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s, f. mm, Editor and Frosrietor. i
Terms of 8iil>scri|>tioii.
Ono V?ar 51 CO
81* Months 76
Advertising Rates.
Advertisements inserted at the rate of $1 00
Mr square, of (9) nine lines, or i.kss, for (lie
n*Tit insertion, and ?0 cents for each subse{bent
* Contracts mado for turkk, six or twklvk
months, on favornjilo terms.
Advertisement^ not having tho nomber of
insertions morkeu on them, will bo published
until forbid ?ud charged accordingly.
Thoso toriikfi are so simple any child may
understand tliem, Nino lines is a square?
(mo inch. In every instance we charge by
tho space occupied, as eight or tea lines can
J to occupy four or five squares, as the
r may wish, and is charged by the
Idvortiscrs will please state the numuarcs
tliey wish their advertisements
3usiness men who advertise to be '
d, will bear in mind that the
EL has a large and increasing circulation,
and is taken by tho very class uf
porsons whose trado tliey desiro
Thursday, March 1G, 1876.
Editorial Correspondence.
Columbia, S. C.} March 10, I87G.
Dear Sentinel: Tho Legislature having
rocoss last woolc, I did not wrilo
a letter for your columns, as thoro was
nothing of intcrost to lay boforo your
Tho Sonato went into tho impeachment
trial of Montgomery Moses
Tuosday, with n largo array of counsel
for the defenco, consisting of Messrs.
Campboll, of Charleston; Kion, of
Winnsboro; Yeomans, ol Columbia)
T..knenn nn,l 1!?vln.,nr
ry. Tho managors on the part of tho
IIouso to conduct tho impeachment,
consists of M0881*8. JOlliott, Wallace,
Mcotzo, Couch, Barnwell and Bampiiold.
Elliott oponod for the prosccutio.i,
and made a very strong arraign
mont. Tho.counsel wrangled for two
days over tho modo of procedure, and
aro malting very slow progress. Tho
Ilouso, by rcquostof tho Senate, lias
boon attending tho pitting of tho inipoachmont
court. Each flay at 12:30,
tho Clerk of tho Senate appears boforo
tho IIouso and informs it that tho
"Senate is now roady to proceed with
tho impoachmont of Montgomery
Moses, Judgo of tho 7th Judicial Circuit
of Soutli Carolina." Tho IIousc
rosolvos itself into a Committee of the
Whole, forma in lino and marchos to
tho Sonato chamber, when tho moms
hers laleo seats prepared specially for
thom outsido tho bar. Here, some of
thom remain awhile, but a largo ma
jority repair to their boarding house,
poanut stands, bar-rooms, or Homowhero
elso and do not return to take
part in tho important legislation of the
country. Tho consequonuo is, that
whon tho IIouso rotnrna to its chain*,
bor, thero is no quorum, and tlie only
thing that can bo done is to adjourn,
t.lm I'Aunlt r\4 Ja on.in/.Al.r
anything of conscquonco in llio way
of legislation is being done. Ileally
thoro is no necessity for the House to
romain in session any longer, and it
might adjourn?go home, and leave
tho Senate in session to dispose of the
impoaohrnent caso.
A resolution to investigate tho official
conduct of Solicitor liutlz. of' fhn
; - (
first Circuit, with :i view to his i in pcaehmont,
has passed iho JIouso. !
A circular, containing (il'tcon charge (
en against Judge Maekey lias been j
laid on the desks of tlio member.-*of (
tlio House, and a committoo to investigate
is, 1 understand, to l>e appoin^*. j
cd, and if tlio charges are substanti- ,
fttcd, bo in the next official to bo im? ,
poached. You would not havo room
to publish thoso charges wore I lo
givo tlicrn hero, but 1 will say that
they are of a much graver eharactcr
in soino respects than thoso brought
against Moses. But I do not know
that tliero is any truth in thorn, or
that parties can bo found to swear to
them as was the case on the ehargos
against Moses. MnuUisy had laid upon
tlin ilr>wkunf flin ninnilifti'o tliiu i.wn...
