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0 -m>) T.AA.
l/vnwu <MW
l)'encon Lee, who was a kindly,
aflent, faithful, gracious iircm, 1m ono
dity waited uj>otf by a resttais, ritribitious,
wordly church member, who
was laboring to create uneasiness in
tho church, and especially to drive
awwy titer ifitiiste^.
Tho deacon ofttno in to moot his
visitor^ who, after the usyal greetings,'
bogan to lamont tho low state
of religion, and inquiro as to the
reason why there had been 110 revival
for the last two or three yoars
Now, what do you tlfipk ii the
cause of things being drill here?5
The deacon vas not ready to give
his opinion; and after a little thought
frankly answered: *1 don't know.'
(D) you think the churches are
alive to tho work before thorn?1
'No. I don't.'
'Do yon think tlio minister fully
realizes the solemnity of his work?'
4No, I don't.'
A twinkle was scon in tho eyo of
the troubler in Zion,and taking cour
ago, ho A3ked:
'Do you think Mr. B. a very ex-.
ii (?v/l Ulimi J IIHUH
No, I don't.'
4Do you think his sermon* in their
eyes are hold anything wonderfully
No, I don't.'
Making bold, after nil this on?
c?uragement iu monosyllables, ho
'Then don't you think wo had bet
tor dismiss this man and Into another?'
Tho old doacon started as if shot
with an arrow, and in a tono louder
than his wont, shouted:
'No,.I don't!'
4Why,' criod tbo atnazeod visitor,
'you agreo with mo in nil I havo said,
dort't you?'
4No, I don'.t'
4You.talk bo littlo, sir,' replied the
queBtiouer, not a littlo abashed, 'that
no one can find out what you do
'I talked enough once,' replied the
old man, rising to his feot, 'for 6ix
praying Christians. Thirty years
ftil? J g?t my heart humbled, and
my tongue bridled; and ever s:nco
mat l'vo walked sotsly before God.? j
I thon mado vows solemn as otcrn- j
itv; and don't yon tempt mo lo break
The troublcr was startled at tho
carnostneas of the hitherto silent im
movable man mid naked:
'What happened to you thirty
years ago?'
'Well, 6ir, I'll tell you. I was
drawn into a schema just like this of
yours, to uproot ono of God's servants
from tho flold in which ho had
planted him. In my blindness, 1
fancied it a littte thing to remove one
of tho 'stars' which Jesus holds in his
right hand, if thereby ?iiy ear could
be tickled by moro flowing word-?,
and the pews fillod with those who
turned away from the simplicity of
the Gcapel. I and the men that led
me?for I admit that I was t\ dupe
nud a fool?fluttered ourselves that
wo were doing God's servico wlion
we drovo that holy man from tlie
pulpit and hia work, and said we
considered bis work dono in B ,
where I then lived. VVe groaned
because there was no revival, while
wo woro gossiping about and criticising
and crushing him, instead of
l.^l J! I ?
upuuiuuig ins nanas by our efforts
and our prayers, the very instrument
at whoso lmnd we hardly demanded
the bleesisigj.
* Well, sir, ho could not dragon
the chariot of salvation with a half
a dozen of us taunting him for his
weakness, while we hung as a dead
VW IIIU lYIIUCltl) 1113 11UU I it) I (lie
Bpiri', uh wo tliouglit, And could not
convert men; 80 wo hunted him liku
h 'leer, tiil, worn and bleeding, he lied
into u covert to die.
