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D, F. SRHSLE7. Editor and Prnrietor,
Terms of Subscription. j
Ono V?ur $1 r?0
fMx Months 75
Advertising Rates.
Advertisements inserted at tho rate of $1 00
rtP /OX ninn ltnno All 1 t'ua t\V lltn
DVT yj I J UH'W ??i?vof tv unoo, ?v? ? "v,
m-at insertion, and 50 cents for eacl? subsequent
Contracts made for music, six or twklvr
months, on favorable terms.
Advertisements not having the number of
Insertions marked on thorn, will be published
until forbid and charged accordingly.
These terms are so simple any child may
understand them. Nino lines is a square?
one inch. In overy instance wo charge by
the spaco occupied, as eight or ten lines can
be made to occupy four or five squares, as the
advertiser may wish, and is chargcd by the
S&f Advortiscrs will please state the number
of squares they wish their advertisements
o make.
Business men who advertise to be
benefitted, will bear in mind that the
SENTINEL has a large and increasing circulation,
and is taken by tho very class of
persons whose trade they desire.
Thursday, April 6, 187?,
JKiy Want of cpaco this week, compells
us to publish tho communication
of a valuod friend "T. II. R." on our
fourth page.
m -* m
Wo return thanks to the Mountain
City Club for an invitation, neatly
printod on calico, to attond a calico
ball, at Boattio's Ilall, Groonvillo
City, Friday evening, 21st inst.
x lurvuna VV/UIUJ 10 pi too?
ing in material prosperity as rapidly
as any County in the Stato. Iler
natural advantages and resources
have but leccntly become generally
known. She will soon take the lead.
t&T Tho libel suit of W. E. Earlo vs.
the Messrs. JJailoy of tho Enterprise
and Mountaineer, lias created conHidorablo
in to rest. Tho caso is still
in progress bofore Judgo Cooko at
BdiT" Tho United States Court sits
in Charleston this month. Somo ol
tho parties arrestod in this County,
wo understand, will ho carried there
for trial.
B&' As tho Mackoy investigation
matter has cro>?tod ooneidorablo com^
ment throughout tho Stato, wo pub
lish on our outsido this week, a letter
of ours published in tho Greenville
iNows ot tho 24th ult, in vindication
of tho courso wo took in tho matter,
civiny our reasons for favoring investigation.
Wo liko for our people
to understand our position on all mattors
of public interest.
BS^Thc Democratic victory in Miss
issippi is now mado complete. Gov.
Ames and Lieut. Gov. Davis have
V\r.< ll *?rtc)wa>twwj A (K1T7A 4 1 I .*t L< A I If I I l>A?A
UVV?>I 1 UOI^IIUU l(V T V? w I I v I I I nv. I ? V- J > I IV/ I II
impoachmcnt, and Col. J. M. Stone,
tho Democratic Prosidont pro tcm of
tho Senate, has bccomo Governor.?
Tho Democrats having controll of the
Executivo and LogiHlativo departments
of tho Stato, tlioir rotoniion
of power will not bo so difficult,
jWgrThc Pickens Democratic club has
otio hundred and four in number; it is
still daily increasing; call on W. T. Me
Full, tlio Secretary, rend the Constitution,
and register j'our names on
the sido of honesty, capacity, and official
integrity, and henoo forth and
forovcr declare against, dishonesty,
incapacity, and official corruption in
the administration of government affairs.
Organization lias either alrondy, or
will very soon bo completed in eight
Townships. Let the organization of
the Domocracry ol Pickons County
for onco in her history be a unit
against Radical rule. Her noble yeo -
manry cannot bo othorviso than true
Democrats to their very heart's corc.
And overy one now has tho opportu-*
nity, and ho is specially invited, to
come forward and bo what his country,
his anccstiy, and his God intended
bun to bo?a noblo Democrat. Lot
thcro bo no shirking of duty.
Tho two national political parties
aro skirmishing heavily at this timo
preparatory to settling down to a
general lino of battle. 80 far tho
Democrats havo tho vantngewground,
and can make an almost impregnable
breastwork of the recently .exposed j
thioving rascalities of tho lladical a<l 1
ministration. If 11?cy do not win, it,
will bo entirely for tho want of good
The Work of Organization.
