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* i ,i Li I
D, F. IMLEYx Editor and Procriotor.
lOLi of MulMorlpUoii.
Ono Year $1 50
Six Months 76
Advertising Kates.
Advertisements inserted at the rate of $1 00
per square, of(9) nine linos, oh j,ks?, for the
first iiiHOrtion, ami 60 cents l'oi* each subsequent
Contracts made for tuuei:, six or twblvk
months, on favorablo terms.
Advertisements not having tho number of
insertions rnorked on them, will be published
i _i i
uw<? luimu nun unurgoa iicooruingiy.
These terms arc so simple fttiy child nmy
understand Hwfftr " Nin?. lines I9 a square?
oaft Vhch, In ovory instance wo clmrgc by I
tho spaco occupied, as eight or ten lines can |
bo niado to oceupy four or five oquares, as tlic 1
advortiacr may wish, and is chargcd by the '
Advertisers will l-lense state the num- I
ber of squares they wish their advertisements
o make.
fifcgT Rusiness men who advertise to be
benefitted, will bear in miinl iliat the
SENTINEL has a large and increasing circulation,
and is taken by tho very class Of
uursous \v liosn trmlo tliov ilunirn
PICKETS. (3. II., 6. C.:
Thursday, lice. 10, 187^.
Editorial Correspondence.
Columbia, S. Doc. 1st, 1875.
JDcav Sentinel: Tuesday morning
last found us at tlio Grconvillo Denot.
. ? I 1
ready to tako tho train lor Columbia,
for tho purpose of returning to out
.Legislative duties. Senator Bowen,
of PicUcn, Senator Donaldson, and
Roprcsontativo Austin of Greenville
wore on time, besides, quito a largo
number of Grangers, who woro on
their way lo this p'.acc for the purposo
of attonding tho annual mooting
of tho Stato Grange. Amongst thorn
WflH M I* W (J Finl/1 r.f tl.n A,wt?.,n
. , , n,, jl iviujvi vuv aaiiuui ov/ ii n
Wills Grange, who accompanied mo
irom tho Court IIouso, and Mr. S.
I). Stewart, of tho Liberty Grange,
who joined up at Easloy tho provious
overling. Mr. Laban Mauldin, of tlio
Pickonsvillo Grango arrived in Co.
lumbia Wednesday overling, and thoy
aro all with myeolf, comfortably
qnartored at tho Contral Ilotol. At
Jiclton, wo hail quite an accession o(
Grangors, besides Col. Kcilh, of Oeo
nee, and Koprosentatives Vnndivcr
and Simpson of Anderson. Tho numbora
swelled, at every station on tho
road until the coaches woro crowded
to their utmost capacity, and at IIolona
an othor coach had to bo attached
to tho train, ylmongst tho distinguished
passongers ah avd, I noticed
Judgo Cooke, of tho 8th Circuit, Sos
licitor BIytho, Col. A. M. Aiken,Treasurer
Stato Grange, and Col. Lips
comno, uvorseor btato Grango. On
our arrival at this placo we found the
city alive with Grangers from every
portion of (ho tSlalo. They met in
Parker's Hall on Wednesday, at 10
o'clock, a. m , and havo boon in session
since. Much business of general
importance to tho ordor is being transaelod,
and thoro seems to bo much
good feeling and unanimity amongst
The Houso of Ucprcsontativos mot
on Monday night, pursuant to ad- (
journmont, hut no quorum heing present,
adjournod to 11 o'clock Tuesday.
Nothing in l.hn wnv < ?f f
n ?? ?-j v a. .i.iu^lOltlllUIl
was done on Tuoaday, but tho captains (
of tho hosts got an opportunity to
blow oft a good deal of vituperative
gas, which had been accumulating for
some timo, and vent their spleen by
working \ip llieir followers to the
point expelling Mr. Blaclunan, tho
reporter of tho Charleston News and
Courier, in consequence of a very
scathing artiolo ho wroto for that paper,
headed, "Nine Kacical Rascals."
