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1 ?7??^ f ~U
B, F. BRADLEt Editor and Pronto.
Terms of (SiibNci'lptioQ^
One xear $1 60
Six Months 75
Advertising Kates.
Advortisomentsinscrted at the rate of $1 00
p%* square, of (9) nine linos, on less, for the
fltst insortion, and 50 cents for each subsequent
Contracts made for tiikbe, six or twelve
months, on favorable terms.
Advertisements not having tho number of
Insertions marked on them, will bo published
Until forbid and charged accordingly.
* These terms are so simple any child may
understand them. Nino lines is a square?
one inch. In every instance wo charge by
tho space occupiod, as eight or ten lines can
bo mado to occupy four or five squares, as the
advertiser may wish, and is charged by tho
8?" Advertisers will f lense stato the number
of squares they wisb their advertisements
' to make.
fttryr- misiu<!?3 men who auverusc 10 ue
benefitted, will bear in mind that (lie
SENTINEL lias a largo and increasing circulation,
and is taken by tho very class of
persons whose trade they desire.
PICKENS C. II., S. 0 :
Thursday, April 27, 187?,
*ggr^. ...
flMm lodinu f t\n A n
>KES? ? ? *<? \J I HIU ??dcrson
Homo Scho >1, will acccpt our
thanks lor nil invitation to bo with
thorn on Friday, tho '28th instant, at
8 o'clock, P. M.
Population WantedThoao
who dosiro good, pleasant
homos, should come to l'iekens. Wo
liavo a bracing climate, puro water,
and as genial and hospitable a popu>
lation as over livod. Those who havo
already como aro so well pleased that
they aro trying to indueo their uc?
nniiint nnrnft nm! fYinmla in fnllnm
"I * .. .V..V4W VW 4V,,V/"
them. Wo hopo tlioy may bo suc^
ccssful, and oacli now arrival may ins
duco others to follow. All wo want,
outsido of good governmont, is move
population; and this wo nro snro to
havo as soon as our advontagosare
properly understood abroad.
- . 4^
Mexican RevolutionA
new rovoluiion has broke looso in
Mcxico. It gives tho border American
a r >- *1 -
vu>iu IHIIVII 11 uu UlUj UIIU llllUIUS LI IC
Mexican cnttlo thieves and cut-throats
a good opportunity to plunder and
etoal from them. Jf tho government
would take tho troops now employed
in tho .South, lor political purposes,
and placo them along tho Texas bordcr
for tho protection of her oitizone
against theso Muxican banditti, it
would bo much moro to its credit.
Samuel W. Molton, Attorney
Goneral of tho State, has i)laced his
resignation in the hands of tho Governor,
to take cftcct on the first of
May noxt. It lias boon known for
Bomo timo that Mr. Melton intended
to resign, but was persuaded to hold
mo juKigiiHuon uaoK until 1110 adjournment
of tho Logislaturoe, in order
that tho Governor might havo tho
appointment of his sucoossor, and prevent
tho filling of tho vacancy by an
oloction by tho Gonoral Assembly, in
which cvont, Elliott would havo been
tho succcssful man.
A New PaperWo
havo received tho prospectus
of a now J)aily Papor, to bo published
in Charleston, on the 1st of May, and
to bo called tho "Journal of Commerce."
A largo portion of its space
and influonco is to bo devoted to the
developments and extension of the
local commorcc of the City of Char,
leston, and tho general improvement
^ O A _ . - '
oi mo mmonin iiitorcbt of South
Carolina. In politics, it is to bo Dos
mocratic. JMice: Daily, ?3.00; SomiWeekly,
$4.00; Weekly, ?'2.00, strictly
in advance. Addross "Tho Charleston
Publishing Company."
J8*?TJudgc Carpenter, not satisfied
with t.hn di nhhiiir* f!linmhm*l(?ir? .?? >?
0 "v" |
him in tho eonvontion, has writ ton a
letter to the JSrows & Courier rottera*
ting bin charges and defending himself
against thoso brought against him by
Chamberlain. Tho Governor mukosa
curt reply, in which ho sa}'P, "thoro is
bottor work for mo than 'slaying tho
Blain."' This in tho unUindost cut of
Tho (ireonvillo County Domo*.
cratic Convention, cloctod tho follow
ing dologatos to the State Convt ntion:
,iuincH mcuuiiougi), J. T. Austin, B.
