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fi. P. BMLEY. Editor and PwfirietAf.
Terms of Nubscriptioii.
t>no Year $1 60
8Vx Mouths . . 76
Advertising Rati'N.
AdTeHiseraents inserted at the rate of $1 00
nq'uarc, of (9) nine lines, ou Lisas, for the
first insertion, and 50 cents for each subso?nont
Contracts inado for thrkb, six or twelve
Month?, on favorable terms.
Advertisements not having tho number of
insertions marked on them, will be published
until forbid and charged accordingly.
These torms nre so Simple any child may
understand them. Nino lines is a. square?
one Inch, In oVeVy instance wo charge by
Hie space otc&picd, as eight or ten lines can
bo made to occupy four or five squares, as tlit)
advef\iB6f may wish, and is charged by the
A A i! ?Ml - 1 1-1- H -
jpcw ^xuvuruscra win pmiise siiuc i nc iuunbcr
of squares they wish their advertisements
X) make.
Business men who advertise to bo
benefitted, will bear in mind that (lie
SKNTlNELlias a large and increasing circulation,
and is tukcu by tho very class of
persona whose Irudc tlicy dcaivo.
PiOKENS 0. II., sT C.:
Thursday, Feb. 21, 1870.
W" 1 I . 11. 11 . 111 ...1. 1 1 1!
Editorial Correspondence.
COLUMBIA, Q. U., r ob. IS, l?Yl>.
Dear Sentinel: Tho decision of the
Supremo Court in tlio ease of Dyer
McJunkin was filed Wednesday. The
appeal was taken on tho ground, as
your roadors will remember, that the
jury who tried him was illegally
drawn. Ml*. Tjfislnv hnvivinrr nr-frwl !is
"f J * ? wwwwv,
Jury Commissioner aftor his torm ol
offlco had oxpircd and boforo his reappointment.
Tlie Court ruled that
a Jury Commissioner whoso term
had oxpircd, but who, until hia next
appointment, was acting and reeog*
nized by tho public in tho said oflieo,
was an ollieer de facto. wlins? nnia
, wore valid and binding. McJunkin,
who is now confined in the jail at this
place, will havo to be carried back to
Pickens and rc-scntcnccd to bo hanged
by Judgo Cooke. He has but one
more appeal loft him, and thai is to
Executive clomoncy.
Tho Circuit Court is now in session
hero. Judire Cnrnonlfii* nroeiiliinf W
' - O 1 " !' vw.v?.,,j3, f ? ,
McGill Flonuning, Solicitor of tho
Sovonth Circuit whochnngo.d bin trial
from Spartanburg lo thin placo, has
boon found guilty of drunkenness in
open Court, wliilo in tlic performance
of liia duties. Ho lias appealed to tho
Supremo Court,
J as. A. Jiowley, member cf the last
Logisiaiu 10, was indicted for rccciv.ng
briber, to uso his influence and rcconimond
certain appropropnntions while
Chairman of tho Committco of Ways
nnd Mans, bin owing to somo defoct
in tho indictment, the Judge instruct^
od the jury to find a verdict of not
guilty, and lie has boon acquitted and
goes Boolt'-frco.
Tho impeachment of Montgomery
Moses, Judge of tho Seventh Circuit,
has eaused quito a flutter in certain
quarters, ami thoro in much* speculation
as to its final result Soi.ie time
sinco, tho Houso passed a resolution
appointing a committee to investigate
tho official conduct of tho aforesaid
Judgo. Tlio commiltco at ouco organized
and commonccd tho investigation,
l>y sending for, ami examining
witnosses, mostly County olliciais,
from the various counlicfl comprising
liis Circuit?result of which was tho
recommendation that ho he "impeachod
for high crimos and misdemeanors."
Thn ri^nmmnn/lnf !n?? aP i 1a ' " ?