Tho work of organization in this
County is progressing favorably. In
Pickonsvillo, Salubrity, Garvin and
Pickons Court ilouso Townships vory
good clubs have boon organized with
a daily increnso of moniborship. Kaetaioo
holds a mooting on tho first
Saturday of noxt month to organize a
club. In Dacusvillo. tho Domoorats
havo always been so strong that, wo
prosnmo, the}' think it hardly ncoossary
to organizo; but this is n mis.
tnko. Thoy should loso no tirao or of
fort to placo themsolvos in a position
not only to hold thoir strongth, but
to incroaso it. Tho oitiaens of thin
Township aro worthy and trno men,
and wc fcol fissured will, in duo season,
tako proper steps to perfect an
Wo have had no reports from Pump
kintown and Easley Townships, and
can not say what steps liavo boon
taken towards an organization in
thom. These Townships, wo liavo no
doubt, will organizo in duo time.
The Enforcement ActThe
Supromo Court of ilio United
States, after a lapse of two or three
yearn, has rondei-cd iLh decision on the
Grant Parish (La.) caso. This d^iis*
ion is oxtromly important at this
juncture, as it rc-aflirms tho States
Rights doctrino. Tho case grow out
of a riot botwoon tho whites and nogroes,
and tho whites wore indictod
under tho provisions of Iho Enforcos
mont Act. Justico Bradley, of tho
Supremo Court in reviewing tho enso,
said that tho Fifteenth Amendment to
tho Constitution "docs not confor tho
right to vote; it only confers a right
not to bo cxoludcd from voting, b}'
reason of raco, color or provious eons
dition." 'This view is uphold by tho
Supremo Court. Under this decision
tho States still retain tho sovereign
powor in relation to suffrago, except
it can not exeludo any ono on account
of "racc, color or previcn* condition;"
but may establish an educational,
property, or any oilier qualification
t seen proper. Tho decision does not
declare the Act unconstitutional, but
restricts the jurisdiction of tho United
States to cases only whero tho (pies
tion of color is raised. -No eases of
assault and battery, riot or murdor
can be tried under I ho act unions it is
committed on account of '-race or
color."' The Act iindcr this decision
does not provont citizens from combining
and refusing to employ any
ono \vb? votes tlio Republican or Democratic
ticket as tho case might be.
Many gentlemen wlio have heretofore
been prominently connected with
the Republican party in this County,
liavo patriotically conio forward and
attached themselves to tho Democratic
clubs. There is room for all.
We have not seen tho result of
tho Connecticut election which came
off last Monday, and consequently can
not give it to our readers.
.?. ? .
tifdb" Alexander II. Stephens has so
far recovered his health as to boablo
to return to Washington. Mr. Stephens'
services, il his health will permit,
to the causc of honesty and constitutional
government, will at this
time bo invariable to tho country.
Distki'.psino.? Mis9 Parker, daughter
ol f)r Parker ot Columbia was
seriou&ly burned at Williamston last
week. Iler clothes, it is supposed,
caught Iii'o in a house, and she bad
gone near a halt tni'e before she
discovered it. When she mado the
discovery she became alarmed and
coinmeiiced running, which increased
the (lames, but, fortunately, she ?a>
nn:ir n kIiud frmn vvlii.-li
a gentleman ran <>nt, caught lier and
smothered the Ihunca on', not, however,
until she was, it is feared, fa*
tally burned.
Oni.t Wait!?J ml go Mnekoy say?
' If tliero in a man in tho wido world
who should ho kopt comfortahlo, it is
tho criminal."
Thin would scorn to havo been the
secret maxim which has determined
tho actions and choice of (Jen. Grant,
and tho Radical party in South Ca.
rciiimi, IUI IIIU jiiiwt tun years, ins
(ihe criminal's) conscience cannot
keep him warm," lie further remarked;
and may be it cannot, in ihc varied
experience of' this present oxiatcncehut
there is a Hereafter, (hank Heaven,
and it is likely Homo of thorn may
yet 'find rwnplo gr unds whereon to
real a reasonable doubt as to the ac~
curacy of liis Honor in Llic matter of
litis laM statement, Only wait!?News
and Courier.
