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? HI i '?Rt ??t
I. r. BRADLEY, Cdiior and frosrietor.
Te^irts ofSilicriilloii,
One Year ?1 50
9fS Months ............ r r 76
AdvertiNliiK Kates.
Advertisements inserted nt Die rate of $1 00
pwr equaro, of (9) nine lines, ok j.kss, for the
it inseHiop,rand 50 cents for caoh subso{ ent
Contracts mndo for tiirkr, six or twelve
months, on favorable terms.
Advertisements not having the number of
Insertion! marked on them, will bo published
nntil forbid and charged accordingly.
These terms are so simple any child may
understand them. Nino lines is a square?
one inch. In every instance we charge by
th? space eccupiod, as eight or ton lines can
vrirvdn If\ fkn^nrtv fnnr nr fion nAimrnu nu i1>a
? ? ? v-u, >? iuw
advertiser may wish, and is ohargcd by tho
PST" Advertisers will please state the number
of squares tlicy wish Ihoir advertisements
to make.
? Business msn who advortisc to be
benefitted, will bear in mind that Lhe
SENTINEL has a large and incroasing circulation,
and is taken by tho very class of
persons whose trade tbey desire.
Thursday* April 13, 1876,
mmsss.. , i ! "i.. i ?J-.
t&- Hon. D. F. Brndloy, on Monday
last, roturnod to his duties in tho Legislature,
which roasHcmbled on tho
10th instant.
Wo publish on our outsido, tho
rticlcs of impeachment against Bclktlap1,"
preferred by tho llouso of Representatives,
and his trial boforc tho
Sonato will soon commonco. The
managors of the impcachmont are
oven in numbor, fivo Doinocrats and
two Republicans.
In tho impoaohmonttrial oi Andrew
Johnson,tho Republicans did not give
tho DuuiuOFAto a aicglo manager. The
Domoorats, discarding tho "Lox tali
onis," hnvo magnanimously given tho
Republicans two out of tbo sovon, but
wo foar that they havo cast pearls bo- ,
foro swine. Tho Southern Domocrats
doclined to allow any 0110 of their number
to net as a manager, considering,
and, perhaps justly, that it was none
of thoir funoral, and tiist tho Northern
and Westorn mon who were
"ondcr firo" "for high orimcs an''
misdemeanors in office should be investigated
by Northorn and Western
Republicans; and knowing, furthermoro,
that, if thoy wcro placed as a
manager that a universal howl would
bo raised in Ibo North about a "rebel"
prosecuting a "Union soldier"?notwithstanding,
tho Union soldior in
qacstion is a confessed bribe taker.
- ? i
The Connecticut Election
lias resulted in a complete Dome
cratic victory, though with a loss max
jority than last your. Tho total voto
was 98,485; last yoar it was 100,083.
There was four candidates in the field
'or Governor?Tngnrsoll (Democrat);
Robinson (Republican); Smith (Tern
poranco); Atwater (Groonbackp.) Jn
gorsoll's plurality is 7,514; bis mas
jority 3,057. Tho Legislature is overwhclmly
Democratic l>y a majority
of 87 on joint ballot, against 17 last
year. This will givo us in Congress
two moio Democratic Senators for
nix years. Connecticut is all right.
Halloa's Magazine
Wo havo received tho May number
of Ballou'n Monthly Magazine, published
by Thomes <i* Talbot, 2I> ilaw
loy street, Huston, Mass., r.nd lor hu1o
nt nil periodical depots in tho country
or sent at $1.50 per year, postpaid>
Tho prosmit number of this valuable
magazine in filled, as usual, with a superabundance
of very interesting
loading upon qui to a variety of subjects
and novclotB,
- ^
jpijy* Miss Parker, daughter of Dr.
J, W. Parker, of Columbiia, who was
Roriously burned at William-ston, while
pausing from her boarding houeo to
the collego, died on tho 8th inst., after
iv-ii ui?yn ui most, intonso fluttering.
How very crushing to the parents and
flistcru is tliin mytcrious, suddon, and
untimoly ond!
\Vc loarn irom tho Spartan
that Ihowholo lino of tho Spartanburg
and Ashovillo Railroad has boon let
out undor contract, to ho finished to
Ashcville, N. ('., in 18 months from
April Int.
