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1 "
From tlio Nowb and Courier.
Governor ChamberlainVIEWS
Columbia, Sunday, Docombor 19.?
* Upon my arrival hero to day I sought
an intorviow with Governor Chamberlain,
and now givo you an oxact
report of what passed.
Question?Ofoourso you aro awaro?
Governor, of tho result of the judicial
election. Did you oxpoct that
election to tako placo on Thursday
* Answer?I did not, ftnd I had tho
best reasons for not expecting it. On
Tuosday, when tho Sonato passed tho
concurrent resolution to hold tho
olcction on Thursday, 1 spoko to both
my Itopubliean and Conaorvativo
frionds, tolling them that I had a very
important engagement in Grocnvillo
on tho ovoning of Thursday, which I
was the raoro anxious to kocp bonniiOA
If i r* *tnl
interest of po many othors. I stated
that, if tho oloction was to tako plaeo
on Thursday I must and should ro~
main horo; butl carr.oatly appealed to
' tho/n not to allow tho election thon to
oicur and thus disappoint my frionds
' ill Greonvillo. .1 also addrcssod a
personal noto to Mr. Speakor Elliott,
in which i requested him, or. pcrcona!
as well as public grounds, to uso hie
influence to stay the election, not only
from occurring on Thursday, but to
stay it until next week or after tho
holidays. In answer to this noto,
Speaker Elliott catno to my oflico on
Wednesday morning, and unid ho res
^ grettod that ho had not thought of
my ongagomont in OJrconvillo hoforo
Ho nnked to favor coucurroneo in
tho Sonato resolution. ILowover, ho
said, whilo ho might vote for concurrence,
owing to his previous commit
r ul, yet lio would speiilc to his friends,
and ho thought thcro would bo no dit(iculty
in postponing tho election until
aiicr my return from Greenville at
v tho earliest. I acccptod this aesurrtnee
of tho Speaker and tho voto of
tho House, which was 72 to 31 on tho
mAtinn in 1 n xr ( lu? ftnnofn i* * ls\
on the tablo, as a sufficient guarunteo,
and left for (xroenvillo on tho morning
of Thursday, without tho slighcot
suspicion that tlio olcction would ho
brought on. It is true that I was told
just before tho train loft that there
imtj u i/i?? v jiVQOiUliItjr LIIUU till} CIW"
x tion might como off that day; but it
was doomed cortain that tho rosolu?
tion could at least bo fought off until
Friday, and Icontentod myself with
making arrangements for a special
train to bring rno back Jto Columbia
by Friday morning if necessary. If I
had really suspected the conspiracy
#hfch was dovolopod on Thursday,
nothing in tho world could have in
t uuccu rao 10 loavo uoiumuia,
Question?Ilnd you boon prosont
xvhon tbo election took placo, could
you havo changed tho result?
Answer?I soo no roaaon to think I
+ cculd- Tho conspiracy appears to
iiavo been carofully concoctod. Tho
color line, tho nnrtv line, and t.bo linn
of antagonism to my administration,
all wcro sharply drawn; and the tono
? of tho spooohcfl mado by tho leading
Biipportors of VVbippor and Moses and
Wiggins shows that it requirod a
dogroo of boldnoHS not possessed by
igany of our legislators to vote in ops
position to the combination. Still it
would havo boon a groat satisfaction
^ to mo to havo bcon on tho spot and
gone down fighting, if 1 must go
Quoation?Was it not as a oomhu
nation of tho supporter/) of diffaront
candidatoH that tho conspiracy of
which you havo spoken wus ho powerful?
- Answor?Yos. Tlio peculiar strength
of tho combination lay in uniting
the interests of a largo nutnbor ot tho
f candidates. This alone, I think,
* v cauflod tho defoat of Judgo Mahor.
Tho oppononts of this Judgo hud a
certain number oi votes which thoy
would east lor other candidates in
other circuits only on condition that
tho friends of theso candidates should
* pay thorn lor voting against Mahor.
