seventy
,six, recalls one ot tho most harmless
incidents in" Byron's life. Sho was
a maiden when ho mot her in Athens
land to her ho auuressou that beautiful
song which has been sung in ovory
quarter of tho world. The young
,lady married, was the mother of a
[large family, grew old, and became
so poor in her-old age that about a
year ago a fund for her relief was
raised Lv subscription in London.
. r
But, though ihu Maid, of Athona bo~
jcauiooldj tho sung made in her honor
remains forever yonng. ller trossess
noconlined are atUl woood by
each Jsgoan-wind and lior Boft checks
bloom is still kisaod by her eyelid's
jetty fringe. Lovers still sing, in
voiULb vury viir> iu<? in ijuimiy 01 uiu
Maid of Athena, and implore, her to
thiuk cjf them when alone, and vow
|that they shall never cease to love
I her, and that although they fly to Id
tamboul, Athena holds their hearts
and soul. Thus the song which
celebrated tho charms ot tho Athenian
maid has become tho praise of
thousands of fair women. The value
ot love songs 13 that thoy can be ones
ily applied by any lover to any lady,
and. Ihiyuid Taylor finoly expresses
this merit when he says of tho 13rits
ish troopB -teingin" tbefore the eve of
buttle in-tlie Crimea,' "Jiucli < heart
recalled a different name, brtt all
sang Annio Laurie." It ia atrango
how one man in a fow aimple \yurda
thus speaks for millions. The lady
;doea not, merely receive fame, but
|nlso confers it. Tnisson<r is not only
due to the geniija of Byron, tyut to tho
beauty of tho Maid. Bat fofiher in~
'juration 'it would not havo been
written. Fifty years havo passed
sineo Byron's death, and after a long
ami honorable life the.Ma^l of Ath\
ens has followed him to ,the tomb.
But both continue to live togethor
in the'littlo so'ilg which tho Pilgrim
oi li.t.ci'iiity like a roae into the
lap of one lie loved for a moment and
leit forever.?N. Y. Ilorald.
Tho industry of William B. Anlor
in diligently attending every day to
his private business from an early hour
in <l?r\ iitm-iii n<f null! frit it* ni? fiUA
o'clock in tlio afternoon is liclcl up a
shining cxampTo to young men. JJut
to wluib.find? is thoro not something
hotter lor human heings to do in
this world than to labor so many
hours every day to increase an accumulation
of vroalth already too groat
to ho of any uso to its owner? Mr.
Astor was a highly educatod man, and
Iiad projected great scbomos of loarn o
research, but relinquished them to bosumo
his own business manager, and
at bis doatb loft a fortuno of ono hundred
millions, mostly real ostato. Now
wo roally do not tliink that any conudcrahlo
number of sensiblo men will
4ce :in3' valuable lesson in Hiicb an oxwnpl<\
There could bo no greater
alnmnity to such .1 country as ours
Lli.an to cultivato .1 raco of suoh mo?
riopolists as Astoi".
A Milwaukoo chap kisHod l?is girl
about torty limos right stright along;
and when ho atopjod tho tears camo
into her oycf, and sho naid, in a sad
tone of voico: "Ah, John, I foar you
havo coasod to lcvo mo." "No, I
havn't," replied John, "but I mird
breathe "
! Mrs Armslrbng is n CbioogOi physician,
ngainst tho dosiro of'hor husband
Who doos not boliovo in professional
farcers for women. IIo carriod this
Opposition to tho oxtont of cruolty
and sho got adivorco, with an allow.,
anco of a thousand dollars a year from
his oetrtfco. Tho dortainty of such an
inoomQjtoadp^Mra! Armstrong loss ambitious
in tho praetico of modioine,
and sho was induced to sign an agroe
mom, i/O givo up mo Dueinoss ana jivo |
a domostic lifo with Mr Armstrong,
ltecontly sho brokq t^ho compact, and
rooponod an oflico as a physician; and
lior husband asks a court to relievo
him from tho paymontof tho stipond.