This is an important enterprise to
Spartanburg, and indued to tho whole
tttato, affording, as it will, commnni- j
cation direct with tho groat .Northwest.
Wo will bo glad to hoar of its '
eoin pletion.
?PT~i ~ "
The Gjreenvjlle iibel CawTlio
libel (suit of W. 10. Earlo against
J. C. and Edward Bailoy, proprietors
of tho GroonviHo Entorpviso ami
Mountnineor, for f 10,000damages was
bogun Wounesuliy z'Jtii ult. Thtscnsc
really originated from a malicious ar*
ticlo, from tho pen of Earlo, published
in tho Greenville Republican, intending
to injure nnd refloct upon tho
granges, and upon Col. Qrittcndon,
thoir Chief Marshal. Earta, hiding'
behind tho Republican, commenced
tho attack, and only acknowledged
tho authorship after Jtunion, tho edi->
tor, had boon beaten by Crittondon
for tho publication. Aftor acknowN
odging tho authorship, ho rofusod to
muko reparation, but continued his
malicious attacks, really hiding himself
behind tho law. Crittondon, having
no other resourco left, exposed
I Earlo's character in tho Enterprise
and Mountainocr, by saying that he
was "destitute of honor, principle, and
every instinct of a gentleman?in fact
a moral bankrupt." Now, instead of
attacking or prosecuting Crittenden,
who acknowledges the authorship,
Earlo puts his damages at $10,000 and
sues the Messrs. Bailey, tho piopriotors
of tho Enterprise and Mountaineer.
Tho burden of proof is on the Dofondants
to show that Karlo is guiily
of all that was allogcd against him.- Tho
al'.ogod libel asserts that Earle
has bcon guilty ot "horso stealing,''
compounding a t:folony," and various
othor criincs, and that ho is a "moral
The ovidctico given by tho Defendants
in support of theso charges, was
strong and substantial, and the Dofon*.
dantsput up 3G of the most prominent
and high toned men of Greenville, who
said that Oapt Earlo's character is
"bad, very bad." And on the contrary,
the Plaintiff put up 17 prominent
and high toned men, who said
il.nt ?.l
LliiVU i'Jiii iu n Ullill IIVIUL' WUO UUUU(
The Defendants had 30 witnesses bosides,
whom they wished to put on the
stand to testify to his bad character,
but the Judgo ruled thorn out. Therc
sooms'to be a variety of opinion on
this subject among the people of
CJ reenville.
Ai'ler Iho cvidonco on bolh tiiles
closed and the counsel made their arguments,
the jury retired, and remained
the cntiro night, and early next
morning brought in a verdict for the
plain till' for $50 damages. Tlmir verdict
according to the law threw the
cost on tho Defendants. Legally
Earlo is victorious, but wo aro not
suro that lie is a gainer even in the
The array of connsol on hotl? Bides
was aplcndid?tho Plaintiff boing reprose
n ted by Clen. MeGowan, Cols'
Cothran, Simpson, J. P. Moore and J.
il. Whitner; tlie Defendants, I>3' (ion.
Butler, Kx-(Jov. ]>onhnni, Whitnor
>Sy mines and Col. W. 11. Perry.
i-0"' ltichard (J. Watts, a yoiinj*
lawyor of Laurens, in a com munica^
tion to tho Laurensville 11ornicl, ciiargoh
Cullon Larlc, now Auditor, but
onco Probate Judge oI Laurens County,
with committing perjury at the
|atc im|)oacbmonl trial of .Montgomery
M08CM. This has been tho common
lallc ever sinco tho trial, but Lark has
never been bo directly and publicly
oliarged with tho base crime.
Ciovornor Chamberlain ought not to
allow any perjured man to hold I ho
oiucc or Vvouniy Auditor. no should
at onco decapitate this Lark and consign
liim to Lho privacy of an ignominious
and less harmless life.