'Scarcely hud he gone when God
came in among us by Ilia Spirit, to
BhoW that Iio had lilnnnnil 11 i A InliAi'u I
? */ utirwio
(1'liis dear rejected servant. Our
own hearts were broken, and our
wayward children converted; and J
resolved at a convenient season to
visit uiy lormer pastor mid conlesa
my sin. and thank him for hi* fuiili.
fulncBB to my w ft) ward sous, which
liko long buried fceod hud now apntng
u ji. 1 > it I God denied mo tlint lelief,
that Ho might touch uio a losson that
every child ot Ilia ought to learn?
that XJLo who (oucheth ono of Ilia
little ones tcueheth the apple of His
heard my pnfttor wels ill, and
taking my oldest son with mo, eot
out oh a twonty five mile ride to see
him. It was evening when I arrived,
and his wife, with the spirit which
any wotnon ought to exhibit toward
one who had eo wronged her husband,
denied me admittance to hie
chamber. Sho said (and her words
were like arrows to my B<ml)?4IIe
may bo dying, and the eight of your
I fo AO O/1/l M I??n LT-kJ
u?w kii^iiv nuvi \\J II io nil^UIQII. llull
it eome to this, I said to myself, tlu\t
the man wIiobo labors had, through
Christ, brought me into Ilis fold,
who had consoled fay spirit in a torriblo
bereavement, and who had, till
designing men alienated us, been to
inc a brother?that this innn could
not*die in peaco with my faco before
him. 'God pity me!' I cried; 'what
lmvo I done?' I confessed my sins
to that meek wotnnn, and implored
her for Christ's snko to lot mo kneel
before llis dying servant, and recoive
his forgiveness.
'What did I caro then whether the
pows by the door wero routed or not.
I would gladly havo taken his whole
family to my homo forever, as my
flesh and blood; but no such happiness
was in store for mo.
4As I entered the room of the
blessed warrior, whoso armor was
tailing from his limbs, ho opened his
'nnguid e) os, and said: 'Brother Lee!
Brother Led' I bent ovor him, and
sobbed out. 4My pastor! my-pastor!1
Then raising his white hand, ho.eaid,
in a deep, impressive voicc: <Toucli
n t mine annointod, and do my piopb
e's no harm.'
'I ppoke tenderly to him, and told
him 1 had como to confoss my sin,
and bring some of iiis fruit to him
(calling my son, to tell him how he
had lound Christ). But ho wns unnonttP.lfiiiQ
nf nil nr/Mirirl I \ * < *!?<->.
....... ...? D.?IM
ot ray faco had brought the last pang
ot earth to his troubled spirit. 1
kissed his brow, and told him how
dear he had been to mo. I craved
his pardon for my unfaithfulness,
and promised him to caro for hi?
widow and his fiitlioi Iabu litHn
but liis only leply, murmured hs it
in a troubled dreatns wuc "Tnurdi
not 111 i11 o annointed, and do my
propheta no barm."
I stayed by him all night, and at
dnybreuk I closed bis eyes.
4I offered bis widow a bouse to livo
in the remainder of her days; but
wko a noroino, si?o eaicJ: lI freely for
givo you; but my children, who entered
deeply into their father's anguish,
shall never see mo bo rogardlossof
liia memory as to take anything
from tlioso who caused it. He had
left us all with his covenant God, and
He will care for na.'
iW^ll ?i.. ? *
i en, on , muou uj jii<? woruB sourHi
ed in my ohtb from that coffin, and
from that grave. Whon I slopt,
Christ stood before my dream, saying:
'Touch not tnino annointed, do
my prophets do harm.* These words
followed ine till I fully realized the
esteem in which Christ holds those
nun wuo liuvu given u|> ail lor his
sake; and I vowed to love tlioni overmore
for It is sake, oven if thoy are
not porfect.
And tinco that day, sir, I Imvo
talked less than before, and have
an|?ported my pastor, even if ho is
not a very extraordinary man. My
tongue shall cleave to the root ol my
month, and my right hand toiget her
cunning, before I dare to put asunder
what God has joined together. When
a minister's work is done in a place,
1 believe God will show it to him. I
will not join you, air, in the scheme
that brought yon hero; and, moreover,
if I hoar auother word of this
from your li|>8, I shall ask the brethren
to deal with you as with one who
causes division*
41 would givo all I own to rocall
what I did thirty years ago.