J?\ Poriy. W. Tj. Mnuldin, J. l<\ J)onnld,
C. 1>. Smith, C. A. Parkina, ft. S.
4 ? ^ vVVf^U^l^VMi
Tho uxp^Niiroft by tho Congressional
iKvosfffating Commjttoos, of tho corruptioniin
thoNationtfl Adminiptrat!on
continuos with astonishing ro*
suits. Thcvo is scarcely a clay but
what Bomo now developments tiro
mado, involving tho honor of some
high Government official. Tho most
of thoso frauds soom to run directly
back to Babcook, tho President's Pri.
vato.Sccrotary or somo Cablnot'ofllcor.
lloro thoj' stop and aro likely
to rest, unless somo of thorn should
concludo to niako a clean broast, in
which ovont tho country might bo
still moro astonisbod. This is a bad
timo lor tiio Uontonnial yoar. it I
should havo comoon somoothor timo,
ospeoiall for tho sako of the honor of
.Republican institutions. It is said
tlmt thirty-four nations will bo represented
during tho exhibition. Will
wo Americans have nothing to blush
for? Onn wo noint to ns clear n ro-*
cord, so far a s official honor and integrity
is conccrncd, as somo of thoso
who will roproscnt monarchies? Wo
fear not, and do not euro to lmvo a
comparison. But after all it may bo
that all thoso things havo como to
light at tho propor tinio; for why not
make it a part ol our businoss, whilo
wo cclobrato our ono hundroth year
of indcpondcnco, to cloan out all oflicial
corruption and rascality, and
when our Centennial cleotion comes
off, turn tho Government over to a
party that will administer its affairs
honestly, economically and in tho in
to rest oi the wholo pooplo. Why not?
An Old Trick"Jonnio"
Cochran, in his Radical
convention in Anderson, got up a rcB?>
olution, and had it passed by his duskey
dupes, to tho efFoct that they roccommend
no nominations for county
ofllcers in the election of 1870, and
pledged themselves to voto for independent
Democrats. This is an old
trick by which Johnio pulled tho wool
over tho oycd ot enough uemocrats to
put him in tho Senate, where, with si
gusto, ho voted for the infamous
Whipper lor Judge of tho First Cir>
cuit. This is n favorito trick of the
Radicals in the upper counties where
the}' aro in tho minority. Tlioy have
tried it several times in litis County
but have never been successful. Thoy
will evidently try it again, but will
inoro signally fail as their real do
signes have bcct.mo more apparent
to tho pooplo.
Col. F. W, Warley, a prominent
citizen of the State, died til, bis
rosidonce at Darlington C. II., on
Saturday, the lfHh instant. llu was i
a native of Pendleton, a prominent I
lawyor of Tho Eastern section of the j
Stnto; was a Iiicut. Col. of Artillery j
ilk flirt ( SmiIoiI.wii i o it; til* ? ii.l enrtriul in I
tlio Logislaturo, ami edited tlio Dnrs
lington Southerner before tlio war.
Of Into years ho has beon prominent
as an advooatc ol tho temporanco
cause. ILo was a bravo and truo son
ot Carolina.
Finlcy, Democrat, who contested
Iho soat of Wall, Kadioal, in
Congress, from tlio Stato of Florida,
lias boon wonted?thus scouring to tlio
land of . flowers 0110 Democratic .Representative.
Purman, Had, tho only
other Keprcsontativo is hkoly to be
kicked out of Congross for selling u
cadetship, and tho piobabilites aro
that a Democrat will succoed him.
jfc-sSr Prosidont Grant has vetoed tbo
bill reducing tlio President's salary,
from fifty to twenty fivo thousand
dollars, tho amount originally fixed by
tho Constitution. Jlif. reason for vetoing
the lull is, ho says, because $25,000
does not defray the expenses of
the Kxeoutivo for one year, or hus not
in his oxperionco.
if lio had spent loss lime in carousing
at Long Kranch, ho might have
been able to see it in another light.
Chamberlain will ovidontly bo
nominated for Governor by tho rogiis
lur Republican Convention, and there
is likoly to bo a bolt. Then what will
tho Democrats, who havo boon advocating
coalition with tho bolting Republicans,
and cxpscting Charnborlain
; to Do their canuiunto nor ? hi tnoy go
in with tho regular Jtopublioanu or
| vote againut him.
jfcajr Pooplo wl)o pay fifty per cent
on time, abovo tho ca-jh price for bacon.
corn and guano to rnako cotton,
can not expect to ho anything hut
hIiivoh to capital while they do it.?