Iteiy" Mr. Lamar of Mississippi is in
dolicato health, so much so that lie
will not bo able to continno his services
in CongrosR this session. This
is a g'*eat sourco of rogrot not only to
tho nation, hut especially to Lho SouLh;
whoso interest ho ever watches with
a jealous eaglo eye. Mr. Lamar ia
a host in himBolf, from whoso trenchant
steel lho "bloody shirt" Kadicah
of tho North involuntarily shrink.
j&ay Tho Treasurer forwarded to
Iho Oontonnial Hoard a (juartor of a
million in fifty cent notes, to ho used
as tickets of admission. Tho admission
to tho exhibition is fifty cents, to
ho paid in one note, so as to dispense
with the trouble and confusion in such
a great crowd, of making change.
(\ /u>h \ f/\i'U i'nn tii t' rI' v a / ? 111.' n a
Tho Union Herald ?ayn: Tho Treasurer
informs us that ho will be able to
pay during IIim rnonib two*thirdf? of
(he h'cIiooI money duo (lie various
counties under tho recent appointment
made by Suporintondant J. K. Jillson.
v Railroad Meeting- i
A largo and onthusiustic meoting in ?
tho interest of tbo llluo Didgo Kails i
ropd waa held at Anderson, S. C., on |
30th ult. A riumbor of influontiftl
and rcpVcscnjAlivo mon from tho seyornl
sections interested, namely, Tonv>
ncsseo, North Carolina, Georgia, and
8outh Carolina mot In convention, whoso
object was to oloct permanent i
ofllcorB. ^Hip copvontion jvns callo^l
ti ordfiii by! upU JK. f A. Thofnf)<Jn,:o;f
Thon follpwcd an. enrollment of tho
names of dologat^s; after which, on
innfinn r?f 1 A ITnui ? <"
five was appointed: Messrs. J. A.
Iloyt, of Anderson, S. C.; W.Jj. Love,
of Franklin, JN. C.; JR. I. Wilson, of
Tonuossoo; Geo. It. Walker, of Charloston,
8. C.; It. 35. Cannon, of Rabun,
After an nbscnco of twonty minutes,
tl'.o committeo returned, and reported
tho followingofficers, who were
unanimosly elected:
Prosidcnt?Col. J. W. Gaut, of Tenncssocj
vico-Prosidonts, J. L. Itobinson,
of N. C.; Maj. II. W. Cannon, ol Ga.j
Capt. J. M. Goer, of Tonnosseo; Jas.
T. Wclsman, r.nd J. S. Murray, of S.
C.; Secretaries?W. W. Humphreys,
J. W. Livingston, and John W. Daniels.
Col. Thompson called tho Prosidont
elect to tho chair, Col. Gnat, who, on
assuming tho chair, mado an appropriate
address. llo thon railed for
tno ropori oi committoos. Tho standing
committees asked to bo ullowod
until next morning to submit their
written report; it was granted.
Mr. lloyt offorod tho following resolution,
which was adopted:
llosolved, That a committeo of seven
bo appointed from tho several
States represented to report to this
Convention upon tho condition and
future prospects of tho ]]!uo Ridge
The following is the committee appointed
under this resolution: Prof.
C. 1). Smith and Dr. W. Love, N. C.j
Cols. R. I. Wilson and \V. (j. MeAdoo,
Tcnn.j Col. II. \V. Cannon, Grt.; and
Messis. G. It. WitiUcrnud J. A. Hoyt,
S. C. Tho Prosidont and Mr. Louis
Zimmor woro, upon motion, added to
tho committee.
Tho dido rent committees made
their reports, and sundry resolutions
were adopted, all looking to the completion
of tho Blue Ridgo Railroad,
after which, tlio President ruLurninf
? o
thanks, declared I lie Convention ad-jonriied
to meet in Charleston on tlie
25th day of May next.
tiki)"- 'J'lio Columbia municipal eloe-.
Lion wbich wan held on Iho lth, re.sulLed
in il.o oleetion of Mr. John Ag
new for Mayor of I he city. The Stuns
ley ticket, which more than any other
represented the different classes and
interests ol tlie city, we think ought
to have been eleclcd. A very largo
number of white citizens tailed to
What jt Mka.ns.-?The call for the
organization of the Democracy at this
time means a return to the stronghold
of tho constitution and combined
strength and organized effort in iIh
defense. It means, further, a declaration
of war against tho "Ring." It is
made not without hope that our hon?
est efforts for the welfare of tho State
and all contained therein will com.
mnnd tho confidence and support of
tlio good and truo of all parties and
moos.?(ion. Brattons address.