His complaint avors that sho is called
from homo at unseasonable hours, that
her mind is prooccupiod with her patients,
and that sho will bestow upon
him no aftoctionato attontion.
1 Tho Ladies South Carolina Monu1110111
A880ciati0n estimates that four
thousand dollars will bo required to
pay soino back indebtedness of tho
Association and to erect tho shaft
whioh now lies in Columbia.
Airs. J. E. J}. Stuart, tho widow of
Gonoral Stuart, of Virginia, is now
tho manager of tho Southern Fcmalo
Collogo at Richmond.
Goneral liogor Ai Pryor has boon
!chosen to deliver tho annual address
before tho Washington and Loo (Vir-'
jginia) Univoraity literary societies
noxt Juno.
". Tho Laurens ltailroad lias been
complotod to within ono and a half'l
milos of Clinton, at tho olovonth milo
post from Laurons Court IIouso. Clinton
will soon bo roachod.
Hogs in Greenville at7icoi"ils.?
Mr. Latham, ct Atlanta is shipping
illnm tl,aM !,?. (I.amoo.,,1 T*T1 I
wuviu u'iui \j ij j tiiu tiiuunauu. n nj
cnnnot Ensloy bo supplied with somo
for tho bonofit of tho County?
Tho champion pio oator of Amorica
lias boon discovcrod at Mohrsvillo, Pa.
ILo contractcd to cat an applo pio,
thirty inchcs In circumferonco, in
ton bites, and actually devoured it in
Much of Moody's succosa is said to
bo du? 10 tho fact that ho talks and
acts like a merchant with fivo hundred
hfirrnltt r*F Kr?r?f inltS/>U 1%r% !? /1a4a...v?
. v?u V JL .yvivi J U IIIVI1 11 VJ IO UVitUl 111*
I incd to Bell quick for cash.
An Indiana man picked up a wild
cat in his barn in place of an Afghan.
Ho detected tho uifl'oiencc is?
the 111 illionotli pni't of a second.
A picturo of Gilbert Hunt, the col orod.
blacksmith, who savod tho Mvob
iof a number ot persons at tho burning
of tho Riohin'tfnd thoatro, Decernbor
20,. .1811, has. boon placod. in tho
Statu Library of Virginia.
' -vi
btpwvs nnmwo *???*????
? I ivftbiltf WUUiUi UlftfaWUiW.
Senator?Jl E Bowen.
Representative?D F Brailloy.
Clerk of Court?8 I) Keitli.
j Judge of Probate?A. K 1'hilpoJ.
Sherijf'?J Ililey Ferguson.
Coroner?Warren Boyed.
School Commissioner?II A Bowon.
Treasurer?W A Lesley.
Auditor?Alonzo M Folger.
Countd Commissioners?Jolm T Gosaett,
vyjiiiirmun?iioucri Uraig, U M Lynch. Clork
County Commissioners, C L Ilolliugsworlh.
Trial Ju*tictx?Ensht/ : O IT C Smith?S<ttubrity
: .) 1! Clayton?Central: Jas A Lid
tlcll?Pickens C 11: C L llollingsworth?
Daciisvitlc: J 15 .Sutherland.
SIJ B S 0 RI 13 E
pn ri tii ?
BB mil
i?i*. It. .1. C4 111 I land
II AVINU returned ami permanently loea1
ted nl lMekonsvillc, respectfully o(Y)rs
liis Professional sol-vices to the citizens of ilint,
vicinity and surrounding country. Charges
May 0 41
1" * i n ' wwo lamii .
VrTO* 1&2 Jjy Liberal Torma of ExMMMmOL
W chnnRoforSecond-hand
Macbinea or every dea^
Tli# IJeat Pattern* made. Bend Oct*, for Catalogue.
A?MH ffmtu). -K* NEW YOUK.
(f> 1 Q allay nt home. Agents wanted. OutiPl/0
fit and terms free. Truo & Co., Augusta,
Volta's Hlcctro licit* and
are indorsed bj the most eminent physicians
iti the world for llio cure of rheumatism.
neuralgia, liver eomplaint, dyspepsia, kidney
disease, aclics, pains, nervous disorders, lits,
female complaints, nervous and general debility,
and oilier chrou ic diseases of the clicst,
head, liver, stomach, kidneys and blood.?
