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D, F, BMIEY. Editor tad Proprietor.
terms of Subscript ion.
t)no Year $l?r>0
Six Months 7o
Advertising States.
Advertisements inserted at the rale of Si 00
per square, of (9) nine lines, ou i.kss, for the
first insertion, and 50 cents for each subsequent
Contrao'.s made for tiirke, six or twklvk
iuumiiB, uu layornuio icrms. <
Advertisements not having the number of
insertions morked on tlicm, will be published
until forbid and charged accordingly.
Tboso terms nre so simple nny child may
understand them. Nine lines is a square?
ono inch. In every instance wo chargc by
tho space occupied, as eight or ten lines can
bo made to occupy four or five squares, as the
advertiser may wish, aud is charged by the
JDeiT" Advertisers will f lense state the number
of squares they wish their advertisements
o nmko.
t&f Business men who advertise to be
benefitted, will hear in mind that the
SENTINEL tins a large nnd increasing circulation,
and is taken liy the very class of
persons whose trade they desire.
InCKKNS a II , B. C :
Thursday, J?u. l!i, 1S7(?,
?5D"" Wo publish in this issue, tho.
address of tho Democratic Central
Exccutivo Committee to tho people of
tho State. It will be seen that tho
committco rccomir.cncl an immediate
and thorough organizrtion of the Democratic
party, and have dosignated
covtain gentlemen in cach County to
organize clubs in every township. In
this County, Col. It. E. JBowen has
been appointed, and we presume ho
will go to work at an early day.
<?> -
865-We publish on the outside uf this
issuo, tho proceedings of public meetings
hold in several counties, which
unmistakably indicate the futuro
policy of the Democrats of this Stato.
kii; ujij' iui uuiiijm uiiuaua u*irj ^ujduu,
A square issuo must bo made, and if
dofoatcd, which wo do not think probablo,
wo can not possibly bo worsted.
B&" A mass mooting of the citizens
of Spartanburg County has boon held,
at which the Moscs-Whippor infamy
was denounced, and resolutions call
mg^or a spccuy organization ot iho
Democratic party adopted.
SSay* Tho Democratic Stato Convoiu
tion of Texas, has nominated Gov.
Coke for rc-cloclion to tho ollice of
Governor, and J{. B. Ilubbard, for
Jjicut. uovoinor.
tHHF Owing to tho grout fatality
amongst tho bogs last fall and tho
loss of pork by the recont warm spoil, l
tho ernolco house of a majority of tho i
jjooplo in this County will ho located ,
in tho West this and, perhaps, tho !
noxt year.
' B&?" Mr. Ii. Means Davis has re- j
tireel from tho editorial management'
of Iho Winnsboro News, and accoptod
a position on the editorial si a fl" of tho
Charleston iNews and Courier. Mr.
J no. ?S. Iteynolds succeeds Mr. Dav is.
Tho Democratic House of Congress
poposcs to nuilcc n searching
investigation of tho corruptions in tho
admistration of tho government hy
tno ltcpumican puny, ana rod hoc tho
public cxpcivlilures 810,000,000 Llio
present session.
At a largo mooting of moth-,
odists, recently held in Bost n, over
which Bishop Ilavon presided, ho
asked the brethren to pray for tho
ro .election of President Grant, on tho ;
grounds of public safely. At a subso- |
oucnt moolin<r of tho same donomin/i - I
lion in Iho West, resolutions opposing
his rc-eloction woro adopted. So it
would seem that the Northern mothodist
nro not united i 1 tho opinion
that (J rant's re-oleeLion iM iinrnsanri'
"on the grounds of public safety." Ji |
Booms to u.s that tho.so molhodists, if ;
thoy nro really christains, could bo (
moro profitably employed in tho sot"
vico of tbo Lord than in tl?o f>orvico '
of politicians.
