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The Pickens sentinel. (Pickens, S.C.) 1871-1903, March 02, 1876, Image 4

Image and text provided by University of South Carolina; Columbia, SC

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^IJ.lMlU'.LBLUl.l'). ..'.LA?. .!
ilow ,tho Slight Game/
ri*l|0 4M)ntiglirt Bomo^iince caino into
L...ii.,v an ma*
it will pour in through crazy shutters
find o?cr thetoarc floors just as chcor
ily as it fil.terfl through laco curtains
and t&^iKS5 i"rttof golfaen fragments
ovor velvot carp'Ots. Alld God's free
ah- cpo,; ^P.r(^p ^oU^,{ a:oouj as
well, ihou&ri) when it had crossod tlu?
v" ' , nrr T ;
decaying. rQofs ai)d lingered tor a
momentjpi} tj^p ,weather beaten sills
it was no longer pnro., ,
Do yon know what poverty it? A
gannL) AtrtrVed v\)inan with great
l i ??i_ ?ft
uiiiuit oyuo vtuiuu iuiu u iouk 01 uungs
or and terror, ns if tho shadow ol
late had clutched hor throat. A
bat1? room?not b'arfc, because it con
taincd an,bid' stovo, a wrotched bed,
a broken chair, a bench, and?but
nothing* mofo. Tlio gaunt, starved
face woman had bread to cat?bread
and nothing olbd/''' A' baro room?
bftfftd' and water'. 'I'llis is poverty.
ThWt'te vJlittt brings to the heart that
icofirt'^'of loneliness and grim despair
\vfiicii is poisoned out of lifo or
quenched, like a flickering light, in
tli^ groen waters of tho river which
crQoi?s softly past tho city and carries
roi.ir.i i i " ? " every
burden of sorrow and woo to
tho bosom of tho lake.
Why did this woman live? llad
life one charm for her? Perhaps she
asked herself these questions as she
sat with her face in her hands and
Icuakod ot)t upon the cold, chocrlcss
d^^JThero wero no tears in her
great black fcyes?only such a woe
and desnair that tho world nlmnl,!
haveT)ecn there to sec it and to have
painted it oh tlieir hearts.
^jFhtloj Wasted form on tho wretch
band oil the ragged
quilt?a vuico which told of hunger
and puin.vyeai'y wailing.
She bent over him, aufl fbi4 U momonl
f> mntlmi-'o l ?
Ml W> iUf V OlIUllU ill UUI |
eyes, and her wrinkled hand rested
on his palvj face with such tenderness
as only a mother has.
"Lift me up and let mo sou tlm
sunshine," ho whispered, trying t<?
put his arms around Lis mothers
'jTlicri is rio sunshine," sho whispered
in ropty, a eob in her tbrout.
"Kiss uio, mother, and call me
when tUb sunlight comes again," he
Sho knew that ho hud boon dying
for a week?sinking slowly and surely
into eternity, but sho had 110
frionds to call in?sho could only
weop ovor him and Pray God that
she mi<rht soon follow. With a ir.isn
| . ?"T
anu/t*>u^ oho pt'cssod her 1 ij)B to Ins
forehead, then turned away to sti ng
glo\yithhcr despair and her great
Tho cloudy, cheerless day faded
into dusk. She roused herself 1'or a
moment and peered through tho
<?1. niri ; C l.~? 1 '
^ v viii v v uv/. i j i ui uuj l 111 h i (j |) t ^
and thell bhu whispered will) her
thoughts again. And such was her
When tho darkness covcrod tho
baro floor as with a mantle, and
when eho could no longer see her
own poverty, tho buy suddenly cried
out:. .
'Mother! mother! Tho sunlight
has cornel"
'^Wot vet! dmir Neil?m.i
V - J ?? vx. Iivb j V/li LI ID
niglii uow."
t J too the sun?it lights all
tliu room?it bhizoa into inv lace! 'bo
"Thero is no en 11; it ia cold and
dark!" 6lie eobbjd.
