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D, f. I&ULSY. Editor and Piosrielor.
Terms of Subscription. One
Year ... $1 60
Six Months . . . 75
Advertising Kates.
Adtettisemcnts inserted at the rate of $1 00
pef square, of (9) nine lines, or i.ksa, for the
first insertion, and 60 cents for each subsequent
. Contracts made for tiiup.k, stx or twbi.ve
months, on favorablo tortus.
Advertisements not having (tic number of
insertions marked on them, will bo published
5?' until forbid and chargcd accordingly.
These terms aro so simple any child may
understand (hem. Nine lines is a squareone
inch. In every Instance wo chargc by
the spaco occupied, as eight or tcu lines can
be mado to occupy four or five squares, as the
advertiser may wish, and is charged by the
Staff" Advertisers will {.lease state the number
of qtuvros they wish their advertisements
o make.
Business men who advertise to be
benefitted, will hear iu miiul that the
SENTINEL Jias a largo and increasing cirnillfll
inn nnrl !a Inknn l,v tl.n vorv nln.se> ,.f
persons whose trade they desire.
PICKENS 0. II., S. C.: '
Thursday, l>cc. 187?>,
Editorial Correspondence.
Colombia, S. C., Doc. 1G, 1875.
Dear Sentinel: This, I considor, lias
boon mado tho gloomiest dav for
\Y lnppor and Moses lor mod a combination
in favor of each other, and
made tiioir buccoks certain. As Boon
tho llouso mot this morning, Whippcr
moved to tako from tho tablo thojoint
rosolution, which was dono and paused
hv n. HfiMftt. nfii'l v vr?lr> A* IM
tho two Houses mot in jointasfiombly,
with tho prcsidont oUiho Somite in the
chair, who annout.cod tho objects ol'
tho joint assembly, and that tho nomination
for Associato Jnstico was
ihon in order. Humbert, of Darlington,
nominated Judge, J. J. Wright,
inMimlvnnl ^ 1??i n r\ ( l?\l ,+t\C% j\1 A
^ vuv? iiivuuimviiijy v/ui ii j v/1 J jvi^v v> ivi ^
nominated Sam J. Leo, Boston, of
Nowbcrry, nominated Macon B. Allot),
of Charleston. Nominations were
then closed, and a ballot had, which
rofiultod as follow;*: Wright, 128; Iieov
{>; Alien, 1. Tho circuits woro then
taken up in numorical order. Davis,
of Charleston. " Tiirlenr.ndr.nt. and. r.nalL
_ 1 - I " "v
lion Republican" nominated W. J.
"Wbipper, which nomination was seconded
by flpeakor Elliott. Jorvcy, of
Charleston, nominated 10. B. .Seabrook;
Fincknoy, of Charleston, tho
"Santoo orator," second id tho nomination
of Mr. Sen brook, nut in conclusion,
said ilo hoped tho liopubiicnns '
would not vote for 11in candidate, but 1
pupport Whipper. Major Aiulchers, ol 1
Charleston, nominated Major JI. A. '
Meclzo, Democrat. In this contest 1
the color lino waft drawn ho lar as j
tho eolored mombora woro concerned, 1
and tho party lash was cracked over (
tho white .Republicans, who were ]
given to understand that their politis
Cid prcforment in tho luturo depended
entirely upon the vote they were then '
called upon to cost. This had the de- :
wired effect, and they voted lor Whipper
an complacently as could he imagined.
Tho ballot l'OBulted as follows:
Whipper, 83; Mcelsso, 33; Scabroolc, ?
Whipper was declared duly elcctcd
Judjjo of tho first Circuit (and most
important)indicml Circuit of the State:
tipon this announcement, a doafeniug 1
yell, that scarcely could l?o surpassed 1
hy all the demons of the infernal re- *
gions, rent tho air, hats went up to- ''
wards the top of tho Iiouhc, hands *
woro clapped, and tho sahlo members v
of the reform Legislature of South ft
Carolina went otV into octaoies over }l
their triumph. It was then anuounct 1
cd that nominations wcrn in rn'dm* I'm' e
the socontl Circuit. NVhippor nominated
T. O. Wiggins, tho present So- '
I'.citor of that, Circuit, r.ml whoso mor. '
nl character and legal abilities, I nm '
informed, are entirely below par; l<ut s
he wab dyed in tho v\ool, and tlmt '
>Vft9 suflicicnt. Wbippor, in his res t
South Carolina sinoo reconstruction.
