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Cuban ComplicationsTHE
A Washington lottor of Thursday
last Bays:
Tho possibility of an cjuly intervention
by tho United Statos to compel
a cessation of hostilities to Cuba
has boon tho chiof topio of conversation
in Washington to day. Almost
tho only official or trustworthy in for
mixtion that can bo obtained on tho
Hubjoct is tho assurance that no interruption
in tho friendly correspondence
botweon tho United States and
Spain has occurred, and thv.t, in an\r
ovout, thoro is no danger of war. But
these assurances aro unsatisfactory to
many. Thoy sa}', if tho President
intonds to interloro in Cuba, it may
not bo in his power to provent a war.
Intervention itself, if not an act of
war, very often results in an outbreak
botweon tho intervening State and
one of tho com baton ts; and if,when wo
havo submitted our terms, Spain refuses
lo accept them, only ono oourso
will bo left open for us, and tlmt will
bo lo compel bor lo do so. It is said
that otherwise wo placo ourselves in
a very humiliating position; that, on
tho other hand, a consultation with
European governments on the sub*,
jocl is nothing but a precautionary
measure to provont war, an a result
of our intervention, should it be determined
upon, but does not commit
us to any policy.
The gonoral belief ia that Secretary
Fish's note or circular docs not invito
European nations to any alliance with
us for tho purposo of intervention, but
is Bimply an invitation to them to
givo us their moro support if wo con
cludo to attempt to bring about pcaco
in Cuba oursolvca. If Snnin sn.r-t flint
nil Europo stands by and approves
our course, it is argued 111 at nlio will
bo more likely to yield peaceably lo
our demands. England, it is report,
oil, would like to join us in such an
undertaking. The close proximity of
her island of Jamaica and her cxlcn
sivo trade in tho West Indies, mako
her interssts in scouring Hpoedy pence
almost as great as our own. It is not
positively known that sho has oflerud
us any allianco for this purpose, but
many beliovc that she stands ready
to do ho wherever we aro willing to
accopt it.
A dispatch from Madrid to day reporting
that Spain will shortly address
a communication of importance
to tho various European Cabinet# on
tlie subject of Cuba, is interpreted as
indicating that tho Spanish government
has been lully informed of tbo
nature and contents of.Mr. Fish's Into
circular nolo, oithcr directly or indi?rectly,
through her representatives at
European courts;and that she will, in
her communication, attempt to show
wby the other power should not en(\
)MI?nrfA f ITniln/'
v v.iv WHIWV4 uia tuo IU I lliurinu
in Cuban n flu iff*. Tho solicitude of
all thoso who dcprceato any foro'gn
complications at this time, and espo
cially any policy that can j)0s?ibly involve
nh in war with Spain, would bo
much greater than it is wore it not
for tho confidence they feel in the
prudcnco and conservatism of Secretary
Fish. While he remains in tho
Cabinet, and the President continues
iu nsion 10 mis advice and act upon
it, little danger ol war is believed to
Edgefield Meeting.
Tho meeting at Kdgeficld Court
House on Monday, last,called to protest
against the election ol Moses and
VVbippcr, was the laigeat held there
formally years. Tho Court Jlou.sc
was packed to its ^utmost capacity,
many colored people being president.
The meeting was called to order by
(ioneral INI. 0. Butler, who nominated
Colonel Thomas G. Jiacon as chairman.
Colonel Beacon. said that lie
Jully appreciated Ihe exigency of the
occasion and Iho hour. Carolina had
in liin long cxperieneo, many trials
bill this was her sorest, and ho for
0110 wanted to evoke tho aid (f (Jod.
I'rayer was then ollercd by tho Rev.
Mr. Hound. Mr. J. I?. Shepherd wan
then eloetcd secretary. A corninittco
on resolutions was appointed. During
its abscence Colonel il. D. Capers delivnrnd
*> > ! nirniBci/Mifwl
. . W. V.M ??r. ....|r?w>nv/livv< ?|?VIIVf?Oj IVl'/Ul
which tho committee reported the iol
lowing resolutions:
Jtcsolveil, That tho recent action of
tho Logisluturo of South Carolina in
tlio election of Whippcr and Moses to
tho judicial hunch is an outrngo upon
chrigtain civilization and an ovidont
expression of a doterininod purpose to
degrade tlio manhood and imnilt the
virtue of our people.
