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The Desolated South.
Qovornor Chamborlain, of South
Carolina, has addressed an important
U lottor to a prominent Bopublican
deflator in Washington, from which
we print uio ionowing oxtrecta:
1 took my soat as Governor Docom~
her 1, 1874, and 1 addroBscd myself
earnestly to tho work of kooping tho
pledges I had made and tho plodgos
niftdo for m? by all my frlonds and by
my platform in tho campaign. I soon
found that many of thoso who supported
mo in tho campaign and had
talked roform did not want reform;
but I porsoverod, dotorminod, aa a
manor 01 ngut ana oi good policy, to
adhero to my party platform and
pledges. Of courso thoso who din*,
liked practical roform criod out: "llo
is going ovor to tho Domocrats. IIo
wbou> hucim rocognmon rrom tho
robels," and all tho rost of thoso sonso?
loss orioa such as you now boar about
rao. Still I porsovorod, and whon our
t Logislaturo mot in Novombor last
tboro was apparont harmony botwoon
mo and my party and a completo ac?
quiesconco in tho wisdom of tho po*.
licy of reform as carriod oat by mo.
What, thon, is tho mattor with mo??
Why was I dislikod and donouncod
by fiomo mora bora of my own party?
Simply for this: I insisted on roasonn
nblo taxes, corapetont oflicora, honest
expenditures, fair legislation and no
stealing, and tho Domocrats praisod
iuo for it. Tho two last things are
ray onenso. i aia not sanction schemes
of publio plunder, such at* our printing
ring, for instanco, but tbo cost of
public printing por year was cut down
from $180,000 to 950,000, and contingent
funds from $80,090 to $27,000,
and, I ropcat, tho Democrats praised
mo. Such was tho conditiou of affairs
hero on tho 15th day of last Decern
nor. l'ho Democracy of South Carolina
was in porfect collapse. No Stato
issues couKl havo givon thorn life or
notivity. It in doubtful whethor oven
national issuos would havo had forco
enough to havo induced a canvass ol
tho Stato for tho Democratic candi*
dates in tlio coming Presidential campaign
undor tho circumstances then
existing. On tho 16th of Decern bor
last, tho Gonorut Assombly, under inflnonco
which it is impossible now to
state fully, clccted F. J, Moses, Jr.,
and W. J. Whippor as Judgog of tho
Circuit Court of this Stato, tho latter
lor tho circuit which ombracos tho
city of Charloston and constitutes tho
most tmportant circuit of tho Stato in
point of population, woalth and business.
Arc you awaro who these tnon
are? Mosos was my prodecossor as
Governor- TTnlnaa
x/ Mivuu tuu UII1 VUlOill UUN
lief among all classos of pooplo in this
Stato is mistaken, ho is as infamous a
charactar as over in any ago disgraced
and prostitutod public position. Dis^
appointment in not being nominated
lor fciovornor, ho cntorod into a conspiracy
with Bomo of tho leadors of
tho Democracy and Indopcndont licpnblfcans
to oloct my opponont, and
actually Bold out tho Commissioners
of Eloctions, of whom ho had the solo
appointment, to my opponents for
$30,000, of which 815,000 was paid to
him in nsRli nnrl !>?
! vitv iunu I11UUU UOUtingent
on tho otyction of my opponent.
Of Whippor it can bo said thnt
ho B00m9 to havo lacked only opportunity
to prove himself tho oquul of
Mobos in infamy. Ignorant of law,
ignorant of morals, a gambler by j
open practico, an onibozzlor of public j
lunch, ho is as unfit for judicial posi- |
tion $s any whom by possibility you
could nftmo Nnithn* r.f .