'Stop whero you are, and pray
God if porchatico tho thought of your
heart may bo forgiven you."
This decided reply put an en to
the newcomei 'a oll'orta to got a minister
who could mako more of a stir.
There ia oftun grunt power in the lit- ]
tie word 'no;' hut sometimes it re- :
quires not a little courago to 8poal< 1
it 8o resolutely as did tlio silent den- '
con.?Christian Meesenger.
111 J"" 1 >1111.11 I
NK.VV A TWIO. I/'PTeiCMl^XTrra )
It Pays ! It PayN X !
IT PAYS orory Mamifnoluror, Merchant,
Mochnuio, Inventor, Farmer, or Profes- <
atonal man, to keep informotl on nil thp itu- i
nAvGmohLn anil ?liiinr>vnri??o nf ll.? - ?
been published weekly for the Inst thirty I
years, does this, to nn extent beyond that of
Any other publication, in fact it isthocnly i
weekly paper published in tho United States,
dovotod to Manufacturers, Mechanics, Invcu- i
lions and New Discoveries in tho Arts and
v..... '? !- ? - ?? * * - *
jjruijr uuinvor ib jjroiuseiy liiusiraieu nna
its oontonts ombraoo the latest and most interesting
information pertaining to the Industrial,
Mechanical, and Solcntiflo Progress
of the World: Descriptions, with . Beautiful
Engravings, of Now Inventions, New Implements,
New Process, and Improved Industries
of all kinds; Uuseful Notes, Rcceipes,
Suggestions aw<T Advice, by Practical Writera,
for Workmen and Employers, in all the
various arts, forming a complete repertory of
New Inventions and Discoveries; containing
a weekly record not only of the progress of
the Industrial Arts in our own countryt but
also of all New Discoveries and Inventions in
every branch of Engineering, Mechanics, ami
Sciencc abroad.
Tlio Scientific Amorioan lias boon tlio foromost
of all industrial publications for the past
Thirty Years. It is tho oldest, largest, cheapest,
and I ho best weekly illustrated paper devoted
to Engineering, Mechanics, Chemistry,
New Inventions, iScioncc and Industrial Progress,
published in the World.
The practical receipts aro well worth ton
times tho subscription price. And for the
shop and house will save many times the cost
of subscription.
Merchants, Farmers, Mechanics, Engincers,
Inventors, Manufacturers, Chemists,
Lovers, of Science, and 1'eoplo of nil Professions,
will find tho Scientific American useful
to them. It should have a place in every
Family, Library, Study, Office, and Counting
Room; in ovory Heading Room, College and
School. A now volume conimcncos January
1st, 1876
A year's numbers contain 882 pagas and
aI I u-? >ni 1 <
volumes aro presorved for binding and refercnco.
Toru 8, $3.20 a year by mail, including
postage. Discount (o Clubs. Special
circulate giving club rales sonl freo. Single
copies maileil on recoipt of 10 coals. May
be hail of all News Doalcrs.
T) A rilTj^ IVT^PCl In connection with
11 JL O# tho Scientific American,
Messrs. Munn & Co. uro Solicitors of
American and Foreign 1'ateuts, and have tho
largest establishments in tho world. More
than fifty thousand applications have been
made for patents through their agency.
l'atents uro obtained on the best terms,
Models of New Inventions and SketchoB exfiirtiiind
mul nilvir?n frm* A
inado in t lie SOIKNTIFP' A M K111C AN of all
Inventions Patented through !!>.is Agency,
with the name and residence of tho Patentee.
Patents are often sold in part or whole, to
persons attracted to the invention by such
notice. Sciul for Pamphlet, containing full
directions for obtaining Patents. A bound
volume containing tho Patent Laws, Census
of the U. S , and 142 Engravings of median
Address for tho Paper, or concerning Patents,
MUNN & CO. S7 Park How. New York.
