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am? i ! J., " 1
9. r. BBADLSY, Editor and Proprietor.
T? ;' irl '
Terms of,Siibdcrlftioi|k
One Year . . . .. r ........ $1 50
01s Months 76
- Advertising Rates. >
AdtertUlomentsinBertedalthe rate of $1 00
Mr square, of (9) nine lines, on lbss, for the
Itst insertion, and 60 cents for each sub?e
<|HVUV iUOflllVU.
Contraois mado for tiirbk, six or tvtblvi
Months, on favorable terms.
Advertisements not having the ntitnber of
Insertions marked on them, trill bo published
until forbid and charged accordingly.
These terms are so simple any ohild may
understand them. Nine linon is a onuarn?
one Inch, In every instance we chargo by
the apaoo eooupied, as oight or teu lipes can
t?? made to oooupy four or five squares, as the
advertiser may wish, and is charged by the
)9* Advertisers will please state (he number
Of squares they wish their advertisements
0 make.
Business men who advertise to be
benefitted, will bear in mind that the
8KNTINEL has a large and increasing circulation,
and is taken by the very class of
persons whoso trade they desire.
Thursday, March 28, 187(1,
Editorial Correspondence.
Columbia, S. C., March 17, 1876.
Dear Sentinel: In my last lottor I
BpoKo ot tno onargos against tho official
oonductof Judgo Mackey, as well
as his reply to thom. On Saturday
last a resolution looking to an invcBtigation
was introduced, but was indefinitely
postponod by a vory largo
majority. The following extract from
the journal of tho llouso explains tho
position I held on tho question:
"Mr. 13radloy stated that on account
111- 1 '
vi ninuaH no waa aosent, irom tho
Houso on Saturday lnet when tho voto
on tho question of indefinitely postponing
tho rosolution to investigate
the official conduct of Judgo T. J.
Mackoy was taken, but had ho boon
presont ho would have voted "no."
All tho other Consorvativos present,
oxccpt Ferguson of Groenvillo, voted
in favor of indefinite postponement.
Thoy doubtloBs actcd conscientiously,
?nd as tlioy thought for tho host in*
terost of tho State, bnt I disagreed
with thorn, and still think his conrsc
on tho bonoh shouid rocoivo tho clos~ost
and moat thorough investigation.
His oxcosflivo anxiety to provont in
ostigation is, in my opinion, a strong
evidence of his gnilt. The cry was
that iho charges had boon brought by
criminals and othor parties who desired
to prevent a judicial investigation
of their official conduct, tho one
lor revongo and the other for protection.
This, I think, a vory weak and
insufficient defense, when tho fact is '
inKen inio consideration that ninny
of tho moBt honorable and worthy citi*ens
in his Circuit wore among tho
most activo and determined of his
Accusers. A dologation of prominent
gontlemen from Lancnstor County,
appointed at an indignation mooting
huiu tu consider his action in discharging
tho Grand Jury of tho Countv.
- - " I
because they would not find a bill ac?
cording to Ins dictation, arrived in
Columbia tho otlior daj', and 011 (
Thursday last mot most of the ConBorvativo
mombcrs at tho Columbia
Hotel, in order to acquaint them fully
of all tho fucIn in tho case. .lii* action
in discharging tho Grand Jury (
is cortainly a most tyrannical and un- (
preceaentou one, but there nro others .
of a more grave and damaging charactor,
ono of which I will hero relate,
which it is asserted, is susceptible of
proof, as an illustration of the clmracs a
tor of many of tho chargos brought "
against him. At a recont term ol I
court for Lancaster County, two tie- |
groos wore tried for eoino criminal '
offense, tho testimony sufficiently c
etrong to convict, but Mnckey per? '
emptoriully ordered tho jury to find u 1
vordict of "not guilty," Tito jury '
rotirod, but not roturning as onrly as "
ho thought they should, ho instructed 1
tho Shoriflfto go to tho room and as? >
cortain what was tho matter. Tho I
foreman informed him that there was ?
somo differonco of opinion nmongst I
thom. Tho Shoriff roportod tlio fact
to tlio Judge, who diroctod that tlio ?