ing, ft circular, denying ouch and
ovory chargo brought against Irm, |
and characterizing thorn an malicious
and slanderous, concluding (which I ,
think a little singular) l>y asking tin |
Legislature not to appoint a commit- ,
too to investigate liim. 11 i>? reasons ,
for making this singular request is, Ik ,
Bays, on account ol iho motives which (
prompted the individual who got them ,
up. JI is accuser, ho pays, is Vocum,
tho County Treasurer of Fait>liit>l?l
( V*n ii f-v nri/1 man /\( Iwwl
w. UIUII iicier, 1
who i* iruilly of iiwiWcnHuneo aul t licit
in oilier, and is lo ho indicted and j
tried in his court at Chester next
week. This, ho eluims to bo ft dodge
v ? . 4 ^ _ i ^ i ,1 I. :r
ui lui'iim ?, vu miiuiu mill iruin prose?
oulion and conviction. Gov. Chamberlain
hns tnUon Mackoy on biu
shouldors, and proposes, I prosume,
to cany him through. Tno mom bore
oi tho bar in Mackey's Circuit, I am
informod, aro very generally opposed
to his impcachmcnt, whilo thoy do not
approve of many of his official acts.
lLosv tho maltor will torminato it is
hard to conjecturo at this time. As |
1 before statod, not much legislation
is being porfootcd.
Tho Jlouso to day, passed u concurrent
resolution, almost unanimously*
to adjourn sine die, on tho !7th inst.,
but it will doubtless recoivo tho sumo
fate whon it reaches tbo Sonato, that
all similar resolutions havo reccivod
n t i lu> luinrla I lmilt*- .u n 'nwln^
finito postponement.
Tho usury bill camo up in the JIouso
i to day, and two sections ol it rcccivcd
a second roading. It will evidently
pass the liouso, but L havo but little
hopo for it in tho Senato.
Somo timo sinco, some colored peoplo
in Edgefield County, who perhaps
had boon guilty ol bad conduct in tho
community, wcro taken op by somo
rash men and protty sovcroly dealt
with. No doubt tho partioa violated
tho law, but tho opportunity to malco
a little cheap .Radical capital, and
wavo tho bloodj'-shirt, was too good
In 1m lnvit. hu f hn nnlstvnrl Snlnno r?f (l\n
Legislature. A great to do wns mado
over tlio matter, and the .House went
into Oommittoo of tho Whole, to consider
it. It. was amusing, as well as
disgusting, to soo how eager some of
them wero to speak upon tho question,
and gravely inform their less informed
brothron. that wo worn insl. nn l.hn
ovo of ii "tremendous" struggle, and
that tho Ku Ivlux miscroants had already
offered rewards for their nevusination,
becauso they woro prominent
leaders in their County, in order to
carry tho next olcction, and how groat
danger their procious carcases wero
in?the Edgofiold affair was only a
promonatory symptom of what they
might oxpcct during tho coming cam
{migii. ay;?viM, ui wuurioHiun, me independent
and coalition" member,
"and tho bloody-shirt man of tho
llou.so worked himsolf up to the highest
pitch, and mado ono of- tlio most
inflamatory and incendiary speeches
I over heard fall from tho lips of any
one. Ho said that?uOnc drop of the
blood of his people(the negroes,") was
worth every dwelling house, cotton gin,
and bam in the State, and he adoised
his people to apply the torch without hesitation.
Why ho should adviso this
courso, in faco of Iho fact that the
parties charged with committing Iho
whipping havo Hurondorod and given
hond fnr llwnr nnnnni?a nnn n aauh?
^ .v. v.. wi . ..j,|.uu? tiuw (iv v/uui ij in
easily enough explained, when tho
bad teachings of the negro by such
men as have been their leaders ?inco
reconstruction is taken into consider
ration, and togothor with tho slim
chances. they know thoy havo of currying
tho next election. Thoy know
they luivo a desporato case, and it
needs a dosperato remedy. Tho ides
of March will noon he here, then there
will bo a general reckoning and shaking
among; the dry bones. The dovelDptr.er.ls
made in Washington by a
Demoeiatie Congress in the last low
J.iy is onlv an earnest of what. rlmv
^ - J
jxpccl whoa L11o Democracy is cnJirotiod
in this State. The National
government i.s corrupt irum head to
loot, and the whole body i.s a mass of
jorriiption, and ttoutli Carolina is only
)no of the limbs which is thoroughly
mprognntod from iho body, and when
Lho body lias beeomo ho thoroughly
[nitrified that it falls to pioccs, of
jourao the limb falls with it. This is
plainly forosocn by the Iladieal ringmasters?hence
their desperate cITorts.