Eook with full particulars tree by Yolta licit
Co , Cincinnati, O.
(fcBnrriK WEEK guaranteed to Agents,
Hy I /Malo and Female, in their locality.?
Uj II Terms and OUTFIT FREE. Address
T1 l?.(). VIO'KEHY & CO., Augusta, Me.
11$5 to $20 per day nt home. Samples worth
?1 free. Stinson & Co., Portland, Maine.
either sex may fascinato ami gain
the love and affections of any person they |
choose, instantly. This art all can possess,
free, l>y mail, for 25 cents ; together with a
Marriage Guide, Egyptian Oracle, Dreams,
Hints to Ladies, etc. 1,000,000 sold. A queer
Address T. WILLIAM & CO., riib? Philn.
AGENT.?, the greatest chance of tho ago.
A rlrlt*.iau Q#n.?rw /' i?~
? ? ?"?l 11?1? DV?lur> MHUVUM VV|>J[IU|}
Co., Atlant, On.
Maryland Eye & Ear Institute
CO N. Chaiu.es Stueet, Baltimore. Md.
QEOttGK HEULINO, M. 1>., Into l'rof. of
Eyo ami Ear Surgery in ho Washington
University, Surgeon in charge,
Tho large handsome rcsi<l">icc of tlie late
Charles Oarroll has been fitted up with all
the in.j/i'o'vcmcnt.s adopted ;.n the latest
Schools of Europe, for the special treatment
of this class of diseases. Apply hy letter to
Ukouuk Rkulino, M. D.,
Surgeon in Charge.
j TjlHLT OARl?ETmaS,' 80 cents por ynriT I
X? Fell Ceiling for rooms in place of plaster.
Felt Rootling ;uul Siding. For Circular
anil Samplo, address 0. J. FAY, Camden,
New Jersey.
Ul'il and 11AK Institute,
No. 55 Fkankun St.. Ualtimouk, Mi>.
JULIAN J. CIIISOLM, M-D.l'rof. of Kycruul
Ear diseases in the University of Maryland,
Surgeon in charge.
This Institution is thoroughly organized
n1111 lillmi iiii wIili . vi>v iv... ii...
treatment of Hye and Bar Diseases,
For further information, ?ii>i>ly to the
Bills, Bonds nn<l Postage Stamps Wanted.?
$1 for rarest bills, $10 for rarest stamps. It
will pay to send tliem immediately. Also
other curiosities, American Stamp Co., l!ox
4045, Now York.
Dec 2 .41 4
I.iflfirw and tain SluAli#
aiwdj- MfhH MUW
Parties desiring to hire conveyance to
1'ickeos Court House,Table Hock find oilier
points, am be acoommodutod ut my Htables,
nil I.A. - e !- -1-? ---? ! '
uv an uuuia ui mu uay linn niglii. I'lir?
cliftscrs con also ho suppliod with Good Stock
at reasonablcpriccs.
Regular Mail Lino to IMckcns Courthouse
daily, (Sundays excepted.)
V.otlnu .QIoIIaii ? fl A nr# !
" J'
(Zionists, liiii i^i*an(s and
Travelers Westtvnrd.
For map circulars, condensed time tables
and general information in regard to trans*
portal ion facilities to all points in Tennessee,
Arkansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Colorado,
Kansas, Texas, Iowa, New Mexico, Utah and
California, apply to or address Auiimit 11
Wiilinn, General Immigrant Agent, Ollicc No,
2 If. I. Kimball ffouso, Atlnnla, Oft.
No one should go Wost without first gelling
in communication with the General
i:migrant Agent, and become informeil an to
superior advantages, cheap andijuiek transportation
of families, household goods,slock,
and fanning implements generally.
All information cheerfully oriven.
w. Vdanlhy,
no3 0m 0. 1*. & T. A.
