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The Little Bonanza
tfrn ^bm 16 rSdrtta fWMtiJ*"
mont of cortaih 'indWfttfo&s of tho
was ngaty frojffta
committee oisAVayft.ttl)tl M?^ua. . jfc^tv
tttto 1 Mm* -tte? *>r ?'
mill for ctfth ?l
1&T5, i4*i*WP Waymefifc
Thoao claims aro'fts foliotos: ' *< J*?-u mt
if:j. Ettov^o4HS8BftfeSfe?2l.
8hro wabarry, qptk, ,
Ijpwi^ QACift; jioHdl*' * 'i^NMO'
A. O. Jones, .
. jj^rtifio^te, ***' -o<Mv<u .mmi9601
Greon Smith, tfuo bill 200 00
15. M. JBrayton, clork Mi ... . 360 Q9.
S. J, 5^m?Holdf cloi k # 300 00
A. Harris^ clerk ??.. a ' "t 1'20 00
J& N&ab, sohdltbt 300 00
T? fim.ll nn
(i. ShrowBborry, attnchco 185 00
B. A. Sisson 1,500 00
D. Harris, chaplain 880 00
J. L. West, comrailteo clcrk 500 00
T. S. Cavonder, comraittco
clerk 1,000 00
S. J. Leo, solicitor 1,000 00
Thomas Hamilton, lot of
pay cortifieatoa 1,595 70
Itdbert Bmalls, duo bill 250 00
jixaray ooiomon 20,117 00
N. E. Edwards, school claim 722 00
E. M, Jonos, cortilicifto 300 00
A. F. Cants,'cortificato 300 00
A; Parloy^ ccriifloato 200T)0
Catawba Indians 2,145 00
Total $n8,272 82
'i (taction 2 levies ono-fourth mill for
Jkoli of three years for unpaid appropriations
of printing 1873^74, cuo
Republican Printing Company.
< Section 3 lovios ono-third of a mill
for ??Ch of tbreo yoars to pay claims
?B fpllows: it .
AM Bobbin?, pensioner $ 480 00
$alanco duo on salaries 10,413 00
H. H. Borry 9,406 70
Aikon Tribuno 2,Oil 50
Boaufort Soutborn "Standard 2,498 00
A. Palmer 4,750 00
P. F. Frazco 14,165 05
llowio & Allon 5,G13 55
Charleston Chronicle A.R2R ftft
W. E. Hose 5^713 86
Citieons' savings bank and
Central National Bank 57,C25 69
J. Exans Frittorv J?,647 00
Total $123,179 40
Section '1 lovics two fiftoontlis nf n
mill for each of throo yearn to pay. tho
past indobtodncfis of tho Lunatic Asy*
Join, ho Stato penitentiary, and t!io
l)oaf, Dumb and Blind Asylum. Tho
amount of this indebtedness is not
Btatod. Wo should bo much obliged
for any information on this subject.
Section 5 lovics ono twontieth of a
mill for oach of throo years for tho
Unpaid appropriations of tho Orphan
Asylum and tho State Normal SchoolSofition
6 rcnuircs tho nnmnf
^ ? rvi%/,lvl
Gonoral to issuo warrants, num bored
1, 2 and 8, bearing intorost from dnto
of isBuo, to ouch person ontitled to
recoivo them undor tbo net, pnynblo
out of tbo tnxoH of 1875, '70, '77, ros
poctlvoly; provided that tho Comptroller
shall invostigato each claim
boforo issuing 'such warrants, and
shall disallow, in wholo or in pari,
any; such claim as ho may adjudgo to
bo an unjust, invalid or impropor elaim
against the Stain.
Spction 7 was added by amondmont.
It providos that tho warrants shall
hnnr nnrin dm *' - ''?* *!
v?u <i?w kiiu IUUI Hint an i|
annual tax ib levied for their pay
mont, and that tho warrant constitutor
a contract botwocn tho holder and tho
Stato. This was to give whatever additional
valuo it could to tho warrants
of future yoars.
Tho bill rocoivod its socond rcad^ ..
ing, and wa? ordered to bo ongrossod ^
for a thli'd without much dobato.