Unsolved, That wo lmvo no hopo
but in tho organization of ilm Hnmn
cralic party in South Carolina, and
that this mooting plodgos itsolf to
abido by tho action of tho oxocutivo
committoo of tho Democratic party in
South Carolina.
Con. M. C. Uuilor supportod tho
resolutions, whioh woro enthusiastic
ally adopted.
The Swamp Fox AwakeMariox,
S. C., January 3.?Marion's
men aro fully alivo to tho foul wrong
and indignity inflicted upon the good
citizens of tlio First and Third Circuits
by tho election of Whippor and Mobch,
and they are not slow to appreciate
the noble and patriotic action of Gov
crnor Chamberlain, who lias dono
wlmt in him lias for Llio moment lain
to checkmato tlio infamous designs of
Llio corrupt majority in tho Legislature,
and is heroically resisting tho
advanco of All icanization in its most
rovolting typo, as illustrated by tho
momorable events of the Black Thursday.
In response to an invitation
addressed through tho columns of our
county newspapers a largo number of
prominent and influential citizens mot
in tho Court House to day to give
expression to tho feelings which they
sharo in common with all tho truo
sons of South Carolina. The meeting
having been organi/.od, with (Jen. \V.
\V. ILarlco'as chairman, and Capt. J.
1). McLucas assecrotary, a committeo
consisting of Capt. McLucas, J. JNI.
Johnson, Esq., and Mr. K. W. Smith,
was appointed to draft resolutions
suitable to the occasion. Tho committee,
alter careful and earnest con?
saltation, submitted tho following.
which woro unanimously adopted:
Resolved, That in rofusiiig to sign
tlio commission of JMosos and Whips
per, an JudgCH iu South Carolina,
Governor J>. H. Chamberlain has
placed tlio good citizens of this Slate
under renewed and incroascd obligations,
and that for tho Conservative
pcoplo of tho Count}- of Marion we
return him our heartfelt thanks for
tlio boid and noble stand bo has taken,
and pledge him tho support of all
Conservative citizens bo long as ho
continues to administer tlio government
with that fairness, juslico and
ability displayed sinco his inauguras
tion as Governor of thoStato.
Resolved, That it is tlio senso of
this meeting that the main work of
reform in our political and governmental
affairs now devolves upon the
Democratic; nartv. nnd ilmi if. ?1iaiiI.i
1 - */ ' """"" w >' w 11'v 1
l>c recognized as soon as practicable.
Resolved, That the people in the
several tow nships of (Ids county be
requested to send delegates to a convention
for that purposo, to he held
at Marion on the third Monday in
,January, instant.
A committee, consisting of Ifon.
A.<^. Mc])uHie,lLon. 10. T. StaeUhouse,
Messrs. .1. (}, Ilnselden, .1. A. Baker
and Capt. 15. 15. McWhito, was ap
(iwiuiuu id nuieei a nine lor noiuing
township meetings, and to publish an
a (id roes urging tliu importance of tlio
occasion upon tlio attention of our
people. Nkmon.
. Hanged By Accident'J"110
New York World, Docomber
.'51, says: Gustavo Guski, employed
by Mrnst iMecke, a butcher at 8U
Stanton eli'io', accidentally hanged
liinicell veslcrilav afternoon. Tin*
circumstances and tho probable mannor
of the death, as related by tho
police, are as follows: Guski was a
German, about twenty years of ago
and loud of practical jokes, lie had
been merry all tho aitorno/ii, anticipating
a pleasant time <>n New Year's
Day. About 8:15 o'clock last evening
there was considerable discussion
in tho stcre ot Air. Alecke about the
execution of tho thico negroes on
December 17th. Guski said lie won
Ucrul how they felt when they were
hanged, and weni into tho ico house
and closed tlio door, lie found a
Hln>rt piece of small rope, not over
three feot long, which had boon
doubled to hold quarters of meat to
tho hooka, lie made a running loop
ot this rone and fdinned Mm n^ota..