In this article ho accused tho nino
.Republican members of tho Commit*
? -i ** '
KV-o UI y\ny? 1(11(1 iUOJlDH, Ol (JllOStlOll ?
sihlo motives in passing upon the tax J
bills without having the two Conscr*
vativo members of tho committco (
(Major Mcetzo and Dr. Smith) present .
at tho time they liad them under eonHiilornlinn
A Ann "n""- -1 1.1-. i
?uvi ouvu.iii uiuuu ana
thunder speeches by lending Republic
cans, and a wholesnlo abuso of the
Conservatives of tlio Slalo, tbo reso '
lution of expulsion, introduced by
ftimkins, tbo chairman of tbo committoe,
wne adopted, a few Kcpublianna
voting against it. In this matter as
woll an on sevoral oilier occasions, I
noticed that strong offorta are being '
ntado to draw tbo colored linn nml i I
am of tlio opinion it will bo succcHsful.
Sorno of them dcclaro that it in their
right to govern tlio Stato exclusively,
and they aro going to do it. Wednesday
tho big 'ibonanza" bill, which
iovicj a half mill for four yearn to pay
r?ff lho floating debt of tho Stato,
passed ft third reading and wasaent :
I to tho Scnnto for eonturrone?. The
little ' boitftnaa" bill, which proposod
to lovy one and livo oighth of n mill
to 1)?IV off clftims tinRMrwi nf. (Iioluut
i w v*"7"" CMW ""v "**wv
session was Ihten takon up, nnd aftor
rnuoli wrangling and various motions;
on motion of Losloy, tho onaoling
clauso was slrickon out. This was
about tho amount of Legislation in
tho IIouso for this day. To day, tho
voto by which tho enacting clauso was
stricken out, was roconsidorod, the
bill brought b<\ek boforo tho House
and n(tor" dcbftto, was recommitted to
i tho committco with instructions. Tho
regular supply bill was put upon its
third reading;' mid nmonded so us to
rcduco it from ton and half to nine and
a half mills, a reduction of one mill.
Tho big bonanza loviosa half mill, and
it, is proposed to roduco tho littlo bo
nnnzu to ono mill, which will nmko a
total of cloven inilis for State purposes,
instead of twelvo and five eighths
as they originally proposod. rl his
action on I ho part of tho Republican
members, (for tho Democrats voted
against all tho bills from first to last)
was indued! by two spocchcs made to
them by Governor Uhatnbcrlnin in
caucus, in which ho is reported. to
Iinvo inlormod thom that ho would
veto tho bills if thoy aggregated nioro
tlinu clvoti mills. VVhothor they wore
influenced by a desire to reform, or
from fear of tho Governor's veto power,
it is not known, but it is likolj'
the latter was tho moving causo, for
Legislative cxpensos can not bo paid
until taxes aro collcctod.
A Sonato bill, introducod by Col.
liowon, to authorizo and requiro tho
Town Council of Easloy, to olect n cotton
weigher, bas rcacbcd tho House,
and I presumo will pass.
J, to-day, introduced a bill to incorporate
tho town ofLiborty, which
wchopc to get through in time for the
clcction of Intcndantand Wardens on
the third Monday in January next.?
Tiio Senate has, by n. largo majority,
passed an aet rcpoaling the lion law,
but thero seems to bo much opposK
lion to it in tho House, and I fear it
will bo defeated. Thero are many
liillu f\ ( niiiiAH itmuti'innnn mi I li rt ftnlw
cndnrs of tho two Houses, but no bill?
of much imporlnnco liavo vol beon
passed. 13.
4 4^ ?
