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The Pickens sentinel. (Pickens, S.C.) 1871-1903, March 23, 1876, Image 4

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Judging the Judges- ,
r_C?rUMnrA, Murnh D.?In tho IIous*
of IqEsprosontaltves to day no notioi i
Vttn taken in regard to Judge T. J. /
Mackoy, but copies of tho charges i
against him were placed upon llm |
desks ol tbo mombors, i
aro fts follows: '
1. Prostituting tbo judicial offioo inj I
apolitical conventions for porsonal onds, 1
aJ?d O8p6oift1l^ at ft convention of tb<j 1
RepViblioan party bold at Chester, si
Cj. in t.hll silmmrtr nr f:ill of 1S7.1 hd
threatening to sond persons who op.
posed his will to jail.
2. -Prostituting thb judicial offfteo at
"^ork at tho last spring torm by re*
viving prosecutions against cortaiii
porsons known as Ku Klux, for tliej
t JMKfWo of enriching his ncphow, Ar- I
thur Mnckey, by forcing a money |
>,5>Qj*U'ibution from said persons, and
tin order of court corruptly permitting
and authorizing such com~
>o $< ? rostituting tho judicial oflico hy
.J?,Q*rovying nionoy from officers of tho
vOOUi'V and comity oflicors in tho sixth
,.juuiuiui v;irv;uit, ? iliiuuu nny aoiiuy or
.indention to ropay tho sumo, and by
itbe terror of bis oflleial powor pro*
1 eluding tbo said officers from domand.payment.
4. Tyrannically threatening to sond
Col. W. A. Walker, a member of tbo
bar at Cbostor, to jail, without any
cnuso and without authority so to do.
Tyrannically threatening a grand
jury of the Court of Sessions lor Lani;
Count}', at llio Fobrurary term,
iW70, dismissing thorn from their duJ6ttffc>*nd
usurping tho authority alono
possessed by that body.
.5>; 'Uorruptly and tyrannically causing,
tho. proposition of Dublin J. Walker,--Senator
in tho General Assembly
afWumv, (! onnntir not'onnn ]
^hlmUy, and, in oftocl, conducting Uio
ecution and procuring a conviction
by intimidating and seducing tho
7. Corruptly and tyrannically pro^
touting li. G. Cannon, at Choster,
January term, and sending him for
t#?lve montliB to the Penitentiary,
from porsonal onmity.
8. Corruptly procuring tho prose*
cation of John Lilly, in tlio Court of
Sessions for Chester count}', upon a
charge of larceny and broach of trust,
St the Soptembor term, 1872; having
4rtto?o!f di*ftwn the aflidavit before
the trial justico, and aftorwardH tried
Uiq. case us judge of Lbo Court of Soh ions.
9. Corruptly onufting tlio arraign-!
mont, trial and conviction of John
\Mlly; At Chernov, on tho day ot
February, 1870, for grand larocny,
boforc a court and jury which had no
logal authority to either sit or try his
. m Corruptly procuring tho prosoontion
fr Plcanant Nowlartd, in tho
county of Chostor, on tho 25th of
February, for conspiracy to defraud
tho State of South Carolina in consection
with certain teachers' pay
certificates of that county, with intent
io' Bcroen bis brotborsin-law, K. 15.
Ivloyd, School Commissioner for Chotitcr
count}', from prosecution for a liko
i'iU. Corruptly visiting tho county
Jin I ol Uliostcr county, and having a ,
HCCij'OL iutorview with B. 1<\ Mitchell,
a convictod felon awaiting scntonco,
with intont to screen his brother-inlaw,
K. I?. Lloyd, School Commissioner,
from prosecution.
12. Inhumanly permitting iho ex- I
ficut'on of Slephon Young for murdor 1
at Chester f* \ the 2-th February,!870, I
ho having boon tried before tho Court (
of Sessions for Chester County, at (
January torm, 1H7<3, wlion, belore 1
HRid execution, lie was notified that
1^)0jury which tried him was wholly t
iflei<iil. ,
IS." Corruptly endeavoring to pro- ?
etire a bribe of two thousand dollars
from the Chaster and Lenoir
Ousgo Jlailroftd, for liin tloeiwion mado '
in tlio enao of Glenn and othora v'?.
tlio County Commissioners of York
14. 11 totally and tyrannioolly caiitu
ipg Uio ivvrost ot Mnhnloy DeGrnflenreid,
being innocont of any clinrgo
15. Attempting to suborn Mahaloy
rhffoiiroid to commit porjury.
