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Ti ii - iiin i" i> rrra
B. F. BIUDLET. Editor ud Promoter,
Terms of Subscriptloi(?
cm tf?
wnff i ear $1 50
St* Months 75
Advertising Rates.
Advertisements inserted at tho rate of $1 00
pur square, of (9) nine lines, or lkss, for the
fitst insertion, and 60 cents for each subse*
q?enl insertion.
Contracts made for tiirbr, six or twblvk
months, on favorable terms.
Advertisements not having tho number of
Insertions marked on them, will bo published
until forblt' and oliargod accordingly.
Those terras are so simple nny child may
understand them, Nino lines is a square?
one inch. In every instance we charge by
t%? space occupied, as eight or ten lines can
bo made to occupy four or five squares, as the
advertiser may wish, and is charged by tho
?aT Advertisers will please state (lie number
of squares tliey wish their advertisements
to make.
Business men who advertise to be
benefitted, will bear in mind that the
SENTINEL has a largo and increasing ciroulalion,
and is takcu by the very class of
persons whose trade they desire.
PICKENS C. II., S. 0.:
Thursday. April 20,1S7?;
?ih 1 l_; . ..
2-3#" Wo dosiro to express our
thanks to Prof. Carlislo for tlio ablo
and satisfactory man nor in which ho
. has conducted tho editorial columns
of tho Sentinel, during our absenco
the past winter. IIo wiolds a facilo and
vigorous pon, and wo loci assured lias
givon general satisfation to our readers.
SOT Tho Grconvillo News oontractod
its sizo last week, but has sineo
expanded to its original proportions.
Koep your head above water Speights,
and never say die.
Igfc, Tho Stato Doroocratio Convention
moots in Columbia on tho 4tii oi
noxt month for tho purpose of electing
dologatos to the St. Louis Cons
vention, and tho election of a now
Stato Exocutivo Committoo. This is
all it is callcd for and is all it should
do. Any resolutions indicating our
iuturo policy would bo prematura and
out of plnco, and wo shall most certainly
oppoao anything of the kind.
Primary ElectionsWo
aro informed that thoro aro
many pooplo in tho County under tho
impression that primary election for
candidates moans that ovcry voter,
rogardloss of his politics, has tho right
to attond tho mootings, if any should
bo called, and cast.hisvoto for tho can
didato of his choice, bo ho Radical or
Democrat, and tho Democratic nominating
Convention would bo bound
to placo himboforo the peoplo whether
ho was of thoir own political faith
or not. This is not tho intention of
primary elections, and nothing could
bo moro absurd. Tho intontion is,
that nono but mombors of the Democratic
Clubs shall uiku part in the
eloction. This is right, and all that
could bo oxpocted by any ono. Those
who dosiro to participate in tho clce
tion, should tho systom bo adopted,
will bo rcquirod to attach themselves
to somo club boforo they can do so.
This is right and proper, and should
any other plan bo adopted it would
only create dissor.tion and strife in
our rauku; an ovenl anxiously looked
forward to by our political onoinics. If
all political distinctions aro disregards
cd in theso elections, our Democratic
organization would simply amount to
nothing. How such an absurd idea
could havo originated wo can not nn
dorstand. Of courso, our Republican
friond? do not cxpoct or dosiro that
any fluch privilogo should be extended
thorn, unloss thoy join tho clubs, for
when thoy had a oontoat over the
County Tro*su?-Hhip, Democrats woro
excluded and nono hut Republicans
Allowed to voto. Primary cloclions,
will be upon the samo principle. llcnco
tho importance of ovory J)*mocrni
attaching himself to somo club. If
tho Republicans will como forward
and join our ranks and co-operate
? til -? ...
wivii ub, wo win uo giaa to rooeivo
thorn. _
MT Tlio funoral ot A. T. Stowart
toota plaeo on Thursday at St. Mark's
Episcopal church. Bishop Pottor officiated.
