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D, F, BIUDLEY, Editor and Pponrieior.
Teriiu of NiibM'riptloH,
Ono Year $1 50
8ix Mouths 75
Advertising fliute?.
Advertisements inserted at the rate of $1 00
Ser square, of (9) nine linos, oklkss, tor the
rpt insertion, and 60 couts for cach subse(Jtioht
Contractu made for thkbh, six or xwblvb
months, on favornblo terms.
...Advertiaowqnta not having the number of
insertions marked on ihom, will bo published
tfntlt forbid and charged Accordingly.
These torms aro so eiidple nny child may
undorstaud them. Nine lines is u square?
one inoh. Tn every instance wo chargc by
tho spaco occupied, lis eight or ten lines oan
uo uiuuv iu uuviu^-jr luur ur 11*0 wijuuros, IIH UIO
advertiser may wish, and is charged by the
8Qy* Advertisers will please state the number
of B(\uaros they wish their advertisements
&GT Business men who advertise to bo '
benefitted, will bear in mind that the
8BNTINEL has a large and increasing circulation,
and is takeu by tho very class of
persons whose trade they desire.
PICK ENS C. II .,~S. 0.: !
Thiirftilnv. .Taii. BS'i'fi
Whilo there is much need of political
reform, wo need another kind
oqually afl bad, and that in agricultural
reform. Cottor, it is true, is king,
and it rules tho Southern people with
an iron rod of oppression. Wo should
pmub ioss uirnon unci more 01 Uio
grains, by which method our lands
would fioon bo improved a hundrod
j>or cont, tho farmers would bocomo
prosperous and iiidopondent. Tho
lien law, which now cat;? up ti?o subetanco,
would, so far as its practical
purposes aro concorncd, bocouio a
dead letter on tho statute 'Too'f, Tho
monoy lords of tho land would soon
bo glad fo loan their money at a modorato
intorost, and tho usury would
rogulato itself. Tho farmers can brim*
_ o
about a groat and lasting reform il
thoy will only do it. They should
study their own interests moro closc}y.
Thoro aro hundreds of things on
tho farmer which sadly need a reformation,
and by which alono tho farmor
would save moro in twolvo months
than ho actually makes undor oar
prosont slip-shod system. Ono item
alono in which wo think a vory good
stop towards roformcan bo takon this
spring, From our observation wo do
IlOt. Ihinlr thftt. 1ml f niinn?li nn < ->
. ? ? . - m v i v> *i v vi jXj 11 v/?? tr> WlilU
soon in thin County last lull. It ifl
not too lute to romody this evil. Discard
the idon of ho much cotton at
onco, and sow at loiiBt hull the land
you have sot aside for cotton in spring
oats. Thoy will not require scarcely
one?tonth tlio labor, and will pay
muoh bettor, whilo at (ho sumo timo
your land will bo rested and greatly
improved. Try it farmers and sco
if it docs not pay handsomely.
vq}" ivn*. juurs romarkublo speech
in tho lLouso in reply to Kpoakor
Blaine's slanderous attack upon the i
1 i
South ie said to be tho most masterly
pieoo of oratory that has boon made
in tho House for twonty years, and is
tho most completoand magnificentdo- J
fonso of tho South that over was ut- '
tcred. Jt created tho "rcnt^ t exciiof
ment both among tlcpubbcans and j
Democrats of tho House. If wo had i j
moro such mon us Hill and Gordon j
in our Southern representation in j '
Congress, our Southern inlcro.su would '
bo moro viyilant.lv nf?m? 'i I
South lias boon poorly represented in
(Jongross since tho war, oxcopt in fi
few instancos. Poor South Carolina (
might a? well had no representation ,
afl to havo hail a Hog to roprosont her { ,
truo interest in tho councils oi' Ihc I
nation, (
865"* Tho Legislature ro^a.sHembtcl '
last Tuesday, ISth inst., after a roccss '
of moro (lian three woeU.i, It is to ho '
hoped that after their re-assembling, 1
thoir deliberations will bo eharaetor- 1
izod by more harmony and sober 1
jafJgmont than wna manifoNlod just
boloro adjournment. Jiut thcro can 1
bo no good logi.slation, however, ox- 1
pooled from tho ultra radical wing oi *
tho South Carolina Jiogi.slatnro. It
is hopolosaly corrupt. It must he laid
on tho shelf, heforo any t'(>o ! criii jo- k
Hull to tho .Stale, and tho political rc- 1
volution now going on will ouroly n
nfT<?/> ! f ^4 4 1 ' ' 1
VUVW ib< HU IIIUIU lb no# 1
8#^, Gharlon Sullivan, tho man who
murdorod J Nowton Cox, at Givenvillo,
in Octobor lust, wan nrrcHtcd in h
Spartanburg on Inst Saturday, l>y d
Cfipt. Alloy. Sullivan wax u dcape- o
ralo eharactor, and wan engaged in it
Btoaling a hoi'RO when ho w.mi nr- i!
