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The Pickens sentinel. (Pickens, S.C.) 1871-1903, March 16, 1876, Image 4

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What They WoregAjjtbj
unaiity ball in Now York J
crty tJioXoUowiug notca on drees wore
\a\<iif f>y fi re^oi-tor:
Mrs. John O. Fromont wore a pink
8i 1 k, covorod with deep Valenciennes
lacoLcUrtn^iul ornaments.
mra. A. T, Stewart, a pnlo l?luo
corded silk, with Waterau back and
trail of maroon colored ve\v,o|; from
of, bu6q,i)q and decorations of Iront of
elrirhnf t li i? sil 11 > < > tfnlunl' ftwi
Utlll V \/? X/ ? v? ? V J v I V# ?? IIUIV
ti imod \yitl? point aignil!o luco; necklaeo
of golo and diamonds, earrings
of largo emeralds; back comb arna~
ni(jul^d MUfyrubbios and diamonds;
cdrttfhrfc of white and red ruses.
Mrs. Edward Cooper, lavender
i~.i -Mi. ?-?i ?! ?- ; -
ui uvtt < wi enu\, viiininuu Willi I.1U1IH
'aiguille lace, diamond ornaments,
and Lead dress of white roses.
Mrs. John E. Robinson, black silki
pVoiitsely trimmed with hows of orange
and scarlet ribbons; magnilicont
diamond ornaments.
Mrs. S. L. M. Barlow, black velvet,
trimmed with deep falls of Dueliessc
lace; lace boitha; diamond
jewelry and coiil'uro of white ostrich
M:es Dana, daughter of diaries A1-ana,
pale blue corded silk, trimmed
with point appliquo lace; coiffure ol
ostrich feathers.
Mrs. Algernon S. Sullivan, pink
silk trimmed with point applique
lace and natural fluwe; pearl and di'i
jnond ornaments.
Mrs. Benjamin K. Phelps in maize
colored bilk trimmmed with wide
bands of black velvet; bail powdered
and ornamented with ostrich plumes;
diamond ornaments.
Mrs. Dudley K. Phelps, in while
silk, trimmed with wide festoons o
natural flnwnrn nt.l i\r?inf. nwrnill^.
- I" b"
lace; lionddi esa of roses.
Mrs. Chester A. Arthur and Miss
Froneh. both whito silk, trimmed
with point aiguille lace; diamond ornaments.
Mrs. ThornHick?, pink silk trim*
-i .. ? i
liiuu Willi uuup poilll 111C0.
Mrs. 0. N. Ostrandor, preen bill:
trimmed with point applique hice.
Miss Ellen E. Fullett, daughter ot
Alonzo Follett, light blue silk. Ilor
sister, Miss Ilortie M. Follett, light
green silk. <
A whitfi silk nrwl mnmnn vnluni i
costume, heavily trimmed with deep
flounces of old Duchesso lace, and
magnificent, necklace, earrings and 1
armlets ot diamonds, was much ad- '
Among tho other costume* wore
the following: A dark green velvot
1 1 i t i .
emoroiuereu wun wnite iloss, and oiv ,
unmerited with heavy wliito cording. ,
A canary colored brocaded silk; ,
over dress and bine silk skirt. I
A blaelc velvet 'ousquo with maize i
colored skirt, black volvet sash, trail ?
and bows, and the wholo ornamented I
with natural flowers. i
A light pink silk trimmed profuse* (
ly with tiny pink Ilowors. '
A jjurplo velvet robe heavily trim" (
med with point aiguille lace beaded *
at intervals by largo bunches of (
bl ight colored flowers.
A whito silk and black silk velvoi
*lpnoo tli? i > ? *
ml voo. uivj i >\ u SUI1I5 Ulillltr It I >i >11 I
i l'
equally jn*oporti >nc?l, tlio corsagc^ ^
front and back, sliouMors, and (lie
shirt ornamented with largo nosc^ %
gays. v
ol> -
Dkf.I' Plowing.?On the ncvontli ol ()
last May, says a correspondent; we i '
commcncod i>!f?vvin<Y rvi.rli*- t
I - r> ??V.lV.O Wl
Hlalk ground for corn. Wo plowed
about two days, when wo brolc tbo y
new point on tlio plow. Having but e
one now point, and being unablo to t'
obtain any for Bovcral days, wo put H
on an old one. With tbo new point *'
. . .....
wu jinnvTu jiuoiiL eight inclics deep? i
at least two inchos deeper than the |
field had ever been plowed boloro.? g
With the old point we could plow v
deeper than the field had boon plowed.