Both Stowart's storos remained
closod till Saturday. Thoro
aro flovea thousand persons on the
pay roll of the firm. What a gigantio
Mr. K. (J. JMrgan was ordained
in tho linptist church at GroonviJJo,
on last Sunday night.
Adjournment ot the Legislature- |
The Goneral Assembly adjourned
sine dint on Friday last, tho 14th inet.
This, wo boliovo, has boon tho longost
session since rocoristruotion. JWo legislation
aftor tho last rocoss was parfootod,
tho Radical pow-woW taking
up llieontiro timo and altontion of tho
Radical mombors. As wo said on a pro
vious occasion, tho only object in rescinding
tho resolution to adjourn on
tho 23d of March, and taking a rocoss
until tho 10th inst., was to onablo tho
Republican mombors to attend thoir
Convention as dologatos without Rail
road eXponses. Tho IIouso rosolution
to adjourn on Friday wastakon up by
tho Sonato that day, and adoptod by
a voto of 12 to 11. Had it r.ot been
for tho nbsccnco of WhiLtomoro and a
fow other leading lights in tho Senate,
tho resolution oould not. havo passed,
and had it not boon that tho Senato
adjourned immediately aftor adopting
the resolution, thoro is hardly any
doubt but what tho absent mombors
would havo bcon sont for, tho voto
roconsidored and tho resolution do-*
foated. Tho manner in which tho
Senato adjourned, without intors
changing notices botweon tho two
Houses, and waiting upon tho Gov
ornor by a joint committoo, was oor-N
tainly unprecedented as well as disoourtoous
to tho IIouso. But it is
probably tho only thing that provontod
a continuation of tho session for
some timo yet; and tho action of tho
Sonate, whatovor might havo bcon its
intention, was cortainly a vory great
advantago to tho State. Wo hopo
that tho noxt Legislature that assembles
in South Carolina, will bo
composod of bottor material than tho
0 Tempora! 0 Morei!
Who over heard of a judgo in South
Carolina anterior to tho war and tho
days of reconstruction, carrying on
his person a pistol daily? The times
chango and wo chango with them, but
not always, wo fear, for tho better.?
Now, a Jmlgo, a namo around which
cluster hallowed associations, and
whoso living cxampla should bo n
tho sido of good order, is seen with
deadly arms upon his person?a thing
forbidden by tho law?that an ordinary
civilian, in a civilized society and
: ,.i i i i
111 iiiuun \ji~ jiiuiuu, euuuiu I'm ry much
dastardly habiliments on his person:
lo any nothing of a Judgo, is wholely
inoxplicablo. Judgo Mackoy Ihinkt
differently, howovor. llo is quito n
belligoront Judgo, find wishes to bt
rendy to ropoll any aggrossion nguinsl
his prociousself, llow disgrncelul It
iho Judicial robes which ho ho unworthily
wears! This "erratic'
Judge is a crying disgruco to Soutl
Carolina. Ilow faiion in ihu Jiidici;;r}
of the Stftto from that high and hon
ored position, which it once occupied
Such will necessai ially bo the caso m
long as Lho Judgo is a politician?s(
long as ho has to court popularity ii
ordor to maintain himself upon tlx
I r-r i lio onnositiou of the eorrnnl
r ? I
Radical wing of tho Republican party
sooms to be rapidly on tho incrcost
against Governor Chamberlain. This
spirit wan, perhaps, moro manifest ir
the Republican Convention than ovei
before. Swails could beat him foi
temporary Chairman of tho Convention.
Tho ''Radical rascals'' socm tc
dosiro to annihilate every viatago ol
apparent deconcy from tho Radical
party, and to eliminate, now and forcvor,
I). II. Chamberlain or any othei
decont man who may opposo their dowires
and tlio "fivo yours good stoalage
lhal yot romain? in South Carolina."