? - - II ,,vv^v
over his head. 1 ho iee box was
about eix loot high, and lowa ol hook*
were placed near tliotop. Guaki was
about live feet bix inehtB tall, ami
iiilibt liavo risen on bin toes in order
lo slip the loop over one ol the hooks,
lie finally succeeded, however, to let
Iilrt weight lull Upon Hie noose. 1 lie
lluor ot the ice box was slippery with
grease, arid after ho had rested his
weight on his neck he could not recover
himself. Ilia struggles only
drew ihe nooso tighter, and in a very
short tine ho hecamo unconscious.
The tightness ol iho noose prevented
Guski fiorn calling ior help. Mr.
Mucko WillitO(l Oil lit i alinlil ton tnii - !
utes after lio had entered the ice box
mid called to liim to como out. Itocoiviug
no answer lie went to the oi.s
tranco and throw open tho door. Jle
was nearly paralyzed with alarm at
beholding Gueki hanging from the
hook. Ilia faco was livid, and his
s\voiii;n tongue protruded troin his
mouth. Ilia eyes wero wide open.
Recovering his presence of ruin, Mr.
Mecko.lif'od up the hunting man and
slipped the loop ofl' tlo hook, dragged
Guski out of tlio ico box, and
I loi/i i.:..-. ?? ?i n < .1- -
m iiiin vii iiivj ill-Mil I'l l.'IU BlUI'l!.
Tho ropo had tightened around the
neck so hard that it had nearly 'cut
thion^h tho flesh. Finding notions
of consciousness, Mr. Mucko called
ior help. Many of tho neighbors ran
to his assistance, and in a very few |
minutes Dr. Weber was on tho spt t
n.. I ! - ? ....
vjtuaivi wii3 stripped, ancl hid body was
rubbed willi brushes to induce ft return
of animal warmth. Meanwhile
Dr. Weber was getting up artificial
respiration. All the attempts at re~
eusciatioii proved unavailing, ho.\ever,
and Dr. Weber pronounced the
mm) rlmiil '1 lio 1100
....... N.v??v<< A II ^ IIOU V/I U1UV/ ll I l^llj I
was suggested, uiul a strong current !
was parsed through the groat nerve I
centres. There was a momentary '
quiver, but without tho desired re
suit. Coroner Wultman was summoned,
and a careful post mortem
examination is to he made.
1 f) a <lny nt home. Agents wanted. Outti'
and terms lYee. True & Co., Augusta,
ffeHRl'l'U WKKK guaranteed to Agents,
*. I I Male and Female. in their locality.?
IJ I I Terms and OUTFIT FUF.F. Address
T1 ' !>.(>. VlOKKltY & CO., Augusta. Me. !
MINI) Heading, l'sychomancy, l'nsoina.
lion, Soul Charming, Mesmerism, nml
Marriage Guide, snowing liow either .sex may
fascinate nml gain t lie love and all'ection of
any person tlicy choose instantly. '100 pages.
1 ?y mail 50 cents, Hunt & Co., 189 S. 7th St.,
$ "> to !^2t> per <lay at home. Samples worth
S?1 free. Stinson & Co., Portland, Maine.
A flKNTtf t In. ?i<nnl net .1 ~-.r <? f
,? - - i
IV Address, wiili stttmj>, National Copying |
Co., Atlanta, Q.i.
B at MPpf?iy
r . '< a x-\"; >-v < . . .
sr.si) ron ctut oatai.o'M'k
OX Ea B: 1,1ST
For information, address
<j 1:0. l\ JiOWT.l.L CO., II l'.Ulli ROW, '
Xow Yoi'k.
gmbui wmwm
$i for 2c; Cents.
On tho liisi flan.
For information, atlilicsb
Kcw York.
ScHtilor?R H Bowen.
J{rj>resfnl<i(ii<e?1> F Bradley.
Clrrk of Court?H I> Keith.
Jinly e of Probate?1 II I'hilpot.
