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?*? il S M m ? ?
D, f. mill Editor and rrooriotor.
Terms of Subscription.
Ono Year $1 60
91* Months 76
Advertising Rates.
Advorlisemenlsinsertedatthe rate of $1 00
pvr square, of (9) nine lines, or libs, for the
hit insertion, and 60 oents for each subsoqaon<
Gontraots made for thui, six or twelve
months, on favorably terms.
Advertisements not having the number of
insertions marked on them, will be published
until forbid and charged accordingly.
These torms are so simple any child may
understand them. Nino lines is a square?
one inoh. In every instance we charge by
tho apace occupied, as eight or ten lines can
bo made to occupy four or fivo squares, as the
advertiser may wish, and is chargod by tho
Advortisers will please state the number
of squares they wish their advertisements
to make.
0&" Busiuess men who advertise to be
benefitted, will bear in mind that the
SENTINEL has a large and increasing cirflnldl
inn nnd Iq InVon Ku Mi o voru nlnoa r? f
.w "J ,VV V,MUU v*
porsons whoso trade they desire.
Thursday, May 11,1876,
i i i . i
Tho Pickens Democratic Club
Still continuos to grow; it now
numbors 120 mombors. Evory whito
man in tho County, and ovon overy
nogro voter should como forward and
join a Democratic Club, and forover
horoaftor array himsolf on tho side of
good and honost government. Your
condition politically, you must agroo,
is very bad, woighed down with a
tax w?ll-nigh intolorablo, bocauso of
tho profligacy and thievishness of Radical
officials. Why, then, cling with
such slavish tonacity to a party that is
daily stealing tho products Qf your labor,
and holping to continuo in power
tho Radical party that has long sinco
provon ovon to tho outsido world its
utlor failure to administer an honest
economical govornmont?
In viow of tho rascally and scandalous
dovolopomonts ovorywhoro visis
bio in our political horizon, it is absolutely
surprising that any whito man
who is possessed of ordinaiy intelligenco,
can hositate for a single >110
raont to aiiy himself with Iho party of
his ancestors. Our forefathers woro
all Democrats onco, and why docs
this onco honorod namo?a namo around
which clings tho most hallowed
associations?stink in your noses and
is a thing hated and despisod? All
intolligont men in our country know
that thero is no camparison botween
tho lladical rulo of to day, and the
good old Domocratio rulo boforo the
nuij in on j wuy buuk. to purpoiuaio mis
hated party by rofusing an allianco
and alllliation with tho Democratic
party- -tho party your ancestors lovod
bo doarly?and strained every offortto
porpotuato ?
Go forward men and join a Democratic
Ciub, and holp to annihilate the
Republican party and rostore tho good
old Domociatic party to power onco
Dom PedroTho
King of 13razil, Dom Pedro,
now on a visit to this country, is tho
first ruling sovorcign, oxccpting tho
King of tho Sandwich Islands, that
has ovor visited tho limits of tho
Unitod States. Tho onlightcnod and
liberal monarch of a vast ompiro liko
llpn'/il ullAII n/v 4 1* ~ A - 4 1 J - -
puv/uau lutuivu biiiib uuiuuuon
and honor, every whero, while in this
country, that is duo to liia dignity.
It would scorn that ho is traveling
ovor tho country to gain information
and a lcnowlodgo of our country and
institution*, and thoroforo, ho loses no
timo. JIo, aftor landing in Now York
nn/l *flni t Jr\ / ? *>11 ? 1?? 9 ? ' 1
?nv. umi/iiij; nn mi) in mis groat
metropolis, has dotcrmined to vinit
San Franoisco.
Aflor tho oponing o 1 tho oxhibition,
ho will malco a tour of tho States
East of tho Mississippi, and as far
North as Montroal. Thoroforo, those
who shall not bo fortunato enough to
attend tho Contcnoia)( inay chanco to
got a glimpso of tho Kintr. if'ho visits
this State.