Ho is very much in their way, and
we aro not astonished to learn thai
some one drew it chair over him in
tlio Convention. Tho nogrooa and
those whites, who aro worse thnn negroes?worse
beciiuso thoy aro traitors
to their race and color, to their kith
and kin, aro rabbid in their opposition
to him. It is futilo in tho Governor
to try to patch up into seeming doconcy
such a putrid mass of moral obliquities.
Ho should como out from
among thorn, if ho wishes to bo of sor?vioo
to his adopted State; for, virtus
ally, as far as that wing of tho party
is concerned, ho is laid on tho sholf.-This,
wo think, is ovident from thodovolopomorits
in tho rocont Convention.
V8J' (Jon. Wado Hampton has boon
invited to command tho parado at
Charleston, S. (5., on tho contonninl
of tho battle of Fort Moultrie. Gon.
J. R.Kerahftw is orator olcct, and haw
accepted tho appointment.
The Catnpordown Factory in
Grocnvillo is in lull blaat.
? 11
The Repulbican Pow-WowJR.
B. Elliott,. Chairman of tho Exocutivo
Committee, oallod tho Stato
Republican Convention, which mot
on tho 11th, to order, and by instruction
from tho Chair, tho Secrotary,
Mr. Konnody, i*ad tho call of tho Stato
Exccutivo Committoo, undor which
tho OnnVnht.inh ilfionm kl/wl W I
tho Chair nnuounccd that tho roll
oall ofdelogatpB would bo mado, Gov,
Chamborlain, Who had boon oleQted as
a dologalo irom Ilorry, roso and askod
who woro included in tho roll, ho
having special roferenco to cortain
oountios. Ilia information was, that
in tho oaso of Charleston, Barnwell,
Colleton, and Oconoo Countios, thoro
was a contest, and that tho roll, which
was about to bo road, would contain
tho names of only ono sot of delegates
from each of theso countios, and before
ho could inako a proper motion
with roioronco to that mattor he would
likn In hn infni'mn/l ifliio infnnmnllnn
is oorroct.
On boing informed lhat such was
tho fact, tho Governor mado a motion,
that both sots of dologatos bo
admitted into tho Convontion with
tho privilege that eaoh member of
each delegation havo half n volo.?
And when tho Govornor's motion was
ruled out, and when tho chair had
docidod that tho roll should bo called
ap it was mado up in tho Executive
Committoo Room, a scono of disordor
onsuod that is difficult to doscribo.?
several ot the leading dologates ran
down the central aislo, noar to tho
Speakar's desk, somo exhorting him
to call tho roll and othors objecting
to tho unfairness with which it was
mado out. As tho confusion and disorder
was roaching its climax Judge
T.J. Muckoy, who was sitting in front
of tho reporter's tablo, roso in his
seat, ami, in tho voico of a stentor,
his wholo fr/?irio shaking with omo?
tion, denounced "the robbor band of
thieves.'' Senator Swails, who was
much excited aa tho Judge, and who
was near him in the aisle, yelled,
"Who do you mean?" Maekey roared,
"You aro ono of them." 8wails said,
"You are a liar." Gon. Elliott then
advanced to Jiuigo Maekey, and, leaning
over the desk in front of Maekey,
asked him what ho said. Tho Judge
replied, "You are another of the
thieves." Elliott quietly moved
around as if to strike tho J ii'lgo, when
tho latter made a gesturo as il to pul
his pistol from behind, when a banc!
from tho roar graspod his arm. Ellioti
was caught from behind by his friends
who drew him to the rear. Somo sa)
ho drow his revolver. Tho friends o
, Judge Maekey had hustled him in tin
opposito direction which no doub
provonted bloodshed. Tho eonven
tion at this time was a regular j>ando
, mouium. Tho timid and noaonfiil
with Senator Patterson in front, bea
:i hasty rotreat?tho ladies on tlv
sofas shrieked, somo fainting. Mrs
Iilliott, who was on the floor of tin
House, bocamo very much excito*
and nlurmcd for tho safoty of her hus
, band, and broko from those restrain}
ing hor to tno plaeo where lie was.?
