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0, f. BIUDIE7, Editor and Froorietor.
Terms of Subscription.
One Year 51 50
Six Months 75
A<lvei*tifiiiiK Rates. <
Advertisements insertod at the rate of $1 00 *
wjt square, of (9) nine lines, or 1.ms8, for tho
Wst Insortion, and 50 cents for each subsequent
insertion. 1
Contracts innde for tiirbk, six or twbt.vb <
ininnllia. nn fnvnrabla terms.
Advertisements not having tho number of
insertions morked on thorn, will bo published i
until forbiil and charged accordingly.
These terms aro so simple nny child may
understand them. Nino lines is a square? j
ono inch. In every instance we charge by
tlio spaoo occupied, as eight or ten lines can
bo made to occupy four or five squares, as the
advertiser may wish, and is charged by the
Advortiscrs will plcnse state the num- I
her of squares they wish their advertisements
o niftkc.
Business men who advertise to he I
benefitted, will bear in mind that the
SENTINEL lias a large and increasing circulation,
and is taken by the very class of
porsons whose trade they desire.
Thursday. March 9, 1876.
Tho attondanco of tho people on tho
Court s quito largo.
Thundor and lightning, accompaniod
by a heavy rain, fell on Tuesday
Tho Unitod Slates soldiers, stationed
at Grconvillo, captured and brought
boforo tho U. S. Commissioner, J. Jj.
Thornloy, Esq., last Saturday, six men
for illicit distilling. All wero lodged
in jail. Wo lmvo rcpoatodly warned
our pooplo against making this "moonshino
whiskey;" but, it seonis, nothing
but their own sad oxpcricnco will suffice.
On Sunday mgiit iast, liov. llu^h
i'xv/ijuuo j'l uav^uv>u n iii^uij uitv;i voting
sermon 011 tho truth ot prophaev. His
arguments, in support of his euhjoct,
woro woll clioson and forccahly exprossod.
Wc shall not attempt, howovor,
to givo oven an analysis of his
discouTfio, lor wo should fail to do it
ju3tioo. Wo aro glad to learn that
tins is the first 01 n scries ot sermons
on tho sarao subject. Canr.ot arrango*
roonta-bo ofteetod whereby Mr. McLoes
con bo enabled to preach for us at 11
o'clock, A. M., instoad of his presont
nightly appointments? This, it seems,
would suit everybody belter.
l(e v. 1 hos. .Loopor, a Baptist minis,
tor of this county, has married two
hundred and soventy-six couple in
twenty throo yoars.
_____ - 4 ^ .
Bev. Mr. Jaeger, the converted
Jowish Babbi, and Prof, in the .Southern
Baptist Thoological Seminary at
Crreonville,|Will proach in tlio Baptist
church at Easloy, next Sunday morning,
the 12th iii8t. at 11 o'clock.
w on II nl inn In (ItA Sprint Yini'n
Homo School, located at Anderson, S.
C., lor yonng Ladies. It m under tho
managoment of Mrs. J. V. Mooro,
.Miss 8. Y. Jtobinson, in tho literary,
and Miss T;. Jiutlor in tho musical departments.
Tuition is reasonable and
freo to boarding students for tho first
Coroner IJoyd held an inquost over
tho dead body of a negro bo}' ionnd
dead in Town Crock, on Sunday last.
Tho boy had been sahjcct to fits, and
having been sent on an errand to a
neighboring honso, is Biipposcd to
it'ivc taken (il while crossing the loollog.
1VI !'? \\ f I i t f wifiri r\{' I !?/> Paiih! t?
Treasurer of Kdgcfiold, was injured
by a run-on" of the C. C. and A. It. K.
in January, 187"). She brought Hiiit,
through ^I aj. W. T. Gary, for damages.
Tbo Railroad settled tho case
on last Thursday', by paying .Mrs Mo
Dovitt 80,000 in cash.?Kdgofield Advertiser.
A son of Mr. James LicK, the California
philanthropist, has recovered a
iii(brmenf. Mfainsl. Iii.4 fiithnr for
%> O * D " " " ' ? I
'JHf> for services.
Bishop Quintan), of Tonriosee, who
is now in Kngland collecting fundH for
tho University of Iho Soiuh, has boon
eminently successful.
- ?