Major Win. Htorio, of tlio firm ol
Cor bin & Stone, of Charleston, lias
been appointed Attorney-Gonerrtl of
Bonth Carolina, in placo of lion. SW.
Molton, resigned. It is said to
bo a good appointment, as Mr. Stone
is no partisan politician wlion in the
exorcie of his profession?lie then
consciontio jbIv meeting justice ecjnal
Jy to all parties.
Th? fitatn f!nnvnntinn.
Tbo Stato Demoorat'.o Convontion,
which asoortablod in Columbia lust
Thursday, was largoly composed of
tbo first and vory bost men of tbo
Stato. A tomporary organization was
offoctod by calling Col. D. Wyatt
Aikon, of Abbovillo, to tbo Chair.?
Qonoral Kortfhaw was oloctod pormanont
Prosidont, whon tbo Convontion
wont rogularly to work. Want ol
spaco prevents us giving a full nocountof
tbo proceedings in this issuo,
but wo will ondoavor to publish then*
in our next. Whon tho Convontion
first mot, it was foarod by many that
thoro was n wido difforonco of opinion
. i xi -i - i . i . ? ? -
chiming lUUUligbl; tlio UClOgHLOR as I/O
a Stato policy, which might ovontually
prove disastrious to tho causo ot
honesty and good government; but
aftor a freo and full conforonco and
interchange of viows and ideas as to
tho dosiros of tho Domocrats of each
county, it was found that tho pooplc
woro ofono opinion?and that was to
wago a vigorous and uncompromising
warfaro against Radicalism in the
Stato. It was manifost that there
organized front to tho enomy next
fall, on whatovor lino of polic}r might
bo adopted. Tho Convention closoci
its proceedings harmoniously, and wc
aro gratified to know that a thorough
and comploto organization of the
party in every section of tho Stato it
to bo spcodily eflfoctod.
Thoro woro throo colored delegate!
in tho Convention from tho County o
Sumptor, and in a speech ono of thou:
made, ho dcclarod himself in favor o
a straight Democratic fight. Than
arc, wo learned through tho dologa
t.on, as many colored men onrolloc
in tho Democratic Clubs in Sumptei
as thoro aro whitoe, and it is ovidenl
that a considorablo portion of tho colorod
voters aro going to ally thouasolvci
with tho Democracy in ovory portior
of tho Stato. Wo wero much ploa&ot
with tho wholo prococdings, nnc
gat ho rod tho assuranco that a brightoi
and moro propitious day for Soutl
Carolina is in tho noar future. Th<
following aro tho dologates elocted tc
tho St. Lous Convention, and tho now
Stato Executive Convention:
DclegatOH from tho State tit largeGeneral
John Bratton, of Fairfield
Hon. W. D. Porter, of Charleston; Col
D. Wyall Aikcii, of AhboviUe; Gen
John 1J. Kennedy, of Camden.
Delegates from the Congrcssiona
1st District?J. K. Richardson, o
Sumptor, and J, G. McLucub, of Ma
zu .District?Ai. 1'. U'Uonncr, aiu
John F. Fickon, of Churlcston.
3d District?Gen. S. McGowan, o
Abbeville; \Vr. 13. Stanley, of Columbia
4tb District?J. it. Evins, of Spartanburg,
and Gov. 13. F. Ferry, o
5th District?J. C. Sheppard, oi
Edgefield, and William Elliott, o;
Stato Exccutivo Committee.
10f trr trr tt . _i ?
1I1U Ayioiiiiuo?TT . IT, XiliriCO, J . yv
Law, T. B. Frasor.
2d District?T. Y. Simmons, J. F
Izlor, Jan. Connor.
3d District?A. C. Haskell, J. N
Lipscomb, J. B. Mooro.
4th District?W. D. DoPass, T
Stobo Farrow, 13. II. Alasscy,
f>th District?A. C. Izard, G. T. Till
man, T. J. Counts.
x-asiaioe xiemocratic Ulub.