KtOu Tho Mansion House, in Columbia,
u popular hotel, was oloscd on 3d
inst., having proved a financial fail1
uro. Mrs. Broazealo, tho proprietor,
will ro??opon her establishment in
1 Groonvillo at an early day,
, Capture of Stolen Puopekty.?
i Ono llonry Hopkins, a notorious coli
ored thief of tho city, has boon raiding
, upon citizonH living between this place
i and Union Court llouso, an well as
in (irconvillc. Capt. J. G. (jlrior and
constable White woro apprised of his
pcrf'ermancos in Spantanburg, where
ho raidod upon Col. Bobo and others,
and yesterday made a doscont upon
his cabin in Buck Town, and found
three or four bundled dollars worth
of goods, such as jewelry, grindstones
rakes, clothing, poas and corn, and u
u wagon unci initio. Tho wagon and
mulo woro stolon from a parly, noar
Spartanburg. Tho goods aro in possession
ol tlio o Ulcers, but Jlcnry
, Hopkins managed to malco his escape,
but is being pursued vigorously.?
<iroonvillo Mo#s.
j Thirty four governments will ho
represented at Philadelphia,
a Acid Phosphate
If the fa rim ore with to havo a cheap
and poworful fertilizer, wo would.
fr<>Un our knowlodgo of the chemionl
constituents, say to Ihom that the acid
phoflpliato, when manipulated and
thoroughly mixed with burn-yard ma
nuro, cotton seed, or in faot with any
animal or vegetable matter, forms a
superior fertiliser. The oxcess ol
Bulphurio aoid contained in tho acid
phosflhito rapidly dcoomponQsteithoi
oarn-yara mmturo oroollon scod, and
at tho Hnmo timo this acid seizes and
rotains in a solublo but solid form all
tho ammonia evolved by th6 decomposition.
This ammonia, as is well
known, is tho great food and stimulant
of all kinds of crops. Ilonco, a1
tho acid phosphato is ohcapor thar
othor guanos, a superior fertilizer it
in tho roach of ovory farmor, and ai
far loss cost. It onablcu tho farmoi
to utilizo his cotton seed and barn
ynrd manures; and, furthermore, th<
acid it contains bo thoroughly pulvorteos
tho barn-yard manures tha
thoy are inoro oasily handled and ?p
plied?equally as oasy to bo distrib
utod as tho impalpablo commorcin
fertilieer. By this procoss ovorr farm
or could mako immenso quntities of
very puporior forlilizor, at compnra
lively small costs. Tbo sulphato c
ammonia, which is formod in grea
quantities from tbo decomposition c
barn-yard manures and cotton scec
sulphuric acid being present, is
powerful fortilizors, as is woll know
by all cbomist. Ammonia is a vola
(Sin ?i I Ir *111 nn/l if I Urtim to ??r\ aAt/l
vnu miuj I* iiiiwiw 10 11u nv/ivi |ii\:
sont to seize and combino with it. i
oseapos ijn soon as it is generated fror
tho decomposing animal and vegotn
bio matter. By mixing this acid phoe
phato with stablo maiuiro, tho cscap
of the ammonia is entirely j)rovente
?a roBiilt to be socured by all possibl
Qreeuville Trial
1. That on tho 27th day of Maj
1865, Wm. E. Karlo, d sguised as
United States oflieer, leading a ban
of raidcrif, stolo from John Dill, livin
in this County, a homo, never rcturi
ingit, nor in any way paying for i
2. That iho sumo bund of raider
of which ICarlo was Iho londor, pre
ecedcd tho same night to tho houso i
a man mimed Crane, 05 years ol
and whipped him unmercifully.
8. That in January, 1808, Joli
Henry Marie, tho brother of Win. 1
Rarle, committed rohhery in Andoi
son County by stealing from ono S.
King $20 in currency, while sloopin
in tho name room with him. T1
money was found on his porson. Wr
K. JOarle, thou a magistrate of Greoi
ville County, compounded a felon
b}^ compromising with King, payir
SI 00 to discontinue tho prosccutic
against his brother.