Meeting of County Democratic Convention.
April 3d, 1876.
Pursuant to call of Col. R. E. Bowon,
Connty Chairman, tho Convention
convonod in tho Court IIoubo this
day. Col. Bowon callod tho Convention
to ordor, and J. J. Lewis was
roquebtod to act as Socrotary. Townships
woro callod in numorical order,
whon tho following woro lound to bo
reproBontod, vie: Pickonaville, Salubrity,
Garvin, ISasloy, Pickons C. II.,
fII 1 T* _ * . -
jl?huubviiio anu j^asiaioc.
On motion, tho following roportof
membership from oaoh Township was
submitted: Piokonevillo, 150; Salubrity,
100; Garvin, 75; Easley, not yot
organized but eont dologatos; Piokons
Court House, 104; Dacusvillo, not yet
organized, but sont delegaton; Pumpkintown,
not represented; Eastatoo,
not yet organized, but sont dologates.
Mr. 11. A. Child submitted tho fol- j
lowing resolutions, which woro ftUopted:
Resolvod, That ft Committoo of nine
be olcctcd by this Convention, in tho
following order, to wit: One from tho
County ftt large, and ono from each
of tho eight Townships, who shall constitute
tho County Democratic Exc*
cutivo Committoo, tho poraon elected
from tho County at largo to bo Chairman
of said committee.
licsolvod, That it shall bo llio duty
of said committoo to supervise the
general iuterost of tho Domocratie
party in tho County, and adviso with
tho Excciitivo Committees of tho various
clubs in tlio Townships, and to
dotormino on tlio timo of holding tlio
County Nominating Convention; the
number of dologatos each Township
shall bo entitled to in said Convention,
and givo reasonable notico of the timo
of holding tho Convontion through
tho columns of tho Sentinel.
Under the abovo resolution,tho follow
"'B guiiueinen wore ciecieu momocrsoi
tho County Executive Committee:
From tho County at large, Col. R. E.
Bo wen; Pickonsville, ,). It. Gosselt;
Salubrity, W. G. Field; Garvin, B. J.
JobuHon; Eaeley, J. E. Borroughs;
Pickens C. II., D. F. Bradley; Dacusvillo,
Dr. W. T. Field; Eastatoo, J. T.
On motion, Co!. I?. E. Bo wen and
1). F. Bradley, were elected delegates
to (bo Stjiie Convention, whieb convouch
in Columbia on Thursday, the
1th day of May next.
Resolution of Garvin Club, proposing
primary elections for candidates,
Wiis laid ovor until tho mooting of
next County Convention.
On motion, convention then adjourned,
subject to call of County
It. E. HOW EN, Chairman.
J. J. Lewis, Secretary.
#4^4 -- Tax
us.?Tho Treasurer closcd bin
books on tho l?t innt., and turned
them ovor to tho County Auditor,
who will add tho 20 per cent, penally
I'artios who havo tailed to pay will
have filtcon days from tho timo tho
penalty was added, in which to pay
up, but if they fail within that timof
oxocutions will then bo issuod and
ni'AnAi'ltr cnUI fn onf iuf ir avamiIiaho
I' \/ |y V ? \J J UV/IV4 WW U(? WIO? ? W?I V UAVV>Ui>IUIin
Wo arc glut! to know that thoro arc
not many delinquents in this County.
Tho total assessment in tho County is
826,417,95; collcctod up to 1st inst,
625,086,17; dolinqucnt 81,331,78. A
good doal of tho taxes that appear delinquent
on tho Treasurers books are
really nulla-bona.
U. S. Prisonhr8.?Tho parties arrested
in tho mountains of this and
Oconco Countios last week, by roven*.
uo officials, lor illicit traffic in "moon
shine" whiskoy, worecarriod toCJroonvillo
last Friday by a squad of soldiors.