Thochargos are wo serious and spooific
thnt they have crentod n docidad
H?tisfttion in a Legislature lluit is hy
no moans squoanmh about judicial
pccoadillooH. '
t.. ? ? ? - M
r\i? I hn wrti'M niuAo ??a #*11 I
living, but it in awful slow in paying '
its Oobte. a
Good Cows For Poor Hen
Kvoty poor man who can nfibril" (o
loflo ?inturaHy keeps a cow; but he
ijoucvally mnkos tho mistako of ,kpoj
ng a ehoap cow, that is, a cow ol
ioor quality. Spending from $10 t<
}20 for hor purchase, ho soenres ai 1
inimal that on not very abundant rf)dd
out still kept at somo exponso, supi
plies tho family with onoug|h irttlk for
Lhoir use, .Ho considers tho opuratioii
ft promaoio one, ana unuouDteai^ it t*
bo. Many poor mon would bo inclin-j
oil, wo fancy, to think as wild in ?td*
vising thorn to pay so much as oyoi}
850 or 875 for an oxtra good cow, th$
host that can bo found in tho n'eighi
borhood; yot wo aro oonfident that
a majority of eases, duo caro bcln/fr
given to tho animals health, eloanlii
11039, and ample nutrition, tho profit
would bo vou$T mjich groator than
with an interior animal. Probably
tho average of oows kept for tho family
uso of poor men will not givo moro
than 1,500 quarts of milk,<$or annum1,
or, at tho most, 1,800 quart*. This
amount of millc, in the family of tho
oidinary mechanic or laborer, is worth
fivo conta a quart /or homo consumaS
tion, say ?<o or ?80 a yoar. Out ol
this sun: is to bo paid tbo intorost 61
tbo animals cost, hor depreciation ih
valuo, and tho price ofpurobasod food,
wbioh is raoro or loss according to thb
circumstancos under which tbo family
livo. For $100, ovon in other districts
than thoso whioh are chiefly devoted
to tho keeping of cows, an oxcollcnt
animal, frequently a grado Ayrshire
or Short-horn, may bo purchasod; that
will givo, with good care, on rich food>
not loss than 4,000 quarts of milk per
annum. Instances -are not raro of thtfc
yiolil ranching cvon 5,000 quartM.?\
With sueh an animal wo will suppost}
that, as in tho provious case, 1,501
quarts aro consumed by tho famil}'
and aro estimated to bo worth $75.?|
/p i _ i . r /\a . .. a . i . o . 1 i_ r. -i
inis icnvos .so,uu quarts 01 mine 1017
sale; and, in aLmoist every villago in
the land, this may bo readily sold at
the door for six or oight, and not hcIdom
ten ccnts a quart. At tho loasij
prico,?six cents, tho total amount/
of Male would bo 8150, which would!
pay for the extra food required to l<eep
this larger animal in tho host condi?1
tion, and for tho increased interest and
depreciation, and ieavo u uuiiuooiiio
profit besides. Any cow must be
shclterod, fed, milked and generally
attonded lo. Tlio amount <>f labor
required in tho case of tlio better ani?;
mal is in no respuct greater than in
the ease of the poorer one. Tlio profi'j
of tho operation is all real profit, and
no small account should bo made of
tho greater satisfaction and pleasure!
that result from full milk-nails than*
from those half 1'ull, from tlio fine cowbi
than "scrubs." it is a return to that
old prinoiplo that whatever in worth
doing at all in worth doing well; and.
if it will pay to keep any cow at all*j
it will surely pay to koop tho best
cow that wo can afford to buy.
Cuour.?Group may bo cured In ono
minuto, and the remedy in aimply
alum and augur. 1 lie way to accomplish
the act is to take a knifo or a
grater unci bIiuvo off in small particles
about u teuspoonful of ulum, thon mix
it with about twice its quantity of suyar,
to muke pulatablo. Almost inrilantaneous
roliel will follow.
Tho Arithmetic mini of u Wo stern
paper has diHOovcred if every one oi
the 8,000,0o0 families fn tho Amori
pan I mon would only skim llio soap
[rroafto off tlioir dishwater, and invost
ts proceeds in a sinking fund at four
>er cent, compound intorest, the pro*
:eods in I<?1> years two months and
dovon daj's would pay of tho national
lobtj '
Thirty-two sales of short horns
ook nlaeo in Kontucky last voar, in
vliioh 1,553 animals wcro Hold fo1665,1)40.