"And it grows brighter! and I hear
such sweet mnsic! and I bco little
Tominyl" lie whispered while through
tho darkness she bhw his white luce
grow ladiant.
"Aro you not dreaming!" oho
"It was biicIi a bright ounl Tho
music is BO 'JWOv.ll" ho whist>t?ri?l
I? ~ j
clasping her liuiul.
tlJt i? tlui'k?it is night!" bIio gapped,
but ho did not hear.
Tlio sunlight had truly come, but
was tho sunlight, tho golden rays
reflected from tho gates of heaven?
And not ino uunliglit ot earth. The
inystei'ioubjcnrtain hiding tho valley
/I of death had lifted for his spirit to
i piiHB under, and woo had been left
belli i *
And of her? Auk the oljadows ol
li * i
*, I
nitflit?ubU the river.. Whntt ll?pv I
found his dead body aho was not
thord. They cannot find Her. ]jf ,
aho ia dead God will not judge her
harshly* r? v
Yankeo Trading. r ,,
A certain farmer, who in tho
coffee ,qC: a -year. iiuroliafeecl a
dred dollars worth of g?od&, (and ftl
ways paid for thoin,) called at the,
at ore of a village morchant, his rogn.
lar place of dealing, with I wo dozen,
brocms, which ho olTorod for sale.?
The morchant (who, by the way, is
fond of a good bargain} oxatninod
his stock and said:
*VVell, Cyrus, I .will givo you a
shilling apiece for tlicso brooms."
Cyrus appeared astonished at the
offer, and <iuiekly replied:
cOh, no, John, I can't begin to take
mat ior om no now; out i ll lot you
have 'em for twenty conts apipoo,
and not a cont loss.'
'Cyrus, you aro crazy,' rcpliod
John. 4Why, soo lioro,' showing him
a fine lot of brooms, 4ia an articlo . H
groat deal bolter than yours, (wliiclr
\vu8 not true) that I ftin retailing at
twelve and a liult cents apieco,''
(which was not true by bovou and a
halt' cents.)
'I don't caro for that,' answered
Cyrus; 'your brooms are cheap enu..?
'* I - i? < ?
ungii, uul juu uuu i uitvu uiiuu lur
less lit mi twenty cents, no how," nnd
pretending to bo nioro than halt angry,
shouldered his brooms and start
cd for the door.
The merchant, getting a little nervous
over tho probable loss of a good
customer, and tearing he n iglit go
to somo other storo and novor return,
'See here, Ojrne, hold on a while.
Tf 1 trivn voll twnnfv fm- vniii*
-- - n- ~ j j * ' J "V
brooms, I suppose you will not object
to take the price ot tliem in
'No, I don't carc if I do," replied
'Well, then,' said tho nurchant, 'as
you are an old customer; I will allow
you twenty cents apiece for this lot.
Let mo see?twenty times twenty
four make just lour hundrod and
eighty?yee, four dollars and eighty
cents. What kind of goods will you
huvo, Cyrus?'
'Well, now, Jolui, I reckon it don't
make any difference to you what
kind of goods I take, docs it?'
4Oh, no, not at aii, not alii' said tho
'Well, then, as it don't make any
difference to you, 1111 take tlio amount
in (hem brooms of yonni, at
twelvo and a hall cents apieil Let
mo sec?tour dollars and eighty cents
will get thirty eight brooms, and five
cents over. It don't make much dif
tbrenco, John, about the livo center
but as you aro a right clever felloe,
I beliovo I will take the clmngo in
Senator?R K 15owon.
Heprtsenlalivc?I) F llriulloy.
Clrrk of Court?8 I) Keitli.
./infijr. of Probate?I 11 I'liilpot.
Sheriff?.1 Kilcy Forguson.
Coroner?Wnrren lloy<l.
School Commissioner?11 A ISowon
Treasurer? W A J.cfilej.
Auditor?Alorzo M Folgcr.