Practices in Courts of Pickens
ounty, and in United States Courts
posilivcly cttrcil. Tlio worsl cn.ics, nf longest
HiamlinK, Wy using Dr Hcbbanl's CureA
boltlo son! Ireo to all n<l<Ii*cs8ing J. 8. Dim.
ni.i:r., Druggipt, 811 Clli Ave., N. V.
a. as lijuikn
A T 'I' O I! Nl'i Y 8 AT St A
[?iii;a^yj!S 6. ?
Y\TII.L jrivo tlioir rittonlion (o (lie l'rnclic<
VV mill lo I lie Colloc- ion of I'onsimiH
Homily I.ami and all other Claim
Walhulla, S. (!, l'iokoi! , S, 0.
July 27tli 1871. 1 If.
In New Year'-*, post J prvid, (>() c(p. AiMicss
"Tlio Sun," N. Y
ttmti mm m\
Dealers savo Five, Ten and Fifteen
dollars per thousand on Cigars, and
cot Tobacco at lowost figures, by ordering
Indian Girl Cigar Store,COLUMBIA
S. 0,
N. D. Send for Samples
Doc 24 18 tf.
Manufacturers of Cotton Gins, Cotton Gin
Feeders, Condensers nml Cotton Gin Mate.
i.. c J ^ ?
runs Di every ucscrijnion. uur U1I1S Jinvc
been in use thirty years, and have nn established
reputation for simplicity, light running,
durability, and for quality and quan?.
tity of lint produced. Our Feeder is easily
attached to the (Sin, and easily operated by
any band of ordinary intelligence. They arc
i lie sini]>lcst and cheapest Fteder in the market
and feed with more regularity ihanispossiblo
by hand, increasing tlie outturn and
giving a cleaner and better sample. At all
Fairs where exhibited and by Planters having
them in use, they havo been accorded (lie
highest enconiums. Our Condensers are well
made, durable and simple in construction,
and do what is required of them rapidly anil
well. No additional power li required to
1 inirn I lm Iwtnilnt* I "* rl ?*?> onu ??a f! Jm
House in completo without them. W'c arc
prepared to warrant, to any reasonable extent,
perfect satisfaction to every purchaser.
Circular**, prices aii'l full information furnisho
l. Aihlress as above, or apply to
Julius C- Smith, Giconvillc S- C
GrccnviHc & Columbia R R
0\ ftnu a,nr ruiUAl, yluUUST 'JHt.M,
1S71, tli0 PAdSIiNGKll TRAINS on
this lloiul will bo run as follows, daily, Sundays
excepted :
ot uvc Columbia at 7.20 a m
" Alston W.05 a in
" Newberry 10.31 a m
" Cokesbury 2.06 p in
" licit on 3.50 p in
Arrive**U Croonvillo , 6.30 in
Leave Greenville at (1.30 a m
" licit on 8.30 a m
" Cokesbury 10.13 a IB
" Newberry 1.30 p nc
" Alston 3.10 p in
Arrive at Columbia 6 00 p ni
Connect at Alston witli Trains on the
Snnrlanburtr and Union I! nil rami pmihwI ni
Columbia wiih Night Trains 011 the SoutliCar
olinn Railroad nj> ami down ; also with Train:
going North and South on the Charlotte, Co
lmnhia un<l Augusta and the Wilmington, Co
lumbia and Augusta Railroads.
Innim IU...M1. ? ft IT... ?
a nun iviuu aui;vTlllu ill ?MU U III., UOIIUUUf
ing witb Down Train from Greenville. Leaw
Cokosbury At. 2.16 p in., connecting wiili ?Jj
Train from Columbia. Accommodation Train,
Mondays, WcdiiOHilays and Fridays. Lcnyt
Cokosbury At 11.10 a in., or on tho arrival o'
tlie Down Train from Greenville. LeavesAb?
bovillc at 1 o'clock p. in., connecting with Cf
Train from Columbia.
Leave Walballa At j i t
"* Perryvillo 0.23 a ti.