Pcrsuant to a call, tho citizens ol
Eastatoc Township, mot on Saturday
last at Antioch churoh, to organizo u
Democratico Club. On motion, J. JI.
Carlisle was callcd to tho chair as
tomporary chairman, who, in a hricl
and appropriate addross, sot forth the
great importance of a thorough organization
of tho Domocrrtic party,
not pnly in thy County, but also
throughout tho ontiro Stato and national
r/ovornmnnt.! f.hnf. rirr,nr>lvnt:s*n
O y
should bo tho watchward overywhorcj
that without it, tho Domocracy, tho
party who favors honosty in tho administration
of public affairs, was
poworlcttsj that tho Kopulican party
during fifteen years had proven itself
to tho world a splendid failuro in all
tho ossontials appertaining to constitutional
government in tho Unitod
cn - i ii -A 1 t t4
oiaies; mm. mo Jtepuhlican majority
in Sooth Carolina was groatly oxa^goratod
for political purpose; that, if
all good and honest men would work
together for tho reestablish men t of
good government and tho utter dothronomont
of' -Republicanism in theso
United Stales, tho mora! powor of
Bitch a courso would cortainly seeuro
us tho victory in South Carolina at
iho November oleotionj and that final
ly thero was no political salvation for
8outh Carolina in any othor courBO
than in a thorough and comploto organization
of tho Democracy of South
?~,i u
too ol fivo to draft a Constitution and
By-Laws for tlio Club. Aftor an nb?
sonco of a fow minutos tho oommittoo
reported a Constitution and By-Laws,
which wero adopted as a who|o unanimously.
Thoso wore, in all ossential
particulars, similar to thoso of othor
Mr. John T. Lowis was thon oloctod
Piosidont; Col. Wm. Nimmons, first
vioo-PrcBidont; Mr. John L. Gravley,
Rticond vicosProsidont; Mr. R. S. Low
is, Soci'otary and Treasurer; and Mr.
M. Winchostor, YV. H. Stewart, Jacob
Lowis, Col. L. N. Robins, and Eli
Staneoll, Excoutivo Committoo.
On motion of John T. Lows, Esq.,
tho following resolution was unanis
mously adopted:
Rosolvod, That tho Domocralic organization
in South Carolina has for
its sole object tho rcdomption of this
Stato from its presont and past degradation
brought on by Radical rule,
and for tho accomplishment of this
ond wo invito tho co-operation of all
good and honest men of overy condition
and namo.
Tho mooting thon adjourned, to
moot as proscribed by tho Constitution
on tho first Saturday in oach month,
at 3 o'clock, 1\ M.
[Wo aro glad to seo tho manliness
and oven heroic resolution of the
Charleston bar as manifested in the following
letter to Judgo Rood. Wo hope
that thoy will maintain tho position
assumed theroin at all hazards, ami
wo know that thoy will havo the
sympathy and wishes of all good citi
Charleston, April 25, 1876.
1 lion. J. P. Hood, Judgo of tho Firsl
I Circuit:
Doar Sir?We, tho untlcrsigned
mcmbors of tho Charleston Bar, bo
r .
i liovo it to bo our professional duty to
^ say to you, that wo regard tho decision
of Governor Chamberlain, thai
> ' ,
your term of ofuco had not expired
when Vv. J. Whippor was elected,
would not expire until four years from
tho dato of your election, and thai
' thoro was thereforo no vacancy to Ln
tilled by tho Legislature, as tho decision
ot n co ordinate branch of U;o gov
I ornmont, which wo intend to uphold
Wo I Iwwof/^va niii'nantlv* w?rtiinul
- J WI
to hold on to your office, and maintaii
your right to tho whole term oi foui
years from tho day ol your election
and pledgo oursolvos to sustain youi
claim in ovory way you can devist
and you may roquire ol us.