A liran Handed Measure.?Wo
Ioarn by telegraph that, on Tuesday,
Mr. J. K. Blaekmon, tho Columbia
correspondent of tho Charleston News
& Courier, was expelled from the floor
of tho House of .Representatives, bo- j
/ n iioa / v f rin. loin uf i>iol iii<ao ii ii a n I't l\u 5
v it 11*1 V ui * vji i it i i ni i itim uo VI jjuii iwv
nine .Radical rascals" of the ways and j
means committee, which wero made
by him in a recont Icttor to his pa- |
per. This is oloarly a violation of |
the constitution, which guarantees to
ovcrv citizen, Iho right of ireo speech;
and it amounts actually to a denial of (
the right of the pcoplo to criticise, or i
I r% lw? n<l t/iun<l n f flu* nol \ r\ t+m ?i?wl
doings of their public servAnto. How
long tho people will aubmit to bo
plundered by tho corrupt wing of Iho
Legislature in a quostion which we .
Lsltllll'/u V.I , 4l Ul^ V^l I U'
iiibulion will surely comc,?Camden 1
Hon. M. C. Kerr of Indiana has
boon olcctcd Speaker of the House of t
Representatives on first Ballot, ho j
having been unanimously nominated
for the position by tho Democratic 1
caucus on Saturday before, Messrs. c
Randail and Cox withdrew their
names in mvor 01 .Mr. i\ err.
In (lie munieipal election of 1873, in
(JlinrlcRlon, the commissioners appointed
by (Jov. Mosos rondorod an
Account for eloetion cxpcnson amount,
ing to $ 18,208.07. In tho last olcclion*
liowevcr, (lie commissioners appointed
l?y (Jov. Chamberlain, oonductod the
jiccnon ni a total cost or $1,184?loss
ihan onc-tonth of tho sum expondod
ii 1873. This is n forcciblo oxamplo
ihowing what honesty and cfticioncy
>n tho ono hand, and knavery and oxIravaganco
on tho othor, can accom- r
Tho papors announco tho oscapo of
]Joss Tvvcod from Ludlow atrcct jail,
Now York. Tho ironorftl imnrnBuinn C
is thai lio has nailod for some foreign
country. JIo lias left liia country for
hin country'? good. Thero is no
iioulit but tliat bribery of tbo ofiieora
in cliargo flccurod bin rolcasc.
NewYouk, Dcc.O.?By ngreomont
01 counsel, ./tidgo J'onboily nnd Sam*
nol 1) Uaboock, inatoad of tho County
Clork, hIiuII draw forty, from whom
twolvo jurors will bo scIcctQd for tho
?0,000,000 Tweed trial, t
Killed, on Table Rock, on the Oth
inst., by John Ilinoe of this County,
a wolt the largest we have ever heard
of. We cballengo com petition on
eagles and wolves.
Our town, as chriettnas approaches,
puts on a livelier appoaranco. Wag?* |
one arc more froquont in our stroote,
and trado is becoming briekor with
our morohnnt9. Preparations, na is
ueual, nro making foi* the coming
... ? i
M re. Elizabeth Nofris, near Ce- I
dar Rock in this County, who was
advanced in years, died suddenly on
Sunday the 12tb inst.
Mr. A. S. Richardson, lato post*
master at Chester, was arrested on
Saturday night, by United States
Marshal Grist, under order from
Washign'on, and committed toiailat
? u
York 011 tho charge of embozzling
post office fitods. lie is still held in
iail in default of bail.? Unionolier*
What a fearful place Chester must
bo for Radicals!
Mrs. C. C. Bowen, wife of tho
Sheriff of Charleston County, died
in Charleston on tbo 11th inst. Mrs.
Bowon was the daughter of Jumes L.
Potigru, and was known throughout
the State as Mrs- Sue Petigru King.
$320,000 in specie was shipped
during the week from Now York.
1,500 recruits will leave Cadiz tor
Cuba on the 15th.
Babcoch gave $7,000 bail for hi*
appearance in St. Louis.
Jamoa Pet nor, tho engineer of the
engine which rocontly ran into tho
piibsongor train on the Charlotte. Co*
lumbia & Augusta Kail road, wan tnkon
in Charlotte on Sunday, tho 5th inst.