-..v .wviimmvumiiUUII Wl I I I U UUIlJlllil ?
too was unanimously adopted !>y tlio
House, and a coinmilloo appointed to
inform tlio Senato of the fact. A Committeo
consisting of Messrs. Couch,
Johnson, JJampfield, Ilirncli, Wallaco,
Barnwoll and Elliott, was nlso appointed
to prepare articles of impeach-,
mont. The committeo reported articles
tlio next day, which aro quite
lengthy, tho 8iil>8tnnco of which
is, that ho Iiuh L>ccn guilty of fraud,
dereliction of chit}' and corruption
generally, bcHiden in incompetent to !
perform tho duties of tho oflieo to |
which ho was clctcd. Tho articles]
wore adopted and tho JIoiiro, in com- '
mitteo of the wliolo, proceeded to tho
Senate and formally delivered them ;
In llint hmlt' Tim Uahoi. I
?,M?V wv. i , ..wiiou luourvcu IU "
itBolf tho right to introduoo any other
tostimonuy that it might coino into
possession of. Tho Senato has wet (
Tuesday next for tho hearing of tho
case, hut i am informed thatJudgo
Closes, through counsol will ask for '
thirty dnya timo to proparo his do- j
fonso. J do not know whethor or not |
tho time, if naked for, will ho granted, ,
nor cnn I Bay what will bo (ho final
result of tho trial, or what turn it .
may take boforo it is ended, JI ban ,
been suggested, however, that in n? J
much ns tho notion of tho House busponds
tho Judgo from ofllco until his '
nnen. i 1 1--- * n . ?
v??ov 10 nviiiu uy mo oonaio, nnu an
his torm of offlco oxpiroa boforo anolltor
Sonato tacotw, that it would bo
just hh well to adjourn and loavo tho
caso whero it is. Thi? suggestion may
probably bo adopted and no furtbor
auuon lUKOn.
J. Douglas liobertson, a Kovorond
sanctimonious member of tho House,
Chairman of tho Committcoon edUs
cation, and ft member of tho State
Board Commission on School Text
Books, has boon investigated by ft
commilleo, ?nd his removal as a moinbcr
of tho Commission, and oxoulsion
from tho llouso, l-ocom mended by it.
Tho ehargoa against him aro, that,
whilo acting in his ofticial capacity,
as Chairman of tho Commission, ho
iiiuuu tumi|n jnupuBiiiH 10 uuruim ;
publishing houses for tho introduction
of their books in the public schools of
the State, by Which arrangement ho
was to pocket tho snug sum of fortysix
per cont on all their books sold,
at tho cXpcnso of tho parents of tho
children who pnlronizo tho public
school. Copies of his lettors making
the proposals, as well as sworn states
hi on Is by tho publishers, of his vorbal
propositions, Imvo been produced
and ordered printed with tho report
of tho committee. Tho consideration
of tho report was made tho special
order for ono o'clock lo day, but by
his own rcquost, when it came up,
was postponed till Thursday next.?
lie is a line specimen of the sanctimonious?Whittomoro
stripo of carpet
baggors; but, unliko him, is likely to
stop down and out.
Tho bill to provido for tho redemption
ot the bills of tho Bank of tho
State, which I spoko of in my last
loiter, was, on motion of Mr. Barnwell.
taken from tho table and another
bill substituted for it, T!io original
bill only provided for tho redemption
of between four and fivo hundred
thousand dollars of tho bills, b}' a
levy of an annual tax of two mills, for
two years, but the nrosent bill is in
Londod to covcr the whole ground and
take them all in, >n ton years, and for
that purpose levies a lax of one mill
each year lor Unit space of time; allowing
tho holders of tho hills to pay
one-tenth of their taxe<i in tho
eai-h year. It also provides for tho
appointment of thrco eommissionern,
by tho Ciovornor, to rogistor all the
hills and, disallow any they find to he
fraudulently issued. The hill 1 think,
objectionably, hut it will evidently
boeomo a law.