A few succocded in socuring
bail, but a largo majority of them
woro unable to give soeurity, tho
Govornmont requiring a justified bond
of oiiu thousand dollars, ovor and
abovo tho homoHtcad oxomption.?
Thoso carried oft', wo aro infbrmod,
will bo carriod to Cbarlchton and tried
for their offonHO this month.
Pickens Prices Curre nt
CORItF.CTKl> WKEKI.Y i1y W. t. m'faI.I..
Cot I on per pound, packed.
Cotton per pound, seed, -Jc
Macon per pound, lf,^
J.nrd per pound, iJOe
I'ork per pound, Klc
Corn per bushel, 7f,o
Wheat per bushel, $1.60
Flour per barrel, $8(o}$10
Apples, Dried, por bushel. $1.00
Apples, Green, per biiMhel, $1.00
l'efts per bushel 00c
Butter per pound, IS^ViOc
hcef per pound, /?(/?,,<;<j
Beeswax, per pound, 2.r?c
Tallow, per ponn-1, (JJo
Chickens, per head, l;*>e
Hides, I>ried jier pound,
Ili les, (Jreen, per pound, tic
I fr'KK"' P''r Bozen, 10c
I'inders, per hutdiol, $1 .Hit
Teal hers, per pound, 60o
' Wool, per pound, Jdo
Mb. Editor: In tho last Skntinxl
I notinn nil iillnninn tn llin fnilnrn of
Townships to sond in reports of organizations
of Domooratio clubs, which
together with a convorsation I had
tho other day with a citizon of an
adjoining Township, indue cs tho
opinion, that perhaps thoso organizations
aro not as gonernl as tho exigency
of tho caso dornands. 1 am
persuaded, howovor, that tho tardiness
of soino of tho Townships to organize,
and tho inactivity of eomo of
our citizens in rogard to tho matter,
do not spring from any want of truo
Democratic principlo, but rathor from
a failure to seo tlio necessity for tlieso
organizations in our County, coupled
in tho minds of somo witli an antipathy
to anything liLeo an obligation or
committal, as to how they shall cast
their vote. In this, I venture tho
assertion, that thoro aro few among
us who do not sympathize to a greater
or loss oxtont. Wo doploro tho necessity
for organization. Wo know
that it is contrary to the genius of tho
government established by our forefathers;
anil it is not without a feeling
of humiliation that wo yield to
this nocossity forccd upon us by a
powerful and unscrupulous faction.?
Hut, however much wo ma)' deplore,
wo cannot?dare not ignoro it. A
rwnubjjoui 01 uiu iiiihgovcrnmoni anu
corruption that havo charactorizod
tho supremacy of .Radicalism in this
Slate will convince tho most incredulous
of tho fact tlmt wo are struggling
for our very existence as a pooplo.
Tho position wo occupy is truly
ono of tho gravost responsibility. Wo
arc contending with an cnomy base,
but powerful?thoroughly organized
and armod with every subtle machination
that satanic windom can suggest.
As a band of stragglers, howover
valorous, wc can not successfully
capo with this foo. Wo must meet
organization with organization. Nor
can this bo too thorough. Tho time
has came for indifforcnco to give place
to solicitude lor the common weal,
and for that lclliurgy that has so long
characterized too many of our citk
zens politically to givo way to a 1 iv^
ing activity in the cause of good governmsnt.
Every Democrat white or
black; every lovor of honesty or enemy
of corruption, should formally enlist
hy connecting himself with a Democratic
club. It is a humiliating
fact, that notwithstanding tho oppression
we have had to endure from Radical
misrule, the true strength of tho
Democracy has not boon polled since
the war. Lot us wipe out this disgrace
by answering to a man at tho
roll call next fall. The .Radical majorities
on the other hand, it is boiicvcd,
have beon really much less
than their nublished afntemmilft?
I ~ ? "" *""
Thcso facts among others, afford ?
reasonable basis lor ll>o opinion thai
a united and well directed ofFort will
result in tho election of a Democratic
Ciovcroor noxt fall, and tho consc
<pior:t ro-cstablishmcnt of an honesl
and dignified administration onc<
more in South Carolina. To attair
this end who will not labor?