The delegates rushed wildly to an<
< fro or Btood upon tho desks. Tin
i reporters of tho Northorn papers stooc
upon tho tables lost in astoiiiuhiitun
and admiration, but carefullv koonin<
u 1 1
. out of range of tho line of fire. Fo
, ton or fiftoon minutes tho sstorm o
f angry passions raged, hut gradually
| subsided, until tho Chairman's gave
was hoard calling to ordor. Tho do
legates soon afterwards bccamo seat.
ed, and whfte?wingod poaco smilor
upon tho brothorly assomblairo.
Wliilo this was on near lh<
Speaker's doslc, homo ono in the middle
aisle raised u chuir and was abou
to bring it down on rlio head of Gov
Chamborlain, when bis arm was ar.
rested by Colonel J iin Koogan, tlx
correspondent of tbo Wnsbingtor
Chronielo. Several others raised chain
but they soon after laid thorn down
id mo midst ot a groat uproar tlx
Clerk called tho roll. Whonover o
namo could bo hoard somebody would
answoro, but not always tho person
whoso namo was callod. A eolored
mnn answered to tho nomo of Patterson.
Cardozo then moved that tho roll
bo amondod by adding tho names ol
cotostants and that thoy each havo a
half voto, or no voto, or a full voto a?
this convention may chooso. The
Chair deciding (hat tho motion wan
not in order, Cardozo appealed from
tho decision of t.hn -
f cuu mu UUoislon
of tho Chair was sufitftino'l l>y
a voto of 104 again?t !0.
Na?h tlion nominator! Ciov. Chambcrlain
for tomporary Chniiman, and
Lh^rolfting no othor namoa, tho roll
I 1 '
was callod on tho olootion and rosult*
od: Swails, 80; Chumborlnin, 40; Wild- I
or, 1( , t i
Tho Convention oloctod nn dnlo- i
gatos to tho National Convontion at
Uinoinnnti, tho iollowing: <
First Distriot?S. A. Swnils and J.
II. JRainoy; SocOnd Distriot, H. (x.
.VYorthington and W. J. MoKinley;
Third Distriot, II. O. Corwin and W. i
B. Nash; Fourth Distriot, A. S., Wal
lace and John AYinsmith; Fifth District,
Iiobort Smalls and Lawronco
Ii. B. Elliott, D. H. Chamberlain,
It. Hi Gloavos, and J. J. Pattorson,
woro cloctod as delegates for tbo Stato
at largo.
? ;
Tiie President's Disgrace.?Dis
triot Attornoy Dyor testifiod in Wash
ington, on Saturday, that, whilo the
indietmonts against Baboook woro in
tho hands of tho Grand Jury at St.
Louis, a man namod Fox, ono of tlio
Grand Jurors, was furnishing PrcHidont
Grant information ofovorything
Lhat paesod in tho jury room. Fox
was sworn, n.s a Grand Juror, to socrooy,
and tho President know that
perfectly woll. Yot ho rocoived information
from him, and oncouraged him
to violato his oath. Thcro was a
ronson for it?tho dosiro of tho Presi
uont to unow what ttabcock's chanceB
wero, and tho purposo to do what ho
might to help Babcock tooHcnpo. Tho
pldft that the President wantod to asaorlain
whothor Babcock wasguily or
not '.vill searooly dosorve notioo.?
That could beat bo dono by a trial*
and Bnboock can, ovon now, try hie
luck boforo a oourtmarahnl, as ho was<
oocovory anxious to do. Tho Prcais
dent'a object was to seo what wore
tho prospocts that Babcock would
oscnpe, and ho stuck to him to tho
unu, uvoii accepting ma resignation
while under charges, President
Grant's fidelity to his fiiends would
bo ft noblo trait of character, it his
frionds wero not such a eourvy lot.?
Charleston Novvs and Courier.
' I
4 O
Foster Blodgett Released.