Whatever may bo the result of the
present negotiations with Spain, it is
to bo hoped the government will not
forget the lesson which tho past has
taught, and will hereafter bo ready
to vindicate the rights of its citizens
without awaiting tho slow methods of
a doubliul diplomacy. Tho treaty of
17U5 is as explicit as need bo, yet it
liaa been violated over anil over again
[n tho most bhamiless manner.?
Smooth spoken Spanish '.voi ds are no
gnaiuntce ot cor res ponding actions*
X naval polico should always bo on
Lho alert around Cuba to j"g the
Memory ot Spain.
- ?
The scarcity of money eeemn to bo
>n tho increaso. llavo nil the cur
cuts ofingroftfl dried up?
Chnrlos O'Connor, the groat Now I
fork lawyer, iu in a dying condition* (
Tlio News & Courier now heads i
is Columbia correspondence, "From I
?nr expelled reporter." I
BYalatA i. '
MARRIED, on Thursday, (ho '2d instant at t
ho residence of the bride's father, by Rev.
P. W. Tollkson, Mh. DAVID A. OIL8TRAP I
md NANCY V. 8TI4WART?all of Piokens. ]
On tho 6th instant, at tho residenoo of tho i
iride'a failier, by llev. Thomas //oopor, Mb.
of this County. I
Sealer In General Merchandise. <
rhnt liftvo boon buying GOODS on a
xodit during tho your, will plcftso re- J
nomber that tho undoraigned has con. (
iiudcd to accopt Cotton. Corn. Cur* *
cncy, or anything clso, to liquidate)
.l?o Same?and will alwayabo found j
it liia etoro, ready to wnlt on them, 3
iithor to 8ETTLI5 or SELL MORE \
300DS vory chonp for tho C'ASII, J
Ilcmombor Pay Day is on hnnd \
-and 1 ncod my monoy,
lSanloy Station, S. U., Doo. 16, 1875.
local items:
Attention is called to tho how advertisements
in this weeks' issue.
m n m i > i
* Mr. T. W. Rusaell, o! fiasloy, wanlB
thoao in indobted to him to come lorWRfdund
Bottlo, Boo advertisement.
We oall particular attention to
tti? notice of R. A. BoWen, E?q.,
School Cwtnmteaionef.
* ? * ii " . '4.'
Chhwtmab.?Ibis great holiday u
but two weeks off; all who have holiday
goods and Santa Clans pleasantl
ies for the children should hasten to
advertiso them.
| ' ? s
Sam Ragsdale, a colored boy who
Uvea on Dr. Earle'e plantation, neattown,
while out hunting, by some
mischance, slfbt hiineolt through the
hand. One cannot be too careful
when handling fire-arms.
????? ??
W. A. Lesley, Esq., our efficient
County Treasurer, Las gone, to attend
tlio Methodist Conference,
which meets At Orangeburg 8 C.
For the last few days the weather
has been fine?olear and bracing?
with cold North-western winds- just
such weather as causes visions oi
back bone, sparesribs and sausages to
rise before us.
? .
S. D. Keith, Eeq., Clerk of the
Court, baa gone to Columbia, to atteud
the United States Circuit Court
?being subpoenaed in the case pending
between Pickens County and the
Bank of Coinmeroe in reference to
the validity of the bonds issuod in aid
of tho Air Lino Railroad.
? 4^ li.
A. Bowen, Esq., onr worthy
School Commissioner, tho other day,
killed and captured n very large
gray eagle on hit) place. It measured
seven feet from tip to tip. 1',
however, had bcon previously wound,
tied by a gun shot?its leg being
broken. Can the Anderson eagle
beat this for s zc?
While in Greenville last week. *we
stopped at the Gilreath House, locate
od on Buncombe,opposito the muiiju
diet cliurch. We f ?und Mr. P. D
Gilreath to be a most excellent boat,
pleasant And entertaining to bis gneste.
This is a now establishment, ami
i 11 1 ori 11 or f?v?m flio ol/in?ot^
!? vhi ?>iv viwgmn mi u iiiid
house affords, wo bespeak for him a
large patronage. Ilia charges are
moderate? $2 per day.