roBlod, |]
A Whiskoy Proposition Worth Looking
Mr. White, of Kontucky, wants to
ocpnomho in tho collection of tax on
spirits distilled in ont of tho wfty.
places. In tlio mountains of tho
Southern Stuios, ho jaaj's, there is u
droflt doM of illicit distilling in out of
the way localities; that tho distilling
apparatus usod is of n simplo nnd in?* 1
oxpoitBivo naturo, oaeily romovod and
of little value; that tho legal distilling
of spirits in such romoto localities
costs tho government for hire of oflloers
moro than tho rovonuc oollootod
<1 m A?I *> llwvt * I. ^ 1 -- ? 1
m w?j iiu?o uiu mw ninKcs no
distinction bctwoon hand mash topper
distilleries and steam distillorics,
which ho claims is unjust, and tornptB
tho rcckleHH to mako "moonshine i
whiskoy." In order to rcmody thin,]
ho proposes that tho commissioner oi j
intcrual iwcnuo ho authorized and |
directed to dinohargo all store koopors
for dialilloriOB having an avcrago daily
capacity of less than ton wine gallons;
and that ho require the guagcrs at**
tendant upon all hand nuidh coppor
distilleries having an avcrago, daily
capacity of h s than ton wine gallons
1 <"* r?n1l/wW o itwnn I * ? -- ?
I IW j'VVi.il ClliV *.'1 K'f-'-M
than *25 nor inoro than 8100, nccord|
ing to the capacity of the distiller}',
for each ?ix month?, or parts thereof,
said hand mash copper distillorics may
This position of Mr. White is highly
commendable, and ovinces a high degree
of practical common een*e. The
rcvonuc law with regard to distilled
whiskies does not opcrato equally and
justly in all parts of the government.
In the .South, owing to her impoverished
condition, the operation of tho
law is tantamount to a prohibition; >n
tho NotIh and Northwestern States,
or. the contrary, the individual woalth
enables them (o dintil! r.wwiiiiiir ?o
law, and consequently to furnish had
whiskey for Southern consumption;
whorens, according to tho Bugacation
of Mr. White, a hotter article could
he manufactured in tho mountain regions
of North and South Carolina*
Georgia and Virginia, with manifest
advantage to tho government, and at
tho same timo ho u scurco of groat
profit to tho people of those regions.
i.iiu iuw as il now operates, crcaics a
legalized whiskey monopoly fur the
North and Northwest to the groat
disadvantage of tho South. The South
demands, and, it justieo bo dune hor,
will recoivo a romcJy against this
wholesale monopoly in tho whiskey
buainos-s. Let both North and South
be placed upon equal ground in this
business. If tho South bo not ablo to
tfo into tho big distillation business
like tho Northwest, Jot tho Congress
modify tho law in such a way as to
ifivol.lift Smilll o lllno/i i>! < l>n I
0- . _ I^VIIVII It J'liivw HI Hiu |71 wiiiq
accruing from distilled upirita 11
whiskey hfta to ho made, tho South in (
fairly entitled lo hor shnro in tho (
production; ii is n manifest oppression ,
which tho } ro.-ont law visile upon ,
her Wiih a moditiod law on this |
subject, aceordirg to tiic suggestion <
of Mr. White, tho wholo mountain i
I'Amon of l'if'lfftna nnnlrl lomilKr
gngo in distillation, and it would boa
creator soureo of rovonuo to tho gov*
arnmcnl than il r-ow is, aiul .it the
mino tiino :i groat ?. rnoluinortt to ilii:.