Tho corn rows woro marked out one
way across tho strip of land plowed
deep. When wo mimn 1a l.n^lr n.?
corn, wo obtained ton bushels of wound
cars for one of soft on thi.s strip; but
on both sides, on the shallow plowing I
it was ono fourth soft. I think that I
during tho wet weather of .July and 1
August the deep plowing furnished
better drainage, drawing oil" the water
I.O !1 ll/'l.lli 'I'"" I
? .. "v|.vii( i uu 111 iif;ii wnior ci
i? uh injurious lo corn na too lit tin,? <'o
Pi^lmbly f.onio ono who heliovon in
nkimming the ground over, throo or
four inchcx doop, can oxplain i', uth- |(l
orwisc, Lot u3 iiorc from them. | Uu
. ..j
A Model Firo Department
Thoeliiof engineer of tho Wilmington
tiro department ciuuo ovor to onr
town tho othor day, says Max Adolor,
upon a visit to tho chief oi our department,
whoso name is Jacobs; and
it struck Jacobs that it would be a |
first rato Idoa to show tho visitor j
how very officiont pur flip departmont
is. So Jacobs got an old tar
barrel and sot it upon tho roof of his
stablo, and touchod it off \Vitlva match
Whon it bogan to burn pretty freely
lw il t -? < ?
m guvvi mu nignm iuf U1U aiarm, remarking
at tho samo timo to tho WiU
mington man:
"You'll seo that firo put out in about
four seconds by tho boys."
They waited four seconds for tho
boys, but they didn't como. Thoy
wailed fUtoon minutes; and still nobody
came. Jacobs was tin ions, and
as tliO barrel was burning vory near
tu niu rum, no soih .1 uoy arounu to
tlio nearest ?ngino liouso to nscortain
what was the matter. Whon the boy
came back ho said tho firemon woro
all out at a picnic excopting tho mombora
of llio Washy Hose, who had
gono over to Paucador to light a
couple of roosters.
l.liirt limn lliA l-nnf /\f (!>/%
? J - V..W K..V Ulllll
was on firo, and Jacobs was pretty
near crazy. Tho visitor wanted to
telograph over to Wilmington for his
department, but Jacobs allodgo that
he'd lot tho eternal oarth burn to
charcoal befoio he'd consont to such
a thing. Thon ho sent a man on a
iast norso lo bring Uio boys in from
that picnic, and by tho titno they
roaclicd tho ongino houso tho etablo
was in ashes, and Peter's stablo, noxt
door, had begun to .burn. So when
the engines arrived, Jacobs dircctcd
thom to play upon that, and then
thoy got to work; but after pumping
ior a wm 10 without getting any wator,
Jacobs was just about losing his senses,
when Air. McAllistor carno up and
mentioned that tlio supervisors had
let all tho water out of tho reservoir
so as to clean it. Then Jacobs sat
down to fan himself, and to try to decide
whether to commit snieiitn
lofcVC tljo country. And tlio Wilmington
man wont homo with the
idea, that lie hadn't much to learn
from Jacobs about extinguishing tires. ,
Scene in a Trim, Justice's Office.
?31 r. Orant.?Mornin Judge. I come
-mi jv uiruuiuHu\ncio 1 want you to doluridalo.
Judge.? Well, out with it.
Grant.?Well, <lo whole circumstance
oh do bisiniss am dis:* You seo>
Judge, in slabory tiino, 1 had treu wife
:>n tree plantation. i)ey got long herI'V
Woll lr?f*n/l/lnn *
j ...jjw.uvi j luiuii was apart
md I was well satisfaction, hut ninco
rebel timo deso 'dovised Htatuos' foteh
up all dose dorn nonsenso laws bout
man an wife, and I fino I aint got no
kvifo tall. I*8 no joetion to dat but jia
icros whar de shoe ]>inch, jin hero I
kvant your legal precision. Do fae is,
Fudge, 1 want's to jino do church. Do
joss lender say I can't como in unloss
[ get legally married. Now. kin I
' J
jordin to law, married aii troo, or mus
I married but one? Ef you say but
>11o, and I 'tempt it. my 'spoctable
bulge, you bolior b'lovo dar will bo
Ic berry dobbil lis on dat 'cafiion in
lat church.