rnu.% I.:II ? ? ' '
x uu uiii pruposing 10 8iiunm tnc
question of "fence" or "no fence," to
tiio voters of Pickens, Anderson,
Greonvillo, Spartanburg and Union
Counties at the next general election,
originated in (ho House last session,
and was only intended for tho County
of Union, but when it was taken up
in the Senate this Bossion, it was so
amended (hut nono of tho bill as it
left tho 11ou80 remained, savo a few
words in tho title and Union County,
which tho Speaker decided was so
changed that it could not bo considered
a Ifouso bill, and wnsBont back to tho
Senate for that body to adopt oh its
own, or to get up another bill in its
stead, sinco which I havo heard nothing
of it, and tho proposition is evidently
killed for the present, at any
A bill to incorporate tho town ol
Liberty, and or.o to amend tho law
rcij luring uiu v^uuniy iroasurcr OI
Pickens County to attend certain
places in tlio County for the collection
of taxes, by striking out "Abner
O'DollV and "Howard's Shops," and
insorting in lieu thereof Liberty Station
and J. J. JI old's, havo received
I bo noofissfti'v roaflinnrH In lmt l? Hruiar.u
j r>
unci boon font to tlio Coventor for bin
approval. Tlio act incorporating Liberty
provided for tho election ol town
ofliccr.s on the third Monday in March
A joint resolution providing for tho
levy of J mill tax to deli-ay expenses
of the ft. C. colored troops, who "(it
ko nob y,'' to tho Centennial colobra-.
lion has been defeated.
Tho bill re apportioning tho ropro
icntation in (lio Legislature, has ros
rocoivod ilsfinal reading in Il?o House.
A joint resolution instructing tho
Donunittco on Jtotrcnchmont and Jio- '
form to roport a bill reducing all mil- '
irios and legs ot Attorneys at Law^
twenty por cent, lias been indefinitely 1
poatponod by tho Republican aido of
uic jiuuiiu?il was 100 rriucn rolorm 1
for tlK-.m. ?
Bluo Jtidgo Hnilrond BCi-ij> i? raising 1
Is head again. "A bill to provide for 1
.!jo relief ol Edward 13. We.sloy" has i
m1" L-" . ' ' " i' iir
boon inlioduccd. Mr. Weeloy holds
a largo amount of this porip, which
ho took in lion of Bluo Iiidgo bOndB
ondorsod by tho Stftto and rodcohiod
by him irom hypothecation, Mr. Woaloy
is fcortainly a heavy &uftororr for
Iro advanced nboul 8330,000 lot the
bonds, thoroby provonling tholr salo;
but evidently fleeing u good clmtieo,
ns ho thought, for ft "spcc," wns induoed
to BuiTendor thom to tha State
nr.d tnko about ft million of iho eorip
in their Btcnd, Tho Supremo Court
ait I K. 1 * I Ml I
uuuavvjucuvi^ uvvimvu IIIUII1 IIIOUlll.
and Mr. Wcsloy now holds no legal
ovidenco of his claim against ihoStat6,
and is Very anxious to piny ''quits"
by rocoiving tho amount orgin alljd
advanced by him, with intorost at 7
pot* cent. If this bill with its modest
tillo, gets through, it will block out
tho way for tho final redemption of
tho cntiro scrip, which amounts to
81,800,000. It is to bo hoped that
tho bill will not pass.
A bill providing Arlifical Logs
for nil persons in this StfUG in tho
lidplcss condition caused by such dis->
membcrment, has rocoived a second
reading in the Houso, and appropri
atos tho sum of ten thousand dollars
IUI tiiut purpose.
A bill to rogulato tbo compensation
of tho members of tlio Gunoral As"
sombly, and fix tho mileage of tho
same, has been rcportod upon favorably
by tho coinmitteo of Ways and
Means. It provides that each member
<?hall receive nix dollars per diom,
and twenty conts miloago #oing to
and returning from tho placo of tnocU
ing, provided tho session shall not
continuo longer than fifty daj's. Tho
Radical ring-masters finding that
Whippor and Moses, wcro two huge
elephants on their hands, got up a bill
to redistrict tho Stato, leaving out tho
Kir.it and Third Judicial Circuits,
and ilius logislalo them out of oflico.
