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# Wlio is She
A Washington correspondent of the
New Orleans Times says:
Aa I camo up the avenuo this
morning I noticed at a fashionable
jtowefry establishment a very neat
photon drawn by a suporb pair ot
browns. I also noted tho lair mis- J
tr?$&, who wfts daintly descending, as
? woman to bo observed. Nothing
could bo in bottom ton than hor ontiro
equipage, ller dress was ono in
which tho quietest tints blended in
..r . -l. . .. .1 rni. _ .1 i ? _ _ a . i -i
jjuriout nccoru. xuo ueueiuu mil
could never liavo been fabricated
outside of the world's gay capital,
Paris, and it seemod only a happy
accident when the wanton wind
blowing too rudely, swept aside the
dress for a moment and revealed a
loot to wear tbo slipper ot a Uindorella,
and an anklo rivalling in beauty
and delicacy tho swift footed Atlanta's
own. Very quiet and deraurc
was the faco, in wuich there wan no
color, nor remarkable beauty, save a
pair oi luvoly eyes. Which were ot
a Boft brown changing sometimes to a
dark gray. Tho low, trainanto voico
waa ono to rcuicmbor, tor it Bccniod
ladened with a cadence of a sad
heart. Yet, undor tho influence of
thofto eyes, men old enough to havo
wisdom, if gray haira could bring
it, havo forgotten wivos, honor, all>
and bowed themeelvea in tho dust. It
lust hopes and ruined homes could
kill, this woman could roar a pyramid
to her conquests higher tlmn
Timour tlio Tartcrs monumont ol hu*
man skulls. In spito of lior attraetivo
oxtorior tho man of the world
bhould soon becomo aware of t!io
abecenco of the jo uo said qnoi, which
is tho bom heritage of guod blood
and lineage; find them whero you
may. This is no venial vonus, only
tho lobby queen. !5ho lives quietly
bore, keeping handsome rooms,
through whoso postals tho names
which havo for years boon part ol tho
nations history are too frequently
sent. She lias an ample iortuno,
made in Crodit Mobilior, Pacific I
Mail, and kindred deviccs for robbing
the nations coflera. Yet, with
youth, money and marvelous fascination,
alio is doomed to wander up and
down the earth, with a brand upon
her as enduring and unchangeable as
tlio mark of Cain. Few womon will
immediately seek dishonor, but tliia
ono must have done so. A wifo onco
with the beet love of a chivalric devotion,
a high social position and a
historic natno. . All thoso sho cast
from hor for a man utterly worthless
and without oven a specious ad van
tago of handsome faco and bearing,
Ono would have thought that tho
contrast between this worthless roue
and tho gallant gentleman whoso life
alio wickedly wrecked was so great
that if honor and honesty held their
peaco, wordly prudoncc would have
spoken in trumpet tonoa. But it
boots not talking of this. It is the
Btory of Perdita, with modern adaption.
If history repeats itself, even
in like manner does roniMice. It is
the ancient story of "The Lost One,''
with modern improvement, i?nd not
of the dark a^es, but in this virtuous
and Christian lDr'u century.
<T*? ?
VAUrOTT A Tr * 1
Mvnroj j&nu v di uncill' III,3 Hl'tJ IUU JtlllUl
that Tell.
A Rhrowri journalist givos tlii.s business
hint: Who would rogard tho
nows columns of a nowspapor which
dcn.lt only in tho broadestgeneralities,
reporting day altor day facts that tho
^..t i:~ i
fiuuuu wore aircauy \% ell awaro oi7? |
Ofcourno no 0110 would road such a
papor. it in tho Iroshnoss aod Btrilc*.
ing clmraetor ol tho news which draws
rcaderaand makes a newspaper Bought
for, and just tho same principlo applies
to advertisements. Tho htisino?n
man, to honcCit fully from thorn,
must make thnn contain something
flirt ' '
..... ,.v> ,..v, .uiiii/iu Know?ircbh
and dotnilod information. Hold and
ingenious display will novor ulono of.
feet tho objoct.
In u long and obsorvinr oxporicnco
wo havo noticed that people pay little
niton lion to gonoralitios. A dry
goods doaler may advortiso from now I
till doomflday that lio koops a In I j
Block of collon, linen and woolnn
j^oodn, sillcH, velvets, ribbons, lacos,
oto., and observe flcnrcoly any increaso
in his trado, but let bini announce
that lio liasjojtoncd a caso of ciislunoros
which ho has marked at twenty fivo
oonts a yard bolow tho previously
ourronb pricos, and hoo "how liis Btoro
will bo throngod.