Judjjo.? Mr. Grant, under the ciru
instances, 1 seriously advise you to
ub out all old scorcs and begin afresh. ,
iiarry ?'i new wife. i
Omni.?Dat'n my lian! J goon in for i
'on J udgo* all do lime. I tell you
vliilo folks in smart. WlmV dcj' cant
4'awttsli out, cullud folks no uso try
larsa quarter, Judge.?News and
M the marriage ot itti Alabama
ndowor, one of the servants was ask.
(I if his mnstcr would take a bridal
our. aJ)anno, Pah; when old ?nis~
us's alivo he took a ]>addle to her;
unno it ho will take a bridle to de
ow ono or not?
? ? ?
The proverb ku)'h, "Laugh and
row fat.'' What a saving of corn it
vould bo if'pigH could laugh.
Q, ?/?/,.. 1? I.' i?
i) li DUWl'll.
Jlej'rcsrntdlive?I) F 15rndley.
Cleric of f'"url?S l> Keilli.
,/ii'lye of /' oliutc?I II 1'liilpot.
Sheriff? .1 Itilcy t'crnuson.
<' >r ./// / Wiim ii lloyd.
ficho ! < '>fnmixxiotifr?It A Dowou
??r * * ?
i rvxurcr /\ UUMI. M
Auditor?Alor/.o M t'olger. I|:
(Jn u?t>/ Cnminiisidmrs?Joint 'I' (inssoit,
i: ii*m ?n Roburl Ciiii^-, <J M Lynch. Clerk
uinly (' iiiiini.ssioners, <' l< llollingsworili. |?
Tn ! .In I'dxl //. I n!;?' I. Arinil- .SV? w
htii'. ' '? rlnyion ('iii/int, !;iint'8 A 01
add I / 7c/ /. (' //., (J 1. Hollin^* wort h 41
d U W Tuylvr- -JJacusvill< , J J5 Sutherland.
$ K VVt A1) V KM WW 'I S.
It Pays! It FaysII
IT PAYS every Manufacturer, Merchant,
Mechanic, Inventor, Farmer, or Professional
man, to keep informed on all the improvements
and discoveries.of thomg?.
been published weekly (or the liVst thirty
years, does this, to &n extent beyond that of
any other publication, in fact it is (lie only;
weekly paper published in the United States,j
devoted to Manufacturers, Mechanics, Inventions
and New Discoveries in the Arts and
Every number is profusely illustrated and
its contents embrace'thc latest and most interesting
information pertaining to the In-*
dustrial, Mcchanicnl, and Scientific l'rogresa
of tlie World: Descriptions, with Beautiful
Engravings, of Now Inventions, New I tuple-"
ments, New l'rocess, and Improved Industries
of all kinds; Uuseful Notes, Ucceipes,
Suggestions antl Advice, l'riict/oal Writers,
for Workintoft and HmployiSrs, ill all tho
various arts, forming a complete repertory of
New Inventions and Discoveries; containing
ii weekly record not only of the progress of
the Industrial Arts in our own country, but
also of all New Discoveries and Inventions iti
every branch of Engineering, Mechanics, find
Scionce abroad.' ?
.Tho Scientific American has been the foremost
of all industrial publications for the past
Thirty Years. It is tho oldest, largest, cheapest,
and the best weeklv ilhistrfuml nnno.
voted to Engineering, Mechanics, Chemistry,
New Inventions, Science mul Industrial Progross,
published in tlic World.
Tho practical receipts arc well worth ton
times the subscription price. And for the
shop and house will save many times (lie cost
of subscription.
.Merchants* Farmers, Mechnnicv Engineers,
Inveiitorsv Manufacture its, Cheirtists,
L?vers, of Science, and People 6f nil l'r&fcs
sions, will fincl tlie Scientific American useful
lo thcni. It. 8lionld have a place in every
Family, Library, Study, Office, and Counting
Room; in every Reading Itoom, Collqgc and
School. A new volume commences January
1st, 1870
A year's numbers contain 832 pagas and
Several Hundred Engravings Thousands of
volumes arc preserved for binding and reference.
Teru-S, a year by mail, including
postage. Discount to Clubs. Special
nipKiilnon ~ -? ' *
Viiiw laiua num. irec. SMIlgie
copies mailed on receipt of 10 ccnts. May
he had of nil News Dealers.