00jilo?all would bo mutually lx in*Li
tied?inonoy in PicUony would '?o ' 1
more plentiful ?Htioh would bo t ;
:acO all uloi.;{ Ibo 1 icd'.noni Udt.
?i m.. i .
u-jii- uivAiiiiui;. si' Bb'jpilGHSTito
critical c jti lilion of Mr, Btcpli* j
3 it ft' health i.-> hi ming prions not |
)t)ly to lii.i inunc ) f< nds, hilt to
ho whole poojilo. Iio rays: *'1 uiu
iciihor hopt f'ul or do). ndonL. J have
,o c!< si: to live another day; but
rO'.l'rt will ho dono." This uttcrai;o?
.vouid f -.'om to in licntc his belief that
/? .... I! . i '
w i'm v. 11 ii ;n nc,,'i iiib uaruis | (
y mission. .Ah n Btatcnmnn ho 1ms
i>w, if any, uponorr?, and lie will ho '
I' ho die, a groat and irreparahlo loss
iOt only to (ioorgia hut to the entire 1
lountry. iJo htiH hold, and will con- '
iHno to hold, a hi^li placo in ti>e e.s>
oeni of h in country men. JIo i.-j a ^
talesman of the first rank,
? *_ > ?
frvr Our JlcproBontr.tivif and f:uiu
tor left on Monday list to nrtorid to <
hoir dutio:-; in flu J,<. jislutuio. I'hoy i
ro d -lorniinod 10 bo fit thoir j)08t in |
rder to watch over tlio inturoot of
outii Carolina.
??> ,
The Indies will romeinbcr this i
i "leap your," and tlioy have an tin- t
onbtod and time-honored provilogo u
t" iiil<ir?5* tho inialivo in making rrintrl- , I
toniol proposal^ and performing all H
I'd liitlo 'jiillunirio8 of tho gentle- r
>P? o
.jia.'"--. . m .-.A',
flAVAritiff TAA M11 i-?V? J
A want of thoroughness id Boon in
whatever diroction wo turn our eyos.
With nil our advnncomont in knowlodgo,
with all our progress in tho arts
and sciences, of which this ago can
boast, tho very important element of
which wo speak is soon 011 every hand
?a tondcncy to cover too much
ground; its pernicious effects aro ovcry
whore noon.
Tho student, In hirt eagerness, runs
over tho olomcntrnry branchos of an
education that ho m?y grnflp tho more
quickly tho higher, but in so doing ho
(aily to loam any thing well, and there
by becomes I he inm ost sinnitor.
A .rnin tw? ? "< -r '
, tuv Vrtov yj i UlJJf u L UUl' I
profossonal mon, who uridcrtako to ac- j
quiro :i knowledge of iho various!
branches of thoir rospcctivo callings,
where only ono branch can bo inns* j
tercd, and ho thus bocomos simply an
Furthermore, tho religions man, in]
his eagerness, either for tho cause its
sell or to gain tho applause of mon,
attempts to p.reach beforo l.o undorstands
ovon his mother tongue, to say
nothing ot the mystories of the Bible,
and thus brings tho holy ofllco it3oU"
into diareputo,
Tho lannor givos us a practical los*.
sou illustrative of this very same principle;
for he trios to cultivate twioo as*
much land as ho has ability to do
well, and the result is, inccssant labor,
short crops and pinching poverty, I
Tho mochanie even, while sowing
ni.i ouuuefunp, in t ii ics only ol
learning tho tm veal rudiments, and a
fow dotails of his I'Ua'.noHH, and when1
he Ima acquired those, ho starts out
aii a journoy man, does botch work and. J
consequently lives in poverty.
Towns starting into existence, bo!~
stored up by visionary echomos, at
tempts to buihl themselves up on influted
and unsubstantial valuations,
and consequently sink again into their
primitive obscurity, when thoir frail
and visionary foundations dccay.
Tho wliolo country, in fact, is now
inundated with mochunics, f^rmors,
and professional mon; but how many
oftl.em mnko a doconl living? how
many desorvo it? Thoro is always
room iu tho upper story, as Mr. Web
stcronco remarked; and talent, skill,
iniu u|>jmuiniun uru liio ouiy moans.