_ VI UIOUU i 111) II
havo ovon tho poor qualifications,
which tho infamous Democratic Judges
of Now York had, of Huch a dogroo
o! tho logal knowlodgo as to qualify
ttwra for tho intelligent dischargo ol
any judicial duly. What has boon
tfift rnniiW? f h ?S ^ I ~ ~ ~ - i * -
thrlil of horror through tho wholo
State. It has split tho .Republicans
in twain. Tho moribund Democracy
have awakoncd to now lifo and now
hopes. No man who rcspcots civili
zfttion and pnblio doconey can do loss
than donounco thoso olootions with*
out moUHIirn. Nn rlnnni.l - -
v V.WV..V Mian Villi UU
low tban oppoao thorn, can Uo lows
than fight against thoao who oloctod
thom or who acquicsco in them. Do
you expoct us to do in Sonth CarolU
na what you would soonor loso your
right arm than do in your own Stato?
Such a tost, indocd, could novor ariso
in tho latter, but it has arison horo,
uuu yuu orr wnuiiy ii you imagino
that you, living horo, would for ono
momont think of tolerating thc&o oloctions.
You could not do it, and you
would spurn as an insult tho suggestion
of suppoiting or acquioscing in
thom. And horo lot mo spcalc plain
ly. To ciy "Domocrat" at mo at this
timo is to support, Mosos and Whippor.
I am a Republican of just as
many yoars standing as I bavo soon
yours ot disorotion. I have no tendon*
oy to any othor party?no association,
no sympathy with any othor party. 1
want to soo South Carolina romain a
Kopublicau Stato, but I toll you no
party can rulo this Stato that supports
Whipporand Afosos, and to donounco
us who aro to day donouncing tho
oloction of thoso mon is to support
thera. Thoro is but ono way to savo
tho .Republican party in South Carolina,
and that way is, I ropoat, to
unload Moses and Whippor and all
who go wilh thorn. It will bo difficult
to rostoro confidonco in a party
whoso members wore onnn o.nrmhln m
such an act as their oloction, but if
our action is prompt and decidod, if
you and tho Republicans at Washington
will put your feet upon such
things and stamp them out, wo can
yet mako South Carolina and kocp
hor as safely Republican as Vermont
nr Tflron Tl 1 -?
?. ??, j.k wig in iiui> UUIIU, WO gO
down here us a party to hopoloss and
deserved defoatand infamy. Neither
tho Administration at Washington,
with all its appliances, oivii and military,
nor all tho denunciations of tho
world heaped upon mo can savo tho
Bopublican party hero from overwhelming
doleat during this year,
unless wo can persuado tho people of
this St:ito that such things as these
juuiuiui ciconons will uo undone and |
novor, by any possibility, bo repoated.
A llotkij Decision.?A. question interesting
to hotel keeper* and their
guests was decided by fjhiof Judge
Brown, in Jhiltimoro, on Satuday.?
Some months ago a regular boarder
at a hotol, on temporarily loaving his
room, gavo tho key to tho propriotor.
During his nbsonco clothing valuod at
835 was stolo Irom liiu room, and upon
ascertaining this fact ho domandod
roimbursomont. from tho propriotor.
Ilia domand was refused, and ho
brought suit to recover, but lost the
easo. Ho then appealed to tho eitv
* /
court, find on Satin day Judgo Brown
lovokod tho former docison, and gave
a judgment for 835 and costs in favor
of tho defendant holding that tho
proprietor was guilty of negligonco in
having a numborof koys fitting the
locks on tho doors of tho samo rooms,
and thus had not furnished sufficient
protection to tho oft'octs of his hoarders
or guests.
Washington, Feb. 1.?Tho ILouso
took up as u special order tho proposed
amondmont to tho Constitution
roportcd from tho Judicary Committee;
which is, "No porson who has
held, or may horoaftor hold, tho oflico
oi rrosidont, shall ovor again l>o oli?
giblc to said oftlco." To this proposition,
KVyo, of Maino, a mcmbor of
tho Judiciary Committoo, ofYorod tho
i following as a suhstitulo: "From and
aftor tho 4th day of March, in tho !
yoar 1885, tho torm of ofTlco of President
and Vico Prosdont of tho United
States shall bo si:: years, and any
porson having boon oloclocl to and
hold tho ofiico of Prcsidont, or who,
for two yoars, lias Hold such ofiico,
nh?ll bo inoligiblo to a nsoloction."?