On yoatorday a joint resolution was
rocoivod in tho Ilouso, from the Sonate,
proposing to go into an election
to day, for one Associato Justico of
the Supromo Court and eight Circuit
JudgcB. Tho House, by a very largo
voto, laid tho roaolution on tho tnblo,
and it was /rcnciallv understood ilmi.
? o ?/ " " "
no cloclion would bo gone into until
alter tho Christmas holidays. This
did not moot tho approbation of tho
aspirants and their manipulators, and
last night a caucus of tho Republican
party was held, and ovorything cut
and dryed?in fact, tho Judges woro
virtually elocted, for tho candidates
woro all put in nomination and every
"truoand tried Republican" plodgod to
tho man rccoiving tho nomination.-?
rnarkes, in making the nomination,
snid that ho rojoicod to know that
' thoparty linos had boon lightly drawn,
and they did not intond to put any
but avowed Republican* yi office.?
Tlioy askod nothing from tho Democrats,
and did not proposo to give
thorn anything. Maher was an ablo,
clear headed Judge, but was not Ilepublican
enough for him, and ho called
upon his party to stand unitedly by
his candidato.
Spoalter Elliott, nominated Judgo
Maher for re-oloction, in a very complimentary
spoech. Uurelcmoyor said
llioy wanted a colored man on that
Circuit, and ho nominated M. B. Allen,
oi Charleston. Thovot? resulted
an follows: Wiggins, 85; Mahor, 08;
Allen, 9. Wiggins.was declared duly
elected J udgo of the 2d Judicial Cir*.
Villi') IVM il Willi VI 1UUI J Vi\l D, 11 IIVII
another yell went forth from tho
throats of tho faithful.
Tlio third Circuit was next in order,
Johnson, another "Independent, and
coalition llepuhlican," noiniatcd tho
immaculate F. J. Moses, Jr. Whipnor.
in another one of his "patriotic"
upocchoa, eoconded tho nomination.?
Williams, ol Georgetown, nominated
Judge Shaw, for rc^oloction. Tho
ballot resulted as follows: Moses, 76;
Shaw, <17. Moses was declared duly
elected Judgo of tho third Circuit,
when another patriotic ydl rent the
Whittomore, nominated Judgo
Townsend for rc-clootion, who rocoivcd
the unanimous votool tho joint
assembly, and was declared duly
Paris Simkins, of Edgefield, nominated
Judgo Carpenter, lor rc eleetion.?
Ilo had no opposition, and was un i
iii mniiRlu
Wliitc, of York County, nominated
T. J. Alack ay for re-election. Bam-,
field, of Beaufort, nominated A. I*.
Knowlton, of Orangebiig. This was
a content in which 1 could sco no
choice in the men, and with a few
other Conservatives, voted for Jas.
[I. Ilion, of NVinnsboro. It was thought
that tho vote between Alackoy and
Knowlton was going to be very close,
and I lie Conservative voto was eagerly
sought by thorn both. The voto rc>?
suited as followr,: Mackey, 04; Knowl
ton, '28; Ilion, G. Tho liar o{ that
Circuit, gonevally preferred Mackoy
to Ivnowlton, and lor this roason most
ol the Conservatives voted for him.
Northrop was the only candidate
put iii nomination for the 7lli Circuit,
but about halfof tho Democrats voted
tor (Joneral W. II. Wallace, of Union.
Tho vote losulted: Northrop, I I I;
Wallaco, 1(5.
Judge Cooko was nominntod by
Spcnrcr, of Abbeville for the 8111 Cirs
cuit; Ferguson, of CJrocnvillo nominaled
Thomas Thompson, of Abbeville;
but tho Conservatives seeing that
there waft no possible hopo for his
election, generally voted for Cooko,
who received 114 volcfl; Thompson, 12.
Thus ended ono of tho darkest days
for South Carolina. Whippet*, Morcb,
Munknv! (i real, find! 1 turn from l.bo
subject sickened and disgusted. Tho
coalition policy ol t!?o Mows and
Courier and Gov. Perry are llio Beads
of this disaster. ^
I will now go back and cnunierato
the legislation of general importance
#inco our short recess. An act to
repeal tho lien law lias been defeated
in this House, arid our people most
[lontinuo to bear the evils resulting
IVoin it, until tho character of our
rrnvfii'iimnnl in rlwilicivl Ail lift ra.
pealing the law which required Iho
bounty Commisaioners to audit and
pass upon school claims, has passed tho
IIouso and been sent to tho Senato,
which body, I prcHiune will concur in
it. A joint resolution, proposing an
imoiitimoilt to tiio conMiiution, inntin^
tlio wessons of tlio (Jcnornl Assembly
to sixty (lays, lias boon doJefeatcd.
