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The Man who Lied
There ia a class of men who love '
to eit around tho atovo of a country ,
grocory <>F a winter's ovening ami '
oxchango lies. M. Quad, tho wag ol j
tlie Dotroit Free Press, hits oft* this
clasB in tho following story:
One evoning when tho winter
blasts moaned sadly across tho stroet
corners, and the caotaina of tho forrv
I *
boats woro ftiixioua looks, seven or
eight vessel owuersand 'laid up' lake
captains sat around a choerful base
burner iu a saloon noar tho river.?
After tho usual amount of growling
about tho weather ono ot them told a
atory. There might have boon ono
ounce of truth in it, but tho crowd felt
cortain that tho ouo ounce was offset
by twenty lour pounds, of tbe *awfullest
kind' of lying. Thoroforo a
second man told a story to beat it,
and then a third man boat tho sees
ond. When tho fourth man started
out bo said:
'Gontlotnen, I havo also seen tough
times. When 1 was sailing tho
schooner Fortuno forty years ago
two of uo were swept overboard in a
T ~ I TV.? _ lit i *
oiiui iu uii juuKu i\ino 0110 duick nigui.
A batch covcr went with us, and it
bo bapponed that wo both clutched
it. It was not largo enough to support
two. I was captain, he a sailor.
I had a family?bo had nono. 1
shoutod to him to quit hia hold, and
when ho would not, I reached over,
clutched his throat, and held on till
i.:~ c i 1 -- J ?
iiio unguis luuaeu, iuiu ne went to
the bottom of the lake! It was
twenty miles oft' Point Betsey, and
with a shrill, wild shriek, which yet
lingers in my oars, the poor wretch
went to his doath! Mtiy tho Lord
forgive me!'
With his cliair tiltod against the
wall, a lanky, sunlloworish chap hnd
been nodding his head right and left
as if sleeping. As tho captain's nar
rativo waa concluded tlio stranger
r080 up and solemnly said:
'I am that man!'
Tho crowd looked at him in asions
jshment, and ho continuod:
4I landed on Point Betsey noxt
morning in time for breakfast, and I
ewore ft solemn oath that Pd lick you
for choking me if I had to livo a hun"
drod yoars to do it!'
4You can't bo tho man,' replied the
captain, looking suspiciously at tho
lollow'a big fiste; 'it was forty years
'I know it was and for forty years
I'vo boon aching to lick you out of
your boots I'
Tho captain had liod, but he didn't
wan't to own it, and ho said:
'That sailor's naino was Richard
'Korect!' bowed tho strangor that's
my name!'
'But ho was taller than you.'
'Being in the water so long that
Illirht I shrunk insfc n. m?a Mm
cool rejoinder.
'Well, I know you can't be the
man said the captain.
I am tho man, and now I'm going
to maul you to pulp? No man
can choke mo and then go and brag
about ill'
Ho sailed in and upset tho captain,
but was then set noon bv the wlu>l.>
? - J "
crowd. IIo got into tho eyo of tho
wind and hung there for n time, but
presently ho paid oil' a little, gut tho
wind on his quarter, and went at it
to lick ten times his weight in old
liars. lie was a very ambitious man,
and those who could got out of doors
got out, and tboso who couldn't offnrnd
him n. oration nf wliiolrau
- r> " ",U"VJ
como to anchor. 11o furled his sails
on this understanding, and as ho set
his glass down for a third drink, lio
wiped his blooding car and thon
'When a man trios to sacrifico me
in order to eavo himself ho don't
know who lie's fooling with!'
no wft8 iiio fc'.gfifost liar of thorn
nil, but lio niftdo tho most out of it.