T> \rlTIV\TrnQ In connection wi(h
JL Jlx. X .1 J IM _LlO, tho Scientific American,
Messrs. Mi nn & Co. arc Solicitors of
American and Foreign Patents, and have the
largest establishmentsjn the world. More
than fifty thousand applications have been
made for patents through their agency.
Patents arc obtained on the best terms,
Models of New Inventions ami Sketches ex amined
and advice free. A special notice is
mnclc in I lie SCIENTIFIC A MIiltlCAN of nil
Inventions Patented through this Agency,
with 11'c name and residence of the l'nlenleo.
Patents arc often sold in part or whole, to
persons attracted to the invention by such
notice. Send for Pamphlet. (.Mnlaiiiiug full
directions for ?>1 ?t?ininpc Patents. A lound
volume containing the Patent Iiinvs, Census
of the L*. S , ami I !'J Engravings ot inoohanleal
movements. Price fio cents.
Address for the Paper, or concerning Patents,
MUNN & ('<). .'57 Park Ko<v. New York
Kraii 'h ollice, Cor. F. 7th Streets, Washingt
tn, I).
I ... I! I
Encourage Homo Enterprise ar.d Home People
vs '?% fe ' ?; ?< ' '?<' ) ' (t;
Geo. S. Hacker,
Tho only Cnrolininn engnsigcd in lite mnn
jfaetiirr of Doors, Mnsli, P.Hii'ls, Moulding J
mil Turned Work in OhnrlcMon, M.
Prices ri* low u '\y other Jiouso, uu'd nil!
,vork firal-clnsp. no 550-1 y
8 U BSCJi I B E'|
FOR Tin:
rMlS mm.
'kl " k.(lnv fr 11 !i in 111 ni 11 ii<i!ih> a.i.. U'I.M [ i
T\l (Ii:ll k l)'lMI,r,S. s'i<jO a montii
aid lo good njronl*. Augor BooMYce. Jilx, ^
uger Co., SI. LouiB, Mo.
illn, Bonds and Borage Slumps Wnntod I
for rarest liilis. ?10 IVir rnrnm ti nm,. i. 1
ill finy to f end (hum iumic iialcly. /flso!
tier c11rio.silio.-4. Aiucricau 6luinp Co., l!ox
115, New York. j a
JDcc, 2 JI \ 1
i'U. ff'ffpiwprwwjjj ? .jjtwiiLiu^.u
^ to\v A I>VRTrna M 7?N'n? I,
1*11-li HOX.S di^lIOOL.
. fTlHE Rdho^ftstio ycrir diviitdd into two
_1_ Terms of 20 weeks ?uich. Tlio First Term
commences Jniijiiiry l^lli, and ends Juno I'd; |
uuvvuu vviikuiuiivih juiy nil, ana
eiuls November 18lh.
> SHidotits entering witlrln two wc6ka after
the commencement of tho Tonus, will be
charged for (lie whole Term ; thoso entering
nfter this time, from Uja/lirae of entering.
It ia moro satismcfoiy tiiwL SludentR enter
at the commencement, when the several
IcI?hbc!# at-o forming,
Course of Study.
- - - ? "? "? ' * ...
juniolt ofcass.
1st Term?.Spelling hnd Reading.
2d Term?(Spelling nnd Rending continued;
Vriniuvy Geography; .Vental Arithmetic,
Exercises in -Writing.
1 ntkloli;l>iati; cl./ifs.
1st Term-J-Spoilidg and Rending continued:
viuuj;i"u|tiiy uuninuicu; i ni roUucing English
Grammar; Elements of Written Arithmetic;
Kxerciscs in Writing.
:iil Term?Spplliag an>l Heading coitinned;
Klemenls'ot' Written Arithmetic completed,
Iplermediate Geography completed; Analytical
English Grammar; Primary U. S. History;
Exercises in Writing.
1st Term?English Grammar completed; Physical
Geography; Common School Arithmetic}
Towns Analysis of Words;
.? i ni ^ -
zu icrm?ureene's; Analysis of English
Language; Arithmetic continued; Smaller
Composition;'Higher U. b". History.
1st Term Latin Grammar and Ifarknoss' Hirst
Latin ltook; Latin Header; Davies' Algebra;
! History of England.