Thcro arc 21,255 JJaptint ohurchcB
n tho Unitod StiUas, with 13,117
nin Btei'H, arid ii total inoinboi'Hliip of
Senator?It ! ' liowen.
litprescHiativt?D K I5rntlloy.
Clerk o'f Court?8 1) Keith.
Judye of /'rohate?I II I'hilpot.
Sheriff?J Kilcy Ferguson.
Coroner?Wurren lloyd.
School Co>nriii**toner?K A Ho wen
Trenxumr?IF A I.eHley.
Ai/'litof?Alorzo M Folg.r. 1
County Committion'rs?John T Oo?scU,
ii u l r in it ii ? ivonori i ring, w i>i i.ynon. t;ierk
lounly Conimiisiorora, C f< Hollingswortli. ]
Trial Justices -EaxUy, f.nko I. Arlail?Sa? \
ubrilt/, J It Clayton?Ctnbral, Jnmcs A <
(idilcll ? Picf m? C //., (' L lIollingHworth l?
ik! (J W T.?ylor?Vacusville, J D Siuhcrlaiul
?>L.L1'L" ' JiLLS!.
: ? i
It Pays ! It Pays!!
IT PAYS erory Manufacturer, Merchant!
Mechanic, Inventor, Farmer, or l'rofosj '
aional man, to keep informed on all tho iui-i 1
pt'ovoiuenU) *nd dipooveries of thO age. 1
TIU3 Sty^tlvNTlF1CT AMKRIOAN which ha*
beenQfrbuprad weekly )^>r the .Inst thirty 1
yoarsrdoes ^his, to an extent beyond that of 1
any other publication, in fact it is tho cnl* i
weekly paper published in the United States!
devoted to Manufacturers, Mechanics, lnveuf
tions and New Discoveries in the Arts and
Every number is profusely illustrated nnd
its contents embrace the lntest and most int
teresting information pertaining to the InV
dustrial, Mechanical, and Scientific Progress
of the World: Descriptions, with Heautifui
Engravings, of New Inventions, New Implements,
Now Process, nnd Improved Industries
of all kinds; Uuscful Notes, Ileccipc^,
Suggestion*? artd Advifee, by 1^'rkcttcal Writers,
{of W-orkioeu aud Employers, in all tlifc
various arts, forming a complete repertory1 o*f
New Inventions and Discoveries; containing
a weekly record not only of the progress Of
the Industrial Arts in our own country, bn't
also of all New Discoveries and Inventions in
every branch of Engineering, Mechanics, an(l
ycLcnqe Abroad. ?
Tlie Scientific American has been the foro|most
of nil industrial publications for the past
Thirty Years. It is the oldest, largest, chcapl
est, and the best weekly illustrated paper devoted
to F.ugiueoring, Mechanics, Chemistryl
New Inventions, Sciencc and Industrial Profgross,
published in the World.
The practical receipts are well worth ten
times tho subscription pricc. And for thi
shop and house will save many times the cost
of subscript ion.
M crohant8, Farmers, Mechanics, Engin
octe, Ihvontore, Manufacturers, Chemists,
Loteri, of Steience, and People pf ?U I'rQfesf
al^ns, Will find tiie Scientific Aniericnn useful
lo llieni. It. should have a plnco in every
Family, Library, Study, Otlice, and Counting
Room; in every Heading Koom, College and
School. A new volume commences January
1st, 1H70
A year's numbers contain 832 pngas and
Several Hundred Kng ravings Thousands of
volumes are preserved for binding and reference.
Tori, s, $3.20 a year by mail, include
ing postage. Discount to Clubs. Spcciaj
circular:! (rivinir club rates soul 1'rptv Sinirln
oopiea mailed on receipt of JO ccols. May
ho had of all News l>ealcra.
13 \ ^PIT'lVT^PQi In connection with
L ^rV. .L llj t' JL IO. tho Scientific AmoJ
rican, Mcwsrs. Munn & Co. arc Solicitors of
American and Foreign Patents, and hftvetli<j
largest establishments in the world. Mora
than fifty thousand applications have been
made for patents through their agency.
Patents are obtained on the best Jerins;
of .New Inventions anil Sketches examined'
ft ml advice free. A special noticed
made in tlie SCIHN'TIFIC AMJMUCAN of all
InVcn'ffons Patented through this Agency,
with the name and residence of the Patentee.