Cromation was practiced i ho other
day it) Milan upon tlio remains of
tho Chevalier JtosHi. The arrangements
for this purpose there are very
complete. Tho corpse is placed in a
chamber in which ono hundred gas
jota combine to raiao a temperature
of ono thousand degrees, an incineration
is neatly and thoroughly done
in an hour, a tn-ro "pinch ot dolicato <
duat remaining. There id nothing '
spectacubr ab< ut it. \
IIic Knew LIim.?"Do you know
;ho prisoner at the bar?" demanded
;ho judge. "Know bim at the bar,.
judge? Know him at the bar? Well
you're jeet shoutin'; he is very peculiar
iu his way of drinkin', and no
ano as has ever seed him at a bar
would forgot as how bo pours out
his liokor in un Alvmnnl. minrlnrl
o' way till tho glass is roady to run
over, then raises it oven with his aye,
sights through it; sighs like a graveyard,
takes a step back'ard, slings
out liis terbacker, says, *To yer, old
paid,' shuts his eyes, throws back his
head and swallows the hitlers with a
groan. Kno.v him at the bur??you
're mighty right, judgo?you're
mighty right."
t t
A Contennial pig has boon born in
Kontucky. Its distinguished oharac- j
tori8tics aro a portoctly hairloss body
oyoa as largo as a shoop's, oars liko
thoso of a liaro, and a horn sovoral
inchcs long projecting fotn tho top ol
iLb head downwards.
A fow Sundays ago, says a Georgia
paper, a nogro woman at a - baptising
near tho ferry, oxhibited hor radical
proclivitios during tho oxciiomont ah
ways attending such occasions, by
shouting at intorvals: "Swoot Johus!
doar Yankeo aJosus! how I do lub
you." |
Smith and Jonos woro at tho monagrio,
and tho conversation turnod on
Darwin's thoory "Look at tho monkey,'
said Smith. 'Think of it boing
an undovelopod human!" "Human!''
fluid J on os contomptously. 'It is no
more human than I am."
Lavender says his wifo is always
roady to tell hor rago.
Any young miss would rathor havo
hor corsotfl tight thnn her "fellor."
Tho latest namo fov blond hair iB
,'tho light fantastic tow."
i im
A man with a big noao isn't always
handsome, but ho's nobby.
"PlTkf 'P %TY\ # 1 o 11 ic ^ 41.
? V?. Ajuudii ID w 11 bliu >vill piltll,
Jlis cry is, "Up and atom."
Kissing fairs aniuao iowa. Only
ton conts a kiss! For tho bonofit of
tho church, too! j
l,An Ohio jockoy furnishos horsea
with falao tcoth bo aa to conooal thoir
ago." Tho trick ia tooth-in.
A cow diod in Springfiold, Ohio,
from outing too many applet*, which
gavo riso to somo trouble in cider.
What is it that yon can call for in
any restaurant and novor fail to havo
it brought directly? Tho check.
Mr. A. Bronsou Alcott was onco
expounding his theory of tho sin of
oating flesh, and said, "A man who
oata pork hocomos a littlo swinish,
doos ho not? and it ho eats mutton ho
is inclined to bo sheepish." "Porhnpa
ho," replied Dr. James Walker, "but
1 havo notieed that mnn who live on
vogotablos aro apt to bo?rathor?
Senator?R E Dowcn.
Representative?D F Bradley.
Clerk of Court?S D Keith.
fudge of Probate?I II I'hilpot.
Sheriff"?J lliley Ferguson.
Coroner?Warren Boyd.
School Commissioner?II A Bo wen
Treasurer?W A Lesley.
Aiulitor?Alorzo M Folger.
Count ij Commissioners?Jolin T GoshoU,
Chairman?Robert Craig, Q M Lynch. Clerk
uounty tiomnussioncrB, (' L Ilollingsworth.
Trial Justice*?Katlcjf, () II C Smith?Sa
lukrih/, J 1$ Clayton?Cenbral, JiunCH A
Liddell?l'ickrn* C 11, C L llollingHworlli
and 0 W Taylor?Dacutville, .1 1$ Sulhrrland.
j'kir h uay guaranieeu lining our wKM<
P/>) Ai;OHII ,t DRILLS. ?100 a month
>aid to good agents. Auger Book free. Jilz
Wigoi (jo., St. Louis, Mo.