Knott gavo notioo that ho would oall
tho provious qaostion on Wodnosday,
at tho oxpiration of tho morning hour.
A Mothodisb minister in Kansas,
owing to tho liUo failuro of crops, rocoivod
only fifty conts for hin first
quarter's salary, and anotlior, with a
wifo and livn nhilrlrnn Vi??l
? * - "?*U IIUIIUUI
milk, bultor, norllepli qn tho tublo for
six wookn, ftud used roasted ryo for
CO ft CO,
Whipper, or Whipped.
Wo copy tho following from tho
Now York Tribuno:
No uhrowod politician, no shrowed
observer of politics, can read tho let? i
tor of Govornor Chamberlain without
roalizing that an cvont has happonod
of vory largo and as yot incalculable
importance. In another Stato tho
thioves and thoso who support them
liaVO boon flofi nilnli' ?"""?' :--x
iilllljruu IlgltlllHli
honost men anil lax payors. Unhappily
for tho Itopnblican paity, it has
thus far permitted itsolf to be arrayed
on tho sido of tho thioves. Govornor
Chamborlnin's statement leaves noth
ing to bo desirod in point of cleornoss.
w lion iio was nominated tho Ropublican
party was assailed, not only by
Democrats, but by a strong body of
bolting Republicans, on account of its
provious corruption and misrulo. To
mcot this attack it solomnly plcdgod
itself to a thorough reform. Mr.
Chamberlain, its candidato, wa? dis^
trusted bccaUso ho had been identified
with tho nnH.v nn<l 1>? ?--?
J.... .J , iiu (Willi UUJUl'O
tho people solemnly pledging himself
lo do his utmost to reform existing
abuses. This plodgo ho has tried to
keop,not by going over to tho Democrats,
giving them oflico, or aiding
thom in any way, but procisoly in tho
mannor in which many hopeful Ho
publicans at tho North lmvo insisted
that reforms must bo accomplished
"within tho party." If ho has failod
in trying altogothor too much to effect
reforms "within the party," not
going outsido of it lor material or
support. What follows? Tho clec~
tion of Whippor and Mosos, two
croaturos whose prosoneoon tho bonch
j would not bo tolerated by any Noih
I orn Stato. Governor Chamberlain 10
! fusos to eomminttinn tl.?m
_ viiviu) uuu iiiuru^
upon ho is denouncod by loading liepublicans
nt Washington as having
"gono over to tho Democrats." His
letter meets i! o issuo in tho only
manuor which corrupt politicians about
Washington can appreciate; ho
serves warning that tho ilopubli
vim yuriy cannoi coiHinuo to exist in
South Carolina unloss it casts ovorboard
Wbippcr, Moses and all tboso
who defend thorn; and that, wo talco
it, includes a pretty largo nuuib'ir of
What is tho ltopublicun party going
to do about it? Gov. Chambors
Iain's majority in South Carolina at
tho last election was not largo, and
it Was SOCUI'Od hv t.hn mnot ~
plodgcH. Thcro can bo littlo doubt
that lie has power now to dofoat tho
party which, as its candidato, ho then
Havod from dofoat. Indood, supposing
that ho woro to do nothing about it,
wo must boliovo that tho voters and
taxpayers ot' South Carolina aro un?
liko any other sot of human boinfs
who pay tftxos unci cast ballots, if wo
ooncludo that tho party would not
loso raoro than onough to ovorcomo
itn slondor majority, aftor trampling
upon tho pledges given at tho last
olection, and placing upon tho bench
such croaturos as Moses and Whipyer.
But South Carolina is tho one
Southorn State whoso doctoral voto
has in n.11 nnf.imntAu honn ~
v?/.j MW?? vunwuuu tU
the Republican oandidato. If it loses
tho vote of that Stato, the Republican
party must havo a still more ovoin
whelming propondoranco at tho North
and yet, ovon with tho voto of South
Carolina it could not afford to loso
tho voto of tnoro than two or three
Northorn States.
a nf^ln'aiiin :? ' ?
v. wm vuiu i.u.niurn lt> l UpUl'lOQ
nl Washington. A young man appointed
to a clorkship in tho Troasury
Department was conductod to his donk
and informed what his duties \vero.