Let cotton alone and make your own
1 bread and moat.
Presidential Aspirants
Onfi hv onn tlin Prnnwinntlii.1 nsni?
runts aro killod off. Bristow. tho
great reformer, now cotnos in for his
turn. Tho following from tho congressional
proceedings, oxplains tho
nnturo of tho charges against him.
Cato, of Wisconsin, offered a rosolu*
tion reciting tho oharges mudo in a
newspaper roport affecting tho oflleial
conduct of B. II. Bristow, soeretnry
of tho treasury, In regard to tho rc<
v? t r * PHI 1
mission 01 loriouuro in cnso 01 u?o uiuk
Mary Morritt, seized in MilwauUio in
Juno, 18(39, for a violation of tho custom
laws. Tho allegations aro
that an application for remission
of tho forfoituro, that tho report
of tho committoo was approved
hy tho thon secretary of tho treasury,
Snni'ntn i?tr WSIISnm A 1'Snlintvlonn 4 Kot.
on that hearing Mr. liristow appeared
as counscl fortlio owners of tho vessel
and after Air. Bristow bceamo soeretft
r}T of" the treasury, while tho judgement
of forfeiture still remained un>
paid, the officer who tnado tho seizuro
was paid $7,000 a.i his moioty, on condition
that ho would ceaso further op
position to tho remission of iho for
foituro. that thoroupon Mr. Bristow
was applied to for a remission, and ropliod
that ho would do nothing himself,
but that his private secretary
oould fix it up, and (hut tho attorney
mot tho secretary and had tho forfeiture
remitted, and lliorel'oro instructing
tho committoo on expenditures in the
treasury department to inquire into
the circumstances, and to ascortain on
what ground the judgement of forfeiture
was remitted and for what purnose.
[email protected]* Tho Augusta Chroniclo and
Sonlincl iflimcs twonty-six apirants
to Guoonatorial honors in Georgia. It
is strange how many patriots there
aro who aro willing to sacrifice themselves
on tho altar of their country.
U#},. Mrs. Jano Bradley, wifo of
G'on. P. II. Hradloj", died at her home
in Abbeville county on last Sabbath
morning after a long and painful iII?
ness. She was about sixty years of
jB6y*Preliminary arrangements have
been made for tho speedy re-opening
of the South (Carolina Institute for the
doaf, dumb find blind, at Cedar Springe
Spartanburg County, S. C. Mr. New
ton F. Walker lias boon re appointed
The Levoes on tbo Mississippi
Imvo boon broken by (bo bigb \vutei*i
causing great, destruction to tlio cot
tor. crop. Tbo loss is estimated at
250,000 bales. Greater damage may
3'Ct be done by the breaking of otber
Washington, April 20.?Ex-Attornoy
General Williams was examinod
by tbo ilouso committeo on expondi
tnros in tho department ol justice,and
testified to tho paymont to Jno. J.
Dayonport, former United Statos
commissioner in JSlow York, out of
the secret, scrviec funds, of 830,000 for
oloclion purposes. Upon being pressed
Judge Williams acknowledged that
tho money was paid by tho director
(lor of tho Frcsidcnt.
Whitoly was beforo tlio committooj
tostifying as to tho paymont of tho
money to Davonport. ilis ovidonco
is not given.
A soarch was tnado in tho Attorney
General's offico to day for vouchors
from Duvcnport for money, and nono
wore found. Thoro will bo a Cabinet
mooting to morrow on tho subjectTKa
...I~ I... IH- >
jl iiu nutiiuu wild 111 (i 11 u uy j lurl uijlhi i b
New Yokk, April 20.?Jno J. Pav
enport, clerk of tho United Statos Cir
cuit Court, went a tologrftin to da}' to
Ji. Ci. Caulficld, at Washington, stating
that Ihc morning papers horo declared
that it appeared to tho com
mittoo, of which ho was chairman,
that Davenport had roooivod from the
government, between 1871 anil 1874,
various sums of money; that ho had
receipts for evory dollar paid him as
ho disbursed it, all for tho dotcotion
and proseeution of frauds at elections
and crimos againat tho United States.