" m III .1 a*
It Pays S It Pays ! X
IT PAYS every Manufacturer, Merchant,
Mechanio, Inventor, Farmer, or Professional
man, to keep informed on all tho improvements
and discoveries of tho age.
been published weekly for tho last thirty
years, does this, to an extent beyond that of
any other publication, in faot it is tho only
uvvn-iy jjiipor puunsnea in ine unttcd States,
devoted to Manufacturers, Mechanics, Inventions
and New Discoveries in tho Arts and
Every number is profusely illustrated and
its contonts ombrace th6 latest aud most in?
teresting information pertaining to the Industrial,
Mechanical, and 8cientifio Progress
-of tho World: Descriptions, with Beautiful
Engravings, of Now Inventions, New Implements,
New Process, and Improved Industries
of all kinds; Uusoful Notes, lteoeipes,
Suggestions and Advice, by Practical Writers,
for Workmen n~d Employers. In nil the
various arts, forming a complete repertory of
New Inventions and Discoveries; containing
a woekly record not only of the progress ot
tho Industrial Arts in our own country, but
also of all Now Discoveries and Inventions in
every branch of Engineering, Mechanics, and
Scienoo abroad.
Tho Scientific Amorican has been the foromost
of all industrial publications for tho past
Thirty Years. It is tho oldest, largest,.cheapest,
and the best weekly illustrated paper devoted
to Engineering, Mechanics, Chemistry, j
New Inventions, Science and Industrial Progress,
published in the World.
xnc practical receipts arc well worth ten
times the subscription price. And for the
shop and house will savo many times tho cost
of subscription.
Merchants, Farmers, Mechanics, Engineers,
Inventors, Manufacturers, Chemist*,
Lovers, of Scioncc, and People of all Profeesionfe,
will find tho Scientific American useful
to them. It should have a place in every
Family, Library, Study, Offico, and Counting
Iloom; in every Reading Room, College and
ncnooi. A new volumo commences January
1st, 1876
A year's nurnberB contain 832 pagas anil
Several Iiu?idrcd Engravings- Thousands of
volumes arc preserved for binding and reference.
Tern s, $3.20 a year by mail, including
postage. Discount to Clubs. Special
circulars giving club rates sent free. Single
copics mailed on rccoipt of 10 cents. May
be had of all News Dealors.
P \ TT^wnnc! In connection with
j- i.1 -A-JLJH JLkZJ. tlioScicntiflc American,
Messrs. Munn & Co. are Solicitors of
American and Foreign Patents, and have the
largest establishments in the world. More
than fifty thousand applications havo been
made for patents through their ngcHcy.
Puiciito arc obtained csi the boat termSj
Models of Now Inventions and Sketches examined
and advice freo. a special notice is
made in the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN of all
Inventions Patented through this Agency,
with the name and residence of the Patentee.
Patents are often sold in part or whole, to
| persons at traded to the invention bv such
notice. Send for Pamphlet, containing full
directions for obtaining Patents. A bound
volume containing tho Patent Laws, Census
of the U. S , and 142 Engravings of median|
ical movements. Prico 25 cents.
| Address for iiic Paper, or concerning Patents,
MUNN & CO. !57 Park Row. New York.
ll-A rw.?. ,.IB? r>? r. e- ? ?
1?.?Uvu \jw. r. ot /in streets, Washinglon,
I). C.
Jan 0, 1870 18 3
Encourage Home Enterprise and Home People
Geo. S. Hacker,
T)io only Carolinian enganged lh Iho man
ufaclurc of Doors, Hash, Blinds, Moulding
and Turned Work in Charleston, 8. C.
Prices as low as any other house, and all
work first-class. no 29-ly
Livery and Sale Stalks,
Parties desiring to biro conveyancc to
I'ickcns Court House, Tabic Rock and other
points, can be accomrnodntcd at my Stables,
at all bours of the day and night. Pur
cimHcrs can also be siipiilicd with Good Stock
at rcftsonablepriccs.
fijfly" Regular Mail Line to Pickcns Courthouse
daily. (Sundays oxcepled.)
Kasloy Station, S. 0., Aug, 3, 1876,
$r TO QOf\ Pcr (,fty ! AgcntB wanted.
t) <P/v'/ All olftHHes of working people,
of cither lex, young or oldt mako more
monoy at work for uh in their spare mo"
racnts, or all the time, than at anything else*
Particular* freo. Address O. 8T1N80N &CO
Portland, Maino.