To reach eminence in any profession,
thoi ou^hnesa is tho only criterion of
kuocosr. and ho who attempts to roach j
it by any other way will Buroly bo
disappointed. 'l'horo aro numerous
villages htriviug to swell into city
proportions; but bow many begin on
tho right lino to accomplish tbo object?
Positivo advantages, aidod by outers
priso, and accompanied by moderate J
iiomands, oun only build up and sustain
i hem.
n ^ ~ i ~ i t .? *
au ini'.m; uusiu siuwiy lr5 11,0 on,y
urn \vay to buccobs, and tlmt. in lo bo
ilono by covering lens ground, and
cultivating it thoroughly. Wo arc
mvaro that lids is, in many paiticnlas,
a fast ago?indeed an enterprising
ope, but this is not inconsistent with
that thoroughness that tho greatost
jucccbs every wnoro domanan.
&%' ,!. j\J. Kunion, County Trcas*
it IT.- r of fJroen vil'o, resigned hisofllce,j
:mi. ? ho was unable loexoeuloa'
ir or bond, according to (ho recent i
roqnirumenl of ih j l'ii>v< rnor. Mr. A. |
. C"bb ha. ? (;c-n r.ppoimod in bin
place. Ti:? (invernor iry bringing!
things to a locu.-. If \w had had such |
vi/ilaneo heretofore, South Caolinnj
.tiM 1)0 i'CI I'M' oil' l.o day. All hail I
to Uovorncr Chamberlain for hi--* he* |
i'(?i >m! Wo like such cula as this?
l liny arc healthy.
? ?<ja>?? ? ?
W ahuington, 1). C , Jan. 15.-- la tho !
Iluusc tho cloelion coininittoo heart]'
tho argument of W. II. Trescott thai |
the Third Congrcs .ionnl District of,
South Carolina was not contiguous!
territory. JNo argument was made
for lloge. Pascal f.upjgofllol
lmt tho quoBtion Mihinitted by Tii1; '
.oil hoars upon tho validity ol tho
South CaroHrin representatives. Tho
ivesont Legislature miiHt ro-difllrict
liho Stato and order an oloction in each
biatriet. ?
i-W Tl.o Governor on 11th, pnrlonod
V/iisIiinj'lon D^vis, eonvietod
a i'lo February lortn, J875, for Kich-*
n. <1 county".
Bonanza Commission. Under tho
rovifMons of "An Act (o provide for
lie Boltlomont and payment of cor
nin claims ngainst tho Stato," known
,a tho "J>ig hananzn;*' tho (lovornov
ma appointed tho following commie*
ions, which is said fo ho a good aptointmont:
A. C, 11 a h lc c 11, J. 1*. Low
m! T. S. Cavcri#r,
e*wu?aAcMi?r?7/-ikxv J.sws\mnm
The Southern Planter and Farmer*XT
- - ' ?
j ryofirom rccoipt 01 mo January
I numbor of this old and standard Southorn
Agricultural Journal, and its
contoutu show no dcclino in its vigor.
Its career dates back thirty fivo yours
and it has numborcd among its constant
con I rihll t.oi-H in ilnva <rr?r?r?
- - > ?v - "J ,
Huoh names as Ivuffin, Taylor, Sampson,
Carter and Gil in or. In read
juatmont of our agricultural economy
indacod by tlio results of the war wo
nOod the counsel of ovory man who
lias socurcd hucoobs sjneo. In> the
pagoa of this journal wo -tind such
counsel, indeed, ovory question of vi
| Lai 1 utmost to us is handlod with porfooi
candor,aud in a spirit that must
' lift up tlio hearts of many who ro|
main cast down in our Southern ccun|
tiy. T,ho present number gives in
jul! the pplendid address of B. Johnson
Barbour, Esq., boforo tho lust mooting
of tho Stato Agricultural Society of
Virginia, and it should be road by
every man in llio South. Wo find in
it, also, a masterly articlo (ono of a
aoriea by "Givis") on tho "Public
School in ila '.Relations to tho Negro."