Patents are often sold in part or whole, loj
persons attracted to the invention by such'
notice. Send for Pamphlet, containing full
ilirop.linnM for nhf.-iininir I'nioul j A Imnml
volume containing iliu l'ulenl Laws, Census)
of (lie IT. S , nml 142 Kngrnvings of ineclinnionl
movqmpnts. Prlco'15'i cents.
Address for (Iio Vapor, or concerning l'af-j
cuts, MUN'N & CO. l'nrk How. New York.)
Rrnnoli ollice, Cor. F. & 7lli Streets, Wusli-.
ington, 1). C.
Jan f., lM7ti 18 3
Encourags Home Enterprise and Home People'
C 1 o Q T-T o r* 1 r r? r*
vjv^U, wj, J. ,
Tli*? only (!;Ufolini?n cnfraatfeil in llm mnn
ufue^iiye i>f l>oitp.s, ;??b,1i, Blinds, Moulding
iiixl Turned ho-.-!; in Ohnrleslon, fi, C.
l'rieo n? low as any other house, iwul fill
work U^-I cIiihh. no 29-1 y
. ') . i .
. , / j I/ /<
!. ! ) /
4J.WJ . i
. ( ! .'I t
- ft ';! r _ .
iiO rt 11 '^fty piiurnnlonil using our WELL
P/v'J AlJUfcl. a 1)1(11,1,N. $100 a month
?-?!$uun 11. nugcr UOUK II'OC. .111/.
\iiRei Co.,'8f. Mo.
Kills, Bonds ami Postugo H tamps Wanted.?
?>1 for rarent I > i 11 h , $10 for rarest slamps It
ivill pay lo send I hern immediately. Also i
)lher curiosities. Au?orioaii Stamp Co., liux
1045, Now York. <
Dcc. 2 \ J 4
ii tmmmmmmmmmmmmmmfmmmmammmpfiWMW"?'
NEW xVDy^HTIS^MW^- lli
'*87^. * ' J ;
rniHi Scholastic yfcil*> Id 'divided Ih'IVUwc i
X Terms of 20 weeks each. Tlio F4*dl Vefni
sonimences January itJl ends Juno Ji?li
tho seooiicl Tefni cotlunoWc^ July -ltli, and
ends November 18th.
Stiidonls entering within t,wylweeks/afffcit
the commencement of tlio Torms, will bo
r?l.n?.rr?,l f?r. ll,? . il l*.
nftcr this time, from tho. time of entering
It is mora outisanatory that Students cntei
at tho commencement,' when the sevoruj
clas*etJ (>ro forpiing, # .10 / |
r Course of Study. ?
1st Term?-Spelling nnd llcatling.
2d Term?Spelling nnd Rending continued
Primary Geography; McijttU Authiufjlic
Exercises ill \Yr?tirig.
1st Tcr|n+?Spelling nnd RcnUintr Jonlmuecll
Geography continued; Introducing English
Grammar; Elements of Writton Arithraotlc
Exorcises in Writing.
2d Tortn?Spelling and lleadirtg continued
Element^ Written Aritliluetic completed,
Intermediate Geography completed; Analvt j
ical English Grammar; I'riuiary u.' 8. Mih4
tory; Exercises in Writing.
BKNIOlt (fl.ASS.
1st Term?English Ufamtndr completed; rhy-4
sical Geography; Common School Arithine-]
tic; Towns Analysis of Words;
Z(l vorm?Urceno's; Analysis of English
Language; Arithmetic continued; fmaHei'
Composition; Higher U. S. History.
1st Term Latin Grninmar and Harkncss' Eirst
Latin Hook; Lift in Reader; Davics' Algebra;
History of England.
2d Term ? Four Rooks of Cscsai; Arnold's!
second Latin Rook 011 Analysis of the Latin1
Sentence; Greek Gramma!*; Kendrick'al
Greek Ollendorff; Greek Render; Duvios'
Algct>ra completed; Natural Philosopl^.
1st Term?Six Rooks of Virgil; Oyer k
Reader completed; l'lain Goometiy; Ili^hci'
uomposmon ana lwietoric.
2d Term?Sallust's Calallno & J^igurtlia:
Xenophon's Anabasis; lligber Algtibr:,
commenced; Solid ami Spherical Gcoinc j
try completed; Ch'eniistry.
HKNIOtl cr.A.ss.