Tho total lovy is thirtcon fifteenths
of a mill. Tho throo tax billa now
' *
vtj ujigrogttio mix or ton mills and
thirteen filtoonths of a mill.?Union
- An
expert in fino ponmnnship recently
managod to writo sovornl thou 1
Bftnd words on n postal card, and thd J
flmnrt country postmastor whom i? 0
V/ftH mailed thinking this altogothcr *
too much writing to bo carricd around 0
tho country for ono cont, Bont it to
tfio dead lottcr ofllco. It wo? roturnod I
Willi tho dociflion thatitniakoB no dit. ^
foronco lipw much a man writos if lio "
only gots it all on ono sido of tho %
card. '
? -u
Rub tho blink ivliont /? > 1 11
..v?v uanu l^riuu
with halt n turnip, to mako tho cakos .?
coinc ofT nicoly. This is bettor than A
fat. Vi
. I
' * ***'"M"1 J'l' . >KHnrr^rm.-,T??
Warner e *? EjsUuuuUnor. 1
Mv. WajndV, a MJHpeotaOlo u:ul hvwmJmMMI
<^BHi |tr^t, rod?
jioino m tin oxprosa wngon tho other
Jlay, having a hand firo oxtioguishor
und tho drivor for company.
; WkKi *&! hi" wif?
in contemptuous tones as sho opened
tho hall door. ?
ghat's a fjiioJ
tlio Tx'Wl you mr
i^nwj^otrnlto |jftvo got ono a year
ago.' , "
j 'JaooK, yoy aro always making a
fool of yoursolf,' sho continued, as sho
shut tho door. 'Every patont right
man gots around you as a cat lavs for
a mouse.'
'.Does, ho'/ Tf VOII Itnnvv nnvl.hinw
J -- j - ?v 6
at. -nil, you know that ovory storo and
oflico in Detroit Ims 0110 of those.?
Thoy liaVo savod lots of buildings, and
in^iy savo ours.'
'Yoir tlirow it at tho firfc don't you?'
'sho askod in sarcastic tono*.
* Flo carricd it up rtairs into a closct
wit.hnut. l-finlvinrr nml nl<n fr?l mntml
- -r-J -Ol " *" ?V.'V? vu
and naked:
Does it shoot a firo out?'
'If you don't know anything, I'll
loarn yoh somothing! It is; full of
ohomicals; you strike on this knob on
top and sho's all roady to opon this
faucet and play on tho fire?
Sho grinned as sho walked around
it, mid finally asked:
'Do you got a horso to draw it
around?' ! '
No, I don't get a horso to draw it
around- You soo those straps? Woll,
I buck u]i, put my arms through thorn,
and horo it is on my back.'
'I boo it is,' she snoerod.
'And can't 1 run to nnv nnrt. nf flir*
house wit it'r' ho demandod. 'Sco
800 ?'
And lio ontcrcd along tho hall, into
tho bedrooms and out, and was turning
tho hoad of tho stairs whon bis
foot caught in tho carpct. Ho throw
up his arms and sho grabbed at
him, and both rollod down stairs. lie
yolled and she j'cllcd. Sometimes ho
was ahead, and Ihon bho took the
load, and ncithor of thorn had passed
under tho 'string* whon tho oxiinguishor,
bumping and jamming, bogan
to shoot off its chargo of cheiiK
'You old !' she started to say
whon a stream from tho hoso struck
hor botwoon tho oj'os, ftnd sho didn't
'What in?o-U-c-h?' roftrod Air.
Warner, us he got a <loso in ono of his
Thoy brought up in ft houp ftt tho
bottom of tho stftirs, tho stroam play
ing into tho parlor, against tho hall
door, and up stairs l>y turns and sho
'I'll havo you sent to a fool asvlnml'
'Who's a fool!' ho roared, dUrioing
around with his eyes lull of chemicals.
I'm fainting!' hIio squeaked.
'And I've broken my back!' lio
It was a ead houso when thoso two
highly rospcctablo old people got
so that thoy could uao their oyes and
/llartnou ? 1 -?
.....vu.m iiuuwii] uaiiuiy, ^viiu kiic
doubled up hoi' Tint and hoarsely r(N
'Tako that invoRtigator, or distillguinher,
or whatovor you call it, hack
down town and tell ovoryhocJy that
?aii n..a ? i 1.. ??
y imi uiu il lUllliLICi"
And ho Raid:
'Dummili I know more thnr
^Q^)' I ?yi'f
Shb WAsn*!^ and ulteV a tooi^Li^und
tho boy oontinuod.
"ifylke hiu? no tynsinoas to call boys
"Iiftvo you boon iolling mo tho
truth, boy?"
?cV,?o T I * it ? ? *
iuo X imvu. x 111 willing 10 DO
struck dead if I havo liod! Whoro is
tlio woman? Wbv,,, don't she corno
lioro and swear against me? Hero's
'whoro tho dog bit mo on the log, and
JI'll fnco hor any timo!'
