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"Go! Feel What I have Felt." ,
[A young lady in Now York was in tho
habit of writing to tho Philadelphia Ledger
oa tho eubjeot of temperance. Her writing |
was so full of pathos, and ovidoneed ?uoh a
deop emotion of soul, (hat a friend of hora ^
nccuacd her of beooralng a maniao on tho
subject of tomperanco; whoreupon ehe wrote
the following lines.] i
Go, feel whot I havo felt; (
Go, bear what I have borne? I
SinK 'neath a blow a father dealt,
And the cold world's proud scorn;
Then suffer on from year to year?
Thy solo relief tho acorohing tear.
Go, kneol as I have knolt;
implore, besoeoh and pray;
Strivo tho besotted heart to melt,
Tho downward heart to stay;
Bo dashed, with bitter curse, aside,
Your prayers burlesq'd, your tears defiedGo,
wecrp as I have wept,
O'er a loved father's fall;
Sco every promised blessing swept?
Youth's sweetness turned to gall;
Life's fading flowers strewn nil the way
That brought mo up to woman s day.
Go, see what I have seen;
Behold the stiong man bow,
With gnashing teeth, lip bathed in blood,
And cold and liviil lirnwa
Go, catch hia withered glance, and see
There mirror'd his soul's misery.
Go to the mother's side,
% Aud lier crushed bosom cheer;
Thine own deep nngush hide;
Wipe from her chcek the tenr,
Mark the worn frnmo and withe'd brow,
The gray that streaks Iter dark hair now;
The fading form and trembling limb,
And tracc tho ruin back him
Whose plighted faith in early youth
Promised enterual love and truth,
Hut who, foresworn, hath yielded up
That promise to the cursed cup,
And led lief down through love and light,
And that made tho future bright,
And chained her there, 'mid want and
That lowly thing, "a drunkard's wife;'
? -lmjlii. .
otuuipvu uu UI1I1UI1 U 8 orow BO milll,
That withering blight, "a drunkard's
t Oo, hear, and sec, and fool, and know
All that my soul hath felt and known;
Then look upon the wine cup's glow?
See if its beauty will atone;
Think if it's flavor you will try.
When all proclaim, "Tig drink and die!"
Tell me I hate the bowl?
Hato is a feeble word,
, I loathe?abhor! My very soul
While deep disgust is stirred
When e'er I sco, or hear, or tell
Of this dark beverage of hell!
Art oSWork
The eccrct lies in keeping the ma->
chine in order. To do this, observe
the following rules:
Firet. Amuso youreolf. This is the
first principlo of good, hard work.?
* ? i - i*
illiu lUO DUWin 1Q MUV J*.
Second. Pon't work too much. It
is tho quantity, not tho quality of
work that kills. Therefore,
'Iliird. Work only in tho day time.
Night was mado for Bleep. And
Fourth. Iiest on Sunday.
Filth. Go to work promptly but
Blowly. A lato hurried start keeps
you out ot breath all day trying to
catch up.
Sixth. When you stop work, forget
it. It spoils tho brain to siunnor af*?
ter a hard boil.
Seventh. Foed regularly, largely
and slowly. Lose no meal approach
it respectfully nnd leave gracefully.
No more can bo got out of a man
tlian is put into him.
Eighth. Sleep ono third of your
whole lito. IIow I hate tho moralists
? who croak over timo wasted in sleep.
Bosidcs, sloop is on tho whole, tho
most satisfactory mode of existence.
Ninth. Don't abuse tobacco. En
joy it, but not as an unconscious hab
it. Burn to innp.?noo i..
on tho altar of this god of good di->
gcation and poaco of mind.
Tenth. Koop whisky for emergencies.
Liko religion it is too good for
every day U60, and should bo lOBpected
Eleventh. Focus your brains as
you would a burning glass. Butter
odour!) for a alice won't do for a
Twelfth. Keep empty headed between
times. Mental furniture
Bhonld he very eoloct. Uaelo38 liim*
bor in tho uppor Btory is worse than
a pocketful of oysterahells. Leave
yowr facta on your book ahelvea,
where yoircan find them when want
o<i. A walking encyclopedia cannot
work for want of room to turn round
in its own head.
Thirteenth. Pon't tax your memory.
Make a memorandum and put
it in your pocket. Every unneces
Barj thought is wasto of efloctivo
w ? ... i r\ i. i i? ,1
I'ourccomu. jl?oui oenovo iniit
muscular oxerciso counteracts headwork.