II our people will only bo truo to thorn
. 1.1V !.|7 J 1 IV *_> IIIUII ikIIU KHHOl'l
Lhoir manhood, tlicy neod not four tlio
results. f ho ydun<j men of tlio conns
Lry must como Lo tlio front, and all
dI< 1 political hacks wTio favor coalilion,
an<l never had but ono political
idea in their heads?and that was lo
rule and bo looked up to?must bo
laid on tlio shelf, and civn room fm?
men of energy and practical common
soti.so. Until this in dono, wo can
liardly hopo to Buccccd. When it iw
.lone our courwo is cloar, and wo liavo
nothing to do but push forward to
miccosn. I liavo already written nioro
Llian I expected when I Htarlod, and
must now close for this week. F?.
rjn>? Tho Donioeralio party in Co*
itiiibiii j?asso?i a resolution that every i
Democrat be required to abide by the j
\0( ion of (be parly.
No Laggards.Noxt
Saturday tho Piekons Dcmocratio
olub mootb in tho Court lioueo
ut 8 P. M. All porsons who havo any
political fuith in tho Domocratic party, .
and who dosiro an honost and ocono- j
mi(>!il n(liiiiniatrnlmn nf iinlilin nft'iiirn
aro cordially invited to como lor?<
ward and rogistor their names to tho
constitution, end thoroby slio'w thorn*
solves worthy of tho frcodoin, purchased
by thoir ancostors. Tho Democracy
of South Carolina, in no election
since tho war, havo shown thorn- I
solves an undivided unit. By division
and a want of organizod action,
thoy liavo signally failed. Lot tho
Democracy bo organized and roiuly
for an}' ornorgency that may ariso.
Organisation is tho li(e-blood of political
parties in our day. Republican
ism has ovor boon thoroughly organized
through its Union Leagues, and
this has boon tho socrct of its success
in tho past. The Democracy can hopo
to suceood only by a counter-organization
and by tho honesty and purity
of its political heart. Wo must "fight
tiro with firo," if wo hopo over to so.
euro a victory at tho polls.
u. no enure rottenness una irrcmouiable
corruption of the .Republican
party is daily becoming tnoro manifest.
Tho vory air that wo broath
seems, as it were, tainted with its
utter corruption; and dishonesty in
tho highest officials in tho General
Government is beginning to display
itself as never beforo in the history of
this country, and unloss something
bo dono to stop this avalanche of political
dishonesty in th<? pubhc servico,
tho Government both National and
Stnto will bo uLLorlv ruinod. Thorn
i*r no roiormnlion in the Republican
party. Tho peoplo liavo patiently
waitod tor fourtoon years, but have
waitod in vain. To day it is worso
than ovor boforo. And woro it not
for 1 ho Democratic victories in the
Northern and Western States two
years ago?giving a Democratic ma
jonty in liio liouso, tho rocont unearthing
of tho villainies in tho Prosiden's
Cabinet, would not now be
brought to light. These are tho results
of Democratic sueccss thus far. Thero
seems to bo only one prominent idea
uppermost in a Republican official,
and that is, how much public money
ho can extort from tho people?the
generality of them, how much he can
steal. And when ho is dotoctod, lie
goos scotl J roe?tho other ollicialtj
covoring up his crimes, and allowing
him a loop hole lljrough which ho may
oscapo. Tho fact is,?a notorious and
undisputed fact, tho rogumy and dishonesty
of public oflicialB both in national
and Stato affairs, is a crying
shamo and a national disgrace to the
Amorican people.
