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The Pickens sentinel. (Pickens, S.C.) 1871-1903, February 17, 1876, Image 4

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? I 1 1 I Li 1!? "
wanted to be an Editor- i
4Havo you any oxporionco in tho '
business?' we asked of a verdant loak\
ing youth who applied for an cdito- '
rial position the othor day.
Haven't I though?' ho replied, as
he put one foot uudcr his chair to
bide the unskillful patching of a
backwoods cobbler, *1 should say I'd
bad *ome experieuce?haven't I cor
responded with the Pumkinvillo
Beroamer for six weeks? Hain't that
experience enough?"
'That will do very well," we roplied,'but
when we take young men
on our editorial stall' wo generally
r\??f ( ItAtvi f lii'Amvli nn AVOininntiAn
|'u% iiivt'i vui uu oAumiiiubiuu.
Dow much are twelvo timc3 ono?'
'Twelve, why any little boy ought
to an'?
4IIold on, pleaso?dou't bo too fast
?who discovered America?'
'Klumbus! Pshaw thorn questions
is just as easoy as'?
'Who was the lirst man?'
Adam! Why, mister, I know
'What was his othor name?'
41Iis other name? why ho didn't
have none.'
x cs, no uia. iuu see luais wncro
we've got you. IIis other name was
Ebonezcr?Ebonezor Adam, Esq.,
kite of I'aradiso. Nobody knows
this but editors, nod soo to it that you
don't toll anybody.'
Ho said bo wouldn't.
4How many bones aro thero in tho
humau body?'
Woll, I forgot now, but I did know
What! dont you know that? Why
there's 7,482,654,921,444 bones In an
ordinary man. A man that snores
baa one more bono than othor people/
What bono is tnatf
4Tbe trombone. It'aeituated some
whero in the uobo. You won't for*
got that will you?'
He said be wouldn't.
'IIow long would it take a mud
turtle to eioss tho desort of Sahara
v.'ith a small orphan boy to touch
him up bebiud with a red-hot poker?'
4Well, look horo mistor, if I bad a
slato and pencil I could figgor that
out, but dog my skin if I'm much on
mental arithmetic.'
4Slate and pencil! Did you ever bco
a slate and pencil about a sanctum?
Non8on8CU3e. Well, let that quess
fion slip. Ilavo you got a good constitution?'
MPutty tolorablo.'
'How long do you suppose you
could livo on raw corn and faith, and
do tbo work ol a domcsticatcu olcpliant?'
'Lord! I don't boliovo I could livo
inoro'n a weok.'
*Well that's about as long as you'd
want to livo if you got an oditorial
position 011 this paper. You appear
to bo pretty well posted; wo shall
ask you ono raoro question, and it" you
Dfovo eaual to it von can take off
your coat and eail in.'
'Let's liavo 'er squire. I didn't
correspond for tho Pumkinvillo
Screamer six weeks for nolhin'. Let
'er como?I'm on deck, I am.'
'Well, sir, if two diametrical cir?,
cles with octagonal peripheries should
collide with a centrifugal idiosyncra*
sy, or, to put ii plainer, wo win Buy a
disenfranchised nonentity, what ofFcct
would (,thu catastropho exert on a
chrystalizcd oodlish appended by tho
tail from tho homogeneous rafter ol
tho empyrean?'
As tho full force of this pondoron^
problom brolco upon liis bewildered
brain, l?o slowly dragged hid inartistically
cobbled shoo from under his
chair and started from the room. We
hoard him descend tho stair, go out^
and closo tho door. Wo then pla
cidly reaumod our duties, regretting
tiiat so promising a youth should
have been woiglied in the balance and
iound wanting.? Franklin Patriot.
<2* ???
The Jennings Heirs
Our Augusta exchangos publish
the proceedings of a convention of
these heirs hold in that city during
tho past wook, somo fifty of thorn
being y resont. Tho hoirs aro ecaU
terod all over the country, but principally
hail from Tennessee, Virginia,
Georgia and South Carolina, although ^
fiAtVlA /it' I liAfli lll-A tn/in^A/l II (l.A ' I
r"i .iv) wi i iiviii ai u i"u<nv;n in tllU
Northern States, principally in Vcr- '<
inoiit. Tho American hoira claim
faaceui from Edward Jennings, a
nephew of William Jennings, who
emigrated to Virginia, wlioro bo
died leaving a family of ton children.!