foreman bo brought boforo him. Tlio
foroman appoarod boforo hisJlonor,
who dircctod him to return to Lho
jury room, und bring a vordict of not
guilty, and if uny inombor of tlio jury
rofuecd to fiign it, Lo report liiin and
ho would Bond him to jail. Jlo thon
orcicrcu tno prisoners to stand up, mid
discharged them boforo tlio verdict of
tho jury had bcon rendered. This
action, I nm informod, by good lawyers,
is unprecedented in tlio history
of any judicial proceedings, and is
enough within itsoU'to warrant his
impeachrneni. This and othor facts
'woro sot forth in a moiuorial to tho
T i? 4i._ T ?... i i
-uugioiiiiuru ujr niu XillUUHDCOr UOIOgl\s
lion, and to day another resolution to
invostigato his official conduct was
introduced, which after a heated do- j
bato, was dofeatod, by a voto of 36 to J
41, a majority of tbo Conservatives
voting against tho resolution. Mr.
Barnwell has mado a motion Co rocons
sidor tho voto, and, if roconsiderod, it
may possibly pass. Somo havo declared
their intontion to introduce a
resolution every day until tho session
closos, unless ono is passed. Tho sentiment
of tho House is ovidontly sotlinnr
in Mwoinof US*** K??f n* ' ?*"
viog i a ttgUlliOV I'lHIj UU U ill/ HMD UitU
day in tlio session, it would bo impossible
to make ft thorough investigation,
and perhaps it would bo as well
to nttond to his caso next session.
The impoaohmont trial of Mosos
camo to un abrupt closo tho other
day by bis counsel withdrawing from
tho caso. They allodging that they
could not get time in which to prcparo
thoir dofenso. The evidence has boen,
I think, conclusive of his guilt. Tho
Sonato has set Monday next for a
final voto, when he will evidently bo
convicted. Tho committee appointod
to invostigato tho conduct of Judge
T> 1 1 ' ' % 1
ivuuu, suuminmou meir report lo clay, |
in which thoy entirely oxoncrato him
from tho charges mado against him,
and askod to ho discharged from further
consideration of tho matter.?
Their request was granted, and Judge
Keed has boon complololy vindicated.
Tho Joint Committeo to investigate
tho caueo of tho failures of tho South
Carolina Bank and Trust Company.
submitted their report to day. It in
vory lengthy, and rovoals somo voiy
unpleasant things to the parties eon>corned
with it. Tho institution was
conceived in fraud, tiud brought forth
in corruption. Somo State officials
aro not placed in a vory favorable
light. I havo not had time to read it
r.,n~ ?' i i
iiiii_v } <111u uiiii nut givo !U)T I'XICIIUCU
comments on it. It lias boon inado
the special order for MoDday next.
The Butlz Committee have not yet
mado their report. Tho Leslio Committoo
will report Monday next.- What
developments they have made
is, of courso unknown to any hut the
members of the coinmittoo.
Tho bill reducing eularies passed by
tho llouso last sosnion, am) which wan
amendod by tho Sonato at this session
and returned to tho JIouso has been
concurred in and sent to the Governor.
Another bill reducing salaries, which
is a much hotter bill than the one
passed, has received two readings in
tho IIouso. It reduces over #80,000
yearly, Luit will ovidontly lull hIi11 j
born in iho Somite. I do not think ii i
was ever intended to become a law by
the IIouso when it passed it, but was
originally intended for a campaign
Joeumont. A bill in lion of one recently
passed by the JIouso, recasting
Lho Congressional Districts, litis pass-,
jdjitfl sccond rending in tho Senate. It
s a very fair bill, and puis tho counties
ot Anderson, Oconee, I'iekens,
Grroonvillo, Spartanburg, Union, and
Laurens in one Congressional Dis,ric,
und it' passed by the JIouso will
iccurc the Democrats, beyond doubt,
i i ujm uavn uiuou 111 *_>on gross.
No bills ol general importance, ex:opt
the Ralary bill has passed since
Tfiy last lel.tcr. Both J louses to day,
)nsscd a concurrent resolution to iul
ourn sine die on Thursday next, the
53d instant. 33.