The opinion is Kaininir nrovalcnco
that Wostcrvolt, convicted under tlio
Charley Koss excitemont, is innocent
of tho ci'imo. I
1-ondon Tiinos rails fie constitution
of tho United States tho
"moot saerod political document in
the wholo world." I'opuhlicans plouso I
- :
Constitution of the Pickens Democratic
m..L I .
In pursuranco oi a call for that pur- \
poso, tlio citizens of Plckons Township
awe m bled in the Court IIouso, on
Saturday, 4th inet., and organized tho
Pickens Democratic Club. On motion
Hon. D. V. Bradley was called to tho
Chair, and B. B. Earlo requested to
ict as Secretary.
Tho iollowing Constitution wns thon
submitted by the Comrniltoo, appoint.
3<i by tlio Chairman to draft a constitution,
and wan ndopted unani
illUUOlJ' i
Article I. Tho nagic ot this organisation
shall bo "Tho Pickens I)omocralic
II. Tho ofllcors ol tho club shall
consist oi a President, first and second
vieo-Prosidcnt, Soorotary, Troasuror,
aud an Exccutivo Comiuittoo,
consisting of fivo mombcrs.
i i r i a -.i.-ii i- * \ ? * '
j li. it nifti11 uo 1110 uuiy oi mo
President to preside at all mootings,
and to call special mooting* whon requested
to do 60 by a majority of tho
Executive Committee; provided, that
in case of tho absonco of the President
at any mooting, it shall bo tho
(lutv of onn of t.lin vifin-Trosiilont.s.
according to numerical order, to preside
and perform all tho duties of tho
IV. It shall bo tho duty of tho
Secretary to keep a correct record of
tho proceedings of each meeting. and
10 conduct all tho correspondence of
tho club.
V. It Hhall bo tho duty of the Treasurer
to roocive all funds, paid in for
tho uso of tho club, and pay out tho
samo under tho direction of tho Pro
oiviv/iii', UIIU UJ U1UU1 ui i% Iiinjuntj' U1
tho membors.
VI. It Bhall bo tho duty of the Executive
Committoo, to oxoroieo gons
oral supervision over the affairs of tho
club, and to suggest such matters us
tliey deem conducive to tbo interest
oi tho club, uiul to uso their personal
influence to increuso tho membership.
VII. It shall he tho duty of each
member to use his best efforts to pro?
inoto tho objects of thiB association,
which is to secure an honest, faithful
and capublo administration ol Statu
and CounLv affairs, and with this mid
' " '
in view, lo use all legitimate meana
lo increase the membership.
VIII. All ofllcors of this club shall
hold their oflieo iur the term of twelve
months, and shall bo elected by baU
lot, a majority of tho votos of all tho
members ot tho club being necessary
I to determine such election.
IX. The regular meetings of this
club shall bo bold on the 3d Saturday,
at I'ickenn Court Ilouao in caoli month,
at 3 o'clock, 1*. M.
X. Any malo citizens of tho vicin
ity may boeome a member of tho club,
by nigmng iho Constitution, and
thereby plodging himself to support
and sustain to the best of hid ability
all nominations mado by tho Democratic
party, either in National, State
or County elections.
XI. Tho mombcrs of this club
nlorl<m In nn'.li nn<^
I r> ? uw,,wl* ?"?
to the Domocrntic party, to abide by
and sustain the nomincos of tho party
for all ollices, cither National, State
or Count}', and will discountonanco
cvory effort on the part of individuals
to distract our counsels and divide tho
vote 11 poii ipcdpcndent candidate^
whom wo will regard hcrcallor an
giviiig aid and comfort to our political
XII. Any articlo of this constitution
may he altered or amended, upon
ono weeks notice, by a vote of two
thirds of tho members present.
I. The regular meeting of tho club
shall bo 011 3d Satnrdnv in nanli
II. A quotum to transact business
shall consist of ono-third of all tho
members of the club.
III. Tho rules for tho government
~ 1? II i 1- --
ui inu uiuu niuiii uu hudi us aro now
used and recognized in tho govern*
mcnt of logialativo bodicn.