Mr. Wiggins, the successful candidato,
had no strongth,and was a moro loaf
on tho ourront; but tho combination
that took him up was woldod togotlior
by tho force of a common nurnoso to
- t 4- -rout
an incorruptiblo Judge who lmd
boon nn insurmountable barrier in tho
way of thoso who havo at last overthrown
Question?IIow do you look upon
tho election of Wiggins, Whipper and
Answor?1 look upon thoir olootion
as a horriblo disaster; a disaster equally
great to tho Stato, to tho Republican
party, and, groatest ot all, to
thoso communities which shall bo
doomed to foel tho full eflfocta of Moaos
and Whippor upon tho bonch. I
did, a yonr a^o, apeak publicly of
Whippor, who was then a candidato
for tho position to which ho baa now
boon olcctod. Then I denouncod him
as incapablo and utterly unfit for tho
ofllco. Of Mobob, no honoat men can
havo diflforont opinions. Neithor
Whippor nor Mosea baa any qualifir>,it.inn
for inHininl nnnitinna Thn i-i>_
putation of Moses is covercd deep with
charges which aro boliovod by all who
aro familiar with tho facts of corrupt
tion, bribery and tho uttor prostitu*
tion of all his official powers to tho
worst possiblo purposes. This calamity
is infinitoly groator, in my judgment,
than any which has yot fallon
on tho State, or. 1 might add, upon
any part ot the South. Mioses as
Govornor i? endurable compared with
Mosob as J udge.
Question?What do you think of
Answer?IIo is not to bo classed
morally with Moses and Whipper; but
in order to defoat Judge Mahcr, lie
has eonsonled 10 bo iho tool of the
samo combination which elected Moses
and Whipper, and, as such tool, he
will bo expected to, and doubtless
will, do thoir worlf.
Quoation?What in your judgment^
will.to tho effect of tho cloction of
those throo men?
Answer?Tho greatest consequences
of all kinds will follow. Ono im
unoaiato ettoct will obviouwly l?o tSic
^organization of tho Domocralic party
within tho Stato, as tho only moans
loft, in tho judgmont of its mombors
for opposing a solid and reliablo front
to this torriblo orovasso of misgovornmcnt
and pablio dobanohory. I oould
havo wished, as a .Republican, to have
kopt off such an issue, but I have a
profound beliof in tho logic of ovonts
and a Providonco, too, that shnpos
ovonts; and I do not allow mysolt to
think thai tho good and honest men
of South Carolina will find it impose
I At _ *
muiu, uuuuuhu nicy arc organized as
Democrats, to givo their help to whom
soovor shall bo the beat able to undo
tho tcrriblo wrongs of last Tuesday.
I nm free to say that my bighost ambition
as Governor baa been to make
tho ascendancy of tho Itopublican
party in South Carolina compatible
wiiu ino attainment/ ana maintenance
of as liigli and pure atone in tho administration
of pubtic affairs as can
bo oxhibitod in tho proudest Democratic
Stato of tho South; and it was
also my fondcHt hope, by peaceful
agoncioa, horo in South Carolina alono
of all tho Southorn Statos, to havo
worked out, through tho Ilopublican
party, tho solution of tho most difficult,
and ono of tho most interesting poli
tical and social problems which this
contury has prosontod. If thoso rouultH
bhull not bo roached, the responsibility
for tho fuiluro will not ro?l
upon tho Consorvativo citizens of
South Carolina, who havo hithorto,
with unvarying fidelity and gonoros
ity, Blood by mo in my work; but
upon thoso, and all liko thorn, who
dealt tho oauso of good govornmont
so deadly a blow on Thursday.
Quoetion?Has your attontion boon
called to the quostion of the right of
tho prosont Legislature to oleot Judgop,
whore tho incumbonU had boon
eloctod to aorro for unoxpirod
AnBwor?Yofl. I havo road thodiscurtHton
of this quostion in tho nownpaporu,
and havo liHtonod to tho viows
of sovoral mo inhere of tho bar of tho
Stato; but I cannot nay that I lmvo
maturely studied tho quostion. It is
ovidontly a fair and open question,
and involvos most important consoquenccs.