IsH'crtn?Cieero'sSelcct Orations; Xenophon;MetiiofrahHlii;
Trigonometry and Surveying::
ltoinan History; Latin l'rosc Composition.
2d Term?Horace cutire;"Six Hooks of tin;
Iliads; Greek Prose Composition; Algebra!
completed; Astronomy.
The above course will prepare can
didates lor admission into tlio Bopmo
MottU.Cfi.vss of any ol our .Soullicn ,
OollegCH. Students, who do not *tun<
a fifttisfnClory examination upon tin
several studies ol each class, will iioi
l?e allowed tho privile^o lo advance l<
tho next higher, but bo retained in
such class, (ill all tbo studied Of it bi
satisfactorily completed.
Tuition of J?uimary Dki'Ajuwi:m
Junior Class, - - ?10.(n
( 11 ( a n/1 hi 1 n / Mnao 1 ^ <
Senior " - . l5.U<
Preparatory Department, 20.00
N.o deduction will bo mndo for lost
i.imo except from prolonged wjcUnoss
.Monthly reports of punetulit.y, do*
portment, and recitations in'caon otu
I dy, will be furnished parents,
J. 1L. CAUL LSI j K, Principal.
Dec. 23, 1875 17 tf
Agents Wanted Tor the
' A narrative of tlio o'xploit*, ail
YVlUttAi>ljvcnUlr(,3 alui trnvcls ?f I -
iwATTTvl'11"?1'- J- VKL.ASliUKZ,' on,;,'
liAl l.Li?|wifl(, known ns I,T. IIAKHYT.
BIJ FFuItD, 0* S. A. A True Southern
Heroine. Kditod by C. J. WOUTIUNGTON,
late U. y. Navy.
Confederate ofilccr, participated in * number
of ilic hardest fought battles of the late war.
ami greatly distinguished herself by the extraordinary
valor Bho displayed. She al?A
uibiuigiiiHiicu ncrseii as a
and on numerous occasions ran through I inFederal
lines and obtained information I
of vitnl importance to tho Confederate com- '
manders. Obtaining admission behind the
sho established confidentiul rotations "wfti.
prominent Federal officials; was concornod i j
the great
t>y which (he United States Treasury suffered
to the extent of millions of dollars: was or
t ivcly engaged in blocktulo-runiog, and in j
i encouraging
|Si;nST!Ttri'TN? ANT> llOUfcTV FRAUDS, I
liy which tin- work of rocruiting the l'ederiif
armies was ho seriously impeded; had wo>
the heroine of ft number i/f exploits overt rnotc
interesting than thoso of (lie l>attl6 field. .It
also contains a hiMory of her Mining on the
Pacific Slope, her Travel* in Europe, South
America, and among the Mormons, Love,
Courtship, Marriage, etc.
The above facts arft substantiated by lead
ing men both Koulli and North who partioi
putod. No book of such varied naO internr
interest as tlio Woman iu Uuttlc line ever been
issued in America.
.Agents wanted in every county in the
United States. Agents oan make more money
t>y canvassing for this hook than any other#!
ns it is Ihc cheapest as well as I lie best selling
Agents' book ever published. '1'he book
is a large octavo voluin o of over COO pages,
profusely illustrated. We print, bind and
publish our own books; hence, can allow larg
cr Commissions than any oilier house.,Scgu.ro
your choice of territory at onqc. Address
Southern B'lililfsliiu^ (!o.
v<Mw ^ ??vn API/ *? i i v; n r. 1.1. l
Jnn 0, 1S70 18 3
raw Noiicf.
TJic undersigned, having resumed tho prao
lice of law, will attend the Courts on tbo Mli
Judicial Circuit. Business loft with in. IKngood,
at 1'iokens C. JI., will bo promptly
it tended to. J. W. H/UU.W&ON.
\l,.u 1.1 Ift71
iiVfi 4V|*?
f|< '
Knrlc, Wcl 1m ?.V Taylor,
Attorneys and Counsellors at Law
Having established an oftico at l'iokens C.
II., S C., will attend promptly to all buHineMn
left with G. W. Taylor wlio may Ijo always
found at Ibeir office nt I'iokons C. If., H. C.
One of tlio senior partners will always 1>? i
present at Iho Courts to assist with the business.
U. G. VVHI.I.H, f a. W. TAYLOR,
Greenville, 8. C. Piokcns, 8. C. '
iif .mmimMtm warn
M ^-n_ M t.. _ -arm _ mm _ - -h I !