Uutitis not; alway?; rwcossary to1
eul priooB to umlco advortisomonla
toll. A louditig Chicago book houfeo
(111m it.a nilflni'liuini* unnnn Willi iwihri
/* 1
listB of all llio now publications of tho
day. All book worms road thom with
intoroBt, and no doubt woigh tho
pricos in thoir mind till thoy aro impollod
to go to tho store and purohaeo'
in otiior departments of trado thoro
aro fow advertisers who do not hfvvo
8 nnothing in thoir stoolcsthat, graphically
described, would draw 1)0^is ot
people to tlvoir storos to inspoct if not
to purchaso, and inflpoction commonly
loads to purchaso.
Tho aim should bo to intorost tho
j)iihlic. It no doubt roquiros skill and
i 1 -i -1 ? L..i il!- ?
iiiuuguu umu wuuiy, uiiu nub jjubiuvu
nows fontiiro is oasontial to tho profitableness
of tho advertisement, arid
can alwaya bo dcpoodod on to pay
? mm
IIow to Get Alono.?Don't atop
to toll atorioa in business hours.
t C 1 .. 1 ? x 1 ! k .
xi yuu mivo <i jusiuo ui uuamuss uu
found thoio when wanted.
No man can got rich by sitting
around tho stores and saloons.
Novor lool on business inattors.
llavo order, syste n, regularity and
fi'on ni'nmnlnnaa
...WW V. V,...,.V..VUV,.
Do not meddlo with business you
know nothing of.
Do not kick ovory stono in your
Morn milni nnn hn mn.rln in onn
(lay by going steadily than by Btop?
Pay as yon go.
A man of honor rospocta Iiia wdiil
as 11o duc6 his bond.
Help others when you can, bat
never give what you cannot afford
hnnnnAft it is hiftliinimhln
Loam to say no. No nocossity ot
snapping it out clog fashiou, bul say
it firmly ami roapootfully.
Use your own brains rather than
tlioso ot others.
Learn to think awl act for your..nlf
Keep ahead rathor than behind the
What two letters of tho alphabet
indicate very cold woathe:??I 0
Srilff/flr It P.
Jicjirescntative?1) F Bradley.
Clerk < / Court?S 1) Keith.
Juthje of Prolxtle?I 11 l'hilpot.
S/ierijr?J Kiley Ferguson.
Coroner?Warren 15oyd.
School Commissioner?It A liowen
Treasurer?IV A Lesley.
Auditor?Alorzo M Folgor.
County/ Commissioners?John T Gosgelt.
Chairman?Robert Craig, 0 M Lyuch. ('lurk
County Commissioners, <) L Ilollingsworth.
Trinl Jusliccs?Eiislrt/, () II 0 Smith?Stf
luhriti/, J H Clayton?Ctnbral, James A
Lithlell?Pickens C II., C L IlollingHWorth
and 0 \V Taylor?DaeutvilU, .1 H Sutherland.
J *?u>%mm ? Wgmm uwy-Mwiwimi ocaHMWapMW
Agents Wanted For tho
[WOWAV nftri'a,'vc?f Iho oxploita, adTM
ventures and travels of Madda/ptittt
",ll(! J' VKLASQUEZ, othorflAULL
wise known as LT. HARRY T.
lHIDLli ?r?i\ Si ? ? ? ~
uurrunu, \r O. A. A TrilO SOlUhern
Heroine, Edited by C, J. WOUTHINGTON,
late U. H. Nnvy.
MADAM E V ELASQUEZ, disguiaod as ft
Confederate officer, participated in a number
ol' tlio hardest fought battles of (lie late war,
and greatly distinguished herself by the extraordinary
valor she displayed. She also
distinguished herself as .1
and on numerous occasions ran through the
Federal lines and obtained information
of vital importance to the Confederate commaudcrs.