County! Commissioner*?.Jo)m T OofHctl,
Chairman?Ilobort (.'ring, G M J.ynch. Clerk
County Commissioner!*, C L Hollingsworth.
Trial Justices?lias let/, Luke I. Arinil?Sa*
hihriii/, J 1} Clayton?Cenhral, James A
l.iil<lcll?Pickens C I/., C I? llollingswort h
nntl G W Taylor? Jlacusville, .) I? Sutherland.
S U B S C R1 B E
ran wm.
gunranlecfl usinK our WELL
<$At) AU<IHO DIULLd. $100 ft month ,
paid to good ftgcnls. Auger Rook free. Jilz
Auget Co , St. I.ouin, Mo. j
J It
Pays! It r?ynir
o IT
PAYS every Manufacturer, Merchant,
Mechanic, Inventor, Farmer, or l'rjfesuional
man, to keep informed on all tlic improvements
ami.discoveries of the age.
Ijeen published weekly for tlic last thirty
jears, noes tins, to tin extent oeyomt thai or
dny other publicntiou, in fact it is tho only
Weekly paper published in tho United States,
devoted to Manufacturers, Mechanics, Inventions
and Now Discoveries in tho Arts and
Every number is profusely illustrated and
|ls contents embrace tho latest and most interesting
information pertaining to the In^
dustrial, Mechanical, and Scientific Progress
pf tho World: Descriptions, with Beautiful
Engravings, of Now Inventions, Now Implements,
New Process, and Improved Industries
of nil, kinds^ Uuscfytl .Notes, ltcoeipcs,
Suggestioija find Advice/ by Practical Writers,
for WorkmW ftnh Employers, in all the
various rms, iorming a complete repertory of
New Inventions and Discoveries; containing
t\ weekly record not only of the progress of
the Industrial Arts in our own country, but
also of nil New Discoveries and Inventions in
pvevy byftnoh Epfcinqoring, Mechanics, and
ScHjnCe abn>ftd.
Tho Scientific American has been the foro
iiiu.ii. ui mi iiiuuoiuui puuuuauous 101* 1110 past
Thirty Vcars. It is the oldest, largest, cheapest,
aiul the best weekly illustrated paper devoted
to Engineering, Mechanics, Chemistry,
New Inventions, Science and Industrial Progress,
published in the World.
The practical receipts arc well worth ten
limes the subscription price. And for the
shop and house will save many limes the cost
of subscri^tioj^ i y
?jqn;iiiiDi?,| -rarmerei mechanics, 'Jj^ngjo*
eers.^nvdntorp, Manufacturers,' Cl(elnidt?,
Lovera, oftBcifnecnPanJl Peoplo ofrtnll1*rofc5sions,
will find the Scientific American useful
lo (hem. It should have a place in every
Family, Library, Study, Otlico, and Counting
Hoom; in every Reading Room, College and
School. A new volume commences January
l?t, 1870 ;i,i' I
A year's numbers contain 832 pagas and
several Hundred l^ngravings Thousands of
volumes n'vo preserved for binding and reference.
Teri?.8, $'{.'20 a year by mail, inoliul'
lug postage. Discou-it to Clubs. Special
circulara giving club rales sctjf. free. Single
copies mailed on receipt of 10 cents. May
bo had of all News Dealers.
13 A ril T71 \rrilO In connection with
_ xV-X-l-jl' JL O# the Scientific Amc*
rican, Messrs. Munn & Co. are Solicitors of
American and Foreign Patents, and have tho
largest establishments in the world. More
than fifty thousand applications have been
made for patents through their agency. .
Patents are obtained on * the' best term's,
Models of Kcw Inventions and Sketches ex
niiiiuuu una iitivicc ircc. a special notice is
made in ilio SOIHNTIF1C AMKIUOAN of fill
Inventions Patented through this Agency,
with tho namo and residence of the Patcnteo.
Patents nro often sold in part or whole, to
persons attracted to the invention by Such
notice. Send for Pamphlet, containing full
directions for obtaining Patents. A bound
volume containing the Patent Laws, Census
of the U. S , and 1 12 Kngraving# of median*ical
movements. Price 25 cents.