We further tako occasion to sa}
that wo aro fully determined not t(
. recognize \V. J. Whippor as Circnil
Judge in this county, and will roaisl
any attempt on his part to enforco his
right to offico
Very rcspoctfully,
Edwaud McCaAnr,
And Kioiity Othkrh.
Mr. Editor: Throo thousand nine
hundred and ninotythroo dollars and
eighty eonts of the public school fund
was apportioned to Pickens County
for tho prosent scholastic year, ol
which but $2,062.65 has been paid
into our County Treasury. This lattor
amount I havo apportioned among
tho various school districts, according
to tho school attendance of tho last
scholastic year.
[ Thoro were sovonteon hundred and
. soventy-ono children attending tho
, public schools of this County, during
llio Inst year, and tho following table
, will show tho numbor attending in
cacb townsbip,and tho amount appois
, tioncd:
Districts. No .childron Apporattonding.
' 1 Dist. Pick'svillo 270 $414.93
2 Dist. Salubrity 244 806.83
8 Dist. Garvin 158 287.66
4 Dist. Rasloy 247 871.83
5 Diet. Pickons C I? 287 431.45
Ft oAO ono ??
i/ m.' ?>J i j.'wvMiJi- IIIV AIM OUU.OiJ
7 iJist. l'umpk'own 123 184.96
8 Diet. Eastatoo 104 201.07
Total 1,771 $2,GG2.5f>
K. A. lioWJSN,
School Commissioner.
Senator .lorry Hollinshead,
diod of consumption at his rosidonco
in Abbovillo, on Saturday, 20th alt.,
agod 40 yoars. The docoaaod was
from Ohio, who enmo South soon after
tho war, as a prote^o of Gov. II. K.
Scott. Ho wns first placcd on the
constabulary force; then in tlio rovoriuo
dopartmont; lastly State Sonator,
having boon elected six years ago, at
tho ond of tlio lour yours, ho was reelected
Ilonco Abbovillo has no
i "" i' >
Easle*. s; m Mav 8tb. 1876. 1
D. F. Biadloy, Esq., Editor Pickens
Sentinel, Piokons 0. H., S. U.
Dear Sir: Wo notico in your papor
repeated solicitations for itoms of interest,
from difToront points. In complianco
with that request, a 'Miotorogonoous
mass" was sont you from
Easley a fow weolcs ago, (during your
abscneo,) which would not havo boon
8ont, if tho author had, known you
wdrfe absent. Ho did <?ot wish to tax'
your gonorosity, nor, in othor words,
tho pationoo of your read ore?and,
tboroioro, at tho suggestion of some
of tho loading mon in Easloy, sont
briof notos on different points, boliov~
ing as a mattor of courso, that you
would aolect such us you would think
advantageous to your papor, and in~
tnrAQt inrr fn xtau r* rnn r\ IMia
WW. JVU. .V..UV>?. ~V.l
torial commont on it was such us to
loavo no doubt in tho minds of tho
pooplo of Easloy, that thoro oxistod
a 'prejudieo, unwarrantable against
Easloy, and as such, all others are
afraid to sond anything that they
might concoive interesting. You will
confer a favor by publishing tho "heto*
rogoneous mass'" roforrod to, that tho
pooplo may havo an opportunity of
judging for themselves. Signed.
J. Q. Stockman, W. A. Clydo,
P. 1). Curoton, W. U. Verroll,
A. M. England, T.W.Kuesoll&Co
(J. S. Bolt, J. II. Glazenor.
P. S.?Thorouro doubtless moro in
tho placo who would sign tho nbovo,
but I doom this onough.* It tho notes
i had boon consigned to tho "waste
i bnakot," without coinmont, there
. would novoi* have boon anything said.