U-itf'0 We iiublish on our mil.
iomo fino articles 011 tlio rascalitios
it tho Federal Capital and other
ilaccs. Head thorn, and sou what Ko>uhlican
rulo and Grantism aro doing
or tho nation. A .Democratic House
?f Keprcsentativos arc fishing out, and
'ringing forth tho Radical nwjcalitios
o light. Republicanism has proved
tself a failure, beyond all question
tnd it is to he hoped that, in the com
ug campaign, tho Amuriunn mtnnln
w * 1 I
viW I'ino up, aft one man, to hoim*Or tig
iko u just conception of tho real hituuion,
and hurl from powor thoso who
mvo brought tho Government, both
National and 8tato, to tho boi'dors of
ilostruction?a nhamo and roproach
tu all civilizod nations.
I ? ; - 1 ? T* *
uiesj- jivu-niiru 11. uana, Jr., tho now
ministor to aufcooed Scltonck in iOogland,
i? naid to bo a distinguished
ncl?olar and aathor. Ilo is a Hon of
tho poet Dana, a distinguished lawyer,
and lias travolod around tlio
world. "Two Yoars boforn Jim M??? "
_ ~ ...,%,,v J
and "Six Months in Culm," arc hin
productions. This is said to bo ono
of tl?o host appointments Grant lias
ovor ma do. 11 o ought to make a good
ono now And then.
We Trust
. Ann t*AA?\IA "??H
*?wv VUI pvvpiu >\lll IUUI m uoup
intorolt in thorough organization, and
that tho polioy horetoforo pursued by
thorn will again prevail to such an
oxtont that succors will sit on our ban.
nors this tall. Let ovory Township
call tlioir mootinga at once, enroll
ovory votor, oloct dologates to the
County Convention, which asftombles
uii iiuxl naieuny no ino uourt iiouao.
The County Chairman, Col. It. 15.
Bowon, appointed fivo gontlomon in
each Township, whoso business is to
organize Township Clubs. Have
thoso gentlomon done nothing to effect
organization? and if not, why not?
If those gontlomon who have been
appointed, mako no efforts to organize,
lot some ono tako tho matter of
organizing in hand. You have no
timo to lose, if oaoh Township desires
j to bo rcprosontod in tho Convonlion.
Every man lias a work to perform,
j and lot him bo at his post fearlessly,
and havo magnanimity of soul sufficient
to show to tho world whero ho
standf. Tho man that cannot do this,
is unworthy tho conlidoncc ot his foh
low citizens, and cannot ask thorn for
their suftragos. Those wishy washy
men, who avo^afraid to tako sides, are"
not tlio men for ofTiciul positions; they
lack decision of character?a noble
quality, nay, a godliko attribute.?
Thorofcro, organize, if you bo Domo
orals; and if you aro not, you should
have the manliness to say so. Don't
say you cannot sparo tlio time; (or
this would bo a pooraml frivolous ex~
cuso indeed for a freeman to utter.?
The day for concert of action on the
part of tho Democracy has arrived;
without such action hor cause in South
Carolina at Ica6tis hopolcss; and with
such action, accompanied by an earnoat
effort on the part of all lovers of
! i i -i ...
guuu uiiu soishu government ar.u low
taxation, hcrcauso will triumph bcrond
pcradvonture. Every man is
directly inlercHlod in 11 to adminiHtration
ol onr .Stnlo government, and lie
vihmiltl ! UM'nfni'n 11 ca nil i\r*cio! 1? !?\
moans to havo a fair and honorable
ono. Our public as well as our prU
vato interests demand that none but
good, ti ne, and bone.st men should be
elected to important positions, and
let us, then, endeavor to place none
other there.
Too Democratic parly ofour Count}* ,
hrtvo al'vays performed their part in
tins programi?c, nnd we loci satisticcl
that they will not falter at thiflimport:iitL
juncturo of our political crises.
Wo hope rood to hear fiom every
Township ot rousing mooting*).
Wo print on our outside the
cJmrgoB made against Judgo MacUey
by Mr. Yocum, Troasnior of Chester.