In fact it contains all a farmer would,
jiko to see, ami wo (rust our fHonda
will avail thomsolvos of the aid it offers
them in so pi any ways. Tho
prico is but 32 per annum, for which
i.i furnished, during the year, ovor
Bovon hundred pagos of firt?t class
reading mitltor. Published nt iiichmond,
Virginia, by Dr. L. K. Dickinson.
fie?" Gen, Jamos Chcenut has boon
chosen to deliver tho annual oral ion
before the Ijitcrary Sociotior< of Princeton
College, Now JerBoy, at the
next ccinmencomcnt.
I . <"%?> ? ?
| kV'f PorhnpB, after all, wo ehouhl
not judge harshly of a woman because
she wears tho breoehc?. Thoy u;?3
conceal scmo' trno womanly <iu:? lilies.
Pickens Prices Currc nt
coi:ki:i:i'i:i> wki:ki,y nr \v. t. si'fall. V
Cotton per pound, packed.
Cotton per pound, seed, 4c
Bacon per pound, lGjj
Lard per pound, 20o
Pork per pound, lOo
Corn per bushel, 75o
Wheat per bushel, st.f>0
clour per barrel, [email protected]$10
Applet*, Dried, por bushel. Si.00
\<>plea, Oro.cn, per buuhel, $1.00
Peas per bushel flOe
Duller per pound, -in,:
Decf per pound, c,(,
llee?wtix, per pound,
Tallow, por pound, tuc
(Miiokcnn, pes- houd, l.,c
Hidc?j Dried per pound, l'-Jo
uuaa, UH;OIJ, JMM Jmjuuu, UO
P,r Do*on,
L'ih'icra, ji<jr buiihol, $1.0'.)
Fuatlicrfl, per pound, ?">i)o
Wool, p?jr pound, '10o
t - r 7- r.-r?- -na rtrya. mw . 'WfiijffMW
JT>y vnui'i: of an order from f. H. Philpof-,
i?_> Judge i-f Pin bnt.?, Pickens C. If.. 8. ('
1 mill I :-Vl?.A,- .
. ..... i. ... my iii^uvj^iiniuriypt~viL'KCn8 I
J1., oil iSnlctay in February,nofcl, Mint <1 et<ii;i
bio lfoiifo nn 1 Lot siluntfcdwflfl'MieVIvaal cud of
Mu!? .Street, containing un^-linlf iWFc .mpro
or b'Hs.
TI.KMS : "ONU-THUU) Cnlhtljio bnlnnco
on twelve month's cro'lit with' nWQ nncl two iipjirovcd
Soourilos, vvidi iniersl I'rorn ibitt*.
W. A. LKiSf.KY,
G unrclii>n.
Jan. 20,1870, 20 a
Notice to Administrators, Ex-1
editors, liuaraiausfic Trustees*
A?.L A Im'.r.iitrn'.orn, F.xecrlcr.-,
mvl 'J'rij ; >: 'j, n.v :( < l>y n<Milicl tliut (](<1
>? . pi.: tin in lo mnlto Iht-ir ftnnunl iet:n;i
l?i : 'lui'i: j; l! c \ ndi .?f .laminry
ol ?ft' 'i y nr. Look out 'l'-fniiltevs
I. ti. I'lULroT, i im".
J.-.n 20, lS7fi 20 4
Pkjkkns County.
In lVobato Court.
NOTICE i? hcredy given, t lmt Florin Griffin
1ms liirvlo npplicnlioii (o ino, to liavo
a Homestead f?cl olf lo her, out of tin- K-talo
of Jut late liunlmnd, K. H. Ori.iin, Jr., il;
enssod. It'no good cnu?c bo nb? \vn to the
contrary, tlip hiiiiio will be p.u-tcd on tho
21st dny of Fobruitry, A. 1>. 1S70.
i. I!. I'll!I.l'OT .i p i- n
Jaii 20, 1870 20 f>
VI,L jxirsont irloblcd (o Hie K*(nto of
Jruncs M. McImvD, (]eC( i8C(i, by Nole,
Acr.i.'iiM ..r ('lhoi'Wi?\ will please COmo forv,-ii-vI
uriil > olllo, or ilioir ovUIcii'TH of in'lcbt*
i i ;? win u?- J?i:?OcU in tin* i finds ol' fin
ofliocr for collection. The busmu.-s uf tho
Kulfttc must bo Wound np.