Address for tho Paper, or conccrning Patents,
MIJNN & ('(). :57 Park Row. New Vork.
Branch ollice, (for, P. & 7th Streets, Washington,
I). C.
Jan 0, 1870 1ft !J
Encour'i'fi Home Entemrise f>nd Hnmo Pp^.nlo
w f " " rv
: >< ! ")()
... ?MLJmSSi
Geo. S. Hacker,
Tlicvouly OnroHiiitm ongiWRCtl in flic man
uiilcturc of Doors, Hush, Winds, Moulding
and Turned Work in Charleston^ J3. ('.
l'ric^.na, low, a& any other liruisfe, ^hcl nil
work Jlrst-olavsj ./ A . ? / V -flo*29?ly
Livery and Sals Stalks.
l'arlios desiring to hire conveyance lo
Pickens Court House, Table Kock and other
points, can bo accommodated nt my Stable*,
at nil Jiours of tlio day anil night. Purchasers
can also be supplied with ( j o oclc J
at rcasouabieprioes.
p>,Regular Mail Line (o Pickcns Courthoufo
daily. (Sundays excepted!)'
F.asley ftlation, R. 0., Aug, 3, 1B75.
no ift-ly
C^'to ^0(1 per day ! Agonts wanted,
tpfj ip/vV/ All olasqoa of working people,
of either Rex, young or old, mtiko more
money at work fyr uh in their spnro momenlH.
or all Ihe timo, thmi at nnyihing clno
Particulars froe. Addrosn 0. HTlNtlON & CO
Portland, Maine.
flAWVltnfiV A Tr
A A4*/JUAii Jk. JL XJ
Hills, IJonclB and l'oHtn?o Stamps Wanted.?
$4 for rarest bills, $10 for rarest stamps It
will pay to scud them immediately. Also
oilier curiosities, American Stamp Co., Ilox
J045, New York.
Dcc 'A 44 4
a\ r, W A U Y J'j K J I ? l'i .M \\ N TtS.
rpflR Scholitrflic yoar is illv5<lc<l into two
JL Terms ol' 20 weqks each. The First Term
oommonces January 17th, unA oiuls .lnno :t?l? .
the second Term commences July 4tli, and
ends November 18th.
Students entering within two weeks after
tho 'commencement of the Terms, will he
dlinrged for the whole Term ; those entering
ilfter this time, fr^in the tifno of entering,
n is moro satisfactory that Students enter
at tho commencement, when the several
olASsed ftfc forming,
Course of StudyPRIMA
1ci W-Li:
S7?. |lliU tVHUlllg.
2d Term?Spelling ami Reading continued ; |
Primary Geography; Mental Arithmetic, |
Exercises in Writing.
1st Term?Spelling and Rending continued:
Geography continued; Introducing English
Grammar; Elements of Written Arithmetic;
E.ccVcisos in Writing.
2d Term?Spelling and Reading continued;
Elcflfo'nis x>f Written Arithmetic completed,
Informed.ate Geography completed; Analyt
ic.li l'ingiisti urnmmar; Primary U. S. History;
Exercises in Writing,
1st Term?English Grammar completed; IMiy*
sical Geography; Common School Ai'ithinc->
tic; Towns Analysis of Words;
2d Term?Greene's; Analysis of English
Language; Arithmetic continued; Smaller
Composition; Higher U. S. History.
1st Term Latin Grammar and ITarkness' Eirst
I.ntiu Hook; Latin Reader; Davics' Algebra;
History of England.
2(1 Term?l'pur Cooks of Cuesni; Arnold's
second LatiU Hdok 011 Analysis of tlic Latin
Sentence; Greek Grammar; Kemlrick's
Greek Ollendorff; Greek Render; Davies'
Algebra oonipletod; Natural Philosophy.
1st. Term?Bix Hooks of Virgil; Greek
Header completed; Plain Geometry; Higher
CdirtposiliOn niul lllictoric.