If tho Judfoa who !???* ?
_ O " ",v "" *
provious to tho present session, been
olootod nominally to fill unexpired
terms, aro ontitled under the Constitution
to hold a full term of four years,
thon it follows that this General Assembly
Imd no right to olcct their
successors. This ouestion eovorn i.ho
cases of \V hippcr, Moses, Judgo Curs
pontor and Judgo Cooko; but you will
rcmombor that both Judges Carpontor
and Cooko are thoir own succcsh>ors.
- ?
Tho owls unci bats and obscono birds
of prey begin to fluttor and fly away
from tho Capitol at the coming of tlio
day. Wo arc informed tliat Judge
Advocato Goncral Joseph Holt has
boon retired, at his own roqnost, after
a sorvico of thirteen years, during
which ho has contrived to commit
moro villainly in tho name of justicc
than any other man save Foucho or
Fonquicr Tinvillo over perpotratod.
Ho is ono of tho very fow Americans
wtioso names will go down to history
red with tho stain of innocent blood.
Among the political roncgados of 1801
ho was not as rookloss as Butler, or as
able as Stanton, but ho was more malignaat
and baao than tho other. For
years past he has sluilped out of tho
sight of men, in a cloud ox hit* own
making, shunned and avoided even
by such as aro left living about him
of tho men who usod him in thoir clay
of pownr to ensnare and torture their
follows. He retires now that he may
avoid ejection hy a llouso of Representatives
which will really represent
the American people. Hut it will be
tho duty of tho llouso of roprosontativos
to sec to it that ho carries with
him into his retirement nothing but
tho lively of shame which ho has
I.UKVII iniu ouajiuu UIIU Illiea 10 l)im*?
Rolf forever.? Now York World
Philadelphia, December IS ?The
fourth week of Moody and Sankey,
tho Evangelists' labor in our city
draws to a close to day. Judging
from Mr. Moody's own words, the
results have been more than satisfac
tory?they liavo been surprising.?
\fnrri /?/??% n lw?JJ ..,1 I? -
i ?^v>. v winwio in u uviiuvcu uy 1110
Evangelist to liavo been made during
the past week than in any other
week ever spent in America. The
inquiry rooms have been full almost
every evening, and a large proportion
of those converted have become
earnest workers for the salvation of
others. The meetings this week have
been largoly attended. The evening
Hurviii?3 liavn Avornorrttl frnm ton
twelve thousand people. The Friday
meetings havo boon set aside lor tho
cause of to-nperance; no other requests
are offered. On the morrow,
Mr. Moody lectures to young men
only; twelve thousand tickets are
being distributed. It is remarkable,
as we consider the thousands that
have assembled to hear Mr. Moody,
that as yet thoro has been no disturb
anco of any account.
Chntknnial.? Among the Swedish
Exhibits to the Exhibition, will
bo a moteorito weighing three and a
half tons, found a tew years ago in
Greenland by Nordonskiold, the
Swedish geologist. Already, live
hundred persons havo engaged tu
exhibit from that country, ono hundred
of them in the department of
Hun fil'la Tim nliirtf rlioiilnu 1...
of iron, Lor main comco of revenue,
although tlie manufacture of watches
and majolica waro will roccivo much
attention. Considering Sweden's
population of 4,000,000 and her
Centennial appropi iation of $150,000,
el?u has dune bettor tiian any
other foreign nation.
Counterfeiting monoy is getting to
bo ono of our most important industries.
In Brooklyn rocontly ton mil.
lion dollars in counterfeit groonbacks j
wore burned.
?T .
Another Veto.
Tho following was filed yestorday
by Governor Chamberlain:
Columbia, S. C., Dec. 21, 187;").