Tho Conservative muinhei'H. wiili two
exceptions, in the Iluiiao voted n postponement
of tho investigation of Lhc
charges against him. Mackey is tho
Governor's favorito Judge, it soon^;
for, in advance of an investigation, the
Govornor tries to forestall public opinion
l?y allowing aoino one to intor->
view hint. No such thing was attempted
in the cases of .J migo Hood
and Moses. J5ut, when the imtnacui..
. . \ f I ?
i;uo .iiiiuKuy is udoul 10 ue impca'cheil
t|?o Governor llios to the rescue with
all possible speed, to wave tlio trouble
and time ol investigating an innocent,
but at times an "erratic" Judge. II'
the Governor, through necessity and
a (oar of personal eonsoqucnccs, has
concluded to ,ltoto" Mackoy and his
load, he certainly will have a merry
time of it. If Mackoy wasfto very in
nocout, why throttlo investigation '( it
would Imvo boon more to Maekoy's
reputation to lot the investigation go
on than to hitvo wtopped it. JSut
Mackey hiinaolf was fur from desiring
itjso, also, was llio CJovornor. That
tluro "is something rotten in Donmark,"
wo may well iimagine. Wo do
l/tl (A f I' "
II \y v ?* Hill W MV IIU1 IH U I ! 1 (1
in#, but wc do think that tho Governor,
although ho may liuvo dono it with
the very bent intentions, acted a little
too olllciously in trying to forestall
public Hontiincnt and throttle public
invent igation.
l'iokona Democratic club has about
fiO mcmborn, who liavo eignod the con*
stitution and thereby pledged them
solves to support Democratic candi
dales. Naiiioh nro daily coming in.
Mr. W. T. McKall will wait upon all
who dctdro to hocomo mombors.
RolUnap lias boon mdictod by
tho Grand Jury. J'enalty, fino of
twice tho amount rccoivcd and throo
years in Uio J'onitoniiary. Trot 'oni
ft)?** Walhnlla is tho longest town
in tho world in proportion to its
[email protected] Tho rcAsou iho Logislaturo duos
not adjourn, it is aaid, in bocuuao the
Troasuror cannot pay iho balanoo duo
mombors on thoir sulnries. Tlioy
hftvo voted thomBolvos tho phoaphate
royalty of $30,000.
Norton, Keith & Hollingsworth
Will rirnnl inn In I1?a T)-?u??*
. p.Mvvivv *u wiu VI* vuiv auu IT i cunvo
Court8 for Pickens County, and ia the United
States Courts of this State from t)iat oountj.
Onoof tho Senior partners will bo present to
assist in the transaotion of any important
business during vacation.
J. J. IsOWTON, "l \valhalla
W. C. KEITH, f >va,!lRUft
March 28, 1370 . 29
PICKENS C. H. S. 0.,
Will Practice in all the Courts of tlie State
anil of the United States. Business promptly
attended to.
March 16, 1876 28
Special Taxes,
MAY 1, 1870, .to APRIL 30, 1877
mm: Revised Statutesof (lie United Stairs,
? Sections 8282, 8287, 8288. and 3239; re.
quire every person engaged in any business,
avocation, or employment which render him
liable to a .Special Tax. to procure find place
conspicuously in his establishment or place
of business a Stamp donating the payment
of said Special Tax .or tho Special Tax Year
beginiug May I, 1870, before commencing or
continuing business after April 30, 1870.
'lhe Taxes embraced within tho pvovisions
of the law above quoted arc the following, viz:
Rectifiers, $200 00
^v.nv.o, man n>|uur, ZO UU
Dealers, wholesale liquor, 100 00
Dealers in mail liquors, wholesale, 60 00
Dealers in malt liquors, retail 20 00
Dealers in leaf tobacco, 25 00
iveia'S dealers in leaf tobacco, 500 00
And on Bales of over ? 1,000, fifty ccnls
l'or eve"y dollar i? excess of SI,000.