Bills, Bonds and Postage Stamps Wanted.?
$ 1 for rarest hills. $10 for rarest stamps. It
will pay to send them immediately. Also
other curiosities. American .Stamp Co., Box
4045, New York,
pco % 41 \
THE Scholastic year is divided into tw?
Terms of 20 weeks each. The FirBt Term ,
commences January 17th, and ends Juno 3d: I
tho sooond Term commences July 4th, and
ends November 18th.
Students entering within two weeks after
tho oommonoemout of tho Terms, will bo
charged for tho whole Torm ; thoso entering
aftor this tlmo, from tho timo of ontoring.
It is moro satisfactory that Students ontor
at tho commencement, when tho Boveral
classes are forming,
Course of StudyPRIMARY
1 rr? cv 111 * * 1
i3v x ui in?opening nnu iioauing.
'2(1 Term?Spelling and Heading continued;
Primary Goography; Mental Arithmotio,
Exorcises in Writing.
1st Term?Spoiling and Reading continued:
Geography continued; Introducing English
Grammar; Elements of Writtou Arithmotio;
Exercises in Writing.
2d Term?Spoiling and Reading continued;
Elements of Written Arithmotio completoil;
Intermediate Qcography completed; Analyt|
ical English Grammar; Primary U. S. History;
Exercises in Writing.
1st Term?English (irnmmap
?D r'vvi ? "j
eical Geography; Oominon School Arithmo'
tic; Towhb Analysis of WordB;
2d Term?Gr6eno's; Analysis of English
Language; Arithmetic continued; Smaller
Composition; Higher U. 8. History.
j1jniou ulas3.
1st Term Latin Grammar and Harknosa' Kirst
Latin Book; Latin Roador; Davies' Algebra;
History of England.
2d Term?Four Books of Coosar; Arnold's
seosnd Latin Book on Analysis of the Latin
Sentence; Greek Grammar; Kondrick's
Greek Ollendorff Greek Reader; Davies'
, Altrcbra couinlfttod? Nuinpni
. , .v,0?r..jr.
1st Term?Six Ilookf? of Virgil; Grerk
Reader completed; IMain Geometry; Higher
Composition and Rhetoric.
'2d Term?Sallust'a Catalino & Jugurtha;
Xenophon'8 Anabasis; Higher Algebra
commenced; Solid and Spherical Geometry
completed; Chemistry.
1st Term?Cicero's Select Orations; Xenophons
Memorabilia; Trigonometry and Surveying;
lloman History; Latin Proao Composition.
-;u icrm?norace ennro:-Six liooka of the
Iliads; Greek l'roso Composition; Algebra
completed; Astronomy.
Tho abovocourso will proparo can
didatosfor admission into tho Sophomore
Class of any ot our Southern
Colleges. Students, who do not stand
a satisfactory examination upon tho
several studies ol oach class, will not
bo allowed tho privilogo to advanco to
tho next higher, but bo rotoinod in
sueh class, till all tho studios of it bo
satisfactorily completed.
Tuition ov Primary Department
Junior Class, - - ?10.00
Intermediate Class, - - 12.50
Senior " - . 15.00
Preparatory Dopartmont, 20.00
No deduction will ho mado for lost
timo exccpt from prolongod siclcnoss.
Mnnllilw l-nnni'lo r\f
. j .v|<vita Ul IMIIIUllllliy, U0~ |
portmcnt, and recitations in ouon study,
will bo furnished parents.
J. 11. CAIILISLK, I rinciiml.
Doc. 28, 1875 17 tf
Agents Wanted Tor the
"umiw A*w ^ narrative of the oxploila, adr*r
ventures and travels of MndIN
nmeL, j. VELASQUEZ, othorBAllLli
tviec known as LT. HARRY T.
liUFFoRD, (J- 8. A. A True Southern
Heroine, Edited c. J. wortiiington
late u. a. Navy,
MADAME VELASQUEZ, disguised as a
Confederate oflicor, participated in a number
of (ho hardest fought battles of the lata war,
and greatly distinguished herself by the ex-.
Iraordinary valor who displayed. She also
distinguished herself as a
and on numerous occasions ran through the
Federal lines and obtained information
of vital importance to tho Confederate oommauders.