??iWM JHiiuruiui,
8. 0., Deo. 13, 1?76. :
Oil nlrtV' hft^r 'Sunday, Decembof 19, Ihe
ttojpqcnm>v Tii^^u^ou ,(ho-'South CuioJifiA
lailroau WiA run ns follows:
' (Sundays excepted/)
/ypuvo Charleston 9 1f>a?l
Aj'rivp at Columbia 0 UU j> hi
(Siitulrtys excepted.)
TjfrfVo (Hirtrlestoh 0 rt m
'V'gV^Aii, ' G 15 p id
(.Sunday a excepted.)
Leave,Columbia 0 00 a trt
'Avfife ut ( Imrlepton 4 40pm
l.oftve A^u^ia 9 00 ft m
Arrive at Charleston 4 -15 p in
' tWLt-.\ffuA NIC lit EXPRESS.
t.eavc uivavrdSTort '.i ir> p ra
Arrive nC Columbia 7 20 n 111
l.pnxo Columbia 7 <.'0 p m
'Arri ve at 'Clinrlos'.on (> *10 a m
f-taVe (^liAVlbstort R 00 p m
Arrive iu.' AliRuMit 7 loam
(?cavo Au"ii.hi i 8 30 p m
Arrive At rli'fcrtosfo'n 7 '10 a m
(Suji'luyK cxccptoU.)
Leave Ainftmci villo at 7 HO a in
'Ari'iW <?f OhaHivton 8 45 a in
Iffiiivc t'liaricrtiou 8 16 p in
Al'i'ivo al Suminervillo -1 !JU p in
, ounccl.-* fit . lvrvgvillo daily fexcept 8ui)s
days] wiili Up ami Down Day and Pasacngci'
'iVHlVni! 1 ' '
ii Dfiy no 1 Night Trains connect at Augusta
with Georgia Railroad, J/acoti and Augusta
Rfnlrdail ftrtn tVntrrtl Uailro.nl. J^iiis roulo
via;Atlanta is the quickest and most direct
rouie, and as comfortable and cheap as any
b'tlier route," lo Montgomery, Sclnia, Mobile,
New Orleans, ami all oilier points Southwest,
,iud to LcuibviUc, Cincinnati, Chicago, K(.
Louis, and all other points West and Northwest.t
Day Train connects at Columbia with tlic
l'li]'<>LLf;li Train on Chailottcc Koail (which
on\'cs nl 0 p. in.) for all points iVorth.
Ni'glit Train connect!) with Local Train
| which leaves ('nlunihiti at 8 a. m.] for points
on Chariot to lloud.
L.linens Uailroad Train connects at Newberry
on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Snturlny<t.
Up CuVr?Aibifi Night Train connecls closely
wiili Lhetiroeilvflleniid Columbia Railroad.
fcs. jliOJ^OMONS, Superintendent.
S. 1?. riiMvKXS, General Ticket Agent.
Greenville & Columbia R R.
Passenger I ruins run daily, Sundays excepted,
C'iiniciing with nijzlit trains on South
i':irnlir:i I'.nilrrtatl up and down. On and nft
r .1/onUay, Houember 11$, the following will
ic ine, ^uitoiiiun:
!?e:ivo'VJoltiinnih at '.80 ft m
I.Firtff TV Man nt 0.1 f> n ni
!.o:.vc No.vvlifrry nt 10.8ft n in
l,onvo. ('olu'slmry at 'J.07 j> in
Leave Melton at 8.50 j> in
\rrive at Greenville nt 6.2ft j> m
110 w.\'.
Leave Greenville at 8.00 n ni
l.i'avo licllon ut ^ '. . 10 a in
Leave GuUcsbury 11.20 a in
tJ ave Newberry ut 2.-10 a m
Leave Alston at <1,20 |> in
\ 1-1-i VI> nt < *<11 n in)iin nf f. r..'* i. ??.
- r
^ .'/"tjonnocf nt Alston villi Trains 011 ll.e
- pari unburn aiul Union Railroad ; connect n(
'olniubin a\ iili Nigltt Trains oil the South Car
..linn Railroad ii|> 11ml do\vn : also with Train 'oiiifT
North and Snnili on (lie Charlotte, Cc*
111111>i:i 11 n 1 Augusta anil the Wilmington. Co
ji'.ni:vii,u: imancii.