Doalers in maiinfaclnred tobacco, 5 00
Manufacturers of stills, 60 00
And for each ftill manufactured, 20 00
And for each worm maunfaoturccl, 20 00
Manufacturers of tobacco, 10 00
Manufacturers of cigars, 10 00
Peddlers of tobacco, lirs. class (more
than two horses or other animals) 50 00
Peddlers of tobnni'o. wniiil ..l.iuu n...?
horses or other animal*) 25 00
Peddlers <>f tolmcco, third class (one
horse or other animal) 15 00
Peddlers of tol.aooo, fourth clans (on
loot or jitihlio conveyance) 10 00
Prowers of less than -r>?>0 barrels, fit) 00
Prewers of 500 barrels or more, 100 00
Any person so liable, who shall fail to comply
with tiie foregoing requirements will be
subject to severe penalties.
Persons or lirn>s liable to pay any of the j
Rpccia! Taxss nbovo must apply to L. |
(/'ASS ('ARPKN'TKR, Collector of luiernal |
Revenue at Columbia, S. C., and pay for and
procure the Special Tax Stamp or ."tamps
they need, pj-ior to May I, 1870, and without
further nonce, 1). D PRATT,
Pnmmwvinnni* ??<*
- v? IIMVI iini ntTViinirv;.
Ollico of Internal Revenue,
Washington, 1). (J., Feb. I, 1870.
March 28, 1870 20 ni2a2
'{The Stale of.Son 111 d'arolina
I};/ /. 11. l'/tilj>"{, Jwi.r of Piubalt,
Wii hukaS, Mary Freeman and lien ton
Frecman.hnt h nmde unit to mo to grant them
I.olters of AdministrAtion on (lie Instate and
Effect b of H. h. Freeman, deceased?
The kindred and creditors of Lite said 15. L.
Freeman, arc therefore cited to he and appear
before me, in the Court of Probate, to be
boldcn at Piokons <!. II.,on Friday, iho 7tli
day of April next, at 11 o'clock, a. m.,
Ir> ol.mv Jf ??.. ?!.?.. 1-- .1
?? (1 ??M,y ^ ItaTU, W liy nil? MH 1(1
Administration should not he granted.
Given under my hand and real this, (lie
22 dny of March A. 1>., IRTft.
I. II. PillLPOT, j.i\r<\
March 22. 1*7.". 20 2
Notice !
/ ( KN'TI.KMKN, come up and SKTTLK. If
V H you dont, look out. No excuse licreafter.
A word lo llio wi.se is suflioent.
1)11. A. J. ANDERSON,
All persons indebted to J)rs. A. J. Ander
won <v son win cull and settle.
March 1C, 1S7li lift tf
"VTOTICH is !iereViy! given that Mathew
i.% Mull sell, Ailtiiinist rnlor of (lie Estate of
(iodfrey Mauldin 1?n.y this day applied to me
for leave to make a Final .Settlement of said
Kstate and a discharge therefrom, and (lie
same will 1 ?o heard at my oiliee at Pickens
(!onrt House on Monday, 17?>i day of April
next. I. II. PIIII.POT,'J P.O.
Mftrcli 10,1870 28 4
NOT I C'V, is Jicrol>y given that. Lucy II.
BrocK, Administratrix of tho Kstata of
W. llrock, has this clay applied to ine for
leave to make a Final Settlement of said Kb*
Into and a discharge therefrom, ami the same
will be heard at my oflicc, at I'ickcns Court
House on Mpnday, 17th April next.
March 16, 1876 28 4.
rpIIK prcsunt session of I lie above .School,
.1. opened January 3d, 1H70, and will conlinuo
therefrom the scholastic year.
Terms of tuition per session of ten months.
For Primary Depart mont, $*100
For Intermediate Department, 6 00
For Advanced Department, 7 60
Hoard in the best of families can bo had at
from fivo to seven dollars per month. No do
duel ion niado for lost time, oxccpt in casou ol
protracted sickness. No student ml milted
into (lie school, except by subscription.
For further particulars, address the Prin
oipal at Nino Times.
Jan 27, 1870 21 6m
!, 1 1 ? I . . -JLJSHB
"IBHO 0111
cnll tho nttenlion of tho publio
to my woll Boloctod And hs~
sorted stock of
smihtf ahs sums d&t-oooss,
consisting of
r? T> 17 t. M A ~K7 /*i
Bouts' Clotting Made a Specialty.
All of which 1 will sell cheap for crteh.
I am still Agent for tlio "EURE?