The chief of tho department discovorod
him a Hliort timo aftor comfortably
roposing in his soat, with his
foot characteristically rosting on tho
I A iiTf.ll. 1% . i . - * ~
uubk. "iiuno. earn tno chiot: "don't
you oxpoct to do any work?" "Work
bo bangodl'' oxclaimcd tho astonished
youth: "I had to work hard onough
to got horo."
A Pittsburg woman wan cusod of
sjrocchlossncss by a priest, llor husband
is now nrowlinif upon nil
tho piicMt with it fthol-gun.
Chamberlain's Letter.
A 6]>ccial correspondent of the
Colli mhifl W?
, 1IUI1I II rtailllJgton,
dated January 28, says:
Governor Chamberlain's lotter to
Senator Morton, which it appoars
was published without tho Sonators
knowledge, is creating a good deal o'
v.MiiiuuiH noro, as it is all over the |
country. It appeared in the New
Yotk Herald, and was reproduced in
the Washington Chronicle, which
lattor fact createssonio surprise. Of
course hero everything is politics, is
looked upon and estimated from tho
standpoint of tho President makers.
invjru ?vro iwo iacuons ot tho Republican
party; ono, the Radical, headed
in Congre68 by Morton and Blaine*
which waves the bloody shirt and
hopes to Bwocp the country with tha';
the other hears a banner with the
strange device?"Reform."
Now, this letter of Governor Gham
1 * -
uuruuu 18 11 Dotnbslioll among the
Morton Blaine Kadieals They see
that they too will have to cry reft nn
or else South Carolina will go, as tho
Governor eaye, to tho Democrats
next fall; and with it, says tho New
York Tribune, throo or four of tho
doubtful Northern States. Either
givo up Whippet* or got whippod, is
what tbo Tribune aays the party will
bo obliged to do. Thero seema little
reaa.m, at this stage of the campaign
at least, to question tho expectation
among oflico holders here that Pros*
ident Gnu.t will bo tho next nominee
at Cincinnatti next June. But Gov
ornor Chamberlain lias declared j
against a third term; so that, so far
as South Carolina is concerned, Grant
might just as well support Whippor
and Moses. 13ut, should Grant fail
of tho nomination, Morton seems to
stand next. What then? Then wo
shall have Ihc amazing spectacle ol
tlio Mephi;-topholea faced monster
with tlio banner ot reform in one
hand and the bloody shirt in the otlr
or, dragging his hideous lege over the
race course towards the Whilo
But all conjectures as to the nomi
nations arc of course tho vaguest sort
conjectures to clay. This letter about
Whippor and Moses is an ugly nut
lor the president makers to crack.
Tho host and timeliest vindication
ol Governor Chamberlain's refusal to
commission Whinnnr nnmns tl.r.
shape of Whipper's speech about it
in tho Legislaturo tho other day.
Thero is anchor matter pertaining
nmro innnediately to tho matter of
State reform, that they may bo of interest
to our people in Columbia. Tito
bond of Air. L. Cass Carpenter, as
Culloctor of Internal Revonuo, it up-.
jioiii'8, nas oeen sent back by tba department
here because not sufficient.
Tho oflioe is one requiring a bond of
$50,000. Tho insufficiency of the
bond can bo readily remedied no
doubt, and that is not the matter of
tho moment. It is a matter of painful
surprise to al' the friends of conn
ine Stale reform here in Washington
that such citizens as Mr. J, P. South,
orn, whose namo is on Carpenter's
bond, should give that hind ot aid
and support to such a fellow ad this.
It is idle for our people to expect
Governor Ohambmlnii> m- n?r|.f?i?
else, to succeed in wrobting tho State
from tho grasp of tlio unprincipled
BcoiuKlri'-* who aro plundering it, it
our citizens do riot co-operato in tho
work so far at least as to rcluso direct
support to such inon as this Carp^nter.