The bill lailcd in tlio Senate to day.
The tax bill has boon tabled, and
will not likely pass this session. It
was too low to suit them, and the}'
4|0uld not nflord to go into tho canvass
with a highor one. It will lie over
until next session, and if "iho party"
is successful, tlion they can alTord to
pile it on.
The prospect of an early adjournment
at this time, is not very <_?ood.
A Demoornlico-lJopuMiean
party was last vvuok organized in
Grconvillo. This mongrel, like most
mongrels, it in predicted, will lie barron.
K?9,? If Govornor Chamberlain bo
reflected by the Democralico-Kepublifnil
nill'tv will l>n / mifinn I> vi mi.
( J ' w '" * "I'~
pointmonts to tho Democrats or Republicans,
or to both equally? This
Booms 10 us a very proper question ?
which of tho two will bo in favor at
ftkoY* Monl.irnmoi'i/ \f/\u<>ci I H/I?A r\4'
~e> J "1 ' y~"
tilo Seventh Circuit, was unanimously
imponclioii hy tho Logiblaturo for
high ondos and miwdomunors. This
is n rightoous impcachmont.
GdS#** Wo learn through tho Groon?
villo News, that Mftior Wni?nnnrrn_
' *> ' "O ~
contly captured nine prisoners for
illicit distilling, among whom aro
John Trammoll and (Jeorgo Southern,
who have heretofore evaded tho oilicerfl.
Also, Mr. Vermillion, who killed
Air. Holiday in 1873 in Saluda Township
without provocation. JIo fled
..ft,... ?i.~ ?1 I ? > - *
ini 1/nv uuvu uiiu >vti? uuvur huiuu or
till onpturod. Tho officers also destroyed
four stills nnd about 5,000 gallons
of mash. Major Wagoner has
capturod bix13* fourstilla and destroycd
200,000 gallons of mash. Tins is
killing out tho illicit traffic with n
Junius and his Printer
Air. John Millor, who died recently
noar Pondloton, was tho son of tho
John Millor who was ohargod with
complicity, with Dr. Thomas Cooper,
in publishing sodilious pamphlets against
tho British (Jovornmcnt, and
with J)r. Coopor, fonnd a rofugo in tlio
"Qnitod States. Tlio original John
Millor was a printor in tho oflico of
wood (all when tho colobrated loiters
of Junius woro publiahod, and was
thought to Imvo somo knowledge of
thoir authority, Jfho had, ho novor
revealed it, and tlio identity ofJnniun,
liko that of tho Man in tho Iron Mask*
will probably forevor bo wrapped in
mystery. Millor's Wookly Messenger
LCftrt nilblifthon Frtr u/imn
"V...V uiiiu <%u LI1U
Ijoginning of tho ooniury, in Pondloton
in lottor papor. In thoso day# of tho
Veodom of tho press, tho douth o! Mrt
Miller revives intorosting rominlscons
:cs.?C'harlcBton No*.va <fc Courier.
i i mi i rr - r [r hi i,
Death of Roverdy JohnsonBaltimore,
february 10.?Mr
statosmnn and jurist, was found tload
this ovoning at 8il5 in tho grounds
surrouuding tho Excculivo Mansion
at Annapolis. Mr. Johnson was tho
~ _ A -f /I /I It % f *
guusb vi uovornor uarrou, una ainou
this attornoon with othor gontlomon
at the Exodutivo Mansion. Ho was
found dond in tho yard by a servant.
Mr. Johnson was borfi at Annapolis
on May tho 21st, 1700. Ho was admitted
to tho bar in 1815, was appointed
doputy attorney general in
1820, and wasStato Senator from 1821
i oar. d w i o i c i- _ *- ? .i i
w j.oao. jjfiuro ioiu no imu uccumo j
tho acknowledged loader of tho Maryland
bar,and in that year ho was oloctod
Unitod States Senator for Maryland.