MtJKDKlt.?-Ono night during she |
Christmas holidays, Mr. Re-id, at j
Potnarn, on the (Ireenvilloand Column |
bia Kailroad, in Nowberry County, t
was shot and killed in hin store, by a!
party of negroes, tho safe robbod ol'
about tbreo thousand dollars, and (iro ^
sot to tbo htoro liouflo wliiel? was to- '
tally consumed, and Air. iteid's res '
mains so badly charred by tho llaincs 1
vniu no count scarcely bo i ccogni/.od
by hia frionda. bctcotivcs Jlubbard j1
and Canion, of Columbia, bavo arrest 1
cd four negroca, ono ol whom lias!
m/xilo a lull eonlession, and recovered i
nearly all the money. Tho murderers
are to bo tiicd in a few weeks. ;
The Address of the Stato Democratic I
At a meeting ol tho Stato Central
Executive committco of the Democratic
party, held in Columbia on Thursday,
tho Gth iuat, tho following address
to tho people of tho Stalo was
unanimously adopted and ordered
To the People of South Carolina:
Tl\o Stato Central Executive Committoo
of the Democratic party do not
deem it nccossary to publish any
lniurf cfnlAmAiJ
vw^viij tnxji% vviiiuil V Ll I 111 U |
which induced thorn lo meet nt thin ;
timo. It is sufficient to say thai events I
with which the people of'thcStato nro |
painfully familiar tnado it iiulispensa^
bio that tho organization of the Democratic
party in South Carolina should
i Ko vnwJ\nul no #l?rv onrtn.liAnl
w v t V/ i i V/vi j uo til Vy OJ/UUUK'nL il 11 U IISUM
practicable means of bringing together
our hitlierlo scattered forces, and ol
concentrating them in the struggle
into which we are forced for the
maintenance of liberty and law in the
.State. Thus it has becoino the duty
of the Stato commiltoo to tako such
steps as will enable tho people of the
Stnto to begin tho work of party re-!
organization at once, and mako it
thorough and complete.
Til llm o.?nfr/iuf
ai? niv v MiiUdU ill >?? I I Vy 11 U (11 U
about to engage wo must win. Defeat
cannot ijo boi ne. Success, however,
eiftmot be expected to crown
our labors unless tliere be absolute
unity in tbe Democratic party, together
with such discipline as will
ensure the prompt and cllicient execution
< ( its policy when declared.;
From our adversaries must we learn |
!>t lltif tll<? 1 noonn nf r <? ! n ivn > I ?< i i
v,? .HIU
activity. VVi.cn tho agencies <>n
which society relies for tlio ooii&er
vntioii of its varied interests monae -s
those interest with destruction, an I
threaten a whole people with ruin,
politics are no longer a matter oi
sentiment, in which the citizen is lie.to
engage or not, according to his
'as'cs. Upon tho management of om
uo!iticil! aH'siira defends tho sceiirit\
I t - - i
ot property, :\3 well as tho safety ol
person. By political movements!
alone can ilio purification of the i
State government be accomplished. |
Only throng!) political insirumon
tnlities can hones'y, fidelity and e iphhilitv
rogiin a ) repondeniting
influence in the councils of the State. |
To polities, then, for their own salva- |
lion, muftt the people of Son: h (Ja o1
i11a. now address thoinselve> with the'
vigor, the persistency and tiie sys'ematie
or.doavor which mark their con-,
duct in business lite. It would not
l?o wine to declare a policy bclbro tho
party which alia!! give oilec! to it id;
ready tor both delibertion and ae'ion.j
Tho ?'fliceis must r.ot bo chosen until
thn rank anil fit,, of ll.M IWw.nl i
""w !' I
winy shall havo bem mustered in
ami truimd. There should be, in li e,
such organization in each ward,
township and county, thai whoa th'.'
State Convention shall assemble, ii
shall represent by its doh-gates, tlm
known wishe*, opininions ami ptir?~
poses (d tho organized Dam >eraov
- J \
of tho State. Then will its voice be {
the voice ol the poople; its (htcim - J
nation theirs; its light their battle*
To such organization, searching and
far reaching, should the people of j
tho Stato without delay a hires.* i
themselves. Without it tho State
cum not he Siivu?i!