2d Term?Sallust's Catalino & Jugurtlm;
Xcnuphon'a Anabasis; Higher Algebra
comtncnccd; Solid and Spherical (Jeomc
try completed; Chemistry.
1st Term?Cicero's Select Orations; Xenophons
Memorabilia; Trigonometry and Surveying;
Roman History; Latin l*ros? Composition.
2d Term?Horace cntire;"Six Books of the
iiiuus; urccK rrosc uonjposmou; Algebra
completed; Astronomy.
The nbovo eourso will proparo can
didatcs for admission into tho ?Soriromore
Class of any of our Soulhorn
Colleges. Students, who do not stand
a satisfactory examination upon the
several studies ol each class, will not
bo allowed the privilego to advance to
the next bighor, but be roluiuod in
such class, iill ail tho studios of it be
satisfactorily completed.
T u itio n of 1 Mi i ma it y Dei>a utm knt
Junior Claws, - - $10.00
Intermediate Class, - - 12.50
Senior - . 15.00
Preparatory Department, liO.OO
No deduction will bo made for lost
timooxccpt from prolonged sickness.
iMonfhlr roiiortH r?f nnnclnliiv ?!. >
? ./ - -1 " I - > 1 I
porlmciit, ii11<I rccilalions in oav.ii study,
will 1)0 furninlio<l parents.
J. II. C'A IvLIfciLI'j, Principal.
Doc. 2:5, 1875 17 tf
I "
Agents Wanted For the
~xtri uriCxr *v H'ln'ativo of tlie oxjiloils, ndi
' r\f ventures and travels of MndlUTTTT/
""" v,;|'aSQ,'i;/- ??*l?or [ "Al
1 J-iiiilwist! itnuwii a.-s LT. HARlvV T.
BUl-'b'uKD, G* S. A. A True Southern
Heroine. Kditod liir ('. .1. Woirrn I \'i: rnv
/ * . V... .....M 4?#Al,
lalo U. S. Navy.
MADAME VELASQUEZ, diaguiscd as a
Confederalc officer, participated in auunibci'
of flio liardefet fought bailies of Ihe lalo war,
and greatly distinguished herself by tho extraordinary
yalor she displayed. She also
distinguished herself as a
and on numerous occasions ran through Ihe
Federal lines and obtained information
of vital importance to tho Confederate commanders.
Obtaining admission behind Ihe
she established confidential rein!ions wit'1
prominent Federal officials; was concerned i
ihe great
by which the United .States Treasury suffered
to tho extent of millions of dollars; wan actively
engaged in blockadc-runing, and in
Substituting and bounty frauds,
by which (ho work of rccruiting tho Federal
armies was so seriously impeded; and was
the heroine of a number of exploits even more
interesting than those of the battle field. Ii
also contains a history of her Mining on tho
1'acifio Slope, her Travels in Europe, South
America, ana among (he Mormons, Love,
Courtship, Marriage, etc.
The above facts arc substantiated by leading
men liotli South and North who participated.
No book of such varied and intense
interest as tlio Woman in lSattlo lias ever been
issued in America.
Agents wanted in every county in the
United States. Agents can make more money
by canvassing for this book than any others,
as il is (lie cheapest, as well as the best sclling
Agents' book ever published. The book
is a largo octavo voluni o of over COO pages,
profusely illustrated. We print, bind and
publish our own books; hence, can allow larg
or commissions than any other house. .Secure
your choice of territory at once. Address
Soiitlicru l*ul?1i?lilng Co.
Ooh. Pryor and Mitohbm. Strbkts.
JnnO, 1S70 IK 0
? A 9
Bii?W i* ??!>??'
The undersigned, having resumed (lie prac
ticeoflnw, will attend (lie Courts on (lie 8th
Judicial Circuit. Business loft with Wn?. R'
llngood, nt Pickens 0. If., will be promptly
imuiiuuu iu> >1. IT, II /I lUHOUiN.
Nov. 11, 1874.