RlodgcU, who was purposely pass-*
iug through Georgia, from which
i Stato ho has been in exile sineo the
! Bullock rogimo because of various of1
fences committod with tho Western
I and Atlantic .Railroad, and who holds
i f\ niirrlnn frnm tlx* niiiii\?
I lias been arrested. Blodgott lias sued
I out a writ of habeas corpus before
1 Judge Poeplos, on llio ground that'he
, hoiiio r nurdon from llio Govornor of
' Georgia. J udgo Peoples aftor honring
I the caso, has decidod not to discharge
u Iilodgott, but romnndod him to the
t custody of tho ShorilF.
He has rfinco given security, and
- been released on a bond of fivo thous
I, and dollars, and has returned to Ne\v>
t borry in this Stato. It is intimated
u mat certain prominent Georgians arc
. exerting thomsolves to provent the
0 prosecution of lilodgott, for fear ho
1 might unbosom himself and blast tho
- reputations :;nd future prospects of
- certain mon who aro now figuring
- prominently in tho anairs of Georgia,
i If this bo true, his trial is evidently at
0 an ond.
t Regulations wero mado at tho
r Unitod StatoH Treasury Dopartmont,
r last Monday for an isnuo of silvor. Tho
f silver will bo Issued onl}* in substitu;
tion for tho fractional curroncy do1
livorod at tho dopartmont. It has not
- yol boon dotcrtninod whother tho do
partition t will boar tho oxponso cf tlio
1 transportation of silvor to bankors
and othor pnrties applying thorofor.
3 Thore are twenty millions oi Bilver
, and bullion now in tho vaults of the
t treasury and 8ub-troasurieB, that can
bo drawn upon, and onough will bo
. provided to rcdocm all tho Iractional
3 onrronoy uh rapidly as may bo proi
i Tbo Hilvor bill was Bigncd Monday.
? Atlanta, April 10.?Fostor Modi
gott, superintendent and troasuror of
I tbo Georgia Stato Road undor tbo
, Bulloclc rogimo, was arrostod in nK
I tempting to pons thiough tho 9tntc
. and brought to Atlanta. Ilia lawyorn
eoolc toofToct his reloaso on tbo,ground
of a pardon by Governor Mullock.?
[? Tho cano in ponding.
A. J. Wcat, who was carriod from
i horo on a requisition from tho Govori
nor of Now York, chargod with ol>i
tnining goods undor fulso protoncos,
was brought back from Augusta.?**
Govornor Smith, of this Stato, hns revoked
his ordor to turn Wost over to
tho sheriff of Now York, on tho
ground oi ti>e cxitjtenco of indictments
hero ngnlnat Wont whioli must first bo
Biofi- Speaking of Iho trial of wbi?-k*jy
niH68 in tho United States Court,
now Bitting in Charleston, n correspondent
of tho Groonvillo Nows says:
Some vory amusing Incidents oc
i - - _ ?ii _ * % -i -
Durrou in ino.so cases, ino oinor a ay |
Mr. Stono was prossing a witnoss
whon tho follow cooly said: "Look
hero. Don't bo udeasy about that aro
Btill. That nn is mine, and I am
going to pload guilty on her directly."
tKBr Tom Thumb is going to vbuy a
vanoho in Toxns, and somo day Wo
shall hor that Tom haB been way .aid
and nbducted by a Texas gi asshooper.
_ L* J L- I.L.a,, . i Jj
TTTTT T 1. 11 .1 11. 1 . . ' t ? -r^.
Wiuu iiu hoiu hi ino iiuc resilience or 11.
Ti. Freeman, dcceascd, on Tuesday,
25tli instant, the entiro
l*ereoiial li&tntc
Of said deceased, consisting of
Horses, Mules,
Slock of Hogs,
Household and Kitchen Furniture, &c.
TERMS made known on day of sale.
MARY J. FREEMAN, \ A,1r. ?