TI.Ap^U^ai^ !):.! r? !
id preaching in Charleston.
Tiik Career or Andhkw Johnson.
?This statesman and patriot has passod
away, but his deods will live altor
him. YV hat a commentary is his famo
on the advantages of an American
Ditieen ? Unlottored and unaided,
relying upon himsolt, ho advanced step
by Plop from the lowest station in iifo
to tho highest offico in the gift of tho
Amorionn peoplo. All this was accomplished
by unswerving integrity,
jaunlloss oouragc, and porsevoring research.
By tho oxorcise of theso
principles, It Ib in tho power of any
hAAt* onrl fi?tAn/11noa I\a*? I a o4*a??> * ! "
|/vrw? MMV4 ?1 IVIIM IWO UV/J IU C* UU(| I 11 IIIU
samo grand result, Tho samo success
is attainable in tho commercial world
iih in the politioftl, as it is proven in
tho oaso of I)a. Tutt's Standard
Preparations, llo, oonsciousoi their
value, laborod pationtly, and to day
no modioino has takon go firm a hold
a 1 LI!- - ! ?? r t
mi tuu puunu oHiimJuion us mo i^ivor
PillH. They stand on tho topmost
round of tho healing ladder.
. . .
Preparo for Winter.
Don't let tho winds of winter find
pour windows without sashes, or good
wholo doors, but hnvo thorn fitted at
>nco from the manufaolory of Mr. Pf
P, To ale, whoso advertisement is in
unothor column.
Ho is also sole agontfor tho ' Naclonal
Mixod Paint Co.," who warrant
their paint not to oraok, pool or fado,
\ny ono can apply it,
(VTiTi Jnnrilinvn in Pinknna nftnnltr nv/*
lereby notifiod tlmt the Examining
Hoard will moot on the 8th day of
ffvnunry noxt to exnmino tenohorB
or tho Publio Schools, There will
>Q. positively, no othor examination
ill noxt Juno. Tho?o, thoroforo,
who want to toaoh must como forward
>n tho ubovo day or thoy will bo dc%
wred from rocoivjng n oortifientc.
School Comiseionor.
Peo.ao 10
Annual Report of tho County Commie
the 31st of October* 1876, showing the
rectiont of the Pafit Indebteduesd ot' tho C
ment of tho Grand Jury, and the order
laft term of tho Court. Also showing the
of two mills, and the ordinary tax of thrc
| olalman}. CLAIM. IDKDOT'H
1872?Joel Ellison, balance dul $18 ?6
do II Williams, balance du? 22 00
do Zephn'h 8milli, balance due 6 60
1871?fa Durham, balahde du? 60
1872?Rob't Craig, balance due 29 86
do J P Miokler, balance due 2 04
> do H E Bowen, balance due 4 20
I do L S Bfnteitle, none paid 28 26
do Joab Mauldid, bfllhncc due 148 49
do J M Porter, HO O btl due 8 ?6
do S W Olavlon, balance due 2 86
do J W Mnjor, brtldrtcfi due 18 00
do Hagoed & Alet'def bal dno 8 37
do 8 Burgest, balnttce due 4 02
do If Haync*, bnlftflco due 3 01
do J II llngood, balance duo 8 12
do J ft Ilraxcalo, hHlnnco due 02
do Vfiti McDftdc, balance dlifl 50
do D A Keaaler, bnlnnoe duo 76
do W II D Gaillard, bnlatioe duo 87
do A M Folgcr, n L, bal duo 100 25
do Dr A M Folgcr, II L, Im?1 duo 8 60
do Sarah Held, bnlniiccduo 285 80
do J K Kirkscy, S D 0, bnl dno 25 25
uuou.iupu utvner, onukoce uuo l> 7l>
do I H l'liilpot, balance due 3 76
do J 0 Watkins, balance dno 2 60
do I Williams, none paid 6 00
do LB Gravely, balance dne 1 26
do J II Holoombe & co bal duo 12 00