The iStatc e invention, when it slinl)
nssemhlo, wiil dutenninu antliuritiu
lively lho policv of tho imriv n.wi
. * 1 'J J ,
l>y lliu decision ot lluit c invention
,!iall wo all 1)0 b >un<l. A , however,
:ho Democratic party, as Biich, ha*
liad no active existence in South
Carolina lor s uno years, the State I
2ommiltc desire ta say emphatically |
ha', in rcccommeuding its instant j
idil comj.rulioiiHivo orgoiiiz-.ition, \
licir nolo .purpose is to obtain an I
loncst and economical government f
.. i. (' i ' ;
II kjuiiiii v/r.i iMilfll, WIIIUIl HMUII IIIIllllS <
ain, widiout abridgement or chanjjo 1
lio public rights and liberties of the '
vliolo poplo, and guarantee to all '
jiasscs of citi/.cis 1 lie l>lc8oiol.!
iticdoin, justico find pcnco. And in '
, dr. crihii i'> 11? h conulitutional life j J
)t ' lie State, vvIimm civilixation i:boI! i.s '
iu peril, wo loo'* for mid confident*
tiny oxpeci . eteivo tiio sympathy'
find flid of overy eitizm whose ,
ui 1113 and deairos aro IiUo unto our
In common with their fellow ci'ijci)8
tlio Stato Democratic Commit- ,
, .... I
[oo navo watched, with anxious so-\
licitudo and growing confidence, the '
courso of iho present Governor of
tho Stato. They recognize and up"
preciate tho value ot what ho haa
done in promoting reform and retrenchment
during tlie pa3t year.
Tbey applaud his wiso and patriotic
conduct in exerting Iiis wliolo oRieial
/owcr and puisonal influonco tor tlic
undoing it tlie infamous judicial election*
And tbey declare tlieir be?
lief tlmt I ho Democracy ot the State,
rising abovo party, as he lifts done,
will give tin unfaltering it to
liia efforts, us Govern >r, for tlie icdio-B
of wr>ng>; for tlio reduction of
taxation, to obtuir a just administra
tion of the law, and to make the
State government a faithful ^mrdi.in
.4* ? I _ 1-12 - -1 # - *
ui uiu |)uunu ?iiu private interest oi
the people. !
Therefore, tho Stute Executive
Committco earnestly adviso lho pcoplo
of the State to reorganize thorougly
the Democratic parly, in preparation
I'orthoStato Democratic Convention,
which will meet at a time and placo to
bo horeaker designated by this commit
too. Tho following gentlemen arc
charged will; organization of'the party
in I ho ovory procinct, ward ami town*
.ship in tlioir respective Counties: Abbeville,
.J. 8. Cothran; Anderson, .his.
A. Iloyt; Aiken, (?. \V. Croltj liarii?
well, T. J. Counts; Beaufort, William
Elliolt; Clarendon, B. 1'. Barron;
Chestor, W. A. Walker; Chcslerfield;
A. McQueen; Colleton, J. J. Fox; Darlington.
F. F. Wsirloy; Kdgefield, J.
.Scott Allen; Fairfield, .John Bratton;
Georgetown, B. It. Williams, Green-1
villo, Thomas 15. Ferguson; Horry,
J.'L\ Walsh; Kershaw, F. M. BovUin;
Lexington, (ierhard Muller; Jjancass
lor, .). D. Wylio; Laurens, 15. W. Hall;
Marion, A. Q. McDufiie; Marlboro,
I i i r...i ...... xr i v i ii ...
II. IIUUDUII^ . 1. %) . A"0|H?}
Oconoe. II. A. Thompson; Orangeburg;
.i. l'\ I/let-; PicUous, H. liuwon;
liicliliuul, John MeKonzio; S| arlanbur^;
.1. II. levins, Smnler; T. 1>. ! 'razor;
Union, 11. NY. Shund; NYilliuins^
bii rg, S. NY. Mnnvieo; York, J nines 1*\
rrili> Ol'if'llli'/'il iftn *>(' fllirti liiulnn
County is entrusted to 1?o committee
oi filteen, of which Col. Charle.s II
Simonton is chairman.
in conclusion, tho Ktuto Committee
earnestly say to their fellow citizens
that wo are not as those who arc
without hope. Tho magnitude of the
task before us can hardly bo over
fnlcd. livery fctep is beset will) difficulty,
if cut dangcf. Jiut, knowing
this people, iho coimnilleo are confi
lent that the luluro can be made as
bright as the present is dark. This
is the accepted time! !>3* organization,
labor, patienco, boldness and
liberality can peaco and plenty and
political .security bo restored to the
Q1111 <1
31. C. Buxr.Kit, Chairman.
8 a M l! KI. M c(i O\V A X,
S. P. Hamilton,
L*hob: V. Simons,
I ii.
iJ J J .\U
W. I>. Simpson,
3NI. I\ O ('onnou,
W." \V. Skklkks,
1<\ W. Dawson.