"Wise men ne'er sit nntl wail (lieir loss,
15ut chccrly seek how (o redress their hnrmcs.'
Ai)DR^s'r*POO^E'& HUNT'I
EasleY HoTeL.
JTHIS POPULAR HOUSE is conveniently
located to tlie Depot; Kooms well furnished
and (lie tabic supplied with tho best in the
market. Hoard reasonable.
Conveyance fuinydicd to Talilc Hock,
Ciusar's Head, or any other point which
parties may wish to visit.
March ItO. 187ti SO fimn
Norton, Keith & Hollingflworth
a rrouNHYs a t la w,
Will practice in Ihc Circuit and I'rebntc
Courts for I'ickena County, ami in the United
Nliilc.i Courts of this Stnto from lliat county.
One it I I hr Srniftr will hn riroonni ir.
{ ansisl in I lie (ransaol ion of any important
l?u>iut?MH "luring vacation.
W r N|iKiTHN' } Walhalla
C. I,. 11 OLI.fNOB WORTH, Pickens 0. 11.
March 1870 U'J
GENTS, at prices to suit tho times.
Good and Choap.
Pricos Way Down.
ni>IT/jc a \th mpmnimnci n
i^ivuivjo /v ^ ij iUl^A/XVylll H?0. I'll 1*0
and genuine?will cure the sick and
make the well feel better. Try me?
Don't l)u backward? but ask for
what yon want..
W.T. McFall.
March 30, 187G 30
Ju*t l'ubli$hed, in a Seiltd Envclopt. Priti
Six GtnU.
I . -
A l.ecture on the Nature, Treatment, and
llnriionl cure of Seminal Weakness, or Sper
I matorrhoen, induced by Self-Abuse, invo
hinlary Emissions, Jmpotency, Nervous De
! bilily, and In:pediments to Marriage gen
orally; Consumption, Epilepsy, ami Pita
MciHhI nnd Physical Inoapaoity, &o.?Bj
? of iho "Orccii ltook," &c.
The world-renowned author, in thia adtui
1 ruble Lecture, clearly proves from hla owi
experience that the awful consequents
Self-Abuse may be effectually removed with
out mudicine, and without dangerous surgioa
' operations, bougies, instruments, rings, oi
cordial*; pointing out a inodo of cure at onei
certain and effectual, by which every sufferer
' no mntlcr what his condition may be, maj
euro himself cheaply; privately and radioally
. t-rgr ;n> in Lecture will prove a boon t(
iiioiinmiun mm uiouHsniiH. ncnt, UMdor seal, 11
ft plain envelope, lo any Address, on reoeip
of six cents, or two poatago stamps.
Address (he Publishers.
41 Ann St., New York; Post Office Box, 4586
ap 0, 1870 81
It is Found at Last
Bomktiiino Nbw Undir th* Bun.?A nev
era in dawning upon Ihe life of woman, llith
erlo she has been called upon to suffer tb<
ills of mankind and her own besides.?
The frequent and distressing irregularitiei
peculiar to her sex havo long been to her th<
"direful spring of woes unnumbered."?
In the mansion of the rich and in the hove
r?f nAfprlu WAmo? * I- - * - -
w ,.V.V. v .* *-? nv.?0H MHO UDCU HIO uuilllajl
yet patient victim of a thousand ills unknowt
to nmn?nnd those without ft remedy. '?01
Lord, how long!" in the agony of her soul
hath she cricd. Hut now the hour of her r?
demption is come. /She will suffer no more
for I)r. J. Hradfleld's Female Regulator?
Woman's Heat Friend?it for aale by all re
spectuble Druggists throughout the land a
?1.60 per bottle. In another oolumn of thii
newspaper will be found soma interesting
particulars concerning the Female Uognlatoi
mid other information highly important t<
Near Mabiktta, Ga. March 21, 1870.