W. T. MvFAI.L, Adm'r.
Jnn 18, 4970 !'.? 4
SOTK'B is hereby ^ivon I'.nt Ktephen Lndd,
ha* Ihia day filed !.i? petition in (lie Court
of I'robaf for Pisk-ns Oounty, to have his
Hotnoitond not oft; I ho pamo will be heard 011
Saturday, 1 lie lOlli day ?f February, 1*7'>
Given under my band and seal, thia the
101b duy of .January. 187*1.
I. 11. lMfJLVOT, j.v.p.o.
Jmi 18, 1876 10 4
nmi'i'iffi miri'ic IB.
AM. persons indcbfodlo ub ou any account,
nuiHt I'd. rnvKi.v comc forward mid inako
settlement on or by llio first day of February
next, or vlioir accountu will bo ) ut in the
hands of in officer for colleciion. A word to
(he w.so is sufficient.
K. K. IfOI.COM fiK & SON.
h>c!cy, $. Jan 3, 1870. IX (f
-- " ' - ?..f
Administrator's Sale.
BY virtue of an order from I. II. lMiilpot,
Judge of Probate, I will sell to thohigheet
bidder, fit l'iokBrts C.* II. H. 0., for cash,
on the 7th day of Frebnary, 187ti, and continue)
frotn day to day until! the entire stock
of Merchandize, now 011 hand, bolotiglng to
tho Eataie of James M. Mcl'all, deceased,
is disposed of, csnslsting of a cotnplefo assortiiient
Hals and Gaps;
Hardware and Cutlery";
{ > pfirtwi/it
Pry iiii'l 1'iutcy Goods;
And, every oilier arliclo to l>o found in ft
first class country Move.
W. T. MnFALL, Adm'r.
.Tun 13, 1875 19 3
hi Pliatatiosi for W.
DESIROUS to chftngo the investment, 1
will Hell ut Private Salt* n VALUABLE
Til ACT OL'' LAND, in tho CmihIv nf l'ifk.mu
o?i Brushy Crook, within t wo milo< of Hnsloy
Station, Atlanta ami Richmond Air J/nio
Railway, and containing Sevou Hundred
Aorcn, On thin tract ia a good TANNBHY,
and a suitable site for a Orbt Mill?both of
which lmvo been orootcd 011 the i>!acc. (lood
Dwelling ami Oul-honsc?, l'> :uin(.V Houses.
About teveuty-llto acres of Bottom Land, and
Two Hundred noreii of fine Uplands, ononed:
bulnndo finely timbered Mid in the woody.
Twins?Ono->bu>f cash, bnlatioo iu twelve
tnonthfl, with interest ?t JO pel' evut, secured
by mortgage ol' preuiisi.s. For further particulars,
apply to J. W. GRAY, Esq., flroenvillc,
8. 0.'
Jan 13, 1870 1!? <1
MmiMor's SalGa
wi1! foil l'or cofIj io tlio }iishe?t bidder.
til 1*;. (,,i- u \ on Thursday the
20th of tiulify,'l8To, nil (ho
5*vrh?n?l E9bn>jd( rty.
l!ie Estate ?? K. H Oiiflin,.lv di'Cio.seil.
Aii:<?:i:?:it other 1!... n tho cir ire stock of
Goods hcl 1 ; i'l)- tn i-.tid !". -{ \:: ffill'llt fioldi
Ciinsi tii j< ot everything to bo found in a
store of tftmeral njerchandise; such us a lar?o
(Viiil v.'.n vl > tick of lho' he.-i of Slioraj fine i
!! i' CitHcov \ Renily-Mrtdc ClolliiHg, C.isimeres,
JnniM, iline Is, nnd Cotton nnd Woolen
Uoods oiVverj >< H-ription.
A fine lot or LHATIU'-it, Uppor and Sole,
Harness, ii rid tea, Saddles, ^o.
A LS<),
A fine lot of OROCKUIU3 and Hardware of
every description, and many other things too
numerous to mention.