IIo asks to ho subpojmed at onco boforo
tho committoo, and promises to
show that, in addition to what tho
govornmcnt has paid in this matter,
ho had personally ox pond od $ci5,000
in tlio Hiiino work, which ho owed to?
2-stf" Thero arc over two thousand
voters onrollod in tho Do.necratio
Clubs in Anderson County, and now
accessions are being rnado ovory
Dyer McJunkinTho
Gdvornor hns commuted tho
BonlonOo of Dyor McJunkin from
hanging to ton yohrs at haYd labor in
tho Ponitdntiary. This, oaso in fuqiilur
to all our pooplo, and wo dot fool it
nocossrtry to roviow it-. Tho Governor
assigns tho following roasons for his
Tho Stato V8. Dyor McJunkin ?
murdor?Tho Dofondant was triod
and convictod of nlurdor at tho,March
(1875) torm of tho court, for Pickons
County, and sontoncod to bo hung.
His pardon is now askod for by
iiuiuviuun |/viouiio ?i uu jnunuiil' vnu
case by fivo separative petitions, aggregating
in number fully ono tbous
sand citizens of Pickons County.
Spccial statonionts of tho caeo in
support of tbo application for pardon
aro in ado by Hon. R, B. Bowon, and
D. F. Jlradloy, Esq., Representative of'
Pickens County, by Stopbon 1). Koilb,
Clerk of tho Court, J. llilor Ferguson,
ShorifT, by Hon. W. C. Koitb, Senator
for Oconco County and attorney for
t.lin Onfnnrlnnl Ku 1? A Pliil/lu nn_
other of the attornoys for the Defend^
ant, and hy oilier officers and louding
citizens of Pickens County. A
spccial and fnvorablo roviow of tho
enso is likowiso mado by William E.
Earlc, Esq.
I liuvo carefully oxaminod all tho
pnpors submitted, and my conclusions
are that I sec no reason for holding
the verdietof thejuryas unwarranted
by tho facts, but that a verdict of
manslaughter might porhaps have
been more appropriate. Doubtloss to
many minds thcro would has-o boon
some degree of doubt of tbo guilt of
tlio Defendant upon tbo evidonco, but
tho jury beard all tho evidonco uh
presented by tbo witness, and I ccrU.inly
ounnot question tbo oorrootnoss
of their conclusion.
11 is Honor. Judge Cooke, who pro?i.?
-..,1 \i.. c? _ i: _:. _
niuuu in tuu Li iill% tliiil nil. OUIIUIIUI
Blytho, who prosecuted tlio Ciiso for
tho Stato, caeh join in a rocommeus
daliun that the sentonco bo commuted
from death to imprisonment for a term
of years. These recommendations,
under all tho cireumstancos, seem to
mo conclusive as to my duty, and I
therefore decline to grant a pardon,
but commute iho sentence from tlon' b
to imprisonment in tbo Slate Penitentiary
at, ha cl labor lor tbo period
of ten poars.
i). II. CIIamnkui.aix,
Governor of Son Lb Carolina.
April 17, 1870.
The Slab-town club in Anderson
County disapproves of the primary
Hystein ol election for candidate*.
lijUX?Thc DemoeraU of Indiana liavo
nominated .las. 1). Williams lor (Jov^
ornor, and Isaac P. Gray for Lieut.
nxiy mo sampler watchman nominates
Governor Chamberlain 1'c
Governor. It claims to bo ft Democratic
? ?
1H3X. Montgomery Blair has written
ft letter ondorsing Gov. Tilden, o|
Now York, as tho Democratic can
didato for Prosidont.
lagX, New hotel in NVost Groonvillo
noarly comploted.
Requkst.?Wo desiro to givo our
roadors all the County news possible,
and for this purposo respectfully request
any person who may be in possession
of any itom of news that
might ho of interost to our readers, to
send thorn to us. If you cannot put
them in proper form lor publication)
send us tbo facts and wo will arrange
( ' 1 .... I * r.