Branch office, Cor. F. & 71li Streets, Washingtun,
1). C.
Jim <i, 1876 18 I]
The State of Noutli Carolina
Pickkn8 County.
!)>/ I. 11. l'/nlj>nt, J ml, c o/ Probate,
\Viimtrah, Mary J. Freeman and Henton
Freeman,liiuli inmlc suit to me to grant tiiem
Letters of Administration on the Estate anil
Effects of H. f.. Freeman, deceased?
Tim khitlfnrt miel (.i-oilitoi-o af n?!,l II T I
Freeman, arc therefore cited to he nml appear
before nie, in the Court of Probate, to bo
iiolden at l'ickena C. 11.,on Friday, the 7tl?
day of April next, at 11 o'clock, a. 111.,
to shew causc, if any they have, why the said
admiuistration should not be granted.
Given under my hand and coal this, tho
2'2 day of March A 1)., 1875.
I. II. PIIlLrOT, J:r.iT.
March 22. 1876 20 2
1 .1 1 J ? ?SB '
n corny mtmi
Senator?It E Bowen.
Representative?1) F Bradley.
Clerk of Court?S I) Keith.
Judge of I'eobate?I II Philpot.
nrieriy?J nuey rerguson.
Coroner?Warren Iloyd.
School Commissioner?11 A llowcn
Treasurer?IK A Lesley.
Auditor?Alorzo M Folgcr.
Count}/ Commissioners?John T Gossett,
Chairman-?Hobort Craig, G M Lynch. Clerk
County Commissioners, C L Hollingsworth.
Trial Justices?Entity, Luke I. Arinil?Sw
lubritf/, J J! Clayton ? Ccnbral, James A
Liddell?l'ick'iis C 11., C L Hollingsworlh
aud G W Taylor?Dacusville, J 11 Sutherland
us ni
tf'Qf'ftday guurnntced using our WELL
AUUE11& IHtlLLS. $100 a month .
paid to good ngont.-j. Auger Hook free. Jilz
Augor Co., St. Louis, Mo. 1
Itills, DoiiiIh ftntl l'ostago Htamps Wanted ?
for rarest bills, $10 for mrcst stamps It j
will pay to send tlieni immediately. Also i
>llicr enriositios, American Stump Co., I!ox \
1045, New York. C
Dec 2 44 4
TIIB Scholastio year is divided into two
Tortus of 20 weeks cacli. The First Term
:oiumonces January 17th, and ends Juno 8dj |
,HVJ ncuuiiu x vi lli vuuuucnces JUly 4111, and
onds November 18th.
Students entering within two weeks after
Iho commencement of the Terms, wilt be
charged for tho whole Term j thoso entering
after this time, from tho time of entering.
It is mora satisfactory that Students enter
at tho commencement, wlieu tho several
classes aro forming,
Course of StudyPRIMARY
J UN 1011 CLASS.
1st Term?Spelling and Heading.
2d Term?Spelling antl Heading continued;
Primary Geography; M.eutal Arithmetic,
1st Term?Spelling and Reading continued:
Geography continued; Introducing English
Grammar; Elements of Written Arithmetic;
Exercises in Writing.
2d Term?Spelling and Heading continued;
Elements of Written Arithmetic completed;
Intermediate Geography completed; Analytical
English Grammar; Primary U. S. History;
Exercises in Writing.
1st Term?English Grammar completed; Phy?
Htftill finnffrnnliv* flr.??r?A? A-:.I
v ........v>.. UVIIVUI /ll ItlllUUtic;
Towns Analysis of Words;
"2d Term?Greene's; Analysis of English
Language; Arithmetic continued; Smaller
Composition; Higher U. S. History.
1st Term Latin Grammar and Harkness' Eirst
Latin Hook; Latin Reader; Davics' Algebra;
History of England.