Brain and muscle aro bung(wlo
and spigot ot tho 6amo barrel.
Fifteenth. Don't hide your light
indor a bushel. Not that tho light
:>f any special consequence, but you
might set tho bushel on tiro.
Sixteenth. Pin your iaitli to tho
genius of hard work. It is tho cutest,
most reliable and moat manageable
sort of goniuB.
Oat Straw ?On tha first of lsi?t
April one,of our.shrowdest surbur- |
bans camo into town with an open
wagon loaded with oat straw, which
lio was anxious to sell to tlioso about
putting down their spring carpets.?
lie accordingly drove through the
tnoro quiet streets, crying 'Oat straw!1
at the top of - Iiis voice. When tho
wngon was half omptied, flumo fellow
put tho stump of a lighted segar un
der tho straw and loft it to take care
of itself. IIo rodo along, crying 'Oat
straw 1' until, by and by, a small bov
'Mister, your cart is afire.'
IIo had it full in mind that it wa^
the first of April, and took no notice
but kept on.
'Say,' 6aid a gentleman as ho pas~
6ed, S our straw is smoking."
'So's your aunt,' ho replied, look
ing very cunning.
'Misterl' screamed a red headed
woman from an upper chamber
window, 'your straw's burning.1
'So's your thatch, mum; put your
head in a bucket ot water, mum, and
'stinguish it. Oat straw!'
Thus he went on, touching his noso
at seme alarmist, and replying to
others, till ho mot a policeman.
'Seo hero said that, functionary}
'are you a cussed incendiary, going
to burn the town? Your wagon is
all on lire.'
lie dared not renlv eancilv. leu
with a grin fissured tho man of buttons
that ho know chalk from cheese
on the first of April, when hia horse
was suddenly eei/.od by the head and
turned around, tho wind bringing
tho smoke full into tho driver's face.
'Fire!' he yelled. 'Oat straw! ?
Fire, and I thought all the time that
it was ii stupid liibl ol April hoax.?
Seventy live cents out and no insurance!
Who in tho thunder over
heard of of a spontaneous combustion
in April!'
Making (Jas without Fike ou
IIeat.?Tho Springlielil gas muchino,
an automatio, simple apparatus for
making gas without tho use of iiro or
heat, and npplicablo lor lighting isos
luted buildings or those so situated
that thoy can net bo supplied by tho
coal gas mains of cities will bo ono of
tho features of tho Contonnial Exhibition.
A very fino illuminating gas
is made by this machino by bringing
a curront of oonunon air in contact
with the light vapors of potrolom, thus
producing a carburottod air gas that
burns with all tho brilliancy and
strongth of tho host coal gas. Tho
apparatus consists ol two instruments,
an air pump oporatod by a woight
like a clock and a gns generator for
holding tho potroloum vapora. Tho
air pump is usually plaood in tho collar
ol tho building to bo lighted and
tho gas genorator buried in tho earth,
say fifty foot away. Tho procobS of
manufacturo is as follows: Tho gonorator
being fillod with fluid anil tho
weight of tho pump being wound up,
the action of tho pump forces a current
of air through a pipo loading to
tho genorator, whoro it is charged
with carbon and roturnod through
another pipo connootod with tho dis
tribilling pipon in tho houao to tlio
burners. As bcforo stated, tlio procoss
is automatic. When tho burnorB aro
opened tlio pump Blurts and continuos
as long as they aro in use, but immediately
stops whon thoy aro o.losod.
Tlio apparatus is mftdo wholly of cop
per and in tho m >Bt substantial and
durablo mannor, is vory simplo and
requires but littlo euro, not moro than
10 to 15 minutes a woclc. Wo aro
told tho eoKt per 1,000 foot doos not
oxcecil $1.50. Tho procoss is approved
by tho Nation nl Hoard of Kiro
Underwriters, and insurunco is offootod
at tho Hamo rateaaa though onnl
o~ "
]>ass IIIm Aauound.?Under tlio
nbovo cnptir.i, tho Ihiinbridgo, Ga.,
Democrat publiftliOfl tbo subjoined
?. -
Wa would lomind our merchants to
look out for a cor tain John II. Kearney,
drummor for tho shoo houso of
Smalts, Munroo & Co., of Philadelphia,
ho took occasion in MontiCollo
tho othor day to ahuso and slander
tho Southern pooplo and their loaders
in tho lato war. Wo mention this
inoroiy 10 nuviso more hunts to givo
thoir ordors to thoso who, whatever
theif opinions, will havo at lonst somo
rospcotfor tho foolings ot thoso whoso
putronngo thoy aro soliciting. "Givo
him ft cold potntoo and lot him go."