In 1849 ho was nppointod attornoy
general of tho Unitod Statos
by Prosidont Taylor, and in 1862 ho
was again olcctod to tho United Statos
Sonato. Ho was omployod by tho
irovornment as an umniro in tho ad
?_? - 1 justmont
of quoations which hud arisen
with foroign governments, at Now
Orleans, during tno war. In June,
18G8, ho was appolntod minister to
Kn gland to suococd tho Hon. (Jhas.
Francis Adama. ]Io negotiated a
troaty for tho ^oltlcmont of tho Alabama
claims, which did not moot the
views of tlio United States Sonato, and
it was rejected by a very largo man
jority. llo was recallod early in 1809
and up to tho timo of' his death ho rosided
in Baltimore.
Maduid, Fob. 21.?Tho Government
has sont a circular dispatch to tho
roprcscntativos abroad, announcing
tho'enpturo oF Montigura, and tho
occupation of tlio Carliet position
abovo Vera.
Tho dispatch admits that tho combat
was sanguinnrr. Tho Carlists aro
fighting with great valor.
fpiv/^.? It - J - - * - mi I
a iiv; v <3 great rejoicing noro. J. no
city is illuminated.
London, Feb. 21.? Tho Times'correspondent
with tlio Cut lists, admits
that their lines wero broken Friday.
Maduil), Fob. 21.?Telegrams from
the North announces that tho ltoyalists
continuo suocossful. Gen. Primo
do Hcdera has occupied tho CarlisiV
I e . . mi
ions in jnavarrc, i no gronicr pari
<>1 tiio Carnal'm artillery at l?stost!>.
was captured. Tho. Cnrlitfts had
thrown :i portion over a prccipico boloro
llio arrival of ilio Royalists.
Ofthojury that is trying l>ab~
cock, six arc Republicans, tivo Doino-*
crats, and ono undefined.
S'i'T" Ono of tho most striking ob?
jccls at I ho Centennial exhibition will
ho a column of coal one hundrod foot
in height, to bo transported to Philadelphia
in sections from Tennessee.
Pickens Prices Current
i.<ilinr.i.ir.l> nr.I.IIlit u\ v.". I'. .*5 f.
Cotton per pound, packed. 11^011^
Cotton per pound, aceU, 4c
Unoon per pound, 1GJLard
per pound, " 20c
Pork per pound, l()c
Corn per bushel, 7oo
wnoai per ousnci, 51.GO
Flour per barrel, $8(W}$10
Apples, Dried, por bushol. ?1.00
Apples, Oroeu, per bushol, $1,00
Peas per bushel 00c
Duller per pound, [email protected]
Ueef per pound, ?>@0o
Beeswax, per pound, 25c
Tallow, por pound, GJc
Chickens, per head, J 6c
Hides, Dried perpoynd, 124c
Hides, Green, per pound, (!c
V.rtrrj nnr hnun 1 <11 _
Finders, per bushel, 51.00
Feathers, per pound, 60c
Wool, per pound, - 40c
CoiiMiiiiiptoii <'ui'nl,
An old physician, retired from nctivc practice,
having hod placed in his hands by au
Kast India Missionary the formula of a siniplo
Vegetable remedy, for (ho speedy and permanent
euro of Consumption, Bronchitis, Catarrh,
Asthma and all Throat and Lung affections,
also a Positive and Radical Curo for Nervous
Debility and NcrvouB Complaints, aftor having
thoroughly tested its wonderful curative
powers in thousands ot onsen, feels it his duty
to mnko it known to his suffering fellows. Ao.
tutted by this motive, nnd a conscientious desire
to relieve human suffering, he will send
(free of chorgo) lo all who desire it, this rc
ccpe, wmi urn directions lor preparing and
BiiccoHsfully using. Sent by return mail by
addressing with stamp, naming this paper.
Dn. W. C, Stbvkns,
Munroo IMock, Syracuse, N. Y.
Notice !
ALL persons having demands against tho
Estate oi F. N. Oahvim, deceased, ainco
the 1st Octobcr, 1800, at wliioh timo he made *
nrf assignment to O. W. IUinkin, will plcneo '
present. tho same to tho undersigned or I. H.