Judge Bacon who had been aent to
England inado bis report, in which 1
ho said tho esta'e in quostion was
worth $150,000,o00, but ho had lately
scon a statoment in the Ricbriiond
Whig) placing the amount at $400,000,000.
Lie was sorry tho value
was raised, bccaueo it would onlv
?- r- ~ -"V
make tlio struggle a more prot meted
one. lie then rend letters addressed!
to him while in England, two of
which wore from Hon. Judah Ben
jamin; tho last lottor from that distinguished
gentleman boing very
briet, and declining to answer any
logal or other questions in regard to
tho subject matter, on tho ground
that ho was a law ollicer of tho English
Crown. Tho loarnod gentloman
then recited tho diiliculties lio mot
with in England in prosecuting his
soarch, and tho very evident dosiro
to keep information away from tho
American claimants. lie road an
editorial Trom tlio .London Telegraph,
a leading authority on law mattors,
favoring tho idea that thero was a
chance for tho hoira eventually os*
tablishing tlioir claim. Tho Judge
exhibited a podigroo which had
boon prepared at great oxpouso and
Tho cstato consists of both real
and personal property of immense
value, and tho question now beforo
thG English Courts was as to a bar
by lapso of time. If that should bo
decided in favor of tho claimants,
thon the establishment of tho kin.
ship of tho various hoirs, and tho
richtR nf thn Amorinnn p.lfiimfintn ivil)
como.np for adjudication,
Now York jowollors aro said to bo
busy propanng ologan'? r.ow pins to
bo worn by gontlomon this neason,
upon which io ongravad "Engagod,'?
"Murriod," "Don't want to," "No
ma'am," or somothing liko, to bo used
as a protoction during Loap yoar.
A Missouri lawyer BuccoBsfully dofondod
a highwayman, but oharged
him an oxorbitant foo. Tho highwayman
paid it without a murmur, Htop^
pod his counso\ on his way homo at
night, and rccovored tho cash.
A Nobraska man diod tho other
day at tho ago of 99 yoars 11 months
and 30 days. Wo can imagino how
mad that man must have boon that ho
could'nt mako it an ovon 100 yoars.
A bill has beoi\ introduced in tho
Ohio Legislature imnosintr a fino of
filly dollars for taking tho namo of
God in vain.
Wabash Collogo forbids gambling
among tho students, and tho boys
nlaintivolv innuiro how tbov can over
bo appointod ministoru lo England
without a knowlodgo of pokor.
Senator?R E Bowi-n.
Representative?D F Bradley.
Clerk of Court?S 1) Koilh.
Judge of Probate?I *1 1'hiipo!.
Sheriff?J Riley Ferguson.
Coroner?Warren Boyd.
School Commissioner?K A Bowou
Treasurer? W A Lc?le>.
Auditor?AIopzo SI Folger.
Count}/ Commissioners?John T dossed,
nilllirnmil lirthnrl ^ritirr (\ \t l.tinnli
County ffommisaionei'H, O 1/ IIolliugHWoi'th.
Trial- Juttires?Edult;/, () II 0 Smith?.??
lubrity, J 15 Clayton?Cenbrul, .Jrunes A
LitKIoll?l'ickens C II., (J L Ilollingsworth
and Q W Taylor?Dacuaville, J Ji Sutherland.
S U B 8 C n I B E
nra mim. i
Wir'nilny guaranteed using our WELL v
AUG Bit &. DRILLS. $100 a month c
mid to good Agents. Auger Book free. Jill 4
luge! Co , St. Louis, .Mo. t
It Fays X It Pays 11
TT PAYS ovorv Mannfnntii? ?? iH/n-/>iioni
JL Mecbauio, Invcutor, Farmer, or Profes- i
sional man, to keep informed on all tho im- i
provoments and discoveries of the fcgO- i
T1IE SUlliNTlFIC AM U RIO AN which has
boon published weekly for the last thirty
years, does this, to an extent beyond that of i
any othor publioation, in fact it is tho only i
wookly paper published in tho Unitod States,
devoted to Manufaoturors, Mechanics, Inventions
and New Discoveries in tho Arts and
Every number ia pfrofusoly illustrated and
its contents embrace tho latest and most interesting
information pertaining to the Industrial,
Mechanioal, and Scientific Progress
01 wio norm: inscriptions, Willi lieautllut
Engravings, of Now Inventions, New Implements,
Now Process, and Improved Industries
of all kinds; Uuseful Notes, Rcoeipes,
Suggestions and Advice, by Practical Writ^
ors, for Workmen and Employers, in all the
various arts, forming a complete ropcrtory of
New Inventions and Discoveries; containing
a weekly record not only of tho progress of
the Industrial Arts in our own country, but
also of all Now Discoveries and Inventions in
overy branch of Engineering, Mechanics, and
Soiouco abroad.