Tlio Domoeraiic party nro determined
to carry the Stato at liio
noxt olcction. Wo have boon imposed
upon ut each eloolion in tho past, hut
never again should wo quietly allow
tho Democracy to bo beatervJjy taking
Hide issues. Lot tho party orgnnizo
thoroughly, and como down in solid
phalanx upon tho harpies at'tho next
election; and to ho ready to do this,
lot cvory good citizen respond hy re-?
gistoring his name in tho nearest
uoinocnuic ciuo. jsvcry good citizcn
in cxpociod to take a (loop and unswerving
interest in those organizations.
There id much to do, and ovory
man is justly expected to do hi
whole duty to his County and Slnto.
SlON TIIE HOT,!.?All poisons who
dosiro to enroll their names as Democrats,
aro notified that Mr. YV. T.
.MeFall, Secretary of the Pickons
Democratic Club, will tako pleasure in
enrolling all who call on him for tluvt
purpose. Como forward and rogistor
your names, and bo white men and
uimg no longor 10 a rouon putriiying
mass of moral and political corruption,
wboao wholo soul and lioart is a ccs*
pool of all political iniquities and mors
al defections?a national disgraco beforo
tho world.
Wo print on our first page Ibis
week sovoral piocos containing the
dovolonomoiits of oilicial rascality al
Abbovillo lias a tiro extinguisher.
+ *?? - I
gfJX., Abbovillo is organizing tbo
straight-out nomocracy. Her pcoplo |
arc in earnest. .So should nil good
citizens everywhere.
-?? ? . - i
2 {}" So mo of tho dark i OA in Andor- i
Ron refiiHO to work for parties belong* j
ing to Democratic clubs. Thoro aio
ni? iw uvmj inmic, jii;<i 1110
"longest polo l<nocl(H down (ho por.
Himmon." I
AN Election will be hold on MONDAY, the
8(1 dny of April next, for Intondant and
F.our Wardens, for the Town of l'iokens, for
[ho onsning year,
J. II CARLISLE, Intondant.
W. M. IIaqood, Clerk.
Candidates On Dry Ticket
v r jhiaulky, intcndant.
W A LcMoy. John L Thoruloy, Alonzo M
Folgcr, W T MoFuli.
March 10, 1870 28 3
Gentlemen, como up nnd settle, if
you dont, look out. No cxcuso hcrcaflor.
A word to the viso is suffiocnt.
nr? a * ? vnimtnr.%1
i?n.. /?. u. fliiurawuii,
All persons indebted to Drs. A. J. Anderson
& Son will call mid soldo.
March lfi, 1S7G 28 ?f
NOTICE is h creby) given (lmt Mnlhcw
^Mnnsell. Administ rntor of the Eslnloof
Godfrey Mauldin lift? this day applied to me
for leave lo make ft Final jSettlement of said
Estate and a discharge therefrom, and the
same will bo heard at my office at Pickens
Court House on Monday. 17th day of April
next. I. II. PHILI'OT, j.r.r.o.
Mai cli 10, 1870 28 4_
NOTICE is hereby given that Lucy H.
HrocK, Administratrix of tho Estate of
W. C. Brock, has this day applied to me for
loavc lo make a Final Settlement of said Ea
Into nnd ft discharge therefrom, nnd the same
will be heard ftt my office, ftl Pickens Oourt
House on Monday, 17th April next.
I II. PHILPOT, j r.r.r.
March 1G, 1876 '28 4
Pickens County.
I)Y virtue of nn order from Hon. T. II.
) Cooke, Judge of the 8th Judlci nl Circuit, I
will sell before the JOourt House door nt
Pickens, <7. II , on Salcday in April next, (lie
following Properly to wit:
Two Hundred and Twenty-five Meres more
or less, situate in l'ickens County, on Twelve
Mile Kiver, adjoining lands oi the Eststcs of
Mnrlhn Parrott, deceased, 11 Y. II. Grillin,
deceased, and others. Sold as the property
of E. II. Griffin. Jr., deceased, for payment of
debts and partition*
Tkkm8?One-half cash, and tho balance on
a credit until the 1st of December next; credit
portion to be secured* by a note with two
pood securities, and a mortgage of tho prcm?
ises. Purchasers to rcccivo tlio routs for the
i\w?cnnl voinv
The Mill Place, containing Tea Acres more
or less, bounded by lands o('\V. A. Lesley.?