2tl Term ? Tour Hooks of Coesm; Arnold's
second Latin Hook on Analysis of the Latin
Sentence; Greek Grammar; Kendrick's
Greek Ollendorff'; Greek Header: 1)nVirt?'
Algebra completed; Natural Philosophy.
1st. Term?Six Hooks of Virgil; Grcrk
Header completed; Plain Geometry; Higher
Composition niul Rhetoric.
'2J Term?Sallust's Catalinc & Jugurtha:
Xenophon's Anabasis; Higher Algebra
commenced; Solid nml Spherical Gtomc
try completed; Chemistry.
1st Term?Cicero's Select Orations; Xenoplionp
Memorabilia; Trigonometry and Surveying;
Roman History; Latin Prose Composition.
"id Term?Horace ontire;"Six Books of tin
Hinds: Greek l'roso Composition; Algebra
com plot tul; Astronomy.
The above course will prepare can
didatcs for admission into the Soimiomokh
Ci<\ss of any ol our Southerr
CollegOH. Students, who do not ^tan??
a natisfactorj' examination upon the
several studies ol each class, will not
be allowed the privilege to advance to
the next bijxher, but bo retained in
such ela^s, til! all the studies ol it b?satisfactorily
l'i:u TKltU.
Junior Class, - - 810.01
Intermediate Class, - ? 12.r?(i
Senior - . ]Q.0(
Preparatory Department, SiO.OO
No deduction will lio mado for lost
limo except from prolonged sickness
Montlily reports ol punclulily, de?
porltnenl, and recitations in cntu .-in
dv, will l>o furnished parents.
J. II. (JA ULlSLJ'j, Principal.
I),!C. is7."> I?
, . . . J I II
Agents Wanted For tho
Trr7~Tvr jTxr 1 ^ narrative of Iho oxjdoits, adtvr
ivent lives ami travels of Mad!
I" hunc L. J. VHLaSQUI:/, hi Iter?
i_~~! wiko known as l.T. 11A1111V T.
llUPi'uUD, 0" s. a. A 'iVuo Southern
Heroine. Kdited by WOHTIUNUTON;
late U. S. Navy.
MADAMK VKLASQUK'/,, tli.^guiscil as a
Confederate officer, part icipntcd in a number
of I lie hardest fought battles of the late war,
anil greatly distinguished herself by the extraordinarv
valor she dinnlnvmi ?i.?
^ k?"j vv\> mhv iiiau
distinguished hcrsplf us a
and on numerous occasions ran through tlie
Federal line* and obtained information
of vital importance to tlio Confederate commanders.
Obtaining admission behind the
t-'Cl'.NKH AT WASH I.\(iT()N#
she established confidential relations with
prominent Federal olheials; was concerned i
i lie great
j-.o.M) SWINDLE, '
by which liic United .States Treasury suffered i
to the extent of millions ot' dollurs; was ac?
t ively engaged in blockndc-runing, and in
by which the work of recruiting the Federal
armies was so seriously impeded; and was
the heroine of a number of exploits even more
intcrcslint^than those of the battle field. It
also < ntams a history of her Mining on the
I>?/>ifi~ i! I > ?' ' * ~
. ..vint, .jiujir, iici' i ruveis i? i.iirope, Houth
America, and among the Mormons, Love,
Courtship, Marriage, etc.
The above facts are substantiated by leading
men both South niul North who participated.
No book of snob varied and intense j
intere st as 1 ho Woman in Uattlohas ever been I
issued in America.
Agents wanted in every county in (lie |
United Slates. Agents can make more money I
i>y canvassing for I his book than any others,
as i( is the cheapest, as well as the best Helling
Agents' hook ever published. The book
is a largo octavo volume of over 000 pages,
profusely illustrated. We print, bind and
publish our own books; hence, can allow larg
er commissions than any other house. Secure
your choico of territory nt once. Address
Houtlcrii B*iiI?I3sIiing Co.
UOlt. i'livon am) mitciiki<i? Stiikkth.
JftnO, 1S76 18 8
IiAw N?<icc.
Tlic undersigned, having resumed tho prnc
icc of law, will attend the Courts on tho 8th
ludicial Circuit. Ilusino s left with Wm. H '
Inarood. at I'iolton* (' II will 1... ......v <t.. I
- " i" "... 1.1 ijr
ill elided lo. J. W. IMltUJSON. ;
Nov. M, 187-1. !