Obtaining admission behind the
nho established confidential relations wiU>
prominent Federal ofliciuls; was concerned i
the great
by which the United Statos Treasury suffered
to the extent of millions of dollars; was ac
tivuiy uiigngcu in rnocKauo-runing, and in
by which llio work of recruiting tho Fedoral
armies was so seriously impeded; and whs
the heroine of ft number of exploits oven more
interesting than thoso of tho battle fiold. It
also contains a history of her Mining on the
Pacific Slope, her Travels in Europe, South
Amoriea, and among tho Mormons, Love,
Courtship, Marriage, otc.
Tho ftbovo facts are substantiated by leading
men both South and North who partici1
i- " *" * '
|iaivn, 11?? hook oi such varied and intense
interest as tlie Woman in llattlc lias ever been
issued in America.
Agents wanted in every county in the
United Htates. Agents can make more money
by canvassing for this book than any others,
as it is the cheapost as well as tho best selling
Agents' book ever published. Tho book
is a large octavo volum o of over 000 pages,
profusely illustrated. We print, bind and
publish our own books; hence, can allow larg
cr commissions than any other liouso. Secure
your choice of territory at once. Address
Noiithcrn l*ut?liMlaiiiK C'o.
Ooit. PbyoTi and Mitoiikm. Strrkts.
JonO, 1S70 18 3
1'iiw Notice.
The undersigned, having resumed (ho prno
tieoof law, will Attend tho Courts on tho 8th
Judicial Circuit. lWisincHB left with Wm. E
Hagood, at i'ickens C. II., will bo promptly
attended to. J. W. IMRRISON.
No?. 11, 1874.
IIolcomlH* A Child,
WILLPRA.CTIOK i?i Circuit, Probate, nn<l
Trail Justice Courtn of this tttato. All
buslnefifi entrusted to tl'oio willrecclvc prompt
Sept 10 H ly |
South Carolina Railroad.
ciiarlkston, 8. C., Doo. 18, 1875.
On and after Sunday, December 10, the
PnRsonger Trains oa the South Carolina
Railroad will run a8 follows:
1 (Sundays excopted.)
iyort* u vimuooiyu V 1 O f\ TO
Arrive at Columbia ft 00 p m
(Sundays excepted.)
Leave Charleston 0 16am
Arrive Rt Augusta 6 15 p ra
(Sundays oxcoptod.)
Leave Columbia 9 00 a m
Arrivn nl. fili?i-)o?lnn a ak. ~ ?
-X r.Kj ...
Leavo Augusta 0 00 a in
Arrive at Charleston 4 46pm
Loavo Charleston 9 16 p m
Arrive at Columbia 7 20 a m
Leave Columbia 7 00 p m
Arrivo at Charleston 0 40 a m
Loavo Charleston 8 00 p m
Arrivo at Augusta 7 45 a m
Leave Augusta 8 80 p in
Arrivo at Charleston 7 40 a m
(Sundays excepted-)
Leavo Summorvillo at 7 30 a m
Arrive at Charleston 8 45 ft m
Leftve Ohai'leston 3 15pm
Arrive ftt Suinincrville 4 30 p m
Connects at Kingvillo dally [except Sunw
days] with Up and Down Day ftnd Passenger
Day and Night Trains oonnect at Augusta
with Georgia Railroad, /Vacon and Augusta
Railroad and Central Railroad. IThis routo
via Atlanta is the quickest aud most direct
?i l< ??
vutu, mm no uuimuruiuiD anu ciieap as any
other route, to Montgomery, Selma, Mobilo,
New Orleans, and all other pointB Southwest,
and to Louisville, Cincinnati, Chicago, St.
Louis, and all otlior points West and Northwest.
Day Train connects at Columbia with tho
Through Train on Charlottee Road (which
leaves at 9 p. m.) for all points iVorth.
Night Train connects with Local Train
[which leaves Columbia at 8 c. m.] fo* points
on Charlotte Road.
Laurens Rnilroad Train connects at Newborry
on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdfivn.
Up Columbia Night Train connects closely
with the Greenville and Columbia ltailroad.