Oil litis |>l:ice in a good Mill, a Cotton (jin
and oilier machinery. Tliia Mill is within one
miie of the Court House, and is a valuable
place. Sohl os liie property of K. II. Griffin
.V Brother, for partition and payment of
Tr.itMs?Ono-fourth cash, and the retrainder
on a credit until the 1st of December
next; credit portion to be secured by a uote
with two gocnl Hureties, nnd a mortgage of
the properly.
liy virtue of nil order from I. IT. Philpol,
Ju<lg3 of Probate for Pickens County, I will
sell ul the same place, and on the Hume day,
One Lot of Land in the 7'own of Pickens,
ou the earner of Main and Ann streets, fronting
Fifty Feet on Main and One Hundred Feet
on Ann si reel. Sold as the properly of K.
II. Griffin, Jr., deceased, for payment of
debts and partition. This Lot is nearly oppo.
site the Court House, and the most desirable
Lot for a storo in town.
Teums?One-fourth cash, and the remainder
on a credit until the 1st of December next;
fill* Ortwli J nmd Iah I a Kn onnn i*/nl Ku n ma'a
with (wo good sureties, and ft mortgage of
llie premises. Purchasers to pay for titles to
(lie above lands.
1 will also sell for cash, tlie following property
belonging to (ho Firm of K. 11. Griftin
& lSiother, to wit.
The Kunning Gear of a Sash Saw Mill,
comparatively new and complete, except the
Saw. Also, (lie Running Gear of a Grist
J. Ill MOV FKUGUSON, s.i-.o.
March 10, 187t? 18 8
. riT A\TH I
call tlie attention of llicir friends to the fact,
that, in addition to their
Stock of General Merchandise,
Which is always full in itv varied branches.
They have on hand a quantity of different
Standard Fertilizers, at the following prices'
II radlcy'n Ammonlaled
Cnsli Price, $15 00
Time Price, payable in Currency, {>1 00
Time Price payable in Middling Cotton,
nt 16 cents, 00 00
Cnsli Price, $11 00
Time l'rico, pnynblo ir Currency. 60 00
Time Price, pnynbloin Middling Col
(on at 15 cents, 05 00
(!ftHli I*rlt c, $48 00
Time Price, payable in Currrncy, OS 00
Wilcox tV
t.'awli rice, $55 00
nine n ice, pnyniuo in .Middling Cotlon,
nt 17 cents, v70 00
Freight to bo added from Factory, anil
payable in CASH. AM time Males to he closed
hy note, due 1st day of November next.
Itespcelfully, v
Hasley, H. 0., Feb. 23, 1870 20
IIB7-t9 CDS!s'
ly call tl?o attention of tho publio
to my well boloctod and as- is
sorted stock of ^
aMiiaa iiib iiiimiiB ' rbii naaai
sriuirc abu wUmlk m-ttuuusu
consisting of
Dents' Clotting Made a Specialty.
All of which I will Bell olioap for cash. I
I am still Agont for tho "EUIiK*
KA" FERTILIZER, ono of tho host
in tho market.
Prico pnynblo in cotton at 15c. 1st
Nov., ?00.00 per ton.
Prico navablo iu eurroncv 1st Nov..
$55.00 per ton.
Prico payablo in cnsh on delivery,
$47.50 per ton.
Freight fcG.OO per ton, to bo added
to this point, and must bo paid in
Tjfiflt but not lenst. let mo imnress
_ ? J - ,
it upon thoso who nro duo mo on nc**
count for 1875, Iluit I ncod tho monov
Pay up at onco and favor mo as I
favored you.
I'uh 17, 1H70 21 tf
KANIjKY station, s. v.
to T. >V. JKUSSEL) have
openotl out business at Easley Station,
A. L. IJ. It., and proposo to kcop a
first class stock ol
IW-Rmm einn ftwiiwiau '
Wliicli tliov proposo to sell at bottom
priccs, as the following pricos indi
cato :
v?..? 01 on k i.
i ti\ iwi j i to ii, v1' ? |'^i" uiini;ii.