I decline to sign the commissions
ot w.j. YVliippcr and F. J. Moses,
Jr., elected as Judges of tlio Circuit
Court of this State by tlio Genoral
Assembly, on the 16th instant, for
terms to begin on the 20th day ot
August, 18TG.
By tho constitution of tho Stato Ihe
T 1 ' ? *
.juuges ot tlie Circuit Court arc to be
elected for terms of four years. P>y
a ecries of adjudicated cases in the
highest court of this State, extending
from 1821 to 1872, it has, in my jud gmont,
been determined that oilicors
elected under provisions of law similar
to this provision of the present
constitution arc entitled to hold their
offices for the full term prescribed by
the constitution or laws under which
,l.~ ?i? :? i i i
mvj eiccuuu is ueiu.
It follows thai, sir the terms of the
present incumbents of tho offices tu
which the above named persons claim
to have been elected on tho lGih
instant will not expiio until after an
other general election of members of
the General Assembly, tho present
I (ionp.ral Assembly bus not tho right
to elect their succcssors.
Whilo in some Ci!6ea, presenting
similar legal questions, it might not
be required ol tho Governor to deeline
to icsuo commissions, tho circtims'ances
of the present case com pels
ino to this eourso.
Governor of South Carolina.
The Two ApprenticesThe
boys were in a carponler shop.
Ono determined to make himself a
thorough workman* Mm
v,,v ww,,v* u,u" v I
euro. 11c rend and bludicd and got
books that would help liiin to mulor->
.stand the principles of his trade, lie
spent his evenings at homo reading.
Tho other liked fun the best, lie
went oil* w ith other boys to have his
"Come,'' ho often said to his shop
mute, leavo your books; go with
us. What's iho use cf all this reading?
"ICI wasLo these golden moments,''
was the reply, "I shall loose what I
can nover, ncvor mako up."
Whilo the boys woro still appron*
tices, an oiler ol two thousand dollars
appoarod through tho nowspapois, lor
tho host rtlfin of' n SlnlnlmHOA >' '
J-.---- W. ?? ry vitbVUV/uru IW 1/ U
built in 0110 of tlio Kastorn Slates.?
Tlio studious boy saw llio advcrtisoI
monl, and iio determined tu try for
it. Alter c (ireful study lie drew liis
pinna and sont them to tlio coniinittce.
1 HUPDOSO Iio did not. nvnnr.l Irw
4 t ? . ?... .J v<? j'WU VV/
win tho prize; but there it> nothing like
It was not long bcforo the committoo
of gontlumen arrived at tlie carpenter
shop, and asked if an architect
by tho name?mentioning the hoy's
namo?lived there.
n\r.. n i
-^o, Hiiui ino oarpontor, no architect.
I've ^ot a 11 apprentice by that
"Lot's sou him," said tho committoo.
Tho young man was calloil, and
Hiiro enough, his plan had houn acooptod
and tho two thousand dollars
woro his.
Tho commillco ihon said ho must
put up the building; and his employor
\v.?fl ho proud of his success, th?it
ho willingly gave him his time and let
him go.
This studious carpenter's hoy hocamo
one of tho best architects ot our
count rv. 1I<<
...... ^ IIIIIVIV 41> lUl'llI lll'j t'lDd
J stands high in the esteem of everybody,
while the fellow apprentice cum
hardly earn by his daily labor, daily
bread lor himself ami family.
>v no loses si youlli ot improvement,
loses tho best beginning which :i boy,
can make in life.
An unusual number of pooplo are
marrying now. This is leap-year, anil
no woman wants it prominied that hIio
popped llto question bursal/.
They Must Neves Be ForgivenCharleston,
S. C., Dec. 20
To the Editor ot the Union Herald:
? Sir ? As a citizen and as a member
C ?. 1 "
i in u'o icepu 1>1 icivn party, I wish ti>1
place inysolfon record as denouncing
with my wholo soul the outrage upon
decency and civilization perpetrated
j by the Republican majority in the
Legislature, in thr? ohu'iion ?f m.?>,.?,
^.^w.v.1 VI iUV3VOj
[Whippcr and Wiggins aa judges of
' the circuit courts of i his State. A majority
ot those who did this thing will
doubtless live to repent of it, even if
n>?t penitent already, hut as public
men they must never he forgiven by
the \ eoplo.