) But tho editorial reflection has causod
i so much commont, that this is deemed
i tlio best course under tho oircumslun>
cos. If" you cant rocovcr tho items,
. you can mako soino explanation, dc?
livoring youraglf from tho charges
mado against you. Yours, with tho
i best feelings, J. Q. Stockman.
"Basloy, S. C., May 8,1876.
' Tho following aro tho iloms reform
rjd to.
for the rrckkns-8kntinkl.
> Easley Items.
I No marriages. Town healthy. Bus
I incss lively. More now houses going
I II n. W oil l\\i*<r\rnf nil 1 liA iiun>nn?n
"i ' ~*r?rv t* w,"~
I Gnrdon truck sickly. Wo have had
j another spoil of wouLlior. Tho young
. IJach. HLill Ringing. Others ready to
- join tho bund. Fertilizers Bond /ortb
their noxious oxIiumoH. Somebody
j 'II ho hurt next hill. Mrs. Green has
i set out somo r-.hsido trees. Others
needed to follow her example. Also,
necdod a few goods boxes for whitling
i? purposes. A man with a big horn
3 and four dogs was in town tho othor
day. Cotton in selling at 11 contspor
r pound. Corn is worth 7U cents per
) uusnei. uinor articles of tiado in
l, proportion. Bring in your stout chickl
ens. Vegetables in great demand.
, Preachingevory Sunday in town. Tho
Masonic Hall was do Jicated Saturday.
No spooohjfying. A Sunday School
was organized in tho Baptist church
last Sunday. Tho Methodist will
(D. Y.) organizo noxt Sunday.
More Anon.
Easley, April Oth, 1870.
Mr. Editor?If tho abovo moots your
views, you will ploaso address as
abovo and got tho corroct namo.
Yours in hasto.
More Anon.
How our friends could havo concoivod
tho idea that tho editor, then in
charge, "had a projudioo unwarrantahle
against Easlcy," because of tho
"oditorial cominont" concerning tho
"Easloy items," wo aro at loss to un(loi'fli
nnd In < ^ .1 i'*?.
v,v. .VV..X Ml xu VIIU 111 OV UIIW 1UI
tlio purpose of "delivering -ourselves
from llio charges mado against us/'
wo will stato thatjuat previous to tho
timo tho abovo montioncd itoms woro
roccivcd, wo had given notico to a
corrospondont, who wroto ovor a now
deplume, that his roal namo was doeii'od
hoforo wo could, according to our
established rulos, insert his communis
ration. Tho itoms wcro sent without
tho real namo of tho author, and tho
postscript informod tho editor, as will
bo soon abovo, that, if tho "itoms mootH
your viows." nnd ho desirod tho roa|
namo, ho would "ploaso addross 'Moro
Anon' KftAlnv
1 J .
Now, ho lmd not tho romotoat id en
of their authorship, find concludod
that, if tho itotns hud boon nor.t in
good faith, thoy would liavo boon ac^
companiod by tho author's namo; but(
as thoy woro not, ho vory naturally
concludod that tho writor was only
trifling with him, in truth, whon takon
i' connection with tho notico givon
tho previous wcolc, inroforonco to tho
ronl nnmo of anothor writor, ho
thought tho nbovo batch of itorns a
moro April-fool; bonco tho notico 0^
Wo disolaim for him tho intention t>f
a norsonal attack or ovon tho Blichtoat
- -- o
prejudice towards their author, for
thin wbb impoBsiblo, as ho did not, at
the timo, know him, and as for any
"projutnco unwnrrantnblo againstI5ns- ]
ley," nothing of tlio kind was ovor
thought of. Wriiors cannot supposo
that oditors can spond timo and monoy
in hunting up thoir roal names boforo
publishing thoir communications. It i
is thoir businoss to sond thoir real
names with thoir writings! If they
wish thorn to rocoivo attention. If
tho writer had done so in this in-?
stance, tho Horns, such atloast asworo
dcomod worthy, would havo boon
gladly accoptod as "Local Itoms,"?