Mr. Editor : In your last issito I
wjim vury in 111:11 |iiu;imuu 10 ?co 111:11 you
advoeato iinmediato organization c.f
tlio Democratic parly, in ordor to
carry tho next State election, Ois
ganization is the truo key-note to success,
and il' wo do not fuicccod in se~
curing a Democratic victory in South
Uarolina by a straight out f >c-mocralie
Drganizalion, wo may never oxpoct to
ijuii) it at all. Wo have tric(LafliliaLion
and tbc coalition principle too
long alroady, and it has only resulted
n signal defeat oacli tune wo have
riod it, and if wo aro to judgo the
iihiru i>y niu |):isl, wo mivy eviuonce
uifficient to coneludo that such will
ver ho tlio oaso in all future efforts of
Jio kind. Tho crowning infamy ol
:ho prcHont corrupt government is
tho elevation to tho honeh of Moses
iml NVhipper, than whom it would bo
lillienlt to find their poors in corruption
and crimo in this or any other
-'late. Wo, tlioroforc, soo that wo can
liavo no hopes of reformation in tho
government (iom tho Republican
|)iirty; for instead of reformation, wo
m o drifting on from a bad and corrupt
government lo jv worso daily. This
in palpublo to every ono? tiny, con
ccdo on every hand, even l>y tlio holler
class of JJeptiblicanfl. Ifiho hotter
II,, I
class of Republicans wish to reform,
t tho ultra wing of that party will al\
wnvH prevent Hitch reform ution; for
I i lin nWt-nict in ? Iia ?\? ?' ????#? in ll?/i
v*?v WIVI Itmv 111 VHU j/UI VJ ill U III l/IIVJ
majority 1\nd tho nioro corrupt the
governinont in all its dopartmonts,
tlio moro agroeablo to them. The
ultra;8t in Soutli Carolina?with afow
exceptions, and tlieso oxccptionB are
tlio leadors who expect to bo benefited,
are negroes. It wan this very
oloinont in tho legislature that oloctod
those infamous Judgo.s?knowjngly
agairst tho wishes of tho bettor
-vr t> 1-1r ? i
viiinr? ui iil'llUUIICiinH Jlli<l 1110 WllltO
intelligence of tho Stato. Tho negroes
linvo chosen voluntarily to draw tho
color lino?they mean to discard from
official positions, not only the* carpotbaggor
and native scalawag, but all
whites as such. Thoy begin to believe
that thoy can Bland now at tho
holm and dirndl, tlm nnf>n Iffniwl ?-.!<! I
B" ? *?
ship of State, and uuloss a Democratic
victory, prevent, such is suro to be
tho case. Tho color-l'iio is ccrtuinly
beginning to appear in tho political
horizon. Tho sooner tho issue conic
the better.
In view of the present situation of
affairs, let every whito man in Pickens
County, regardless of former political
proclivities?cspeciall theyoni g
men of the County, hasten to organize
Democratic el'ibs in each township.
Wo want conccrt of action at the
coming election, and wo can have it
in no other way. Tho ls.xuo now is
between honesty and dishonesty, purity
and corruption. Let us never
more make any compromiso with the
Republican party. The Republican
party in South Carolina has proved
iiscl 1 veritable -'humbug"?:i damnabio
paroily upon civil government.?
Wo have repoatedly made concessions
in our past eloctions, wliicli resulted
in tlio bitterest fruits. Let us learn
wisdom from tlio past, and ncvor bo
cor,tout with any thing short of a straight
out Democratic ticket in our next
election. J iiis is our only hope and
sliolllll U'o. fnil \l'il will li il'n tlirt I
lion of knowing that wis have maintain
i!tl our dignity ami havy not soid cur
bit ill-right lor a moss of pot:>gc. But
wo shall not inii; for tlio full Democratic
volo has ncvor been polled ir.ee
the war, bocauso of our com prom iso
policy, but if wo make a straight fight,
ll,n full II -
V..V X/V III VOI (I V IV/ PI If 11^1 II ma v
fairly bo counted on. Tlio good men
even in the Republican party who
havo been disgusted by tlio ultra
.spirit displayed in the recent jud icial
elections, will now assuredly act witb
any party in prelcrenco to remaining
among this miserable crow of
Pickknsvij.i.k Townsiiip.