"William, you may go, but koop
out of trouble boroaftor. It's protty
Iwrd for a freo Amorican citizen to
run IIWIIV Pl'nm fl glrivmioli Knt nni>
? J " ""I v"u J""
had bottor dodgo around tho cornor
than to got into a wrnnglo with a
woman. Go in and find your hat,
quit wipingyour noHO,go to bed oarly
and you'll somo day bo ablo to dolivor
an addross boforo a county fair.
Circumstances Alter Cases.?Tho
(1 n ir 1\i1a n
w.-?. **"j) ??>iu i? i lunouuiyoi' wa<}
riding toward Jackson in his buggy,
ho buw a long hairod young man sit.
ting on a road sido fcnco- Thero was
such an air of uttor desolation about
tho countryman tlmt tbo Yicksburgor
drow roins and inquirod: f
"For God's salco, what nils you,
young man?"
"-Nothing, tor God's Bake!" was tho!
mock reply.
"But is any ono doad!"
"Ilaint hoard of anybody but old
A'athows, and ho wont off two months
"Aro you sick?"
"I fool kinder bad."
" Woll you look bad. In fact, you
aro tho worst looking young man
I've socn sinco tho closo of tho war."
"I'was all right till a month ago,''
said tho young man looking still moro
"What happonod thon?'
"Woman wont hack on me!"
"Did, oh? Woro you cngagodi"'
"I'd hung around there for a year
or ho, and we'd hugged and loved and
huokou lingers, it that isn't being
engaged then I con't know."
"And sho backed out?"
"Well I'vo boon through mysolf. I
had a woman go back on mo in that
way throo months ago, and didnt loso
a bit of slocp ovor it."
"You didnt?"
"No, Sir."
" But then, sighed the young man,
as ho hitched along on the ruil, tho
woman you lovod didnt own si-xtoen
millos. find Imvn n clmin Itim/liuwl Ul??
of cotton to soil!"?Vickaburg llorald.
Tlioy wore husband nnd wife, nnd as
they stood before tho Soldiers' monument
she asked;
'What's that figgor on top?'
'That's a goddoss,' ho answered.
'And what's a goddess?'
'A woman who" holds hor tongue,'
ho ropliod.
Sho looked sido-wavfl at bim nml
bogan planning to mulco a peach pio
with tho pitfl in it for tlio benefit of
his 8oro tooth.
im - ?
'Pay mo tlmt nix and oight penco
you owo mo, Mr. Mulroonoy,' said a
villago attorney. 'For what?' 'For
tho opinion you had of mo.' 'Faith,
I novor had any opinion of you in all
my life!'
Preserve eggs by a quick dipping
in boiling wator, and packing in fresh
enlt, email end down.
It was observed tn a dcconBed law
jor that ho loft but fow effecte; to
which a lady remarked that "ho had
but tow causoH "
* J
mm sot . "
MVikUtlM MtfiUHUdUa
TO <tOA por <lny ! A8cnts wanted, f
[peJ ?J)/vU All clashes of working people,
of oillior sex, young or old, make inoro p
rionev at work for im In l.lmir anni-n mrw _
nonts, or all the time, than nt anything olao* \
['articular* free. AddressCJ. fc5TIN80N&C<)' ^
I'ortland, Maine.
jj.^aaP^S3Ea\ ' SEWING
[| p Jp| MACHINES.
ThoBent Patterns made. Scn<l Sets, for Catalogue.
Aoimts Wajitkd. "<Lft NKW lOltU.
(P 1 CI a <lay at home. Agents wanted. OuttpJL/V
fit and terms froe? True & Co., Augusta,
""shun drug poisons"
VoHa'n lilcclro IteKs an?l
are indorsed l>y the most eminent physicians
in tho world for the cure of rheumatism,
neuralgia, liver complaint, dyspepsia, ki.lney
disease, aches, pains, nervous disorders, fits,
iviiimu uuiu|>iiwiiiH, nervous ami general liability,
aiul oilier chronic diseases of the chest,
head, liv"% stomach, kidneys and blood.?
Book with full particulars free by Volta licit
Co , Cincinnati, O.
EBBl'lUl WEEK guaranteed to Agents,
\ I / Male and Female, in their locality.?
yi I I Terms and OUTFIT FREE. Address
i P.O. VICKKRY & CO., Augusta, Me.