' B. l>' M01UMN,
Jandriero 18 8
i'oioei^^y H ri-'ii "rt CDfrlvC,
P1CKKN8 c. jr., f>. CM 4th Jan., 1870.
mm: Tax r>>t|>licntc of Pickon* County fov
.1. 187", is now in .iy liuiuh and op on for
the* collection i'I"Sio nml County Taxcn.
Ti e ! t;> levy ia .seventeen mills on the
Jollnr, us follow:
For Htnlo purposes, 11 mills
For ordinary County purposes, :? milltj
For past indebtedness of County, 8 mills
Poll Tax <)no Dollar.
1 ..ill attend (h'i following places on O.c
dates given, to recnivc Taxes:
Faslcy Station, lOlli, 11th and 12th instant.
O'Dcir.*: J-'linp, 17ili ami lHth instml.
(taiiinl !->iaii''ii, i'.cli nml 'JOth inMrint.
How i 1 . s'h. j>, : ;:h and 27;li instant.
Dacuimlle ;>!s! inst. an.l 1st February.
Pumpkintown, 2d and !td February.
r.?ol.ilnnl'n..>.. #1..a 1 l/i. ?- ' ' " ' '
? ?? ? (/ Vli UUIIU, JUIJI HUM I J I II I Cl>. >
Wliilo fiitcinliii;. (lie above placc3 my oilice I
bore will ho < ! (. !, but will'b'j o^cu between i
v.\ a.
f'iunly Tionsurvi* Pickcns.
Jan 0, 1870 Itt y
TlacWliri:' ot'.iouCJa ('arolina|
PfcKKNfl County.
J);i I. II. l'hilpot, Jud^e of Probate.
Wiikkkas, William K. Stewart and William i
11. Prion, lintli made suit lo mc to grant tlicin
Letters of Adiiiinfolralion on llio Kstatc ami ,
ilfl'ccls of A. .1. Stow.irt, deceased?
T'ic Ulndivd >i11 I cri litorH of llio said A. J. !
.'icv. wt, arc tljcitl n'o ! to l o and ap- |
i.i'ur ! i I'uri mo, in tho l'i;;.ri of I'.ohatc, lobo
linidi.'ii ' I'ickfi < li on Thutfjday, the 27th j
day ot o in-! lit. at il o'clock, .i. in.. '
to -jIii'W v , i , t'.uj, !:itv , wliy tlio e;ii(i !
. In 'iji ; i . in i i: .1 be griiutcd.
(jivcn under my Jinn?l And real tit(he I
i!>l!i <!ny of Jiiiiimry A I>., ' <
i. II. 1MIILP0T, J-.r.rn. j
Jan 13, 1*76 10 _ 2
Ju*t PoUUhtd, iu < Si'jlcil JCnvtlopf. Fries
Fix 6' nt*.
A Lo< fiii- < :i HiO Nnluro, Troaltncnf, find
I'. itlionl (Hi.; vt' .loin i mil Wouknos^, or finer- i
hi.iloi. h?*:u, indued l>y f3elf-AbU8e. Iuvo- i
Juntnry Kmi-ssiont), Impotoney, Nervous l>es
bility, and J u peditnenlH to Man iagu genCouiuimplion,
JSpilepny. nml I'll?;
Menial nnd rii>?ic:il Incapacity, &c.?Uv
IlOliKIlT .1. CUf.\ KKVVHLL, M. 1)., author
of ilio "Uroou Book," &c.
Tin) wcfTd-renowncd luitlior, in tliTs admirable
l.ectuie, < lcn,ly prbvoii irom lila own
exijerleune Mini tho awl'ul con?e<mence;? of!
Hulf-AbiiHc may bo cfloctimlly removed with- j
out medicine, aid without dangeroua surgical |
operation*, hougiea, instruments, rings, or .
f.orriijilu* *,/.!n-t. ^ r? ?? /%?\^ - I
certain and eflcciual, by which ovftry sufferer, j
no matter what his condition mr-y he, may
cifru himu'lt cheaply; privately arid radically.
|}i?y" This l.roturo will provo ft boou to
thousands and thousand*, Sunt, under sea!, in
u plain envelope, to any address, on receipt
of six contH, or tuo postage stampa.