After an enrollment of tho names of
Ihoso who wished to become members,
an election f<>r ]>ermanont oflicors of
tlic ('lab, according to the above Con.
stitution, took placo and resulted at
Prosidont, Hon. I). K. Bradley; first
V'icc^I'rcsidont, J. JI. Carlislo; soeond
Vico President, O. IV Field; Soeretary,
W. T. Ale-Fall; Treasurer, Ji. Ji. Jiarlo
Kxocutivo Committoo, Kooao Howen'
(Jeo. \V. I)oit, W. M. Porgufton, Win'
M, Orr, and J. M iStownrl.
On motion of l?\ A. Child, tho Chair
appointed li. A. Child, ft. J*'. hoopoe
mid liiloy SiimuonB to the County
('(invention, which moota at the Court
House, on aaleday in Apiil.
It was rosolvod tlmt thoso prococd-.
ings bo published in Tiik Pickbns
Tho olub thon adjourned to tho next (
regular d?\y of mooting.
1). F. BRADLEY, Pros't. j
B. B. IGart.k, Soorotary. i
Eatley Democratic Club- (
Easley Station, ,
Pa a M r. Wtk A
JL IvIiVlIU VV.j XU(U VII 1. |
Pursuant to ? call by Col. K. E. j
Bo wen, County Chairman, a goodly
number of tho J)oinocrutic voters of
Piekonsvillo Township, assembled at
this placo to-day, for tho purpose of
perfecting a Township (Jlub, and appointing
Delcgatos to a County Convention
of tho Party, to bo held at
Pickens, on salodny in April noxt.
Tlios. W. itudsoll was culled to pro->
si'lo over tho deliberations of the meet
ing, nnd John li. Gossoit, requested
to net ns Soerotary.
Col. Bowon, State Senator, by request,
madoafow woll-timed and pertinont
romarks, explaining tho objects
of tho mooting, nnd expressing him*
u?l( no ... W I. ?l,r, .mllllnnl
OUU (to HUll M llll I.IIV | 'V/IIULUI
out-look, and bopoful of a complete
victory of the honest pcoplo in the
next goneral election, and tho over
throw of tho corrupt party that has
woll nigh ruined tho State, and urged
tho Democratic Party of Pickens
vjouniy to ronowea cnoris, 10 accou\~
plish bo desirablo an end, and further
expressed himself as opposed lo anything
like a mongrel fusion ticket, but
counseled straight out nominations?
this last sentiment, evidently being
moBt heartily endorsed by tho cnliro
Aftor tbo remarks ol Col. Bowon, n
call was mado to all willing to creato
a Domocratio club, to give tboir nam on
to tbo Secretary to bo onrolled, whore*
upon some scvonty five presented tbeir
names for onrollmont.
The adoption of a Constitution bo-,
ing next in order, a member prosonted
tbo following, whibh, after being dis^
cussed bvafow trontlcmen. was unnn
imously a clop toil, first seriatim, ami
then as a whole. (Tho Constitution
and By-Laws adopted am .similar to
other clubs, which wo have not room
to print.)
Tho ofllcors elected, per tho constitution,
are: T. W. Russell, President;
T a T... t Ik.xT IT li
u. j j.i t iiuiii , v>n |ii. tj . 11, iju? uii fiiiu
J. W. Brnnsion. vico- Presidents; 1\ A.
MoMalmn, Seorotary; 1). Grico, Treas-*
nrorj E. il. Hates, T. J. Howen, B. J.
Williams, T. M. VVilborn and Elias
Day, Exeoutive Committee.
The following gontlonion were els
octed delegates to attend tlio County
Convention to ansemblo nt PicUons
Court House, on saleday in April:
John ii. (Jossctt, 10. II. Batos and
J. S. Lathem.
JSusloy Station, the !st Saturday in
each month, at 2 o'clock, was the time
and plneo appointed for tho meeting
of i his club.
On motion, tho Secretary was in
si rue ted lo have tho proceedings ol
this mooting published in tho Pickkns
SkntTnki, and Grecnvillo NewsNo
further business being introduced,
tho meeting adjourned.
T. NY. IIUSSKLL, Chairman.
J. It. GOSSETT, .Secretary.
Central Democratic Club
A Democratic Club-was formed at
Central to-day, to bo culled Garvin
Township Club, nnd the following officers
President, 15. S. Gaines; first VicePresident,
(J. W. JioiTonghs; second
Vico-Prcsidont, J)r. T. W. Folder:
Lliiril VipfisPi'Asiil.int R -T Trtlin<i<nn>
Secretary. John J. Lowis; Treasurer,
II. C. Shirley; Exocutivo Committee,
B. Garvin, J. J. Garvin, Dr. S. \V,
Clayton, W. W. Knight and Z. Smith,
liogular mcotings to ho hold on
Saturday proceeding cach aaloday, at
2 o'clock, 1\ M., at Central.