1'hilpot, on or by the loth day of March,
next, properly proven. AnA all persons indebted
to tho same will pleoso como forward
and settle, or their notes and accounts will
be placed in tho hands of an officer for collection.
P. L. QylltVIN,
Feb 3, 1870 22 i,
3 5 MO 515!
ly call tho attontion of tho publio
to my woll soloctod and assorted
stock of
consisting of
r\ T) o. i.i a H7 /v /v t\ r#
All of which 1 will soil cheap for cash.
I nm Rtill Agont for tlio "ETUlE*
KA" FERTILIZER, ono of tho boat
in the market.
Prioo pnynblo in cotton nt 15o. l.st
Nov., $60.00 per ton.
Prico pnynblo in curroncy 1st Nov.,
$5f>.00 per ton.
Prico paynblo in cash on dclivory,
817.50 por ton.
freight 80.00 pot* ton, to bo added
to this point, nnd must bo paid in
Last but not least, lot mo impress
it upon tlioso who aro duo mo on account
for 1875, thntl need tlio monoy
Pay up at onco and favor mo as I
favored you.
* M. W. FOItt).
tvb 17, 18>7G tf
milE man3* friends who have so generously
J. subscribed to the Methodist Church nt
tiflfcley, are hoveby requested to hand iu their
subscriptions as etlrly as possible, to cither
Of the undersigned, or to llev. Mr. Stookinan.
Tlie lumber is on the ground, and the
..I.......I. ...Jll l._ u..:n .1 r \
v/ii* i vii n 111 m: 111:111. ua auuil us 1 11 IUIU1H arc
raised. Let every 011c respond.
P. I). CURBTON, Cliuinnno.
0. S. BOLT, Treasurer.
I >1111(1111^ V,-U mill i 1 tcc.
Ensloy, S. 0^ Fqb. 14 1N7?> 2\ 2
Homestead and Rxfimntinn
"VfOTICE is hereby given, that Nancy C.
1_N Stewart, widow of A. J. Hlewari, doceased,
has made application to mo, lo have
a Homestead set off to her, out of the Estate
of said deceased, and that I will pass upon
the same at my oflico in the Court House at
Pickens, South Carolina, on Wednesday,
?|>ni 0111, /v. u. in/1), ill 11 O CIOCK, tt. m.
I. II. 1MIILP0T, J.I'.P.O.
17, 187(5 24 0
Homestead and Exemption"VTOTICE
is liorohv irivpn. Ihnl. O IT f
IN Smith, of I'ickcns County, South Carolina.
haa applied to mc for Homestead and
Exemption in tjio Heal Estate and Personal
Property ofilicsaid (). II. C. Smith; and tliut
I will pass upon the snmo at my office in the
Court House at l'ickens, South Carolina,
on Monday, April 3d, A. 1). 187fl, at 11 a. m.
I. II. . HILl'WT, J r.P.O.
Feb 17, 1876 24 0
Administrator's Notice!
BV virtue of fin o.'der from I. II. Philpot,
Judge of Probato, I will soli at Pickens 0.
II., on Salcday in March next, tho following
PEK80NAL PROPERTY, belonging to the
Estate of J. M. MoPall, dcoeascd, for cash, to
Ono Lot Pot Ware;
Iron, Hugs and Kice, &c.
One Horse. Hucrtrv and Hurnoss An ? *>? ?,!.
it until the 1st November, 1876 Purchasers
to give note with two good sureties, with interest
from ilato.
W, T. McFALL, Adm'r,
Feb 14, 2870 21 3
I WILL pell (o the highest bidder at Pickens
C. 11., on Saleday in Marolt next, the
Valuabie Town Lots in Pickens
Lots No. 10 and 12 on Main Street, fronting
the New Motel.
Lot No. 00, fronting on Cedar Rook <Slrect.
Lots No. '23 find 24, containing 4 aores
cftch, near Die residisncoof J. E. llngosd.
TBRMH?Ono hnlf nn?l. av>
- V..W.. v.. V.??jr v. a<?*U, bliv
other half on 12 months time, with mortgage,
boariag 10 per cent interest.