2d Term?Four Hooks of Cins.ii; Arnold's
second Latin Hook on Analysis of the Latin
' Sentence; Greek Grammar; Kendrick's
Greek Ollendorff; Greek Header; Davics'
Algebra completed; Natural Philosophy.
1st Term?Six Honks nf i.
... J,,.., VJIU, n
Header completed; l'lain Geometry; Higher
Composition and Rhetoric.
2d Term?Salhist's Catalino & Jugurthu;
Xenophon's Anabasis; Higher Algebra
commenced; Solid and Spherical Gcome
try completed; Chemistry.
1st Term?Ciccro'sSclcct Orations; Xenophons
Memorabilia; Trigonometry and Surveying;
lloman History; Latin l'rose Composition.
2d Term?Horace cntire;"Six Hooks of the
Ilinds; Greek Prose Composition; Algebra
completed; Astronomy.
The above coiu*ho will prepare can
didates for admission into the Sornomoiie
Cr-.vss of any of our Southern
Colleges. Students, who do not stand
a satisfactory examination upon the
several studios oi each class, will not
bo allowod the privilege to advance to
the next higher, but bo retained in
c.w.i. ?: 11 ..II ?i? ... .
ouv>u LI 11 UI1 UIU hiuu1us oi 11/ do
satisfactorily completed.
Tuition of I'kimahy Dbpaktmknt
per term.
Junior Class, - - 810.00
Intermediate Ciass, - - 12.50
Senior " ?. . 15.00
Preparatory Department, 20.00
No deduction will bo mado for lost
time except from prolonged sickness.
Monthly roports of punctulity, doportmont,
and recitations in oiitu study,
will be furnished parents.
. ji. vyyviijjifsjjr;, l'nncipnl.
Due. 23, 1875 17 If
Agents Wanted For the
iw ?,w A narrative of the oxploits, nilTXT
ventures and travels of Mndtj
a-tt^t V iin,c 1,1 J- VBLA8QUKZ, otlier_ JL~~rLwise
kimwii as LT. IIAllKV T.
UUPPURD, 0* rf. A. A True Southern
Heroine, limited by C. J. WORTH 1NGTON,
late U. S. Navy.
MADAMU VKLASQUEZ, (lionised as a
Confederale oflicfii*- n.iwi?inni.>.i ; >?
? I ... .. I" "J.
of (lie hardest fought battles of tho lat?? war,
and greatly distinguished licraclf by the oxtraordiuary
valor sho displayed. She also
distinguished horself as a
and on numerous occasions ran through the
Federal linos and obtained information
of vital importance to tho Confederate commanders.
Obtaining admission behind the
alio established confidential relations with
prominent Federal officials; was concerned i
the great
by which tho United States Treasury suffered
to tho extent of millions of dollars; was actively
engaged in blockade-runing, and in
by which tho work of recruiting the Federal
armies was so seriously impeded; and was
tho heroine of a number of exploits even more
interesting than those of the battle ticld. It
aiso contains a History of licr Mining oil the
I'ucifio Slope, licr Travels in Europe, South
Amor leu, and among tho Mormons, I.ove,
Courtship, Marriage, etc.
The abovo facts nro substantiated by leading
men both South and North who participated.
No took of such varied and intense
intercHtas the Woman in Hat tic lins ever been
issued in Amcrica.
Agents wanted in every county in the
United States. Agents can make more money
by canvassing for Ibis book than any others,
as il is I lie cheapest as well as the best selling
Agents' book ever published. The book
is a large octavo volume of over COO wnr??- I
_ - - - I o ?
profusely illustrated. We print, bind and
publish our own books; lioncc, can allow larg
er commissions than any other house. Secure
your choice of territory at oncc. Address
.Southern Co.
Gon. I'byou and Mitciik.i.i, Stukktb,
Jan fl, 1S76 in 8
Law Noficc.
The undersigned, having resumed the prao
lice of law, will at tend the Courts on the 8th
.u ???s >-* ? *? * ' *
uuuivitti viiuiui< imniiit-nn lull w nil nm, J'i
Ilugood, at l'ickeus C. II., will ho promptly
attended to. J. W. 1L1URI80N.