It. S. FREEMAN, / Adm rs.
ftp 20, 1870 33 1
MM Til
1 ^)D"f^' POOL^ &HUNTV]
Agents thooM wrlU for ClrctiUn for n?w Vook by
J.Inn Eliza
i sr?c
Tht ffr*nd toccett of lh? vt*r. 3Qth ' plM* /u?
ex pot* of Mormonlam *" Polygamy# a Womnn*8
8tory t?'J lo full. luiroduclTontby John IB
Gough ?n?i Mrs. Llvermore* Br*nn?w, wiihowij
I 200 lllutlriUloni. Do not tngagc with any book until jrou have
??n our lllustraUd Circular*. fhowlnr large iaNi. Sent frt? to
ABltOMATlC Effervcrsoing Bcvcrngcs: ?
Ornnge, Lemon, and Sftrpnpnrilla 11a.
vors. Deligliiful drink Ity simply' inixiiu
with water. Send 25 cents nnd rcceivc, posi
paid, four ^ftckctB (xssorteJ. WJf. UKBUEUD
08 Wall street, New York,
B >YH ftll.l Ml.l.n..?n.r..,l Mnn .
"C* II KIIIVM 1 " 1 1
siicocssful istart in liusinoss Life at Eastmai
College. The oldest. largest and only Inati
lution thut given .in actual business practice
Currency and Merchandise used have ft rea
value. Each day's transactions based oi
quotations of New York Market. New Build
ings. Hates low. Grailuates assisted lo si
tuatiouH. A pplicants received any weekday
liefer to Patrons and Grailuates in ncorlj
every oity and town. Addreas for particular
and atalogunof 3,000 Graduates in Business
If. O. E*htman. 1.1/. J)., l'oughkecpsie, N. Y
(nl Q a day nt home. Agents wanted. Out
1. /V f" aud terms free. True & Go., Au
AfsviitN Wantc<l !
Medtiln nnd Diplomas Awarded for HOI
1,800 illiislraiions. Address for new circi
lara, A. J. HOLM AN &. CO., 930 Arch Sired
jf&yo Philadelphia Si,'E,VS:|
JM" mer. V rom niijr puiuv iu tf. east oi Utah. m
?s/lf}E(i V<2 Above K It Ticket (it aluo ad- ?
[J NUkll I II mitH to ConUnnial Grounds) /J
g} and #10 rn?h a day easily earned canvaom* JO
B for our paiier, i>i tiliva, Ao. Anybwlycan doit.
B Particulars fri-e. Kend a?ldre?son poital card. /ay
To roraivi! copy of pap?-r also, send 0 ctj. A<l- jmW
\drCM.- rilK Il.LU8TRATK? WKKKI.V.
' No. II I)?> bt. New York.
ffeHESl'Ilk WI'.r.K guaranteed to Agonli
\l 7 Malo and Female, in their locality.yj
I I Terms nn<i OUTFIT FREE. Addret
Tf P.O. VIUKEHY & CO., Augusta, Mi
$f> to $20 per day at homo. Samples wort
$1 Tree. Ntinson & Co., Portland, Maine.
MINI) Rending, I'sychomancy, Fascinfi
. tion, Soul Charming, Mesmerism, an
Marriage Guide, showing how cither sex ma
fascinate ami gain the love ami affection (
any person lhey choose instantly. 400 pagei
Tly mail f>0 cents, Hunt & Co., 180 S. 7th St
Wo are now preparod to furnish permanent situations
for n largo numl>or of |>eraonfi, malo uml tomato
who are g Out of IVor/c 11 Fartlou
liur* i??nt free on application. Address, with stamp,
Soutiikrn Co-opkhativb Co., Nashvlllo, Tenn."
ALL parties having ciamis against tli
I'irm of K. II, Griilin & Ilro. are re<iuii
ed to present them before me on or by th
28th instant, or lie barred, and those Indebl
cd to said firm must pay the same by the
time, or pay the costs of a suit.