I *
V. ! :. IIOIi('()MItK. 15. A. CHILD <
Itilrt,' i
A T'/'Oi; X/:Y,S' AT LA IV.
I \ T ! 1.1/1*ItA('TH!K in Circuit, Probnte, nn<1 1
rV Trail .1 ii ilicn <'< uriH of tIlia 8lnlo. All '<
usiiic- j colriiHtcd to il>oii> willrcccivo prompt
Sept l'J b ly
! ' 1 "i in .
Souili Carolina Railroad.
B8T0N, 8. C., Doto. 18, 1875.
'^Onnilil* nft'W Sunday, Docombor 19, tho
Passenger Tiftlnsr on the South Carolina
Rujlroad will run fts follflwst
i (SumUys cxcoptcd.)
Xciiyo Charleston 0 lf> a in
Arrive at Columbia 6 00 p m
(Buudnyts excepted.)
Ldnvo Chnrleaton 9 15 n tii
Arrive at Augu?Ui , 5 15pm
' (AtndiiyH cxcdpted.)
Louvd Coldrtibift 9 00 n m
iClmvlcsLgn .-445pm
Lonvo Augusta 9 00 ft 111
AvIiVo tit (JhnvlcstoU 4 45 p m
nmmini i micmit pvnnijl.h
vuu>x?.?i< H1UU1 lllll UliOO,
Lenv.d Oliutlcstori . i 9 15 p m
Arrive lit Columbia . 7 20 u rn
Leave (Viiilmiljia ' 7 00 p m
Arrive at Clinrleslon 0 '10 a m
Leave Charleston 8 00 p m
Arrive at Augusta 7 -15 a n>
Leave Augusta 8 SO p m
Arrive ni ChnHeston 7 40 a m
(Sundays excepted.)
Leave .Nuinmervillo at 7 30 a m
Arrive at Charlestpu 8 45 a ni
Leave Charleston .'5 15 p m
Arrive at Suminervillo 4 30 p in
Connects at Kingvillc daily [except Suns
witli Up and Down Day and Passenger
b'r.'UiiHl t i
I ) n v nn.t Mir.1.1 T
j * i?1111 o UUI1IIUUI Jll iVU|^U.il(V j
with Georgia: Railroad, iVac6n and Augusta '
Railroad and Central llailro.nl. 7'liis route
via Atlanta ia the quickest and most direct
route, and as comfortable and cheap as any
other route, to Montgomery, Solma, Mobile,
New Orleans, and nil other points Southwest.,
in 1 to Louisville, Cincinnati, Chicago, St.
Louis, and all other points West and Northwest.
Day Train connects at Columbia with tho
Through Train on Charlottee Koad (which
,v...vu . ? p. >u.j iui ?>i |ioims jvorui.
Night Train connects with Lo-ml Train
[which leaves Columbia at 8 a. ui.] for points
on Chariotlo Koad.
Laurens Railroad Train connects at Newberry
on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
Up Columbia Night Train connects closcly
with the Greenville and Columbia, ltailroad.
S. S. SOLOMONS, Superintendent.
S. H. I'ickk.s's, (J en oral Ticket Agent.
Greenville & Columbia R R.
cuanoi: of sciibdule,
Passenger trains run daily.Sundays excepted,
connecting with night trains on South
I'aitslina l.'ailroad up niul tlown. On and aft
or .Vouduy, Dccembor !the following will
1)0 the Schedule:
Leave Columbia at ~ "<> > '
Leave Al.st011 ul 0. lo a m
Leave Newberry nt 10.::.*, a ni
Leave < 'okeslMiry at _> 1,7 j, |n
Leave Helton at 3.f,() j, n,
Vrrivc at Greenville nt 5.25 p 111
Leave Greenville at 8.00 a m
I.vavo Helton at. 0.4(1 a 111
Leave ('oliesbiiry 11.20 a 111
w;nve Newberry at 2.10 n 111
Leave Alston at 4.20 p m
\rrive nt Columbia nt 5.06 p 111
? Conned ut Alston with Trains on the
<j> irctnhnvft ami Union Kailrond ; connect i:t
Colombia with Night Trains on the South Car
ilina llailroad ?ip anil down ; also with Trail :
tjoing North and South on the Charlotte, Cchimhia
and Augusta and I lie Wilmington. Cojuni;viLLii
Tram leave Abbeville at 11.15 a m., connect
mg with Down Train fr tin Greenville. Lea*
t'ukosbury at 2.1f> p in., connecting with I ]
I'rain from Columbia. Aecoinninrlni inn Trutr.