It A." FERTILIZER, one of the best
in tho market.
Prieo payable in cotton at 15c. let
Nov., $00.00 per ton.
Price payablo iu curroncy 1st Nov.,
$55.00 per ton.
Prico payable in cash on dolivory,
$17.50 per ton.
Freight $6.00 per ton, to bo added
to this point, and must bo paid in
Last but not least, lot mo imnrcsa
? r _
it upon tliOBo who iro duo mo on nc-?
count for 1875, thai I need tho money
Pay up at onco and favor mo aa I
favored you.
Feb 17, 1*76 24 If
% 0
to T: VV. KUSSRL) Imvo
opened out bminc.su at Easley Station,
A. L. H. It., and propose to keep a
first cIhmm aiuuk of
Tlrw-Rnfl^s ft.nfl (World*
ktu J MtfVmI WttVt MftVWMHVUj
Which they propose to Boll at bottom
prices, as the following pricos indi
cato :
Factory Yarn, $1.20 per bunch.
7-8 Shirting, 8 cents per yard.
3-4 Shirting, OJ cents per yard.
Liverporl Salt, $1.65 per sack.
Sugar*, 0 to 10 pounds to the dollar.
i Itin li^al A ll>o (a dm
vv.. Wj V/UV) * I WO VVT V?IV lU'l liH .
Good Tobacco, at 05 cents per lb.
Flour, Family, 87 00 por barrel.
(J. U. Baltimore Bacon, 13 coni< per
All other things in proportion. Always
in the Corn and Cotton Market;
and other produce taken in cxchan-go
for Goods.
Guanos ol tho best on hand. Call
and cxamino beforo nurchaainrr.
i d
Ma roll 2, 1876 26
Tho undersigned havo opened a Houho in
Easloy, near their Livery .Stable, for tho purpose
of conducting a fancy and heary
Under the Finn, narno and style of IUCIIEY
&WYATT. They guarantee bottom prices,
as they intend selling strictly for cash. Give
them a onll.
ir a ntflDBv
A. 0. WYATT.
EftBloy, Nov 22, 1875 18 tf
WILL ho Hold nt Piokenn Court Iloune on
Salcday in April next,
A LOT OF LAND In lh? town of Piokons,
known in'the Plot of ll>* Town aa Lot No.
. .Sold us the proporty of E. II. Orif.
r... a -
mi, or.,
TKHMS CASH? Purchaser to pay extra for
On tlie samo daj, we will soil all the Nates
and Aoconnta appraised worthless, due said
8. D. KF.ITII, )
J, A. OKIFFIN, I Adni'rs.
J. C. OlilFFIN. J
Marob 2, 1870 2? 6
?| , ||p I
Southern Home. "
Greenville St > Anderson. S. 0.
MRS. J. V. MOORE, ? \
Mils 8. Y. ROBINSON, J PrinoiPal1'' Miss
L. BUTLER, Musio Teacher.
FIRST Stssion cotnmouoing on th? 4th of
January, 1870.
For all tlio Higher Branches, including Frenoh
Latin and Greek, nnd Mathematics $16 00
lntnrmatllnl* ni0.??. mm.
...... v....v? 4* W
Primary Classes 8 00
Music 20 00
Drawing nnd Painting 20 00
Board per month, oxolusivo of washing
and lights 12 f>0 %
Parties boarding with the Principals wlU
rcceivo Tuition free for ono session^
For further information, address
Mrs. J. V. MOORE,
Anderson, S. 0.
March 0, 1870 27 ' 4
TIIE Treasurer has lodged in my offict, A
number of Tax Executions, whioh by law,
1 am required to levy. *
Parties will please call and settlo, and SftT?
further costs and inconvcnience.
J. 11ILEY FERGUSON, s.p.o.
NBIlOIill l >S S4LE8.
County of Piokbn8.
BY virtue of an execution to me direotsd,
I will sell before I lie Court House door,
nt Pickens G. II., on saleday in April next, t
the following property, viz:
Ono Hundred ncres, tnoro or lets, situate In
Pickens county, on Weaver's Creek, waters of
Oolenoy lliver, adjoining lands of- ?