It is always thus, when a mombi
of a onco honored family sinks so lo
iit his political Hiatus uh to assoeia
with alien thiovoa and ignoramnns
and a?9i?t thoin in robbing, diHgracir
.. .1 ! i I i i
j ;iiiu u|?j)ruM8illg till) pcupiO OI r> 1S III
tivo State. Thoro was a time win
tlio namo of Earlo was tho synonyn
of truth; but, alas! what a tomb
blow it has recoivod by tho dcfoctk
of Homo of its docondants wlio ha'
ombracod Radicalism for tho purpo
of obtaining ofllco.?Union Times.
A largo Catamont was killi
Ijy a eolored man (llodgo Thompsoi
about throo milos below Grcenvill
on Ilocdy rivor, says tlio Groonvil
rscwa, during tho rccont snow lull.Hodge,
with his dogs, tried tho "eri
ter," and conferred logother how th<
should got him. Tho "porps promise
to tako earo of him if llodgo wou
dislodgo hiin. Whoroupon, liodj
having no gun at hand, "fetched" hi
with n rock, and the dogs dispatch*
Tho prospects oi tho English ire
trado aro gloomy.
Pi r k n n h Pri obb f! m- > a n
P> - v ? w ? ? ? V V M V It A A V
Cotton per pound, packed. 11)01
Cotton per pound, seed,
Hacou per pound, ll
Lard per pound, '1
l'ork per pound, ^ 1
Corn per bushel, 7
Wheat per bushel, $1.,
Flour per barrel,
Apples, Dried, per bushel. ?1,
Apples, Green, per bushel, $lj
l'ens per bushel ft
Mutter per pound, 1 f>(a\2
| lloef per pound, 6(r?)
! Booh wax, per pound, 2
j Tallow, per pound, <?
! Chicken*, per head, 1
| Hides, Dried per poun<l, 12
1 lli.lcs, Green, per ponnd,
I K^gx, per Dozon, 1
i I'indevn, per bushel, 91.1
, Feather*, per pound, f>
Wool, per pound, 4
i ' -" "m ^Trr" ?^7'
%TMIW A twrnnmTfi'niimtmn i
Pi n \y AUV jsiyiwBBUcin i o.
[ I ?
i BRY boobs,
' MJ? WtTiSia? &T
? GENTS, at prices to suit tlio timoR.
'! At MoF ALL'S.
>f o
Good and Cheap.
n ???
WARE. Pricoe Way Down.
o * At AIcFALL'S.
? At MoF ALL'S.
?r 0
8? mul genuine?will cure the sick and
mako the well feci better. Trj ine?
Don't bo backward ? but ask for
1,1 vt'luU vou want..
R. J
r- Respectfully,
J(; W.T. McFall.
" March 30, 1870 30
10 :
- Sheriff's Sales.
,g o
Pickens County.
w Z. Smith I'laintift', vs. James A. liogga, Deln
BV virtue of nn execution to me directed,
I will sell to (he highest bidder, fit Piokens
Court llcuKe on Saleday in Mny next,
One tract of Land situate in Pickens Counll*
ty, on branoh->water8 of 18 Milo Creek, adfD
joining lands of S. W. Clayton, Mrs. Fielden,
Moore and otlierfl, containing 200 acres,
inore or loss. I.evied 011 as the properly of
iv; .in 111 i-M .-i. noggx, in mo Hint oi /<. nnuth.
TERMS CASH?Purchasers lo pay extra
for Jillcs.
90 np 13, !87rt .32 3
j! County of Pickens.
lo Martha A. Steele and Susan M. Alexander
Plaintiffs, vs. 1). M. Alexander, /idin'r?
L. N. Robins, Executor, Defendants,
t" f^Y virtue of an execution to me directed,
jy I ) 1 will sell to tlio highest bidder, before
the Court (louse door, at Pickens C. II., on
3U A.'.. I ?,!.>? in vi...,
? -J
Id One tract of Lanil, situate in rickens
County, on Mile Creek, waters of Keowee
River, containing 200 acres, more or less,
m adjoining lands of L. N. Robins and others.
Levied ?n as the property of Hardin I'riee,
deceased, at tho suit of M. A. Steele and ?11.
sail M. Alexander.