Obtaining admission behind the
sho established confidential relations with
prominent Federal officials; was concorned in
the great
>?y which the United States Troftsury suffered
to the extent of in ill Ioiih of dollars; was actively
engaged in bluckndc-runing, and 111
by which the work of recruiting the Federal
armies was so seriously impeded; and was
I ho heroine of a number of exploits even more
interesting than those of the battle field. It
also contains a history of her Mining on (he
I'lioifin SldliP- Imv Ti'itvnla ill rnw.i.n <!*?.. I.
, ... v., ww.mi
Amcricfi, an?l among the Mormons, Lovo,
Courtship, Marriage, etc.
Tho above fuels aro substantiated by leading
men b('th South ond North who participated.
No book of such varied and intciiHO
interest an tho Woman in ISattlo lias oror boon
issued in Amcricn.
Agents wanted in every county in the
United States. Agents can make moro money
t>y canvassing for this book than any others,
as it is tho cheapest as well as the best selling
Agents' book ever published. Tho book
is u largo octavo volumo of over COO mures.
i profusely illustrated. Wo print, bind and
< publish our own books; heuce, oan allow lnrg
] or commissions than any other house. Secure
| your choice of territory nt once. Address
Soullicrn I'ublislilii^ t'o.
Colt. Pit y or and M itcii km, stukkis.
1 Jan 0, 1^76 1H
tmremm* 'umii mi'in. nuw .L.ii .Li. jluii-1"1
milE Scliolastio yonv is divided into two
jL Terms of 20 weeks ouch. Tho First Term
commcncos January 17tl?, and ends Juno 3d;'
(ho second Term commcnccs July 4th, and
onila Nftvombo* 18tV\ joi
Students encoring withlh*two tfctjlcs nftcr ,
tho o&inion<njVnc?t of th'<StL'orm'6,' will bo
charged for 'tho wholo Torm ; those entering
after this time, from tho tiroo of onleringj
It is moro satisfactory that Studonts ontei'
at tho commencement, whoa tho ecvoral
classes avo forming,
Course of StudyPRIMARY
1st Term?Spoiling and Reading.
2d Term?Spelling and Reading continued ;
Primary Geography; Mental Arithmetic/
Exercises in Writing.
1st Tcrm^SpefiingJ ai|d Reading) continued:
Gcograpfiy-cmrtiiludd;'Introducing English
Grammar; Elements of Written Arithmetic;
Exorcisos in Writing.
2d Term?Spelling and Reading continued;
Kloments of Written Arithmetic completed;
Intermediate Oeoeranhv cnmnlnted: Annlvl.
ical English (Irnmnmr; l'rimary U. &. History;
Brfevoises in Writing.
8RNTOU Or,A88.
1st Term?English Grammar complotod; Physical
Geography; Ooninion School Arithnie*
tic; Towns Analysis of Words;
2d Term?Greene's; Analysis of English
Language; Arithmetic : conlinuod; Sniallor
Composition; Higher U. 8. History.
x iv jj i. iiiva jl \j iv i uvjl iv iv l.
lal Term Latin Grammar and Harknoss' Kirst
Latin Book; Latin Bonder; Duvics' Algebra;
History of England.
2cl Term?Ijdur Books of Cteanr; Arnold's
'scc*nd Latin Hook on Analysis of'the fAtin
Sentenco; Greek Grammar; Kondrick's
Orcok Ollendorff; Orook Reador; Divvies'
Algebra completed; Natural Philosophy.
1st Term?Six Books of Virgil; Greek
Header completed; l'lain Geometry; Hlglior
Composition and lliietorio.
2d Term?Siillust'ts Catnlinc & Jugurtlia;
Xenophon's Anabasis; Higher Algcbqi
commcnccd; Solid and Spherical Geometry
completed; Chemistry.
. n i minion cr.Asfc.
1st Term?Cicero's Select Orations; XcnophonB
Memorabilia; Trigonometry and Surveying;,
ltoiimn History; Latin Pros# Composition.
Jil Term?li>r:icc cntit'e;"dix Books of I lie'
Hinds; Greek Prose Oomposilion; Algebra
completed; /^ijlronoaiy. ,
The ftbovo courso will proparo.can
didatoa for'ndriiis.sion into tho Hovhomohr
CiAf& of n*hy of our Southern,
CollogoH, Studonts, who do not stand
a Bfttinfftctory examination upon the
several studios ot each eluas, will not
00 aiiowou cno pnviiogo to advanco to
1 ho next higher, hut bo rotainod in
suuli class, till all tho .studies of it be
satisfactorily eonipleted.