January J Oth, 187G.
Mr. J'nitor: According to promise,
I heroby acknowle<lgo the receipt of
tho following contributions to me, as
a missionary:
Mount Cannol church $10 05 J
Shady Grovo church VI 85
Mount Piagah church 7 00
Knon church 5 25
Knorco ohurch, Grconvillo Co... II 00
Peters Crock church 2 15
Toi.nl ' ** *ti
All of which has been forwarded lo
Genoral Agent Slato Mission HoanJ.
1 wish to return my thanks tc all
of those individuals who gave to me
as n private contribution, not to ho re
turned to the Board.
As to 1113' "report'' as printed in llio
Minnies ol'Twelve Mile Hiver Assoei
ni ion, where it roads: Baptized, 105;
it should read?baptised in meetings
where I labored, 105?for it is known
liV ivumv mwl hn if l^nmi/ t /"* oil flwit
~J -- " J , ...... - -V vw <> i mil.
1 do not baptizo, and 1 did not intend
uny hucIi impression to bo made
by said report; and I thank tliat ^ooil
brother for calling my attention to
thin matter.
My labors, as a Missionary, in the
upper portion oi thin and (iroonvillo
Counties are last drawing to a close.
I feci that it in nothing but right that
I ahould return my thanks to thoso
of my brethren in the ministry, who
liavo received me ho kindly, and have
ho generously aided mo in tlio proso
UUt'UII Ul IIIJ ? U| IV, 1 IlilVU Vl'IJ
most of my timo to Pickonn, only
spending ono fourth of tho timo in
GJroonvilloj about which thoro in so mo
complaint in tl*> latter scotion. I
have this to Hny, I liavo gono accords
iiijg iw cuimuci, uiiu wvur? uuvu niiviit
mcvo time tljcro, if I oonld, consistently,
havo dono so. Many havo askod
Hint I bo continued in thin field?if it
bo divided I may conlinuo. it is too
largo?Hinnll fields well cultivated are
always bolter than a largo ono half!
cultivated. I mean ono hand can I
mnko more on twolvo ncros limn ho I
can on thirty six, when ho attempts
to onltivrtto tho whole",
Gko. \V. Sinolkton,
MARRIED, nt tlio residence of tlio brliln'a
brother, J. 11, llolcombe, Hsq., on Thursday,
the 6th instant, by Her. Fletcher Smith, of
Walhalla, Mil. R. A. (Ml 11,1), ot Pickens C. II.,
ami Alius ESS IK IIOLC0.MM4, daughter of
the Hon. W. E. Ilolcombo, of Liberty Station.
No cards.
*** We return thanks for kind rememberances
of the printer, in the way of nico pieces
ofthc different kind of cakes, and congratulate
our friend and former partner on his
good fortune in securing sueli a charming and
elegant lady for bis '.ifc-long and bosom coni!..
i!-.. i ?' ?
fM>.i'i'tj iiv u > u iuii}r uiki jiruypcr, una
may his only troubles in future life be, the
addition of ren to his own nnmo.
Married, .on the 23d December, 1876, nt
the residence of the brido's father, by Rov.
T. W. ToUckoii, Mii. THOMAS DURHAM to
MissCAKOLlNU HNTRISKIN, nil of l'ickens
Married, on the 4th instant, bv Ilev. Thos.
Looper, Mit. JOHN WILLIAMS to Mbs
MARY IONISE ? nil of 1'iekens.
l . I )' ? <
[>V virtue of an order from I. II. Philpot,
) Judge of l'rohatc, 1 will sell to (lie high,
eel bidder, at Pickens t!. II. S, for cash,
on the 7th day of Frcbuary, 1870, and continue
from day lo day until! (lie entire stock
of Merchandize, now on hand, belonging lo
the Estate o( Jarr.es M. McFall, deceased,
is disposed of, consisting of a complete nssorl
men! of
iiui* Him v lips;
Hardware niul Cutlery;
Ury mnl Fancy Gooils;
Anil, every oilier nrticlc to bo found in a
first class country store.