Tho Scientific American has been tho foroinost
of all industrial publications for tho past
Thirty Years. It is tho oldest, largest, ohoapost,
and (ho best weekly illustratod papor devoted
to Engineering, Mechanics, Chemistry,
New Inventions, Scicuco and Industrial Pro
gress, published in the World.
The practical receipts r.rc well worth ten
times the subscription price. And for tho
shop and house will savo many times tho cost
of subscription. .
Merohants, Farmers, Mechanics, Engine
cots, Inventors, Manufacturers, Chemists,
Lovers, of Science, and People of all Professions,
will find tho Scientific American useful
to them. It should linvo a place in every
Family, Library Study, Office, nnd Counting
Uoorn; in ovory Itoading Room, College and
School. A new volume commences January
1st, 187G
A year's numuurs contain 832 pagas nnd
Sovcrnl Hundred Engravings. Thousands of
lumiiiuo hiu |iiidci iuu mi- imiiuiu)^; ami rciorcncc.
Teru.s, $3.2U a year by mail, including
postage. Discount to Clubs. Special
circulars giving club rates Bent freo. Singlo
copies mailed on rccoipt of 10 oeuts. May
bo had of all News Dealora.
T) A FT1 Y? \[ rpO In connection with
JL XX. J-XjjlM J. iO# tho Scientifio American,
Messrs. Munn & Co. are Solicitors of
American and Foreign Patents, and have tho
largest establishments in the world. Moro
than fifty thousand applications hare been
mado for natents through th^ir
o- ?O
Patents aro obtained on tho host terms,
Module of Now Inventions and SkotchcB examined
and advice free. A special notice is
mado in the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN of all
Inventions Patented through this Agency,
with the name and residenoo of tho Patentee.
Patents aro often sold in part or whole, to
persona attracted to the invention by snoh
notice. Send for Pamphlet, containing full
directions for obtaining Patents. A bound
volume containing ttie Patent Law?, Census
of the U. K , and 142 Engravings of mechanical
movomcnts. l'rico 25 oents.
Address for the Paper, or concerning Patents,
MUNN & CO. 37 Park Row, New York.
Tlrnnoli nHinn Pn>> P -t' 7<1, vu?I.
in2Ion, D. C.
Jan C, 1870 18 3
Cnoourago Hems Enterprise and Home People
Geo. S. Hacker,
Tho only Carolinian onganged in tho man
uiiioturc oi JJoors, Hash, lilinda, Moulding
and Turned Work in Charleston, 8. C.
I'ricos 113 low <18 any other houso, and all
work first-class. no 25My
Livery ui Sale Stalls.
Parties desiring to hire conveyance to
Piokcns Court House, Table Hook and other
points, can bo accommodated nt my Stables,
lit all liriurn t>? fli.i <!.?? i?n<1 >!?!.(
...... ...6..V. . t..chascrs
can also be supplied with Good Stock
at roasonablepriccs.
Bkft" Regular Mail Line to Fickcns CourtI10U8C
daily. (Sundays oxceptcd.)
jvusiuy oiuihiu, o. v., aug. i>, 1o/0,
(t?r T() d?QA per (lay ! Agon<n wanted,
tpt) tP/'vv/ All classes of working people,
of cither sex, young or ol<l, make nforo
monuy in worn /or ua in inoir Bpare mo*
montfl, or all tJio time, than at anything else*
Particular* frco. Address 0. STIN80N & CO
Portland, Maine.
Mils, Bonds and Postage Stamps Wanted.?