Tho school book commission
reported to tlio(ionoral Assembly
Llicir notion in making a change in
Lho text. books for tho public schools
ilso, tho charges ngainst J. D. Hob
jrtscn, chairman ol' tho commisHion,
11 reference to his corrupt propositions
o publishers, which wns first mndo
mown through llio columns of tlio
s'ews and Courior. Tho report was
oferred to tho cominittoos on judiciry
and education; and tho chargos
gainHt Kobcrleon with tho ovidcnco,
o tho commilteo on privilogOH and
A bill to make tho ofllccft of ( unty j j
1 rcasurers and YVuditoro elective, has j
>oon defeated by ft strict party vote. <
['ho dcbftlca on tliis bill very clearly |
bowed that the Jlopublicans only j
loped to retain power in tbo State |
b rough llicso olliccB?that is only
such mon ns would mnnipulnto and
woik me puny up to reaver boat In
tho Bovornl counties should be put in
tho oflio?fl, but if they permitted tho
pcoplo to oloet them, they would not
enro so much forth* party, but work
for self, and thus, ovor half tbo eoun>
tioR in thtk HfwnnM
? ? ? W?ww ?vwwaw vv? minij ww
lost to them.
A joint resolution, to require and
authorise the County Commissioners
of Pickens County, to levy and cause
to bo collectod annually, a speoial tax
of throe mills to bo appltod, ojcc1u?
sively to the payment of the past indobtodnoss
of the County, unlil tho
samo shall havo been paid, has roeoivod
its second roadincr in tho IIouso. In this
connection, I will Bay that flomo timo
6ince I received a petition, eignod by
all tho Count}' Commissioners, asking
tho General ABsomblv to grant thom
acthority to levy an annual tax of
tivo mills, to defray tho current expenses
of tho County. This, with tho
concurrence of Senator Bowon, 1 doclinocl
to nroaont,. Tt. mnv hn a rliffl
1 J " " " "*"
cult matter to conduct tho affairs of
tho County on a tax of throo mills,
and a largo flouting dobt has alroady
boon saddled upon our County from
'this causo, it is claimed; but 1 think
with good managoment both onda
) ? 4? 1 ' '
viiu uu iiiuuu iu muuii uii u ijvjt ui inreo
mills. Our poor farm can, and ought
to bo made self-sustaining. Most of
tho bridges in tho County aro now, or
havo recently repaired, and without
somo unforesoon disaster. I can not
soo why our County espouses should
exceed a tax of throo wills. .Reform,
reform. is t.ho nrtf Irnm fl.o mnnntiiinn
, -- J ?
to tho seaboard, and lot uh bogin at
homo. Tho County Commissioners
should not, under any circumstances
permit tho County expenditures to
oxcood its revenue; but tho present
year, with tho expense of only one
court to provido for instead of throo,
they have croated a debt of somo throo
hundred dollars; and. if tho other two
Icrms of court liad boon bold, it would
liavo amounted to two thousand dol
lars, iuBtcnd of tbreo hundred. Why
in thin? Can not such deficiencies bo
prevented in tlio futuro? I do not
accuse the Commissioners of anything
wrong, but speak of theso matters
and call their attention to them in
order that they may nrovont onvl hini*
J J I U C?
of tho kind hereafter. Our wholo
syatom of County government, as well
us Stale, is radically wrong and not
at all adapted to our pooplo or their
circumstances, but it is an evil that
wo are poworloiw to vciuody, and will
have to make llio host ol circumstan*
com, and hide our time. Alroady wo
havo a Stalo tax of ton mi/is to puy,
an ordinary County tax of threo mills.
bolides the special tax of throo moro?
malting an aggrogato ol sixteen mills
in Pickers Coonty. Aro wo able to
boar more for current expenses? 1
think not. Besides this, it may bo
post-ible that wo will liavo to pay tho
Hail road tax, though it is to bo hoped
.t.?l --? ?
i/iittb vur v-uuoo iiiujr ultimately - uo
flUCCOBsf 111.