Tuition of J'himaky Dei'Aktment
t I'^U TKItll.
Junior Cmss, - - 810.00
Intormodialo Class, - - 12.50
Senior " s . lo.OO
Preparatory Dopartmont, 20.00 1
.In/lont.nn ...III 1- < -- I '
ai v uvuuvuvii >Y i? I UU liltlMU lUi' I.
lime oxcopt from prolongod sickness.
Monthly reports of punctulity, deportment,
and recitations isi oituii study,
will bo furnishod puronts.
J. If. CARLISLE, Principal.
Deo. 23, 1875 17 t'f
J Hit fublittfudy^ in (L Sexlcil Envelope* J'ric<:
V i V / ' Sic (CVA/j. / l
A Lecture on the Nature, Treatment, anil
Radical cure of Seminal Weakness, or Spermatorrluca,
induoed by Self-Abuse, Involuntary
Emissions, Iinpotency, Nervous Dcs
bility, and Impediments to Marriage gonerally;
Consumption, Epilepsy, and Fits;
Mental and Physical;' "Ificajmcity, fco.? liy j
KOHERT J. cajiYfcllWELL, ?I. U, author I
of tMi "Qr.ctn Wook," &o. V
THc \Fonu-rcnowned author," in this admirublo
Lecture, clearly provos Iroiu lira own
experience lh?.t (he >vwfnl conso<iticncos of
Self-Abnsfl "limy bfl Clltdtflally rfttaO'Jtfd'ttithout
medicino, and wlthoutMa'hgrvo'ml rfuVgfoul
operations, bougies, instruments, rings, or
cordials; pointing out it mode of euro ill once
ccrtftin and etfoctual, by whiclicvery spfferor,
no matter what his condition may be, may
cure himself cheaply; privately and radically.
This X<ecUiiV) wilt prove ft boon to
thousands and thousand.-!. Sent, undersea!, in
a plain envelope, to any ail^lress, en receipt
of si* cents, or mo postage stamps/
Address the "Publishers.
11 Ann St.,'New Ytirtf; PoslOflicc Dox, df>8G.
Jnn 13, 1870 19 If
TKP WPPt?T V SUM 8 p^'09' 60 broad
Iflh YYafilftaJ &Yili oolumns, from now
lo New Y?ars, post paid, (30 cts. Address
Tho Sun," N. Y.
' ./ It \l.
S U B S C R I }i E
: 1 H I t)A
i . i. i a
. !?<? !.> f'Wii W I?n? IIm'-S
?. i |
l // t, "
pin sim
!<* 1 * H . * iWwKs
K 1 IM '
a ilftv gunrnntcoii using our WHLTi
wo AUGKK k DIM U.S. $100 a mrmll. |
paid 10 Jfftotl ngonta. Auger Itook free. Jil/.
Augo Co., St. I.ctriy, Mn,
* t
1 f
i \iin\t. ! < ' t V- ;:or'ii
?Manufacturer of?
l i : - r r
DooiH' SasiiEs,
?D'ealor in?
Pain's, Oils &c?
?Solo Agent for?
TiieiNational Mixkd Paint Co.
Tiie Great American Eire Extinguisher
Send fok Prices.
nn'm? n?/l
w ?nvu cwivi II lU Ul f I'lUOj
Nos. 20 & 22 II ay no and 33 and 35
Pincknoy Sta.
Factory and Yards, Ashloy Itivor,
West End Broad Street,
?UAMINtM* Ham.** f^aai m to J "R , ? ? 1
uuiiuu;A?t; iiuiiiu buter^nsB aiiu uuiue reopic>
v v? "
Geo. S. Hacker,
The only Carolinian engaftp;e<l in llio man
UIUUIIM'O OI Lioors, iSflBU, lMlIKlH, iMOUUllllg
and Turned Work in Charleston, S. (?.
l'rices as lov/ as any oilier house, and all
work first-class. no 29^1 y
Livorv and Sals Stalks.
Parlies desiring to hiro conveyance to
Piokcns Court IIouso, Tabic ltock and other
points, can bo accommodated at my Stables,
at all hours of tho clay and night. Pur
v.in?ov?n uaii iinu UU PUJJJ'IIUU Willi UUUU OIUUK
at roaaonablepiicos.
t&jp Regular Mail Line to Pickcns CourtUouso
daily. (Sundays cxceptcd.)