Train leave Abbeville at . 1 "> a in., connocf
lit'with 1'own Ti'"i" from GrgoivviUe, Lca\
' ' r!' uv., Ci>*n?ftifitr'with t'}
Prain From voTumbiii. AccomnioITaiion Trnir,
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Lco^i
fVikesbtiry at 1 1.1 o a in., or on tlic arrival c
the Down Train from (IreenviUc. Leaves al
Iiovillu nl 1 o'clock p. m., connccting witL { t
IV.iio froin Columbia.
l.crtvo Wnllinlln.ftt 0.00 a m
Leave l'erry villc at 0,40 n in
lienvo l'c>i<lleion nt 7.85 a in
f.onvf? Aii'Joi'ffon nt S.:5"> j\ ni
VuAVO (U DeHdli nt V.20 a m
- IT.
Uohvo L'.tjlir>n at 8.00 p ni
LiCiixc. Au'Idihou wt 4.00 p ni
l*unve i'oitillcioii ul 0.60 p hi
Leave Perryvillo 0.35 p n
Arrive :ii n Iliulla 7.1 T? i> in
Aco num > talioii Trains between Helton ami
Vml<)i>wu on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Satur*
days, Leave Helton at 0.60 a in., or 011 arrival
of Down Train from Greenville. Leave
i.Andei^in at ii.00 p nj., connecting with Up
Gun oral Superintendent.
.1 a it i /. Niin uN, .) r., t icncral Ticket Agent
Atlanta & Richmond Air Line Railway
Leave ill Atlanta ft! 4 It) p in
.Leav* Toccou (lily nt (I 00 ji m
[Leave Wt-.-iiniiiHlpr nt 0 f?4 j? tn
Leave {Simeon City at 10 21 j> in
J.cave Oenlral at 10 67 j> rn
jLecve Knsley at 11 :!0 j) rn
[Leave Greenvillo ftH 12 l'J a rn
Leave Spartanburg ut 1 H u in
Arrive at Cliarlallo at f> iiO a hi
Leave Chariot IC at 8 00 r> m
>/c'(\vc Spartanburg at 1161pm
heave (Iroenville at 1 2ft p rn
I.cnvo J'.aslcy nt 1 f?l a m
Lcavo C entral at , 2 28 a m
].( avo uenecn City at ' 3 09 a m
I.cave Wslminstcr at 3 34 a m
J,rare Tifofeha'TJity at 3 31 (i m
Avrivo nt Atlanta at. 0 30 a m
*? .m
* 'iiiai^ laaim IIIMI
Traveler* IVfWtwiinl.
For irtnp circulars, condensed time tables
aihI general it{torin.ltion in regard to trans*
pol lution facilities (o nil points in Tennessee,
Aikativat., MiwQiiri, Minnesota, Colorado,
K?iipatv,.'A'OrUlf>> Iowa, New Mcxico, Utah and
O^Hfoj-uiij, ?pp|y to or address Ami*in B.
IS'kk^n, General Emigrant Agent, Oflice.No.
i II. i. Kiiiibnl! Mouip, Atlanta, (la.
No ono shou'd go West without first gotlling
in communication with the General
EmlgrnnLmid lioeomc informed as to
superior nrtvnhtng'efl, cheap and quick trans>
portal Ion of families, household goods, stock,
nod (arming implements generally.
All information chcorfully given.
V?. J,. UJ\ 11 lyl'i I ,
no3Cin a. r. AT, A. 1
'f 1 J % * * * 4 ' * T~ ^ 1 * *
lwrwTPTjnpnt.TTA V wnnKfl.
AUJJ Jk AVVA VAlJk* ***? v rwj
CAN AT, ST., fnoM SrxTH to SuvKWtl^ '
111cim oni>, : ; r/Jwri^iii.
Portable and Stationary, *? ^
Saw Mills, Grist Mills, Uoilers, Ousting? pf
Ilritss mul Iron, Forgings, Ac.
In nil its brandies. done by experienced hands
driving C0M011 Gins, Threshing Machinos,
Separators, Grist Mills, &c. A nnmber of
socotui-hitnil KngiHcs and toilers or various
pullers, in first rule order, oil Imnd, . n
Repair work solicited an I promptly done.
Oct 14, 7 lyi "?
a lsxti hj:
Jwl Published, in a Seilal Envelope. Price
Six Cents.