Ul I u 111. V/IVI IV O Ul illUIIIUUI D Ul ?liy
el?urch, Secretaries or mombors of tho
Democratic clubs and. Granges, will
confer a favor by informing us of any
action taken by their society that
might bo of'interest to tho public, or
their order. Ilelp us and wo will
help yon by giving yon inoro interesting
WUero AtUortlalng Contract* can l>e miwV?.
f thereby given, that my wife LUCINDA
1 i inn r (iTiv 1 ..1.: 1,1 it. ?.?
| & A, .>1 umiinia, piiu uiiuurcu piiirjr r<.,
| Martini K , Klia* K., anil Rosa .M. Mullinix,
have left my house ana euro, without just
I cause or provocation, an<l that licnceforth I
will not be responsible for their support or
maintenance, and will pay no contracts that
they or any of them may make.
ap 27, 187G 84 3
TIiobo who think that Editor's paths arc
rtrown with flowers, and that they havo
flowery beds of easo to rest upon, may have
such an erroneous Idea corrected by reading
the following communication, which wns
called forth by a local in our last issue, the
Ulllk SV? wl,!A I. 1.^.1 D?1>0lnn.
vi uvii vi nmuii nu iiiitv niuuu iiuu out/a**"* \
liated by responsible parties. Horo it is,
verbatim et literatim.
Dear Sentinel I Bog Rumo in your Excou*
lont Paper Which is Head By many of our Best
Sitens of our County
I notice in your Lastisuo of tho 20th instence
of A Small Chile Near this Place taken ill Recently
and tho Parents Sent for a Certaii\ Lady
to Doctor it thev Stated that it was Paint
od with Comon Paint and after wards give it
a finishing touch with a Coat of varnish Now
Mr Editor 1 ask (ho indorsor to Sign his or
her Reason for not givong thare name in full
hwo they ALudcd to and what kind of Paint
wns youse grcene or Read Brown or Blue
while er Black or yallow and what kind of
varnish was youso on this Chilo I ask this
quecston through your Column it is a Shatno
to tho world thet any Person or Persons to
Put out to the Public Readers of our County
Serch LyinK Linos as was tho Caio in your
Last isuo of 20 ultemore and they have tho
ma.'k 111 thar four head of of A Lying Report
and the Dovol always has his Prey over his
Lying Report Decauso ho is out of his Prison
A gin ofhis thousand years Confinements in
Mm iin^is l ii.ni r>:> ...i
ished for to Received all Lyers it is Had A
miff for any Person to Sliun tho truth nnd toll
A Small Lye But this is a Big Lying on A
Pore Littel Chilo which has not had A day
health seoce it was Born it has serfered A
thousand deaths I havo not seen it But twist
sence it was Horn and I atn truley sorry fcr
tho Oliilc much Less go out into tho world
and tell A Big Lye on it Now Mr Editor (lie
one that is gilty of this Lying Lines minds me
of a Sortin man nnd his son went to steel
llosen years out of his naber Corno fcal he
Lift his son at tho out Edge of the feal ?to
watch fcr him and went into tho Corn fcal to
get his Loid turning A Bound and Looking
Every Directions to Sco wether any Boddy
Saw him the Littel Son Said Pa they is one
way you hant Lock yet his Pa ask him which
way was that his Son tole him to Look up and
Pinted up to our Lord and master so tho man
took the second thought and Come out and
i,;<> n., ii.-v -..-i 1 t
out liis Corn so the ono that givo out lliosc
Lines of Lying lo the world ought to of took
the Second thought also and fenr tlint Eye
that always Sees good or Had to lie Continued
if ncssery
Lawson. A. Brown
1875, - -"~7~- - 1875.
Your attention is most respect- !
fully called lo thelnrgost and decidedly
the uillSArKST Stock of Goods tliat has
over been exhibited in West Greenville; conHinting
of dry goods, boots, shoes,
hats, hardware, crockery,
groceries, etc., etc.
Our prices nro so low I lint \io house this
s'ulo of New York cr?n under-sell us.
Wo sell Goods ? rir>( 1 v for CASH, which
enables us to make tlio above declaration.
We keep constantly on liand a large lot of
DOOHS, SASII and BLINDS, at prices that
We also keep on linr.d a large lot of tho?c
celebrated ORANGE PLOW STOCKS, to
which we invito your attention.
We luivo also connected to otir Store, a
a Large WAGON YARD, with a well of Good
Water, which ia Free and Open to Ai.t..
Greenville S. C., October 1, 1876. hofit(
Easlsy School.
milK FIRST SKSSION of the ahore School
X. will begin Monday, the 3d day of Jannary,
For terms, eto., address Iho Principal,
Easley, Station, S. C.
Jan 0, 1870 18 3m
Pickknb County.