Nov. 11, 187*.
Karlc, Wolls A Taylor,
Attorneys and Counsellors at Law
Having onlahlishcd an oflioe at 1'ickenH C.
II., ?V <!., will attend promptly (o all business
eft with 0. \V. Taylor who niny be always
'ound ftt their offioe at l'ickens 0. H., 8. C.
One of tho senior partners will always bo
present at tho Courts to assist with tho busiH!SS.
,V. K. BAR LB, \
J. 0. WBI.LS, 1 0. W. TAYLOR,
Oreenville, S. 0. I'iokcns, y. C. '
filmi 41. * < II ? 1
kfvuio VMl'Ullllll Mllliruuu,
Charleston, 8. C." Dcc. 18, 1876.
On and after Sunday, December Iff, lh$
Passenger Trains on the South Carolina
Railroad will run as follows!
(Sundays excepted,)
ClinrlAAlnn o t r. ? ? I
Arrivo ftt Columbia 6 OU p m
(Sundays excoplcd.)
Leave Charleston 9 15 n ni
Arrivo nt Augusta 6 15pm
(.Sundays excepted.)
Leave Columbia 9 00 ft m
.1 * "
I1III1U Iiv viianuoiuu 1 QO P 111
Loavo Angus!ft 9 00 a in
Arrive nt Charleston 4 45 p ni
Leave Charleston 9 Ifi p m
Arrive nt Columbia 7 '20 n m
Leave Columbia 7 00 p m
Arrive at Clinrleston li 40 a m
Leave Charleston 8 00 p m
Arrive at Augusta 7 45 a in
I.envo Augusta 8 .'50 p in
Arrive at Charleston 7 40 a m
(Sundays excepted.)
Leave 5'ummcrvillc at 7 <!0 a m
Arrive at Charleston 8 45 a ni
Leave Charleston 0 15 p ni
Arrive at Sumtncrville '1 30 p in
Connects at Kingvillo daily [cxccpt Sun*
days] with Up and Down Day and Passenger
Day and Night Trains connect nt Augusta
with Georgia Railroad, J/acon and Antrustn
Railroad ami Central Huilro.nl. This route
via Atlanta is the quickest and most direct
route, nud as couiforlable and cheap as any
other route, to Montgomery, Selmft, Mobile,
New Orleans, and all oilier points Southwest,
and to Louisville, Cincinnati, Chicago, St.
1.011 is, and all other points West- and Northwest.
Day Train connects at Columbia with Ihe
Through Train on Charlottce Rood (which
leaves at p. 111.) for all points iVorlh.
Night Train connects with I.o?al Train
[which leaves Columbia at 8 a. m.] for points
011 Cliarlotto Hoad.
Laurens Railroad Train connects at New- |
berry on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
Up Columbia Night Train connects closely
wiin ino urccnvillo and Columbia Railroad. I
S. 8. SOLOMONS, Superintendent.
S. H. V1CKKN8, General Ticket Agent.
Greenville & Columbia R R.
Passenger trains run daily.Sundays excepted,
connecting with night trains on South
Carolina Hailroad up and down. On and aft
or J/onday, Dccenibcr 13, the following will
be the Schedule:
Leave Columbia nt 7.:)0 a nt
Leave A 1st (in at '.I. lf> a m
Leave Newberry nt. ]().:>.'> a hi
Leave Cokeabury at 2.07 p in
Leave Helton at 8.50 p 111
Arrive at Greenville at f>.p m
r.pavo Greenville nt 8.00 a m
Leave Helton at 0.10 a ni
Loave Cokesbury 11 .'JO a 111
ucavc Newberry at 2.40 a 111
Leave Alston at 4.'JO |> 111
,\i i i yu a?? vumiiiuiii ui> O.OO J' 111
j(?3y*,Conncct at Alston with Trains on il:o
Spartanburg nml Union Railroad; conned ;>(
Columbia with Night Trains 011 I lie South Car
olina llailroad up and down : also will* Trap .