Easloy Station, 8. 0., Aug, 3, 1876.
ne 10-ly
It/ I.' tfAT (1AMOT.1 11 I nil T r IX
r? ,14, IV. A. V/IIIliU
IKolcombo d: (JiiliS,
WILLI'RACTIOK in Circuit, Probate, and
Trail Justice Courts of this State. All
business entrusted to litem will recoive prompt
Sfcpt 10 8 ly
Karlc, Wells ?fc Taylor,
Attorney a and Counsellors at Law
Having C5?ta>?lia1ie?l an oflico at Pickens C.
II., S. 0., will attend promptly to all business
left with (!. W. Taylor who may ho always
found at their office at Pickens 0. II., >S. C.
One of the senior partners will always bo
prcsont at tho Courts to assist with the business.
W. K. KAULK, \
a. o. WKU-rf. r a. w. tayr.oif
Qrccnvijlo, <S\ C. Pickens, S. C.
6UNVIUE C. K., 3, C,
Practices in Courts of I'ickons
unty, and in United States Courts
Tlio undersigned, having resumed (lie prao
(iceoflnw, will attend tho Courts on tho 8th
Judicial Cirouiti Business left with Wm. K
Jlugood, (it Plokens C- II., will ho promptly
?,l?n,lo.l In I VI/ lr A II I< It!nv
'"K?v7t if I?7 I.
To CiOA Pcl'(,fiy ! Agents wanted.
?p?_) <P/v'J All dimes of working peo?
plu, of either, hcx, young or old, make more
lurtti^y At Work for us in their spnro ino*
incuts, or nil tjie time, than at anything elso'
1'Arlioiilut'* frt!?. Ad Irons (1. il'I'INMOSJ ft PM l
i'Ol'tMnri, Mnlho.
Hills, Howls nwl Poslngo Rtamjif, Wnnloil.?
for rarest:hills, $10 for rarest stamps. II
will i>Ay !' ftond llipm immediately. AIpo
odiov otui'milii"!, Amorioufi .Stamp Oo., IJnx
4015, Now York.
Deo i! II I j
. ? i .. i. . jjj.;. . ! . "
Soutlt Curoliuu llailiroaul,
Chart,kston, B. C., Deo. 18, 1875.
On and after Sunday, December 19, the
Passenger Trains on tho South Carolina
Railroad will run as follows:
(Sundays oxeopted.)
7/cavo Charleston 0 15 am
Arrivo at Columbia 6 00 p m
(Sundays excepted.)
Leave Charleston 9 15 a ni
Arrivo at Augusta 6 15 p m
(Sundays excepted.)
Loayo Columbia * 9 00 a ni
Arrive at Charleston 4 45 p m
f.oavo Augusta 0 00 a in
Arrive at Charleston 4 45 p m
Leavo Charleston 9 15 p m
Arrive at Columbia 7 20 a in
Leave Columbia 7 00 p m
Arrive at Cliarloslon 0 40 a m
Leavo Charleston R nn ?. ...
- V, ^.v. ...
Avrivo at Augusta 7 45 a m
Leavo Augusta 8 80 p m
Arrive at Charleston 7 -10 a in
(Sundays excepted.)
Leave <Suminerville at 7 80 a m
Arrive at Charleston 8 43 a m
Leave Charleston 3 16 p m
Al l ivo nl Kllimn^illn -? J" -- ?
... . . , v wuxiiuvi * iiiu 1 OU III
Connects at Kingvillc daily [except Sun*,
days] with Up ami Down Day anil Passenger
Day and Night Trains oonncot at Augusta
with Georgia Railroad, J/acon and Augusta
Railroad and Central Railroad. 7'liis route
via Atlanta is (ho quickest nuil most direct
route, ami as comforlablc ami cheap as any
other route, to Montgomery, Sclma, Mobile,
New Orleans, and all othor points Southwest,
and to Louisville, Cincinnati, Chicago, Kt.
Louis, and all other points West and Northwest.
Day Train connects at Columbia with the
Through Train on Charlotteo Iinnd fwliinli
leaves at 9 p. m.) for (ill points iVorth.
Night Train connects with Lo^al Train
[which loaves Columbia at 8 a. m.] for points
on Chariot to Road.