A Lecture on the Nature, Treatment, and
Radical cure of Seminal Weakness, or Spey^
rnatorrhtvn, induced by Self-Abuso, In*t>
unitary I'.iiiissious, lmpotonoy, Nervous Ds??
bility, nnil Impediments to Marriage gftn- T
orally; Consumption, Epilepsy, ami Fits;
Menial ami Physical Incapacity, &c.?By
ltOHEKT .1. Cl'I.VKUWELL, .M. 1>., author
of (lie "Green Hook," &c.
Tho worhl-rcnowned author, in '.his nclimrablo
Ledu 10, clearly proves lrom his own *
experience that the awful conscqucnccs of
Self-Abuse limy bo etTectually removeil Without
medicine, and without dangerous surgical
operations, bougies, instruments, rings, or
cordials; point ing out a mode of euro at on??
certain and effectual, by which every sufferer,
no manor wii.it liis condition may be, may
onre himself cheaply; privately and radically
This Lecture will prove a boon to
thousands and thousands. Sent, under seal, $tt
a plaiu envelope, to any address, on reoeipt
of six cents, or two postage stamps.
Address the Publishers. ' 1
41 Ann St., New York; Post OiTicc Pox,4580.
Jan 13, IHTii 19
I take this method of informing my friends
that I will be found in my oilice on each
OlinllllhlV r_.. .1 -
i xni'ii i , iut i no purpose ot transacting
any business that comes under my jurisdiction.
As my duties as School Commissioner will
compel me to bo absent in different parts of
ilie county, 1 make tliis special appointment
for the benefit of all concerned.
no'J-"> ]y Scool Commissions?
'' 9
Wli want some one in every county I*
tnko orders nnd deliver good* fur tb?
old and original ('. <). 1). House. Largs ??sh
wtifres. .splendid ehnncc in every neighborhood
lor Hie r'mhl person of either sex, young
or old. Samples, i'roo nnd post paid, Honu
for it i?l once nnd make money itt your homes.
Address. 11. J. llALL & CO. ON. Howard
Street, liulsiuiore, .J/d
Oct 21, 1875 8 Sin
| ? .?
CUMm *
uuu . NkttiUibdi
i Parties desiring (o Lire conveyance to g
I l'ickens Court House, Table Rock and other
- * ?
points, can be accommodated at my 8t*bl??,
| it all hours of th? ilujr ATiu nig'ui. Fur?
11 . .
| chasers can also be supplied with Good Stook
at reiisonftliletirin?a
, a
Regular Mail Line to rjckeni) Courthouse
daily. (Sundays oxocptcd.) < ^
IIIt'llKY & WYATT. '
. t
Kasley Station, S. G., Aug, 3, 1875.
no 10-1 y
d?riTO^0n P01'! Ageutt wanted;
All classes of working peo*
l?lo, of either sex, young or old, innkc inot?
money at work for us in their spare mo*
mollis, or all Ihe time, ilinn nt nnythinfr els*"
I'nrliculnrs free. Ail<lrus8 (i. H-TLNSON &CO*
Portiaud, Muiuo.
Butler & McBee
ati0artnleay4 mjw&yk '
*T? fA r.A'l Mir Nil It M ^
'UIFiiSLSaH 'J/UiLjlhiS* ??
Sept 28 10 tf
? > 1<M*< (
Absolute divokces ohtainb^
from Courts of different States for desertion,
&o. No publicity required*
chnrite until divorco f?vfinin.i *?> ?
0 ?*VM, iiuui t'Bfl,
M. 110U8K, Attorneys _
10 Cm 101 HrgaUway, y. _
BTORVOW ?fc IlA?00?r
pd&kkhs ?. ? ?.
"TitTILL criva lliftlr tllMlU- ?- " "
.... -, ? V..WVM IV ?IM 1
VV and to tho Collection of PensipBif
ltonnty Lund arid all other Claims. 1 ^
Walhalln, 8. C, 1'itkciiB, 8. 0.
July 27th 1871. 1 iK: ""
l)i*. K. J. Uillllaiid , |
HAVING fcturned nnd permanently loeftIcd
ftt I'icUcnHvillc, respectfully oft'grM
hie ProfoKnional aervicefl to the citizen* of thki
vioinilv and Biirpftmwii??
_ -- ~r...?........viuunirjr. uuurges
MnjrN 41
THE WEEK,! SUM. ll?!
to New Yours, po,. paid, CO ct?. Address
Tho Hun," N. Y. ?r

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