In tlicUnilod StntoB Court on Tuesday'
last, iwo Buits against tho County
on those bonds, ono brought by tho
Bunk of Commorco of Richmond, Va.,
and tho other by tho Richmond and
Danvillo Railroad, was tried, and in
both casus judgment rondored against
tho County. Both judgments amount,
I bcliovo, to over iivo thousand dol
lars, but Iiicy wore triod separately,
and under a recent law of the United
States, I am informed, an appeal to
tho Supremo Court can not bo taken
unless tho judgmont amounts to ovor
five thousand dollars. Theso cases
being soparate, and noithor amounts
ing to that amount, it is loarod that
wo will not be ablo to taUo nn appeal,
unlcHS it Loon tlio basis that tho
amount involvod amounts to ovor that
amount, even a hundred thousand
dollars of principal to say nothing of
tho interest. Col. Norton, i am as*
surfed will flight tho enso to fhft lno?
ditch, but, in tlio ovcnt that ho should
(ail, I think it w'iho arid prudent for
our pcoplo t > be prepared to moot tho
demand. It would ho well for each
taxpayer to lay asido tho amount of
his Railroad tax, in tho event it should
coino, then ho will not bo taken by
gui'prifto and will bo able to moot it.
What tho final result will bo, I am
tint, uliln to miv. hilt would rwlvidn nm.
people to bo prepared for tho worst.
Tho Icgisl&tuie will probably adjourn
over on tho 22nd iriHt, to tho
f>lh of January next, I had tho
pleasure ol mooting our Clerk of
L'ourt, S. I). Keith, Eh<j., in the city
Lhirt week, who was Hummoned hero
hh ti witness in tlio Air Lino Knilrond
bond suit. W. G. Fiold, Esq., is now
in tho city on his return from tho
mooting of thq Grand Lodgo in Chnr?
' loston, I will lilcoly bo with you
abont tho middlo of noxt wook,
* JL>.
In accordanco with a time honored
custom of giving tho "dovil and his
associates" a little respite from the
ardaous and oonfining duties ot ai
printing office, thore will bo no Issuo
of the /Sentinel till January Glh.
With this isauo ends tho labors of tho
prosont yoar?Ha blossings,ils delights
and its misfortunes. Wo nil havo
grown oldor and, it is to bo hoped,
wisor by tho many oxperioncos of tho
past . "A merry Christmas to all
our roadera
A vordict in tho caso of tho Bank
of Commerce vs. tho County of Pickens,
in tho United Statos Circuit Court
I holding in Columbia on 14th inBt,
has boon rendorod lor $2240.88; and
i iiiBu uuubiiur in uie case 01 mo KicMmond
and Danville Railroad vs. County
of Pickons for $3734.80. It will be
soon that this judgement together
with tlie ono previously obtainod puts
tho county 814,000 in debt on tho:
Bcoro of intorost on tho Bonds issuod
by tho County in aid ot tho Air Lino
Railroad. Tho County's nttornoy,
Col. J. J. Norton will tako nn appoal
to tho Snprorno Court of tho United
Statos, whoro ho hopes to havo a
moro successful hoaring. Tho appeal
bond for this purposo has alroady been
Wo call attontion to tho advortisomont
of tho Piokens High School,
which opons January 17th. This
School is commoncing on its third
xrnnt* T I Affnua #%
jviii, iv uuuidii hjiiuiiuiu U|,J)UriUIIIty
to both 80X08 of acquiring a good
practioal business education, and an a
preparatory sohool it cannot bo oxcellod.
Tho Principal has had a long and
varied cxporionco in his profession.
As a boarding school it cannot bo surpassed
in hcalthinoss ofclimato, choaplions
both in rospoct to board and tui
tion, and in its removal from all tlio
evils of immorality and vice, which
aro tho usual attendants ot more conspicuous
Hoats of learning. Wo advise
tho young men and girls of tho
country to enter tho Pickens High
School nt its noxt ononing and they
will not rogrot it.
We oapccially call attention to tho
advortisomont, of N F HnrrrUn X- fV\
ill this week's issuo. If anybody in
tho County wants a first class cooking
istovu, go to Greonvillo and call on our
friond Gdronth, and ho will furnibh it
at a prico lowor t'.uxn anybody elso,
no mistake; ho koops the best.
Wo loarn from tho Augusta Chroniclo
& Sentinel that a duel took place
at Sand x>ur "orry near Augusta on
tho 10th inst., botwoon Messrs C. 1).
Tilly and Geo. E. JRntcliflfo, in which
Mr. Tilly, the challongor, was wounded;
and it was thought at the timo,
not seriously, but ho has sinco diod.