7-8 Shirting, 8 cont.s per yard.
3-4 Shirting, 0} cents per yard.
Liverpool tfalt, $1.05 per sack.
Sugars, 0 to 10 pounds to tho dollar,
liio Coffeo, best, 4 lbs to the dollar,
(-food Tnliiiftftn ?\t. fifi fAnf? \to.v ll>
Flour, Family, S7 00 per barrel.
C. I{. Baltimore) Jiacon, 13 cent? per
All other things in proportion. Always
in the Corn and Cotton Market;
and other produco taken in exchange
for Ci ood.i.
Uimnosol I ho best on hand. Call
and examine before purchasing.
March 2, 187G 20
\tt^ \ tt r c ta
l\l JL1 V V 3 1 {JKIl,
The umlcrsignod have opcncil ft House in ,
KftHley, nonr their Livery Stable, for the purnnii,
nf r.. 1 i
|'?wv V?m (ft iiUMJjr mm uviivy
Under I ho Firm, name ami style of RICHBY
k WVATT. Tlicy guarantee bottom priccBt i
as they intend selling strictly for cash. Give
them a call.
\f no 10-r ? '? "
i-mmi-jr, piiy icwo 10 ii
WILL lie solil nt l'ickcns Court House on
Nnlcdny in April noxl, I
A LOT OF LAND In the town of I'iokcnH, ,
known in tlic IMut of llio Town n? Lot No. |
.? . Hold n? tho property of E. II. Orif. (
fin, Sr., decertBcd. ^ t
mil .us i;/\su? ruronuBor 10 pay extra lor
On tho *nmo itny, wo will sell n.1! the Notes
nnd AoconnlB npprnlscd worthless, duo said
R. I). KI'.ITII, i
T. A. OKI1'KIN, } Adm'rs.
March 2, 187<i 20 ,r> I
7e W A I) VERT IS. UEJSrT8~ * ^
Duthern lome. f!
school for mmmi i
eonvillo St > Andjrson, S C.
i. J. V. MOORE, 1
8 S. Y. ROBINSON, ( 'nolPa,s- V
a L. BUTLER, Music T her.
IRST Scuaion commcnciiim the 4th of
-lntinnrv. 1870.
V ?. ? ?" J ,
nil the Higher Hmnohea, tiding Fronph
,atiu and Greek, and Mai mlics $16 00 ^
crmcdiate Classes 12 00*
mury Classes 8 00
sic 20 00
' 20 OO
living iiiiu i
!\r(l per month, cxclusivc cashing
and lights 12 60 *
'ftvtjcs bonrillng with tli riucipals will
i'<Vive\Tuition free for onoiion,
Xv nrthcr information, i ess
Mus. J. MOORE,
A son, 8. C. m
M droit', 1870 : 4
STrcttTFF'S N CE, *
milK Trcn^ror lias lodgei my oflico, a
JL number *f Tux Exccutiarhich by lair, ^
1 nni required to '.evy.
Parties will pleftse call artUo, and save
further costs and inconvenio
J, 111 LEY FEljON, n.r.c.
1~- ? \ T
County of Pi<k.
BV virtue of an exccuf] mo directed,
I will soil before (lie I llouso door, ^
nt Pickcns C. If., on snlcti April next,
the following properly, viz
Ono Hundred ncres, inorjcsa, situate In
Pickcns county, on Wcuveiteck, waters of
Oolenoy Hivcr, adjoining lof
Levied on as the property Riuol A. How*
urn, vs. iV. s. KU'Ksy, Aunrnior 01 joraes
Keith, Deceased.
TUtfMS CASH, l'urcln to pay extra -r
for papers.
J. HI LEV FHSON, e.r.c.
Mm*. 0, 1870 4
- . 1 ' ~ +
It is Found rtstj
era is dawning upon the II woman. Hitherto
she has been callcd U to suffer tho
ins oi inanKinu anu tiovn uesiuen.?
The frequent and dislrcf irregularities
peculiar lo licr sex hnvo Ibecn lo licr tho ^
"direful spring of wo<nnunibered."?