It Pays ! It Fays!!
IT PAYS every Manufacturer, Merchant,
Mechanic, Inventor, Farmer, or Professional
man, to keep informed on all tho improvements
and discoveries of tho age.
been published woekly for the last thirty
years, docs this, to an cxtont beyond that of
any other publication, in fact it is the enly
weekly paper published in the United States,
devoted to Manufacturers, Mechanics, Invou
nulla iiuu new iusuuYones in uic nrm anil
Every number is profusely illustrated nnd
its contents embrace the latest and most interesting
information pertaining to tho Industrial,
Mcohanical, and Scientific Progress
of tho World: Descriptions, with Beautiful
Engravings, of New Inventions, New Implements,
New Process, nnd Improved Industries
of nil kinds; Uusoful Notes, Itcceipes,
Suggestions and Advice, by Practical Writers,
for Workmen and Employers, in all tho
various arts, forming a complete repertory of
New Inventions and Discoveries; containing
a weekly record not only of tho progress of
the Industrial Arts in our own country, but
also of all New Piscorcrios and Inventions in
every brnncli oT Engineering, Mechanics, and
Science abroad.
Tho Scientific American lias boon (lie foremost
of all industrial publications for the pas!
Thirty Years. It is tho oldest, largest, cheapest,
and tho best weekly illustrated paper devoted
to Engineering, Mechanics, Chemistry,
New Inventions, (Science and Industrial Progress,
published in tho World.
The practical receipts arc well worth ten
times the subscription price. And for the
shop anil l^usc will save many times the cost
of subscription.
Merchants, Fanners, Mechanics, Engineers,
Inventors, Manufacturers, Chemists,
Lovers, o( Science, and l'coplo of all Professions,
will find the Scientific American useful
to them. It should have a place in every
Family, Library, St inly, Ofiioc, and Counting
Room: in ovcrv 1 tend in c Koom. L'nlleen ntul
School. A now volume commences January
1st, 1 S7<;
A year's numbers contain 8!V2 pagas anil
Several Hundred lingravings Thousands of
volumes arc preserved for binding and refer.
imico. Turn s, S3.'JO a year by mail, including
postage. Discount to Clubs. Special
circulars giving club rates sent free. Single
copies mailed on receipt of 10 cents. May
bo had of nil News Dealers.
I) A In connection with
_ x\_ _L JLi 11 X O. the Scicntifiu Aine*.
ricau, Messrs. jii ss & t;o. arc Solicitors of
American and Foreign Patent:), ami luivcllic
largest establishments in tiio world. More
than fifty thousand applications liavo been
made for patents through I heir agency.
Patents arc obtained on tlic best terms,
ModolsofNcw Inventions and Sketches examined
ami advice free. A special notice is
made in the SCIENTIFIC AM HIUCAN of all
Inventions Patented through this Agency,
with the name and residence of the Patentee.
Patents arc often sold in part or whole, to
persons attracted to the invention by such
notice. Send for Pamphlet, containing full
directions for obtaining Patents. A bound
volume containing the Patent Laws, Census
of the U. S , and 112 Engravings of mechanical
movements. Price'25 cents.
Address for the Paper, or concerning Patenls,
MIJNN & CO. 37 Park How. New Vork.
Ill-nnnli rwili^n I? ? T.I. Cs. i~ H'-.-l.
.....MV v/vl . x, IV (ill giiuvls) iuisii<
ington, D. C.
Jnn G, J87t) 18 3
Senator?H E Itowen.
Representative?L) F Bradley.
Clerk of Court?S L) Keith.
Judge of I'eobate?I II l'liilpot.
Sheriff?J Kiley Ferguson.
Coroner?Warren lloyd.
School Commissioner?11 A Bowcn
Treasurer?11' A Lesley.
Auditor?AIopzo M Fulgcr.
Counti/ Commissioners?John T Oofsctt,
Chairman?Iiobert Craig, O M Lynch. Clerk
County ConunishionerH, C L HollingHworth.