]Iol<?oiul?e ?V
"WJ"Ililj"P R ACTIOE In Ciroull. rrotmfe, nn<l
Y T Trail .Justioo Courts of this State. All
business entrusted to tl>om willrceoive prompt
Sept 10 8 1y
V '/V >%'V 4,. "v fef V '
WravEvT'-'iKsf i T*i/V ' ' j
'^W*. > V-:
, -v. \ ... ..."
Noutli Carolina Hailroiul,
ClIARI.KSTON, S. C., Dec. 18, 1875.
On and after Sunday, December t9,' (he
l'asfcengw Trains 6a I he South Carolina
Hail rood will run as follavcs:
(Sundays excepted.)
//Cfive Charleston 0 15 a m
Arrive at Columbia 5 00 p m
(SutulnvB excepted.)
Leave Charleston !l 15 A ni
Arrive at Augusta 5 15 p m
1 I'oU (itlARIiUSTON.
< (.Sundays excepted.)
Leave Columbia 9 00 am
Arrive at Charleston 4 -15 p m
I .ttnvA A inriiui n ' O f\t\ .?
Arrive at Charleston 4 45 p in
Leave Charleston 9 15 p tn
Arrive at Coluftibla 7 20 ft in
Leave Columbia 7 00 p in
Arrive nt Charleston G 40 a m
Leave Charleston 8 00 p m
Arrive at Augusta 7 45 a m
Leave August i 8 80 p m
Arrivft ni ('.lifirloslnn 7 JO ?? ?.?
(Sundays excepted.)
Leave Summcrvillo at 7 30 a in
Arrive at ('hurlcston 8 ! "> a m
Leave (iliarleston 1 "i j? in
Arrive at Buinmcrvillo 4 80 p m
Connects at Kingville daily [except. Sun>.
days] with Up and Down Day ami Passenger
F rains.
way aim in)gtil Trams connect al Augusta
with Georgia Railroad, jVacoh and Augusta
Railroad and Central Railroad. 7'his route
via Atlanta is (lie quickest and most direct
route, and as comfort.iblo and cheap as any
other route, to Montgomery, Sclmn, Mobile,
New Orleans, and all other points Southwest,
and to 'LoUisvUloj Cincinnati, Chicago, St.
Louis, and all other points West and Northwest.
Day Train connects at Columbia with the
Through Train on Chailottcc Load (which
iuhvch ni p. in.) itil* mi points jYortli.
Night Train connects with Lo?ftl Train
[which loaves Columbia at 8 a. 111.] for points
011 Charlotte Road.
Laurens Railroad Train connccta at Newberry
on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
Up Columbia Night Train conuccls closely
with the (I rccnville and Columbia Railroad.
S. S. SOLOMONS, Superintendent.
S. 15. I'ickk.ns, General Ticket Agent.
Greenville & Columbia R R.
Pnssonger trains run daily. Sundays excepted,
connecting wilh nijrlit trains 011 South
Carolina Railroad up and down. <>n and after
j/onday, Ueccmbvi* 13, the following *ill
ho the Schedule:
Leave Columbia at 7.,10 a m
Leave Alston at !l.'15 a m
Leave Newberry at 1 ().:*."> a in
Leave Cokexbury at 2.07 p in
Leave Dell on at 8.60 p in
irrivu ;n vjreviiv 11 iu in i).-I) p 111
Leave Greenville nt 8.00 n ni
Lonvo licit oil nt O.'iO :i in
LeaveCoUesbury 11.20 ? m
uoave Newberry at 2.-JO a m
Leave Al.ston at 4.20 p m
Arrive at Columbia at />.<>5 p in
j0?vjf"Ooiiiicol at Alston witli Trains on the
Spirianburg and Union liailroad ; connect i.t
Columbia with Nijxlii Trains on the South Car
olina r.ailroail up ami down ; also with Train?
going North ami South on the Charlotte, Ctluinbia
uii'l Augusta ami the Wilmington, Co
.11i111-. \ I lil.K ISKA.NCll.