Dologatoa to County Convention, 1<\
i fi.,....:., i/< \r ? 1 i> ?
u. vji i% i v 111 j i t, \yiiij turij illlU J}. J.
Moved that Tim Ptckhns Skntinkl
bo requested to publish tlio above.
J . J. Lkwih, See.
(jioodrioh, tho famous Cicago di
vorco lawyor, has been disbarred by
the Supreme Court in scathing judges
mcnt dolivorod by J u.stico JJreoso.
An old farmer said to his sonf,
'Boyp, don't you ovor Bpckcrlato, or
wait for somolhin' to turn up. You
...^.11 ?.wi .i~
iili^uu jcni> mo ill 114 Oil UUWII (Ml
a stono in tho middle of a meddor
with ii pail twixl your logw, and wait
for a cow to back up to you to bo
? < >?
(ion.Toombs is lecturing in Georgia
on tbc Magna Cbarta.
-!! ..... f -
Court ?
Opor.cd at Pickonw on Monday, at 1
10 o'clock a. na. His llpnor Judgo j
Dooko, presiding. A ft or tho Grand t
I... 11 1 1 I IT t
/uty vr?i? uuuuu miu nworn, inn xiuiiur <
procoodod to chargo them aubstanlU '
:\lly as follows:
Ono 3'car has elapsed sinco any i
sourt has boon hold in your County, 1
find vet from tho bills laid boforo mo ]
by tho Solicitor, tho amount of crimo
in your County is vory small, consid- ?
oring tho length oflimo and population
nf llin Clniinf.V 'I'liia ia liiirltlv
- J'
croditable to your people, and must bo
gratifying to you, as it is to the court.
Ho hoped this stato of tilings would
continue, and ho was euro nothing
would contributo more to this cud
than the faithful dischargo of "tho
Unties of the (Jrand Jury. You nro
iho grand inquest of tho County, and
your duties oxtond to the oversight of :
ail your public ottlcors, and to tho
protection of i lie people from wrong
and oppression from overy quarter.
You nro to know no man, but only
your duty, and to discharge it fearlessly
without malico to any one, and
without/car, favor, afFoclion, reward
ur iiu|iu 01 runnru, ny mo pcsont
law, which I consider a wiso provision,
your torm ofscrvico is for twolvo
monthp. During that time you are
to bo faithful sontinols of tho public
interest and public wolfaro. You can
learn and improve upon your duties
from timo time, and thus in tho futuro
bo better ablo to discharge thorn prop
crly. Whila you keep a watchful oyo
on your officials, they will better disohniurn
I hntp full /I i? I xr <*?*/! ll.io
vm?i l u v i i i U II V* II Ij J j 41 11 VI t I J I O I I
tend to provcnt crime. His Honor
then read tho Foreman's oath, elauflo
by clause, and explained it fully to
tho jury.
Among your duties you aro required
to visit all the public offices, and
in alee such examinations into their
manaircmcnL as will snrnrn in iln> i
o " "" "
people tho performance ol tho duties
imposed on them by law. This is
essential to tho security uf the pooplo
and the pvopor administration of tho
law. Tho oHioo of the {Sheriff should
bo examined carefully. Often from
ignorance or lour, Sheriffs fail to discharge
their tin Li en in uovcral paiMenhirs,
and especially in matters arising
under the lien law. JLe did not know
that such was tho caso liorc, but tho
jury should examine into tho matter.
You should hco wholhor in executing
this law Lbo f-> 1?o.t*ifV l?ns li?vinrJ <?i\
property mortgaged by way ol lien
lor ad\ iiticoo for agricultural purposed.