" l'enilleton 7.10 a m
iniurawi 0.1U ft 111
Arrivu at lielion at 0.00 a
Connecting with down Ivrtin from Greenville
Leave Mellon nt 3.60 p m
" Anderson 4.60 p ni
" rcnillelnu f>.r>0 p ni
<i "(> 0.36 p in
Arrive at Wallmllaal 7.16 p ni
Accommodation Trains litlween Bolton and
Amlorson on Tnendays, Thursdays and Satu
(Jays, l/oavo Helton nt O.fiO a ni., or on nrriv
i 1 ni Imwh Trnin from Greenville. I.euve
\n<lei on at 'J.00 p m., connecting with Up
'1 rain iV u <'..lninliin.
G enernl SiiperintondcnI.
JA1SK'/ NORTON, General Ticket Agent.
Wept 10 'J If
Atlanta & Richmond Air Line Railway
Leavo Atlanta 0.00 p m
Leave Seneca City ll.fil pm
Lenvo Central 12.42 a m
Leavo Kasley 1.12 n m
Leave Greenville 2.12 a m
Aeavo SartanbnrR fi.00 a m
/Irrivc at Charlotte 8.00 a m
i.eavc cimriotio ii.uu a rn
Leave Spartanburg 10. AO a n>
Leavo (Irocnvillo 12.88 p m
T.ouve Kaslcy 1.1 o p m
Leave entral 2.00 p m
Loav? Senccft CWy 2.-18 pm
Arrive (it Atlanta {(. 1H p ni
Leavo Allonln 7.Ofl n m
Leave Boncca Cily 0.4K p m
Leavo entral 0.07 a in
Loavo F.nsloy ^_]r, a m
Ltfftvo Oroonvillo 8-21 am
).eavc Spartanburg 11.00 am
Arrive al !i:i!ollo (i.Ort p ni
(iniNii .xontii m ommodation tiuin.
Tjoavo hfirlQIto |> III
Leave Mparliinhiivg ft.."?0 |> m
T.euvc Oreem illo lO.tHpin
I />'. r.i It'.Milatt 1 1 * ? -
i..v.r>TV ' mivj I l.'l~ j> III
r,o five oal 12,51 a in
Lonvo Rcnooft Oily 1.fit am
I Arrive ft! Atlanta 1.-18 pni
I J! Y.SAOF, Eng. &Sup?.
? I I .. ..!
Encourage Home Enterprise and Bona Fiopli.
: : Ufa it ? i
) T r ^ tfl
i >u'T
Tlio only Cnrolininn engaaged in tho m&?
ufacturc of Doors, Sash, Blinds, Moujding
and Turned Work in Charleston, a. C*
1*1* if?OQ nc 1 n w nu oti w a< 1> n? Kauba ???1 ^11
, - . ..w .v.. uu Miij Ullivl JIVUCCj nuu iuf
I work first-class. no 29* iy
1875. i
rpHE Exercises of the First Term of thi?
X School will commcnco January l&th an<1
end Juno 4th; the Second Term, July 6tlv
ami end November 19th. Students entering
within two weeks after the commencement of
tho Terms, will be charged for the whole
term ; those entering nfter this time, from th*.
time of entering. Hence, it is very import*
ant that students enter at the commeocttuMi! *
oj tho Term that they may be properljr pnd
justly classified.
Course of Study. ;i
J UNion CLASS. t
1 st Term?.Spelling, Webstcrs ; Reading, 8ar?
gent's Series.
2d Term?(Spelling and Reading continued y
Primary Geography, Cornell's \ Mental Aritlinictic.
Davics: Exercises in Writing
B. ,
1st Term?Geography continued: Introdu<)4 ^
lory English Grammar, Bullions ; Reading
continued; Elements of Written Arithmetic,
Duvics; Exercises in Writing. ? %
2d Term?Intermediate Geography completed-t
Analytical English Grammar, Bullions; KW?
cincnts of Written Arithmetic completed^
Primary U. 8. History, Quackenhos; E*?
crcises in Writing. ? -<1
SBNion rt.Asa. 'I
1st T.m'hi?English Grammar completed Phyo-t
si Ml Geography, Warren's, Gommon Behoof
Arithmetic, Davies ; Analysis of W ordag
Towns. ^
2d Term?Analysis of English Lftnguaf*/
Greene's: Aritlimniin - & ?%i?