Trial Justice*?Katie;/, T.ukc I. Ariail?/?</
Iuhrih/, .1 1$ Clayton?Cenbral, James A
Liddcll?-Pickens C //., C l< Ilolliiigsworlh
and G \V Taylor?Dacu?vilht .1 li Sutherland
fflpww pmtwiw
WUftUHU UUlUiilLlll.
F ft 'lay guaranteed using our WELL
*P/$t) AUOHll & DRILLS. $100 a month
paid to good agents. Augor iiook free. '"Jilz
A /!? ill I \l
Bills, Bonds and Postago Stamps Wanted.?
for rarest hills, $10 for rarest stamps. It
will pay to send them immediately. Also
there curiosities, American Stamp Co., Box
New York.
Doe 2 41 4
, 187?- /
mill? Soholaslio yeiir Kj* divided into two
JL Terms of 20 weeks each. Tho First Term
commences January 1711?, and onds Juno 3d;
tho second Term commences July 4th, and
ends November 18th.
Students ontoring witliin two weeks after
tho commencement of tho Terms, will be
charged for tho wholo Term ; thoso entering
after this time, from tlio time of ontoring.
It is morg satisfactory that Studonts enter
at the commencement, when tho several
classes arc forming,
Course of Study.
I 1 sL Terror-Spelling anil Heading.
'2d Term'? Spelling nod Rending continued;
Primary Geography; Mental Arithmetic,
Exercises in Writing.
1 st Term?Spelling and Heading continued:
Geography continue''; Introducing English
0 jam mar; Elentents of Written Arithmetic;
Exercises in Writing.
2d Term?Spelling and Reading continued;
Elements of Written Arithmetic completed,
Intermediate Geography completed; Analytical
English Grammar; Primary U. S. History;
Exercises in Writing.
sf.nion Class,
1st Term?English''Grammar Completed; Physical
Geography; Gomnion School Arithmetic;
Towns Analysis of Words;
2d Term?Greene's; Analysis of English
Language; Arithmetic continued; Smaller
Composition; Higher U. S. History.
1? 11E r All A TO 11Y I)EPARTMENT.
1st Term Latin Grammar and Harkncss' Eirat
Latin Hook; Latin Reader; Davies' Algebra;
History of England.
2d Term?Four Hooks of Ciusar; Arnold's
second Latin Hook on Analysis of the Latin
Sentence; Greek Grammar; Kcndrick's
Greek Ollendorff; Greek Header; Davies'
Algebra completed; Natural Philosophy.
1st Term?Six Hooks of Virgil; Grerk
Header completed; IMain Geometry; Higher
Composition and Rhctoric.
2d Term?Sallust'a Cataline & Jngurtha;
Xenophon's Anabasis; Higher Algebra
commenced; Solid and Spherical Geometry
completed; Chemistry.
1st Term?Cfcero's Select Orat ions; Xenophona
Memorabilia; Trigonometry and Surveying;
Roman History; Latin l'rosc Composition.
_u luriii?iivriiuu ,?mirc;~OlX 1SOOKS Ot I lie
Hinda; ujcck l'roso Composition; Algebra
completed; Astronomy.
The abovo courso will prepare can
didates for admission into t he Soimiomouk
Class of any ot our Sonlhorn
Colleges. Students, who do not stand
a satisfactory examination upon the
several studios ot each class, will not
bo allowed llie privilege to advance in
' the next higher, hut bo retained in
isuch class, till all the studios of it be
satisfactorily completed.
Tuition or I'ui.mauy Depaiuwh.nt
visit TEUM.
Junior Class, - - S10.0C
Intermediate Class, - - 12.5C
Senior " - . 1.5.0C
Preparatory ])epartmont, 20.0C
No deduction will bo made for lost
titneoxcepi from prolongod sickness
Monthly reports of punctulity, do<
portmcnt, nnd recitations in cacn btu
dy, will bo furnished parents.
J. II. OAIlLLSIJO, Principal.
Dec. 'Jli, 1375 17 tf
Agents Wanted For tho
. ? -^r . -j^i A narrative of tho oxploits, ad
i " |ventures ami travels of MadI
?mST77|ll<?c I'. J. VKLASQUi:/, oilior|x>iixxajajivvjsc
Kn0Wn ftH i/i'. IIARHV T
lfUFFoRD, O- S. A. A True Southen:
Heroine. Edited bjr c, J. WORTlllNUTON
laic U. S. Navy.