Laurens Railroad Train ^onnocta at Newberry
on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
Up Columbia Night Train connccts closcly
with tho Greenville and Columbia Uailroad.
S. y. 30L0M0NS, Superintendent.
u, u, j.-iumsur, ucuortu iieivCL Agoiu. *1
Greenville & Columbia II R.
Pnsscngcr trains run daily, Sundays cxccplcd,
connecting with night trains on Hotith
Carolina llailroad up and down. On and aftI
or Monday, December 13, the following will
I Kn tl.n
Louvo Columbia at 7.30 a m
Leave Al.slon at 'J. 15 a in
Leave Newberry at 10.85 a in
Lcavo Cokcsbury at 'J.07 p m
Leave Helton at 3.50 p tn
Arrive at Urocnvillo at 5.25 p 111
Leave Greenvillo at 8.00 am
Leave Melton at 9.10 a m
Leave Cokesbury 11.20am
ucavc Newberry ut 2.40 a m
Leave Alston at 4.20 p m
Arrive at Columbia at 6.65 p in
jg^-Connect at Alston with Trains on tlio
Spartanburg and Union ltnilroad ; connect al
Columbia with Night Trains on the South Cur
olina Uailroad up and down ; also with Traint
going North and South on tho Charlotte, Columbia
and Augusta ?\nd tho Wilmington, Co.
Trnir> leave Abbovillo ot 0.15 a ro., connect
ing with L>own Train from Creenvillc. Leav
Cokcsbury at 2.16 p in., connecting with U'l
Train from Columbia. Accommodation Train,
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Loay<
uuiwauurjr hi 11.1 on in., ur uii niii uxriYllI C
the Down Train from Greenville. Loaves At
bevillc nt 1 o'clock p. in., connecting v/itb i f
Train from Columbia.
Leave Wullinlln nt 6.00 a m
Loavo I'erryville at 0.45 a m
Leave I'cndlctou nt 7.86 a m
Leave Anderson at 8.85 a in
Airlvc at Helton at 9.'JO a m
Leave belt on nt 3.50 p n?
Loavo Andereon nt 4.50 p m
Lonvo l'ondlcton at 6.50 p m
Loavo l'erryvillo 0.35 p m
Arrive at Walhalla 7.15 p in
Accommodation Trains hot ween Helton and
Anderson on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Snlur*
days, Leave Helton nt 0.60 ,i ni., or on nrrival
of Down Train from Greenville. Leave
Anderson at 2.00 p ni., connecting with Up
General Superintendent.
J.vitK.z Norton, Jr., General Tickct Agent
Atlanta & Richmond Air Line Railway.
l'assknokr train eastward?daily.
Leave at Atlanta at 4 10pm
Leavo Toccoa City at 9 00 p m
Leave Westminster at 9 61 p m
Leavo Seneca City at 10 21 p in
Leave Central at 10 57 p m
Leeve Easley at 11 39 p m
Leavo (irccnvillc as 12 12 A m
Leave Spartanburg at 144 a m
Arrive at Charlotto at 5 30 a m
Leave Charlotte at 8 00 p m
^eave Spartanburg at 11 51 p m
Lcavo Greenville at 1 28 p in
Leave Eosloy at 161am
Leavo Centrnl at 2 28 a m
Ltavo gencca City at 8 09 a ni
Lcavo Wstminsler at 8 3ia m
Lcavo Tucooa City at 3 34 a m
Arrive at Atlanta at 9 30 ajm
C'olonislM, Emigniiii.M and
AruveiorN w emwnra.
For map circulars, condensed time tables
and general information in regard to trans*
portation facilities to nil points in Tennessoo,
Arkansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Colorado,
Kansas, Texas,<Jowa, New Mexioo, Utah and
California, apply to or nddrosf, Auikht 11.
WnKNN, General Emigrant Agent, Office No.
9 11 T Kirn! i fill If nil ha Afinnfa fin
No ono should go West without first getting
in communication with the General
Kmigrant Agent, and become informed as to
superior advantages, cheap and quick transporlation
of families, household goods, stock,
and farming implemenlH goncrally.
All information chcorl'iilly given.
oo3 Cm 0. 1'. A T. A.
' ' 11 ?
NT I.Mir 4 IMr M (Aratrr.-n...
j.> vj ?v jt\u Y I'j lill&JttiYL'j'fci
-t ..ii. ?lyi ?