A man who says that he votoa fin
L<\ 8. Moses Jr., as judge because ho
is a Republican proclaims himself so
destitute of decency, or political
wisdom, as to make it tiic height of
absurdity to speak or think of him as
a Republican, lie is simply an ig
j norant ass, or a political bandit, and
such in the future, if not in the pres
ent, win bo the verdict oi the people
with retercnco to tho men who, by
their votes last week, made tho llupublican
pa> ty in this Slate a stench
to tho nostrils of the wliulo country.
For those who, through tl.oir ignorance
and prejudice were excited
d.~ *
miu ui ouiiiiimiHig mis great
outrage, once can ieol nothing but
pity and contempt, but the intelligent
white and colored scoundrels who
conceived and carried out this plo1
against all that is decent and honest
in the State deserve and will ultimately
receive condign punishment at tho
llfllld of MM Mil t I'll rnirl nn.inln
There was not an intelligent man
voting for Moses, Whippet* or Wig*
gins who did not know perfectly well
the entire unfitness of these men for
the positions to which tiiey aspired.
It is sale to assumo that neither Senator
Wliittemorc, Nash, Swails, or
any other intelligent member of either
house, would trust Moses to act
for them in any private business
transaction involving tho value of
lifty dollars, and yet they deliberately
placed him in a position where ho is
to pass up* 11 the l ights and property
of a whole onnununity, and this too,
it: tho face of the fact that his knowlI
i?d<n> ill llii url in i 11 oil >D m.->?
w ...V . v\v/\l I IUJS !D JlV/b
con lined to their breasts, but is iti the
possession of the whole country-.
Take tiny possible view ot thoeitu*
ft'ion and it must he conceded that
the men who have committed this
crime against the people can no lon>
gur be tolerated in public lite. If
they elected these men, as many of
them eav, to save the liepubiican
party from uisaslor, then they de
serve to bo Uirnecl out of the eight
and hearing ol men, for their blind
folly and etupidity. If, on tho other
hand, a^ I fully believe with reference
to many of them ihey did thia thing
under the cry of danger to tho party,
while their real designs were to pow
or ami plunder, they still more richly
deserve ilio fate certainly in store lor
Let the Republicans of the Stato
who have the intelligence to boo and
tho heart to feel the enormity of this
crime committed by those who uns
tier the guise ot Republicanism, are
simply organized public robbers, or
the aiders and abettors of such. Rooudiato
them uttmlv.
' -J - I
Governor Clmmbcrlani, both as
Governor and an tlio representative
of tlio Republican party, 11an done liiw |
part, and it i.s now tlio duty of tliono j
who oleclod him to ollico to conio to
his help a^aiimt tlio men who aro cary f
in^ both Htato and party toiuin. 01 t
one tiling wo may uo sure: il tlio ho- .
publicans themselves do not drive from : t
powor these traitors and thus save tho j
Ht:Uo,'80ii.o otlior political organi/,as j
lion willj for in tlio naturo of tilings j
tho misrule and corruption which lutvo
culminated in tho olootiou of Moses, ^
Whippor and Wiffgiu must some to 1
an end. Respectfully, |
Kkujiun Tom i.inkon. I*
iLiu i' * *->
A Tail That Was ft Tale. s>
When tho Irwin ton
tolls a story it tolls a g>od one, ?