The law i!oes not allow a lion in such
eases on horses, cattlc and other property.
though such liens are common
ly taken. The law is a special one
for a special purpose, and the lion is
iKiniuu iu inu crop grown, or 10 oo
grown on tho land, for tho making of
whinh tlto advances wore mado. BeHidos,
tho Clerk is tho only person
who can issue a warrant to cnforco
a lion, which tho Sheriff 01* his proper
deputy is tho only person who can execute
tho warrant. You should, in
this connection, hco whether any of
your Trial Justices has attempted to
cniorco tiio lion law by process from
thoii* courts.
Thoy were instructed to visit the
j:iil and seo that tho prisoners were
properly fed and slept, and well treat
I.VI? J WUj ?V \J\J 1 II I I I I t IUU II will J Will
body should also visit tlio Poor House
and soo that the Count)' Commission
cr.s are properly managing lliul institution,
and carying out (lie humane
ends for which it was establishe d.?
The ofTices of the Cleric and .Indian of
' 0 - l'robnlc
should bo examined,and you
should koc tlial llioir books are prop erly
kopt. You should also inquire
whether the Clerk has properly doposited
monies coming into his builds
in liia oiUeial capacity. In performing
(his duty, you can havo the assistance
of an attorney. You should cx>
i \ i v\ i r? a t 11 a /?fn i* a rif I 11 n ( \ r\ 11 I ?-? A ??,!.*
?t>...wv v..v? W...VV W?? V/ WUIIl/J 11 UUIl"
or and see how ho is discharging his
duty. Every taxpayer has a right to
return his property under oath at his
valuation of it, and'not at tho price
the County Auditor may think right
Tho oflico of School Commissioner is
o 110 of great importance to every citizen.
lie in charged with educating
tlio rising generation, and, chiefly
among his duties in tliis connection,
he is required by law to visit the
schools several times during tlio v.
m CJ J * J
audio lecturo#tho teachers with a
view to improve tho system of oo'uoa-.
The Jury Commissioners should ho
rcipiii cd to discharge their duties prop
erly, and you should sou lo this. Ilo
lind,slimy hsivo not dono ii at, this
term of court. A regular pradising
physician has boon put upon tho jury
it this court, which is contrary tol
aw. JNo nMiio should be put in tho ury
box, unless one of tho Cotnmis-. <
(ioners know ho has tho qualiiica- '
/ionsprescribed by law. and is liublo
.o sorvo.
His Honor furthor statod that no (
man should bo a Trial Justico, who
takos and liolds tho ofHeo for tho pur- j
poso of making money out of it. The 1
law lias now mado it tho duty ol tho
Judge to oxamino and pass upon tlioso
accounts, and in doing this it is raro
that ho docs not find it nccossiwy to
scalo thorn largoly. You should examino
whether any ofyour Trial Justices
havo wilfully violated tho homestoad
law in ordering tho crops ol
oitizons levied and sold for debt. Examino
specially, whethor tho Trial
Justices at iiasloy 1ms not dono this
tor a storo account. Tho CBop of tho
citizen is exempt, excopt for advancos
under tho lion law, and if you find ho
has dono lhi->, you will prosont him
lor indictmcnt.
Tho duties of County Commissioners
aro so oxtonsivo, that you could not
ronuunbor thoni il l should specially
direct your attontion to thorn.' You
should, howover, cxtimino thoir oftice
carcfully, and sco that they aro performing
their duties acoor'ding to law.
Tho law now requires special levies
for roads, courts, ?.to., and this should
i)o enforced. His Honor in conclud
mg his charge, stated that noavly all
ilic high crimes, and all the homicides
in the Count}* for three years, arc attribillable
to tho inordinato uso of
liquor. You should try to bring to
li^ht all parties who aro peddling
liquors or soiling without liconso.?
There is no law for peddling liquor
and Lliis biiHinf?HH nl?r?nM lin stnmuol
Ilia ilonov then briefly instructed
them as to tho sovcral indictmcnls,
which the .Solicitor had prepared.- Tho
hills handed out to thi.s Limo,
eunhint ul t wo ciiSOo of ourgJary, one
of rape, ono of bigamy, obstructing
railroad and violating contract.
Wo note among tho visiting bar,
tho lion. A. Burl, of Abbeville; Mc8
srs \v minor, uarlc, J/orry, Symmos,
Col. E. P. jones and Mr. Solicitor
Bly the, ol Greenville; Messrs. Norton,
Thompson, lveilh and Verner, of Walhalla.