Feb 10, 1870 23 \
immi c, l s. c.
Practices in Courts of I'ickens
Jounty, and in United States Courts
^yurrffuit BYMMES,
E practices in tho Circuit ourt nn?l Court o
Probate for l'ickcna ounty.
Ma/ 10 Cro
HW A DV K RT t St? M fi NTfi. "
i. rO ? ;
WE will soil for ensh to thii highest bidder,
i?t I'ickons Court llouso, on Sftleday ia *
March next, 1873, nhd continue front day to
day, until sold, nil tho
Personal Property.
the Estate ofE. II. Qriflin, Jr., deceased.
Amongst other things Uio cntjro qtack of
Goods belonging to said tfstato will bo *6ld,
consisting of everything to bt> round in a
store of general merchandise; such as ft large
and varied stook pf the best of Shoes, fino
Hats, Calicoes, Ueady-Mndt? Clothing, Castmeres,
Janes, Flannels, and Cotton and Wool*
en Goods of every description. c V ^
A fino lot of LEA,TUEU, Upper at>tl SolOj
Hftv'ncss, Bridlos, Saddles, &.O.
A L80,
A fino lot of GROCERIES and Hardware ol
every description, and many other things too ^
tiiimnrnnH to montion.
- g D KI?lT!tt , [
I Feb 10, 1870 23 0
THE presant session of tho above School
opened Jannary 3d, 1870, and will'iJontinue
therefrom tho Scholastic year.
Terms of tuition per session of ten months.
For Primary Department, $4 00
For Intermedinto Department,. 6 00
For Advanced Department, 7 60
Board in the best of families can bo had at _
troiu ttve to seven dollars por month. No d?(Inolion
made for lost time, cxcept in oaao*
protract-ed sickness. No student admitted
into tho school, except by subscription. m
For further particulars, addross IhoJPri*cipal
at Nino Times.
Jan 27, 1870 21 Ora
Look to Your lulcrcft't.
, *
0 %
1 flHA BAG?"eureka" fertilize*,
jLjUUU which is offered on the following
Cnsh price 1st May, $47 fiO
Time price 1st November, $G0 Q0>
Vi'ith the privilege of paying for it in Mid-*
dling Cotlon at 10 cents per pound
Freight, $o 150 per ton.
Agenls, Greenville, S.C.
Feh 10, 187G 23 lm
Milling Notice
j J WILL semi my AVagon lo any rcsMcnco
j i. within the incoi jior.iic Sin-.tis, every Ttscstiny
Morning, lo get ih'oir Cov<> nnd carry It
lo the Mill jvikI return it free of charge, if ?
persons will inform inc previous to each
Tuesday to do so. J. C. GRIFFIN.
Jan -7, 1870 21 3
fetes ? ?WW? '
....o... .
AIIIMVKI) nnd ready for ' dehvory, ICO
narreia MME.
600 BAGS GUANO. Fof tmlo by
Enslt-y, S. O., Jan. 27, I87(i 21 tf
STEW CiOOlKi! , *
The undersigned have opened n House in
Easley, near their Livery Stable, for the purpose
of conducting a fancy and heavy
Under the Firm, mime and style of 11ICIIEY
&WYATT. They guarantee bottom prices,
as they intend selling strictly for cash. Giro
them ii call. ?
Easley, Nov 22, 1875 1 It tf
Sealer In General Merchandise.
Thai have boon buying GOODS on a
crodit during tho year, will ploaso rc*?
mcmbor that thoundorsignod has con*
oiudcd to accopt Cotton, Corn, Cur*
reacy, or any tiling clao, to liquidate
tho Name?and will always bo found
ut iiib hiovo, rcaay to wait on thorn, ^
oithor to SETTLE or SELL MORE
GOODS vory choap lor tho CASH,
llomombor l*ay Day is on hnnd "
- -find 1 nood my monoy.
E:\Hloy Station, S, C., Doo. 10, 1875, J

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