Is ho not tho correspondent ol
tho Washington Chronicle, who, sev
en or eight years ngo, wrote from
Columbia to tlint paper that our people
wcro a "sot ot'polti ootus and cowai
ds," or words to that eilcet? Tlioae
lottera were signed L. C. O.
Wo lately noticod an advertisement
licadod, ''Two Si.stei-B Want Washing."
So do a good many brotliois.
A Strango FascinationIn
San La Jose, a California town,
tlicro lived a voting lady, handsome,
weamiy, ami moro tbixu usually educated.
ller father was ati invalid,
her mother was cold and heartless.
Two years ago a physician was
called to attend her father, in this
way the young lady saw him. The
doctor paid no attention to her?tiis
mind was engrossed with its i?rufos~
sional duties. A tew weeks ago this
doctor was somewhat surprised by
being asked by the young lady to
givo her the favor of ft private interview.
Sho took him into ft drawing
"Doctor," said she, "I suppose that
gentlemen ot your profession aro ac
customed to roccivo strange confidences.
I liavo a confession to make
to you.
lie supposed that that impending
confession had something to do with
the state ot her own health or with
Hint' f t lini' 1-- ' - '
.....v vr? IV>> 1UUIU1, (Villi 1115
her to proceed.
"You will, however bo scarcely
proparcd for what I am about to say?
alio continued; 'but I wish you to
hear it. It is now just two years
aitico I first saw you. You liavo
scarcely ever exchanged a word with
me, but I have learned much about
you. I am not mistaken in believing
that you are not married?"
''No,' said ho, 4I am not married.''
"And your affections are not en
"You scarcely liavo the light to
to aak that," 6aid ho.
11 VVoll, then,' sho replied,1! will
not ask it; but I will mako you my
confession. I Ioyo you with all ray
heart. I wish you to marry me. 1
have loved yon from tho first ino?i
mont I saw you. I said to mvnolf i
V - ? ""J
wait for two years; If lie then speaks
to me I will know what to say. You
have not spoken, and now I speakI
say I love you with all my heart
you aro necessary tor me; will you
marry me?"
The doctor, who although not a
very old man, was twice tho ago of
the young lady, recovering a iittlo
l'rom his surprise, tried to turn tho
matter olV as a j"ke, but tho young
lady was vory serious.
"No/ said she, 'I am in very sober
earnest. I know all that you may
say or think as to tho indelicacy ot
my proposal, but I cannot help it. I
ask you onco more, can you lovo mo
and will you marry me?"
"In sober carnes", tlion,' lie replied
'I cannot marry you.'
'Then I shall die,' said sho, very
calmy, and left tho room.
The doctor had heard people say
beioro that they should die, and he
lett the house without attaching very
much importance to the nronhr.r.v.
1 I J '
A few days after thia the young
lady was found dead in her bed. Two
letters laid upon her dressing table.
One was addressed to hor family 60s
Every penny of her proporty was
given to tho doctor, and tho solicitor
was instructed to make the transfer
to him. to urIc nn niKutiimo nn.l t/>
tuko no recoipt. The other letter !
was to tlio doctor. "I tuld you 1 '
should die, and whon yon receive this
I shall bo dead. For ten dava 1 Lave
taken no food?. r drink; but that does
not lull nio, and now I have taken
poison. I have no reproach to make
to yon, but I could not livo without
your love. When 1 am dead look at
my heart, You will sue your name
there. 1 havo two requests to make
of you. Go to my solicitor and take
what ho hn6 for you, and then go oil
on ta holiday to Italy for a few
months. Tho other request is that
you never ask where I am buried,
and never como to my grave."
Thorn vviiQ i iiaoI
- - w. w *? ?? v* i 'vuv iiiui lUIII I'Ailll 1 11121
Hon m:\do on the young hidya body.
On her breudt over her heart, dce|ly
XI v_/. AJO
imprinted in tlio (IcbIi, wore tho iuitinU
of tlio doctor's immo. Tho characters
seemed to havo been mado
wicro two or unco years betoro.?