Sheriff'-?j itiIcy Ferguson.
Corontr?Warron Boyd.
School Commissioner?It A Ilowcn
Treasurer?\\r A Lesley.
Auditor?A lor 7.0 M Folgcr.
County Commissioners?*fnln? T (! osnolt,
< 'liiiirmaii ? Robert Craig, (1 M Lynch. Clerk
County Commissioners, C L llollingsworth.
1'iii! ,/wilin's l.'uslri/, i> II C Smith- -Si'
luhrilt/, .1 l> Clayton?Cmhrul, James A
Lidiloll?I'ieknis C II , C I, llollingHWorth
nii<t (1 W Taylor -Dacusrille, J 1$ Sutherland.
sun SCIl L B E
d'kir'.iday gunrnntccri iiHiup; our WI'I.I.
?4>/gt) AUOKK & 1)1111,1,S. $100 a month
pni?l lo goo<l agents. Auger J5ook free. Jilz
Auger Co., St. Louis, Mo.
N K W A1) V KJ ii'lS 10 M K NTS. l"
?Mauufncturor of?
Doors, SasHEs,
? Doalor in?
Paints, Oils, &c
Snlrt r~..
Tim National Mixed Paint Co. |
Tiie Great A.mkhican Fiue extinguish
Ell Co.
Send kou Prices.
Ofticc and Warcrooms,
No8. 20 & 22 I lay no and 33 and 35
l'inckney Sts.
Factury and Yards, Ashley River,
West Knd I.road Street,
Encoura^c Home Enterprise and Homo People,!
Geo. S. I lacker.
The only ('arolininn engnnged in tho man
ufnclure of Doors, Sn?h, Mliinls, MouMing
i?n<l Turned Work in Charleston,
Prices .'is low us any other house, nn?l nil
work Ihst-clnss, no 29-1 y
Livery and Sah Stalks.
rnrties desiring to hire conveyance to
Pickens Court House, Ttiblo llock and other
points, can ho accommodated at my Stab'.es,
at all hours of tiic day and night. Purchasers
can nlso bo supplied with flood Stock
nt rcasonnblcpriccs.
Regular Mail Lino io PickcnS Courthouse
daily. (Sundays excepted.)
r.asicy million, ?. v., Aug, a, lW/o.
ni? 10-ly
lIolcoittt>ck iV Cliiltl,
WILL 1MIACTICE in Circuit, Probate, ami
Trail Justice Courts of this Stale. All
business enimsieil to them will receive prompt
Sept 19 8 ly
ICai lo, Wells ?fc Taylor,
Attorneys and Counsellors at Law
Having established an office ftt Pickens 0.
IF., S. (!., will nttend promptly to all business
left willi 0. W. Taylor who may ho always
found at llicir office at Pickens (!. 11., S. C.
One of the senior partners will always he
present at the Courts to assist with the l?uniness.
W. B. KARLE, \
c. is wt.t.i.s f n w TAvraii
Greenville, S. C. l'ickens, S. C.
Practices in Courts of 1'ickcns
0 nnty, and in United btntea Courts
Ii?w Notice.
Tlic undersigned, having resinned (lie prac
liccoflnw, will nltend the Courts on tho Stli
.Judicial Circuit. Jlnsincas loft with Win. H
Ifngood, at l'ickcna C. 11., will ho promptly
attended to, J, W. 11/lUitISON,
Nov. I I, 1871.
TO A 1101 (ln^ ' wanted.
vptJ iP/vV/ All classes of working peo1
. I A r.f nil ur?v trnitll/# / & it svl.l noklf A >.
... X.....V. ov.M r.??s ... ...... I.H.KU HUM (J
money at work for us in their spare mo?
nioiiis, or oil tlio time, than at anything else] (
Particulars free. Address G. STINSON &CO
Portland, Maine. ,
P.ills, Bonds and Postago Htiwnps Wanted.? <
$ 1 for rarest hills, !5I<> for rarest stamps. It
will pay to send tliom immediately. Also i
other curiosities, American Stamp Co., llox
1016, New York.