11$5 to ?20 per day at. home. Samples worth
$1 free. Stinson & Co., Portland, Maine.
either sex may fascinate and gain
tho love and affections of any person tfoey
choose, instantly. This arL nil nnn nnMsp?H
free, by mail, for 2"> ccnt.s ; logeUier with iv
Marriage 0i?i?le, Egyptian Oracle, Dvcarris,
Hints to Ladies, e'.c. 1,000,000 sold. A queer
Address T. WILLIAM & CO., Pub' l'hila.
AGENTS, I lie greatest chance of the age.
Address, with slump, National Copying
Co., Atlnnt, Ga.
Maryland Eyo & Ear Institute
60 N. Ciiart.ks Strkkt, Bai.timohk. Md.
GEORGE REULING, M. L>., lato Prof, of
Eye and Ear Surgery in tho Washington
University. Surpeon in nlinroro
Tlio large handsome residence of the late
Charles Oarroll has been fitted up with all
tho improvements adopted in tho latest
Schools of Europe, for tho special treatment
of this class of diseases. Apply by letter to
(jCORGI: IltsuiiiNG, M. 1).,
Surgeon in Charge.
TjIBLT CARPET I NOS, centtT~pc r y aid.
X." Felt Ceiling for rooms in plana of plaster.
Felt Rooliing and Siding. For Circular
and Sample, address C. J. FAY, Camden,
New Jersey.
EYE and 13 Alt Institute.
No. 55 Franklin St.. Bai.timork, Md.
JULIAN J. OHISOLM, M?P.Prof, of Eyeand
Ear diseases in tho University of Maryland,
Surgeon in charge.
This Institution is thoroughly organized
and fitted up with every convenience for the
treatment of Eye and liar Diseases.
F or further information, apply to the
Rills, Bonds and Post ago Stamps Wanted ?
$4 for rarest bills, ?10 for rarest stamps li
will pay to send them immediately. Also
other curiosities, American Stamp Co., liox
40-15. Now Vork.
Dec 2 41 1
Livery and Sale Stalk
Parties desiring to hire conveyance to
Pickens Court House, Tablo Rock and oilier
points, can lie accommodated at my Staldes,
at all hours of the day and night. PurnllARPt'fi
?nr? u-'.crw
at rcaHonnblopriccs.
"Regular Mail Lluc to Pickcns Courthouse
daily. (Sundays excepted.)
Easloy Station, S. 0., Aug, ? , 1875.
Cncouragc Home Enterprise and Home People,
Geo. S. Hacker,
The only Carolinian engaagert in llio nmn
ifaotwro of Doors, Bash, lUindti, Moulding
md Turned Work in Olinrlpalon. f>. O
I'ricos as low as finy otlior house, i\n<l all
vork firsl-class. no 29?ly
Knrlc, Wells & Taylor,
flttornoys and Counsellors at Law
Ha zing cslnhli?hocl an oflloo at I'ickcns C.
I., <9.0., will atteini promptly to all buninosH
eft with O. W. Taylor who may l>o always
ountl at their ofttco at Piskona C. II., 8. 0.
une 01 fiio senior partners win always ho
iresont at I ho Courts to assist with the busiOHS.
V. B. BAULK, \
J. G. WRLLS, ( 0. W. TAYLOR,
Greenville, S. C, l'iokous, a. 0. j
?I i il l f mum*
XT TMiTi a TV i rn n'Pinr^ * ? .
IMi. YV AJ.J Y lYItiJO&OlUN 1?. I
m .-% ?.3. M. ) 1 .. 1
P. P. TOALE, 1
?Mali u feet u rot of?
Doors, SasHEs,
tew???., riuroMinf.
?-Pealer it) ?
w -v i * *
b .?,i ? Ma
Paints, Oils, &c'
?Sole Ajjrent for?
This National Mixicd Kaint.Oo.
Tub Ojikat American Fire KxtinyUUWBR
Send for Pricks.
Office and Wareronms,
No8. 20 22 Ilaync r?u?l 33 mid 35
Pinnl: iu>\' ^fa
.A in vmivj fcvio*
Factory and Yards, Ashley River,
Went End Broad Street,
IVolcoiuhc A- C'liil<l,
A T TO RNE Y,S' A T 1^ I\
WILL PRACTICE in Circuit, Probnte, and
Trail Justice Courts of this State. All
business entrusted to them will receive prompt
Sept 15) 8 ly
Application win tie made to i. it. phn.
pot, F.fq., JU(1 SO of l'robnto. for lMnlci'tia
County, on Saturday, the '2-">th day of December
next, for leave to make a Final Settleintent
of the Instates of Angolinc Jenkins and
Klnor Hudson, and to be discharged therefrom
as Quardian. \
Nov 25, 1870 IS /* 4
Colonists, fjiui^anh and
* l i * .