But, as thoy wore not, thoy woro
thrown aBido, and tho fact statod so
that tho writer might know what had
bccomo of thorn. Wo hopo this ox
planntion may prove satisfactory to
all pailios. No person need bo afraid
to Bond a propor communication to
this papor, if they only comply with
0110 simple rulo, which is to lot tho
name accompany it. Wo do not do-,
siro, as wo have time and again stated,
tho real namo for publication, but as a
guarantee of ^ood ia'.tb on the part o1
tho writer. Whon thisrulo iseomplied
with, and the communication not
accoptod it will bo consigned to the
wasto baskot without commont.
Through tho courtosy of James E.
Ilngood, Esq., Clerk of tho United
States Circuit Court, wo givo below
the sentonces in tho Unitod States
Court now sitting in Charleston, of
nni'tinH fi'fim fhiu Hnnnlw v!r?ln?
tion of tho Intornal Rovonuo Laws, as
Frank Mooro, imprisonment two
yoare and a lino of 8200.
William Ellonborg and John Ellenhorg,
six months imprisonment and a
fine of $100 oaoh.
Patrick Dickson, two yoarB imprisonmontand
a fino of ?200.
Early Mosoly was acquittod.
Joub Moor was acquittod.
Isaac Crow and John Crow wore
In tho ease of Prank Mooj\; and
Joab Mooro, for illicit distilling, was
nol. pros, by tho District Attorney.
?'or Jfrobate JudgetOd?"
The many friends of W. O. FIELD,
rc^ncct fully announce him as a candidnto for
Judge of Probate of Pickens County at tho
ensuing election?subjeot however, to the
action of the County Democrutio Nominating
Convention. *
Tor Sheriff.
BW The many friends of J. RILEY FERGUSON
respectfully announce him as a candidate
for re-election to the office of Sheriff
ofl'ickens County at the ensuing election?
subject, however, to the action of the County
Democratic nominating Convention. *
For School Commissioner.
W3T The many friends of M. 8. HENDRICKS,
respectfully announce him as a
candidate for School Commissioner of Pickens
County, nt the ensuing election?subjeot,
however, to the action of the County Democratic
nominating Convention. *
Whore Advertising Contract# can be mxU,
iw T .
in otice.
I WILL sell nt I'ublio Outory at (ho Into
rcsidenoc of Eliau Hollingsworth, deceascd,
on MONDAY, llio 2'2d May, instant, all
m._ i .1 ?i -I
I liu liOI/HU Ul OIIIU UCCUIlfJt'll, Tis;
One Horse;
One Wagon;
Cows, Hogs, Bacon, Corn, &o.
The Personal Property will be sold for
cash. Land on a credit till the 1st January
next, with noto and security, and a mortgago
of tho promises, with intorest at ten pur
ccnt from dale. Purchasers to fnr n?.
r-/ I*
u. E. IIOLCOMBE, Kx'or.
May 30 2
! Sheriffs Sales.
Pickens County.
Jcbso Crenshaw y?. Harah Julian and 0. W.
BY virtu? of an oxecution to me direoted,
I will Bell to tho highest bidder, at Pickons
Court Houbo on Baleday in June next,
during the legal hours of sale,
Ono Tract of Land, containing 8ixtpr AoreB
. uar., UVUUUOU WJT IUIU18 OI II. W. llOOp*
cr, Solomon Loopor, I.ucretia A. Daous and 1
TERMS CASH?Purchfuiors to pay extra 1
for titles.
May 11,1870 30 3
? _ /
1 y call tho attention of tho publio
to my woll Bolootoil and asBortcd
Btock of
3P&1HQ AliD SOHllER' D&T-G0093. .
consisting of
Gents' Clotting Made a Specialty. ?,
All of which I Will soil cheap for casb. ^
I am Btill Agent for tho "EUREs
KA" FERTILIZER, ono of tho boat
in tho market. ^
Prico paj'ablo in cotton at 15c. 1st
Nov., 860.00 per ton.