GuATurrious Adviok.?This speeios
of advice is not always acceptable,
l.... I : I
mui> iiwiiuiiuiin Hi mil it > 111 l ll 1l UOS I11UCM
benefit would bo don vcd wore it
promptly noted upon. No section ol
tlio country is exempt lrom disease
and many regions lias its "ills that
flush is heir lo." To know iho host
means of combating this common en-,
oiny, with the least injury to our
pockets and tastes, is certainly a great
advantage. At this season wo must
expect Torpid Jiiver,congested spleen,
vitiated bilo and innctivo bowels, and
all prudent persona should supply
ihemeclvoH with Tutt's Livor Pills,
which will stimulnto tho livor, relievo
tho ongcrgod sploon, determine a
healthy How of bile, thus regulating
the bowels and causing all unhoallhy
secrotions to pnss off in a natural
manner. Remember that "an ounce
d| preventive is worth more ihau a
pound of euro."
Coii.siiiiiptoii Cured,
An olil physician, retired from nctivc practicc,
having had placcd in bin hands by an
Kast India Missionary tho formula of a simple
Vegetable remedy, for the speedy and permanent
cure of Consumption, Jlronchitis, Catarrh,
Asthma and nil Throat and Lung atfections>
fllun n l?r.ui? n.wl f..~ V
.. . V0>? <v HUM autuiv/lii VUIV 1UL lU'l YUUS
Debility nnd Nervous Complaints, after having
thoroughly tested its wonderful curative
powers in thousands of cases, feels it his duty
to make it known to his sutToii?g fellows. Ao.
tuated by this motive, and a conscientious desire
to relievo human suffering, ho will send
(free of charged to all who desiro it, this recepc,
with full directions for preparing and
successfully using. Sent by return mail by
addressing with stump, naming this paper.
Dn. W. C. Stkvens,
Munroe Block, Syracuse, N. V.
I ? SI E 53 E&L. '
MAK1UKK1), nt Central, on 17th Febnrary,
l?y Itev. 15. S. (Jaines, Mk. Luous Hakuis to
Miss Lui.a Maud Jack, (ill of Atlanta, (la.
I$y the iiftinc,on Fobnrary 27tii, Mh. John
F.vatt to Miss Jam: Mum.imx, all of Ander*
Hy (lie same, on Fob. 3d, Mb. Enoch Mitchki.,
of I.aureus, to Misu Ai>a Hughes, of Pick*
On Tali March, hy llev. Tlios. hooper, Mil.
0.\I.VIX ('(MIIIIN to Ml88 MaIIV 111' NT, holll Of
A SET of Twoiily-four Incli, Double Cylindar
Wool Knll ('arilx, nearly now;
will car suuMily pounds of wool per tiny.
For furlher^formaiion, apply to
Las'cy Station, S,
I March 9, 1?70 27 1
Southern H)me, **
Greenville St, Ander^n, S C.
Mas. J. V. MOORB, \ PpI?LI.
Mies 8. Y. ROBINSON, ( lr,D,>n'?Miss
L. BUTLER, Music Teach*.
IiMRST Session commencing ontlio 4th of
' January, 1870.
for all the Higher Branchoa, inolu^ig French
Latin and Greek, aud Matlicmapa $16 00
lnicrmcdinte Classes 12 00 ^
Primary Glasses 8 00
Music 20 00
Drawing and Painting 20 00
Hoard per month, oxclusivc of watjng
and lights 12 60
Fartics boarding with (lie Prieipals trill
rcccivo Tuition free for onoseusioi
For further information, addroa
Mits. J. V. MDRE,
Andersij, S. 0. is
'1 187H 07* A
milE Treasurer has lodged in ty office, a
X number of Tnx Executions, well by law,
1 am required to levy. \ *
Pnrties will please call and sett^ and say?
further costs and inconvenience. [
J. KILliV FUUGUSq, g.r.o.
Mlir.lII VI 'U ttlATfrfct
County ok Pickens:
BV virtue of nn execution to r* directed,
I will sell before the Court Ibuse door,
at Pickens C. II., on 8nledny in ,pril next, *
tl?e following properly, vi?:
v?uo nunureu acres, more or Icsi situate in
Pickens county, on Weaver'* C'ree', waters of
Ooleuoy Hivcr, adjoining lands o^
Levied on ns (he property of Lemel A. How*
nrd, vs. W. S. Ki.-ksy, Administrate of James
Keith, Deceased. f\
TEAMS CASH. Purchasers t> pay cxtr?
for papers. ^
Mar. 9, 187J3 27 ^
It is Found at Lag
Something New Ukubr the ?A new
crft is dawning upon the life of wman. Hithcrio
she has been called upon (> suffer the
ills of mankind and her own besidos.?