1871?H Haynet, balance due 10 76
1872?J W Brown, none paid 28 00
do Reid & Wilson, none paid CO 23
do W H 8tftwart, balance due 9 70
do It A Bowon, balance duo 20 96
do J N Arnold, none paid 21 00
do Ooonee County, balanoa duo 22 88
do Jacob Lewis, balance duo 16 fl4
/I JdMa(VanaL?t?f ?*?%?? ^
do T Holledey, J C P, b?Tiluo 12 87
do TO Hawkins, J L T bal duo 4 18
J W Young, J L T balance due 2 76
do W II Holcotnbe,balance due 8 88
do J 8 Latham, nono paid 7 76
do J Thoa Power, balance duo 1 76
do Jan A Hughes, balance due 10 66
do Garter Diltard, balance duo 26
do J R Holcotnbe, balance due 18 60
do J A Hughea, balance 1871 86 00
do J 0 Clayton, balance due 8 76
do O'Bryant h Stone, bal due 16 00
1 ni ? *.-t J irt 1
i uu o Vyinipm.jii, 'jnmiiuu uno JZ DV
do J A McKea, balanoaduo 46
do J T Qosaelt'a old claim 29 60
do Robert Craig'a old claim 69 36
do Laura Baker's old claim 2 60
. do Jonb Mauldin's old elaim 220 25
do James A MoKea'fl old claim 6 86
do Ann Crnino's old claim 6 0C
do James E Ilagood's old claim SO 26 $6 00
do Jno M Hendriok'i old claim 20 00
do Robert N Smith's old claim 4 00
do 11 E Steele's old claim 16 00
do Unlus Stephen's old olaim 12 00
rl,> Inl.n W Muinr'a nM 1ft B',i
do II Hayne'aold claim 7 87
do Elios Day's old claim 7 00
do Thomas James' old claim 4 50
do Jacob Lowia' old olairn 41 40
do 1 II Clayton'# old claim 27 80
do E H Barton's old claim 42 50
do Sarah lleod's old elaim 16 10
do A Rlvlhe'# old ebkim 50 00
do Walker, E. & Cogswell's claim 4i2o
do Jury Ticket#, old olnim 818 00
do Witness Tiokcts, old alaira 191 06 9 50
Total $2,747 21 $15 50
Condensed ataiement of spcciul tax 11574. Amount
tierer's Report
Lcsu 0 percent on oolleoliions
Amount applied to paat indebtedness
Amount elaime paid as per County Treasurer's re
Balance spcoial tax in Treasury,
Fast Indebtedness Registered.
Albort Hicks, $ 7 80
James K Hagooel, jr,, 7 00
Aaron GnrreJl, 7 60
E F Looper, 7 40
Ann Niciiolaon, 8 60
LeUie Kdens, 8 60
G Rigaou, 7 00
T P Roper, 9 70
Starling lloptr, y 70
N Edens, 8 00
J C Landreth, 8 30
G i'. Uendrioka, 8 50
John Miles, 8 60
John Cha*tnii>, 8 80
J It Houthcrluud, 8 50
Abigail 'Hoper, 6 50
J li Clarion, L>. 8., J 3 80
Harlin Simmons, 8 50
A .fiAQ .VSnuiiAox W
V 8 Jones, 0 40
JanicR Uurdine, 8 60
Cornelius Keith, 8 50
lionnetl Jones, t) JO
James AMcKec, 7 10
G M Linch, 8 60
8 K Soulhcrlnnd, 8 60
J 11 Ueitl, 8 50
T L Hoper, 0 10
Klijah Hoper, 6 90
Silas K Cannon qq
Hooker Smith, 3 00
Nat Lynch, 8 60
Bright Gilotrap, 4 30
JeBso Miller, 7 e(i
Georgo Miller, 7 60
Molinda Hoper, 1 80
i~ i
J W I'rico. 3 10
Tho8 Atkinson, 4 20
Dock Owen#, 4 00
Ilenry Hoggs, 4 60
J W Price, 8 20 3 20
William S?n<l*r#, 1 M
Samuel D Moser, 8 20
T M Wei born, 2 00 2 (in
Buck Hogood, 2 20
Ann Hftgood, 2 20
Jack Anderson, 2 20
Fed Moflcr, j 00
.Samuel Alpscr, g 20
Fed Moscr, 1 10
II M Singleton, 2 30
John Entrikcu, 2 40
John B Gibson, 2 d0
M I< Boyd, j 40
J M Boyd, ] 40
J M Stewart, 3 40
John T Barron, 2 20
JjIQIlK ? 20
Ianao Langston, 2 20 2 20
Henry Lawrence, 2 30
Sophia Lawrence, 2 30
Joseph M Klliolt, 1 oo
Letlio Bowen, 95
John Howard.