Prico payablo ru earroncy 1st Nov.,
$55.00 por ton. t
Prico payablo in cash on dolivery,
$47.50 por ton,
Freight $6.00 por ton, to bo added
to this point, and must bo paid in
o ^
Last but not least, lot mo improes
it upon thoso who aro duo mo on ae*
count for 1875. that I need tho monoy *
* * iTTfirn TT A tm HT.VIVI1T r.ufwvrmo
anu wuoi xiii v vj niiii j. ao.
Pay up at onco and favor mo as I
favored you.
Feb 17, 1870 24 tf ^
THE undersigned will sell at Private Sate,
his valuable PLANTATION, known
the Lftrkin IIcndrickH plnco, containing 112
acres, on which there are about 40 acres o#
first class bottom. There is also a good new
Cotton Gin and Press on the placo, good
Dwelling and all necessary Outbuildings. **
Another Tract, containing 163$ acrcs, on
which there aro fine Up Lands, well timbered
and first class bottom: and a fine Orchard.
All my Interest in Larkin Ilotulrick's
If not foi'J at Private Sale boforo (ho 20lh
of next September, all the al><?vo properly
will be disposed of nt l'ublio Sale.
1*. 0. address, lMcusYille, Pickens County,
May 11. 1876 86 td ?
The (State of Noaitli Carolina
County of Piokenh.
M. A. Hester and others, ~)
Plaintiffs, I Summons
IK/niUMt. L 'a?
Wm. A. Lay, Executor nnd Relief.
I otherB Defendants. J
TO Wm. A. Lay, Exoctitor of tho Estate of Cj
M. Lay, Letty Nowtonand J. C. C, Newton,
Defendants in this action.
YOU are hereby suminonod and reqalrtd
to answer the complaint in thiB action,
which is filed in the office of the Clerk of th?
Court of Common Pleas for the said Onn?tv
I and to BcrTe ? copy of your answer on t&? *
| subscribers at their ofticc, nt New Pickett*
C. II., fl. C., within twenty days after Ik# l
Hcrvice of this summons on you, oxclusive of
the day of uorvico.
If you fail to answer this complaint witkfal
I the time aforesaid, iho Plaintiff will apply to
the Court for the relief demanded iu tho comi
April 21, 187C.
PlaintifT'e Attorneys,
Pickens C. H., S. C.
To Wm. A. Lay, Executor ef the Estate of
of C. M. Lay, Letty. Newton, and J. C. C.
Newton, Defendants; Take notice that Coram 4
plaint, and amended Complaint in this action
hasbcen filed in the office of the Clerk of th?
i.ouri or common i'lcas, at Now PiokeM
Court House, South Cnrolinn.
FlaintliTs Attorney?.
ftp 21, 1870 35 6
jjy i. 11. i rmpoi, juage oj J'robatt.
Whereas, Marin E. GatnbroH, has modo * ^
auit to mo to grant her Lottere of Adminifr* (
(ration, upon tho Estate and Effeots of Madden
Gambroll, deceased.
The kindred and creditors of the said Mad*
den Gamhrell, are therefore cited to be ?u?d
appear before uie, in tho Court of Probate, to
be holden at Pickens G. I!., on MondAj, tho
20th day of May inBtant, at 11 o'clock, a. m,,
to shew cause, if any they havo, why the said
administration should not be granted. "*
Given under my hand and seal tliU, tht
10th day of May A. D., 1876. _
May 11, 1876 80 %
NOTICE is hereby given that N. M. Mad.
(1 n, Adminintrator of tho Estato of
Tomperanoo W. Madden, deceasod, has thia
day applied to mo to make a Final /Setllamcnt
of ^aid Estate, and to be dUoha?g*d
therefrom. Tho aamo will be heard at my
office on Monday, tho 5th June next.
Mny 4, 1870 36 4 ***

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