Tho Governor 1ms appointod Wm.
Porry Contonnial Commissioner vicc
John It. Cochran resigned.
Charles O'Connor is now consider^
cd out of danger.
Mr. W. H. Tutt has becomo oditor
of tbo Lexington Dispatch. Mr. Tutt
is a good printer, and has had much
nowapapor oxporionco. Wo hopo ho
will bo oncourngcd by tho peoplo of'
Lexington. If tboy will do their part
Mr. Tutt will givo thorn ft good county
Minor Tories. ? Tho President
mnnnn himinpHM ill l>in vnISr?5mia Uini.
Laat Sunday Parson Nowman proaehod
a sormon against the Catholics, tho
President being in tho audienco. A
low days ago tho Presidents friends
ordorcd fivo hnndrod thousand copie8
of tho ineaaago and sermon hound io->
gethor. Thoy will bo distributed
throughout tho country aa ca mpnign
floftlimnnt, for a lliirfl lni*m
Tlio biggo&t canoe ever built has
been bought from Moquillah, a chief
in British Columbia, ami will bo boht
to the Centennial. It is sixty foet
long and eight leet wide and four feot
deep, and carries one hundred passen
Tlio boundary lino in the far north
wesi 18 being marked by cast iron
pillars, eight foot high, set in tho
ground four feet, at <li itunces of a milo
from each other. Tho English and
American government8set tho posts
111 ">1 ??? 5!
Furman Uaiyertity?Free Tuition*
VVn ? ,1 i I ~ I
If V UIIUVIOKUIU I'y in VUllUUUHtl^ UApoctod
that tho few thousands necessary
to oomploto the endowmont of tho
Collegiate dopartraent of this institution
wiU beoomploted by the let day
of January, and that said department
wi.i men do open to competent stu*
dents without charge for instruction.
The small anuunl fee of 90 00 for in-*
oiclontals boing nil a stndont will havo
to pay. Good boarding onn bo ob?
tained at tho cost of about $15 00 a
month, including washing, fuel and
After ft short Christmas rccos#, tho
work of tho session will bo resumed
on tho 6th day of January. This is
near tho middlo of tho scholastic yoar>
but it is understood that to accommo*
daU now comers, the Faculty will
IIJOIOV V/III} yj 11 nuv^ii |n u|?ai atiuil tio m
required nt the courtraonoomont of tho
collcgiato year: In Mathematics?a
knowlodgo of Arithmotic, aud of Algobra
through equations of tbo soconc
dogroe; in Latin, knowlodgo of tho
grammar (includinir Prosody") and tho
loading of three books of Cncaar's G.
13. and four of Virgil's TEncid; in
Grook?knowlcdgo of tbo grammar,
and tho reading of two books of Xonophon's
Anabasis; in English?such
familiarity with tho languago ns will
fit tho pupil to commence Khotorioal
studies. ^
1 arisian ladies nro said to 'look
like pencils c 'vered with raiment.'
' Wipe, oli, wipe my faco, and I'm
everybody; scratch, oh, scratch my
hack (a littlo higher, a little lower,
rather moro to tho left, not qnito so
much, thank vo ) and I'm nobody.''
A mirror.
Children should bo taught the
frequent useoi good, Blrung, express^
ivo WO'ds?words that moan exactly
what they should express in their
l? u|>or places.
Mention is uiada in a f.ir NVoJtorn
newspaper ot an India'i maiden who
wears army piuitaloonp, uses tobacco,
and goes by the name of "Falling
Ninety throo young ladies out of
u class of 125, passed a successful
examination in the Academy of Medicine
ami Surgery at St. Petersburg
Public spirit?rondincsa to do anw
lliing which in likely to prove Uicrns
It mntlom not now how n, man dies,
but how ho live*.
Prepare for Winter.
Don't let tho winds of winter find
your windows without sashes, or good
whole doors, but havo thom fitted at
onco from the manufactory of Mr. V
P. ToaIjE, whoso advertisement is in
another column.
IIo is also sole agontfor tho "National
Mixed Faint Co.," who warrant
their paint not to erack, peel or fado.
A No. 8 Stove
FOK $18.00.
rnilB best nnd handsomest No. 8 .STOVE in
_L llio market for $18.00. with '2!t picces,
Hani boiler inohided, nnd not a Muffin King
or l'atty Pan, among the number. How is
it.?? i ?
i urn/ lur iuw.