T rn vcl efM ,W.cs(w ard.
For map circulars,vcondensed time tnbks
ainl general inmnnatibn in regard to transportation
fnfiHMes to all points in Tennessee,
Arkausnc, Missouri, Minnesota, ('olorado.
Kansas, Texas, lowit. New Mcxico, Utah ami
Onlifornia, apply lo or address Ai.iikkt 15v
Whknn, General l'.migrant Agent, Oflioc No.
2 II. I. Kimball House, Atlanta, On.
No one sliouM go West without lirsl gelling
in coiuniunicat ion with I he General
Immigrant Agent, and bccomc informed as to
superior advantages, cheap and quick transportation
of families, household goods, stock,
and farming implements generally.
All information ohccrfully givcu.\V.
n^3 Cm G. P. & T. A.
Gromivillft Rr n?liimVno "R T?
Passenger trains run daily. Sundays cxccptcd,
connecting with night trains 011 .South
Carolina Railroad up anil down. On and,aft>
cr J/omlay, December 13, the following will
be the Schedule:
Leave Columbia at 7.30'a 111
Leave Alston nt 0.16 ft m
Leave Newberry at- 10 ' '& a in
Leave Cokesbury at 'J 07 p in
Loave Helton nt 3?50 p iii
Arrive at Greenville at 5.2.3 p ni
Leave Greenville nt 8.00 a in
Leave licit on at ft.-f0 *a in
Leave Ooknu'Mry 11.20 a in
uuuvu new uurrjr ui 11 Hi
Leave Alston at 4.20 p rn
Arrive at Columbia at f).5r> p ni
Connect at Alston with Trains on the
Spartanburg ami Union Railroad ; connect at
Columbia with Night Trains on tho South Car
o'iim llailrond up and down ; also with Traine
going North and South on the Charlotte, Columbia
and Augusta and the Wilmington, Co->
4 111) U VILLI-; I! HA NCI I.
Train loave Abbeville at 0.16 a in., connccf
ing with Down Train from Greenville. Lear-.
Cokosbury at "J.16 p in., connecting with
Train from Columbia. Accoir.jv.cdatioii Trait),
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, Lciiy(
Cokesbury at 11.16 a in., or on I he arrival c
the Down Train from Greenville. Leave? Al>
bovillc at 1 o'clock p. m., connecting with (J
Train from Columbia.
Leave W&lhalla at fi.OO a m
Leave l'orryvillc at G.15 a m
Lcavo l'endloton at 7 8 f> n ??
Leave Anderson at 8,85 a in
At rive at Helton at 0.20 a m
I' I'.
Leave Bell on at 3.50 p m
Leave Anderson at 4.50 p in
Leave l'ondlcton nt 5.f>0 p m
Leave rerryvillo G.35 p m
Arrivo at Walhalla 7.15 p m
accouiiihimiiioii jl rains octwcon licllon and
Anderson on Tuesdays, Thursdays and 8ntur?
days, Leavo Helton at 0.50 a in., or on arrival
of Down Train from Grccnvillo. Leave
Anderson at 2.00 p ni., connecting with Up
Oonoral Superintendent.
Jauf./. Norton, Jr., General Ticket Agont
jc. r>: 1 a ;? r :- t? -31
Mtinuvn vb iviuiimuiiii nil -UUIU JtVUllWHy*
Loavo at Atlanta at 4 10 p m
Leave Toocoa City al 9 00 p m
Leave Westminster at 9 51 p m
Leavo Soneoa City at 10 21 p m
Leavo Oentral at 10 57 p m
Loevo Eaaloy at 11 89 p 111
Leavo Grecnvillo as 12 12 a in
Loavo Spartanhurg at 1 41 a in
Arrive at Cliarlo' at 6 80 a in
Leave Cliftrlotto at fi 00 p m
Leave Spartanburg at 11 ft I p m
Leave (Jroenville at 1 28 p m
Leave Mauley at 1 51 a m
Lcavo C'entral at 2 28 a in
Leave S?ncca City at }J 09 a m
Lcavo Westminster at ft ;M a in
Lcavo Toccou Cily at 3 31 a m
Arrive at Allauta at 0 80 ft m
id lA\ir A llfli tAdj f *TfiVn
y\i/v r^ivi^
Canai, St., fho.m St.xth to
Pnrtflhlfl Otl/1 Sfotinnniirt
? VVVN/Axy tv**vi KJ VIV ViVI&m JT J
Raw Mills, Grist Mills, Uoilera, Cnfttiagl of
1'rnsS nnd Iron, Forgirigs, &o.