Deo 2 H I
??????????itnri mil? inn hwumiwi ?m\ n *1
South Carolina Kaih'on<V i
rifc.VHT.KflTnv K 0. 1Q 1?"" '
'I'l kVIU. |
On antl aflcr Sunday, December 19, tlio
Passenger Trains on tho South Carolina
llailroad will run as follows:
(.Sundays excepted.)
/,eavo Charleston 0 15 a m
Arrivo n.t (!nlm>il>ifi r- ftn -- ?
U vv J[? lil
(Sundays excepted.)
Leave Charleston 9 15 a in
Arrive (it Augusta * 6 15 p in
(Sundays excepted.)
I,cave Columbia 0 00 a in
Arrive at Charleston 4 lf> p in
Loavo Augusta 0 00 a in
Arrive at Charleston 4 4C? p m
Leave Charleston - 0 ir> p tn '
Avi'ivo nt Columbia 7 20 a in
Leave Columbia 7 00 p m
Arrive nt Charleston (] .JQ
Leave Charleston 8 Hi) p 1,,
Arrive nt Augusta 7 ;l )n
Leave Augusta K ;>0 J,
Arrive at Charleston 7 |u ,,,
SirM M ! 'i! v 11 r 'im? v 1 v
(Sundays cxcept'jd.)
liCnvo .S'uininerville at 7 "0 a in
Arrive at Charleston S -15 a in
l.eave C'liarlcston !$Tfi |i m
Arrive at Suniiiicrvillc 4 :><) p m
Connects al Kiugvillo daily [except Suns
days'] willi Up and Down Day and t'assenger
Day and Niplit Trains connect al Augusta
with tieorgia Railroad, .1/acon and Augusta
Uailroad and ('mitral Railroad. '/'his routa
via Atlanta is tlio quickest and most direct
iwiiiv, inn ii? coimoriauic anu cllcap p.s si 11 y
i>llior route, to Montgomery, Pelma, Mobile,
Now Orleans, ami nil oilier points Southwest,
mul to Louisville, Cincinnati, Chicago. St.
Louis, and all other points West anil Mortliwest.
l>ay Train connects at Columbia with the
Through Train on (lliarlottco llond (which
leaven at '? p. in.) for all points iVurth.
.Night Train 'connects with l.o'al Train
[which leaves Columbia at S a.m.] for points \
oil Clcirliit i <? 11 oml
Laurens l!ailro:nl Train connccl.3 at New- |
berry on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
Up Columbia Night Train connccls closely
witli tlio liroenvilloand Columbia Railroad.
S. S. SOLOMONS, Supcviulendcnt.
.S. 1'.. l'icicr..N"3, (Seneral Ticket Agent.
Greenville & Columbia II IICHANCE
0-- .................v . except ctl,
connectintf willi night trains on South
Carolina K:iilro:i<l up mid down. On and all
er J/onday, December 1-5, tlie following uill
be tho Schedule:
Leave Columbia at. ",1!0 a m
Loavc Alston at " 11.15 a in
Leave Newberry at- li)..'?5 a in
Leave Cokcshury at li.t?7 p in
Leave Helton at IS.fit) j> m
Arrive at flreeiiville nl O.'J.j i> in
Leave (irconvillc at 8.tit) a m
iii.'iivo i>oiioii hi. '.i. In a in
l.ctxYc Ookoslniry 1 l.'JO a in
u *iivo Newberry at ti.iOum
Leave Alston at -l.'jo p in
Arrive at Columbia at p m
Jt 1'oinuvt at Alston with Trains fin llto
Span a libit rg ami Union Itailroad ; connect '
Columbia wiih N i^l i Trains un the Sout li Civ
olina llailroii'l up ami ilown ; also with Trap.
going North ami South on (ho Charlotte, Co
lumbia aiul Augusta ami the Wilmington. C..jim'.kvn.r.r.