Greenville, S. C., I'cc, '23, 17 I
Notice !
KNOW all men by thoso presents, I lint
in accordance with nn Act entitled
"An Act to provide for granting of certain
charters," approved the thirtieth day of
February, one thousand eight hund.'ed and
eeventy four, and our petition asking for a
charter; that Mathew Hendricks and Jessie I
Simmons, and their associates and successors, j
members of this "Oolenoy ltaptist 6'hurch,"
are hereby constituted and declared a body
pDlitic and corporate, under the name and
style of the Oolenoy Baptist Oliurch of Pick*
ens County. jSaid corporation shall have
power to purchase and hold real estate or
linrnnnnl nrnnorli/ '
, r.?rv.v, ..w vAuucuuig iu value
the sum of dollars; and to sell and
| convey, or dispose ofthcsameln any manner
whatsoever; and by its corporate name to
sue and be sued in any of the Courts of the
State, and to make ?uch rules and by-law?,
not repugnant to the laws of the land, as may
be deemed necessary; to make, use and keep
a common teni and the same at will lo alter.
Given under my hand and official soal, in
the Clerk's office at Pickens Court House,
this tho day of In the
year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred
and seventy-five, and in tho omo hundredth
ycnr oi rno I'ocinraf 1011 of I ho IndepetulAnce
of America.
H. D. KfifTH, c.c.r.r
Deo 28, 1H7A 17 8 '
Htv M In Deeds!
i? i
THE undersigned would respectfully iuform
the oitfsens of Easier Station And
surrounding country, that he hM just return-,
-ed from tnurktt, wiiJ> ? lot of
Joans, Siiirliug, Flnnuola, Shawls, &o., &o.
Also, a fine lot of Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps,
and everything uaualy found in a Dry-goods
A fine selection of choice family Groceiies,
Candies, Cigars, Chewing and Smoking To-*
Also, a lot of No. 1 Family Modicines.
Hardware, Cutlery, Glass and Crockery-ware.
All cheap for eash or barter.
Highest prices paid for all hinds of Country
Troduco. . *
P.nalnu ClntUn A J. T) ? T T1 T.
..MU.VJ uinvivii) n. W. &V. XX. u. iv# XV*
Not 25, 1876 13 8m
I '
! Tho undersigned have opened a House in
Easley, near their Livery Stable, for the purpose
of conducting a fancy and heavy
Under tho Firm, name and stylo of RICIIEY
&WYATT. They guarantee bottom prices.
us they intend selling strictly for cash. Giro
them a call.
Easlcy, Nov 22, 1875 13 if
i i
call the attention of my friends and the pubic
generally, to (he large and well selected
Stock of Goods
I hare now in store. My Block consists of
BOOTS AND sirom?
All bought in person for this market, ru prices
that can not bo cut under.
The I.adics will find my DRESS nntl
FANCY GOODS, especially suited to their
wants, and Gentlemen in need of CLOTHING
of Ihe latost styles will Bare money by in
IoiiCUllilg my HIOCK.
Hy strict attention to business, and with
fairness to all, I hope to continuo to receive
the favors of tho past.
Porsons who arc duo tho firm of FOUD &
MAULD1N on account, will please settle name
iHt or November, na the buniness of the old
firm must be closed.
Oct 14 7 tf
R..l? f- H 1 *? ' ?
wiiaier in ueuerai MCrCui&uiSe.
Tlmt Imvo boon buying GOODS on a
-1 5- -
uiuuit uuring mo year, will plcaso re-*
member that the undorsigned has concluded
to accept Cotton, Corn, Currency,or
anything olso, to liquidate
mo nuiiit;?anu will always bo found
at his storo, ready to wait on thorn,
cither to SETTLE or SELL MORE
GOODS vory choap lor tho CASII.
ilomombor l*?y D?y i? on hand
- -and I nood my money.
Ensloy Station, B.C., Doc. 10, 187f>,
ALL toachorB in Pickens county aro
heroby notifiod that tho Examining
Hoard will moot on the 8th day of
jftnnary noxt to oxamino toacliors
for tho Public Schools. There will
hn nnftif.ivnlv. nn r>lli.ii?
? v ~-j i ? v>ac?iiiiimiion
till noxt Juno. Thoao, thorofore,
who want to teach must como forward
on tho above day or they will bo tJobarred
from receiving a certiflcato.
ft. A. BO WEN,
School Coiniseionor.
D#o. 16 16 at.

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