S. 8. SOLOMONS, Superintendent.
S. B. Pickknb, General Tiokot Agent.
Greenville & Columbia R R.
Passenger trains run daily. Sundays excepted,
connecting with night trains on South
Carolina Kuilroad up and down. On und after
Monday, December 13, the following will
be the Schedule:
Lenvo Columbia at 7.80 a m
Leave Alston at 9.15 a m
Leave Newberry at 10.85 a m
Leavo Cokesbury at 2.07 p in
Leave Helton at 3.50 p m
Arrive at Greenville at 5.25 p m
Lcavo Qreenvillc at 8.00 a m
Loavo llelton at 0.40 a m
Leave Cokesbury 11.20am
ueave Newberry at 2.40 am
Leave Alston at 4.20 p m
I Arrive at Columbia at 5.55 p m
I jnQ^-vuiiuvui' r?i AiMion wan Trains on the
Spartauburg and Union Railroad ; conncct at
Columbia with NightTraina on the South Car
olina ltailroad up and down ; also with Trains
going North and South on the Charlotto, Columbia
and Augusta and the Wilmington, Cos
Train leave Abbeville at 9.15 a in., connccl
ing with Down Train from Greenville. Lea\>
Cokesbury at 2.16 p m., connecting with
Train from Columbia. Accommodation Trnlr.
Mondays, Wednesdnys find Fridays. Lcnyt
Cokesbury at 11.16 a in., or on the arrival c
tho Down Train from Greenville. Loaves Al>
boville at 1 o'clock p. in., conneoting with I f
Train from Columbia
Leave Wallinlla at 6.00 a m
Leavo I'erryvillo at 6.'16 a m
Leave Pendleton at 7.86 a in
Leave Andorson at 8.85 a m
Airlvc at Helton at 0.20 a in
Leave llollou at 8.60 p m
Leave Anderson at A. fin ?
f "
Leave Pondlcton ftt C.60 p in
Leave Porryvillo G.35 p m
Arrive at. Walhalla 7.15 p m
Accommodation Trains between Bolton and
An<l??HOii on Tuo8<layn, Thursdays and SaUir*
days, Leave Helton atO.fiO am., or on avriv|
ill of Down Train from Oreenvillc. Leave
Anderson at tJ.OO p m., connocting with Up
Jarrz Norton, Jr., General Ticket Agent
Atlanta & Richmond Air Line Railway.
Leave at Atlanta at 4 10 p m
Leave Toccoa City at 9 00 p m
Leave Westminster at 1) 64 p m
Leave Seneca City at 10 21 p in
Leave Oentral at 10 57 p m
Leove liasley at 11 30 p m
Lcavo Oreenville as 12 12 am
Leave Spartauburg at 141 am
Arrive at Charlotte at 6 30 a m
r fi
uwwuuii#ii?noiii n 1)0 p m
^oavc Hparlariburg at 11 61 p m
Leave Greenville at 1 ^8 p m
Leuvo Kasley at 161am
Leavo Centra! at 2 '28 a m
Ltavo geneca City at 8 09 a m
Leave wstminntor nt a a a ?
Loavo Tuoooa City at 3 34 a ui
Arrivo at Atlanta at 0 30 a^m
Colonist*, KmigraiitM and
Traveler* Westward,
Kor map circulars, condensed time tables
and general information in regnrd to transportation
facilities* to nil points in Tcnnessoo,
Arkansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Colorado,
Kansas, Te*?8, Iowa, New Mexioo, Utah and
California, apply to or address Alhmrt I).
Wukmn, Qoneral Emigrant Agent, Office No.
2 II. I. Kimball Koiiko, Atlanta, (la.
No ono should go West without first getting
In communication with the General
Emigrant Agent, and hecorno informed as to
superior advantages, cheap and quick transportation
of families, household goods, stook,
and (arming implements generally. 1
All information cheerfully given.
W. h. DANIiKY, l
jio3 ''"I O. P. & T. A.
i i. i ' iHiiua
^ 1* <
Oct 14, 7 ly
- .. ii
Jusl Published, in a Seilcd Envelope. Prin
Six Cents.