Levied on as the property of Lemuel A. How?
aril, vs. W. S. Kirksy, Administrator of JlUM
Keith, Deceased. ^
TEAMS CASH, Purchasers to pay extra ^
for pHpOI'8.
Mar. 9, 1870 27 4
It is Found at Lastj
Somkthino Nkw Under tub 8nx.?A new
era is dawning upon the life of woman. Hitherto
she has been called upon to suffer the
ills of mankind and her own beaidea.-*The
frequent and di??tr?8$|iig irregnlaritiaa
peculiar to her sex have long beou to her th?
"direful spring of woes unnumbered."? *
111 the maiiHinn of" I !>?> r!^>1> ??..? .*? ?>-- '
.V-.. ...in III lii? ilOVCl
of poverty alike woman has been the constant |
yet patient victim of n thousand ills unknown
toman?and these without 11 remedy. "Oh
Lord, how long!" in tho agony of her sou!,
hath she cried, ttuf now the hour of her redemption
is coine. .She will suffer no mort,
for l)r. J. Dradfield's Female Regulator-?Woman's
Hest Friend?is for sale by all r?spcutable
Druggists throughout (he land at
$1.50 per botlie. in another column of this
newspaper will be found some interesting 1?
particulars concerning the Female Regulator
and other information highly important, to
Near Mahhitti *? ?- ??
m??. .tiniuii ?i, in/u.
Messrs. Win. Root & Sous:?_>lbout on? _?
year ngo 1 bought a bottle of Uradfield'a F?male
Regulator from ^?u, for one of niy
daughters who had been suffering with sup*"
pressed menses for ; oiuc time. 1 have had
several physicians attending, but met with no
succeps until L was persuaded to buy a bottle
eif the Regulator, and it is the very thing for
J which it is recommended. She is now in per- ^
| feci health. I hope all suffering females will
I si lenst try one bottle.and have health
| Very respectfully, 1). DOBBIt?SK
March'9, 1876 27 4
Application win be mude to 8. d.
Kciih, Clerk of the Court, for ? Charter
{(commencing from thiw day) for the Meoban*
icul Union nt Kasloy Station, South Carolina,
P(kn.??? "II
** '<>. n. c. SMITH,^President,
P. W. LEECHE, Vice-President,
J. (L. COX, Sco'y & TreMuror,
March 2, 1876 20 4
Wo nro now prepared to (urnUli permanent hIUuh
tlona (or a largo number of persons, male and lenud?
who are gOut of Worh I^vwm
Iats sent free on application. Add rum, with stamp*
SouriinuN Co-opkkative Co., Nashville, Tenn/
?CT? ????fc
Homestead ?nd Exemption.
NOTICE is horeby givon, that Nanoy C.
Stewart, widow of A. J. Stewart, da- ^
I ceased, lias made application (o mo, to h?VQ
iv iiomi'Hicau set ott to her, out of the Ettato
of said deceased, and that I will pass upon
the same at my oflico in the Court House at
l'ickons, South Carolina, on Wednesday,
April 6th, A. 1). 1870, at 11 o'clock, a. p.
I. II. PIIILPOT, J.r.p.o.
Fob 17, 1870 _ 24 6
Homestead and Exemption*
"VTOTICE is hereby given, that 0. II. C.
1^1 Smith, of Pickens County, South Carolina,
Imp applied to mo for Homestead and ^
jvxompuon in ilie ttcal i.Mate and i'crsonal
Property oflhcmaid 0. H. C. Fmilh; and that
I will pass upon (ho saino at my offioe in the
Court House at Pickens, South Carolina,
on iMonday, April 8d, A. l>. 187ft, at 11 a. m*
I. II. /II1LP0T, J.p.p.O.
Feb 17,1876 24 6
KADUATK of ft regular oharter?d ?oh?oI,
X Tlic Dr. will respond to *11 oftlU *ltk ..
dUpaloh. All oasoi Mtrlotly oonfldentUl,
Private cIIhcuhcB treated in nil the'r varifcd
forruB, with tho crrorn of youth and th? dU^
obbob of women andohildren.
Jau 0, 1870 18 3a
Pructic.un in Courts of XJlok?n?
County, mid in Unltod OoarU

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