W. T. MoFAl.L, Ailm'r.
Jan 1.1, 1875 1!) 3
MU3 JlftlJUftWiJ!! i'Ji MiftiU
DESIROUS .? change llic investment, 1
will sell at l'rivale S:ilo ft VALUABLE
TUAUT OK LAND, in I ho County of l'ickcus,
on llrusliy ('recU, within Uvo miles ol' Kaslev
Station, Atlanta and 11 iciim<>it<l Air Line
Uailway, ami containing Seven Hundred
Acres, On this iraol is n pood TANNHUY,
and a stii'ablc site for a Crist Mill?both ot
which have been creeled on the place, (iood
levelling and Out.houses, Tonanls' IIo;i':c3.
About fcveniy-livc acres ol' lloltoin Laud, and
'I'wd lliinilri-il i nf ?..? II..I I- >
- W. ....V U|IUIIl'Ui
balance finely si;iibereil a ml in the woods.
Ti.iiMs?Oiie?!ialf cisli, balaiico in twelve
months, with inuri-.-t at 10 per cviit, kccuitiI
by mortgage of premises. For further particulars,
apply to J. VV. (iHAV, Ksip, Ureeuville,
8. O.
Jnu 18, 1870 10 1
Wi", will aell for ei?11 lotlie highest Milder,
,it l'lckous (.'oiirt House, on Tlun?il:iy (lie
20th "of Jaiiuury, 1H7nil I lie
- - - -u.-I - M ,r jjr* * ? J
(lie I'stnte ol'H. 11. (irillin, .lr., <ICC<VSC<1.
Amongst oliicr things the entire stock <>l
floods Ix-longing lo sui<i lv late will lie sold,
consisting of everything lo be foiuxl in n
Hluru of general merchandise; such ns u large
uii<l vari<"l slock of llio host of Shoes, fine
Hals, Cnlicoerf, Heady Ma<lo Clotliing, (,'asimeres,
Janes, flannels, ami Cotton ami Wool
I i.'n iiumi.t ui every uivcnpi 1011.
' A fin<? l?t of LKATIIKIt, Upper anil Solo,
11 :niie:*s, Hritlltts, SmWIes, &c.
A fino lot of (i ItOt'KIKKS nncl llnnlwnro of
every ilt'Hcripiion, iiikI many oilier iliing? loo
numerous to mention,
15. V MOItOAN,
Jftnd, 1H7G 18 3
'E'a'ciwjirer'fi Ollico,
JMCKMNS ('. II., S. 'Jill Jan., 1S75.
rpllK Tax Diiplicnlo of I'ickcns County for
1. 1876, is now in my hands and open for
I lie collodion ol'Stato ami County Taxes.
Tlic Iottil levy i.s seventeen mills on llie
dollar, as lollow:
For >S(ate purposes, 1 1 mills
For ordinary C'onuty purposes, ;> mills
For past indebtedness of County, 15 mills
l'oll Tax One Dollar.
I will nltencl <lie following places on tho
dates given, to recoivo Taxes:
Kasley Station, 101 h, lltii and 12tli instant.
O'Dell's Shop, 1 7>li and lHth instant.
Ocn.ral Station, I'Jth and 20(li instant.
11 o wjii*?l "h hop, 'Jliili nml 'J7ih iitslani.
Dacnsvillc 31 si iiiMt. find 1*1 Fcbruury.
I'nmpkintown, 2d and !5d February.
Knsintoe Cunip < round, I (>t h nml lllli Fob.
Wliilu attending I ho above places my oflicc
hero will lio closed, but will bo open between
those dales.
County Tronsurcr I'ickons,
Jnn r,. 187<> 18 8
'I'ikeKtuiv ol Soidli lUirolinu
I'k.kknb County.
Jin I. 11. rIn I not. .hnl e of Prnhtitt.
Wiikhkas, \V i II inin K. Stowart and William
11. Price, hath made suit to mo to grnnt thorn
Letters <>f Administration on tho Estate and
Effects <?f A. .1. .Stewart, deceased?
Tho kindred and croditors of thp said A. .1.