Moti'luys, Wednesdays and Fridays. Lcaji
Ookesbury at 11.15 n in., or on tho arrival c
i he Down Train from Greenville. Leave? Al
hevillc at 1 o'clock p. in., connecting with I i
Train front Cuto?.
I.oavc Walliftlln at f>.00 a ni
heave I'erryville nt C.-l.r) a in
Leave I'cndlolon al 7.Ho a m
Leave Anderson at 8.115 a ni
A) rive at Helton at 9.20 a m
Leave J'.elton nt 3.50 p m
lionvo Anderson nt 4.50 p m
Leave l'ondlclon nt 5.50 p m
Leave l'crryvillo (5.85 p ii
Arrive sit WnlUnlla 7.15 pm
Accoiiiniiniiition Trains between Bcllonnml
'i* 1 .... -
..?m>:i mi. >'i? i m-niiiiyM, i mirsuays aiul Hiitur*
I lys, Leave I Sell 011 atO.fjO a in., or on arrival
of I)o\vn Train from Greenville. Leave
\mlerson ut 'J.<10 p hi,, connecting with Up
General Superintendent,
J a nt:/. Norton, Jr., General Ticket Agent
Atlanta & Richmond Air Line Railway.
Leave at Atlanta at 4 10 p in
Leave Toccoa City at 9 00 p in
Leave Westminster at 9 51 p ni
Leave Seneca City at 10 'J1 j> id
Ijcixvo Uonlnil at 10 A 7 p nt
l.ocvo Kasloy at 1 I 150 p ni
Leave Greenville as 12 12 a in
Leave Spartanburg at 141 a m
Arrive al Charlotto at 5 150 a m
pa8hksoku Tit A in WF.STWAUt*?daii.Y.
Leave Oltarlolto at 8 00 p m
,,cave .Spartanburg at 11 51 p m
Leave (Iroenvillo at 1 28 p in
Leavo liasloy at 1 61 a to
ijuiitu i.ciuiin in, '2, 28 n in
l.c&vo jjcncca City at 8 O'J a m
[.rave WHtmiiiHtcr nt 8 34 a m
Leave Tuccoa City at 3 34 a ni
\ilive at Atlanta at 1) 30 atin
Colon IhI.n, Iliiiig an(M ami
rn. _ .1 - . *mmr ' -
1-uvvii'i'N neNiwara.
For ninp circulars, condensed lime (aides
nd general information in regard to trans,
lortation facilities lo all points in Tonnesseo,
Arkansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Colorado,
(ansas, Texas, Iowa, New Mexico, Utah and
/alifornin, apply lo or address Ai.hcut u
Vkknn, General T'migrant Agent, Uflice No.
: II. I. Kiintuit House, Atlanta, Ga.
No one tjhon'.d go West without first get- '
ing in con"" nication with (he General 1
'migrant Afccnt, mid liecoine informed as to 1
uiieriur advantages, cheap and quick transtort
nt'mn of families, household goods, stock.
mi Miming iniplemonlsi generally. '
All i it form at ion cheerfully given. '
ny!) Cm 0. 1'. &'J'. A. '
ix? ?jjl ii mi in 111?rgg >
n m\ A.o v wK'jjiajsMfiNTS
L i VI i\ \ r\ f\ I
lunajf st.j vuom Sixth 19 $[?y?f7yj?
P ortable and Sta tioniary,
a 4 ? 1 _ ~
ouw nuns, uriBl IJOllOtSr, UllMtingS of
Hraaa nnd Iron, Forgings, &,e. ..j ,,n
In alt its brandies, done by oxpoiienQfcd hands
J Ml'ROVED FORT Alii* ENQtNp% for N
driving Cotton Gins, Threshing Machines,
Separators, Grist. Mills, &c. A nuififoer b'f
secondhand Engine# nnd lioilers y/\ various
patters, in first iate.order, on hand,(
Repair wOrk solioited an I 'promptly dort<5.
Wll 1.1 111 1 VI M II
?? m, li. Q&, \J\J,
Oct 14, 7 4iy' *
. \ >
' *Just
Published, in a Scilcil Envelope* Pri?4
Six Cents. ,
A T.Anfncn /?" ll.o. fP 1 !l>'??