In nil its brnnohcs, dono by cspcriencedliawda
driving CoKoii Gins, Threshing Mnohiues,
Scpmiitore, Orist. Mills, &c. A number of
j second-hand Engines nnd Boilers of various
pinicm, 111 nrst rule order, on linnd,
Repair work solicited an 1 promptly <lon?.
Oct 14, 7 i ly
now lost, no if restored l ?j
Just published, a new edition of Dr. Cur.-f*
vkuwkki.'s Ci:i.KnnATKT> Kshay on the raditfal
euro (without medicine) of Spermatorrhoea or
Seminal Weakness, Involuntary Seminal
Losses, Impotency, Mental and Physical In
j, >iii|>u<iiinuiiis iu .unrriago, mo; aiao,
Consumption, Epilepsy and. Fits, induced by
self indulgence or sexual extravagance, ito.
fif-iT l'rico in a sealed envelope, only Bix
cents. ' .
The celebrated author, in this Admirable
Essay, clearly demonstrates, fr<J$i a thirty
years' successful practice, ^liat the,alarming
consequence:) of self-abuse may f>o Radically
cured without the dangerous use 'of internal
medicine or, tho application of tho knife;
pointing out a mode of cure at onco simple,
certain, and elfcctual, by moans 6S which
Vit.j ouiii-rci, 1IU lllll'UT \YIUU 1)13 ooncliliori
may be, may cure himself chcaply, pHvatoljr
anil radically.
Tliis Lccturo should bo in the linnds of
every youth and every man in the land.
.Sent under seal, in plain envelope, to any
address, post paid, on receipt of six cents or
two post stamps;
Address the Publishers,
127 Bowery, New York; Post Ollicc llox, 458G
Oct H 7 ly
WH want some one in every county t'c
take orders nml deliver gtiods for the
old and original 0. O. 1). llotyiC.- Large ca?l>
wages. .Splendid chance in every neighborhood
'or the ri^rliT person of cither sex, young
or obi. Samples, (roe nmt post paid. Soriii
for it at once, and make money iU your boms?.
V.l.l II ?? '
ii. U. ii.\iiL< cc to. ^ti Howard
Street, Uaisimorc, J/d
Oct 21, 1875 8 3m
We have just replenished our stock of merchandise
for the fall and wininr I ? ??!?
Ladies' and .oiillcmon's Imts nnil drc*?
goods generally have received special alien*
Our Shoe Department
Is very full, amounting to nearly one thousand
<t>i?v (jioncral Stock
vyuni[>ri.>cs neariy everything you arc Iikftly
to lined ami will be sold very-low.
Haif Car Load.
Oi liest Liverpool Suit on lmud ondTor ^Bftie
two dollars pier suck, wliicli is
C I I E AP11
Than before th<; war. All are rci-pce'.fully invited
to 11 and see thoiui >i ,
Hester ,&r Hester,
Central. S. C.; Oct. 28. 1871.
'Sutler & McBeel
?la&SjMfliL&iS, 8. ?
Sept l!R 10 tf
Absolute divorces Obtained
. from Courts of different Stntcs for desert
ion, kc. No publicity, ^required. No
umtrgc uuiu iuvovcc grnntcU7"".Address,
M. HOUSE? Attorney,
10 0m 101 Broadway, N. Y.
A T T () 11 N E Y S A rL\ LAW
PQSSMfcBlfi ?* ?
T AT ILL give their attention to the Prftdici
VV and to the Colleotion of Ponsiom^
Bounty Land and all other CluiniB.
J. .). NORTON, J- H IIAnnnn
Wallialla, S. C, l'iokens, 8, C.
July 27th 1871. 1 ItIlr.
It. J. UilltlaiMl
H AVING returned and permanently loca-i
. led at lMckcnsville, respectfully ofl'jrH *
his I'rofessioiml services to tlie citizcneof (hat
vicinity and surrounding country. Clmrgoa -?
May 9 41
mi ? ?
Dealers save Five, Ton and Fifteen
dollars per thousand on Cigars, and
get Tobacco at lowost figures, by or*
dering from
Indian Uirl Oigar Store,
N. B. Send for Samples,
Doe 21 tl'? p

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