Carrie Bowcn, OS
Abel Sc>v)t)iorian<l> j jo
Allen K Edcne, 2 20
Jtise Hlmmons, j 80
Melindu Ilopor, J 80
Thurua Durham, 70
ClintvQ Durlj?ft>, 70
. r - -sioners
ol i'ickens County, ending
registration, restrictions and cor? ^
ounty in obedience foil be Presentot
his Honor T. If# Cooko, at the
i disbursements of the Special Tax
e mills.
CttAtlACffiit PAID OVT or 2 >
> or CLAIM. lltLLS TVM9.
Repa'ng George's creok bridg* $ 18 U
Building II Agood's bridge 22 00
Repairing Clayton's bridga 6 60
Conveying Pnupsr (o Poor House 69
Bervicos as oouuly commissioner 2d 86
Poor ilouse Supplies, 2 64
Plank for bridge 4 20
Repairs on Forr's bridge 28 26
Jailors Fees 148 49
Making New Road A 76
T>?.. * " -* -
.... a ?u|icr uuunues 3 80
CoronerVFees 18 00
P<>or Ilonso Supplies, 8 ft?
Conatnbles Fees 4 02
I'oor House Supplies, 8 61
Building Itridge 8 12
Trial Juslico Fees 62
IFork on bridge 60
Constable Fees 7G
Trial Justice Fees 87
Assessing properly, postage, &o 10G 26
Trial Juslico Fees 8 66
Nolo and interest ($230 6:86) 236 86
Trial Justice Feus, as. S D Qoodlett 26 26
Constables Fern "
o 70
Probate Judge's Fees 8 16
Constable Fees 2 60
Repairing bridge 6 00
Making Gates 1 26
Advertising and Printing 12 00 g
Blacksmithing for Poorllouso 10 70
Trial Justice Fees 28 00
Ititerost on Now Court House 60 28
Constablo Ffijs 8 70
Office Fees 20 9(1
Trial Justice Fees 21 00
|()n Poor House Land 22 88
ISorvidfta -?" *
? vuuimiasioner 16 64
Repairing bridge 16 GO "
Building bridge 12 87
Work on the Jail 4 IS
Repairing bridge 2 76
Repairing bridge 3 88 "
Building bridge 7 76
Poor Houso 1 76
Labor at Poor Hosuo 10 66
Cotering bridge 26
Fees as jury commissioner IS 60
Labor on Poor Houue Farm 86 00
Repairing bridge 8 76
Building bridgo 16 00
Mc.lical attention to paupers 12 r.r? ?
court recs 45
Services as coufaty commissioner 20 60
Services as county commissioner 69 85 t
Repairing bridge 2 50
Sheriff and Jail Pees 220 25
Constable Fees 6 25
(Carrying Pauper to Poor Houso 5 00
Cltrk Hoard < ounty com'rs 83 25
iRppairing bridge Oft
[Repairing bridgo 4 00
Blasting Hock 15 00
Repairing the Jail 12 00
Coroner.s Fees 18 83
lilacksmitliing account 7 87
t'ontablo Konn
7 tlO
Constable Fees 4 SO
(Services ns County Commissioner, 41 40
|llepairing Twelve Mile Bridge, 27 So
I"eos ns Trial Justice, 42 So
'interest on Note for $2. So, 10 lo
(\iuount paid Oconco County, 6o oo
44 26
Pnst Duo, 818 oo
I'asi Duo, 182 45
f27jfl 71 _
-r vuimticu oh per county 'i'ratut$2,900
174 3-4
552,731 76
Michcrs, 2,731 71 f
' Approved, and Unpaid*
t'S Ob' 1873 AND 1874.
u? . ... ~ . APPHOfll*.