Messrs. Wm, Hoot & Sons:?/I bout on<
{ year ngo 1 bought a bottlo of Hradficld's Fe
nmlo Itegulfttor from you, for oro of mj
j ftftiignicrH wno naci oeen sutjeryjg with sup
, prcHHOil menses for ?omo tiine."M har? line
; sovcrnl physicians attending, but inct with n<
success until I wnB persuaded to buy a botth
of the Itegulator, and it is the very thing foi
which it in reoonimended. She is now in por
feci health. I liope (ill Buffering females wil
at least ivy one bottle and havo health ngain
Very respectfully, D. DOBBINS,
i March 0, 1870 27 4
. t
ly cnll the Attention of the pnblio
to my well boloeted and M~ *
sorted stock of
snuw urn sum at-mbs.
consisting of v
Osais' Mis; Made a SpaeiaHj.
AH of which 1 will soil chonp for OMb.
i r\
I am stttl Agonfc for tho "KURBs
KA." FERTILIZER, one of tho boat
in tho market.
Prico payablo in cotton at 15c. lit
Nov., $60.00 por ion.
Prico payablo iu currency 1st Nov.,
$55.00 per ton.
Prico payablo in cash on doliveiy,
$47.50 por ton.
Froigbt |6.00 por ton, to be added
to this point, nnd must bo paid in
Last but not lonst, lot mo.imprest w
it upon thoso who aro duo me on no*
count for 1875, that I neod tiio money
Pay up at onco nnd favor mo M ?
favored you.
Feb 17, 187G 24 tt
to T. W. JRUSSEL) h?t?
oponod out business at Kaaley Station, *
A. L. R. R., and propoao to kocp a
first class stock of
Dry-Goods and Groceries,'
Which tlioy proposo to soil At bottom
prices, as tho following pricos indicate
: *
Factory Yarn, $1.20 per bunch.
7-8 Shirting, 8 cents per yard.
8-4 Shirting, 6$ cents per yard.
' T.: i L<.II < (it 1- -
uifoi pui.'l ouil, 9l,uu |?ur BUCK. 0 t
I Sugars, 9 to 10 pounds to the dollar.
Rio Coffco, best, 4 lbs to tho dollar.
Good Tobacco, at 65 cents per lb.
Flour, Family, 87 00 por barrol.
C. II. Baltimore Bacon, 13 conti per
All othor things in proportion. AU
ways in tho Corn and Cotton Market;
f and other producc takon in oxchange *
r,... c?i
r Guanos ol (ho best on hand. Call
6 and examine beforo purchasing.
'f Ucspcotfully,
! March 2, 187<> 26
t '
Consumption Cured,
An old physician, retired from active praetice,
having had placed in his hands by aft
Kast India Missionary tho formula of a simpl* +
Vegetable remedy, for the speedy and permanent
cure of Consumption, Bronchitis, Catarrh,
r Asthma and all Throat and Luna affc?tiABi.
" Also a Positive And Radical Cure for Nerrou#
9 Debility and Nervous Complaints, after h?Ting
thoroughly tested its wonderful curative
' powers in thousands ot cases, feels it his duty
5 to make it known to liis suffoiing fellows. A?*
' tuated by this motive, And a conscientious d?*
' sirs to relieve human suffering, he will Had
1 (free of charge) to all who desire it, this rs'
oepe, with full directions for preparing And s ,
' successfully using. Bent by return tn?i! bj
! Addressing with stamp, naming this pApsr.
, Da. W. C. Htkvuhb,
Munroe Block, Hyracuse, N. T.
i The Htate ofNoutli C aroline*
7?y I, II. l'hilpot, Jndjt of I'robott,
Wiikrea*, CUrinda Clark, has made suit
to me to grant ber Loiters of Administration. **
, with tho Will annoxed, upon the EstaU *B?
Effeots of R. E. Clark, deceased?
f Tho kindred and4reditors of the said R. E.
Clark, are tliereforo oiled to he and ftp*
I pear before me, in the Court of Probate, tob?
> bolden at Pickens C. II., on Saturday, the 1ft
, day of April next, at 11 o'oloek. ft. m.,
P 10 Bnew cnuHc, u any moy have, why the Mid
ftdininislration should not bo granted.
I Qiven under rny hand and peal this, ill*
'26th day of March A D., 1876.
I. II. PIIILPOT, r.r.Tc.
March V, 1B7& 30

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