Composition, Qunckonbos; Higher U. IT
History, Stephens'. i'4
1st Term Latin Grammar Riillionn; Latin R??4
der, Rnilions; KluiuviituVj Al^cbri, r
History of England, Mnrkham's.
2(1 Term?.Six Rooks of Ciosnr, bullions; A*-?
nlysis of l.ntin Sentence, Arnold's ?? ?
Latin Rook; Greek Grammar, Hullioat;
Greek Render, Bullions'; Elementary A1g*?
bra, completed; Naturall'liilosophy, QuMki ^
cubos, . ^
lul v:- i-->? - ?
.?v duokh oi virgtl, Anthoa ft
Grc< k Reader, completed; l'lain Geometry
Lo?mi.-?; Higher Composition and KhaUrle ^
Ouackenbos; Kendrick' Greek Ollendorff}
2d Term?Sallust's Cnlnline h Jugmthn, Anthon's;
Xenophon's Anabasis, Anthon'ij
Higher Algebra, commenced; Robinson'*
New University; Solid and Sphcric&l (J#*
ometry, completed; Chemistry, Vou.uan g
HkiNlOli CLASS. ',
1st Term?Cicero's Select Orations, Anthon'a
Xenophon's Memorabilia of <Soorate8; A?>4
thon's; Trigonometry and Surveying,
mis; Roman History, Arnold's: Latin
Composition, Arnold's.
2d Tcrm--Antlton'8; Six books of Homer'* t
llind, Antlion's: Greek l'roso Oonjgcsiil^is
Arnold's; algebra completed, Astronomy. ^
Tho above course will prcparo can*
didatos lor admission into tho Sorifo*
mork Class of any ot our Southern
(Jo!logon. Ktudonts, who do not stand
u s:\tisliictory examination upon th
sevoral studies ot cacl? class, will nc
bo allowed tho privilege to advance tc
the next highor, but bo rotainod in
such class, till all tho studies of it be
satisfactorily completed.
Tuition or Iiumaiiy Df.paktmbntJ
PER TF.n.M. . \
I junior Class, S10.00
j Intermediate Class, - 12.50
oonior " - . 15.00
L'ropiuutory Dopnrtmont, 20.00
No doduction will bo mndo for lost
timooxcopt from prolonged sicknoss.
Monthly roports of pnnctulity, deportment,
and rccitutrons in onon study,
will bo furnifthod parents.
J . J I, CARLISLE, IVm?ipai_
Dcc.17. 17 ?
^ , T>T A rn/iTTT
V\lmproved CUCUMBER
.Jl (P J3 SIWOOl) I'UMPis thflMf
<STa \?t *V knowledge 8tahda*d 61
the market, by popular
verdict, t lie best pump for the Mtty
money. Attention is invited to
$3B?j Hlatoliloy'fl Improved Braokot, th*
^31'?| Drop Cheok Valve, which can b$ 4
withdrawn without disturbing thf
i ^Mrrn r ? 11,0 <"oppor chtttnbef *"
which never cracks, scales or rusts, and will
last 11 lifo time. For flnlo by Dealers mid tho
trado generally. In order to be sufi ib%\
you get Blatohiey'fl Pump, bo oarcfut and se?
that it has my trado mark as aboye. Ifyot}
do not know whore to buy; descriptive circulars,
together with tho name and Address of
tho agent nearest you, will bo premptly fur*
nished by addressing with stamp.
25-0m jOLoinnionfipAfi HI i>?. II-J-I??- -
MVf) A iinnuui|Mlllf
Ii?W NoUC .
'I ho underaigned, having resumed the prafe
Iioo of law, will atlcml (ho Court* on the 8th
.Judicial Circuit. IhiHinesH left with Wm. Kllagood,
at Pickens C. II., will ho promptly
attended to. J. W. HARRISON,
Nov. H, 187-1.

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