Train Je.ive AL>*>c*vil'o ? ' 1 "> a in., connocf
iu^ wit 11 Down Train from (invnville. Leu'
Coke bury at i!.Lr? p hi., connecting with !
I'rnin from Columbia. Accommodation Trail',
Monday.", NvI'diif.xtlnys and Fridays. Lc;:}<
Cokesbury at 11.15 a m-.? or on the arrival c
i ho Down I'rnin from Greenville. Leave? A!
bovillc at 1 o'clock p. in., connecting with ( i
Train from Columbia.
Leave Walhalbt at 0.00 a m
Leuvi! l'crry ville at (J.-15 a m
Leave l'emllelon at 7.36 ft m
Lc:\vo Anderson at 8.35 a ni
Airlvoat Helton at 9.20 a m
Leave IWillon at 8.SO p m
Leave And^i'Voii at 4.50 p m
Leave Pondlelon at 6.60 p in
Leave l'errvvillo (1 :i."i n n.
Arrive nl Wnllialla 7.15 pm
Aeuommodutiou Trains between Helton and
Anderson on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Satur*
days, Leave l'ellon nt 'J.GO a 111., or on arrival
of Down Train from Greenville. Leave
Anderson at 2.00 p in., OQiineeling with Up
General Superintendent.
.Taiikz Norton, Jr., General Ticket Agent
Atlanta & Richmond Air Lino Railway.
Leave at Atlanta itt 4 10 p m
Leavo Toccoa Oily at 0 00 p m
Leave Westminster at 0 54 p in
Leave Seneca City ut 10 21 p in
Leave Central at 10 57 p m
Leeve Lanley at 1 1 80 p in
l.eavo Greenville as 12 12 a m
Leave Spartanburg at 141a in
Arrive at Charlotte at 5 30 a in
Leave Chariot to at 8 00 pm
?<envo9partanuurgrat 11 04 p m
Lctivo (h'oenvillo nt 1 28 p in
Lcnvc Kasley nt 1 51 ft ni
Lcftvc Centra I nt 2 28 n in
I.tavo yUnooft City nt 3 00 a m
Leave Wslminster nt 8 31 n m
Lenvo Tiiccoii City nt 3 31 a m
Arrive at Atlnntu at 9 30 rvjn
4 Su^kl R<1ak> 2ik< - -
?* a*r munmrwQ jiiiiii^ tllltl
Trav^r-s WcHhvanl.
For map olreulars, condensed time tables
and goneral information in regard to transportation
facilities to jdl points in Tcnnesseo,
Arkansas. Missouri, Minnesota, Colorado,
Kansas, Texas, Iowa, New Mexico, Utah and
California, apply to or address Ai.iikiit 11.
WiiKNS, General Emigrant Agent, Oflice No.
2 II. I. Kimball If oust, Atlanta, Oa.
No one should go Wost without first getting
in communication with the General
Emigrant Agent, and become informed as to
superior advantages, cheap and quick trans
portation of families, household goods, stock,
and farming in.plemonts generally.
All information ohcorfuUy given.
no:* Oni 0. P, & T. .V. .
' -i/r / ' r
i 'h ' * ^ vOiv. ' ' ' h* *
' ^ Jk. S!i7r; <v . -/ 'YtfaW!
- * m mm *
NBW A1) V .10 liT IB E MEN 'JDS !
1 ? V . S * ' *
Canai- st., kuom Bixth to Brvk'nyii,'
111 CRM 0X1), : : VIRGINIA, %
Portable and Stationary* v
Saw Mills, Grist Mills, lloilcrs, Castings of
Brass and Iron, Porglngs, &o. I ? ^
A nnu rTM'rirh 4 t n trin \r wsth&
Iii nil its brandies, done by experienced hand#
driving Cotton Gins, Threshing Machines*
Separators, Grist Mills, &c. A number of
Becond-hand Engines and Boilers of various
patters, in first rate order, on hand.