Tlioy wcro probably imprinted by
her own hand on tho day when she
lirst saw him.
Washington, .January 27.?'A can*
ens of t! o Democratic Senators was
11eli.l Ibis morning at tho Capitol.
Tho must important subject discussed
was whether llwrr* tl./.nl.l l>.? ~
...w. V/ iJiiviirt UV^ illl V I Uply
made from tho Democratic eido
of the Semite to Mr. Morton's recont
inflammatory speech upon tho Mississippi
election. Tho idea umong
[ ?/>?' > ' " I--.. * - ' '
jiyviiiuv}i am iur fcUYUriU Clay8 pilst. IlllS
been that the speech called for no
special reply, ami it was accordingly
determined to day to disappoin Mr.
Morton in his scheme of getting up
a violent sec! ional debate. The subject
of Mr. Morton's buncombe resolutions
upon tii<3 naturn <>( rim
ill government ami attirming that tlio
United Sta'c-5 constitute a nation was
also considered, ami a strong committee,
composed ol livo Senators, in.
eluding Messrs. Bayard Thnnmin
McDonald and Roman, was selected
to consider this subject and report to
the caucus thereon. A committee
composed of Me-srs. Steven on, of
Kentucky; Winluce, ot Pennyslvania;
and Gordon ot Georgia, was appointed
to confer with Mr Lamar, Chair*
man ot tho House caucus; and ars
range for tilling up the Senate rupee?
sentation nnon the. (Imuni?t??n
Documents, provided for at tlio last
Ilouse caucus.
A meeting of the National Deuw
ocratic Kxcciflivo Committee was
held at the Arlington Hotel to night
? Augustus Suliull, Chairman. On
motion of Senator Ituulolph of New
Jersey, it was resolved to begin an
early and active organization thn
Democratic party throughout tlio
United Staies for the campaign of
1S76. Senator Randolph was o'aoson
Vice Chairman; lion W. II. Barnum
of Connecticut, Troasurer; and A. D.
Banks, of Mississippi, President
Secretin-v. Riinni.-."' c * ?
w.nvi ivui i, uuuiiiura
Wallace, of Penny svan in; Gord >n, of
Geirgia, and Stevenson, of Kentucky
and Representative Lamar and otli*
ere, were present.
The elirewdcet yet: A applied to
B for a loan of $100. I] replied: Mv
1 ? *
ue;u- a, nothing would ploaso mo but.
Icr tliivn to oblige you, and I'll do it
I liavent $100 by inc, but you mako
a note and 1 II endorse it, and you
can got the money from tho bank.
Gratet'ul A proceeded at onco to
writo a note. Sav, said H, mako it
$200. I want tfloO myself. A did
so, and II end? the naner. Mm
/ i " I ^
batik discounted it, ami tho money
\v:\s divided. When tlie note was
duo P. wns in California, and A had
to meet the payment. What A is
unablo to cipher out is who'her ho
borrowed ?100 ot P>, or 15 b >rro\ved
that amount oi him.? Jewell Con*
<1V? ?
The linger Whig U faithful to
liliiino and 11in |?atronrgo. t4Aa
Maine goes," e:i)o I lie Whig, "do
goes the Union," and ''with such a
leader, accomplished, eloquent, Sagacious
nild infi'oniit !lin
...V/ A*?V|MiUllV;clli
party of tho Union will irniko tho
Centonnial campaign ? i 11 with a
jnbiloo oi enthusiasm that will sweep
over llie country with irresistible
lower." And we'll hang Jeff Davis.
<A> - ?
S e Btood in tin* hull will. I.;..-.
" *% ' ,l4ll? 1
I km' rounded chock leaving u deposit
?>i pearl powder on his co':it, and her
taper lingers toying with his collar.
Presently bho lifted one wi the lappela
and there wan a neat gold badge enameled,
"1 am Already married."?
She looked at him earnestly lor a
moment, threw tlio iloor open wide
u'ul fiui l, u(? !" f'hloaijo Tribune.

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