MA DAM E VELASQUEZ, disguised as r
Confederate officer, participated in a nunibci
of the hardest fouorlit battles of ilm
ami greatly distinguished herself by the ex
traordinary valor she displayed. She als(
distinguished horself us a
and on numerous occasions ran through tlx
Federal lines and obtained informal iot
of vital importance to the Confederate coin
inanders. Obtaining admission behind the
sho establishe<l confidential relations will
prominent Federal oflicials; was concerned i
the great
by which the United States Troasury sufTeroi
to the extent of millions of dollars; was ac<
lively engaged in blockado-runing, and ii
by which the work of recruiting tho Fedora'
armies was so seriously impeded; and was
the heroine of a number of exploit* even more
I interesting than thoso of tho battle field, ll
also contains a history of her Mining on tin
Pacific Slope, her Travels in Europe, Soul!
America, and among tho Mormons, Love
Courtship, Marriage, etc.
The above facts aro substantiated by lead
ing men both South and North who partial
patcd. No book of such varied and intense
interest as the Woman in Battle has over beer
issued in America.
Agents wanted in every county in tlx
United States. Agonts can make more 11101103
by canvassing for this book than any others
as it is the cheapest as well as tho best sel
ling Agents' book over published. The bool
is a largo octavo volume of over GOO pages
profusely illustrated. Wo print, bind am
publish our own books; ltcnco, can allow larg
cr commissions lhan any otlior houso. Sccun
your clioico of Icrritory at onco. Address
Noiitlici'ii 1'iiMisliinu; Co.
(jou. l'ryor, an1) MlTOItKLT. StRKKTS
JanO, 1S70 18 3
liAw Notice.
The undersigned, having resumed the pra<
lice of law, will attend the Courts on the 8(1
Judicial Cirdrill. Business left with Wm. E
Ilagood, at Pickens C. II., will be promptlj
attended to. J. W. IMMU80N.
No*. 14, 1874.
Kiirle* Wells ?V Taylor,
Attorneys and Counsellors at Law
Having established an offipo at Pickens C
II., S C., will attend promptly to all business
left with (1. W. Taylor who may bo alwayi
found at their officc at Pickens C. If., S. C.
One of tho senior partners will always b(
prcsont at the Courts to assist with tho busi
W. R. KARf-K, \
a. a. wki.iih, / a. vylor,
Qrconvillo, S. C. i jekens, 8. C.
; ? r - *" 111 mi ~~ ~*T .iT"i"5m r-.ir^g
South Carolina llailroad,
Ciimu.kstom, 8. C., Doc. 18, 1875. =
On aud after Sunday, December 11), the
Passengor Trains on the South Carolina |
Railroad will run as follows: 5
(Sundays excepted.) *
//cavo Charleston 9 15am **
Arrive at Columbia 5 00 r> m
(Sundays excepted.) ?
Leave Charleston. 9 15 a tn
Arrivo at Augii.ita 6 15pm J
(Sundays excepted.)
Leave Columbia D 00 a m
Arrivo at Charleston 4 46 p m
Leavo Augusta U 00 a m
Arrive at Cliarleston 4 45 p m
Leave Charleston 0 15pm
Arrivo at Columbia 7 20 a m
Leave Columbia 7 00 p m
Arrive at Charleston (i 40 a m
Leavo Charleston 8 00 p m p
Arrivo at Augusta 7 45 a ni
Leavo Augusta 8 30 p m
Arrive at Charleston 7 40 a m
(Sundays excepted.)
Leave iSummcrville at 7 30 a m
Arrive at Charleston 8 45 a m
Leave Charleston 8 15 p tn
Arrivo at Summerville 4 30 p in
Cnnnccts^t Kingvillc daily [except Sun* f
iluys] with Up. and Down Day and Passenger
Frains. j
Day and Night Trains conncct at Augusta
with Georgia ltailroad, J/acon and Augusta
Railroad and Central Railroad. jTliis route
Via Atlanta is tho quickest and most direct 1
route, and as comfortable and cheap as any r
other route, to Montgomery, Solma, Mobile, 1
New Orleans, and all other points Southwest, 1;
and to Louisvillo, Cincinnati, Chicago, St. c
Louis, and all other points West and North- ?