going North and South on the Charlotte, Cr..
lumhia and Augusta and the Wilmington. Co/limtiVlLLti
Train leave Abbeville at '.1.15 a in., connoc'
mg with Down Train fr<>in Greenville. Leai
I Ookesbury at 2.15 p in., connecting with I ]
Train from Columbia. Accommodation Trair,
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, l.ei^t
Cokesbury at 11.15 a in., or on the arrival c:
tne uowii lrnin trotn Urccnvillc. Leaves? Ar
heville nt 1 o'clock p. ni., connecting will ! r
Train from Columbia.
Leave NVnllmlla nt G.00 a m
Leave Perryville nt C.-1A a m
Leave I'endlclon nt 7.155 a in
Leave Anderson nt 8.85 a in
Ai rive at Helton at 0.21) a in
Leave Bell on at 8.50 p in
Leave Anderson at 4.r>0 |> in
Leave Pendleton at 5.5(1 p in
Leave Perryville 0.85 p u
Arrive at Wallialla 7.15 p in
Accommodation Train? between Helton and
Anderson on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays,
Leave Melton at 0.50 .\ in., or on arriv
ni of Down Train from Greenville. Leave
Anderson at 2.00 p in., connecting with Up
General Superintendent.
Jaiikk Norton, Jr., General Ticket Agent
Atlanta & Richmond Air Lino Railway.
Leave at Atlanta at 4 10 p rn
Loavc Tocooa Oily at (I ftO p in
Leave Westminster at 0 f?l p 111
Leave Seneca Cily at 1(1 21 p m
Leave Oenlral at 10 67 p rn
lieeve Kasley at 11 HO p ni
Leave Greenville as 1'2 12 a in
Loavo Spartanburg at 141 a in
Arrive at Charlotte at 5 30 a m
Leave Charlotte at 8 00 p m
.icavo Spartanburg at 1 1 f>I n m
Leave Greenvillo at 1 28 p m
I.cavo Kaslcy at 1 f>l a m
I.cavo Central at 2 28 a in
I.cavo jjeneca Cily at 3 01> a m
Leave Wstminstcr at 55 84 a in
Lcavo Tucooa City at 3 31 a m
Arrive at Atlanta at 'J 30 a in
Colonists I'iitiigaiiiH and
Traveler* Westward.
For innp circulars, condensed lime fahks
find general information in regard to transportation
facilities to all points in Tennessee,
Arkansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Colorado,
Kansas, Texas, lown, New Mexico, Utah and
California, npply to or address Amikiit ii.
\Vhknn, General Emigrant Auont, (Jflicc No.
2 K. I. Kimball House, Atlanta, Ga.
No 011c should go West without first getting
in communication with the General
Kmigrant Agent, and becomo informed as to
superior advantages, cheap and quick transportation
of families, household goods, stock,
and firming implements generally.
A111iiior 111 u(ion cuecrtnlly given.
no3 Cm 0. T. & T. A.
Canai, St., fhom Sixth to S*v*nvT, *
Portable and Stationary,
Saw MillH, Grist Mills, Itoilcrs, Castings of
?Brass nnd Iron, Porgipgs, &c.
In all its branclics. dono by cxpcrioneed hands
driving Cotton Gins, Threshing Machines,
Separators, Grist Mills, &o. A nnmber of
second-hand Engines and Boilers of Tartans
patters, in first ratcordor, on hand.
Repair work solicited an 1 promptiy dono.
Oct 14, 7 ly ^
./u?( Published, in a Setled Envelope. Priet ~
Six Cents.