M for rarest hi Us, $H) for rarest stamps It
vill pay to Road ihoni immediately. Also
ithcr onriosUies, American Stamp Co., Box '
1045, New York. I
Dec 2 11 i
l'JUJjttJttjNM JUIU1I MtllUUIi.
THE Scholastio year is divided into twe
Terms of 20 weeks oaeli. Tho First Toym ,
commences January 17th, and ends Juno 8d;
tho seoond Term oommenocs July 4th, and
ends Novombor 18th.
Students entering within two weeks after,
iho commencement of tho Terms, will be
oharged for the whole Torm ; tlioso ontoring
after this time, from th? timo of entering.
It is more satisfactory that Hludanta mitnr
at (he commencement, when the BOYeral
classes arc forming,
Course of Study.
1st Term?Spoiling and Heading.
2d Torm?Spelling and Reading oontinuod ;
Primary Geography; Mental Arithmctio,
Exorcises in Writing.
1st Term?Spoiling and Reading continued:
Geography continued; Inlrodvloing English
Grammar; Elements of Written Arithmetic;
ExcroiHGs in Writing.
2d Term?Spoiling and Reading continued;
Elements of Written Arithmetic completed;
Intermediate Geography completed; Analytical
English Grammar; Primary U. S. History;
Exercises in Writing.
1st Term?English Grammar complotcd; Physical
Gaography; Oommon School Arithmetic;
Towns Analysis of Words;
2d Torra?Greene's; Analysis of English
Language; Arithmetic * continued; Smallor
PnmimailiM.. 11 TT Q US..I
1 st Term Latin Grammar and IlarkncsB' Eirst
Latin Rook; Latin Reader; Davies' Algebra;
History of England,
2d Term?Four Rooks of Crosar; Arnold's
sccsnd Latin Rook on Analysis of the Latin
Bontence; Greek Grammar; Kondriok'a
Greek Ollendorff; Greek Reader; DavicB*
Algebra completed; Natural Philosophy.
1st Term?Six Books of Virgil; Grork
111-!-, il.* A *T! ?
iiuuuvr uuiu{>ivMiu| j. mm vJUUUil'U'jr; mgiior
Composition and Rbctorio.
2d Term?Sallust's Catalino & Jugurlba;
Xonophon's Anabasis; Higher Algebra
commenccd; Solid and Spherical Qeomotry
completed; Chemistry.
1st Term?Cicero's Select Orations; XenophonB
Memorabilia; Trigonometry and 8urvoying;
lloman History; Latin Pros# Composition.
2d Term?Horaco .cntiroj^Six Books of the
Iliads; Greek Prose Composition; Algebra
completed; Astronomy.
Tho nbovo courao will proparo can
didntcBfor admission into tho Sornomors
Clash of any ot our Soutkorn
rjnllnrrnn. Stnilnnfn wlmdn nnf o(?njl
a satisfactory examination upon tho
sovoral studios ot each olas?, will not
bo allowod tbo privilogo to advanco to
tho noxt bighor, but bo rotainod in
such class, till ail tho studios of it bo
satisfactorily completod.
Tuition op Primary Department
per term.
Junior Class, - ft!0.00
(ntArmnHinfn f^lnaa - - 1 > tr> I
&?vv....vv???vv - - i^.uvy
Sonior " - . 15.00
Preparatory Dopartmont, 20.00
No deduction will bo mado for lost
timoexcopt from prolongod sickness.
Monthly roports of punctulity, deportment,
and recitations in caoti fatudy,
will be furnishod parents.
J. II. CARLISLE, Principal.
Deo. 23, 1876 17 tf
Agents Wanted For the
!mti mr A "W ^ nArra^T0 of tho oxploits, ndi
t*t ventures and travels of Miulda^tv
,unc L- J- VELASQUEZ, other
I i wise known as LT. HARRY T.
ifUFFoRD, o- M. a. a True Southern
Heroine, EdUcd by C. J. W0RT11INGT0N,
late U. H. Navy.
MADAME VELASQUEZ, dinguisod as a
Confedcrato ofTiocr, participated in a number
of the hardest fought battles of tho late war,
and greatly distinguished herself by the extraordinary
valor she displayed. She ttlso
l distinguished herself as a
and on numerous occasions ran through the
Federal lines and obtained information
of vital importance to tho Confederate commanders.