Slowart, arc therefore cited to ho and appear
before mo, in the Court of Probate, to bo
hoUlcnnt 1'iekcnsC. II.,on Thursday, tho 27th
day of January instant, at 11 o'clock, a. m.,
lo show ?nn#o. if nnv ll>n? ! <????? ...i... -
- , s j rrnjf IIIU mini
ikdniiiiiitration should not he granted.
Given under my hand and real litis, the
18th day of January A 1>., lH7-'>.
I. II. Till LIMIT, j;p,i'0.
Jnn 13, 1B7<" 19 2
4 l.f. r)M*uitnu titl.A ? - *? 1 * *
.... nnw {luruiniHiMi unnua nt ft
J\ ynlo of tlio Konl Kstnto of Samuel Mavorick,
deceased, arc lioroby noiified lo make
pnymont for I he same. Those failing to do
so promptly, will bo sued upon Hioir bonds.
W. W. llUMPIIKUYH, Rcforoo.
Anderson C. If., L)cc. 20th 1876 18?4
kew advertisements.
New Stors! New Goods!
rnilE undersigned would rcBpeclfully in- ^
JL form the citizens of Eisloy Station and
surrounding oountry, that lie line juat return-.
ed from market, with a lot of
Consisting of LADIES' DUESS GOODS,
Jenns, Slurting, Flannels, Shawls, &c., &o.
Also, n fine lot of Moots, Shoes, Hats, Caps,
and everything usualy found in a Dry-gooda
A f) 11 rt cnlnnti/vn n.t t II - ?
ovivviivil V/1 VIIWIW J <4 11111J VT I uuui ivnf
Candies, Cigars, Chewing and Smoking To- ,
Also, a lot of No. 1 Family Medicincs,
Hardware, Cutlery, Class find Crockery-war*.
All cheap for cash or barter. ^
Highest prices paid for all kinds of Country
Easley Station, A. & R. A. L. R. H.
Nov 23, 1875 3m
Tito undersigned lmvo opened ft llouso in
Kasley, near (heir Livery Stable, for the purposes
of conducting a fancy and heavy
Under (lie Firm, name and style of RICItEY m
h \YY ATT. They guarantee bottom prices, .
as they intend selling strictly for cash. Givo
11, on, n /?.!)
Kaslcy, Nov 2'J, 1875 13 If
call iliq, nltenlion of my friends and tho puT/-.
ic generally, lo ilie huge and well selected
jStock of Goods
I I have now in sloic. .My stock conmls of
i 1)11 V, FANCY Sc DKKSa r:nnnv
//.! 7W AXD CAPS,
//.l III) MM UK,
(i HOCEMES, &c.
All bouplit iii person for this ninrkct, nt prices
tlnit c.ui not bo oi.t under.
Tin' I/i'lie* will i111< 1 my DRESS nn?l
FANCY (JOODS, espcoiiilly suiicl io tlmir
wants, nnd Gentlemen in nccil of CLOTHINQ
of (lie luteal styles will ;c\vo money by inifpccting
my stock.
lty strict attention to business, aiul with
fairness to nil, 1 liopo la conliituo to receivq
tlio favors of llie past.
Persons who ave. <Jue I lie firm of FORD &
MAI I,DIN' on account, will please settle same
1st of November, as the business of the old
linn ntu-ilbo closed.
Oct 11 7 tf
Dwicr In Central tfahanfee,
D',.?sa,l;v STATION, S. f.
| That have been buying GOODS on n
credit during tbo year, will ploaso re*
member that tho undorsignod has concluded
to accept Cotton, Corn, Currency-,
or anything clso, to liquidato
tho Same?and will always bo found
at his storo, ready to wait on thorn.
I cithor to SETTLE or SELL MORE A
(100 DS very choap lor tho CASII.
Romombor l*ay Wny is on hand
- -anti I ncod my mono}'.
Easloy Station, S. C., I)cc. 1(5, 1875,
Prepare for Winter.
l)on't let tlio winds of winlor find
your windows without sashes,or good
wholo doors, hut have them fitted ftt tg0k
onco from tho manufactory of Mr. P
P. Toalb, whoso advcrtlsoir.ont la in
another column.
it i *
no is niso sole ngontfor tho "Na*
tionul Mixod Paint Co.," who warrant
their paint not to orack, pool or fade, ^
Any ono can apply it,

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