west. 1
Uay Train connccts (it Columbia wilh tlio c
Through Train on Charlottco lload (which
leaves at 0 p. in.) for all points A'ortli. i
Night Train connccts with Lo?al Train (
[which leaves Columbia at y a. m.] for points f
onCharlotto lloacl. <
Laurens Railroad Train connccts al New- <
berry on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Satur- <
days. c
Up Columbia Night Train connccts closcly 1
with tho Greenville and Columbia llailrotul. <
S. S. SOLOMONS, Superintendent.
S. 1$. Pickkns, General Tiekct Agent. t
Greenville & Columbia R R. <
Passenger trains run daily. Sundays cxccptcd,
connecting with night trains oil South
Carolina llnilrond up and down. On and aft |
or J/ondny, December 13, the following will
lio Ihc Schedule:
1 Leave Columbia nt "."O a nt \
l Alston nt 0.15 a ni; t'
Leave Newberry nt 10.35 a ni '
Leave Cokesbury nt '2.1)7 p m
Leave lU-ltou at 3.50 p in
Arrive at Greenville at 6.25 p in
' Leave Greenville at 8.00 a m
I Leave Helton at 0.40 n in
I Leave Cokesbury 11.20 a in
I uonve Newberry at 2.40 a in
Leave Alston nt 4.20 p in
Arrive at Columbia at 6.66 p in
flfj/y*Connect at Alston with Trains on the
Spartanburg anil Union Railroad ; connect nt
Columbia with Night Trains on the South Car
iii.mo .Kiiuuim ?tJ. .win uuhii ; uixo wiin irnirs
going North and South on llic Charlotte, Columbia
and Augusta and the Wilmington, Co
Train leave Abbeville at U.lon ni., connect
ing with Down Train from Greenville. Lcai >
Cokesfoury at 2.15 p m., connecting with Li
Train from Columbia. Accommodation Trnir,
- Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Lef>}(
Cokeabuiy r?t 11.15 a or on the urrivol c'<
I I he Down Train from Greenville. Leave? Al
, beville at 1 o'clock p. m., connecting with ( f
Train from Columbia.
' I.OHve Walhalla at G.00 a ni
j Leave I'orryvillo at C.45 a ni
Leave l'ond let on at 7.3i? a m
Leave Anderson at 8.35 a m
5 Ai rlvc at Helton at 1).20 a ni
> . UP#
Leave Hull on at 3 >>ft p m
Leave Anderson at 4.50 p m
Leave Pendleton at 5.50 p m
, Leave l'crryvillc 0.35 p ir.
Arrive at Walhalla 7.15 pin
Accommodation Trains between Beltouand
Anderson on Tuesdays, Thursdays and SatnrI
days, Leave Helton at 0.50 a m., or on arrival
of Down Train from Greenville. Leave
. Anderson a* 2.00 p m., connecting with Up
General Superintendent,
j Jadkz Nortom, Jr., General Ticket Agent
j Atlanta & Richmond Air Line Railway.
' Leave at Atlanta at 4 10 p m
Loavo Toecoa City i\t 9 00 p m
Leave Westminster at 9 54 p m
, Leuvo Seneca City at 10 21 p m
' Leave Oentral at 10 57 pm
Leovc Kaslcy at 11 39 p m
j ijchvo urecnvnic ns liJ 12 a ni
r Leave Spartanburg at ilia 111
Arrive at Charlotte at 5 30 a ni
t Leave Charlotto at 8 00 p m
. ..cave Spartanburg at 11 61 p m
1 Leave Greenville at 1 28 p m
Leave Kasloy at 1 51 a in
5 Leave (Ventral at 2 28 a m
Lcavo gcneca City at it Oil a in
Leavo Wslminater at 3 34 a ni
. Leave Tuccoa City at 3 31 a in
Arrive at Atlanta at 0 30 a4m
3 Colon ImIn, KmiganfM ami
Travelers Westward.
For mnp circulars, oondensed timo tables
and general information in regard to transportation
facilities to all points in Tennesseo,
Arkansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Colorado,
Kansas, Texas, Iowa, New Mexico, Utah and
WalU'omiti, apply to or address Aliikut 11.
uknn, General Emigrant Agent, Office No.
I 2 II. I. Kimball IIouso, Atlanta, Ga.
, I nn nnn hIiou'iI an Wn?l. mil <!?..? ?i
, r. " ".Ok gel,
ting in communication with tho General
Emigrant Agent, nnd becomo informed ns to I
j superior advantages, cheap and quick trans.
porlation of families, household goods, stock,
and farming implements generally. I
All information cheerfully given.