TEAMS CASH, Purohaser# to pay extra
for papers.
ap 151, 187t5 82 8
rj A LL parlies having clamis against the
4* JlY. Firm of E. II. Griffin & 15ro. are requir(jj
ed to present them before me on or by the
28th instant, or be barred, and those indebt"
0.1 ?o. uni.i r. ? .L- .
V* IV ninu an Ml IMIIOI |"?jr I lie RHIUO Dy IIIHl
time, or pay the costs of a suit.
r'o J. C. GRIFFIN, Survivor.
10 Jipl3, 1876 82 2
* Notice.
tic ! VTOl'ICK Ih hereby Riven, that Edward F.
Go Allgood and damuel J. 11 est or, Kxecujo
tors of the Estate of T. A. llodgers, has this
?>o day applied to mo for leave to make a Final
Jc Hettlement of said Estate, and to bo discharged
tic therefrom: the same will be heard at n?y
Oc oflico at Piokons Court House, on Thursday,
00 | (ho Uth day of May next.
0 I. II. PHILPOT, j.r.p.p.
0 J ap 18, 1870 32 \
?--?-o t
ly call tho nttontion of tho publio
to my well aolootod and m~ x
sorted stock of
consisting of
Gp.nfs' Clnfliincr Mails & Soflfiidtf.
All of which 1 will sell ohonp for Oftftb.
! * ?
I am still Agent for the "EUBB%
KA" FERTILIZER, ono of the best
in tho market.
Prico pnyablo in cotton at 15o. 1st
Nov., $00.00 por ton. -?
Price pnyablo iu currency 1st Nov.f
$55.00 per ton.
t'rico pnyablo in cash on dolivery,
tf H.ou por ion. g
Freight $0.00 por ton, to bo uddtd'
to this point, and mast bo paid in'
Last but not lonet, lot mo iroproM
it upon thoso who nro duo mo on
count for 1875, that I neod the monoy
Pay up at onco and favor mo as 1 *
favored you.
Fob 17, 1870 24 If
o . ,
CKSSOHS to T. W. ItUSSEL) h?ro
opened out business at Eaaley Stfelion, 9
A. Ij. H. It., and propoao to ko?n A
first class stock ot
Dry-Goods ui Sncra, *
Which the}' propose to sell at bottom
prices, ns the following pricos indicate
: *
Factory Yarn, 81.20 per bunch.
7-8 Shirting. 8 cents per yard.
3-4 Shirting. 6J cents per yard.
Liverpool Salt, $1.05 porsack;
Sugars, 0 to 10 pounds to the dollar,
Rio Coft'co, beat, 4 lbs to tho dollar.
(food Tobacco, at 85 conts por lb.
Flour, Family, S7 00 por barrel.
C. It. Baltimore Bacon, 13 conti per
All other thingf. in proportion, AI?
ways in the Corn and Cotton Market;
and other produco taken in oxchango ^
fox Goods.
Guanosol tho best on hand. Call '
and examine before purchasing,
Ma roll 2, 1870 26
(Joii.sumptioii Cured,
An old physician, retired from active preetice,
having lind plnccd in hia handa bJ M
Kast India Missionary the formula of a simp!*
Vegetable remedy, for the speedy and perrae
nentcure of Consumption, Dronchitis, Catarrh,
Asthma and all Throat and Lung Affections*
also a Positive and Radical Cure for Nimni
Debility and Nervous Complaints, After kiT*
ing thoroughly tested its wonderful curative A
powers in thousands ot cases, feels it hiedutjr
to make it known to his Buffeting fellow*. Actuated
by this motive, and a conscientious desire
to relieve human suffering, he will send
(free of charged to all who desire it, thle recepe,
with full directions for preparing end
! n?. i *
< auuuuoaimijr lining. Ot'ni Dy reiUFD RlfcU DJ,
addressing with stamp, naming this paptr. , ^
Munroe Hlock, Syracuse, N. T.
Easlf.Y HoTeL.
? ?
located to the Depot; Rooms well furnished
and th? tfthlc supplied with the best in tha
market. Hoard reasonable.
Conveyance fuini?lie<l to Table Rock,
Cmar'8 Head, or any other point which
parties may wish to visit.
Mnr ' '<0, 1870 80 6n9

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