Canal St., from Sixtu to Sbvbnth, '
Portable and Stationary,
Raw Mills, Glial Mills, Boilers, Castings of
Brass and Iron, Forgings, &o.
In all its branches, done by experioncod hands
driving CoKon Gins, Threshing Machines,
Separators, Grist Mills, &c. A number of
second-hand Engines and Boilers of various
patters, in first rate order, on hand.
Hopair work solicited an 1 promptiy dono.
WM. E. TANNER & no
Oct 14, 7 r ly~
Notice ! ,
KNOW all men by these presents, that
in accordance with nil Act entitled
"An Act to provide for granting of certain
charters," approved Die thirtieth day of ^
iveurunry, one thousand eight bundled and
seventy four, and our petition asking for a
charter; that ^thew Hendricks and Jessie
/Simmons, nnd t neir associates and successors,
members of Ibis "Oolenoy Baptist Church,"
are hereby constituted and declared a body
politic and corporate, under the name and
style of tho Oolenoy Baptist Church of Pick-.
ens County. Said corporation shall have ?
power to purchase nnd hold real estate or
personal property, not exceeding in vnlno
the sura of dollars; and to sell and
convey, or dispose ofthesamcin any manner
wliatsonvwr- ?vml l>? ???""?* -
, .?. ^ j ?. o ?/ui iimnc lO
sue nnd be sued in any of tho Courts of the
State, and to make such rules and by-laws,
not repugnant (o the laws of the land, as ruay
be deemed necessary; to make, use and keep
a common seal and tho samo at will to alter.
Given under my hand and official seal, in
the Clerk's office at Pickens Court House,
this the day of in the ^
year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred
and seventy-five, and in the oinc hundredth
year of tho Declaration of tho ltulependanco %
of America.
S. D. KEITII, c.c.r.o,
Dec 23, 187o 17 3
T take this method of Informing my friendo
that I will l>o found in my office on each
SATURDAY, for the purpose of transacting
any business that comes under my jurisdiction.
As my duties n.i School Commissioner wii?
compel mc to bo absent in different parts ol
the county, 1 make this special appointment
for the benefit of all concerned.
R. A. 110WEN,
no25-ly Scool C'ommissiontr
AIM uuii'ix JbitJSJi;.
WK want pome one in every county to
lake orders ami deliver good* for tko
old and original G. (). D. House. Lf.rgo cash
wages. Splendid chance in every neighbor- "
hood (or ilie right person of either sex, young
or old. Samples, free and post paid. Send
for it til once and make money at your homes.
muiress, u. J. 11 ALL & CO. ,0N. Howard
Street, llftlsiinovo, J/d
Oct 21, 1875 8 3m "
We have,just replenished onr slock of merchandise
for tho fall and winter (rude.
Ladies' and gentlemen's hats and (Irene
goods generally have received special utien*
Our Shoe Department 1
is very lull, amounting to nearly ono tho?? f
sand dollars.
<&ur General Stoclc
Comprises nearly everything you arc likfcly
to need aud will be sold very low.
Iiaif Car Load. "
Of best Liverpool Suit on lmnd tind#for Jeftlo
two dollars per sack, which is
Than before the war. All arc rogptolfully ln?
vitcd to call and see them.
Hosier & Hester,
Central, S. G\. Oct. 28, 1871.
Butler & McBeea
sBBBraviLut,' ? ?
TTTTLTj PItAf!TTPF. TV TUP. nniiniru f\v
Soj.t 28 10 tf
Absolute divorces obtained
. from Courts of different States for desertion,
&c. No publicity required. No
nluirrrn until /liuAr/?n nvtinhtil A .!<!?/?>...
Jl. 1I0U8E, Attorney, *
40 Cm 101 lJroftdway, N. Y.
noiiton & iiAwooiir
PHSuIlElS ?. ?
T\TILL five thoir attention to tho Praotic6
W ami to the Collection of Pension**,
llounty I.n 11 > 1 and till other Claims.
Walhalla, 8. C', Pickens, S, C.
Julv 27th 1871. 1 ?f
Dr. II. J. <4HliInu<l *
n'AVINO returned and i>erinanonMy locnIcd
at VicVcnsvillo, respectfully ofl'jrs
his Professional services to the citizens of that
vicinity nn.l 8uvromuling country. Charges
May I I

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