1 no3 0m G. P. & T. A. }
wt V
Canai. St., fiiom Sixth to BkvbsOet,
Portable and Stationary, *
Saw Mills, Grist Mills, Boilers, Casting# ?f
irass and Iron, Forgings, &o.
n all its branches, done by experienced hands %
riving Cotton Gins, Threshing Machines,
cparators, Grist Mills, &c. A nnmbor of
ccond-hand Engines and Boilers of various
atters, in first rate order, on hand.
Repair work solicited and promptly done.
>YiU. 15. TAJNNKK & CO. %
Oct 14, 7 ; M . ly
i ill ); >lv 1
or +~
a?E0&s3 EIQ??y*
rust J'ublishcil, in a Sc tied Envelope. Pritt
Six Cents.
A Lccturc on the Nhturc, Treatment, and *
ladical cure of Seminal Weakness, or Sper*
imtorrhoca, induced by Self-Abuse, Invountary
Emissions, Impotency, Nervous Don
>ility, and lir pediments to Marriage genirally:
Consumption, Epilepsy, and Fit?> f
dental and Physical Incapacity. &c.?Bv
101SERT J. CULVEUWELL, M.'D., author
>f the "Orcen 15ook," &c.
The world-renowned author, in this admirable
Lecture, clearly prove3 lrom bis own
sxperiencc (but the awful consequences ef
Self- Abuse may be effectually removed with>ut
medicine, and without dangerous surgical
)perations, bougies, instruments, rings, of
jordials; pointing out a mode of cure at once
i'erlain and effectual, by which every sufferer,
10 matter what his condition may be, may
Hire himself cheaply; privately and radically. 0
is Lecture will prove a boon to
housands and thousands. Sent, under seal, in
l Vi 1 n i 11 imvnlniin ? nr../ ,^.1.1 ? ' - *
- r , V.V|'V| ?u ttuui U33, Ull ISWipk
)f six cents, or I wo-postage stamps.
Address (lie Publishers.
11 Ann St., New York; Post Office Box, 458(5.
np <>, 1870 31 %
T take 111i.? method of informing my friend*
I lint 1 will he found in my oftice on each
SATl'llDAV, for the purpose of transacting
unjr business that comes under my jnrisdi**
As my duties as School Commissioner will
compel me to lie absent in different parte of
the county, I make this special appointment
lor i lie uciiclit oT all conccnu'il.
H. A. no WEN,
no25-ly Scool Commibsioner
-V\7E want some one in every county t*
VV take orders nnil deliver good* for tb?
old nnd original 0. (). 1). House. Large ?ash
wages, splendid chance in every neighborhood
for the right person of either sex, youug
or old. Samples, i'ree and post paid. Send
for it at once and mako money at your homes.
Address. II. J. HAl.L & CO. ti N. Howard A
Street, Hal si 111 ore, M d
Oct 21, 1875 8 3m
Livery and Sals Stalk -
Parties desiring to hire conteyauoo (
Pickens Court House, Table Rook and tktr
points, can be acconunodatcd at my Siabltt,
at all hours of the day and nighi. Pur-?
cliasers can aI?o be supplied with Good Stock ^
at reasonablepriccs.
Regular Mail Lino to Pickens Courthouse
dailv.'fSundnvs \
Enaloy Station, S. 0., Aug, 8, 1876,
Free Homesteads *
P,cBt and Cheapest Railroad Land
Union Pacific Knilroad, *
Secure a Home now. Full information sent
frco to all purls of (lie world. Address O. F.
DAVIS, Land Commissioner U. P. R. R.f
Omaha, Neb.
TO ^OA Pcr <,fty ! Aacpts wanted. *
peJ iP/wV/ All classes or working peo*
pie, of cither sex, young or old, make more
money at work for us in thoir spare mo*
monts, or all the time, than at anything else
l'artionlnra fr?? A,l.lr?u=n ?hhS?a? -
...?.vooui uinioufl #UU
Portland, Maino.
from Courts of different States for d?- ^
sortion, &c. No publicity required. N*
charge until divoj-co granted, Address,
M. HOUSE, Attornoy, >?
40 Om 191 Ilroadway, N. V.
]>r. U. J. ttllllland
HAVING returned and permanently loeatcd
at Pickensvillo, respectfully offers
his Professional services to the citizens of that
vicinity and surrounding country. Cliargap
May 9 41
IBB fsEiL! i:'?,a:K
lo N w Vears, post paid, GO cts. AddreiQ
"The Sun," N. Y.

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