James F Laj, vb. W A Lay, Mary E Martin,
Letta A Newton, M A Hester, W K Lay,
C A Lay, Chas. W I.ay, and Susan E Lay.
Petition for appointment of lteoeiver.
To \V. A. Lay, Executor, of C, M. Lay, deceased
YOU arc hereby summoned and required
lo appear at the Probate Court, to bo
holden at Pickens Court House, on the 1st
day of June next, for Pickens county, and
shew causc if any you can, why a Jlecoivor
should not bo appointed to tako charge of
and havo the entire management of the Estate
of the said C. M. Lay, deceased, as prayed
for in a petition this day filed in my office.
Given under my hand and H<tal of office at
Pickens Court House, this 4th day of April,
I. H. PH1LPOT, J.r.r.o.
Plaintiff's Attorneys.
april 0,1870> 81 6
ENTLEMEN, come up and SETTLE. If
1 -r i _UaL ah( V^, i #
\7I yon (i<i 11 vf ?;uv. iw uAuuiiu Jiuruivi*
ter. vi word to the wise is sufiicent.
All persons indebted to Drs. A. J. Anderson
& Hon will call anil settle.
March 16, 1870 28 tf
1% ll1'
krvha li n m -
U ft lil U U JJ >)
ly onll the attention of tho public ,
to my well soloctod and asBortod
stock of Jfc
oonsisting of T
Herts' (Ming Made a Specialty. 4
AH of which 1 will soil choap for cash.
I nm still Agent for tho "EUREs
KA" FERTILIZER, uno of the btst
in tho market.'
Prieo paynblo in cotton nt 15o. lit ^
Nor,, 800.00 per ton.
Price paynblo in cnrroncy 1st Nor.,
$55.00 per ton.
Prico paynblo in cash on dolivery, g
$47.50 por ton.
Freight G.OO per ton, to bo added
to this point, and must bo paid in
Last bat not least, lot mo impress
it upon thoso who aro duo mo on so*
count for 1875, that I need tbo monsjr
Pay tip nt onco and favor rao M I
favored yon.
17, 187G 24 if
GESSO US to T. W. UUSSEL) b*vo
opened out business at Ensley Station,
A. Ij. li. R, and propoao to ko?p a
first class Block ol
Dry-Goods and Groceries, '
Which they proposo to sell at bottom
prices, as tho following prices indi- %
enLo :
Factory Yarn, si.20 per bunch.
7-8 Shirting, 8 centH per yard.
3-4 Shirting, Gi cents per yard.
Liverpool Suit, $1.05 per wick.
Sugars, 1) to 10 pounda to the dollar,
Jlio (JofToo, bout, 4 lbs to tho dollar.
(Jood Tobacco, at 05 cftntft por lb.
Flour, Family, 87 00 por barrel.
C. it. Baltimore Bacon, 13 conti per
|>uii nu.
All otUor things in proportion. Always
in the Corn and Cotton Mnrket; ^
and othor producc taken in oxchango
for Goods. i
Guanos of tho best on hand. Call
nnd oxamino before purchasing.
ninrcn z, i?yu ZD
t'oiisuiH^tioii t'nred,
An old physician, retired from active pratlice,
having hitd placed in his hands by in
East India Missionary the formula of a simple 4
Vegetablo remedy, for the speedy and permanent
euro of Consumption, llronchitis, Catarrh,
Asthma and all Throat and Lung aflection>?
also a Positive and Radical Cure for Nervou*
Debility and Nervous Complaints, after har- ^
ing thoroughly tested its wonderful curative
powers in thousands ot cases, feels it his dntv
(o inako it known to his KufToring fellow*. Actuated
by tliid motive, ami n conscientious deHire
to relieve human suffering, he will send
(freo of oharge) to all who desire it, this r#?
cepe, with full direction^ for preparlag ud *
successfully using. Sent by return mail by
addressing with stamp, naming this paper.
Dr. W. C. Htivrns,
Munroe Illook, Syraouse, N. Y.
EasleY HoTeL. *
THIS POPULAR HOUSE is conveniently
located to the Depot; Rooms well furnished
nn<l lh? table supplied with the best in the
market. Board reasonable.
Conveyance furnished to Table P.ock,
Crosar's Heft''., or ar.y oilier point whleh
parties mf?y wish to visit.
M arch 30, 1870 30 Giro ?"

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