witness the onchorennto api>peridp$ifcr
i)t:ac 11 Smith of Wilkinson Ooum*
ty, owns, or did own, a horso whiijjji
ono time in his lite saved hhh an incalculable
amount of money by {(a
horse sense. The deacon Buys himself
and wife, while partaking of
? I. - : *
nioir noonuay meal, wore very much
surprised at tlic action <>t llieir horse,
which was loose in the road near tlio
house. It would run up to the gate,
neigh vociferously and ilicn run oft'
again. This wan repeated sovera)
times, Iho deacon aipso from ther
tfll>lf?. fo flBCOI'tflin t
..uuv> iuiii illU UII1I3U "I HH
stran?ro conduct. flc rcachcd tlib
door and looked out, and saw awflty
off in the direction the horse had ran
a dense emoke. lie 6eizcd his hat
and ran to f.lm iilsw-n
- ?- ... v |'ii*vwt v^Vil'llUUIUIlj
suid lie, "lightning had struck a treo
and but it on lire, and the (lames had
communicated to uiy fence around
my corn field containing about eight
hundered bushels ot coin. Tiw iiio
had consumed about a dozen paituels
of fencing, and readied a branch*
My Iio- jo, when I arrived, wae atandng
in this branch dipping hor tatUtalto
the water and throwing tho water
on tho burning touce."
Tlio crowd looked incredulous, and
the deacon enid:
"Gentlemen, if you dont bclicre itr
you ask Malinly.
Stylish but Sknsiblk.?A plucky
Iowa girl thus tolls lirr experience in
gotting on in this world: "1 am Uioonly
daughter of a farmer of moderate
>vwin..o. ? - '?' "
mtru tuiigiil muiiuoi nve yours,
I begun whon nix teen yours of ago.
This present summer 1 walked ononnd
three fourth miles night and morning
and taught my suminor school. Harroot.
???w 1 ~ ?- - ? 4
. vimiu v,n iiiiu ivg wurp l|l wnnv Of
a hired hand. Plenty could bo had ftt
f'2.50 per pay, but that socmod liko
loss without profit, so I donned ray
driving gloves and broad brimmed hat
and dro\ o tho reaper to cut oight acres
of grain. Besides I took a music lesson
onco in overy week. All of my young
may mends sulci: "Oh, you will ruip
your hands and complexion,'' but for
aught I closed school' Smco roaping
is dono I've dono all tho cooking lor
tho havest folks. 1 carry a gold watch
and chain, and support ninelhynl
jowclry and move in tho beat eociofyi
aiu considered rath or Gtylish, but ajii
of that disposition that I can adapt
myself to circuni&Uincos. I am well
awaro that a delicuto dress and
v.utiii uutumi; ntu in u uniirooin,
that a m( dust Ureas and neat tilling
gloves aro designed for church, aud
last but not least, that a calico droflii
ia proforablo (or kitchen work.
... .?
\ T XT -
tirnoro Sun, saye; Mrs. Robert Mickto,
wife of tho cashior ol tho National
Union Bank, was naturalized in tho
City Court on Saturday by Judge
JJrown, upon renouncing all allogianeo
lo tho King of Snain. Mrs. Micklo
camo to this country when a child
IVom Cuba. Desiring to pay a visit
to hor native Mo to sco relatives, sho
IbiunJ sho could not obtain a passport
from tlio Stuto departmont without
Itaviiiir naturalization papers. Hor
husband gave the necessary ovidonco
that tho lady was of good, moral character,
and bore good disposition, to
tho Constitution of the United Statos,
&c., amid noinq pleasantry from tho
Judge and other friends in Court.
Ijtti.k tiiinos.? Ivil'o ik mado up of
litllo tilings. Ho who travols ovor a
ontinent must go along step by stop.
Ho who writes :i hook must do it
icntonco hysontonco. llo who loarns
i scienco must master it fact by fact
ind principle hy principle. What i?
,ho liajtpi 11C8H of our lift) rnado up of?
[iittlo courtcsioH, litllo IcindnoHKCS,
)lca?:int word*, gonial Hinilofl, u
I I i> I a! I <!! r#<kAal III lull /IU ft nil
iidiikij iv itv-i , n mnvo miivi
locds. Uuo iii :i million luay do, oneo
n a lifetime, it horoic action; bat tko
iltlo tliingH that mnUo up our lilo
omo ovury cay and ovory hour.

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