Obtaining admission behind the
she established confidential relations with
j>i uiniiu'iu rvuenu oiiicuws; was concerucu 1
the great
by which the United States Troasury suffered
to the extent of millions of dollars; wan actively
engaged iu blockado-ruuing, and in
by which the work of recruiting the Federal
armies was so seriously impeded; and was
the horoine of a number of exploits oven more
interesting than those of the battle field. It
also contains a history of her Mining on tho
l uiuuo oinpo, nor Travels in Kurope, Houth
Ainorioa, and among tho Mormons, Lovo,
Courtship, Marriage, otc.
Tho above facts nro substantiated by leading
inon both South anil North who participated.
No book of such varied and intense
interest as the Woman in Battlohas over been
issued in America.
Agents wanted in every county In the
United States. Agents can make more money
by canvassing for this book than any others,
as it is tho choapept as well as tho best bcI
ling Agents' book ever published. The book
is a large ootavo volume of over GOO pages,
profusely illustrated. Wo print, bind and
publish our own books; honcc, can allow larg
or commissions than any other house. Secure
your choioe of territory at onco. Address
Southern Publishing C'o.
Oob. Phyor and Mitotikll Stbkbts.
Jan 0, 1S76 18 3
Law Notice.
The undersigned, having resumed the prao
lico of law, will atlend the Courts on tho 8th
Judicial Circuit. Business left with Wm. E
llngood, at Pickens C. II., will bo promptly
attended to. J. W. IMRIU80N.
Nov. 14, 1874.
llolcombe A ('lilld,
Wl M. PRACTICE In Cirouit, Probate, and
Trail JiiBlic? Courts of this Btato. All
msinesa entrusted to thorn willreccivo prompt
Sept 10 8 ly
South Carolina Railroad, I
Charmcston, S. C., Deo. 18, 1676.
On and after Sunday, Dcooinber 10, tho
Passenger Trains oa tho Bouth Carolina
Railroad will run aa follows:
(Sundays oxooptcd.)
Leave Charleston 0 16am
Arrive at Columbia 5 00 p m
(Sundaya excepted.)
Leavo Charleston 0 16 a m
Arrivo at Augusta 6 16 pm
((Sundays exoopted.)
Leave Columbia >< 0 00 a m
Arrive at Charleston 4 46 p m
Leave Augusta < 9 00am
Arrivo at Charleston 4 46pm
Leave Charleston 9 15 p m
Arrive at Columbia 7 20 a m *
Leave Columbia 7 00 p m
Arrive at Charleston 6 40 a m
Leavo Charleston 8 00pm
Arrivo at Augusta 7 45 a m
Leavo Augnsta 8 80 p m
Arrivo at Charleston 7 40 a m
(Sundays excepted.)
Leave <Summerville at 7 80 a m
Arrive al Charleston 8 45 a m
Leave Charleston 3 15 p m
Arrivo at Summorvillo 4 80 p m
Connects at Kingville daily [excopt Sun>.
days] with Up and Down Day ?nU P(assougcr
Day fuul Night Trains connect nt Augusta
with Georgia Railroad, .Macon and Augusta
Railroad and Conlral Railroad. This route
via Atlanta is tho quickest and most diroot
route, and as comfortablo hnd cheap as any
othor route, to Montgomery, Solma, Mobilo,
Now Orledno, And all othor points Southwest,
and to Louisville, Cincinnati, Chicago, St.
Louis, and all othor points West and Northwest.
Day Train connects at Columbia with tho
Through Train on Charlottco ltoad(which
leaves at 9 p. m.) for all points JVorth.
Night Train connects with Local Train
[whioh leaves Columbia at 8 a. m.] for points
onunartotio nona.
Laurens Railroad Train connocta at Newberry
on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
Up Columbjp Night Train conncots closely
with tho Greenville aud Columbia Railroad.