Repair work solicited an I promptly done,
Oct 14, 7 1 /
./in/ Published, ill a Sc.ilcil F.nvtlope. P'ricf
Six Cents.
A Lccturo on llic Nature, Treatment, and
Radical euro of Seminal Weakness, or Spcrwmatorrhcea,
induced by Sclf-Abuso, Invo
.v.......j iiMnoaiuiio, 11itiiu^, nuryous i/c>
bility, and lir pediments to Marriage generally;
Consumption, Epilepsy, and Fits?
Mental and l'livsical Incapacity, &c.?By
ltOBERT .1. CU LYE It WELL, M. 1)., ftuthov
oi the "G recti Hook," &c. ?
The world renowned author, in this adrnrvablc
Leeturc, elcarly proves from Ills owtf
experience that the awful consequcnccs of
Self-Abuse may be effectually removed with- ?
out medicine, and without dangerous surgical
operations, bougies, instruments, rings, or
cordials; pointing out a mode of cure nt onco
certain and effectual, by which every sufforer.
no mailer what his condition may be, may
I cure himself cheaply; privately and radically.
liis Lccture will prove a booti to
thousands and thousands. Sent, under seal, in
a plain envelope, to any address, on rcccipt v
of six cents, or two postage stamps.
Address the Publishers.
F. 13RUG MAN & SON, *
M Ann St., New York: Post Offino Ttnr 4.r,Rf$
Jan 13, 1870 ' 19
I tako this method of informing my friends
(lint L will bo found in my otlicc on each
SATURDAY, for tho purpose of transacting
any business lliat comes under my jurisdiction.
As my duties ns School Commissioner wifl
compel me to be absent in different- parts of
the county, I make this special appointment
for the benefit of all concerned.
11. A. HO WEN, ^
no'25 ly Scool Commissioner
WI'! want some one in every county to
take orders and deliver goods for ih?
old and original C. (). D. House. Largo cash ^
wages. Splendid cliatice? 111 every neighborhood
tor lho right person of either sex, young
or old. Samples, tree and post paid. Sena
for ii at once and make money at your homes.
Address. 11. J. HALL ? CO. ON. Howard
Street, Ilalsiinorc, J/d Oct
^1, 1873 8 3m
Wu lutvo Just rcplcuislicil our stock of merchandise
for Clio lull and winter trade.
1,tidies' iind fenllenicn's lmls and drees
good's generally liuvu received special attention.
Our Shoe Department
Is very full, amounting to nearly ono tliow^ g
sand dollars.
Om* Clcncral Nlotilc
Comprises nearly everything you nre likely
to need and will bo sold very low.
Haif Car Load.
Of best Liverpool Salt on liniul and for *8alo
two dollars per sack, which 1b
Than boforc the war. All arc respectfully in*
vitcd to call and see them.
Hester & Hester.
Central, S. C.. Oct. 28, 187-1.
Butler & McBee,
THE STATE AND OF tiik iimiih*
STATUS. ' . ""m
Sept 28 10 tf
Absolute divorces obtained
from Courts of different Stntea for desert
ion, &o. No publicity required. No
charge until divorce granted, Address,
M. HOUSE, Attorney,
40 Cm 1!>? Broadway, N. V.
pasEssae s. ?
TXTIIili give thoir nllention to the Practice
VV an J <o the Collection of Pensions*
Bounty Land and all other Claims.
Walhftlla, 8. C, Pickens, S, C.
Ji.lv 9.711. 1H71 1
? * - ? **
I>r. II. J. Cilllllaax'A
HAVING returned and permanently located
at Pickcnsvillo, respectfully off?rs
his Professional services (o the citiiens of (but
vicinity nml surrounding country. Charges
the mm sw i columns, from now
(o N?w Yc*rs, post pni-l, 00 eta. AMres* ' J
"The Sun," N. Y.
'* ' ^
' : .: \ V I
/ ' * " rVT
' h\l ? \kY, rv>' ' f|55' ' ' -f. r, '$> /' 'H*tA

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