.. _v..?iv v,.. ?lv kuiiiiv, a i rumioui-, nnu
Radical euro of Seminal Weakness, on Speri
nmtori'htofl, induced by Self-Abu(so;* InVoluniarv
Emissions, Inipotcncy, NcrrpiiB Dos
biiily, and 1 irpediments to Marriage gen- It
crally; Consumption, Epilepsy, and. Fits;
Mental and Physical Incapacity, &<}.?Py
KOEEKT .T. CULYEllWELE, M. P?,author
of the 'Green Hook," &c.
The worbl-ronnlf nnd imllm- in
rnblc I.eel tiro, clearly proves from his own '
experience that the n^vful consequences of
Self-Abuse may bo effectually removed with-'
out medicine, and without dangerous eurgieal
operations, bougies, instruments, rings, Or
cordials; pointing out a mode of cure at once
ccrtnin and.effectual, by which every suffeflrtf,
no matter wlmt liis condition may be, W?y
cure himself cheaply; privntolyand radically.^
&&" ti, is Lecturo will prove a boon to
thousands and thousands. Sent, under seal, in
a plain envelope, to any address, on' MCelpl
of six cents, or two postugo stamps. }
Address the Publishers.
41 Ann St., Wow York; Post Oflicc Box,458<J.
I :ui 1 :s, 1 S7?i 19
I tnkc lliis method of informing my friends
that I will bo found in my office on each *
SATURDAY, for (he purpose of Iransacting
any business Unit comes under my jurisdiction.
As niV lllltir>? nQ i ?!?1 **
. viiuui v.Kiiiiniosioiier rriu
compel ine lo lie absent in dilfcrenl'porti! of
the county, 1 mnko this special nppoiutmeut
for i lie buiefit of nil concerncd.
It. A. P>0\VEN,
no25 ly ^cool Commissioner
\\r K wnnl some one in every county to
YY tnke orders nnd ilelivcr good* for th?
?M .....11..t " " ? "
B v. i>. iiouse. i,arge e?th
wages. Splendid cliancc in every neighborhood
lor the right person of either sex, young ^
or phi. .Samples, IVcc and post paid. Send
For it nl otu'o and nuihc money at your liomea.
Address. II. J. HALL & (JO. IS N. Howard
Street, llal.simorc, J/d
Oct 1875 8 3m
l.irfiw? ami 8eln *
auMjj ttubi um yi/ftyiyiii
I'nrtics desiring to hire convcyanco to g
lMckcns Court IIousc, Table Hock and other
points, cnn l>e Accommodated at my Siuulvs,
at all lioura of tho day and nicrht. Pur
" " I
qLasers can also he supplied with Hood Stock
at rcasonableprices.
fci/" Kcgulnr Mail Line to I'ickcna Courlr
house daily. (Sundays excepted.) ^
U It'll BY & W Y ATT.
1'atdcy Station, .S. 0'., Aug, .*1, 1875.
no 19-1 y
TO tfcOH Pcr llny ! Agents wanted.
<pU All classcs of working pco*
plo, of either sox, young or old, mnkc moro
money ni work for us in I heir Bpave mo?i
monts, or nil the lime, ihon at anything elsoj
P;\rtirnlnr? free. Address U. y'l'INfcJON &CO.
Portland, Maine.
Butler & McBee,
SSiESiWfllLllaB, S. ?,
*"> 1 A 1 J'?h. ^
Sent *28 10 i#
Absolute divorckb obtained*
. from Courts of different States for
Bcrtion, kc. No publicity required. No
cburgu until divorce granted, Address,
M. HOUSE, Attornoy, %
<10 Cm 101 Broadway, n. V.
KOIlTOar ?fc SIA(400?,
rr? u <7V n/ kvi ** >*
jruj&iKiiaiiy? ?u ?
1 XT ILL givo thoir attention to -the Praotloc
VV and to the Collection of Pension*,
Bounty Land and nil other Claims. ^
Walhalla, 8. 0, Pickeuu, 8, C.
July 27th 1871. 1 tf?
111*. It. J. <<J111I1AIK<1
HAVING relumed mul pcrnuuiontly located
fit l'ickcnMvUlc, renjipctfully oflfjra
lis Professional scrviccs to t lie citizen* of that
.ioinity and Hurroimdihg country. Charges
Muy 0 41
rn ma Eig SPSS
Pui(l> "Dels. Address
Tho Sun/' N. V.

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