J. C. UKIFPIN, Survivor.
up liJ, lM(t) . 2
NOPICK ill hereby gUcn, that Edward I
A11 good and riamuel J. IIester, Excoti
tors of llio Kstftto of T. A. Rodgera, hav (hi
day applied to me for leavo to make a Fim
Settlement of said Hntate, and to l>o diaoharge
t herefrom; I ho name will ho heard at in
office at l'icKons Court House, ori Thursday
the 11th day of May next.
I. II. PIIILPOT, J.r.i'.c.
ap 18, 1870 32 4
rmmr *
- ?-> ? ??-o
ly call tho attention of the publio i
to my well isoJootod and ob|
Boated stock of
consisting of
GenU1 Clothing Made a Specialty.
AH of which 1 will soil chonp for cash.
I mn Btill Agent (or tho "EUREs
K A" FERTILIZER, ono of tho best
in tho murkct.
Prico pnyablo in cotton nt 15c. let
Nov., $00.00 per ton.
Prico paynblo iu curronoy 1st Nov.,
$55.00 per ton.
Prico pnynblo in ensh on delivery, *
$17.50 por ton.
Freight $0.00 por ton, to bo added
to this point, nnd must bo paid in
Last but not loast, lot mo impress *
it upon thoso who oro duo mo on nc-?
count for 1875, tlmtl need tho money t
Pay up nt onco and favor mo as I
favored vou. ft
17, 187U 24 tf
! COME ALL I ' 1
'I' 11 !<'. TIMT")Ti".P<<TTl WC.n I.1 T1 ? \I /erir*
- W AJI/ A A ll?U
CESSOltS to T. W. JKUSSEL) bavo *
opened out business at Eftsley Station,
,l A. \i. If. It., and propoao to keep a
- first clans stock ol
^ f
; Dry-Goods anil Eroceriss, j
a NVbich thoy propose to sell at bottom
!' prices, as the following prices indi- *
- j cato :
. I Factory Yarn, $1.20 per bunch.
I 7-8 Shirting, 8 cents per yard.
8? 1 Shirting, GJ conts per yard. t
" Liverpool Salt, $1.05 por snclc.
Sngnrf, ft to 1U pounds to tho dollar.
* llio Coffee, best, 4 lbs to tho dollar,
i, Good Tobacco, at Of) cents por lb. i
Flour, Family, $7 00 por barrel.
C. It. Baltimore Bacon, 13 conit per
All otbor tilings in proportion. Alv
nyrtin the Corn and Cotton Market;
mill nllmi1 n?nilii/.n ?!??.. !? *
|>(vuuv,v uinvil III UACUUngO
fortioods. 9
Guanos of tlie best on hand. Call
^ nnd examine before purchasing,
is lloepcctfully,
?> March 2, 187<> 2G
_ ? * v
lj Consumption Cured,
An old physician, retired from active praoi.
ticc, having hud placed in his hnnds by an
i Knat India Missionary the fornuila of a simple *
I ir??i?\ i_ 1- ?
_ i iKciuuiv rumeiiy, lor ino speeuy find permanent
cure of Consumption, ISronchitis, Catarrh,
Asthma and nil Throat and Lung affections*
nlHo n Positive and Radical Curo for Nervous
Debility and Nervous Complaints, after ha*ing
tliorouglily tested its wonderful curative
powers in thousands ot cases, feels it his duty
to tnukc it known to his sulfoiing fellow*. Actuated
by this motive, and a conscientious desiro
to relieve human suffering, he will send
(free of charged to all who desiro it, this re- ^
- cepe, with full directions for preparing and
sucocBrtfully using. Sent by return mail bj
addressing with stamp, naming this paper.
I)n. W. C. Stkvknb,
0 Munroo lllook, Syracuse, N. Y.
e *
" EasleY HoTeL. *
??? ' I
THIS POPULAR HOUSE ia conveniently
located to the Depot; Rooms well furnished
nnd the table supplied with the boat in tho
market. Doaril reasonable.
^ Conveyanoe fumished to Tablo Uook,
<1 Coosar'a Head, or any other point which
y parties may wish to visit,
\~ i

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