A Locturc on flic Nature, Trcntment, and
Radical cure of Seminal Weakness, or Sp?r? ,
matorrhoca, induced by Self-Abuse, Involuntary
Emissions, Impotency, Neryous Dv*
bility, and lie pediments to Marriage generally;
Consumption, Epilepsy, and Fits;
Mental and Physical Incapacity, &o.?By
nf ll.n ?' f.~
?..v V>*?vu juvun, Otu.
Tho world-rcuowned author, in this adtnlrablo
Lccturo, clearly proves from hla own
experience that tho awful consequences of ^
Solf-Abuse may be effectually removed without
medicine, and without dangerous surgiml
operations, bougies, instruments, rings, or
cordials; pointing out a mode of euro at one?
certain and effectual, by which every suffortr,110
mattor what his nnnrlitinn trinu ho -mair
cure himself cheaply; privately and radically.
This Lecturo will prove a boon to
thousands and thousands. Sent, under seal, in
a plain envelope, to any address, on receipt
of six cents, or two post ago stamps.
Address the Publishers.
41 Ann 8t., Now York; PostOffioo Bo*,
Jan 18, 1870 10 tf
? .
I take this method of informing my friends
that 1 will ho found in my oilico on oaoh
SATURDAY, for tho purpose of transacting
any business that comes under my jurisdio*
As my duties aa Sohool Commissioner will
compel niu to be absent in different parts of
the county, 1 make this special appointment w
for tho benefit r>f nil
iV* a! bowen,
no25 ly Scool Commissioner
WE want some one In erory county (
take orders nnd deliver good* for the
old and original C. O. D. House. I.nrge cash
wages. Splendid chance in every neighborhood
for the right person of either r??*
or old. Sample?, free and post paid. Sen!*
I for it nt once and make money at your home*.
Address, H.J. HAM. & CO. .ON. Howard
Street, Hdlsimnre, Md
I Oct 21, 1875 8 3m
Wo havejusl replenished our stock of mor*
eliandisc for tlie full and winter trade.
Ladies' and gentlemen's lmls and dr??6
coods CPnnrnllir !> ?* " ?! "
? 0??j ..??? tvvviYcu special ivtteu*
Our Shoe Department
In very full, amounting to nearly on* ib??>
sand dollars.
Our General Stock
Comprises nearly everything you are likely
to need and will bo Bold very low.
j Haif Car Load.
Of beat Liverpool Salt on baud and/or *snl?
two dollars per sack, which ia
Than before the war. All nro rcspcctfull/ h??
vitcd to call and see them.
Hester & Hester, ?
Central, S. C.. Oct. 28, 187-1.
Butler & McBee,
s&s&iamstB, ? ?
tflk state and of tiie UNI1B1
Sopt 28 10 tf *
Absolute divorces obtained
from Courts of (liil'oreut States for de*
sortion, ko. No pubRoity required. No
charge until divorco granted, Address,
m. house, Attorney,
40 Oni 101 Broadway, N. Y.
WA t!*rw* - ?
?V 11A1400D,
f?n^ss.E&5a? s. ?
"V'lTILL give their attention to the l'raotiot
VV and to tho Collection of Pension^
Bounty Land find all other Claims.
Walhalla, 8. C, I'iokena, 8, C.
July 27th 1871. 1 tf?r.
II. J. CJlllllaxM*
f_J~AVING returned mid ??
, .....i.vijr JOCft1
1 te<l i\t I'ickeiiRvillc, roHpcctfully oflFira
hie Professional BervicoR to (lie citizcns of that
vicinity on l surrounding country. Chargec V
May 9 41
lo Now Years, i?oat puid, 00 cto. Aildrci!#
"Tho Sun," N. Y.
(!* VAT. Rt vnnu Qrvvtr wa flt>u0w*ti
Portable and Stationary,
Saw Mills, Grist Mills, Boilers, Casting* of
Brass nnd Iron, Forgings, &c.
In all its branches, dono by experienced hands
driving Col (on Gins, Threshing Maohints,
Soparntors, Grist Mills, &o. A number of
second-hand F.ngines and Boilers of various
palters, in first ratnordor, on liand,
Repair work solicited an 1 nromotiv done.

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