A Lecture on (lie Nature, Treatment, and
Uadical cure of Seminal Weakness, or Sp?r?
mntorrliocn, induced by Self-Abuse, ^InTOluntary
Emissions, Impotency, Nervous D?s
| bilily, and ltrpediments to Mnrriniro
- o' B?I
orally; Consumption, Kpilepsy, and Fits;
Mental and Physical Incapacity, &c.?By
KOltKHT J. OULY1S1UYELL, M. D., auihor
of tlie "Green Hook," &c.
Tlic world-renowned author, in tliie admirable
Lecture, clearly proves from his own g
experience that. Ilic awful consequences of
cielt-Abuse may be effectually removed without
medicine, and without dangerous surgical
operations, bougies, instruments, rings, or
cordials; pointing out a mode of euro nt onco
certain and effectual, by which every sufferer,
no matter what his condition may be, may
cure himself cheaply; privately and radically.
This Lecture will prove a boon to ?
thousands and thoimnndn Knti# i
a plain envelope, lo any address, on receipt
ol' six cents, or two postage stumps.
Address the Publishers. +
I I Ann St.. New York; Post Ofiicc Box,4686.
.Inn 18, 1870 10
I i tiiki* i ins iiiciiiuii ui informing my friends
(hat I will be found in my oflice on oach
8ATURDAY, for t!io purpose of transacting *
niiy business lliat comes under my jurisdiotion.
As my duties ns School CommiBuioner will *
compel me to lie absent in ditferent part? o<
the county, 1 make this special appointment
for the benefit of all concerned.
K. A. BOW F.N,
no'2"> 13' iSeool Commissioner
\\7K waul some 011c in every county !
VV lake orders anil deliver good# for
old and original C. 0. 1). House. Large cask
wages. Splendid chance in every neighborliood
(or ilie right person ol eillier sex, young
or old. Samples; tree and poSt paid. Send *
for ii at once and make money at your homes.
Addi-Cf-. II. J. HALL a. CO. .UN. Howard
Street, ltnlsimorc, .Vd
I Oi l -J! 1 o
} ., . w i? oiri
Livery and Sals Stalks. *
l'arlics desiring (o liiro conveyance to
Pickens Court House, Tabic Uock and other
points, can l>c accommodated nt 1117 Stab1.**,
lit ill! Iimifu '!'? .1~? 1 "
- v. >iiu w?jr iinu mgiii. rurcliascrs
can also be supplied with Good Stook
at roasonuhlcprices.
fifty" Regular Mail Line to l'ickena Courthouse
daily. (Sundays excepted.)
Kasley Station, S. C., Aug, 8, 1875. 9
ne r.'-iy
TO CjOA 1M>1'"'"y ! Agents wanted.
ipO V/j V/ All classes of working pe??
pie, of cither sex, young or old, make more
money ?t work for us in thoir spare mo*
nientM, or nil the time, than nt nnything else"
I'm tion 1 ir* IVeo. Address Q. STlNtJON & CO.
Portland, Maine.
Butler & McBee,
&&&BSSWQLLB* s* ?
Sept 28 10 tf
Absolute divorces detained
from Courts of difivrent States for desertion,
&o. No publicity required. No
clmrgo until divorce granted, Address,
m. house, Attorney,
10 Gm 191 Eroftdwny, N. Y. *
xoinrox a iiA^oon.
attorneys AT LAW
Mtt&BBIt *. ?
T\TILL give tlioir attention to the l'ractioc
VV timl to tlio Collection of Pensions),
llounty Land and nil oilier Claims. ^
Walhalla, 8. C, Pickens, 8, C.
July 27th 1871. 1 tfI>i*.
It. *1. C*illiluiMl
H AVING returned and permanently located
at Pickcnsville, respectfully ofl'eru
. vivniuiHH ov> uoin 10 mo citizens of that
vicinity ami surrounding country. Charges
May 0 41
THE mm Sl *JSKS VJ'tt
to New Years, post p?id, 60 els. Address
"Tlio Sun," N. Y.

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