Trum 1 onvo AKtu'villr* ??i 'i I ? -i
in<jc with Down Train (run Crocnville. Lc.n
Coko->bury at 'J. I -> ]> m., connoei iiijj v.-ith 1
Train from Columbia. .\c>'oinmo<lai i '.t T; i::
Mi mliys, Wcthu'silays ami I'ri l.r- . I.i-.j'
Cokesbury a! 11.lfi a in., or on tho i.vrival ?
the Down Train from Orconvillo. Loaves? L\
hcvillc at 1 o'eloeU p. in.. connect iuy wit!. : r
Train from Columbia.
Leave WtillitiMn at fi.GO it ...
I,ouve l'erry villo at (>.-1."? a m
Leave l'ondlctou aL 7.a in
Leave Anderson nt H.;I."> a in
Ai rive al Bolton at 'J.'JO a in
v i*.
I,onvo Doll oil at .".f>0 p m
Leave Anderson at 'l.f?0 p ni
Leave I'ondlelon at r?. "><I p in
Lcnvo l'errvville <>.!> > j? n
Arrive at Walliallft 7.1?"? p in
Aecommo<lation Trains litlw.en Doltonnnd
Aii<lur.snti on 1 lu-siiays, Tlnu'.vlay:s and Snlur*
days, Leave Helton ul 0.50 .1115., or 011 nrriv
ul of liowit Train from Greenville. I.eavc
Anderson al 2.0() pin., connecting with Up
General Superintendent.
J A n>:/. NorreN, Jr., General Ticket Ajrent
Atlanta & Richmond Air Lino Railway
Leave ftt Atlanta at 1 10 p in
Leave Toccoa City at 0 00 p m
l.eavo Westminster at 0 f>| p m
l.eave St ticca t'ity at 10 'J1 ]> in
Leave Oentrul at lt? 67 p in
Loevc Lasley at 1 1 p m
Leave (irccn villi) as 1 '2 I'J a m
Leave Sparlunhiu'K at Ilia in
Arrive nt ('liarlotto at f> oO a m
Leave Charlotte at ft Ot) p ni
weave.Spartanburg at II 51 p in
Lenvo (Ireen ville at i .
. -- r ...
I.eavo Kasloy at I 51 a in
Lcavo Central at 'J \IH n m
I.cavo tjonooa City at ft OU a m
Leave Wstininslcr at JJ 84 a in
Lcnvo Tuccoii City at ft .11 a in
Arrive at Atlanta at ftU a in
fclonisls, au<l
Travelers Wes(ward.
For map circulars, condonsed lime taldcs
nnd general information in regard to transportation
facilities to all points in Tennessee,
Arkansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Colorado,
Kansas, Texas, Iowa, New Mexico, Utah and
California, apply to or address Ai.iikiit 15.
WitKNS, flcncral Emigrant Agent, Ofliec No.
2 II. I. Kimball House, Atlanta, (la.
No one should go West without first getlillff
ill nOIIimmilfnl inn H.? <! i
tnu vjviiurill
Emigrant Agent, and become informed as to
superior advantages, cheap and quick trans,
porlatiou of families, household goods, .slock,
lilid farming implements generally.
All inforinalioii cliecrfnlly given.
W. *1/. DANfiKY,
no3 Oin Q. 1*. & T. A.
Can at. Sr., kuom Sixth to Seventh,
lUClfMOM), : : VlllcTlNlA.
Portable and Stationary,
r>a\v .Mills, (iris! Mills, Boilers, Castings of
Brass and Iron, I'orgings, &c.
In all its brandies, dono by experienced hands
driving CoUon Gins, Threshing Machines,
Separators, Grist Mills, &c. A number of
second-hand Engines and Boilers of various
patters, in first rate order, on liand,
Ilepair work solicited and prontpliy done.
.< .11. 1J. 1 rtlSH&U & CU.
Oct II, 7 s ly
Notice !
L'ickkns Count}-.