S. S. SOLOMONS, Superintendent.
S. 13. Pickets, General Tiokot Agont.
Ghreoiiville & Columbia R It
Passenger trains run daily. Sundays excepted,
connecting with night trains on South
Carolina Railroad up and down. On and after
^Monday, December 13, tho following v?ill
be the Schedule:
Lonvo Columbia at 7.30 a m
Leave Alston at 0.15 a m
Lcavo Newberry at 10.35 a m
Leavo CokcMbury at 2.07 p m
Lcavo Bclton at 3.50 p m
Arrive at Greenville at 5.126 p in
Leave Greenville at 8.00 a m
Leave ISclton at 9.40 <* m
Leave Cokesbury 11.20 u m
uoave Newberry ut 2.40 a in
Lcavo Alston at 4.20 p in
Arrive at Columbia at 5.55 p n>
jjgjyConnect at Alston with Trains on tho
Spartanburg and Union llnilroail : connect nt
Columbia with NightTrnins on the South Car
oiinaRuilroad up and down ; also with Trains
going North and South on the Charlotte, Columbia
and Augusta and the Wilmington. Co<i
Train leavo Abbeville at 0.15 a in., connect
ing with Down Train from Greenville. Leav<
Cokosbury at *2.16 p ni., connecting with Uj
Train from Columbia. Accommodation Train,
Mondays, Wcdncadays and Fridays. Leuy(
Cokcslniry at 11.15 a m., or on tho arrival o;
tho l)own Train from Greenville. Leaves Ah.
lioviUe at. 1 o'clock ji. m., connecting with ( J I
Train from Columbia.
VI V lOlU?t.
Leavo Walhalla at 0.00 a tn
Leave Perryvillo at <?.45 a in
Leavo Pondlolon at 7.35 a m
Leave Anderson at 8.35 a in
Airlvoat Helton at y.20 a m
Leave Helton at 3.50 p m
Leave Anderson at <1.50 p in
Leave l'endleton at 5.50 p in
Leave Pcrryvllle 0.86 p in
Arrivo at Walhalla 7.15 p m
Accommodation Trains between Bolton and
Anderson on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays,
Leave Bolton at9.50 am., or on arrival
of Down Train from Greenville. Leave
Aiwlai-nnr. nl ?> fill %-w ~ ?1.1. II
uv -.wvr I' 111., UUlIllCt.UII^ Willi t'J?
General Superintendent.
J Am:/. Norton, Jr., General Ticket Agent
Atlanta & Richmond Air Line Railway.
Leave at Atlanta at 4 10pm
Leave Tocooa City at ft 00 p m
Leave WcHtminster at 'J 51 p ra
m-uYU i3uxiuv? v^ny m I U Z I p Hi
Leave Oentral at 10 57 p in
LcovoKaftley at 1189pm
Leave Greenville as 12 12 am
Leave Spartanburg at 1 4t a m
Arrive At Charlotte at 6 30 a m
Leave Charlotte at 8 00 p in
uCHYO Spartanbyrg at 11 64 p m
Leavo Orocnvillo at 1 28 p in
Lcavo Ea.'iloy at 151am
Leavo Central at 2 28 a m
Ltftvo fjoneca City at 8 00 a in
Leave Wstminstcr at ft 84 a ra
Lcavo Tuccoa City at 8 84 a in
Arrivo at Atlanta at ' 0 80 a^m
Colonists, Kmig unto au<l
Traveler* Westward.
For map oiroulare, condensed time tables
and general information in regard to trana.
-II ! - * ~ 1- m.
I<uii?uuji ittUiutivn iw III! puium III j. cnncusoe,
Arkansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Colorado.
Kansas, Texas, Iowa, New Mexico, Utah and
Oalifornia, apply to or address Aliikrt D.
Wubnh; Oenoral Emigrant Agent, Office No.
2 H. I. Kimball Houso, Atlanta, Ga.
No ono should go West without first get- j
ting in comrnunioation with tho Oenoral
bdiirwl rtgoni, nnu ncoorao inrormcd as to i
superior advantages, cheap and quick transportation
of families, household goods, utook,
mid farming implements generally. I
All information choorfully given.
no3?m 0. P. A X. A. '
L-l U?-, ..-- llLl
Canal St., vrom Sixth to Sevantit,
Portable and Stationary,
Saw Mills, Oriel Mills, Boilers, Coatings it
Brass and Iron, Forgingn, &o.
In all its branohos, done by experienced hands
driving Cotton Gins, Threshing Machines,
Separators, Grist Mills, &o. A numbor of
sogond-liand Engines aud Boiiors of variout)
puiiere, in mm rniooruert on ninu.