Address the Publishorn.
j'i /vnn 01., now lors; jl'081 OHiCC 15ox, 4586.
Jnp 18. 1870 Hi if
E. J. POTTER, M. I).
(~j HAl'UATI: of re,ulur chartered Hohuol. .
JT The Hr. i: 1 rc.-mond I > nil '
, - - vmiim Willi
dispnicli. AH ciiscs :ttriolly confidential.
Private dison*cs tveatcd in all lluir varied
forms, wl'li tlio crrow of youth and the disease*
of women and children.
Jau 0, 1R70 1H jj
. *
fa fa! Sew Goods!
II? ? ? ? ?
rjlHE undersigned would rospoctfnlly iuJ.
l'orm the citizens of Easley Station and
surrounding country, tlmt he litis just return*
od from inurki't, with n lot of
Consisting of LADIES' DRESS GOODS,
jenny, omrmig, l'latinoiH, Sliawle, &c., &o.
Also, a fnio lot of Hoots, Shoes, lints, Caps,
and everything usualy found in a Dry-goodB.
store. >.- ^
A lino Flection of choice family Groceries,
Candies, Cigars, Chewing and Smoking To?
Also, a lot of No. 1 Family Mcdiolnes.
Hardware. CllHoi'V. Olnssniiil Pi-nnl.-ni-?-un>?n
^.J ,,u?v.
All cliuap for cnsh or barter.
Highest pric'cs paid for all kinds of Country
Uasloy .Station, A. & It. A. L. R. R.
Nov ~.r), 187,> 13 3m
Tho uudoreigncd linvo opened n Uquso iQ
Enfloy, nonv their Livery .Stable, for the purpose
of conducting a fancy and heavy ^
I :> lor (lie Finn, prune nnd style of 11ICHEY
& WYATT. They guarantoo bottom priotp.
as they intend selling strictly for cash. Givo
them n call.
A. U. >Y 1 ATI'.
Eaaloy, Nov 22, 1875 13 11
it i WIMBIS "
i-V A.
cAU the attention of my friends and tlio pubic
generally, to the large and well aelcctccl
Stock of Goods
1 llMA nm?
- . .. oiurv. my HIOCK COll HlHt8 Of
Tj/t v, r. 1 A'cr & J)HESS <ioonst
IIA Jill ir.l A* I J,
anovEiUEs, a a ,
All bought i:i person for iltis market, atpriood
that oiin not bo cut uiulcr.
Tho I.adics will find my PltHSS and
FANCY OOOI)y, especially suited to their
wants, and Ocutlemen in need of CLOTHING
of the hUest .styles will save money by inspecting
my stock.
I!y kiriot attention to business, and with
fairm. - to all, i hopo to contlnuo to receive
the favor* of the past.
M. W. FOKD. g
Persons who are due tho firm of FOKD A
MAULDIN on Account, will please settle same
1st of November, as the business of tho old
firm must be closed.
Oct M 7 <f
f w, tewifc
Boiler la lloml Lisrclaato.
KAK^/k^' fi'AY: 'Jl'EOXT, ?. 1'.
That hftvo been buying GOODS on a
credit daring tl?o year, will ploftfto rc??
member that the undersigned hns con*
oiudod to r.ocept Cotton, Corn, Cur- '
rency. ftnylhin.iC eltse. to liouidatn
tho ; jiLiHic ? ami will always bo found
til hi store, ready to wait on them,
either to >SI'VI ri.E or SEf/lj MORE
C! 001)3 very cheap iov tho CASH.
Eomomber B*ay 9>ay is on hand
- -and J need tny money.
T. W. RTIMST?.r.r.
l^ialey Station, S. Doo. ]('?, 1875,
Prepare for Winter.
Don't let tl?o winda of wintor find
your windowH without nawhos,or good
wliolo doois. baL hnvn tlwrn M<->rl ?.*
, *? wvvi (% U
one.- IVo;Iho c.'.aaufai ory of Mr. P
1\ To am:, whose adv< rtisomont ia in
another column.
lio m alao sole agent for tho "Nat
tional Mixed Paint Co.," who warrant
their paint not to crack, peel or fado,
Anv finn Clin ininlu it
? j -jrrv ,v?

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