KNOW nil moil l>y these presents, Hint
. in accordance with nn Act entitled
"An Act to provide for granting of certain,
clmrtcv.s" approved llic thirtieth clay of
February, one thousand eight hundred ftntl
-cv it v four, and our petition r.skiiiK for a
,.:,:irt.i." II. ..t \l - I? - >>? *
... ....v,.i nuimiiuKH ana jcssio
.Simmons, an?l their associates anil successors,
member;; ot' this "Oolenoy Baptist Church,"
arc hereby constituted ami dcclarecl a body
politic and corporate, under the name and
style of the Oolcnoy Baptist Church of Picki
n Couijly. .Said corporation shall bavo
power to purcliaso and hold real estate or
I . r.-onal property, not exceeding in valuo
; tin- sum of - dollars: and to sell ami
| convey, or dispose oft lie same in any manner
l what, .ever; and 1>v its corporate name to
Mie and be sr.td in any of the Courts of the
m:ur, nil i p> lmiKc smrli rules and by-lnTve,
not repugnant to the laws of the land, ns may
be '! i'iiu' I necessary; lo make, uso and koep
a common seal and the same at will to alter.
(iiven under my hand and oflicinl seal, in
the Clerk's oflice at l'ickens Court House, 1
this the day of in the
year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred
an I seventy-live, and in the omo hundredth
year of the Declaration of the lndcpcudancc
of America,
S. 1>. K ft ITU, e.c.r.o.
Dec 'J'!, 1*7"> 17 3
1 take this liU'thod of informing my friends
that 1 will I' found in my oflice on each
.-.i 11 1.1' \ i. lor i in* ] urposc of transacting
any l.iusiut' h Ili;u cornea under my jurisdici
io 11.
As my -1 i11?. s as School Commissioner will
e.mip'.l me !> l>o absent in ililVercnt parts ol
the county, I ;:>111;o 111i. ? special appointment
t' r ?i: : lieiiilit of all concerned.
11. A. r.ONVKN,
n ly .Seoul Commissioner
\\,M? wnnt -.mo olio iii every comity lo
> ) i:;I i> ' i - ami deliver good* for tl>o
oM :i 1 i"i:nn 1 <". <>. D. Il.mso. Large cnsli
w; /. Sj.lid chance in every neighborly. !
1?11* 11 i i. lit |crsun of either sex, young
or < M. Sain| i'reo niul ]><>sl paid. Send
for it at oiicv and maUo money at your lioinen.
A<l'li t II. . I. MALL & CO. .ON. HowarJ
Sired. I':i!>iui 'ie, J/<1
wii.i, r-i'i r* Jim
We liavoju t replenished our stock of mcrchnmli-o
lor ilio lull ami winter trade.
Ladies' ami pentlemen's hats ami dress
"i.ii.l ; cue. illy have received special nttcu-?
Our Shoe Department
Is very full, amountintr to neavlv nnn
sand dollars.
O"!!' (licilOI'al Slock
Coinpri-vs noarly everything you arc liktly
io need mi'I will bo sold very low.
Ilaif Car Load.
Oflicsl Liverpool Sail on ha ml amlfov Jealc
two dollars per sack, which is
Than bcfon; the war. All arc rcspcc'.fully in?
vited to call ami cc them.
Hester & Hester.
Central, S. ('.. Oct. 2*. 187 I.
I I ") i 1 < > ^ ^
nuuer ivicl5ee3
? $
\\7ii.i. rii.\cimck in tiii: courts of
\ V till-; .statu and of the un1tkii
ansoLirrn divorcks obtained
from Courts of different Slatca for dcscvtion,
&o. No publicity required. No
charge until divorce granted, Address,
m. 110usk, Attornoy,
10 Om If I Broadway, N. Y.
A T TO li N I'i Y S A T T, A \v
IPilSIKSffilS 8. ?
T \711'l- t'ivo their attention to the Prncllcft
VV nml lo tho Collection of Pensions,
Bounty liftml aivl all other ('Iniins.
J..). NORTON, J. E. 11 AO OOP, m
Wnlhalln, M. C, l'ickens, 8, C.
July 27th 1871. 1 tf||i>.
12 .1 i?n:i
? ~ - .?# <p KKiiiiuiiau
HAVING returned nml iiormnncnlly located
hi l'iekensvillo, roBpocllully ofl'jra
liis frofi-Hsioniil services lo tho eilizonB of that
vicinity nn?l uurroun ling country. Charges
M;iy '.) 11

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