Repair work solicited an<l promptiy done,
Oct 14, 7 ly
A LDCftltE
Just Published, in a Sealed Envelope. Pries
Six Cents.
A Lcoturo on tho Nature, Trcftlmcnt, ami
Radical euro of.Seminal Weakness, or Spor*
matorrhcea, Induced by Self-Abuse, Invo*.
luntnry Emissions, Impotcnoy, Norvoua Dcn
Itilil v nnd 1 til nnJinwuWii ia \tnvrinnfft rrnn
orally; Consumption, Epilepsy, anif Fitsf
Mental and Physical Incapacity, &c.?By
ROBERT J. OULVEltWELL, M. JL>., author
of tho "Grecu Book," &c.
Tho world-renowned autliOr, in this admi*
rablo Lccturo, clcarly proves from his own
cxperionco thnt tho awful conscquonoos of m
Self-Abuse may bo ofFcotuftlly removed without
modicino, and without dangerous surgical
operations, bougies, instruments, rings, or
cordials; pointing out a modo of euro nt onc? ^
certain and effeotual, by which every sufferer,
no matter what his condition may be, In ay
cure himself cheaply; privately and radically.
ygy* This Lecture will prove a boon to
thousands and thousands. Sent, under seal, in *
a plain envelope, to any address, on receipt
of six ccnts, or two pontage stamps.
Address the Publishers.
X.' ? J7JLV U U 1U XIII CO OV/11 )
44 Ann St., Now York; FostOffico Dox, 4680*
Jan 13, 1870 19 tf f
I tnke this method of informing my friend*
that I will bo found ip my ollice o? enoh
SATURDAY, for (he purpose of transacting
any business that coroca under my jurisdiction.
Ah my duties na School Commissioner will
uviwpvi iiiv iv uu uunuiit in uiucrcnt parts of
tho county, 1 mako thia specinl appointment m
for llie benefit of all concerned.
no26 ly Scool Commissioner
WE want Eomo one in every county lo
tuko orders and deliver goods for (it#
old and original 0. O. D. House. Large eoih
wngea. Splendid chruice in every neighborhood
for the ri'Mit peison of either sex, young
or old. Samples, free nn?l post paid. Send ^
for it at onco and make money nt your homes.
Address, H. J. HALL & CO. ,GK. Howard
Street, Halslmcre, J/d
Oct 21. 1875 B p
Notice. '
AVu have just replenished our slock of merchandise
for tlio fall aud winter trade.
Ladies' nnd gonllomeu's hats and dress
goods gonerany havo reocived special uUcu*
Our Shco Department
Is very full, amounting to nearly 0110 thousand
dollftiL'. . %
Our General Stock 0
Comprises nearly everything you arc likely
to need and will bo sold very low.
t t r
ii an i_ar I.oad.
Of best Liverpool Salt on hand ftmWov 'salt
two dollars per sack, which is
Than before the war. All arc respectfully ln?
vitecl to call una ?eu Ihem.
Hester & Hester,
Central. S. C.. Oct. 2S, 1874.
Butler & McBee,
tfisssklwflll.llle. 8* &
Sept 28 10 tf
Absolute divorces obtained
from Courts of dilforont Stntca for dosortion,
&o. No publicity required, No
charge until divorco granted, Address,
m. house, Attorney,
40 Om I'll livoftdwfiy, N. Y.
A T T O It Nli Y a A T, LA W
MttKBHt S. ?
TVriMi glvotbolr attention to (he Praottoe
VV ami to tho Collection of Pensions,
Hoiintv T.n.n<1 anrl nil ''>?s
__ wmv* vinilUHi
Walhalla, S. C, Pickens, S, C.
July 27th 1871. 1 tfi
]>r. It. J. dillilnud
HAVING returned and permanently locatod
at riokenavillo, respectfully ofT;rn
hift ProfcMiom.l scrvloeH io the eititeun of that "j)T
rloinlty and surrounding country. Cltargei
May 0 41
fflfl WfPJftV MM 8 1>nKC8' 50 ,)roa<l
Iftfa Witftkl ItVtii columns, from now
;o Now Years, pout paid, GO cla. Aijilrpw
Thy Sun," N v

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