Sf fitn vfl .TuTimo n.,-i - - - -
... ._..ua VHtimiU, 5 7 S"
Slnte vs. J alius Durham, 7 00
Slate vs. Julius Durham, 7 60
IStntc vs. Julius Durham, 7 40
|Stnte vs. Samuel Edens, et ul., 8 GO
I do vs Samucl-EdcuB, ol aI, 8 50
do vs Samuel Edens; ?t at, 7 90
do vs Snmuel Edens, et at, 0 70
uo vb namuel Kdons, el *l? 9 70 f
do vs Samuel Edens, et al, 8 00
do vs Samuel Edens, ?t al 8 80
do va Samuel Edens, et nl 8 60
do vs Samuel Edens, et al 8 60
do vs Samuel Kdens, el a) 8 80
do vs Samuel Edens, et al, 8 60
do vb Samuel Edens, et al, 0 60
do vs Samuel Edens, et al, 18 80
| do vs Samuol Edens, et al, 8 60
do vs Samuel Edens, et al, 8 60
ji- Sstr.uc! Edens, a! n 40
do vs Samuel Edena, et al, 8 60
I do vs Samuol -1
- - ? Vfc ui, O OU
do vs Samuel F-dcns, ct al, 9 10
ilo va Samuel Udens, ct al, 7 10 *
do va Samuel Kdens, et al, 8 60
' do vs Samuel F.ilcns, ctal, 8 60
do V8 Samuel Kdons, ct a), 8 60
do vs Samuel Kdens, et al, 0 10
do vs Samuel Kdons, ct al, 0 90
State vs Junius Rupples, 8 00
State va Junius llupples, 8 00 **
State vs Samuel Edons, etal, 8 60
Stato vs Julius Durham, 4 80
Stato va Julius Durham, 7 60
istato V8 Julius Durham. -
I o\i
do vs Charles Austin, 1 80
do va ? ?? 1 jq
do vs Junius Rupplea, 8 10 %
do va Junius Kupples, 4 20
do vs Junius Rupplos 4 00
do vs Junius llupples, 4 6Q
do vs Junius Rupples,
Stato vs Abel T Stephens, 1 60
do vs Abel T Stephens, 3 20
do vs W C Wfttls,
do vs EntriWon A LawMnno n
? ? iiU
do va Entrlken ft Lawrence, 2 20
do vb Entrlken ft Lawrence, 2 20
do vs Stephens & Dickson, 1 60 ^
do vs Blephens & Dlckwon, 8 20
do vs Stephens ft Dlokson, T. J. 1 10
do vs Entrlken & Lawrence, 2 80
do vs Entrikon ft Lawrence, 2 40
do vs Entrlken ft Lawrence, 2 40
do vs Entrlken ft Lawrence, 1 40
do vs Entrikon ft Lawrence, 1 40
do vs Entrlken ft Lawrence, 8 40
do vs Entrlken ft Lawrence. 2 2ft
do Knlrlkon k Lawrence,
do yn Kntriken k I.awrenoe, 2 20
do v? Kntriken k Lawrenoe, 2 30
do vs Kntriken k I.awrenoe, 2 *0
do vs William IJowon, 1 00
do vs William Bowcn, 95
do vs Jolin Oilnlrap, 70 k if
do vs William Hownn, 96
fin VB V P. IInwnril 1
? 1 1U
do vs Dick BoulhorUnd, 2 20
do vs Charles Austin, T. J. court, 1 80
do vs Chorles Austin, T. J. court, 1 3q
do vs John flilstrup, T. J. court, 79
do vs Johu Giletrnp, T. I. court, jg

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