The frequent and distressing ^regularities
peculiar to her sex have long ban to tier the
"direful spring of wow unnumbered."?
In the mansion of the rich nndin the hovel
of poverty alike woman has beei the constant *
yet patient victim of a thousand ills unknown
to man?and these without n foinoUy. "Oh
Lord, how loncrf" ill lliA nitdH; nf li??* mil
? ; o ? """ ' "vw,?
hath she cried. Hut now the jour of her redemption
ia conic. <She will aitVer no more,
for l>r. J. Ili ad field's Femab Regulator-?
Woman's Host Friend?is forssle by nil respectable
Druggists throughout the land at
($1.50 per buttle. In another column of this
newspaper will be found *oro? mterMttog m
particulars eonccrning ilie (female Regulator
and oilier iuforiuation highly important to
O. If. C. .SMITH;"President,
P. W. I.KKCHE, Vico-Prcsident,
J. |L. COX, Sec'y & Treasurer.
Mr.it!; '2, 187C 20 i
Wu nre now iirmuirnl In fnrnUli wr..it....
tions (or n largo number of |?rsona', niaie and foiuolo
who arc PmUcu
Inrs M'nt froo on npplicttlon. Ad?lrenn, with stamp,
Soi'TiiKiiN Cooi-KUATIVK Co., Nashville, Tetin.ZYKALZYOI
l.i mmamwrnrnmrnm?mm?m?msm?m?mmammm*
Homestead and Exemption*
NOTICE is hereby given, thnl Noncy C.
Stewart, widow of A. J. Stewart, d?- ^
ceased, has made application to roe, to have
a Homestead Ret off lo her, out of the Estato
of said deceased, and that I will pass upon
tlte same at my cilice in the Court House at
Pickens, South Carolina, on Wednesday,
April f)th, A. D. 1870, at 11 o'clock, a. m.
1. II. riULl'OT, j.r.p.c. *
Feb 17, 1K70 24 6
Homestead and Exemption"VTOTICK
is hereby given, tlint O. II. C.
J.!\ Smith, of l'iekens County, South Carolina,
has applied to mc for Homestead and ^
t'xomption in the Ileal Instate and Personal
l'ropcrty of the said (). II. C. Smith; and that
I will pass upon the same at my imiov iu ma
Court House at I'ickcua, South Carolina.
on Monday, April 3d, A. D. 1870, at 11 a. m.*
I. II. /IIILI'OT, J.t.P.C.
Fob 17, 1870 '1\ 6
( \ KADUATE of a regular chartered school.
7T The l)r. will respond to all calls with
dispatch. All cases striotly confidential.
Private diseases treated in all thtlr varied
forms, with the errorn of youth and the dlfl*
1'iiHC.H oi women and children.
Jan l), 1870 (8 3 m
(MVIllE C, K., 5, C, .
Practices in Courts ot J'ickona
County, and in United States Court* ^
Near Maiwetta, Oft. March 21, 1870.
Messrs. Win. Root. & i?ns:?.1 boo I ouo ?
yourugo 1 bought a bottle ?f HradtieKl's Female
Regulator from yon for one of my
i daughters who had been sift'ering with snj>?
| pressed menses for tome Ante. 1 h??Y? hs4
I scvornl physicians attending, but met with no
success until I was persuiufed to buy u bottle
I of the Ucguiator, and it is the very thing for
i tTliich it is rccomtnciidcd. She is now in per!
fori lionlili i !.? ? ?n ?..#?!?? < 1 in -
?? >.. ...fe mil
ni leant try one bottle am/have health again.
Very respectfully, I). DOBBINS.
Mnrcli 1870 'J7 4
AFI'LICATION will 1)0 made to S. I>.
. Keiili, Clerk of lie Court, for r\ Charter
(commencing front this day) for the Mechan*
ieal Union nt Kasley Station, South Carolina,
February 2'J, 1876.

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