In (lie mansion of the ridd in the hovel
of poverty alike woman lipcn the constant *
yet patient victim of n llijnd ills unknown
to ii.an?and these witlf* remedy. "Oh
Lord, how long!" in thjony of hor soul,
hath she cried. Hut no^ hour of her re
dcmptiou income. .S'lic; sutler no more,
l'or l>r. J. Itr.i '1 lie Id's ?;x1c Hegulntor-?
Woman's IJest Friend?for sale by nil respectable
Druggists tl^liont tlio land at
?1.50 per bottle. In aijer column of llii* m
newspaper will bo fot some interesting
particulars concerning Female Regulator
and oilier informaliotlgl'ly important to
Near Maiiietta, < starch 21, 1870.
Messrs. Win, Hooi- Sons:?-Ibont ono
year ago 1 bought a bo of llrndfield'e Feinulo
UcKulator frouV", for one of my
dn lighters who hud be suffering with bud
prrN.icri inclines for time. 1 have had
several physicians ntl/ii'g. ')Ut >uct with no
sncoesH iiiiti! 1 was pia'le'! ?o buy a bottle
of iho lteguinlor, an<|i? l*c very thing for
which ii isrecomtnen/- Shoi? now in per- * ?
feci licnltli. 1 hope'suffering females will
rU least try one hotllnd have health again.
Very respectfull D. DOBBINS.
March 0, 1K7<> 27 4
i\ v i
APPMCATION'iU ho made to 8. D.
Keith, Clerk < >? Court, for a ChnrUr
(commencing fronts' ?lay) for the Median*
ical Union at Kasl Station, South Carolina,
February 2'.), 1K7(
0. I'O. SMI TIF,"President,
P. Vf.KHCHH, Vico-Prcsident,
J. tl'OX, Seo'y & Treasurer.
Mnroh2,1870 20 4
- %
Wo are now prepid to furnish permanent ittu??
tlons for a largo iikIkt of itorson.s, iiuilo and fuinala
whonrc Vr>Wc /1 PMtlcu
IftTH wnt freo On iplicatlon. AtMrc&i, with stampt
BuUtiikkn Co-oitt.mvu Co., Kfuhvlllo, Tenu.*
I7VTTA T 7 V A ?
?J A XLCl. JL1 ?J1 U t
Homestea, ?nd Exemption.
NOTICE is j>rel>y given, (lint Nancy C.
Stewart, fidow of A. J. Stewnrl, d?- f
jcftscil, lina mile application to inc, to have
i Homestead hi olV to her, out of the Estate
if Mniil ilopf>avtr4 Aiul ll? ?! I will nfiMH llDOll
lie samo at mjcflico in tho Court House at
I'ickcns, Soul) Carolina, on Wednesday,
April 6th, A. L 1870, at 11 o'clock, a. m. ^
I. ii. l'HILrOT, j.I'.p.o.
Fob 17, 1H7( '-*1 0
Homestead and ExemptionVTOTICK
is huroby (jiven, tlint 0. II. 0.
1.1 Smith, ol I'ickcns Connly, South Caroll
iiv, lins applied lo mc for Homestead and %
I'xernplion in (he Heal Kstate and Personal
Property oflbesaid (). H. C. Hmitli; And thai
[ will pns.i upon lho same at my otlice in the
,'ourt House at Pickens, South Carolina,
>11 Monday, April 8d, A. 1). 187ti, at 11 a. m,
I. H. IIIM'OT, j.p.P.O.
Feb 17,1870 24 C
E. J. POTTER, M. D7~
.rJAiSlji'jY H I Ai'lUa, u.
KADUATti of a regular chattered school. ^
JT Tlio Dr. will respond to all calla with.
lispfttch. All ciiftoa strictly confidential.
'rivfttc tlincases treated in all their varied
'oruiM, with the errorii of youth and the dia-?
sases of women and children.
Jau 0, 1870 18 3m
IMVliiE C, K? 5, C. . f
Practicea in (Jomta of Pickona
Uounty, ;uul in United Statea Court* ***

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